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The Real K&C – Anthems & pivots ya dig 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis discuss a K&C Monday with Kirk off and the Reimer / Mut combo filling in alongside Gerry.

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My marched if it's the regal Kasey Keller Chris Curtis Jerry that I've chosen to gays and injury. Today show today like this combo shake up wasn't wild after the show but was asked about doing our station golf tournament and he had one stipulation that he could drink is obvious he readers and all in that until tomorrow's gay conversion therapists gonna scare him straight. So we have what's his name Curtis who's joining us tomorrow doctor Metcalf is going to be trying to make cap that's him he's specialist and praying the gay away no good at a practice and Allison and in Los Angeles. Who's who talked to Alex on the phone on the show and then invite him down to his campaign. Yes it's a big days on KNC we are the most progressive showing radio we are going to test the limits of that power with. Our doctor picked up a said Metcalf on the air I don't know why it was a Freudian slip this progressive or regress this is Jerry China put the genie back in the ball going from progressive the progressive here. This element is renowned across the country's been on CNN. He himself had thoughts some day. Tendencies from as a youth. And if you use this these practices to become neo fully functioning straight male. He's gonna try and help Reamer get to that point tomorrow what times is tomorrow 905 lol oh good that's a double shot a reader we had Roemer in today. So the juice is gone with the some of the callers today. Rewrite it stand listened to you what your future or the moronic jab and immaturity not a bleeding heart. And much said this company as we had probably our best segment at 8 o'clock we get in the cap X stuff. And what's a guy who really should asked Alex if he was. Really going to love defend Colin capital because we probably if I had no old that he was gonna bent cap predictions are it's 6 AM. But I also think a you and I were talking about this image during the show in the control room that. It was through a new topic the guys were energized and really carried us for about a great hour of back and forth of course. Roemer says that it's just the song yet that's really just a song like Blues Traveler song out of us who Francis Scott Key was Blues Traveler is it bad and. It. It was sort of a Roemer and I Callahan back and forth for awhile there and tip yeah Jerry though. Has an affinity for Spike Lee and he was able to voice I think very accurately the the vocal styling to spike. Spike is gonna hold rant on this call are kept and at the top of everything else is paying and I was Spike Lee he writes what crime has grown committed look at the QB's of all 32 teams. This is some straight up shenanigans yet dig yet shown enough and that's the no Fun League proof proof. Like a transcript from the sex goes brilliant innocent act which. Soledad though it was so bad I just wanted to try to track diseases that might really help them because they need and if you but more than anything less that they need Iguchi made to consult. Yeah well I'm get that potent pistol Holden and word owned Indian street star open jump and bump and we knock off this damn thing Jerry's ball. He's changing it Kirk says people can't change disagree well Kirk's theories that report to the test tomorrow while yes that's seen a change in that area I got my doubts that. I'll take credit he's been willing. Kept an open mind about this interesting to watch Mott the heat hit it today that was a great parent he was supposed to take the reins at six I guess we you and I were privy to this discussion but anyway we had some. Dead air out of the gate. We got not there. I department I don't agree with Obama and I'm just saying I'm not. Why else putting and things that morning didn't not just say you do you're conduct currency is encouraged to do that hurts job and it's not all right yes that's what I plan on I. Literally had a front proceeds from this because I was running and grabbing a couple of quick lasts like requests off the printer. And bring him into this studio right as the show was starting at a market and I hear the open and and I'm still an anomaly. More often so it's. Jump on the money a coalition of below 123123. Very good in those roles but anyway I get into the controller majorities of screaming at. If you can handle that's fine said that anyone else's child I can here in Omaha on Monday and at the canes he showed here on Matt the people are gonna listen to you know I'm gonna I don't know so let's hope little nerve racking. They had little although they got in the business we get into the NCAA tournament banging on the Mike princess of my final four is an overall and. Notre Dame. Lol and. And Wichita State. And I love little by little ovals and one goal and repeated