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K&C- Dwight Clark diagnosed with ALS; Headlines with Mut 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

Hour 2. Dwight Clark was diagnosed with ALS and somewhat blames football for his disease. Gerry says football is changing and thinks people should continue playing. Mut takes over headlines while Kirk is away.

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He'd skirt. And Callahan was final four is we know look you. Notre Dame. Cool. And Wichita State. I love little by little ovals and wonderful with Kirk committee had Alex trainee in much gonna guess it was nice for into the forgot against month based on recent performances in the who was number one trick is very Lulu you know this is even more interest in The Who finished second all these guys out whole week one of mobilizing for a week you lost to a what have we or else on Sunday one of the number fourteen in the Jersey number of a legendary Jim Rice. I'm Gerry Callahan. Pass NCAA pool he took Kirk and Callahan NC double a whole turn and very Reggie for a controversial French racket going on first round match. Dan Shaughnessy I hate you guys saw against Tony that's a Roddy no no no now I don't know the legality of it on the situation. That was educated they're hosts in this town to sit there to pick and everyone else pretty grim reaper comes to get all of us sooner or later on Sports Radio WEEI. Good golf right now American Callahan on Twitter would be bigger Boston sports able these third 81 round match ups Shaughnessy in pads. 2000 votes Shaughnessy is wow. Below loud city right now 65 to 35%. Of the underestimated. And sliding yeah. Is it a whole marriage stance yet on C just carries on right year after year as the borrowers is everywhere he's gone yeah well. A couple Texas point that if it was to do shoot the these huge shipments would wins able would that there. The fixated and don't dampen defines that term I really focuses on the fly right they got Tony lake. When when mass tots it's it's irritating it's annoying now thinks about people feel about me and 08 hall meeting Tony Matt and puzzle before he opens track. Writes super freak out on Twitter two weeks ago guys make it personal to Wheatley. That's a right there you guys make it personal when. Twitter person gets I mean it's eventually meets there reaches a breaking point when when you hear Kirk when you you're not potty trained yet. Like forty years old I think it would get in the musket to I I defy anybody on any critical person. I dairy. But in Turks defensively and I can understand why that's hates Mike if Couric or Matt is viewed him too right given all the stuff he says it. Kirk is as the most that know and government anyone more comfortable opening it medal. Join us electing with the Bruins back this week as a reason to back on his Twitter game. Very good it was or Tony set Bruins thought he says so this game is why the Bruins can gets why. In the play know who she whacked I. Katrina lessons for the Bruins traded creature. At any time she made him work here after he criticized him for being lousy father thickness and wrestling match. The age of four he would have responded I'm sure with. He Dwight Clark's story today we instantly in the point Clark as analysts believe news. It result a lot of blows to head up. We also learn of the week in the Gale Sayers has to mention diskette did you preview of and and take your big 603 well yeah well I wanted agree with the overnight guys and ESPN's Michael junior and in the guys who. Since their thoughts and prayers to gales I mean to a point Clark. And wished him well as recover oh good that's good idea and culturally cord grass is all LS things but it sees no work death sentence basically. Yes Yeltsin airs at this week and Chad washing its hands with carpet cleaner. Many things that he tries to do it sounds like and of 73 years old there's a lot of people whose fifteen million people at the sort of points that would dementia. On the world wide. The islamists and three girls and dementia. I think that like Clark thing you know all the publicity from Steve Gleason right who still lives mean basically. And and well as Kevin turner right not still. I mean it just adds up its it is cumulative. They obviously don't know if it's. Football related but you'd just you suspect that your son Jerry at least in college right yes did you keep reading these stories time after time does it change your viewpoint at all. About having your kids well I think. I think it's different now I like wrestling is different now. A minute they are different at least from my experience talking recruitment whiskey in reading and watching and learning. It's the cumulative effect of blows to the head in the old days. Dwight Clark played coached or played. If you've got your bell wrong you didn't even leave the game for a play play I mean you juicy get back in there at the bell rung. Repeatedly no one gave a damn they just said that's part of the game and if repeated blows to the head. Are the reason not for analysts we don't know but our. The reason for a CT the we think. And I'm and assume that. It's