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K&C-Pete Abraham apologized on Twitter; Shaughnessy takes on Mazz in the A-hole tournament; Tomase doubled down on his defense of Pete Abraham 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

Hour 1. Gerry is joined by Mut and Alex. The guys discuss the apology Pete Abraham issued over the weekend. Dan Shaughnessy takes on Tony Massarotti in the A-hole tournament. Over the weekend, Tomase stuck with his defense of Pete Abraham.

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He's Kirk. And Callahan was finals orders from the old look and Notre Dame. Wolf. And Wichita State. I love little by the global similar goal with Kurt committee had Alex trainee in much gonna guess what I've read to them for and against month based on recent four. Performances in the who was number one treaty does very little movement you know this is even more interest in The Who finished second all these guys do out whole week print one mobilizing for a week you lost to a path we are Yeltsin on Monday one of the number fourteen the Jersey number of a legendary Jim Rice. Sister of Gerry Callahan Tennessee double a hole he took Kirk in Callahan NC double a whole tournament very Reggie for a controversial French racket going on first round match yeah. Dan Shaughnessy I hate you guys saw against Tony NASA Roddy no no no now I'd probably get out of the final situation that was educated they're hosts in this town who just sit there are picket everyone else pretty grim reaper comes to get all of us sooner or later on Sports Radio WEEI. We got hot. My apartment building they gave it over to what did you say about our great and appellate guys not. Why else putting and my fingers and Horry did to unload just say you do you're in the currency is encouraged to do that. That hurts job openings and a story yes it's like a month month in and out of breaks it and it started shot if you can't handle that spies that that anyone else's child like and you know I'm on the and it became C showed here on about the people are gonna listen to Nadal is online at our house on its final little nerve wracked him being here allies trending on your switch retraining and Alex on the on the world week low hanging we tried that before it is we don't rates. Allison you Kirk's job I ever interview Kirk did you hurt it I don't I guess you're not usually this morning I'm not well I don't listen anything you guys do it success and often sit there. Now the good grace Allen I podium after losing. Ted Cruz is that not does that not. One of the more enjoyable parts the term as well and grace and Allen and my two cents to lose great week and northwestern. All off and that cute little matter was this little eleven year old brat cry. I so god was a pathetic. There are Alan I was. That was too close for me wanted to with less than lose by 57 it's better that way to bad calls go their way but I cry about it right tweet about it thank goodness that this two day celebration. Because they went to the on what he called the final 32 does that mean. They they won one tournament game and you. It sounds like they won a national ought to break say Mike Greenberg of Greenberg state for the Los they're too over the weekend for an old line legally old all grown there today Don and all I got together and there are now. Z revenge on day yes you know what I do my fingers northeast northwest and northwest is. One of those schools can be politically connected. And you got to know someone again in one chip in just coast once you and you know if you if you spell your name right you'd be not like BJ my alma hardware and don't know it's more like Harvard it's more coverage you've got to know somebody you gotta have some connection what you get him. Covers easy school in the country you know yes I its highest average grade. Per class so many school aged UMass. This. That's owed you just think people work harder Harvard no data and it and it's not so easy ones when she got it right once you get in it I suppose the janitor could take less that is true local economies. It's going to be I mean I know we're marketing game too deeply into the tournament because we're not experts like Mike princess of course on who who obviously me. He did a whole show probably a couple of shows last week breaking on the bracket according to a his watchdog farmhouse that sport and that's what's on house. He broke down this field of 68. Made the pick of every game and never mentioned one player's name so he went through the whole thing that you know there aren't colder. They get a good coach. They got some momentum never mention the player. You know their best players cotton colts' best players totaled. From that standpoint you know I could see them a considered winners game. A decision will of those game. And it previewing and that didn't exist really angry angle games we have his final four because I love this is final four and is a national championship. Pick com becomes final four is no hook. Notre Dame. Fool. And Wichita State. I love little article ovals and a little. He has no he knows less than nothing he and he used to be called as a way to act Latin Jimmy the Greek yes what week it makes my point I mean last week make you know one knows anything I don't know any of comedic by telecoms and he's an expert. His finally teams on the top Nazis before want to want to you won two of the best teams jets that's is a leading top ones top form. One top. For once he's in the fortress that's hard to do and he just says out of it whatever the good of god are asking as. Oh watch out for Bill Self only knows the coaches have even know anything you want to sit there and it