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OMF - Isaiah Thomas strengthens his case for MVP by sitting out two games, 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

HOUR 1 - The show opens up with the news that Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey was found. The guys theorize who might be responsible. Glenn and Lou then get into the value of Isaiah Thomas. Glenn compares him to Allen Iverson. Lou argues that Thomas is a 'max contract' player.

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Fort Wayne and bony and 48 John you're still stand firm that Jimmy or apple will be a Cleveland brown in this offseason he just makes too much sense you can get maximum value now with a team that you've already been able to work a trade. I just don't look at the logic of it and say at some point here you get some time next topic with coal and Lou in Christiana. Found now confirming that to Tom bradys to verbal jerseys have been recovered oversees the league is in the process. I'm returning the jerseys to the team right now don't all just got there. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. The only distress Joseph Fauria is vacationing in Mexico yup. Where they find that soon Tom Brady your seizure over the weekend I believe Mexico that was a match between a coincidence. They want to that you had down it again. He went down to complete the deal pay less than half a million to have familiar somebody offers you a little wild success there were things happened that each each he actually lets a million dollars each shot million dollars she's helpful. It's at 34 days off to go fetch you know million what's a percent and investigated and there's there's other cancers futures and that's a big story boy is gonna come in here went and Wednesday. With the Brady Jersey on. Prefix maybe they they gotta both may be some a little confused that the story have you been able to figure this one out will confused. So now they're claiming. That he member. Of the international. Media sync cat right twice right hole is is this media person now what would it takes to go through the little you know dog and pony show to become. A credentialed media person the four four or Super Bowl. So this this guy. He poses as a media guide what he's gotten really immediate we share about that's what this thing. Because I I would've thought it was just you know your media member your credential somebody got to. Somebody got to what I would I'd at least you're in jail time right people up close I and I don't think you can. And he shares that report this guy's a fake he's night in the media they're not sure I guess I would think that he's just the credentialed media member for that some victims in cash what would. Media outlet who knows OK you know it's frustrating or are they couldn't I think this guy played it out to perfectly. The delegates he keeps on stepping up to the podium every time Roger has a press conference. And is everybody's trying to get into don't fleet Keaton and spied scene and follow up with questions do you stands up and says mr. commissioner. With the buildings and it would accompanies a mystical. There you read them says that in itself. These seats on me that the payments associated generators and he. You don't base us with the NFL. Well what next season chemical gas lodged in the wrong question. He sets him up and the commissioner is you know strays joke is that it was one year we haven't enough but when you're actually asked him a commission or immediately after Super Bowl game as a security in locker rooms. Let's remember act whatever and close it is fun equity if I could have sworn remember this guy asking about security immediately following games if he could possibly get in there quick I remember that question that we show and nobody thought Florida shortly after they trust each shepherd out after yes to commissioner why don't we people we said he injections. Check out I think you're gonna even fun to visit a huge story that. Just the other one. They say it's worth half a million dollars debt how do you sell the guy was obviously keeping it from. Two years ago Super Bowl for two years ago in the same place you don't want you can't solid already and it's got you canceled. Guys got it down in Mexico. Are always pretty big east I think he can sell it even Max if we don't need to. All he can't put it on eBay and you know I understand at a Craigslist I get chipped. But it might have Betty might have a buyer. I'm gonna sell this thing because I have a buyer credit how would you know somebody came to you said he goes to pre editors he could put stickers on there. He could have had the bowl goes you go to that everything or you know it's real unity all these days artwork right artwork it's stolen that's worth millions. Well what what good is that. We have people that that are able to tell whether to forge. You know our work and OK I don't mean this guy took a video of himself carrying I've no idea maybe just the trust. Trusting individual. But it just say I'd get a few William by the minority got a big pharma and agree on Amazon as a let's get it over many parks this on dude who tells us Tom Brady is dysfunctional well 51 -- When he went down the street Dick's Sporting Goods and purchase that please feel good to Spain again radio address it theaters on turf and nobody can go to Shane on an additional six what do you what is the dean. To stealing New Jersey when it loses its value on the market if it's a legitimate shirt and it's an open market. Then it's worth 500000 bucks but wants a purchase them and I announced that idea of the Tom Brady Jersey edges and offered a million dollars wouldn't budge announces. Well because did not want it it's over it's gonna bide his Jersey for 500 grand it's about twenty bucks do you wanna. A game and it's the guys are sick or whatever I wanna bird Brady Jersey want to suitable sticker. Did it grass stained. You tell me it's on the game combined it's from the game Cole whatever we work it out put up their nice that somewhere down in Brazil couldn't -- notes Argentina it's almost out of two great energy speak they had to procedure comes out America everybody whatever and must out of Mexico just an eagle pretty somebody at a Caracas accent is Weller across the border agents drove over. And a guarantee that the trump will position today that we are no longer going to allow international media on wall suitable. 