similar. Similar. Cause avail us we don't know nobody knows right. But when you see and watch read hear these these stories you say that. Home Kevin turner his whole life was a fullback he was. He was giving and receiving blows the head. Every day for twenty years it's not like he and his whole life now you get a concussion Euro Beckett to concussions you're done. I mean I don't either. I think eventually we're gonna see no tackle football before school that it is my viewpoint on it full ball's going away and not one of those people. But I think and think it'll be banned before high school before bring more high school forfeit the club band will certainly be discouraged I think though that. I mean have coached 910 year old they don't hear in his note like steering him. Mean may be one kid on the team can actually hit but for the most part that has grabbed a Munich in Poland but they are title don't we are headlining at the line in in high school's too different and kids read these learned he would start hitting sand thrown themselves around on the blogs around. But I mean there's a lot of people who play in the lead with their head and don't end up with immature alas it's still amazes me like some malignant and just assumes that if you play football at. You're gonna end up like Kevin turn and up like this surprise I'm surprised more. That example I don't like Junior Seau but what about former size he's. Don't know ways to meet again until says I mean I think that thing about that story is on the outside he looks fine and he's well put together by you gotta be doing no one to know how much of an adverse effect. The guy you know the dimensions having some heat that still doesn't mean he's the loans that who that's from football when the 73 year old man is dimension he just assume it was from football what's number fifty million set I have in the country stores says I don't think it's if you were a betting man would you say that the football. Accelerated the dementia may being Gale Sayers. Or are or are helped lead to the dementia mean did they get hurt or helped. I'm the say it didn't help. But. Fifty million people worldwide my mother has dementia should never play them right. Of course you nabbed him and stop playing football but I would just say out to say that playing football probably accelerates. That process knowing everything we now know what level I mean it's so different now when Gale Sayers was playing vs what my son at four and then it'll be five next year I guess is going to. Economy plays football at some point he wants to play would you what you can play absolutely real because the many count and the course of that. That's the outs that technology is different now I don't believe that what they were doing 3040 years ago. They do in 20172018. And I know this for a fact and this is the good thing. They are extra cautious when you have any heading tree now whether it is soccer when there is football hockey. Right got quite a you can play hockey because you might fall down on skates no not gonna protect my kid. Just outside of a game although I'm not that Scott game in football is hitting hitting with your had what's the capital what's the game and hockey at any I shooting the puck into an high speed it's a physical it's including navigated it well let's get a call at the goal when you play little ball is to tackle rhetoric and articles disk. Or just like it is in hockey but hitting is a big part of it yes demoralized immoral it is more hitting in football and their allies disagree causes more games and hockey is more heating and hockey. I'm not sure you lead with your head inoculate you do in in football but. In football it's and one game week they don't even practicing more. I mean they really don't in at any level who's in the old days mean before five days a week. Hitting full pads of Oklahoma girls that doesn't explain us morally must practice hitting at some point at practice morals why would they do it in the game you know it's again after its Iconia is a not practice tackling correct during practice what they practice tackling but it's like slow motion right in and you do the she had this means of public. It's keys you go over and over and over again this practice tackling without actually pack without actually hitting their scrimmage news in the summertime in August we. It alive. Scrimmage use we use it maybe your own team maybe other teams but for the most part hitting in practice doesn't exist anymore like lives. Scrimmage in like in October November December they going to do with the NF. And I and I care less about hitting Alex I do about the the way it's now. Monitored right you have a trainer you have a coach you have a parent Walt recognize now. That getting your bell wrong does not mean you stick around you are out for a week throughout for two weeks and there's this bill in North Carolina that once the parents to be able to decide. When the kid goes back now being concussion it's beaten on this bill. I've ever seen in my life I had says a lot through a North Carolina because I exactly I I want these trainers I want these coaches. That's a reality now in any sport