WEEI>On Demand>>OMF - Updates from the Houston Police chief, Malcolm Butler for #11 overall, and Shaq agrees with Kyrie Irving, 3-20-17

OMF - Updates from the Houston Police chief, Malcolm Butler for #11 overall, and Shaq agrees with Kyrie Irving, 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

HOUR 4 - Glenn and Lou close out the show with some updates from the Houston Police department regarding Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. Also, Spike Lee thinks that it's "fishy" that Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job, and Shaq thinks the world is flat, and has some curious reasons to back this theory.

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Fort Wayne and pony and 48 Jon you still stand firm that Jimmy or apple will be eight Cleveland brown in this offseason he just makes too much sense you can get maximum value now with the team that you've already they would work a trade war. I just don't look at the logic of it and say at some point here it gets done next topic with coal and Lou and. Christian NFL now confirming that to Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys have been recovered oversees the league is in the process. I'm returning the jerseys to the team right now. We had some bad umbrage here and wouldn't get them out now on Sports Radio WEEI. Just add that as I just hope that the NFL security takes a look at. Because they are the ones responsible for security in the locker rooms they really need checked their protocols. And their efforts because this is that these two jurors were aware of and obviously it required of response from the Haitian police department and other partners to recover them. And quite frankly is they're gonna end up where they belong which is in the the hands of a mr. Brady in history and we. Here's thing. That is art. Pocket veto he is the police chief that I pronounced that correctly or hasten veto base of needles Jason you know our C. Aussie. Art Aso veto who was beat Paul rich chief. In Houston this was a joke. They had eight people at the podium I swear to god if you just tuned in and watched it on TV cities over Micah. And how many murders got them some until what four refineries this is a very powerful offer no. I was gonna say it the best part was at the end when they're done nearly so high five and one another right that you see the end of it and it. Shaking hands five elected don't mess with Houston on our audience we were all there were O'Neal's plea fell. On it. This thing up last couple years but we got out man. Don't think it'll shock at the commissioner of the NFL security right. And I figured. People don't it's already basically saying do we have a let's let's hear what the the police chief dissent. Where amber Paulson I don't tell in the arms shall fly. It's like Lou trying to describe them. Out west highland I think we played was behind our president of the all of the highlights or defer it. It has much credit questions is why he really thank you talk about a lot of things that what you bring eight people up to the boat. Yeah bullies people looks like you know at the the police commissioner with the you know. A snowstorm or something here in the city and why they're here again defuse the police chief added that as I just hope that the NFL security takes a look at. Because they are the ones responsible for security in the locker rooms they really need to check their protocols. And their efforts because this is at least two jurors that were aware of and obviously it required. A response from the Haitian police department and other partners to recover them. But this is this is this is eight league. That had very little evidence on Tom brake very little circumstantial evidence and best. And suspended him for four games. And they can't even secure war. Bull laundry that the players where in big huge games they can't even secure a locker room at a ball event. In a time right now where you're concerned about terrorism that to me is. Is remarkable. It is amazing the student not once not twice but every time apparently. More opinionated and I go back in history Brady three years ago in his soup bowl at this past 12 years ago Von Miller says it's like Boston commons bites from that's admirable I would put it surprised him as they find a bone in his basement they final poll warning sure it's like that he hopes. How long this has been going. I mean he's and the image that keeps this stuff. Which is crazy you know just it's actually just need to stands in their case chief constable Cate. He's got and he got down there at that eighty inch TV you've got. For home and you get all year Larry Bird every you know all that stuff down there Robert Parish McHale it's sentimental to me because I worked at that time. You know you have how many Nomar jerseys the optimal five and kid keeps on acid medicine. It was getting exactly. So this is unbelievable. Trees and the and the and they they Houston police chief achy and Shah. NFL security. As he knows how do you not secure now we know at least I would love to each we know dispatch after everybody else gets. Us as everybody. That means thank you everybody. It's the issue. Houston. You know hi defied the least of all RT I I believe in Houston news though a little miss those likely to on DB Cooper and it's pretty amazing attitude and the computers got to respond to this doesn't. Doesn't have to respond to this to say something. With that you go it's going to be ago next January. We'll look at well we'll look at protocol. Well look into it something it wanted to discuss slipped into. No will will will let you know we find protocol is broken and a fix it is enabling it to put my counselor so Mexico might what the hell you don't do it. I says this that it. She is OK okay Garcia. And they do keep us and it was phoned overseas. And a lot of people or. Are tweeting and texting is that Mexico is not overseas. The real ground ago is that maybe but not over I guess if you let down South Florida I guess technically be over almost it would be overs you know he's all about oversees all of a way to oversee it get to consummate our Cancun if you were overseas yet. But only to see a Spike Lee is on one wild enough untoward yesterday ditzy this just dubbed brunch with my brother. Colin camper except. How is it really. 