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OMF - Pete Abraham tweets out a lame apology at 11:46 on a Friday night, 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

HOUR 3 - Pete Abraham tweeted a lame-ass apology at 11:46 on Friday night (which was St. Patrick's Day by the way) as an attempt to quell the firestorm that is his Twitter mentions. John Tomase tripled down on his idiotic comments from Thursday night. The guys also got into some questionable officiating in the NCAA tournament, the antics of the wife of Wichita State's head coach, and more talk about Malcolm Butler.

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On you've read. Fort Wayne and phony and 48 Jon you still stay in for that Jimmy or apple will be a Cleveland brown in this offseason he just makes too much sense you can get maximum value now with the team that you've already been able to work a trade I just don't look at the logic of it and say at some point here it gets done with coal and Lou and Chris. Person of interest when I'm told it's an international member of the media they have him going into the locker room. Right behind Bill Belichick I think he's with the team from when I understand the Houston PD I think just put out there were found down in Mexico. We had some bad numbers here and we're gonna get a map. On Sports Radio WEEI. Some believe. They'll media guide posts and putted an immediate cash posing as a me. That's released. So they thirty years straight so they thought the league thought. This guy was fine OK but Portnoy was a bigger security issue yeah I the American. People didn't really give this kid. I'm pretty is an issue but an important is it a bigger security issue than. This dude of the last three years has been stealing a pair phonetic Greg just another embarrassment. For the for the NFL. Many BA has different types of embarrassment you see over the weekend that the Cleveland decided they weren't gonna play any of their players so big game last week we had. We're Golden State sanitary now when I. All on network televised games so the network ABC in this case ESPN AA BC's spending a fortune. For these NBA national games of the week and pick up all the superstars is only one problem that I did any of the superstars on the games and play. Powered you have that situation is a media I'm just now feared team you know you know. In looking at it maybe that's the Isiah Thomas O'Donnell was rests right hurt his knee. Com but if it wasn't hurting his knee and who's just you know what we've got. Got a tough stretch here coming up and we see all time Popovich does this he Cleveland's gonna does it so it's just. To arrest some of these guys. Elite kit with the Indians that instantly have to play them now we're not we don't have to do anything is what's best for our team we're not gonna play. From a coach looking at saying I paid to win right and NBA championship I don't get aid so the you can have the best match up. On you know Saturday night on ABC that's my job it's your job. So my Politico it's the league right now and here's the problem the league has teams playing Friday night. And then playing Saturday night the nationally televised game. And against good opponents which you know your players are really competitive so they don't play it up Golden State and San Antonio you're gonna play that you're gonna play real hard for the game. I want to from. Minister I think you can't do you scared of these you know whatever whatever your big schedule is to make sure schedule wise that it's not a second night of back to back. Or first back to back or you don't Mina they can get away with it anymore that because it did your playing Saturday night now. And they used to play on Saturday afternoon they're playing Saturday and you're playing Saturday night. You gotta fill your rings up on Friday night is that's a key night. To get people to go to the to be rich so teams are gonna play Friday night and then they're gonna play and that nationally televised in the senate. They'll probably anyone of these coaches now saying any team neither. It's just for everybody though me and even the fans you know me about it you'd back pretty big ticket. You know made its Golden State San Antonio that's that's that's up you've circled. Santonio prominent gold state of vice Versa gold states goalless that you circled acting you'd get tickets your psyche you pay whatever it is that you shall walk and pop doesn't play anymore. You know what's that congress it because it's just back to back nights and they get bigger you know eyes on the prize was. The other coach you're playing a game and you know you don't necessarily need that game it does nothing for you understand slow insert your Golden State. And you're looking at your Steve Kerr usein Popovich is not playing any of his death. Why my employment I guess right now a little a couple of that the guys in the pinch cola. Give me again tonight this might be able to beat these guys were playing at home I looked at you match at night and now you got now you got to a colossal mess. For the national audience because they're tuning in to watch. You know but the key players. A lot of air time I know among these guys on the bench why limits on the bench and it is showing him as Seth Curry that you showing these tests her ex Olympic. The other night LeBron was implying it's all love was trying to find a seat on the bench and I'm watching and and James is that they're moving people around so that their loved. And