100 will not be allowed. Though I think this story is just as. I just don't see. How you could take a stolen item. And go in solid on the legitimate market and have. Anybody who would purchase of because suddenly he loses all of its value so you just paid half a million dollars you know somebody stole the Jersey. Just us. At that point useless because if they left you the good and I'm trying to explain it well I don't understand errors there is some billionaire out there that says man had not to have this artwork which Eagles steal it for me and give it to me one minute I just have it my house does only a job no audio and already a here's the money I don't care 500 grand you kidding me. That's arguing over twenty bucks. And he just got in his house and that's that's the only thing he wants trust me you don't care he's not gonna have like you know sell tickets to come in and look at the damn thing I'll check in his house he does anyone adults or are close friends who bought. Toppled White House was opened that little chapels got to go win and this is opposing his immediate. Profits with a delicate and he and I thought. It's a Jersey that's what he's going to do it. It's gonna drop by half and help build out our with a gun embraced face I give me a share it now at halftime. That's what he's gonna do. Act now are to. You just can't and that's what I was sitting there with Super Bowl 49ers. Cancer. Useless he says there or what okay life do you think the students first of all he's impersonating. A media powers. Okay that's what he's still he's loser right. It this and they did he's going there for the sole purpose. Stealing a Jersey that he can't go in resell. On any open market appearance closed more potent. It is hard to break the opportune. Some New York for her first heard international. Did you not think Russia is everything for a is this for a deal perfect throw it worked out listen guys rig the election I'm gonna give you Brady's Jersey pushed all the the crafts ranked Russian oligarchs. Yeah. That's the big story today well Ed I'll start a lot of big stuff all page story today than Thursday. It's a big huge story so we'll start with the with the winter sports teams because these are. She huge gains that affect abroad have huge games over the next couple much about the arrest. A kid a year cute is huge for the through eleven games left you get two games against teams that aren't in the playoffs are fighting for playoff spot. In night Dallas and I think order. As you still get Toronto Tampa you know and the islanders in year old little conference that you've I mean it's just it's a brutal stretch. Absolutely brutal starts here tonight back to back in an Ottawa. Up poster of these debate these are big you got to win these games if you want to make the playoffs and I take our goal with the Bruins is it not only does it change. Suddenly and a Cassidy are we looking at the the the the ceiling and saying now nominee should go grounder to I think still the goal is you get to that of the I just took you know what's. That's a given it to the other scheduled this team has at this point you know when you when you look at what they have left. Edit and yeah it's amazing really you sit there twelve and four and you haven't solidified their spot. And here's what other things about it yeah you're much better spot than obvious you were before that but you're twelve and four. This is why I would put this in different categories like last year talk with the collapsing if this doesn't work. Last year was a boxer in first place and there are comfortable. Comfortable in the post season and that they lost to teams additional excuse. But when you look at their stretch here now is such a Toronto of the night at Ottawa. And Tampa at home. The islanders to a fight for spot Nashville that he got Dallas fort then Chicago Tampa audible Washington. And you make the post season upside that's impressive isn't that is impressive not saying you win the cup. But you with stood a serious stretch here. To get into that post season I think that will be enough for Bruce Reed should be ecstatic probably don't wanna see him play Ottawa they'll be a boring series you want Montreal pouring in that. Of Oregon bad for the poor and down at the Canadians who called you yet swept Ottawa right. Tell. And for the person I mean that's the ceiling right now get to the post season and I agree with you get a seven game series against auto it will be boring he'll be 21 games will be back to that crop again. In neutral. Zone trap rapid and all the crop. But the fact is that you don't X don't expect them to if they get through the next couple weeks here with what eleven games they get through this stretch. And you get to the post season congratulations. You've accomplished what we thought. Watson was your goal continue to political W war. And that would be impressive eleven games left and if you sit there and go eight and thirty continue this run. But the good thing is that they won't get a couple stickers and I was against obviously the Oilers I would tip and auto and that last game but. Now you start to play the playoff teams. You know it and this run started off outstanding we look at their schedule San Jose to Canadian sales they twice by the Nat. You know. Kings stars out of it coyotes out of it in Austin Rangers devils are out of it lost Ottawa red wings are in the playoffs fires are being cougars not Calgary. If you re not think they are the you've beaten a team should beat him. Actually lose the biggest playoff teams lately right and I get knocked them a playoff teams left do you go on another little. 