topology accords which took us the first hour of the show and didn't go lot further Jerry is very upset that Pete games out of currency to label. Oh he was as a hoping that he gave would deal another. Rounder too but he went up against what I told chip to mossy is a powerhouse. I agree what freedom of speech monitor and report. Any legit contender distill this tournament to moss he really did continue to pile on this weaken if there was any doubt of who was gonna be the biggest castle on Saturday. Tomas who went on with training and doubled down you know I regret about that nothing. Not happening. That even as slaves are. Well I I I believe that sorry no idea I Zion morning guys so yeah he worked hard to campaign mr. reported on the show him. As the bus. He also win that you wouldn't look for basically blind sign him you have to put yourself in my shoes when I walk in that night with Mott unaware that this thing has gone nine. And he reads me a comment is like reaction I'm like I don't know which called line for vehemently denied Albright. Did dive didn't bring it on on what he keys to economic and a clause is a nice waited twenty minutes on her the whole thing come in and he saw the tweet directly. What more do you need to know except the tweet. It was innocuous better off without them your racist that's it it's pretty black and white ironically right in this case. He also bashed I guess euros a shot at Curtis I would assume or else. Yes this is Marshall probably uncovered his tweet to mossy saying basically this is poor behavior for somebody to dig this deep to try to get some trouble like it's essential. You know what I have a problem with though also like cool why do we care why are we breathing through Peta Abraham's mentions bias CBS sports to find some yes are you know what I mean to be one thing if on his primary Twitter account he was like. You know reach we'd sit and write all this guy's a grand wizard. But we're picking through responses. To tweets that we never would have even seen it. It was a dumb response to one person it's like we is that overdue and now. That is so. Wrong and as a journalist. Somebody says you shouldn't seek out every information that you should stop and just what you see with on the surface to know people. Seems so router to what if you wanna beat a bears very bizarre. Said on the air when I said Friday in the podcast that I don't know why these people who hate punitive. Are there to defend when he admitted on Saturday saying that if you ask anybody we're not friends unit and I don't analogue Pete and I are not particularly close I don't think. Cares for me and also I sort of laughed Arabs. He's just stick it up for his idea so we should have a member of the media calling out a private citizen is a racist. And not publicize it because. He's not doing it too I don't understand. Yankees it's almost like he's done. Josh Brown thing was going on and published journals like. Woods' private information rummaging around in there journals which also makes me comfortable that you can almost appreciate to a certain extent. This is a tweet a public for. So if a member of Donald Trump's cabinet debate tweet personally to somebody calling them. A bad term he would be all and all that are bringing it full of carcinogen or he may be coming in at some point I don't know we have only the powers would be. The shell I don't know if he's been banned or not ban or whatever but I've been pulled these they willing. He's willing and able to common room this week. A back in the couched it could happen. It's up to the powers that be. And mr. Callahan and mr. McMahon would be good to see it at some point later this week that could happen but. We shall see so stay tuned as the. We'll Johnson mossy. Maybe going up against Dan Shaughnessy in the second round of the when he seventeen Kirk Callahan it's easily able bracket I really underestimated him not to the extent that what did. But the the power of Sheikh Gillen at Mastny right now as we speak 5000 votes in. Where thereabouts 66%. To 34 this is not fair fight that's it for me this is Medicare over dale territory at an act. I thought as would have a lot more pulled this until probably two. Because he's on every day because he's in your face all the time. Yeah I I as I'm not a big fight against it's I concede any where near 6634. But Shaughnessy there's such a deep seated resentment and hate for the guy. Dating back to the curse of the tomato cans and it. The patriots talks are really at Taj Rossi because he needles them every time or to call me it's about the high chairs for the wrath of the tomato cans. You know that very very they can't stay in any event so I think that's and so far locally peeking ahead two if Shaughnessy wins distinction honesty mosque in this is just don't want to underwrite injury is getting flexed to Sunday night. Jerry's been counted down our seedings that are alignment. The last. A couple days here I like it that's going to be a