does you'll listen frauds like Seth Davis and and Mike princess and known nothing we've investigated dozens watched pods back well this year I think the guys were registered princesses down that's his job reason princess doesn't have the right VP chief says there's as I in the afternoon guide New York east working college basketball. If I talk about every match up people be entertained by not knowing that we just make fun of it now but he's got that thing in his head that says. I have to do this because. I. ESP hopes hurdles game boy it was a virus ratings used to consider how it was possible I guess. A lot of times just habit people put habit and I think there's still laughing at him nominal often with nobody is not really in on the joke which ethnic group on here. Could point out why it has more than himself now on we do play excerpts from the show are two roommates and I anyone's list of high. Highly highly I mean this is a New York. Comes to people in New York think he knows anything McCall's bass cool this point or about. And you have. We'll soon have the what happened in those Maryland Florida State games this year. Set that set the tone here. So this is. Term loosely related to it's an actual excerpt from the show last. I mean and huge difference as I will say he knows I don't know I know more than he does because I knew Maryland was here. Think we'll get. You just know what conference the teams in yeah. Whom Clinton. Don't get the royals two teams look at the schedule a quick. Quick you know you don't legalism vintage Marilyn year by any stretch wasn't what I consider him now include a total. But have been did you Marilyn Jo look like Padilla was tolerance is keep that on your show he said and then some injuries that's what you say yes I had known to they're healthy they always lose all their stars played every game they had no injuries such as mix it up. And people listen and people I assume. Think that you know make them when their brackets make their picks they sell me some references that has to say. They go with with you know what's losers and and today you'll blame is scared right that's what he does what falls asleep on the Gary blames this kid. When he gets a one dangerous that it and isn't that I was on the list of what he's in the middle of the bracket and amend my wife Ashley about something my song it's my son had an accident on Friday dusty and and it was back in school and I was kind of responding to something had to respond to. And I wasn't paying attention so I I should go on a commercial but I didn't and I was sound like you know just basically not been since the the show for about two minutes there. When I was talking about marijuana I should development so that my fault I did the bad job so it's bad audio but. His bottom line. They reported and then they reported completely erroneously states. All we're all five all worst apology for ancestor he would take take him anyway and it could vote on. Here. It's much longer protect them longer other adult friends Sasser he went log a 140 and are imported to speak. The other big story in New York Sports Radio you know Alex's who's gonna replace. Who who's gonna retire Chris Christie big shoes to fill re. Now that's that's that's going to be tough to replace that Italy can only go up I think from quality guys I'm pretty confident that the find someone who knows someone who knows the Marlins in none in the case he's a principal on these guys TJ you top bodies while it in his mid sixties and as young rightly really young kids right and would do that probably think. It's that those of the first kids are redolent those pieces of the chosen ones as kids so. He uses them as an excuse. A friend meter didn't uses kids as he says he just sit here at the sniffles and believe me that was supposed to be here this morning alleyways and on and for the meets I was look at poet I look at cities to bail was a big weekend for the ACC now retirement sucked as a minute heads amendment and neither is the big ACC he is adamant in perfect day for me. They have one team left. Chisholm who man. Watch together Iran attorney tock if I I I don't know how you could say it was a terrible weakened when duke lost a guy northwest's results is lost but for me tournament perspective no buzzer b.s had a couple close games. Was I wasn't a great well not great I'm so we all go off in the second half of UCLA's game give yourself the finish simply that I was like to do in the morning hey guys I am I 45 tip. Our guys coach Alonzo ball close at 957 with a total yes. That was the first date with Lleyton as as late last night too but I want Kolzig great weekend right there were got on the not saying outside the couple teams losing like to see lose. I want my guys to has is crime because we've lost our crime because we've just warm and it shows that it if you're not doing one of those that means you never really became a team. She's bringing healthy and it just so you know his team gave up 65 points in the second half he most ever. Is it eight NCA tourniquet right misses the game which it was a must win situation yes the total about 65 points. Mean look at this like half the games not a powerhouse south Carolina's team I mean Virginia scored 39 total points in scheme. And who gave up 65 in the second half if you're scouting Alonso ball and who isn't we're all watching them with the interest. Again Friday night 9:39. PM. Tip off port UCLA can hockey. That is an interesting game that is doing work that Friday nights and gets it it's three straight 940 fighters have so it's better than he would what's the first game. The Wisconsin Florida games Friday 915. All uncle anybody not 10 o'clock. That's