87574. Stretch things pretty impressive people I feel pretty good about Gordon policies. On the other hand the other mortar team struggled over the weekend against two teams that you would have guessed that they would slaughter. First throw Berkman is awful terrible. Beyond yeah okay off. And with no no future no hope nothing I did its dismal. And if Philadelphia yesterday. Cool lost one of their key players early in the game and you figure OK even without Isaiah Thomas you you win this game against Philadelphia right. Note you lose OK so you struggle against Brooklyn. You lose a game against Philadelphia. There's a possibility you go into the game tonight against Washington also avenue room little problems by the way we'll get to that went wrong. Did you go to the game tonight without Isaiah Thomas you feel good about this one. Stressful we showed last week as an amateur and suddenly there is this new opinion. New tape that suddenly is it's flourishing now. It's it's everybody seems to be jumping on this bandwagon. That. Some reason Isiah Thomas is overrated. That Isiah Thomas is suddenly the guy that. You think about healing in this offseason or better yet heard somebody in a radio last weeks I. It is gonna open at the end of next year and you move on with mark L false or sure they watched last night UCLA game and despite the fact. That one's a bell has a crazy dad they're probably jumping on the out the ones noble bandwagon today because he was pretty damn good last night. Are you kidding me. Can't make Arnold is only 57. To fight. And maybe five. Probably five so I get all of that. Yeah but we knew you tell me what the biggest thing you can do when sports in the difference of the good ones are the really good ones. And the great ones is how do you do when the game is on the line. You'll look at his numbers in the fourth quarter. They are historically. Off that sharks. Often charged by your got Al Horford played terrific mustered exactly what you wanted a good opponent ever was and a big and he was. Let's play at that went on the fourth quarter whatever support. He had to a noisy but we couldn't couldn't Muster and here's the thing. It it's stupid to say he can't extend its recklessness and forget about Al Paulie is whatever it is he's a great player we know that means all stars score. So why has this has nothing to do with Isiah Thomas in my mind would you deal him or not this has everything to do with what's the plan. As you mentioned before. You can't give Isiah write a Max deal. Before you won't get another match play is that right. It do you have a better chance of doing it because you can re sign I say and put him over the Beijing gold top. So technically you probably want to sign that it that there at Max player core and then extend Isiah what is low so it was a match where. Gordon Hayward. They don't ask yourself OK Gordon Hayward I give Isiah Max we're gonna run with that team. Zack exact. Is that all right well as rather address the gravest Paul Giorgio pair I'd rather see. Butler out there rescue I think the last three years and have it happen right but the reality guy analyst would be would be. But but that's the react and how does that does that I. How does that anyway. A fact Isaiah how is how is it that we feel because I say could bring you was much in a tree. It's people's. None I agree so once things that keep keep going and a case of maybe Phil Gordon Taylor I well yeah are you stealing time wise restricted. But having this our guys in a long term but you can download rather sign that other match players now you can use Wednesday's match in goal for. Right no big deal once you sign they say you can't but it's cap space right to won't sign there by becomes more difficult becomes more difficult Larry Bird exception so now you significant. Play that out. Is that how we wanna run with it is that what the future is the next three or 45 years ago Gordon Hayward Al Horford and and Isiah Thomas may be that's pro or plan C or. Right George scares the hell out of me could be one year and he's off to LA. So what's the other option the other option is you take a step back and you try to. Known for the next Hewitt three years it is what it is and you try to make it better version of this Celtic team. To me it's that nothing to do what you think Isiah is a great player good player bad player of all Lee is it has everything to do with what's the master plan here. Because if it if you moving forward and build a championship team with a Isiah. What he looked around at the landscape won't allow that it's just the timing is wrong the players who will meet and we need to get over the top aren't available right now so what do we do. We move forward this to be the two seed three seat for the next four years what do we take two steps back and try to make a create a better version of this team to three years. Yeah I'm not gonna take a guy like Isaiah and extract him from any of the equations that we're talking about it makes no sense and heard the one last week. Who'll just get rid of Isiah Thomas and then you start all over again with mark helpful so what I am. You're gonna go back on the clock you're going to be forty to 44 win team you're gonna wait until more kell Fultz. My chores as a player go look at the history see how long it took. All LeBron James before they finally would he was finally able to win. Looking cabin door ranked that was considered one of those franchise players look how long is taken him to win. It's gonna take mark helpful to all long time. I don't wanna go back on the clock. And we for seven or eight years of Celtic fans and a great team which is that there's going to be patient you'll only be patient for 678 years US player right now. Who gives you a chance to win in the fourth quarter