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OMF - The Patriots want the 11th overall pick for Malcolm Butler, 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

HOUR 2 - Glenn and Lou give the latest developments on the Malcolm Butler situation. Michael Lombardi made some comments over the weekend about what the compensation might be that the Pats are seeking. We also talk about the possibility of a Darrelle Revis return to New England. Later in the hour, we played some sound of Jay Glazer as he updated everyone on the case of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey. Finally, Lou gave his thought on Drew Pomeranz' triceps injury, and what the state of the Red Sox rotation is right now.

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You've read it. Fort Wayne Loney and 48 Jon you still stand firm that Jimmy or apple will be a Cleveland brown in this offseason he just makes too much sense you can get maximum value now with the team you've already been able to work a trade war I just don't look at the logic of it and say at some point here he gets done next topic quickly and Lou and. Christian NFL now confirming that to Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys have been recovered oversees the league is in the process. I'm returning the jerseys to the team right now we had some bad numbers here and wouldn't get a map now on Sports Radio WEEI. I know 48 today he'll be back at Wednesday something nobody had to go to Mexicans on inflation yet. Villagers who and I are here. There is. Nothing that is gigantic on the top of the topic board today so we're gonna be all over the place. A Bruins and Celtics in that first ever the program talking about that stupid gestures. That somebody apparently ripped off from Tom Brady we did that the first hour. And we'll get it drew upon moments we have to get into that coming up in this next hour and you see here you know though it that's fine no doubt you're worried about you know we're we're okay. And then we've got to get into the latest with with Malcolm but why should the latest because everybody's saying oh I consider this thing been resolved yet. He is not signed that tender. Com we have a situation last week with a coach of another team who brought an end was actually talking about him like he's one of their players. And yet nothing has happened yet nothing has happened a bit Michael party probably gave us the best indication. Oval of this weekend why nothing has happened he tweeted out here yesterday. If saints want Butler. It would be for their pick eleventh overall. You decide. If that trade gap. Well I tell you did that thing is that we all know Michael Barnett he says that confront account from bill correct we always accusing somebody of any organization is. Is telling him what's going the only thing it's. If that's the case but I think there's that there's a lot of speculation out there that. This thing was done before him and it was a timing issue. And maybe it was Butler for cooks and both teams are moving on from players nor once you know you say what you shouldn't give up a first round pick who's gonna give up a first round pick and you don't pay knuckleballer that money will for them it's it's it's the unique situation because they're in their tech re not doing that if there was an agreement. Right they're dared to acquiring Malcolm Butler for a player that that I'm moving forward with some bulls teams are trading players and I'm moving forward with the and they can both signed them freely in olden one extension nor as residents of a better at Malcolm bottle them up critical. School is not a problem we need difference. Mean it's so now that the deal has been separated. If there was no prior agreement it is the eleventh pick overall that's tough self. Will each of their. There was no prior agreement unless this one caveat to this. Unless it's the Malcolm bought the people who were pissed off. Because no wants is comeuppance that we're gonna give you six million a year and whoa whoa let's signing that thing. Sending that their three point nine once he can deal leeway if that's what you're gonna get me 6000007. I could get that from knowing screw you brought. That would be the only reason. That this deal hasn't been done other than. They never and original agreement yet it's used to be did you hear Sean Payton and I thought it was strange boy I tell you listen to this right now and you tell me this doesn't sound. I introductory press conference she. On Malcolm Boller was at the facility yesterday had a bad days ago. Good you know these are these sharp sharp kid he's he's not too far from here as far as hometown. Is story. They're coming out of a small town in Mississippi and through junior college sitting there. Western Alabama are minute it's it's pretty amazing in Merkel the first three years she's sat in this league. If he said Jim tremendous amount that the success. Went into Super Bowl and three years and being big part of between the couple shall out so. Okay tumble but when you watch a tape he plays with that would. Tripled our shoulder we practiced. Would New England. Now on those three years' time in that three year time frame twice so a lot of additional. Just practice stayed there we have a chance to look closely at and I'm sure. Bill and if so the same way when nobody waiting