football specially. If you are if you're feeling those effects. You knuckle back in it but it's not that it's that he is the lack of getting those type of hits when you're already can cost that is gonna make the game safer going but it's not just though the big hit where you get your bell rung up a unique hot took Chris Newman ski the talk about the cumulative effect in these little it's these little heads so you know you just because you know you're not getting your bell rung doesn't mean you're not doing damage to your mind they'll affect we have an hour. With the Dwight Clark's statement. It's not on audio ready just released Tuesday murderer and he talked to somebody said. That he suspects. Years of tackle football. Led him to this point to Smith is Dwight Clark announced he has analyst Dwight Clark a much -- public. His. His deterioration yet be like Gleason is so public it is so heart wrenching Kevin turns wasn't until the end. But if Dwight Clark wants to you know island camera following them around like Gleason it is going to be heartbreaking and it's going to be. I'm moving to the point where this debate will be going on the rest his life however long you would you be saying. Was that the fault of who of tackle football was the NFL. The blame get a salesman who is suing the he still stewing and we don't when he fourteen guys that concussions led to his problems. And Dwight Clark said I've been asked to point football caused this I don't know for sure but I certainly suspect it is important can't run can't play golf want. Any distances picking up anything over thirty pounds each or the one piece of good news he said as the disease she's progressing more slowly. Then some patience he's the tent it's a fit former player in the last ten years at least that has been. I do think a a Peter Friday's. Ellis is caused by baseball now. You can get LS without playing football but Jonas about it but look at it as you know you know what it's who's named after correct. Yes the good Garrett who they estimated at like ten concussions playing baseball understood but the format the odds of getting concussion are far greater in football than they are based on their relative right so so that's just my when you when you and your your husband and dark area. We're doubling sixteen year olds judge heard the sixteen year old Paris where early drug like that and minimal lettuce can do anything he's gonna put him in the mobile and an item way I would not let my junior let him play hockey yet. Yes I would Ellen lightly across. I would now it might play soccer well I would not let my guard play tackle football now for high school. That you wouldn't high school I went in high school without a difference then. Because it's just less hits over time you know it's again to cumulative effect hits over years in years and years it's not I random until what do you mean random case or he kept lady year unfortunately one year pop Warner each got here played all right let's everything is everything in places in life is arbitrary. It a draw the line somewhere and I think 8910 year old hitting each other now that's wrong when you're in high school their brains are more fully formed fully developed. And then guess what Mike had played football and it would. Don't consider and Kurt doesn't put in May be month but and and Bob Kraft says this past Susie. The ups the the the benefits outweigh the risk of course on crap and he hits it he hasn't under the listing promoting football I feel equally as kids and grandkids who played. And Tom Brady feels the same errors or break it feels this way to go like that I feel the same way that it's been great promise you can't get that negate that friendship from other sports I'm not talking just about friendship. And by the way you can't we can't explain to manhandled them and ends a big. Hoops or NIC was very good. The sun better be good as you know how works in the town like where he lives on the attack we might have. Not even ten well tend to play. But that's for grades right each grade the screen for kids that's it Iger on my high school we had seven I had 700 kids in my class. Literally fell five play basketball. Baseball's not much more baseball it's maybe 1012. I mean they're the sports cut they touch football that's generally cut include guys. And they might not play Mabel just play on the kickoff team able to be around them practice and be part of the team. Football is much more inclusive but but it's about the risk reward into meat might hit the long term health will be more important and camaraderie he would get. From playing football that's what I would Jesus apparent as well it's all menu you it's not. One of the other I mean I think you can play football have a good time and survive. Yeah everybody's gonna get an Atlanta sports can the chances are higher and there's a lot of guys might have Obama folks is we focus on whoever on Junior Seau or pills and for that matter. When there's lots of Boomer Esiason Ryan Clark nobody led group had more than Ryan Clark he's on TV every day he's not the best analysts but he doesn't appear to be. To do more actors act you know another active at a good