then you sketchy I don't care if you plan that I still setting at the end benched Kevin Love in street clothes sitting right exhibit eight. As it was it was pretty while but I can't blame the team I can't blame the coaches for doing it to the FBA's got a problem is those games are going to get. Very little rating volatility of the super. But I hear that next year they're gonna add more days to schedule the try to have Lester back to backs Billick said it's always commute promise if you want that Saturday night window. Did you play every Friday night. The whole slate so if you that that doesn't change anything. They'll look at hugely Friday and end up and back to back night got to rest some guys get a sixteen lead all mean we're not going anywhere we're the number two seed not the one mile stock. We are. Watching baseball players bitch about it when they have to play on Sunday night because their team is good the bad teams don't have to play on Sunday night. As opposed to playing Sunday afternoon and employing. They won't let you know that that's a huge scheduling problem it only comes into me comes a plate again. The Red Sox are out in the West Coast that plays Sunday night game against the Dodgers and the giants told the angels. And then they don't have Monday off. And get a game on in his right of that is when it's not becoming an issue you should be able to. You should get a fix that you should always said that Monday off that sometimes they do then they'll play and they'll be far away are rookies before our way to play Sunday night they'll be asked to play Monday night. In their home town and when they get again at 6:30 in morning. Is the time change and Gonzales just plea for sake team afterward. I saw the stuff is happening over the weekend see that our friend PDA it's funny apology or did he phony apology. He did it at at the you know the optimal time. He did at 1146. On Friday night. Kate two days after. He actually called somebody. A a racist or Lundgren was X I'm 46 on Friday night or Prius in now. He's I want an apology. On Friday an elite and it was dull little layman. That you couldn't breathe more Tulane. With the apology and nobody is fine. Nobody is buying the apology right now so he claimed that it wasn't this guy he was going after it was somebody else. And he confused. One. Tweeter to another one right is that that that's pretty much what he's saying that if that's that's as it was somebody if follows then it's and emails or whatever might be who he feels. Given that he is more evidence that he is indeed a racist winded take two days he could read your friend John emailed me. And I now realize I missed took you. For somebody else. Who it said some final things to. He knows the story it was a stupid tweet and I did not intend to directing it at you. My sincere apologies. And hope you enjoyed the season. Why why does it take. Why does it take two days to find out that you've got the wrong guy what does it take more than two minutes. To find out you've got the Wanda it's not like he went off of Twitter with a globe put him off of Twitter or shut down his Twitter work out he was. Active on Twitter right from the get go. Who is. ID wait too long. And he waited this is all PSA waited too this is obvious. What you forget waiting to want this is a phony apology. Can't say he wasn't looking as mentions 'cause he was responding to people who led baseball question you stick new one out of hundred. Notification that's very very hard they're actually mentioned something about baseball and not great was its select price he can handle. He can handle sort of get off peak get off. Any soul involved he loves to order it goes back and forth but you're right that should have it shouldn't have been Friday night it should have been ill Wednesday night. It should have been Thursday morning. You know what when there's a high volume people look at Twitter during the day or whatever might be 9/11 forty whatever is on the front and 46000. Actually X it's patch Tuesday night in a volatile guarantee volume on Twitter was wait wait. I mean I picked up on or just happen to be a loser Saturday relatives and you know that you are losers here and it noted that at midnight on Friday night all just happened to be was working out at the Comcast they came back on the outs of what's going on tour or not. I saw this so called apology. OK so he went on and two world. Across the street right at a morning show sister station just for guys with no but don't touch her and know no rich right at the the backup group. And he apparently gave them another excuse. God I mean that was an at all I would who basically it was a case of mistaken identity somebody. Gave a friend and me our retirement or at a recent game that I covered and followed it up online with some some stupid remarks and I kind of ignored that the crime. And then fool or somebody like thousand same person at that something else. So I fired back out amend it turned out not to be that person was somebody else and I believe that we are thought about about it tried to get older person couldn't do. And then they are trying to retain some somebody I was. You know there was some open. Obviously this stupid thing to do I would have done it but it was it was but there's been mistaken I don't know where there was an article where I was trying to our consumer. Totally blind. Lou how is this you come out in you do it right after you do it in within an hour. Two hours no patents and then you come out in you