coax. Talking more about Giacomo out more about somebody else's player well right now he's nobody likes those that the little notice for. So really he's he's a free agent but we knew was restricted to technically east nobody's player rights fees are ninth in limbo he's some. But how often do you hear some talk I saw it he wants it sounds like he really does want so it's got to be one of two things well. It's either that Lombardi is right and you when I'm over this Friday. I think Belichick would be crazy. To take back number 32 even if it was branding coach Steele because of you look at two players and lined them up. To me you're given up far too much to exchange and take cooks and give up Butler. And the 32 bit comes back the other way automation. I don't think that's awful 1111. Makes some sense to me and that is what you would get. For a restricted free agent to me I know is making huge mistake and to give a number Laboy of of fortune when he needs right through. Let's say if let's say that happens. You know when you look at New Orleans and you say okay. We got to get better defensively. So in essence what we've done is we've acquired Malcolm Butler for branding coats. We have swapped first round picks big 32. We get their third day get our fourth. Does that make sense for not for them I don't think that's a good deal for north he's a great deal but you could. Well he's come academy you know you you get 32 you get Malcolm Butler. We want to move forward with the head coach Stan and you get 32 each department come back in with a no defensive player although maybe it's a he knows qualities made eleven would've been. Nine you get the third set of the fourth. OK so what are you going to what are you going to end up paying if you're an award. We gonna pay for now comply with fancy I understand giving up a good offensive player. If you're overloaded on that side of the ball which no one owns a stake in school okay the problem is everybody scores against their program is that the defensive side of the ball. So if at number eleven. He could cash number eleven. And get an awful lot that may be true players all with limited limited are financial resources to get those two players. If the application you with a desperate what are you go and get Gilmore ol' boy you want to give up that number eleventh pick to be able to do all of that. From all this sense it makes no to me it. Number is gonna invest may gay community needed period -- morning it was there at the pats the right to him probably it's a tough is a simple book is gone Jacksonville. And Allah we needed they needed aid swung and missed the ball those guys know we don't know I agree I mean if if they would again. Gil Butler straight up for cooks. And oh by the way move into the third round give a before moving the third then that's a complete win for new laws in my mind. In but now all of a sudden what steps should hurt a little pain so give up eleven. Swap first round picks we'll take your eleven Uga 32 they get out of the first round technically. But now I still you know but the fighting is amateur anybody wins that like the player like Malcolm Butler I don't on the go anyway. That sounds to me though in reading one party over the weekend. That would Marty basically saying and he was out of their and there are numerous tweets coming out of that from him over the weekend. He's he's getting word out of Foxboro they're adamant about number 114. May be digital look at equal value we went to the point system the other day because of the points if the equal level bill bill bill does go along with the point system as we know that's why he deals all the time. Moving down moving into next year he does that all attack that number eleven pick is worth twelve under fifty points. If you give up. The 32 pick you have to give 43 and 75. Up as well. To equal that amount of 12150. Points and maybe that's what bills holding out for. Or maybe it's Butler is sitting there in New Orleans is now well when you get the money but what most suspected that. Owns isn't a president can sit it out he does have anything what's in the bill none in this this whole thing is it's a great discussion. You know bill can be sitting back laughing his ass off and everybody to stand I mean the reality is this just the process he's restricted happens all the time guys all they try to find deals. And then it's up to the team that they get a deal with that they wanna give up eleven to give up eleven we move forward I mean you know maybe that says. But is that anyone's going to. It could be nothing that is this W India in the end it could be just this is this is exactly what happens to restrict free agents is a lot of talk in between. But in the end he goes nowhere he plays at three point 91. At the end they revisit the end of the season. We try to work got to deal vaulted a market but it Donta hightower find out now it's different position I think he'll get his money. Even at 28. It won't be a doctor hightower shocked that the market is not out their format they can get his money and apparently some. Ralph what he's not there yet because he would have signed that three point 91. Knowing he's either going to play for the New England Patriots this year for three point 91 more complex than Wallace at three point 91 wouldn't it. Or maybe the saints you know rip it up and start