what's goes to right that's in that's a New Yorkers. That's the masses burger meal while not cutting and they wanna do Villanova and that oh lead eight reality in New York consultant Graham the only doubt I like. And go to that game but that is only 111. Seed left I'm just gonna against Francis is an epic. Doctor. No we keep action on the candidates can't cameo cares and so now. This one only won once he's out to absorb one months ago so the princess and I'm a guest rooms out. And help apparently that's really good coach out yet he'll he's talented yet they're Kentucky and its young kids the wanna dunce to go there what kids like well I don't know the kids these would avoid. Tony Delk Antoine Walker did you watch are you amazed how many six foot eight inch athletic. Long. Shot blocking defender of his fenders around the country I mean you don't know that means is every game go wild. Connect it flies look at him leap look at him defend and when they tried really hard on defense. Like the Turkey does our team not lots teams like duke in the second half ass idea not like them. You say this game it's so hard to score when other teams when they just went cal pairs teams and teams although it lost. Yes it was so crowded outlets yes houses in these guys just play their asses off on defense so hard to score. He saw Andy's at Virginia and I indeed there's repetitive as to Gerri we watch these games out team scored two ways. They issued a long three yet of a shock clock right of the get a Lampard ducked it feels like that is the same thing over and over gonna matter what team you are watching reduce those two things. Every chance to win if you're reading your threes. If you're not if you ever happen to Virginia suburb of Louisville the second app yesterday. The games this repetitive field to end of one Alonso all play well. It stands out because he's right Betty CN LD sixteen right it's also it's seen as a make the stupid mistake down the stretch you know where we went through no turnovers you know it is saudis get to soma stayed ready and rightly banned about it that you look at a lot of the great moments in March Madness history Chris Webber go on down a lot of his mistakes right guys guys like they it's a great event it's fun to watch it is a waste of time to talk about that to listen similar crisis or. He could be GA Bayless could be anybody that did that don't have hundred bills to I don't know what he's very Smart guy. But I can honestly tell about every year earlier house that day going what does that mean he's right field that we go we look at the other side we go to Kansas. Judges that I want to go look it up with the Louisville Cardinals. Just ask this through it all makes about you know little nicknames to catch phrases in the he's resilient and that picks this coach. Or of the topsy that's what he does it's in part a full time now I tell us it's their Florida except when he's accusing them private jet. And you know who's known for doing on private just writing on the wool. He censored ones on the private chip writes all those notes on the wall object with a marker and it's been a notepad no no longer available to all item wall against pierce got to clean it after that's. It would actually just great I don't will having to go back any I think everywhere on the walls every vitality growth and a entering college that's his thing but speaking of brilliant and apologies that was a good transition by Alex Sink huge to our friend Pete apes who we should announce either. At 6:16 AM. He lost. He's a loser. You lost in our biggest. A whole term of the NCAA holes. He went was of the heavyweight match huge John Tomas Tomas Italy much and they both apparently pushes that old campaign hard they I think they both went to Wisconsin there was no sit and resting on the long known to county monopoly Hillary they went through February the end PH labeling innocent little uncle shows supple on pars as Klansmen at the grand was and racists and then you have to mossy defending him in the most bizarre fashion. We can get to that but are we ready to announce the winner I think so I was I'm disappointed in this I really felt like Peter he's gonna make his move over the weekend. But no he came up short the power of the Hamas who brand prevails 5347101000. Votes while. Wow 101000 votes and Tomas he wins you know what you can't underestimate how much heat there's intimacy there now it it it expands its stand a decade now really it's mossy hate going back to their awareness yet but he doesn't help much ardea. He hasn't opened so you don't excelling under Boston sports fans two's label label us as doubles down when we get it and I have no apologies at all lights that we can talk with the way he wasn't really comparing Boston sports fans to sleep easy was it was not comparing rooting. Black athletes to rooting for slaves is not a great now apple who owns slaves who felt bell that was my favorite act I worked the hardest of all I think that. That that promote over the top I guess point though is you can be racist and still root for black apps like Thompson's gonna build lol that was as a fight yeah. But but so is his opinion if you root for the black athlete you're racist if you don't republic at the you race I don't know racist either way it possible though to root for black athlete and be racist you guys would agree with that right. Making everyone acute for Hank Aaron was that not racist or not bigoted. Of course but at least yes the topic is everybody what is Hank Aaron to break babe Ruth's record yes they weren't as everybody all those braves fans we don't play this game say and isn't racism everywhere. Some because there is so do you