apology if that was true case that it was mistaken identity okay. You do that right away. Given the reaction initial reaction from that tweet and how people reacted against Pete. You're. Unique kind of put everything down for a minute and and back it up. If that's the case that this email that I got from this individual. This wasn't just me firing back there's history with this guy I know all about him and he is indeed in what I refer to as a racist and in just bluntly accused him of it. Look here's the email and literally just print out the email or just put whatever let's double there simple a yell and and and right away and if it's not him. The Indian blob in the process of gathering information you find out at the wrong guy and he kimono right away I thought it was this guy and you just you dig into a little bit more. Ready what he did was. It's got nothing to do with mistaken identity because you're right you solve that problem within a matter of minutes are certainly a few hours at the that the moss. In this case he let it sit because he thought it would go away. And the globe apparently talked to me admitted that he thought it would go away from instead seek out. Worse and it builds up and you know. Our Caracas is writing about it today and on course to all sports it didn't go away so that things started building up momentum. And any time he tweeted out and then being. Baseball week they would destroy. Him via okay and so we got to wait it was an out of control Torre. And at that point he had to do something. I would've felt much better if he came out at 1146. And it's a bad time to do I agree with that you Kamal went on people are actually out there. A cat on a Friday night please it's the newspaper business that's what they do I describe our late on Friday. It would have been better Russert became upset blow it. It's on May. I got emotional. I got pissed off and I went overboard. I shouldn't have gone now that's what he should have done but he should've done it earlier but if you're not gonna do what at least take the fall I don't why I don't think anybody is believing. That this is the case because of its mistaken identity you fix it right away you'll let it sit out there for two days and had the wrong guy. Lee says he tried to reach out to we couldn't hold what shall Goldman to a second term on the radio he was on the error. The guys in the afternoon having the dinner what Obama wants that as of right. No deals that are spreading it no problem barajas is loving this the headline Boston Globe writer Peter Abraham give half ass apology after calling it sucks for generations for no reason has a history of being in a hall. Of course he didn't. Spoken out and you sit back and Roberts. The studio something like child yet there's something going on there. And it's something that any some history yeah I take. As an Abraham in the past kind of yes dismissed them yes. You know he writes in his mom's basement yes that the deal and you know that he doesn't really have a following whatever well apparently Pete it is funny deputy. Does have a following that's almost people's pocket well and that's. Silica adequate so hard guy to mossy is on the air act 11 o'clock. On Saturday morning the trendy and Tomas huge. And I don't. Com because there's not a lot of time listening to the station over the weekend as I wanted to see what we're gonna happen to our buddy Pete shepherd. And the Providence guys will get that couple minutes and and I wanted to hear too mossy response so I tournament at 10 o'clock. And then listening and you know turn he's given me like some background of her going to the feeder and and that's ten warning and then that taking a break and then it's like 1040. And there's still puck in the theater in there. Talking about some Mel's little sentence in the room to ease its like 1015 of them said Angela. It is this tape challenge this last week showed that Reade playing this late because is makes no sense because. People were talking about it and when you make any statement. In which people get up in arms and criticize you for. It makes sense to a packet right off the top right to tax write off the top of the show a current patriots beat topic I mean you know complete sets of Torre finally. Treading at 11 o'clock at this would lose awry in my state for the first hour work a lot about the theater. Says state the whole first are now the teasing it at 11 o'clock they are finally going to talk about it is trying to says we've got to get even though he doesn't wanna do it. We've got to get John to respond to this stuff. So then to finally asked question after 11 o'clock tomorrow she finally respond to this statement. You know I regret about that yeah well nothing. Up nothing. Not even a slave part well III believe that sorry Nadia I Zaria morning guys like LA I'm I'm the you want my honest opinion that particular defense. I'm not I. I cheered for poppy I cheered for I watched Bill Russell played basketball like that's not a good bets on site that's not a defense. I don't present because you can root for a year. Player of that nonwhite ethnicity that suddenly you're not a racist person. And I'm not saying everyone who says that feels I do I know that dip your toe into the likes injury poll that. It's one thing you know it was r.'s on point of view. You start to get things started to cry a crusher that I mean whatever you want me to not say what I feel I want. Say. Totally one was either prominent was really he's not backing down