all over again. But he says he doesn't sign a contract the deal and why there's no trade you can't tradable why does no Contra. It's the only control that Malcolm but it was camp has. The only leverage they have and it's not much is what is it's nothing eventually send it him think he's gonna sign he's not play for 650 grand. He's going to in his time he could hold this he can hold up to 1 June 15. Is June 5 and all so we go through. That a draft. We go to the draft at the end of April. And still have this thing in one short while but what's. In the end game with what what's the difference well here's the end game the end it's gonna be here US to get another corner if you're no one. If New England is still going to deal more you have to get another corner now at that we were talking about this at the end of the weakened over the weekend. The Darrelle Revis thing just kind of built up some stream here and everybody said oh this makes all the sense in the world is beginning six million dollars from the jets. You don't have to pay a much this is perfect. When you tell me butler's your next year with the previous make it doesn't. He doesn't alienate the nets that the if they're really in on Revis and they want Revis and got to try to figure out this Butler thing but if they trade Malcolm Butler and played b.s Darrelle Revis which I would never problem with. Is along the guys motivated millions on yet a type of deal the you can walk away from even though you'd you'll leave yourself short didn't work out. Did you gotta that's and that's the only our timeline urgency that you would make it having this that we don't vote. Chile the other problem they would half and the saved maybe planed this out right now for that specific region since may be looking and I can't okay Belichick doesn't wanna do anything except. Move that eleventh pick. Or picks that add up to the value of that number eleven that so screw him. You know what we'll sit back and do nothing but he can't move he can't going fine and all these corners are gonna go off the market right now in secondary third market for market corners were. And the bill's gonna be so what you get past the draft. Don't. Amir in itself because Aminu walls visit their eleven draft a corner. Right in 32 a combatant Department of Defense a player and audio drop a line minute. You know an edge rusher eleven who knows but it's it's always at that point it's like it's up to you now Malcolm you wanna play three point nine or 660 what what you call. Because. You don't draft dissolved and voted yes she's going for the three point nine that we just can't wiley just you lose gonna go for the Purdue but don't judge barred look at and it's a we're ready to move right now what's the worst case scenario becomes back a lot of people will like this he goes back plays for three point 91. We match him up with Gilmore the other side meant. We are really good. You know and then I worry about it come next season at the end of the year who knows maybe gets hurt anything can happen maybe loses value. But it's interesting that nothing is moving right now and I think who we would react well. If they base he signed the three point nine war and then suddenly New England is doing a deal with new warlords. In which they're taking the thirty sec. Kickback Paul elevenths not. In return then yeah that might get other investigation that's. Let there be another vestige of two teams that have cheated in Pittsburgh in the giants would be screaming from the rooftop as you know they get their own issue should. Yeah inside job. They work this all I think it sleeping is Revis. As you as. So the jets good opinion six million dollars release it's his go to a place right so. Now it's not like if from my understanding your feet you know he's not that makes more than six million isn't even near that he had other creates a market all the money goes back to the jets. Rutland safety seismic New England for two. It's to lessen the jets at the pain he still make insects. So if he doesn't sign for more than sixty blame for for me it means essentially I think that's right because he's getting six da Matta walked. If the patriots pay him six. He still make it cyclical guys don't all. That's why I think all of these unnamed general managers personnel people are saying it makes all the sense in the world. For Revis to go back he's only doing it to reset his mark yes that is it one year where else would you wanna do it. Of the knowing who's gonna give him a ten million dollar I mean there's other teams you could but given the situation here. What you expect this team to being. Where you expect them to be playing in January and February. Go with with a culture already reset your market once successfully I might add up. Where else would you wanna go. Or other teams don't get me wrong but it's a pretty good situation and for him that's where makes all the sense and we're not gonna make more than six million anymore. I would think. But I would say best if he right now thinks that Butler may still be here. Where's his spot I mean the jets wanted to move to safety you're not moving into slot. So would targeting its safety with an accordion Chung is not about not this now not this depth chart you look at that he's not going to be your slot. Guy and if he's your third or fourth quarter if you have bought or Rainier