00 is it the pair ours that 32 NFL teams. And cap is still free agent question mark WTO. Smells manned fishy to me and stinks to the high heavens and trees the New York JETS. Need a quarterback. Who wins the JETS. Quarterback question mark is my man Jolene. Crazy times we live here. The question remains what owner in GM. He's going to step up and signed Colin to their team. Has a better chance to win OK so everything you said publicly that once Colin committed. And Allen committed. Look at the quarterbacks of all 32 teams. This is some straight out shenanigans. Ships this subterfuge. It's. Murray and NB yes you do. Show enough by any means necessary. And gaps dud no Fun League truth Ruth. Well listen you're right spite your right. They the general managers in the owners want nothing to do with your guy. Now the one thing I would disagree with you is this line right here question remains what owner GM is going to step up and son Collin sold their team has a better chance to win. That's where you're wrong. Today now all of this other stuff. Is preventing him. From getting a job as a backup quarterback in the national football he's good enough to be a backup quarterback in the late thirties not gonna let it not help anybody win a freaking game. He really. And so the distraction. Becomes greater then. His ability to place on other words if you were great player let's say this port and Giroux lock in the equation let's put that. Pressure shot even have to go that far go to which we think is good Kirk cousins. Good. And commune community is good the right engine because it but I just and I'm talking about middle of the road quarterbacks but if you lose them. They would have a job. Somewhere yes if the player were good enough. To over ride. The distraction absolutely. The player would be annaly and I might insure you don't see your team they've dealt with players like this before much of a distraction is this. Are it's does that is that's great audience that's great audio as Ray Rice and all this is all to do with the player's ability to play football yeah. And I mean eagle back a year year both before he even. Was kneeling there and the National Anthem. How many team drenched and call it happening on quarterback and not so nothing is really changed no one's really interest in this gives a quarterback whether reached at for the at them or not. If he stuck at the at them all year didn't bring that attention towards himself. He would still be in the same boat people would still that I act. I don't think he fits our our team. I actually think there was some pressure applied the San Francisco. When they were playing them last year when they were winning. And San Francisco if you may remember the story was fearful putting about the your because if they did. And he got injured. It would guarantee his contract for the next year so they were fearful putting them out there and guaranteeing veteran of the year it was late and it gives enough for the our RT three Washington examiner that's why set they're all yearlong run it or put him in game with a get hurt they'll want that money and then I think they finally played camper and act because they felt some pressure there was some social pressure on them. And eight in this case this were spike is wrong to imply. I mean teams have figured him out he's one dimensional. And he was able to use his speed early on he also had really good personnel round of on both sides of the ball hit great defense on that team amid public really good defense. Com and he doesn't even have that now. And he's not good enough to win in the league and so spike is right. This other distraction. Is preventing the team from giving him a job he's unemployed. Because of this distraction he could argue is that upload sure. I think it is I think he can be a back up quarterback he's not good enough to start I think he could be a backup quarterback for team in this lake. If he didn't have this one touching an idiot got the clutch. Engine debuted back up his Richardson Francisco they're done with the player right right I mean so. That takes when one of them and reviewed back of some short and I couldn't people just exploring. Well I just saw that the cowboys recite quarterback Kellen Moore. Nine. Looking at dead I was depth that quarterback room Kellen Moore you know and he could catch critical there probably. Well was capped a good sign for the minimum was one of wall money I don't think people that isn't good. I think that's that's good advice I'd be I mean I guess you're right and I guess the distraction is keep them from signing a but I look at teams in this is nothing misses you sign a guy. He shows up in campy addresses the media. Any says he'll be standing for the anthem they'll be a few more questions and and they think that he's capable of of causing a distraction as the season goes on we start nailing midway through the seasonal weather. We start going up make it public claims that immediate the reason why you're not