from it or so whatever explain yourself know the thing is that I I feel. Know people say what he's saying. You know people say it's not true I'd I'd I'd root for an end and they just start throwing out every. African American athlete Latin happy whatever it is. That's not the CC I'd like blacks I'd like latins that's basically saying I like athletes the matter what color they all are. You know idol judge the white ones from the black ones to this than that I'd just like the athletes in his town that performing high levels. Anybody I don't I don't look at you know the great athlete and saying you know I thought the Celtics are good but I don't like Kevin Garnett is he's black as much as I'd like you know this player. Because he's like you're giving me and acts just like athletes in general performance levels are you are what they look like you're giving me a valid explanation as to why you say stuff like that that is why people say you want to sit there's a seat. So where where is valid explanation. On the fact that he admitted that if people do. And throw that out there he doesn't buy so in other words he doesn't believe that any of it is Daniel so he believes that everybody is a racist right. Everybody guest appearances. Yeah blow you you will only valid ballot explanation of that group that he does not accept that explanation. So what he's basically saying is that everybody out there. Is conscious that's what do you think. We're using that the facts doesn't prove anything that's what he's saying. But it's you know I want it it doesn't prove that it's usually all relevant we were all up with. It's just a way to prove I don't really care what color you wore a despair if you're good athlete and is the point. You know because it there's that feeling that William like is it because he's white. In the split because he's black the signal like all players alike colonies that meant he was that listing all the black players they like to. And it's just a way to prove that it doesn't matter to some people most people not all. I'm not saying there's racism out there there is. But to most people it doesn't matter what he thinks only matters it doesn't feel like you don't like Carl Crawford. You don't like David Price just like you don't like John Lackey just like he did like Adrian Gonzales let me just what ever the guide you'd be just J. D. Drew. It doesn't Josh Beckett doesn't matter Clay Buchholz Edgar Renteria they're all of one group. Players that underperformed at one point that you just you can't stand to look at at times. It's got nothing to do with how they'd look it's good admitted to a public perform. But to compare. Sports fans. To compare sports fans to plantation. Owners and then not to really explain what you mean by that. So. In essence he he he basically. Saying that no matter what you tell me. I'm not going to believe a word you say now I would say those what if there's an individual. Cole is willing and if Vick talked about sports and they gonna criticize every single player they criticized. Happens to be black. And every single player they actually praised happens to be white I would say that is a really. Shaky Trent. That tells me something so. That's what people are doing in in saying that in replying to him by saying what you're talking about. Look at look at my history you look at what I've talked about I tech this player rights act that play our present player. It's got nothing to do what color of their skin. It's whether I'd like or dislike that player that's what it so that's the only defense you went when somebody throws that out at you and that out of two point should owner. That you were normal. Response is it not and then you go back and look at the history of that person so we stop believing anybody. Not so bent John's gonna go through life thinking that every white person is a racist. The only way you can avoid using that excuse doesn't prove anything. That's respect and after the group and they have to be racist notes it is approved or not. Was I so the only thing you're gonna be able to find out whether somebody's a racist and is look at their history are you gotta look over. I can't do that there individual out there putter. So let's get emails from somebody as it is the case of Mitt mistaken identity that's unbelievable and that he doubled and tripled down. On that opinion it is if apple Google heat games timeline you'll see that he is willing to. Fire back at fans who say seemingly innocuous things frequently so this is not news may be. Grand wizard part is taken it to another level I don't I don't think the people who are going after PDA a on Twitter and our particularly righteous I mean c'mon just piling not. It's is busting his balls that's what to do you know what to do if they know they've got them and they are going at them and then trying to be funny in this throwing stuff out there. But I'll tell you this and we talked about never going away even the quality. You know the apology wasn't real or happened and look at him now on Twitter and is actually people respond with baseball's. It's not as bad now all the even with that horrible apology. It's almost like back to business as he's got again. There's no question about it but when you look at his. Is tweets from the other day it was hysterical if Friday was stricken actually start out in a you know whatever he could and the first one to one and if it was just the twenty within seconds. But now it is it's he's got away from movement so even the