and you have Gilmore based on what we've seen over the last couple years what does he play. Stats this week so volume I'm not coming to New England if that's the so we may not know for awhile. But got to make a call doesn't he's got to make a decision to get let all of the possibilities go off the board and be like Colin camper. The only urgency is because of Darrelle Revis if they are indeed interest. Because I don't yeah I'm with you there I have zero interest in Dora rivas abolish the fourth not now. Now what's in you know what he Fiat deal he didn't know didn't have any interest here either but you know if there is interest. They're not common in New England if you are still about Butler and Gilmore but you know what he's got to rebuild I think his reputation. Doesn't mean he's a hall of Famer wherever he knows he's gonna have to still only 31 so there. Men do great years. And I think the hall of fame committee or anybody else. It now takes lightly the fact that the guy scored his money. And in Canada tested and I tested well depends on where he wants to do with the probe is a corner over thinks that you only get complacent corner and sort of you know transition into that safety to meet the safety position here is pretty secure. I would bring him back Harman you're dead McCord in the long deal and Patrick Chung is here for Lisa of the year true. So it if you look at that transition it's not a good separate if you look at the reset yourself as a quarterback in this league and go make some money next year than this would be a good spot only in only if not most. What I read this weekend it was a character regains recently wrote that. Belichick did not believe that his skills that translated to the safety spot. So they weren't looking at him as a safety the jets were that's basically came to home it you know at the end of the season said we're we're kind of figuring out what wanna do with you here do you have any interest of playing safety. And we don't know his answer right we do what you hear about the cupcake story on the jets that guy give the lady at Madison area parent nothing was shot. Apparently the headline the real story about the cupcakes. During Dorothy Height hours freeagent visit to the jets so. We respect who have urged joked about you know who would've done this and management culture whatever front office owner wouldn't cupcakes all apparently. Who's the secretary. The nicely just a nice as he puts in a deterrent is a well intentioned secretary. In the front office was the quote mastermind behind the good deed. Is god forbid someone actually given other persons and some sweet treats on his birthday it was a simple gesture. By a nice lady but a twisted into something much bigger. So she's talking to the agent she stuck to the agents people she's trying to schedule the visit or whatever she finds out that that that high tower as a birthday on that very day its original. Called downstairs and see if we get some exit. That's all it is that's it. And it became a big huge gigantic star like blood booster for another break. Big updates courtesy of Jay Glazer what does that C a week authorities believe the the same guy who to Brady's Jersey. They have actually taken Von Miller's helmet and cleats absence Super Bowl fifty K so wedeman the last three years now it's been Brady. Von Miller's helmet and cleats. And then Brady against. We get this straight so that NFL made a big huge deal. About the security of football's even though they ever secure the protocol is broken broken. They are let back at the hotel a year ago. And on Super Bowl de so all Sunday they have lost. Valuable. Collectibles stuff because some fraud. Was able to get credentials. Eight foreign journalist I. Foreign journal I think this is like 88 fraudulent credential. I think this is really a member of the international meet you know I think this question with a reason why everything I've read is acknowledged what is usually you know if I had no idea. But I don't think this is someone that. BO and it's gotten fake credentials. Allowed himself and I think is actually reporter is an inside job slowly got everything it there's technical so let's take in the think in the league two years to figure this one out. It's good to remember they moved might canceled in Mexico City isn't done. It's a posh as three charges in and day right late Daniel did that's right and what he ticket pickup. Campbell is that this kind of recoup some of that cash they can cut case had they give music classical. Kinsler who's in charge of national and nationals got a hell I so on the table. Celtics Bruins we throw Malcolm Butler on the table we got to get to droop on we've got to get here talking about that everything's fine. A we'll get to that as well. Who is asking Twitter beef. Or during and after they show back bloomer Loney. We're back to more affordably Murr Loney at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. Sure that's what happened. The FBI. And the NFL security along with patriots into Houston PD they actually. Went through all this video to try and track somebody down where to try to Hutus and the view was well and they zeroed in on somebody or person of interest. The person of interest when I'm told. It's an international member of the media. I don't believe he's actually a member of the media. He was posing