playing is because. You use your stance though some things that or on the world maybe be cause a distraction. Actually most teams just don't think he's an equal I. I think if we're deck press Scott who was doing this for the National Anthem he was still have a job yet slightly if it were interlocking would still have a job. Kirk cousins they would still pay him the 23. Million dollar franchise tech they won't. This does not good enough player go to Shawn Johnson Manchester has shown. There are so that's yeah. I'm so damn you guys kind of changed here. You on a little bit like I called in many shadows he set out here. Keeps you know he still wouldn't have a job and I think that's not correct like so yeah I'm holly and any action reported last year. And without losing ratings and a lot of surveys are saying that it was because of the National Anthem so I really believe that owners and GMs don't want him because it hurt. Chain's bottom line and attendant says generating good. Okay which on a few were great player or a good player that would help you win games you would take a UK are. They great party right now the biggest problem Greg Marty has right now. Is he's not a good enough player and the time he spent in Dallas most people said he have to ask. Nobody's gonna take a guy who's gonna have to assets and then on top of that have this distraction that older over nobody is saying it's likely he's not right. About what he's saying that the distraction is an issue. But if you're you're talent will overshadow that if you're good player each article why. Yeah I'm lash. Even having Israel good and that NFL thinks that buried in Oregon doubt no doubt be a problem. If you're you're you're you're you're creating a scenario pretending to capita is cut. It is not he is who he is saying hypothetically I mean you know if if he was good dual use goody have a job. I think. Or. Let me ask you this question John forget about the NFL. If the Buffalo Bills fell. The pollen count predict could help them win games. And ultraconservative. When you go to Western New York spotlight New York City right. You're telling me. That. Google would pass on that if he thought he could win games because he'd be concerned about that the National Anthem stuff and what. It is our Cuba city's most of via. So. Put gold could even sell out. He could sell off by saying we've talked to the young man. And you know he feels strongly politically but he's gonna stand for the national at the and we really believe he's a good quarterback and we're happy to sign Colin Capra to a two year deal that would happen if he could. I think he would this I think it would I think they're just gonna really look at the data American I really look and I kind of stuff. But when they sign a guy that could be risky but now you're right they let. So one dimensional guy. Yelling and you sit down with an owner will sit down with a general manager and coach and sit there and probably sent what do you think about this cap America he could play in our system. Mean all he does is literally get back there in the pocket makes one read then loses both my opponents are trying to what I look at this this. In sticker imposed by Spike Lee. He just he makes it sound like it's all out. You know the controversy surrounding called cap and net tactic is a smaller part the bigger part of effect the case is not good this sport anymore is not a good quarterback. That's the reason why isn't the job. In my mind he's just. They'll team play anymore. Any doping is too was it your back a quarterback and if my if my quarterback is is you know Matt Ryan. My backup quarterback and got to have a complete a profits yet. Does he can't play a certain type of office at my Solder to us right so even though. You know you might look at NC capita is better then name your backup quarterback that was just sign somewhere who's awful. You say that we know that he's maybe not as good as gone cap predict but in weeks six or by new unit jumping for game I don't change my entire office. I think that's part of that little but I will say this. I think eighteen would be willing to sign him as a backup quarterback if you worries used to it. Willing to take back up quarterback money. If he didn't have this distraction. The fact that he's only at best for my team a backup quarterback. And I have to deal with sport in my fan base. Ditching today. About the fact that he's not gonna he might not you know stand for all the National Anthem at trump says the wrong thing today I've got to worry about. I think that's a factor if he were great player it would be irrelevant. As I said Andrew Luck if he were you know if he weren't skinny for the National Anthem and he was that good player I'm not doing anything I'm keeping Sean in Boston he's Shawn. Yeah I think it. Partly because on the backlash is different from Mondale last year and you know it is just saying there's going to say. You know race giving more problems and so over there instead of being not sure he could play you know there's nothing you the best treatment. This is not this is not rewrite stuff. What would you stay very similar Ray Rice could still play you edit job to have. Ray Rice wasn't good for about the end of the year leading up to him in next season. He wasn't that it's very similar rights of Ray Rice is still running people produce effective they need a job. Because he had big guarantee money you know that was going to be my big of a captain. So that's what he's saying. But you get a black mark this year that's like became obvious that I'm gonna knock at her problem can that is to end up from a nationally and that's what he's saying