when it's all maligned what separates the good ones from the great ones when again is on the line. In the fourth quarter in the ninth inning what separates David Ortiz from others not only is he good it'd. It's a good. The powerful hitters in Major League Baseball she does it at a big moment and that's what Isiah Thomas doesn't afford or whatever but he decides. This money game is on the lot alike they beat the neo fights of the NBA who just watched the last quarter are capitalized court you watch the target if that's at least. That's when everybody spokes and plays better defense how is it that Isiah Thomas outscored everybody there when the game is in that period of the game. He does a usual yesterday Gaza are not a team no not abide ninth. Tina what prominently in the third quarter because there was no Isiah talking he's been outstanding this year right MVP like season and you know I didn't buy incidents I was one of those guys to welcome but on to say with all of that. What it is that. Mean this is the frustrating part about asleep and I'm gonna take three steps Lou it's two steps back. I mean ever take that step forward. You have taken a guy who was a a a a complementary. Play. On Sacramento and Phoenix you've got for virtually nothing you have translated that. Transformed back into a superstar in this league yes I said. He is a superstar LeBron he's not car. He's not to rant okay he's a step below Westbrook and ardent but dammit he's a star. You need another player to go along with that gets you to where you want a day which you're not extracting him out of the equation because he's undersized. But a lot of this is just to me it's just about timing in reality. You know it's it is it's not like there's is that answer out there. Meet you still think come trade deadline that you know that number one pick overall is is gets you Jimmy Butler. And then you've got some you know Benoit then what we have yet Alicia you get about a show idea you'll check against violent you have a better she OK yeah those that the Rhone. Issues right now they were on a tight ball game it's Ochoa watched a little bit and again I'm they accuse public you don't get tickets and vote for. Janus and pull the trigger then what do you do so well then you try to get all children people try to get all these horses I'd of tried. I think he is tried to do a lot of different things only to find out that asking prices that which is not reality you can go get Paul George Niki said now you got to San to a you know a Max deal extension. Because shares held a critical one for a while George was blown up publicly talk noble goal of the lakers aren't a free agent out so so reality is. If you can't have none of those things can happen and what do you still. There what you do you draft if you get into the number one position. You'd draft more skillful if you get into the number. To position as somebody else takes more kill faults on you maybe you trample maybe you even deal ball off to. Yeah totally understands that that I don't know there's just no trade. And honestly in the last two or three years that you don't stress team I think Thomas but you don't as any team had there been any better position to make traits. And the Boston Celtics the last two or three years any team that went to a draft to a three years ago today we get to pick anybody wanna little packets to move up because even exact. An issue with all the Brooklyn expect what they do absolutely nothing that even acquire low level guy with all of these picks the last two or three years. Danny has not pulled off a single. Trade. Because it's so difficult to do in the NBA but you have to give me somebody has to give me a solid argument. On how we're going to extract Isiah Thomas. Out of this equation. He sorrow over the weekend what your team is without Isaiah Thomas MOK so what it is and you saw what it is down the stretch okay it's not real good team. He really isn't a good team. If you think you're only gonna take a slight step backward next year you're gonna take a gigantic step backward because that it might be 57. He's got balls the size of of Greenland. Okay and in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. He makes something out but he gets to the free throw like he gets you a big bucket outside he takes people inside breaks down defense is. And I was not a believer in this case I've done a year and a half ago two years ago he's a complimentary plays and I have the bench it was a belt. Amid eighty. This can't place would both and is now he does stuff he is he is outside. He's Allen Iverson like to. Proms and I did I don't have it Allen Iverson took a crappy team. That he NBA finals beating up a dent awful hoosiers didn't hit it right was that it. It's exciting to have done finals Philly one of those teams they're okay. This kid right now. Is it that level I agree and I think he's gonna get better and it's right now hitting the peak of his career record a much right arms out of the quake just. Don't know if that's got anything to do with the player instant everything and do what the landscape. And the reality of trades you'll we talked about you sit down because we got in at number one pick number two pick the interest rate now isn't there they don't have that player but he we aren't. March Madness. In a watching these guys gay and you know it's like we said. At some point we will overeat every single day that there will be value for the first picked up these guys for that number two pick. Because of Alonso ball is doing in that in this tournament Fultz he's done. And Oliver but what's Alonso ball going off his father's bring a lot of attention they will be over hyped it will be a ton of interest you know what to Jack JV games will not trade. He will not trade has made cannot trade. He over value which he'll say number one it's not butler's night wore number one there's too much value out there he won't trade. He's gonna move for his good