worst apology in the world as sort of a mini golf how many people move that's and that's what it takes a with the people act and an overview actually waiting to move on but the fact that you haven't yet issued any kind of an apology it. Now we put him fondly of it to him fondly do something in it something at least. Well if you missed any of those. Then Caracas is animal again today pork skills and if there is an error there is there's some history to Hungary to agree it's it's it's nasty. Back. Two days ago as the end of the to throw his apology and our guy Tomas he waited an hour into his program before and got through it. With over. Although I that your boss column. Which of Osce now. You eat us up to him now. Did you did you buy that excuse that I had all of them 46. It was totally fraudulent. He made that up that's only got him in trouble. Oh my god they're coming at me I got to make something up here and I'm not gonna blame myself I'm not going to take responsibility. How we take responsibility and what we're saying is. I got confused. About 1%. Tweeting me and another one and get me out of this that's what he did. Did admit Middleton of none of he did not have and that was a way of of slipping out of that blows right over time. All of veterinary. Meet Red Sox could he retreated Alec spears story in the first one on raises a relevant as will be Johnson Palmer is cannot win and Yale game needed and horrible trade. That was only who said responses and 35 minutes he wrote that what you retreated but that's the only response. Repeated in two week obscene. See after a while. There's only so much you can do but then again it's why do you are actually had a lot of fun to them by salary and words of the batting practice and did you bite Tomas it's. Written response now because I talk to right before he went on the heats of the muck that I was blind sided by talk doomed to coincide. Abbas he says he was blind sided by by the response unaudited cash. Is when I walk in that night would Mott unaware that this thing has gone on. And he reads me comment and it's like good reaction on Mike I don't know like I haven't talked to heat. I have no idea of the context I have no idea between was deleted I had no idea the miss read something I have no idea as he says and I don't know if I'd buy this buy it. Take him at face value for now. Oh I confused you with someone else who's. That's a circus I talked humor department on the yet he was the wearable Abrams to turn La yeah. With the blinds he knew the situation before money and she knows he's a bright guy he stays on top of this stuff lease. That's one reason that that you know you see him with with columns you know he he understands that there's a lightning rod topic out there any. Seizes it Haney writes about it he knows that thing was. All over the place I just start they waited an hour before he set a single word which is Curry's. And yet here's what's foolish because the idea is you wanna get the highest ratings you can get on the shows he should have led off with a right off the back as people are gonna stay with them after. A half an hour. I'll guarantee you he'd lost a good portion of his audience because they too many of them would not doomed him before we're tuning in to get his reaction. And instead they got we're talking about it. As the public probably says it all they were told weather station or somebody marriages are right now which they were not told by united are stuck with AT&T to show. Electing teacher. It on the hot topic for you you hit a bullet you hit a hot topic you know that you can't all all about soccer. I what all the for the hot topic such a 7777. Daddy 37. No Fauria he'll be back on Wednesday but it's in the in the. Or wade we're loaning and 48 on Sports Radio telling you. EI. We lost another good one this again. But just can't get set in nine years old and here. We wouldn't putting you shrug and killed good life experiences. If it's. So hopefully you know screw the old man. It is quite as pretty good pretty good and he really changed. Music entirely an inner. We said middle of times people c'mon set act I changed music and I can't change this and again in this case I don't think it is an anyway. On an exaggeration when you say he changed. All of music. Now you think that David always a little Florida. Probably a little. Out with my stuff gallon this morning it was alive. Kelly and that no you're still understated today. Well Lou when you're ninety don't put out like a lot of new album and go and onions and you just don't you know track of people as little tour since we haven't found any big huge gigantic topic that its people over the that can answer on topics recent iron pitch all the time. About officiating in the program and everybody says they gonna do some good Avandia to fill the NBA officiating searching to do something about it. Well you find out why they can't do anything. Mean when you watch these college basketball games it's the officiating sucks in the NBA. Do you think it is in the couched it as it is worse the sock is there's something that's worst than suck. Yup so people. There you go into double that I missed that whole thing out the commander on the order of the of the which cost eight yeah. The old the wife of the coach yes you little issue with an attic he apparently Joseph little issue than the NCAA double A did exactly what you usually do when a media person had a video put out there. They made him poll I'm within a couple of pitchers you don't