as a member of the international media right got credentialed. It's been going on for quite some time and he actually from what I'm told. They have him going into the locker room. Right behind Bill Belichick as if he's with the team goes and there are water drought for a little while. And is seen leaving the locker rooms to veto the trying to two look out right now. Seen leaving a little bit later with something under army does goes and without anything under armed with your normal they'll be your backpack code comes out after with something back about plus something under his arm. Lead later on again they're balls you're in now. And the one I understand that Houston PD I think just put out that they were found down in Mexico. And had to do authorities there to try and get them back here on American soil they had to authenticate them make sure that this was actually. Tom Brady's jerseys and in fact they weren't from what I understand that they will be returned to the patriots and Brady I think sometime this week. Jay Glazer. Kelly was supposed apparently this guys get something in an account with Pete Abraham. Posing as a media person. Com. If you get access to locker. It's it's this year that the patriots players team officials and employees families. Of New England executives NFL employees and security. Where the only ones that were allowed in. When the Jersey was stolen so this guy. Might have been posing as a media guy had a media credential with the media wasn't there yet they didn't dig them all the media you looked. So that the easiest thing to get a fake credentials for. It is well you credential down as a radio role whatever that you can't tweeted out right different view a copy of whatever it is a fake credentials now for three years general of the Super Bowl going to gain. It makes no sense but he must of got credential to the NFL because they had a chip. Unique credentials that's what I'm saying to you at a fake credentials now. That's not easy to do now. No it's not easy to do. Ed Buddy Guy apparently he's not writing for anyone not broadcasting for and which are convinced that this was like an inside job yet Chloe yeah. I did I talk about some got a cut in it before anybody else has put three straight super balls. A locker room and help that happen for a guy who somebody told him tell it what you get that Jersey Tom Brady I'll give him under three different locations. I'm not familiar with us I really don't have any information about jurisdictional he's not credentialed how to cure your words were. But it's not like it's the last race Super Bowls in Houston the last three syllables in New Orleans you know weeks that it's okay isn't late. Now we got two holes three different locations and this guy's kitten and once again keeping all the crap in his in his house. Or apartment or whatever in Mexico. Unnoticed photos and arranged theft too we're like he was doing it because you already had a buyer. Or maybe he's just big he's the guy who may be just wants just had a ball screens in Mexico no big deal it's just you know it's it's. It's chatter when he has his buddies all the tequila. I don't know Andy just look at Garcia that's Super Bowl forty now and it's Leo that's 51 oh by the way don't even know like a 48 stuff over here get Peyton Manning's jock strap. Re here in the wall rated go there. Footnote to its fiftieth I guess footed embarrassment for the L'Oreal made good points and wives are no wireless Brady saying I can't believe it happened again. He knew 49 was stolen and he's an additional video. The Yahoo! Sports and he's going BC managers he's got you to keep people knuckled down this happening to our thought and elements to over one police in Anderson and he said in his in the when he talked about that host these results are starts. What happened last game. The last admirable. The disorder he says yeah and remember talking I thought he said shouldn't you find that. I thought he said it's not the first time that it's out with guys that happened last game really. Exe now we thought that maybe even we thought it was just like he hates the NFL. And where to begin if I want all the way out of the weakness but now I'm gonna I'm sort of stealing my own jerseys because I don't want them again. Or maybe he thought that may be he thought because of the animosity that exists between him and the league he said in Santa himself you know we still missed the expect it to take in my Jersey it's got value maybe he thought it was the legal all along. How you write to how does a week. Not follow up on the the credentials are not easy for a game they are not easy the way the NFL goes through the process here. This is not an easy process. This guy get credentials and then how did he get into the locker room when the media wasn't allowed in the locker next. That's probably deficient. But I mean it's not easy to pay off you know clubhouse guys and three different cities. Two allowed to be allowed him and that that's not easy to do you if it happened one time it was a one time only event. That is that they're saying some. You know slacker security guy that wasn't paying attention to the fact that it happens three years in a row at the NFL's biggest events guessing an axle made gave right vote stuff by the gets them from Larry. Birds I've got a few chiefs and it was a soft beautiful photo