activities. Obviously these are his not an army. Everything he's not a good enough that the Chinese not a good enough plan if you were good enough player even though it would be a distraction. To sign of don't usually. He's not a golden plate you're right about that but he can't play in the air so about a quarter quarterback. Can't yet and the problem is you've got a lot of baggage so a lot of people. OK but you can have baggage if you were a good place yet you can't have baggage and expect the team to sign you if you sat. I. That's what it comes right if you suck. That baggage so what are you bring it to the table how is it any different I'm getting at is that team. Tim Tebow got how many opportunities got 23 opportunities to get the chance to separate pages but it never really I have ever really got an opportunity beyond Denver. That's the feds snap a credit event Michelle the do you. Using him right now as a marketing tool I took the duke he shows up for Major League games and he doesn't even have a place in the minor leagues. Was the single a ball whatever is in Major League games which is that show. But they assigned. Put aside he's going to blow away yeah okay and the and he's playing in May Italy's fireflies Major League spring training games it's complete embarrassment. But he's kind of the same way it wasn't good enough after awhile teams looked at said. It's a distraction. He couldn't if he can't make our team is a good quarterback it's good enough you know anyone who won a couple games in in Denver including that wild playoff game against Pittsburgh. If he could win some games all of that other stuff would be all overlooked people would take them. Joining and so yes there'll be can play. Is it again opportunity I mean did it and look great but he's not worth. And you're good enough you're worth it though take a shot on. We've seen a four that's why I think eager Peterson thing is kind of interest. You know Woolsey wrap there but it went. When when nature Peterson and and Ray Rice thing happened simultaneously with solid one after another you said ball a piece he can sell a couple football team relevant job. Louis Ray Rice was absent three yards carries the worst year of his career there and then went into this it was bad timing for it that happen to Ray Rice four years ago. When news one of the better running backs in the league. If he's still a job in this league history with no question he would he would object. He would have just gave my timing wise came when he had the worst year of his career people wanted to could still play the the. Shouldn't more Shia that was happening to Adrian Peterson right now though. Is he's not a good enough player at this juncture of his career the last couple years for a little bit shaky. And they second part of that is despite all of the money that's out there right now. Teams are looking at I think it's not worth that much well you're always asked if that's right and he did yesterday that first round of free agency might sectors that this is what I want teams like no no no no. Talk about guaranteed money why would you give him an awful lot of guaranteed you don't. You can be over the hill right now you could bring real amount in the first three or four games of the season and you say yourself all went. He's hit the wall you know he's he's no longer a viable player running back out here. And we just gave and how much guaranteed money and marketing give an awful lot of guaranteed my Portugal shark when you saw. Donta hightower and you looked at. This one of the big incentives in his contract is number of gains late. And then we heard that the jets had passed on because they did not like what they saw in the physical. That's what you look at when you look at it a player that's been beaten up a little bit out there it's a. Passing league. Running backs and inside linebackers the value is what it wants. To get the money. If he's not going to the month. Always ask him for his soccer again it's all gonna be incentives. Maybe asked too much out of the gate this was no interest I still fight I think he finds a way to team this year and so these productive player given a cell thing. We'll see our egg before we take a break get back to the Malcolm Butler situation. I'll throw this out after the break and look for lose answer so let's save the the bargaining chip is the eleventh pick overall in the draft. Lot of people thought it was number 32 here for the last week. It looks to be right now number eleven. Or facsimile of added value. But let's look at number Alaska now certainly do you feel differently. That you already have Stephon Gilmore. Are you pointed out Butler now if you get the number eleven in return Ford way Loney and fortieth Sports Radio telling you. You EI. The suspect had access to do that and I'm not question there's been more specifics other than he had legitimate access to the event. And it wasn't housing typical. There was ample investigators in the major offenders division and again. You know like I said before. Armor Tony don't burn the Midnight Oil you know of it is that important to have better security procedures and side offer. Please. National Football League with the publisher. I should initial a shirt please. They can't even deal with the the proper inflation. Of football's right we're expecting them do this. I don't show you love the player we know that young love Malcolm Butler yeah. Spot you is that they're saying he just a wanna be here and we're priority brought in Gilmore this is not going to be good arrangement. With him in Gilmore out there we know a year from now he's so pissed he's gonna take off and go elsewhere. You