great second round matchup greatly you're working at Shaughnessy some Aussie. Winner takes on mimicked. Problem yet. Back to much leading the way today what did you think of my going into headlines. Preemptively. Deprecating yet. It's going to be terrible headlines coming up the sun is prompting a promising that had a time where do we go you'll lock this for months has elicited the show. I like to headlines coming up it's an airborne mutt try to do headlines that Monday when. Kirk Douglas Kidd the basketball hall of fame it's not it is going to suck you're not gonna wanna miss a keeping she been trying to locust lower the standards to a point. Actually going to be pretty good headline I've got some good headlines today and we had ago. Tim Allen we had the budget we have trump we had a bunch of things going on I think this was the a tip of the cap to mr. minute hand this is yeah mutt. Curry some favor with so little perky Reich as you say it again great atlas cannot. Kirk of course have been a market recently did to. Crack in this hour and yet the pilot missiles if it's sucked purity said it was gonna suck right. Not his fault that the cheating headline is gonna blame me or whatever but I thought headlines when well and a really got some momentum after headlines we do a little bit of villas are Bada O beer. Beer summit with with Roemer yet subtle agreement to let down. It's a gently about getting on the weekends your zone show. I would want to be on the air in the weekends I was told that you know my night in May in my canopy that's stable and might not be stable and your audio audio might not be my senior on 9/11 out of 119 as or more 9/11 might mean a man of any everywhere this. Here's an that you what's is part of the weekend does that make any sense because he does have a full time producer. That would catch him I was told that here have a safety and I've canning Curtis. Fulltime producers have my back oh well we give stays very low sheriff. They they fear X unite here the fear. So low were assured going tomorrow in the whole bracket rate possibly have the money Jones average shortly. Or analyst Kirk make the final on this when he's back from all of it. I don't often. Tees horizontally here too much but tomorrow morning we have some sound keep that we put a little bit today it was in the open to Putin you have the eighth hole bracket going on these soccer cal and a very crazy for a controversial fresh bracket going on in the morning you're gonna water here Kirk's reaction tomorrow morning it's gonna go. You're gonna get a committee Henry aren't that big affair it's gonna go right at this caboose the thing goes right up my books it's well it's just the right thing to say to Kirk and it's just. Coming from the right person it's going to be I think perfect yet it was good now we play it but chocolate that it not the full key national Rory whole bracket I like other do on the same contest tears tomorrow. It seems really fresh if you think that's a fresh new idea and didn't hurt win last year. Did you win it last year or he was then at last year's masters champion he's in his own bracket when they filled up these brackets and he's put himself and here's an arrow at two years for a fresh dough like. Here's the the fun part it is. We want able to spot. Right absolutely so we applaud this. This is great. This is great for us. I am I I think it's they should do this every day this is how radio works and say something in the morning you're getting your car you wanna hear that respond in the afternoon it's that would Celek radio station right now it sounds like. We're live on local six to ten and in those guys are from a wholly different part of the world I'll say one final thing about marsh and as we go to the call that doesn't mean it's not gonna set Kirk a hostage to obsolete new levels. I 888. Ritchie I hate it you've got to see art keep this a Hutu radio didn't -- Matt this could have the best NBA pocket this. Go with this but when Q made those comments ripping Kirk for his questions John Ferrell I thought he was wrong. Kirk we record all rehash the Ferrell question from Bologna but he keep rig some for. I thought. Unjustly. But it's good that he wrote the book and I thought Kirk was in the right if you get sick. Yes outlet outlet in this case holly cannot put it out there that art brackets not fresh not fresh idea you and I discussed that. On the podcast which was low energy last week perky and knowledge it's legit criticism it's not a fresh idea. Now that is not that a good idea look at the vote totals we've gotten. I don't I don't think his comments on the bracket are going to be the ones that set Kirk off tomorrow I think it's acog the comments about a possible contestant. Intolerant and that's an Epson Omani verses. Richer and richer. Now Ron is history. Are they may be in the nicest guys government I think it's just the sign of what does happen when we played the sound for demo when they said much respect and a