on the Internet by the wage is now on Twitter with you and back to Egypt CNET on going around not much checked out when are you really need that and framed and you know put up in your domain game. This guy's got his own single. Owners are sympathetic to breeders this 49ers 51. Accident and angered by village every subject nova that my bar reckoned with and we got one. Let's. Long term. Is that what but how does the league on how would happen so the league knew about this two years ago. Three years ago and it took them this won't. To finally catch the same guy who was that after it happened at 49. Do you not think that at that moment somebody said in the league office should've said. Hey let's update the US security here as we don't have any information about his credential was not credentialed. So should get in and stole. Tom Brady's Jersey and then the very next year. The same exact thing happened. And hear much about it though you hear anything about Von Miller Italy publicly NFL security had to know about your Brady made I've made in that make a big deal. Amateurs is this that whatever they don't after the company won a super ball arsenic and get this big court hearing coming up for another month it's called African deflate in the give a rat's ass is noticeable Jersey you'll be right deflate it may have played into something called Von Miller heated nobody studies is that you remember any story out I don't know everything above on those helmet and cleats that stolen after issuable but the league don't. So when it happens to Tom Brady after Super Bowl 49. Why is it the league's security doing something about it OK I can honestly what Yvonne Miller never want to delete it's I got a problem investigate. We did when it should also over the league is not sending out an email to all the winners and participants say. Did everything goes smoothly did you guys lose anything they don't know I hope or joy or you enjoyed your Super Bowl week. Did you lose anything by any chance left behind the locker room did you forget your cell phone. Just want I just wanted to you know clean it up here make sure everything went fine don't do that don't bring it to their attention without that they know. Now they'll follow up survey I cannot believe the team at least made some inquiries about it if it if I found it hard to believe when you go three years. This is happened for the last three super balls and nobody's saying a freak event and believe is not open your security beliefs not saying we got a problem here. Somebody is getting into these locker rooms and stimulus that we did that better security. Got to be kidding. And just tweeted out of it here it's kind of funny video footage of every NFL suitable locker room is a picture of late. Three of a garage that's open three or 45 cats and a wreck who just comes and grabs grabs delights and runs away quickly. Stone and I can't you know this happens. There's no way that this happens. That the league doesn't at least know something about do now. Three years later I don't finally has its share a year for more had to get rid of its at least. A couple days repeated too his apology and battle inside leverage relate I love you know that and they go overboard he spent how many Armand twenty million dollars total loss though. And to do the whole report everything else inflated it is absolutely incredible. The something like this could happen amid Huber of something like this happening in in sports over the years the we're where people are getting in and stealing you know. Memorabilia like this right. From underneath the players like that especially in those types of events you know me suitable as security on the simple than any event you're going to ever attend. Unbelievable you think it's easy to just. Be the sole member of them of media even with a credential Kabila counsel's going now. How many checkpoints that yet to go through to get in there. One dude at the reports that one dude the door to walk in his not a dude you walked in his note do you know I mean it. You get an actual locker room. And some of that it'd open yet. Not allowed in here. And that's easy you don't. No I I. You've been here before I've been here before a lot of guys out of the local people's hands right right I mean it's a little takes over yeah I mean you don't. Baseball lets it get to local door guide their locker room but there's IPO now a member of MLB there with them as well you know I mean it's just more. Security it's not even just gonna get the local guy doubled the league office and get by him through. The Super Bowl this is not week two against buffalo no dishes to Super Bowl. Where you have a fear in a charged up world right now. Where you've got to be concerned with terrorism and everything else you tell me that a foreign journalists. Phony foreign journalist is able to slip through the credential process. Well locker room above the rest of the we're only NFL security and players are out and steal. Items from the last three super balls chip on the commission she's embarrassed. Really embarrassing I'd pack your phone calls it 617779693. Cent. Fort Wayne where Loney and forty and Christian college Sports Radio telling you. Did any update on where the Jersey is four don't yet know edit the Jersey. Get put in my bag and then I came out and it wasn't there anymore so. It's