have an opportunity. To do a deal in which you get the eleventh pick overall and in the draft and a really good year for quarterbacks ya feel than going the pay trees do you do the deal. I personally would say no I wanna see people. A one X I think it with Butler and with Gilmore I think you give chance when it's doable this year very good chance you will see what happens but still very good chance. You know it but it is that it would come and the play that it goes convinced that Malcolm but is not going to be here for a year. It's one of those things were going to wake is he'll make it work either way right I wanna see the players stay here. But if you are convinced that the road Revis is motivated. You've bought from Butler you sign Revis to a sent the league contract. If I'm looking at like eleven in the draft the guys that if there and right OS unit Rubin Foster in Alabama. Right now the linebacker go hightower for the years to come and maybe overtake hightower three years from now when he leaves this corners everywhere at that point. Neagle young corner. You know do it but still it's at least you can never have enough of those guys. I I personally. I'd like to see the load up the this year I don't know what the health and happy new operating move for that to get a great opportunity to win I wanna see and keep this player. Yes I ultimately I don't see I don't think I want them to make that trade I want them to keep an even if it is eleven. Yeah I love the player but. After you've already made the deal which you've made to this point. Your party loaded up your already better team that you were when you left the field in huge without Tom Brady sure. I'm looking at saint. Taken 32 that's a good deal for me you do Olympic number eleven I do number eleven only really due eleven if you're confident that Revis is the answer well not necessarily what Michael Moriarty said today. Digits of Revis come in knowing are slim and Summers doctor Summers. Bouquets and doesn't even just a little money back pocket and motivated rivas he's got somebody study backed bonds gets somebody else I'll guarantee you Belichick is a list. Of quarterbacks that he knows are going to get cut somewhere probably thirty U 132 years old making some good money he's got a list. He knows who is going to be available maybe on June 1. Okay and he's looking at. 2 AM my my OK if I get that player. Vs only getting one year. Other Malcolm buck because that's what you're gonna get on amount about the next one here and he's gone well and I hit an eleventh pick overall the draft somebody who could. I could project on the road. He's an eight year player from may be Pro Bowl potential. And I'm giving up one year a Malcolm barker and I'm already good that position a big bet I would welcome but the but I'm good at that position. At a Marty loaded with the rest of the team I'm doing it for number eleven and I love the play on track and eleven. Always your turn into two twos him or he might insult us write him. You get an impact guy. Eleven. Yet this is using missed they don't miss when they draft at that point I'm really they don't know yet they don't honestly they don't. So I mean you give an impact guy for five years if you tell me what the replacement is from bought the I could at least stomach more passage say 32. By trying to corner a stripper cooks I don't like that at all I don't really stomach I don't like it is only that they eat and get eleven Indian use it on an impact offensive. Whether it's a guy like this cute Foster Alabama or a young point that you truly unbelievable turn into this. Some kind of impact player. I could understand people being pissed off last week. When they thought it might be 32 and I said the same thing 32 would not be enough in this deal even a branding coach is included in the deal. You need to get number eleven or the the value. Of number eleven which would be 32 a second and a third. Here's Jim in Florida page after. Hey guys. Let's send you know weakest in being motivated at all or speculate that the tools spare you wake up tools that you single player last year. It got burned. And we've spent a welcome Eric. Was also reportedly is what 1520 pounds overweight. Even be brutally cold core I hear it yeah last year. He is a small left. Should he sure it felt like it channel six years. He did he did have some deflate gate comments edited out. He stuck during party the ring ceremony party. Go to that either could set it wasn't. In light of these snubbed his mother I believe that string since it wouldn't. They are they need thing seat tandem guilt or. And what they are happy this year he's animal or more. Cheap that you guys are so we'll all keep that to back. On what society you don't have a Super Bowl if you had somebody else into the equation. You're getting the eleventh pick overall in the draft and the Q please. Important I understand that we're too old or. If it felt like quite there on the cost or that are local critics are correct. OK but I know you're enticed by that and certainly that's in front of unions and all my god there. But you also have to look at it the way they look at it and they never change. How they do business. So you said will you give Butler a lot more money they don't do it. Two restricted free and don't do. EP actually went to Ward's stick the Ares get. Given more money course course he would. Form on here is they restricted free weekend. So that therefore they have to do business with restricted free agents in the future Belichick's not gonna do. And I continued to take gym but where you're going with that now makes no sense and you gonna give Butler a one year