want known Paris. And you know somebody that is associated she got booted as marshall's wife Greg marshals what she booted at the Kentucky game can she went nuts post it. An accord leading over the it some swear ya that was in the batteries or some. In the NCAA should get rid of that video. Like greening of Peter Abraham tweet from somebody directed repeated that's what it was like she was she as she won Q&A little little greasy little outrage that's what that's what the beauty of video is these days isn't it put crazy videos on their apathy that guy's wife's opiate for the particular way a lot of you'll probably love to watch that game she's actually right. What would you do. Major League Baseball came Hewitt says he. In you'd be able to critical there John Farrell. He he would destroy video out the other really embarrasses him winning we need your support of the Red Sox that there that we needed to pull out to be nicer. In. An odd will be kidnapping what two of a media guy Kentucky. And they said to him you gotta pull let him yet and the toe hold. He funny must've realized like a day later he changed his mind hours later because you put back out there and saw it last night right yet to back out every actually pulled it. Like what are they gonna do polish credential and give his credentials on guy and Mexico. So a little bit. Students and the wife to scuttle absolutely ridiculous that you boxes and that's my baby at. Or cheese we you calm down right witch when it. He get excited. You know sooner or shocked to get up but if you watch some of these these games in the officiating in these games yet that I. Tell you there's not fifteen minutes ago is finally gave. Which announces they've all my gut they just all. They just call. It's horrible and late in games. It is terrible and so if you are one of those that. Criticize his NBA officials think about this if you wanna get rid of the guys in the NBA wouldn't of the women in the NBA officiating games. And you think. Were the replacements coming from they have to be somebody who's already in our system doing it and it would be the college refs were horrible the for worse than the energy. You know what that's a tough game to officiate. It really is because it's never two sides never ever agree on a call. They just don't throughout the course of a game guy takes that basket they blow the whistle. The guy defending is pissed off he got his Tanzania on Soledad I don't than than a much for the replay and human act guy's arm you're like okay. Then it got takes that basket no called the next guy's pitching that he was filed it is constant bitch fest. In basketball welcomes the referee driving get very rarely mean. That it's more calls than probably any sport as far as just in their involvement in a baseball pitch to Pittsburgh talking about in their involvement. And at every call you've. Two sides once I always passed. It never ever right. I did gain US wanted to get anything right nickel back and look at that I got everything right. Toro had two coaches hate cute college everybody get your right to coach is still working. An NBA players are constantly leading trying to body. Coal spring overtime from officials you can you can your column by the first name and eating them. You know maybe they buy something a down maligned I could listen I think it's the NBA is a very difficult game. Too efficient they went from two to three officials thought that was going to improve it as it has a little bit you're picking up but you pick up more stuff. So you're seeing more stuff I'm not sure that's good for the game and then you're constantly stop in the game because you're picking stuff up but if we believe that the NBA officiating has to get better. And people constantly bitching about that. The people you're gonna bring up that these college officials have forced in the NBA officials. Yeah and appreciating his bad always Europe and you know I mean it's still there are some that are good but it's it's so controversial and allowed us to do with the coverage. Let's do with the slow mall the instant replay that the of the everything affect you could challenge calls now is so it's just it's it's tough on them there's no question as some that saw this on the very good. But I think in general it's an easy thing to bitch about. It's fun to bitch about. Will pitching and a pediatrician and of course the other thing we have right now. Is we have. Video technology. Advanced video technology so. We usually see what is the you know the real thing out I think in most cases now you can look at it then and it again knows we have now which is that instant replay they advanced technology. So we can actually see the play. And make. That million euros just repeated exact same thing just that we've made it sound manner. While I had to clean it up okay and sometimes you say things aren't. They have impact that they don't have great impact but so what I do is I try to clean it up a little while I appreciate that well at least I could go with youth oriented participant but can't he can't deal with it. It's think that's gone by the way the idea so we took the kids and two women right. It was his wife and another element yes very ambiguous about the element yes it was too yes it was like one little trip it was it was a lot of that thinking it was Cologne analysts. Probably either daughter in this is an experimental weekend you know it's one of those final good for him hopefully. Strangely throw that out there and then. Did not