pace some money yeah active Ithaca. But will say it rank in how old is 35. On Italy thirty we will see and engineers. That's true and by the way you know what I learned from Chris who was keys if you your intelligence matters. If you're intelligent. If you fend off the effects from like years. If you were like really mean platelet boomers who intelligent I think pretty guy like that Peyton Manning. I mean guys who really intelligent. It helps which an avenue and avenue yet zero let's take some calls might go the only phone line might commissioner. Mics in Framingham hey Mike what's going on with. I do and I put your football and it's light years ahead of what swapped or just final coat now they want you to all of these as you'll lob. Rugby style tackling straight majors are cut down on the way to track each. Cute little bat on the impact has to make sure I'd want to cheer even to start to touch had it checked out. Not tournament would probably directly to walk down. We didn't. We know we had in my router for three hours and none of us on an eleven we have lineup and we got one little squirt water and it was August in terms of double sessions up and said watered QG cramps. These tells pixel heels they tell you go home and by salt pills and excel. Click on a more same it's it was so stupid and Frontline I was in high school that'll change and they realized that water was good for him. You're you're at that I don't believe all the time. They were keeping water for do you. On the particularly disappointing I don't sorry I don't believe I wanna hear woman stories yet it was so bad in pop Warner they wouldn't give him water. I couldn't figure out how to I wanted to smuggle water intimately moment. Socks and my trying to get food into a game OK okay tic tac box filled with water and put my socks. As where to go the deedrick. I did it was all sick leave that out elected it was like almost empty. But that's hard work that we would line up. You literally get a score was like being imprisoned get a scoop of you know mashed potatoes and a place to build character spray good rate in friendships you made you got one that's why don't worry that he got one swallow and then they told you go home. And then take a cold showers and poor's would close my kids diet for its certificate matter how many deaths but then don't sell them over time. It showed out things on on on spike TV about it youthful bodies at night I'd now it's just something like that's gonna chip in Salem a chip. Was seen Alex talked about when he has kids is so disturbing but that's story for another day. I'll great kids he's got a 10 my god look in the salary cigarette to lie hey hey we apologize there. Sonic had a. So much much like Mike you know I got yesterday to get out of course while I somewhat on the ice as well while car coach without so. You know use the word terms lecter as usual haven't getting all they don't do that Mort but you know if there's you kick kick kicking it had bought it still getting. Not talk about soccer ball. So is that many concussions and dockers there's Obama is actually working girls are actually more susceptible. Or. If they're neck muscles are not actually. No tickets not just the concussions it's cumulative hits today had not everything you want but he just said there are more concussions and soccer and you just because it's not just picking at her tunnel that's true their more concussions and soccer I don't think it's a -- arc concussions they they only kids head the ball and I understand it or not it's not just ticking and hope is that once you you've talked and I love having it picked it dot into wings -- though it's not just picking cautions it's not just the big hits in his next few would have effect over years absolutely talking about it. And it's and once you have a couple east tell us we're kids get back in there shaken up your fine now they not only be kicked out of the game. You've got to ghosts it doctor you're going to be cleared to see kids around for months some hazard told after a couple of concussions you are done no more football. It is very very cautious and and vigilant now it's in and you'd be surprised you know that that video. Was born stumble. Quarterback could use the University of Houston played right Kevin hall and stumble around. That never happens that was the reason that was such a big deal Brian Hoyer. Anybody anybody what they think I'll educating the odds are taught himself in the NFL 18 am case Keenan thank you welcomes Axl took me a lot ECQ Steve universe if I can. A statement that played for the rams. It right and was four stumble around the reason that was a big deals because it never happens anymore. And the index slipped by the independent. A dollar and doctor who's supposed to say give it my other problem with that problem with that is that Scott who let him stay in the game is not football it's that guy on the job to get him. The promised you don't you know players and coaches are always going to they're competitive right so in that situation they're always going to take winning that game that's right that's right it's only been out this man's rights that's what's not the coach's job anymore. I agree but it's very hard those independent trainers to going to it and overruled the coaches and players edits. 