bullet went merger much respect them into a great job. Now world that I endless that's true maybe that'll. Dole's home. Kutcher rich and keep them more time still think it's a delayed due to new noses. And a regrets as one of the greatest people I've ever met in my entire life agree. Yet alone wrote. Those that we each week. We could go Roemer in trading tomorrow on the first round matchup and casting count treated but do we want Roemer in. When he it's up for bitter do we not want this is what I don't know what the because because but money Jones he Richard league it's probably not that good matchup let's be honest that's probably be applaud and putting the money diploma one though so probably should trot that out of date we have a lot of stuff going on. Tomorrow we have the you know the conversion of them but Alex's sexuality coming up to nine yeah that's almost enough Alex built in topics that and I idol we want Alex featuring tomorrow and I don't and I think this capita story won't go away completely with you know the reaction it got today were yet Kirk in Whalen for the first time exactly so. I don't think it's a bad idea LC is a throw away but I think given. You know the other events we have happening in the morning I think Beaumont is certainly went to the worst thing tomorrow. I think that's the fight against multiple mine which quarter human like and I've forgotten. The money each or. Two threes they call the right time we'll see. I'm Kirk was pretty quietly put them over the weekend and I don't think I asked what's on something. Anyway that the golden Jerusalem which we teased at in Jerusalem in this market program our show and Yahoo! chat didn't like but just you. Yes. Horses that. It doesn't respond to us and questioned about you gave during his news channel on Friday an aerial one Curtis your neighbors. That he and marketed as though in the battle for the recruitment. Trivia question for Bob subset of shipment at. Is a bad word about toward him as party wants when their colleagues gets up adorns the ship is talk show hosts in the country which ought to say I find kind of pathetic. Are you may have a point to my response to HE Kirk when he gets called out for this what is even more pathetic. And not answering your question his disdain for our show. And his whole lack of honesty about. At a little blue with you but he's been on enough about me but guess multiple times that aura. Don't want me. Or not just respond. To write something like K getting flooded that are inundated with questions about Pete which you knew he was management says I can't discuss that you know may be old address that at a later day. Something be somewhat transparent yeah. PTA should should apologize. Wears his apology be on just as did he made at half ass apology justice Scott he tweeted right. This was Steve Levy yes get apology airing once it through in the morning week exactly. On two occasions recently sports that are incorrectly decided it 2002 report regarding that wouldn't patriots. It's Super Bowl 36 that's where it was about a false. And should not have been part of our report. We apologize for the patriots organization. The lakers it was the fat pathetic and then we'll have him play today. I mean we were deepen the cap rectum Lenny came on. But we have sound of him responding on for next Tuesday. It was an embarrassing interview by all parties agree to restrict our wallet run. Now you take Twitter for way it is so I understand it tutors are very small section of the universe but it's a necessary evil for those in the media. I'm imagining the backlash has not been fun the last 48 hours or so. Why you know out of the thing I learned to that only 7% of people are on Twitter. Yeah he does not feel sorry about this is. He has no respect for his readers he has no respect for the people look you know by the globe every day easily jock sniffing stooge I'm that's not point. It's amazing if this is it heated back and nothing weakness. Without adding they probably applaud it plot just I'll look this is what they want their yes he had in the globe are very similar entities. It's top. Well I he had it to itself the game march. All of the gays and I'm happy bear they bring a little you know different energy. Different enthusiasm. Yeah. Did see one guy days threw up. On a portage that was open and could just walked David who's been through on the plus side of the portico who taught you guesses that people were still allowed to elect to last night making noise in the street. We're the cops were to go in Atlanta last. It's kind of annoying Curtis could work honesty tomorrow with a dream job and Kirk back in the fold. Wednesday to be determined may be to mossy you're sick and could very brief Kirk proves the doors ajar I will. Have to Wear that for the rest of my life I get that scarlet letter and I'm like I made that then that's. That's that's mine and final blow up if you overreact to.

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