deal for Gilmore money. Bechtel you don't let them go at ESPN. It's either. This year there's no reason to do that this year you've given three point 91 or you give an extension you're not to say won't. Will rip up three point nine wanna give you thirteen just to keep your we aren't they are kept them he's here. Let let me tell you what more courses we hang out if it take to get air play. At a 100%. Are gonna pull back because. He is he is if you're paying him three point 91 million I would think because he is big payday now comes next year. As an unrestricted free agent he'd be full to go and give you a bad year or next year because they wouldn't make what he wants out of all this you know all. I would agree with England so I don't think it's gonna happen he's giving effort. Board vote to Jamie called. Did he give you Goodyear. Know what happened in Miami get paid more than dumping act now to them which you do we should deal more. Well just say NN I agree with your premise but I think of Jamie Collins Nelson is your free agent year meant. You can't go and tank kinkle freelance king yet stick with the program plate and would he do. He was this an appalling they got rid of any upgrade when I tell you did. If Butler. The public or background or Saint Louis you'd be back it up this back up. I don't I don't expect it is. He's gonna play at a high level be back here Q as far as I don't hold out and I will make his money and most of the premise that the people give consent of the patriots just beat these changeup. Because everybody looks at that the roster this year is what got. We can just Ed Butler. Don't they don't mind telling you mentioned before is that you this is where drop welcomes an equation as well. Do they know what the long term plan is for Jimmy problem because if you if you land on franchise in the sky and keeping him. You can't franchise butler's while Nokia keep him for two years you can't keep her so somebody walks out just walks out the door for the compensatory. One of the tip they just walk up. The patriots do not do business where they leave stuff open on the table. You know I I just don't see Butler coming back and playing for the three point 91 million almost a patriots know. That they will be able to franchise him at the end of the season for next. Or they have a close to working agreement with the agent right now for a long term deal but this team from. And if that's the case then and the player doesn't wanna be here that you have to deal him away for that eleventh. Andy got a hold the lawless to that eleventh back. And then. If worst case scenario you bring eat and then this guy this last caller and others get what they want. They get Butler next season along with Gilmore and they get Butler three point 91 million dollars that's what they do. I won more segment to go. On air online via FaceBook Twitter and it's moral or wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. What did you make of the Tyree stuff. Is this true to a broad blue dog or bird flu flu like this you wares to manipulate the market which really what you see you orchard here. Conspiracies. And school firstly there to chooses own Columbus discovered America. But when he got there there was some of fair skinned people were promoter small American sports so what does that tell you knew Obama didn't just drove America. I drive the growth of gross. And the spread to lift yeah. Still O'Neal LSU education and other yards. He said he threw from California Florida. And it's far. His drive uphill now that he doesn't believe that that China's supposed to be below us that the that's all what's crap. But he claims like Bob Dylan was so they're smoking the pace fight for something I don't know what the hell he's talking. It does subtle Mandalay and casino was built so you brutal murder a child is under arrest we seem to urge you know we're consumed in addition have you seen it from satellite imagery of summer Immersion virtually read the going to be drone only disorder or draft before it's a New York. Like New York to Seattle it's not. So I don't go to another plug earlier this off Broadway players are already gotten there's a scorer. It's a blazing on employer obvious thing could get this type one in a regular basis she. Accused him. When Islam law ball. In your thoughts in the world so what does that tell you. Lavar ball's going to be in royal pain in the ass appropriate. You know what can RTC is is making me a a complete region here of his career. And you can already hear. And and that is Pablo Sandoval watching your baseball shall last night anchor Robbins who was killed them last year and rightfully so he should have deserved it. Suddenly on the panel I noticed that so that he is going to be one of those guys they're Boston fans are gonna go on opening day. Are gonna give that nice standing ovation and I really feel good about bubble and they were all all of us were killing them last year. Well we disagree with a call that he's in big bounce back year. I said he could it to 25 immediate big bounces have been right back and asked as we don't know we can play the what you see is good I like what you see defensively look solid from the left Saudi can hit. We knew that left site can hit defensively should be solved. The song's beats his weight in order to where Pablo Sandoval has played before. Which is overweight he gains were its legacy rich Garces squat all aptly with a he was overweight but he could perform at a so it's no big deal when he did last year was ridiculous and that you can do that when you're young ain't even more weight in the ol' boy Republican play. You can do that when you're younger