unfortunate because that's a nice piece of memorabilia so that shows up on eBay somewhere someone let me know try to track that down. So can't insult I don't need to worry anymore time course Toms I can get that Jersey and you know that. You know felt. Felt demand. What are these on again it. Should hear what he won't get you to get a now now take your own thing I'll live. The legal probably want it. But it didn't see I just have it economically since my glove and used in the game what does it was yours never give up Glover that it's doing something to give someone like you know it for the hall of fame the call McKee would. What I do. Oh that's right. Did you get the golf when all of you at the moment back from when it my personal run. First first game at Fenway is noted apple you know like it's an awkward but still it's mine he said they want what they want it was close enough for you you said. So between watching the NCAA tournament which the way even though we did have some upset this weekend and I don't think anybody is crying at the loss of duke and some of it was good it is you are I had an opportunity and they they they booed at the end so that couldn't score laughter. It was a pretty boring turner wouldn't isn't pretty but it's boring. Our day ice to wait for it signature thing idol back at the very first game returned to Princeton at the ball couldn't could be knocked off Notre Dame and you got it we go. And it really hasn't been so exciting gains but. You wait and see what happens duke. Villanova Louisville. That's been going to be surprised. Madison Square Garden was expecting to have a great foursome coming up next weekend maybe maybe it's all out could be that the committee. Screwed this all law because now you're seeing them actually. Played games as opposed to putting them up for you can board and it looks to me like he screwed up a lot of these these everything was kind of kind of messed up. But so I ended up delving into watching a little bit of Red Sox baseball these didn't addicted. Because you know start to get the baseball field that rich well it's just totally different it's important work about a terrific Edward and desperate cell. Medication. I wasn't a few weeks ago we also adherents of strip starting five rotation. Other equivalent moment. That's it yet be at a guided water it and triple play and not. We're dependent on high you'll hit huge start for him today huh. Yeah we're. On I don't I think we have five number ones well the plan. This isn't the reason why Kyle Kendrick is even in the mix is because. They were in a position to lord require anyone any good forget. If you are a free agent Michael I can't beat the rotation and in a Newser there and say okay anticipate that number last week we need to start death. In your pre aids Syracuse the key rotation okay sale price or sell. Right Paul Moran's Rodriguez. Tom tell me again why why. Is that you know not good. Creates them not that good on strike a borderline got to try to reestablish myself. And that but I wanna compete for fifth spot in the rotation is much abused and that six guys that are better than me why would I sign there and is no doubt start the year triple late unless it's I don't know through injuries you're rotational he doesn't. Now he does adding that's why you my colleague senator Mike mightily doubt it not really June 15 there's something that's why you get a guy. I'll you're your depth is it got it in played a big leagues last year when he did two previous years the worst pitcher based. Well nobody else wants what he's 3132 years can't get anybody else he bounced around but nationally. A cat has an even better the American League bounced around. The national right. And I know he's been couldn't spring training you know some people want their acceptance of the console is protect speech I didn't mean they only be started it means even less first. Hope you have is that the pitching whisper Brian Bannister. And clean I know nothing about any of this crap. Spin rate. But you know apparently like he's worked with a meat sauce company can prove spin rates also the stuff great great great the bottom line is cal Kendrick you what you want before. Is one start three starts four starts. To make sure that some of these guys are our our back because you don't wanna see this guy giving. 27 starts because I so true Palmer Nance has a little bit of stiffness is that safe to say is that there's an argument thankful that stated about it nothing anyone says the tries that is connected to the elbow. There's an eye to problems with real it it's all children so it's okay so there is it like in the forearm to the elbow but the choice that isn't it's all connected. They at this stressing year old boy gonna create stress everywhere in your arm. Right so to me it's a concern now Carl Pope quoted today. This morning is that you know what no soreness he's been a good renewable pennies to start on Friday police pitched four innings for not effectively. But awful four innings so this is a guy who has a history. A problem not a fact. So much of a history. That the league stepped in after the deal was made and said sandy Angola idea what do they didn't give any information Boston. You want to do something do you wanna read recent deal and with the Red Sox do. Can't. This bit. Giddy sense. It would it's it is ultimate