draft that player no. Yes and trade that took years with all the assets it's not gonna happen at the draft either he's got to move forward. Is gonna try to convince everybody that faults as they can work. Thanks penetrate I say it is casino it's not all right now taken two steps back. Because in three or four years they escape of this league will be different this crazy believe it will not be Cleveland screen and we are gonna make it better version of 2017. Celtics team by 2000 point is Chris that's what. I do if he trades Isiah Thomas he's courage Casilla holding on to depict this year because he thinks the player can be great and nobody is willing to do of the deal he wants to do. But that's where a lot of people. Are are out there and they're what they're crazy if you wanna extract this this is what you work for you worked to get a player. Who can play at a high level when he game is on the line in the fourth quarter you've got a crick and he's a little person. That. Can't column and called the loft on column. I don't go that little personal debt. But until he placed huge. He plays huge I am not unloading Isiah Thomas he is part of the solution. He's not part of the problem right now and blues are not argue it is difficult to get that next level but you look at you you're you're going. Eight steps back. If you think getting to the next level is extracting Isiah Thomas on the acres watch. Because you don't like because he looks at his watch in the fourth quarter he looks at his hand the movie invisible watch or he you know gets a little emotional when he said some stupid things. Which were stupid about the coach I critical. Yeah I could expect used to go to player he is a super. So darn frustrating thing that it you know I want them to do too subtle move little moves. At the deadline. To try to maximize this team that they have. Gainey didn't. They would Tyree went down in the night us exceed its success who we talked about united. He's not gonna let mortgaged the future Orszag and even Denny and tweak it. Elected and herb yup Harry's gonna get hurt LeBron can hurt awesome Easter conference can open wide out now Capri got back in there but Ella Jones on last night and I get a quarter. He didn't do that with this team. We waste at playoff run this year what years wasted. So if he if he doesn't believe the maximize the amount of undue heat they wasted a player from the edited the Celtics. But it does play action poised and didn't do anything for the steam out of and try to improve them every other commodities mostly tries to improve themselves like Washington it's run of the tried to improve themselves Cleveland. Well ball off the setback is it not wanna trade any my futures. In my second round pick on any of the properties any other assets I love assets sold on assets that greeted improve your team this year didn't. May be tickets can be good enough to make make noise in Eastern Conference they think the Whitney to go. On on the ball when he did that I was physically can't beat you know it would be a huge upset if they knocked off Cleveland we don't agree with them. But can it when I first thought is that I could hardly matter of fact I think people should be supported the the most Arkansas and should I just donors wrote that makes analysts and they shot me when they should win. A second round against a Washington team. Or against the Toronto team especially when Toronto listed their theory she's right now where with our constitutional cause and we'll talk about the Celtics we'll talk about the Bruins. And they want to by the Jersey anybody at her own series managers. Actors but we'll talk. I Adam Malone talked about my own parties and cherished thing stuff over the weekend you know where it's coming from. Regarding one welcome Butler. It's not going anywhere right now. I 6177797937. Debt is our phone number. The amount Pataki component. Let's get you back to more or wayward moaning and 48. On Sports Radio kiwi. I fat and whole MF Fauria is so still on vacation of the vet them. In Mexico. It's coincidence that's that I would say coincidence that they fondly of the Jersey. In Mexico. Of interest. People are killing me here on the on the so called dale. There are yeah they can't understand why I would even bring Allen Iverson's name in the same sentence with a Isiah Thomas. I'm looking at the numbers and looking at the analytics of what he's doing in the fourth quarter. They're actually better than Allen Iverson's. Ended their often resorting to. It's some it's just try to find a way to disagree about some noted that both small they both scores will. What what else a Iverson around giant compete he's got five hitters honestly and ally shall want to write a parent to another small point six what does that lowers it will search for barely six feet. The six hour. I just think this kid is that good he's become that cut and I didn't buy into this I thought it was the sixth man I thought he was a guy that you've changed the tempo of the game. You bring an end and he can give you instant offense. Granted he doesn't play great defense we all know that's a liability could say that of a James Harden could sit about a lot these are the superstars. That they don't pay a lot of hardly a difference. Awful African embarrassment off doesn't like it was all right okay. But he's a candidate for MVP are going to be the runnerup would you say. Why is anyone going to be top five. That's the superstar. This year it plainly. There's no question and I understand these but but I got to I don't think it has to do with Isaiah I really don't I think it has to do with just the the timing of the league who's available who's out there. Yeah you've got option a is okay. Big possibly trade from Butler. Gabe Paul George will see it's going to be an extension. If not what you'd what do you do. Eagle sign Gordon Hayward. To give Max deal to Isiah Thomas and have a kid like mark helpful sort Alonso ball team. The