think. His defense is defense of Islam. He gave me any sense and now Nat knot again port analogy I port offensive PDAs but I think the general point is correct the can be racist and cheer for black athletes I think it's a great example of as. Again what will stick clintons racists everywhere god I think sports in general is as colorblind an old ms. Levine not levels of color blindness but if there were. Would say it's is colorblind is against the military and sports the meritocracy I agree and if you root for your guys. I mean I knew a guy wants a friend friend's father. Who wouldn't allow anybody to watch basketball this post or any you know he was such a racist. He would allow. I mean so if if I ever came over the house oh win over house and he was watching basketball that while he's changed I mean he's different he would he didn't want any. He won in his house it. But with he's still racist evenly watched basketball when he's there what's he didn't want to say if he if he were I would think while some chain idol reject that I mean that's very explicit now I mean you know that there's obviously more subtle than now and it's very rare is not ever broke that there's ever a point were knee jerk liberal like you says boy there they're obviously not races on I mean do you did you hear the college. Softball on obviously not racist not obvious to me to be ridiculous that it could you state or maybe he's he's out. You never know he's criticizing Chrysler's pitching I mean at yet and I'm not a cool I'm glad the X date yet I'm not defending PGA and LP games in my opinion is just a good globe minutes from globe as to what they see racism on every corner. And do you think there was one. Word from above from his boss's boss's boss saying he can't do that she can't call. People racist to ask if they don't like your hero David Price that's that thing I would like to think that was. I I guarantee guarantee you that wasn't from home. Plus home somebody would happy brain cell that said calling out potential readers of our brand as race on social media. At the bad business practice for the race update veterinary business is secondary I your age of. And your hatred for the globes gig is blinding you here. Because there had to be somebody who they followed the history of the globe I mean yeah I I understand about I also don't think that they're that stupid over there that think that this was something that went unchecked. Now based in his apology I've probably wrote it wrong I don't spew leasing don't say that their wrong. I will say that I'm wrong that maybe he wasn't talked to about this but I wish that. We I I there should be. There should be I have to believe they'll chase somebody over there sauce it's ridiculous back they're much more like the reaction nautical softball is called racist but he's probably by the way he said to us he doesn't subscribe in the globe doesn't buy the globe. So they don't care about him racer and by the way it is segment with you guys higher than my race but I'm getting out on college umpire out for the just got that breaking news likes our it was almost midnight Friday night if you were up 12 month old ball and he was hammered Reno's apology green and they're all very early celebrating saint patty's stated support of Israel average lots of it because of him with this year I have my apology right here who. You haven't Mott who wants to read it should be gone out there XOK. Brad your friend explain Brad is the college. Some pie on there we we we spoke on Friday he's the one that said. He doesn't like David Price and of course being the good will be beauty is repeated said you were in the clay. So you don't like David Price and Pete obviously worships the ground he walks on. Then you are. In the clock that's. That's the issue don't Mort I mean do you think. It repeated this a pattern continually defending player's defending David Price so you accusing it globe thing races and I think it's just peed aid. Just at all is not absolute element of jock sniffer you writers too and that's a huge elements that so anyway this is the apology so Brad the college umpire. Your friend John emailed to me adding that Oprah oh what if I mistook you for somebody else who had said some vile things to me he knows the story. It was a stupid tweets and I did not intend to directed at you nice sincere apologies in this my favorite part hope you enjoy the season. Enjoy the season Brad heated apologizing to the college umpire leader Bob Graham was New York friend job right you're any. Anyone believe this anyone believe he was so I don't miss a taken absolutely absolutely not what was hustled us onto my song so my son had an accident on Friday does scare. No minutes Reitman and his an expert on lame apologies you I'm not sure why couldn't just say I I'm sorry the the end is itemized here so sincere apologies. I don't believe it was a friend emailing him for the decrease he added is that made it's taken for anywhere else range it is his fallback position if you criticize. My hero David Price and we know how much. A strong repeated feels about David Price could. I think I don't price donated kidney tumor something summit somewhat epidemic he knows his name or something all that much out on the back that could debate heat. That could at that could have been getting repeated that shows David Price all these tweets he makes a defending him and deepening the hopes. That they noticed they noticed that's I mean. We all have hopes and dreams he hopes that notice he hopes that a price knows how much he supports him I mean. I think in the globe engine and so on the stand gross field these regatta that morning and and Wynton that it did PR