look when you get up there and aging you're playing a position like third base she can't go so I would say. He can beat. Pretty good if he keeps his weight and stays in great conditioning but that to what level because remember what he was when they brought him any minute period of 95 million dollars. There's basically a singles hitter. Who had had some big at bats in big games in the policies. It was not a consistently really good hitter he wasn't a power here he wasn't really even a doubles Saturday. Was never in 1920 million dollar Cutler looked like he would when he signed Pablo and Hanley at the time I like Hanley signing more and then the next year you may have a full. But the the reason was because of the ceiling. Like there's a ceiling with him he's seen it before we've seen years of nearly mayors and a power in what he can be. That it that you get back to that he was that an impact or back in the middle of your line. Pablo was never that guy. When you signed him it was like it was like Carl Crawford you give a guy twenty million dollars to do what it through ninety it will all home runs and steal some bags. So that that's not repay 24 especially 345 years ago when that happens Pablo to 75. Gortat hit 1415. Driving 7890. An average third base to set. Five might be stretched and he's hit the cover off the ball and he says he's recovered is that speed. The problem with that is are we building out there building up expectations now. Where we actually think he's going to hit the ball out of the ball park with regularity. Happening now or never did not when he is in everyone's okay so the depends on what the expectation is but. Can be a lot better than flashy and isn't this obliged to your values. Fat slob Janet you know recover with a shoulder belts back. You bet I Taylor Bennett it come back and did a how about me that question has suffered not to be considered a combat convenient than he had honestly. Let it be placed under in thirty games it's 232 he can be comeback player of the year last year was so bad. Is no competition at their guys the job assisted in data and more about freedom of service and repair to the cross has brought you by fine mass money. Dot com just keep its the guys they go on doing fine we'll do what's going on with the with the Butler and I've taken so long remarkable as the patriots won the eleventh pick or value that equals the Olympic. And lawlessness that they're able. While we while ago that the first thing to happen is it that greeted deal. Right to south saints this thing and Butler need to get together right yardage says dated agreed Indian deal but it's the guaranteed money all sticking point oh god yeah not only guarantee he would take the next step but do you agree with the deal that's the first young Melbourne until educated wouldn't give you a million dollars to go in the studio two afternoon drive with this guy dale this other guy gonna connect under the 500 million dollars million dollar seven. And it's a 22000. And it is guaranteed a and it was kind of let me out of also Michael hurdle Jonas and I don't for our program content football so that should be so what do you think storm of the book. I think it's. Going to be that the contract was Butler a little bit but I also wonder if the saints are one of those that they they knew exactly what they're gonna give back to the patriots. Is maybe a there are some sort of confusion about a first round pick and which first round pick. I wonder if they're all on the same page the two teams are. I think you think there's a chance. Debates I think the patriots would be cool re easy to take back the 32 pick to put the whole deal together with branding coaxed yes a good deal for it's not a big deal -- and but maybe that's what the saints were thinking maybe that's why they're it will hold on your techno give back the I don't know why the it's it's crazy and they certainly have to give Butler more guaranteed money in other saints looking at a going oh my god and to get more guaranteed money am. You give 114. Who yes unless they think I might you don't do all the time we talk about the eleventh usually give up three Brooklyn picks for DeMarcus Cousins and just a bit about. I was telling. It's that equipment will forever be on the markets lost luggage out there people always democracy and a lot of talent as a wanted to let that quality there he's on double vote I could pass it this weekend. These struggles of its coaches. Motivated to coach. If that guy. So you you do let you do a number eleven I think butler's better than the Olympics yeah I wanna keep the data for one year. If you have no guarantee or liking it happened after that. Because you you scratch doesn't he you'd have to use Taguchi did you lose in the GC I wanted things to meet you all my scenarios on trading away you can hang on to him. Why I first got eleven pick up or the other about that sees me. You look at Abu Bakr port Iraq. You Kidman. It's the greatest quarterback in his. Forgot man behind I've ever read does I have heard about you that if there's read like a lot Emeka that's true I all of that plus Michael or if you play maker playmaker joins us when our number one test. Well I'll be back boys choir we get to Bruins this whole big. Tonight big. Huge games that I we'll talk about the marked him. And school FirstEnergy chosen his own Columbus discovered America. But when he got there there was some fair skinned people were demoted or smoke another piece by so what does that tell you the you can Obama and just drove America and our drive from colts the colts and the threat to me.

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