future guys have of Isaiah Tom but that doesn't fit to me so it's almost like what which way which direction do you wanna heading. I'm maximize your team with Isaiah meeting trading away number one pick improve your club had to go sign up. You know free agent this off season try to make your team better. Is it is that we want it publicly available. All of that they're going to got it straight forward to that I think they're two different ways you can go. One if you want to accelerate the process and that would be trading away the issues Brooklyn tech with the other things to go and get that player. That you're gonna add it's going to be top three player may be a number one player overall. On your team that would be the number one thing to do that would be plan hey I'm not you're not Jordanians can pull it off a much or anybody can pull out right now. It's hard to dig get one of those callers. Number true. Would be to keep the draft pick do what you've done all along keep the assets. Keep the commodities and then making decision down the out now would you be better next year. Really even more helpful to me at nineteen years of age like these kids aren't gonna make much of a difference they're talking about if you look at these mock drafts. They're talking about the entire first round this year is NBA draft. Being all freshman. Or international players that are nineteen or twenty years of it. It's not a money sophomore. In the in the NBA draft pass fumble I think about seniors dead they've like if they get this camera. That's how young this draft is. That does nothing. For your team for next year is good players more skillful might be. Or Alonso ball solid Lavar. Not gonna make brutally difference to your team come next season 34 years from now five years from now make the difference in you winning a championship or not. But I have to ask the question again. Why do we remove Isiah Thomas why is that part of the equation why supported the original draft of these kids that thought is capable. It because he would have as many good players is possible who plays point you're not and money cramp. I could use your future. Or listen to them cited to a Terry root you roll it depends litigate it depends who you drew you want a mean ball is more of what I would say eight Q were distributing. Point guard for certainly could play the two. You know he's a driver slasher. He's more likely Russell Westbrook he can pass but he hasn't passed nearly as well as his ball from one of (%expletive) animal machine in a few games from a so let's not affairs says. And it is a very very general. Minutes wise. Smarts not go anywhere if Graham he's not going anywhere Isiah is not going so the number one pick in the draft is gonna have you what Waldman. Wiki I am quoting Isaiah Thomas McCain and if you're telling me that I'm an out faults. Armed and an odd ball and then I'm gonna use Isiah Thomas can go in get Paul George a would sit there and say it doesn't work because by the time faults. Or ball are accomplished NBA players Paul George is going to be ancient. The idea is to accelerate the process. Isiah Thomas is right now in the peak of his career. Do you agree that he is a Max contract guy I don't years under the president. NBA and the money that they have with the TV he is a maximum contract I don't think that's an argument. And get an army was a he's Max contract already got it from three years ago was not a question but now you. Should he be for you that's a question amicus years. Should he be for you you make a Max player you go all there in Indian. I'm just basing it on I don't think he can trade this pick. You know and I know the B offers but I think Gainey will hold teams hostage in a bit not gonna draft well of the player. And I think in the NBA draft is she gonna see them draft Marco faults or Alonso ball with a get Warner to. And they get it and then. That's. Because I just look at the free agency out there again Gordon it was being keeps coming up Jimmy butler's name while bossi maybe you can mean you can we'll deal bring this guy you. But I just in the history that that was a better Rasmussen is nearly a bit of pull anything off on the U wasting a lot of golf and it's all yours only that's only what happened. It's a work in progress and the coordinate with the recent neighboring Gordon Hayward it's the most attainable in order to give anything up. He's of a free agent this year he played for this coach before so if you can't get Paul George and you can't get Jimmy Butler. Mickelson and grabbing the most attainable is always the answer. It's just won't do the best available that that's where about Al Horford you know to me and nice player great you know whatever will we've already expressed. Our. Who else won again well. Just because it as a Max player and and is capable of you know pub acquiring him. Doesn't mean it's almost a ready answer you just requiring guys because it allows you want to get now get someone that you like that you think you take it to the next level. Or it if you think Gordon Hayward with Isaiah and Al Horford is the answer the fine so be it today. Few of what I say in the package and you tell me you're gonna get Kevin to win it you're gonna get LeBron you're gonna get a player who's better than Isiah a mall for. But that's not good happen. And when you have a player that has accomplished and got to that level right now we're you've got the Mets superstar status. I don't know why you want to eliminate him. Move Lamar I don't get it. To do what. Q2 to be more he should with a process to wait around for another 567. Years. Wait around 567 years let's go to the phone calls here's Mike at a car and Mike. What. I agree with you about Isiah Thomas don't get rid they have alto Greenwood blue. And Hayward Butler any of those are even called George I don't think it helps unless you get. A big guy and edited proven time and time again. Rebounding and interior defense is acute