wanna delve into it in and talk anymore yeah excellent first trip to get it won't weather but I don't know if I'm the meaning Ford is very uplifting but that. Now that's that's. I 617779737. Were back to the Bruins and the Celtics coming up next hour and 48 right now. On Sports Radio. They are body over a Comcast. As just something interesting here about an hour ago he said that. Reports that. The parameters for a contract. Between. Butler and New Orleans or mostly in the likes. The amount of guaranteed money is still the source. Of quibbling in the negotiations. So in other words you're probably offering Butler what looks to be pretty good money there's only one problem no guarantees are in the deal. Now soccer yeah. I mean it's NFL do you deal. I don't care how long idealism if it's almost the two year contract and probably really one year deal. But if it's a four year deal three year deal fighting it deals really to. All of guaranteed money is. I sent it to greet them parameters. See that's one thing that we talked about before that. If you believe the reports that the patriots were 67 range. And the offer never changed. Welcome Butler is not going in New Orleans north is not bring in Malcolm Butler ran for visit now gonna waste few days because there won't pay 67 million. It bring intimate with the idea that it's that it at a given time. And with that you don't bring a guy in a goal through all of this and still off for the same crappy contract these are turned down you're doing it knowing you about the give him a little bit more. But who you competing with right now he's a restricted free agent. He's got to eventually sign that offer sheet if you knew or are you might look at it and say. Jump they may look at and say Belichick wants to get rid of this guy because he thinks the guys Pena has right now. We have a much better shot if he goes and signs that three point 91 taking on and then telling him at the end of next year we're gonna take care of because you're right if you AJ. The only thing is this in the Noual instincts in the you're not Cleveland you're not the jets but right now. Do you nobody else as an opportunity to get Malcolm Butler for the next three or four years. Right now. Because when the season's over. 31 of the teams that opportunity get him as well and and why would he go to U. You know while he select you you know we have to give him Ilya Thorpe hey baby get Malcolm bowed down in New Orleans because. You know Cincinnati I mean out of Cincinnati Pittsburgh might want we'll booted Green Bay might want him. Arizona made a turn this thing around you know they're stacked in the secondary the point is a really good teams that are close might wanna. Right now it's you and nobody else this is your opportunity to secure the player for the next two to three or four years. You don't the weight from next to get the free agency ended with everybody else. It is your opportunity acquired the player. And once again I I'll say this a year ago. I think this agent should have been jumping all over New England to try to sign a contract that it would look at least probably give me a lot more money than I'm making half a million dollars even if I have to tie up. An additional year. Or true. Out of my free agency. Now. Not to mourn the deal if if the descending into your probably right. Norris is got to make this look like it's a lot more money than six or seven million dollars a year but I wondered how much of the stuff is gonna be guaranteed and and and and it's only gonna be two years. And if he doesn't do it two years suddenly he's thirty years of age now rolling out the free agency right and that's a different story. That the the agent has to be really careful the best deal right now. For Malcolm Butler is to play for New England at three point 91 now when you sign that you have no guarantee you got to play for knowing you have to get our team playing for three point 91. You don't know where you're gullible. He could be anywhere but it almost makes more sense for him to go out have a great year somewhere. And they go back to free agency ending cash in I just don't see why New Orleans would give him anywhere close to ten million of guaranteed money. We're here I don't see it. It's the only way they can acquire the part. Needed to look at it that way. No game and did dearly compete with themselves. You know ended in a year from now it's the rest of the league as well and why would he choose you. You want the player. Because they could still look at and I understand the whole restricted free agency thing so why am I get that you don't have to pay you don't at all. The legal electable if you want the play you don't. And you New Orleans. Because he's gonna wait till he gets a free agency self you can look at and say you know. Now the draft pick is the whole different discussion right 1132 that changed a whole thing go which is talk about why would you give the money up. And to meet its went to play at three point 91 but we paid him ten or eleven it's a pretty nice ball that's what he's looking for right now. It in and we're the ones that in to dealing with them and nobody else does and a year from now is gonna want thirteen or fourteen arrest the league's involved. We got pretty nice opportunity yet acquire a player that's going to be in a market a year from now. Now you got a record okay. Diego eleven does then I understand you know and and then it's difficult decision for them but that's 32. If you just swapping cooks for