6177797937. Is the phone number there's more football coming up including Colin Kaplan again got to get back in the league but we have an online comments like these being black balled it's going to be terrible headlines coming up this obviously pumped up promising that had a time where do we go you'll lock this for months has elicited the show. I like to headlines coming up in saint airborne might try to do headlines that Monday when Kirk Douglas Kidd the basketball hall of fame it's not it is going to suck you're not gonna wanna miss a keeping year. Only one man this is great enough for. So did you like me to do because I see that things are afraid to save her media ideas oh sure when the red lights off every one can be bowl. Up like it's our turn their second meeting no Gerri why would you be Amanda talk back here's some folks just can't take. She's so embarrassed at the toughest guy in town red light on. Here's the feeder and its Italian north these are geared to the athletes. Many hands headlines. I use. Rocky by. 1800 get hair. Visiting him avoid future could could raise your hand quickly won't spend much time as raising him in font. Chuck Berry was still alive. They'll hand not that. I don't think remembrance of hush Jerry over the pond their guy between as a guy like lived that life and live tonight god bless them but distance doesn't seem pause crazy and Jimmy Breslin castaways while legendary columnist no remembrance. From you either can I say. He did his job. Always read them. It was books I read them they're good. But he's overrated moved conscience that wanted to pass away but too bad. Even the coma to grave digger a renegade yesterday for life size does not the the call the greatest call ever written pretty good disagree and believe three bucks an hour as big takeaways for every dollar is as good as the question was could. But they make you cry or make you angry that evoke any great emotion not miss the Breslin error given my age are sure Alex eggs throughout the right on it. By definition. If I don't mummy you still read books if you want to get online rebels columns. Com by definition. Everything in New Yorkers overrated that's how it works. And the best example is the columnists. Jimmy present Jimmy can Mike Lupica red Smith. Red Smith captures and I ask. Most overrated columns of Marie. Not only let's say is that like Porsche racism not gonna knock wrestle you have read him either right. A couple of books supple enough of endless personal data Anderson and York times nicest guy in the world not anything negative him. Totally Monday writer I mean run of the mill OK but nothing great you you just. When you wrote columns in the in the gold here in New York you by definition. Overrated in Brooklyn is one of those guys he's way too wordy way way 22 long descriptive about. Of letting me hit he never keeps it simple gonzo journalism is part of it is part of that group owners Thompson Natalie QBs on the Jimmy bezel was hanging on earth could. But and Eddie was also very liberal so let's that's. Three god and hairy guy now. Now we get crowded shoot a matter a couple of minutes but we got that this one is right up Alex is it's got Alex softball here that's doing odd trumpet on the fact that you spent one billion dollars during presidency on. Vacations and security this in the Washington Post did an analysis of how much trumps travel protection cause. Reporting that is moral Longo resort in Florida cost three million dollars each time he goes there. And based on his visits and malign these visits. We're talking about a million dollars today in New York while all the travel a billion. Dollars this rhetoric that's been on. Cattle at a station as usual. Democrats. And liberals like Alex are they are very concerned with wasting taxpayers' money guys do not like. Jack you waste taxpayers' money that is the height of hypocrisy from you go any Republican slammed Obama for eighteen years and I play golf. I was rail against by an al-Qaeda is golf truck eleven golf trips and eight. We and I just said in a number times including TU that this is ridiculous why does he have to play golf. An apocryphal I don't. I don't understand. This guy promised to to not play good thing and not face the application and lock the former president all that guys already did was to and it's about Obama to playing golf. Toll did write a let me golf there's an eight week I would trumpet I agree with you its height of hypocrisy I don't get it. Mean these two things he's a really good golfer but he likes to show often brag enough. And sometimes he's doing it for. Them. Work resells student who played with Jack Adams and beyond Syria hobby yes but private whatever use he played he will play. With world leaders angles a lot of data to world leaders to. That Tony Kornheiser asked why a lot of what trump plays with Rory McIlroy he played a game all they want but I'm not being hypocritical I think it's ridiculous he should be working. He doesn't have to go to Florida and. We care every weekend