problem. I have. That you worry about that you labeled it a big dog first and that's those guys George and bought. You've got to detective burst and everything you here and we'll see what happens is cute is that there's a pronounces. Yet. Unpaid music whatever I mean as a young kid is sick or whatever the big dude from Europe. He would ever expects him to be hit next year right but yeah I blame the other team again next. The big white guy from Denver the big white guys again well I had suddenly get that I have well. I wouldn't care I like couple decided he had yesterday too I just I just wanted to do. Debate at the what the big white guy from Denver is not necessarily the players that you just described that interior defense of guys not. Necessary he's not necessarily that guy. He's terrific he's a terrific player he's mandate. He's made a major difference in this game did you watch it that the sarge just had to get from Philadelphia. That's another big white K okay. He's not necessarily the guy you didn't buddies that help apply. And if you look at Golden State and Cleveland right now. And they don't have that it's bad defined. Player. Of that that rim protector. Of presence they've got you know 69610. Guys they all Reba everybody Reba. Into the game is different right now I think people keep on talking about this old seven foot center that you want to be down on the block and via a rim protecting the games play that way right now. I'd 61777979. 37 we will get to the Malcolm bought stuff coming up. In the next hour there was a little bit more this weekend for Mike Lombardi added. Little tidbit into an experienced and. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way. Now back to more we're way below me and for you watch Sports Radio WEEI. If you go to movies can control. Go to Washington and must when you look performance this these. The officials are no restrictions. Continues to listen to Republicans and 12 tomorrow. That's a possibility and I do that when you first rumble. Of the Brooklyn on Friday night it Soviet. That have Isiah tonight back to the phone calls we go ears teams and a truck what's up James. And my boy is in our company. Recruit other are looking at. I I for one would definitely give Isaiah the Max contact which are so often about and he played back in box than any form can he play in the clutch. Are great and they're pretty you can build. Lot of like I can play in the clutch he ruined this year because it again next year went by you addressed it at that point. I fired Gordon Hayward I love the idea because better outdoor contribute may be popular has the worst numbers realize that those great. And Hayward is by far away yet the rest of cussing not yet had. The cost trajectory a guy six or eight members of the room every category or. And he's not a collector having a moment. You know if you end up anywhere those are picked on are nothing more than money and it's one of those top two. You are not a lottery ticket John Motley at a bail out all our detriment of the need it but we eat Rico Costa while continuing to get out. Yeah you guys just this subsidy that they're different ways to go and that's one of them right keep Isaiah eagle Butte Gordon Hayward. I guess one of the snares to keep the pick and you're cued to try to make it work and you have this number one pick kind of you need that Harry Roche you're tied minutes or you move the number one pick to try to make this team better. Yeah it is so it's we move Isaiah and is only so many ways you can really go with this thing right. You bring in Gordon Hayward. Told what does that enable jailed brown. Recently. Can I tell me they have too many good player and I'll just wanna as far as like the growth of jailed brown. If you bring in Gordon Hayward who guessing he plays the three correct yet so you know Jae Crowder becomes either traded. Or you're sixth man. What happens Jim Brown. Well I think they're probably going through that right now trying to figure out as it rounded guy because I Q when I totally agree. That they need to winning score that's what they're they're missing right I think far more in the but he keeps on Bartlett center at. You can find one of those guys you can find together they might have in this case is that because yesterday helped me out here I think that's your roster that India and places and yet illegal aliens and a lot of that David -- got to mold in Europe. She's and he can play dedicated to you besides seven footer to you miceli this but last week he was around they think bear the biblical epic it. Let's advocate he likes me in X you know get out of that Bob wolf estimated it gets indicts. Yeah but I would I would question that it had aged kids coming over is going to be twenty years of age next year when he won. I would question whether he can do that are not gonna gonna gonna see tonight quartet. Is one of those guys who you can find players like I don't think it's a big concern right now but you bring up a great point that you need a wing score. It's Jalen brown the guy. You've given him playing time this year to see if he can you know accelerate that that the process how far a way that is our right. Isiah Thomas discussion because at a do you think it's what you've seen from Jalen brown of course last month maybe two. And what he's shown signs of it showed signs of youth which also shown signs it could be some specialty start to think. Are we we want to get that number the audit that three right that wings score. Whether it's Butler whether it's Hayward weathered Paul Georgina well. Some people citizen and he's sort of wait until brown. Is bringing Gordon Hayward out askew. 3535. Minutes a night so we aspire. 