Butler you know wanna move political Q1 or more for Butler. While they're Pamela we don't have to because they like what else and it might not ever to have a chance to get an a year from now they might not have a chance of getting them. We do not charity he obviously is talking directly to Butler certainly to his people because he's been really good with the stuff for when he says that. Are the parameters for contract or mostly in place. I made a tribute that dude did come up with that figure maybe it's ten million maybe you're right it's getting nine more years forty okay you want clarity as well. 1822. But why would he do when he's going to get himself maybe twenty guaranteed 22 guaranteed at the end of next season as we create. I'm negotiating a deal and needed just he's I'm sure he's saying there. I'm sure they're coming back and saying we gotta give up a pick to get you. You know in in in you are restricted in not free agent so I think ten eleven's a nice bump. But in only guaranteeing a fifteen of it what do I don't know I knew this is part of the negotiations what he won't. Take it as in remember this wanting to get warlords and a lot of trouble. Over the last few years there have been tapped out it's been kept out because they. The just didn't make that much better and they also kept up because you get a veteran quarterback was making twenty million and a cap and celebrities is acted as a restricted that. If its outlook after two or three years. And it never restructured Drew Brees. If Garrett 20/20 million dollar cap it once stood at three years ago got to do the Brady thinks he's made his money. You negotiate a bunch which hit a bunch of cash upfront. And you know in Beijing being just going along with this twenty point two million dollar cap it from the quarterback. In a reason why it's what why are you sick when you are right now CA wonderful and. And butlers in a position right now work to make this deal work. He's got to sign that three point 91 under but you can't do that. Until you know for sure that New Orleans and New England have made that deal and I as I showed you last week I just don't see bill giving it up. For the 32 pick in the first round. First of all it would open up doors at the NFL office to say whoa whoa wait a and the second one has its terrible. Take that the last pick in the first round of the draft. For a guy who's established himself as a plug and play quarterback. Top five all top seven may be if you if you got him out there. In the league. Even if you go and get somebody in the draft at 32 quarter. But why would pass on number eleven or combination of picks that add up to the value of eleven. I just don't see Belichick do this it's not like we know that bill even if he's got friends isn't illegal it's out of their way out of his way to work something out with friends. This would be cell are bush wouldn't. Yeah I mean it's that's what I mean it's the only way it works if this was an agreement to begin with. That this was this was the agreement to begin where it's illegal so I'm just saying that we some weird. We're separating it now that it's it's the deal is all forward so now that Malcolm Barr you've got eleven you get 33 of you know 32 doesn't make any sense anymore. It's a bad deal it's a bad deal right cooks a mean I don't like to deal period I mean but still it's accidentally go back it's a knuckleballer was in play. You deal welcome both of Brady caught. That idea. Is the same thing. And if you do the same thing. Have a if you pick number eleven and you moving up from 32 to eleven. Your dramatic difference so do you think coach they give Butler bridge you goal from 32 to eleven take number eleven. And convert that into a low first round this year and another floor first round of middle first round next year okay he could extract an awful lot on that. Art that is a big difference but your take back 32 when you exchange those two players they got Butler. You got cooks I'm not sure that's a good deal I've known I don't value it is a by the way he actually gave a more from with Butler. You got a third round in before which to placate the league is taken and if you don't want would you need number eleven because you need a big time defense supplier and I can find it at 32. Heard you know you gotta get really lucky to do it that's why I think what ends up happening is they might take 32 back. But they're gonna take a second they're gonna take a third knowing that was gonna get a lot more out of that deal little match up to the value of eleven because Belichick will bet. If you make this is strictly you real then that was personally you really does something good. We days we have a bad move financially. For the saints because I know Christian was sees it there's it will be thinking of taking a corner an eleven. Is gonna be better than Malcolm Boller. So financially doesn't make sense. But as far as on the field play goes. The corny you're drafted eleven instead of Malcolm Butler will lead of the impact of Malcolm would have the next two or three years to an unknown you hopes all but we've seen before the draft. That's no locked. So it's only a bad move if it's a financial if it's financially driven and they're not exactly a great cap space to begin with tonight do you should be that they should be looking at the. The finances of or at the film going to be talking about this June 14. Because it's nothing that's gonna happen until. I 6177797937.

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