revisionist though because I. Guys understand Whitney wore. I understand them not listening to be honest with you it depends on what those results war reduce that he comes in if you just get most of that Beaulieu yet the veto a deal. First off Hedo then work out. It's what howling snowstorm with what normal right I got to work that you couldn't. From what I understand it wasn't until August. Until they said what he wanted to do because if you veto that Gil who's in for the post your that you Bure beyond trait that cats are not required to get again through the waiver process. So I would bet that as it had blocked a what I was back and look where they were in July so in July before you acquired this guy unit price or so right. EA rod was in AAA and he had eight ERA in the big leagues right in the EU's traffic goes everything Tippett pitches warmup wind up everything was screwed up. Well played buckles was in the middle of that what let's John pro called the pitching purgatory every kid pitched well July 15 when you acquired. Buckled and pitched like two weeks in the house it was too. Joseph Kelly was lost use in Tripoli it configured out Scott O'Sullivan was starting pitcher for you had nothing you needed a starter. Take away what you gave up four but still Unita started that in August early August the approach you so you can rescind if that's the case he's gone. As I don't think they would sit there and make a special case of your past the trade deadline he's calling you can't acquire is not clear waivers. He was taken actually no money you work to get him. What they propose that to them. Is when. Stephen Wright dole back into a week after Steve right to hold back into first base second base. He's out of the mix too bad timing which you saying is a nice innocent we're gonna go back this bottle Sullivan a repeat of this thing. Now none of that. Eat no matter how desperate you work in the Edinson than any Tommy John is double screwed up that probably should have. In the biggest decision of the mall but at the time they were desperate. They were second place in July when they acquired him. In August in in that area in the second week first week when it wasn't early August they said they were in third place in early August 3 games back two games back. They were desperate to make the post season and in that is that big of a deal right now and you'll see him happy pain. Price for us this kid that is already proven and the reason that I'm not a big fan. He's proven that he can't go out and pitch an awful lot of gimmicks if you are if you give up a number one overall pitching prospect. Which is what Espinoza ones. And you've got a big if you've got to be acquiring guide that you could envision. As the top of the rotation starter. God it's gonna be number 56 or seven and look at his lack of durability. I don't know how you can make that deal. It it's crazy. But you make the deal maybe Iraq maybe they were desperate maybe they'll look at the timing of that we've got to wouldn't we don't have anybody in the minor leagues. Who's ready to occupy that role Brian Johnson was feeling of his own. You know demons and and and everything else. But you look at it right now well and look at this rotation. And there's no David Price and it won't be on on opening day and I don't believe dolby. We got the short time to get it to get what. I'm just it will seize this postal bullpen tomorrow he's back on track for Friday can he get through Friday stark I can amend their another set it out and I don't like serious promise to ban on Friday. Did you so positive to head was gonna come on but it just. Lima pitched one inning except the did you I actually tuned in yesterday as I saw a wanna see him throw his second start out. And the first inning. It throws by our 32 curveball for ball fall with two outs in the first Olympic and this is this the tip that's typical spring training made you know that he needs to work his curve ball. Hopefully doesn't do that gets into trouble as a tune will be deal. But in that first inning start teach you some amount that he shaking out his arm is left arm he's shaking between pitches as pitcher for a but I'm just typical what. What is he doing why she's shaken his elbow so much shorter and it turns out that between innings stuff but I mean you couldn't just sickness. We're watching very closely guys get a couple issues apparently and he's out there shaking his arm. Constantly liked was that Mittal the talent that first inning and they cannot comp time opposite why you shaking your arm so much. And then and go back there again. Had I don't know what the hell's going on their hope is no setback. I don't see how the recent setback he's got lawyers aren't as noted that watches not a big got a big got to wait Miley in a mound against them out you can go to great spring training to. He's facing guys who are not going to beyond you know executive mile roster game in Baltimore hours because of its Boston giving a tripling its way to get to the regular. Regular season. And see what happens. Are also some baseball and you are concerned about it Boston exits and for mine concerned about the starting rotation that we were all or is gonna be in third this is killer rotation that they. Suddenly it's not anything but killer 6177797. On threes.

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