needs to get away there are two signs that he is taking zero advice from people behind the scenes at least to me one is the gulf. Eleven and 811 outings and eight week unbelievable and two is the Twitter. Now it's good for us it's good for our business that every morning he turns on FOX & Friends and responsive and basically and sub tweet them. But it is insane that David de L this is what we find puck finds time to do. Is tweet out against that his enemies we humorous asked quotation he explained to let Tucker Carlson in the day that he wouldn't be president if not for Twitter understood what do you believe do you think at this point that he won the president let's hope I go back a little bit like cringe policy is named the new tour. We do to your cup plans this morning. An exclamation points and you know miss not ms. spellings we rights Otis in small letters and things that you seem dumb like there's no editor no. Nobody there no advisor helping him I I know on call on the golf thing George Bush gave up golf one day just had no more golf. I didn't think that was a big deal how hard is to give up golf is supposed to be working like 24 I was that you're the president. Why do I have to golf. Right especially trump again who for eight years railed against Obama time after time again. But that's what he cares about my eyes and this is what from cares really cares about Twitter as but the perception he likes interactive people that's all he cares about is a wanna do policy he doesn't want to work. Do you want him two balls no. But a depressed and abetting yes. And Steve ban. It's that we ask Susan p.s to please. It gets you to get settled in here I don't want to shock you. But it appears that Bob Kraft is really really really in the inner circle Donald Trump he's instead of on Air Force One a with the president he was West Palm Beach Washington DC. The picture of but craft with trop as a go to the airplane in the air force once sneakers what the second or third time we had him. Locked and loaded essentially. It's an advisor on the call so I follow on craft and LA I got my Donald. It's it's sad. She's one of crow's sad sad that this guy's a friend of the president he's compiled greatly in many ways he agrees LaMont policy. And he can't. Come on say I mean if if we call them right now it's dawn c'mon talk about I think we're probably would say no way in hell. He's afraid of the backlash and I don't blame them we've seen it would. We've Brady was seen with other people who are just friendly with we saw with. With Toby Keith who sang at the inaugurate and obviously is not that afraid because he is going to Merrill. Yes this crap has also spoken. About trumps policy saying he thinks his policies will be great for America so Kraft has made political trump which Brady of course has now. One guy who's not enjoying what's going on Hollywood right now we've sort of box what has happened here and it's been very recently. To an extent Alex is people and Hollywood way they have treated. Good conservative ports in Maryland. Allen is their home improvement mr. Santa Claus one and two and three he was on Jimmy Kimmel Andy. The analogy that they'll lock like right now Alan Hollywood. Like Nazi Germany that as a presidential inauguration. I was invited by we did have VIP think for the of the vets and went to the veterans ball and so I would concede Democrats Republicans would lead blogger should yeah. This guy. I don't believe what everybody believes it thank. Thirties German. As part of it and realize you know what we believe is right. I have probably. I I'm a comedian I'd like going on both sides. Well poured it on reports that Jimmy Kimmel just tackling like yes I think it's a great talent and good. I will be consistent again that's stupid ads to meld sounds like a full eight yeah I I'm shorts and comfortable. To be conservative particularly if you're not established star like. No Tim owners Sylvester Stallone Clint Eastwood security up and comer you've had and you can't I guarantee you. You can't support from the maker now Hollywood these days but it's kinda it's not like Germany and the definitely Germany in the thirties they don't. Capping it. Right and these guys not statistically. Ultimately the Nazis out of and that is headlines brought you by be hair loss expert doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get. Hey I think those that back. I don't I don't think that was an in between a good sign that newsreader good news that's ED well you read the news read the scores business model I guess I want today and yes he's like excellent he has to everything it's can't compliment ago now so wasting so condescending. Good at it. The stuff that I idiot can do I go back in my you can realist I ever got to act now I'd like I was and every and I think you do a great job does anyone else on the station say that. No nobody else. No to any credit now they don't they'll hear you're good and you know men and watching the permanent third coast. I wouldn't do that my friend that he's Jerry. But I to know low blow hole but permanent third post. I'm not the person in this room who had a let's call Beers with the