35 minutes and I Jalen browse not part of the equation than you do your dealing him elsewhere. He's not part of the equation you're you're gonna keep him out as a back up three that's going to play one where else do you plan to split a little bit at the two. But if you're keeping Isaiah and you're heading out the tough. Partisans at any day any putts this team together by trade waging an entry way and more pick and bring in in Hayward bring an Isaiah Horford. And in 34 years done a road sit density. You know what we would put that team together as long as clean as together it's not gonna be good enough it's not an egg and ethical state so four years from now five years from now you succeeded in war. Meanwhile forces of all star Jalen brown is an all star and you it would have been nice to build around them I mean that's the dilemma that you face. That's why did he's got to blow it up the summer you're going to have fireworks this summer OK what are you due to deep. You can't keep you get too many players right now and you don't have enough at the top. So you don't have enough at the top pitcher you're looking at its current. Good football you can go deep right in football with a deep roster but it was not a good to blow up these didn't blow up to ramble just gonna blow it up with a Isiah they're gonna do something. They're gonna do something I I think I think if they blow it up with a as they listen to fork and eroded any yes but it's the dumbest thing you could do. Is to remove Isaiah out of this equation you have developed a guy. Who was what you need you need three superstars. To blocking when you have developed one of those three to unload. Here's Stephen and over he stayed. And hey that's what's. So you guys wanna keep as I do. All right here's the problem that I you compared earlier. I was to start all clips at 31 he he wasn't the same place side the breakdown. As is contract when there if you're gonna get that deal back contractor that one of those Rebecca RP's thirty years old. It's not it's not gonna work out what the island at equipment. He can't do anything else he can't defend the distributor he's not going to be shut up and out of. At or other reasons that Iverson kind of fell off and you're wrong he went to keep 33 scored I believe thirty points 31 points a game. Well he only played fifteen games so he got injured get injured again he got injured started started breaking down but he also. Lifestyles. And wasn't it right now really wasn't he do you did you expect a long career from Allen Iverson based on how we took care of himself. Had a long career threatening you was playing at that point want so. He had a long career record is sort of for a few years I don't know he could be that productive that there to wreak when he's in the middle that. They're similar players and that they break down defense is now they can break down our one on three but the difference I would say in the two there's two things. One I think is a much better three point shooter than Allen Iverson was. And to Iverson's a much better defender. Then then Thomas it okay he he's stole the ball awful. That is something that Isiah not Korea. What they're similar players. Tia yeah. And those double arm of let them right. It's still possible back to go into the basket and getting knocked around like if replicated. Yeah and its concern to be concern for anybody right knee is getting older I still go back to its not even about Isiah it's about Danny Ainge is vision in this league in the next year or two. Well the next maybe two years maybe three years tops. You know if if I go down this road to improve this roster of players that will be available this year or next year are they enough to get me over the top. You know if they are penetrate a whale the future I'd trade away Jim Brown you know bring in a Gordon Hayward give him those minutes of trade away that first round pick the bring another player. And I think in the next I can build the team to compete for championship the next two to four years. If you thinks that and then confine you hold on a not so sure you can't just given the landscape of the league right now. You know Cleveland. I don't know couple more years will see what they're like three years from now Golden State. I'm just not sure he can do it the next two years the C who was available who was available to trade dead market. Is that gonna be enough and at the answer is no. And I think you start looking down different routes. Well we we had some foolish people who were all excited about. DeMarcus Cousins I don't know if you noticed but he had not a suspension a week and a half ago he got pinched this weekend. Because shock he wasn't running up and down the court he wasn't doing anything. And then he doesn't play the other night Anthony Davis has a big huge night. And they play well then he's a complete dog right now. In a Wallace apparently. Due to feeling watching him he doesn't wanna be there he complete dark. Debbie noted this was it dark and awful landing sparked this was just an an awful. Deal and on the walls and eating devote much but it. For people that don't like you know the markets like you this was perfect for your world. Because you went to a team that still wasn't that we thought we still don't know the but it does not good you know he can win with those both those guys is it good I mean it is real good in it but it's just like thinking you can win a championship with a two great point guards and that's it. Get two big men awesome. But you know it's so it's this is perfect so we still went to a team that's got no chance to win. So we get the show opens the Rina nightly basis that these teams actually any good in which so we don't know all. What his what he would be like with a chip aged seventy Martina has a chance we still don't know and X-Men effective backfire and wants and it's it's never good and I'm. It sure was Isiah Thomas would be other than I know he is a start and he's a guy that gives it is all. And he's there in the fourth quarter impossible to far. In the NBA guys who play their best when they get into the fourth quarter when the game is on the line I'd 6177797937.

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