boss I did last week I was gonna say who kind of step them Easter a lot of us stated it well. I do we need time anyways you take always Obama we're gonna take into one you'll always find out what was said it appears that the boss with Alex ends our bond on next here on W media SRZ swipe rights are about. We'll get to see applied strictly what's out about it let's not let it tag champions and it Blanco the Kingston. That beat the team that David. Tongue got an Michael metallic body. According to exit out of the team and yet the outcome. And it does help it tactic that both Kevin Weickel he takes it barely over it card bases. And I would hope. That this elevates that tag team division and attacked championships. Just now. And now. I'll take that away BA division today as they wrestle ally on that and now fighting more more like yeah I Intercontinental title. Ha that people listen to that when your cows and 2000 when your sons are in the locker room. Claim that. Now they. I think my voice sends it recently and what not talking about what does he hope Kofi Kingston. Was about the tag team division one I can division and to be elevated until he would like that was a cause of mine. And if you pay attention now Kurt keeps you what happens when you exposure children in wrestling and they end up like Alex. Probably listening to Alex is these two of them as we are not demonize not and I went to college but it wasn't so what holes we of that and then like sixteen and sixteen you do wrestler wrestling I think. Pre puberty I lighting and the way I hear them. Yes it thousands of people down and iTunes yes we get an audience that you actually met once I went to severed Cisco like ten years ago at my family. In met up with some wrestling changed some don't like her let's take analysts at control the gay bars and on sunset ball yes. And France who could meet the pro wrestler they don't let your souls who may fans of my podcast no holds barred no law that fans how big deal OC I'd given up. I went to college at that it would make me now the emphasis and so has marked revealed you head. Beers with the boss David yes on the corporate card he played. It was a good date he pays in did you take two when you replace no we didn't know it was suggested that shot down now and now we we met at assembly rob Somerville mayor very nice area and beer it's just. Go to Tony sees he's not gonna Tony seasonal Buckland and disappoint us now. Now it's but I in the so that's scene of the crime that's where market drunk on the air I know so the plan like snow you know the Reamer at station takeover because I am of course as we said earlier a brand personality and that's my job here so I think the brand personality. Should be on more showed it's been just lurking Callahan. So I think we're gonna move over to mud at night you know seven days left and money there is a suggestion avionics that yes a couple of might be making nice windy out there by yourself well not trusted to be by myself yet I don't think I suggest it wisely not doing so kinship and of the weekend guys here and they're good but out to do weakened should your no no market. And as a good and implement him. Let's go to set up yeah. I think some of that target. He is a move to Florida yet we still don't show mostly keeps telling everybody don't go anyway that'll last like two times and then elements why can't you Louisiana's house liking you beyond the journal weekend for I would want to be on the on the weekends I was told that. You know my it might that be that stable and might not be stable and your audio they might not be might senior on 9/11 at 119 hours or more 9/11 might mean management has released this. Here's an you say that but I tell us how it matters the most is on the weekends he said. Fancy like garlic slave. I was told that here at the safety act heading Curtis fulltime pretty serious back well after it stays very low error if you keep me from you know going over the rails against teaching at as a pushing you to go over the rails that we like reviewing the right I'm just telling dealers could be good fathers rate bodies that it has proven in moonlight and drug dealers are great great guys one was a great guy area. I'm just telling you that the argument that was a present that to no yelling no screaming and name call 900 you got this 17 get over served that we got now I want you now know two drinks and out. But now some Monday night next week I think yes and after that the station takeover began what I want what's next the watch your back account I watch your back that IQ. Ebert as long way to go. This too. Unemployed NFL players we have to get to I don't want either mom and Scutaro there right now but. A one is being black ball because he says outspoken African American right of the Colin peppard. The other one is area. Former patriot full reject whose. I really really devoted to his craft I mean this guy who. I was up overweight doesn't really wanna practice. And there are people in patriot nation who want to bring back the realm even somewhat of I have one year fall we'll talk Revis and cap predict next.

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