I mean did a storm. Now on price and how he brings coffee in the club very bizarre story from there on a month until the whole globe is defending price now you add a Chaun Chauncey Wright is throwaway column saying wiser on David Price at eight depends anybody's defending David Price you had this thing grows helping. They they are trying to spin this. It had turned the city pro David Price for some reason the globes decided to do to defend this guy the greatest boss ever. I think I think a dispute was just under the under fire under siege. On Friday as we did we read a lot of the year. Reply inventions and continuing throughout the weekend of salt and he was just getting bombarding couldn't mean he wrote that riveting piece of bad practice and every. The response was about. The Clinton at each ad about Nazi stuff so he had you know kinda. Defend themselves for explain themselves what he did. The apology I'm not sure for grabbed the all its Opel hope we're talking Friday accepted the apology due to recline. Brad appears to have taken his tweets private he didn't look like this weekend were protected and I could no longer see a what he's tweeting some of you guys talked him out but I couldn't see pop. I've not heard from Branson's the apology and globes huge Peter Caine tweeted or EE chimed in he said. Great job by Peter Abraham on that story about batting practice picking likes that right that they did BBC then Peter Carey user doesn't mean the days I'll just touch this he wouldn't dare touch this. Hello I'm Peter King or criticize either deeply he blows a kiss like every week and this carpet well. It competes. That's what he does but and I don't did you guys during the batting practice or. I didn't get too and I did continued every time we tweaked out now to your point cherry all do was go to the mentions about ten minutes later three rig innocuous retreat of nick of Arnold column. About the Red Sox. Sean says hey Pete gonna beat the Celtics game tomorrow your wizards are in town. Biggest concern SB declare all the white tones in the stands biggest concern is their racist fans. Well living a Boston see it dark main concern be greatly right Pete this goes on for thirty tweets here. Terry Nichols farm this last night seven hours ago it is not going to be and Alex asked all the or what is it and ask Chris mortenson. When the stole it he got the bar stool. Lives in riled or don't encourage yourself hurdle got hardly Callahan of our store right ball at Delhi Hamas serves eight way there's nothing more despicable that just mean this guy just is not a big fan of David Price. And instead of thinking not just doesn't like prices and impose whose performance is cavalier attitude the wings. Talked about the Anson. Rabbit ear and there's a lot of reasons to not be apprised him I think yes and it's 31 million year. And the default position if your global use only must racist. Mean do you think. Brad likes move cadets. Know. Regular check you Bradley actually not implode I shot and maybe if it oh yeah I think that's alum talked now a solid softball fans don't possess titans players I guarantee you this guy every single Red Sox fan out there the doors marquee battle. Don't see race. Tom in sports. Right a lot of people right Andy but again it is possible to to to have prejudice in your personal life and still cheer for a black out the I agree to Pete Abrams absurd thinking that you criticized David Price. You're racist obviously crazy by. You can also make up we can't seal that you can be a great example. I know anyone off the top my head Jerry but you don't think it's feasible that I just too big rookie bat spend that prejudice in my personal life prejudice against like anyone in the African Americans they likely lack outrage let's let's say had a daughter and I'm a big rookie that's and I love watching them play but she came home with a black I need be I would feel a little uneasy air people out there. And so that if you think I've felt a little uneasy. Then he's racist we yes and they when it turns around and does whatever so you know friends. CB Francies a good friend of a move he bets right that he's not racism it's depends what time data is what you Eddie Austin. We can be you can have black friends to NB subtly racist as well and it it did it it's definitely the bottom line that's just again welcome not racist to have a black friend well first while I didn't say that I'm just assuming that Brad doesn't have. He races bonus prize Tweety and how hot it asks I'm over and I held its annual general and that's not cool to say. Has not racist because we're all races everyone has racism and art isn't as councils that are not everyone against Iraq everyone does is now right not everyone and Brad isn't racist or criticizing David Price but to go back to to moxie his point you can cheer for a black apple and also be a little racist. I think is true you can have to like using your head at one. But the idea now that in in Boston in Johnson RC's world and it Israel Gutierrez as world and in the world of more ESP Anders I can think of right now let's. What they do that you are we like. This is now at a point. Where's Jerry said. If you if you root for them your black your cases. If you don't you're racist you are now in Boston having to defend yourself. For doing. Not anti mosque he's OK with that. Job would rather get defend Pete Abraham seated again this weekend. On the training to mossy show that he would say boy right it's awkward that ESP at an LP neighbor have a guy whose problem here is now painting this broad brush with sports at have you back apart don't get you. You fall do you own downfall west junior president I did yes it's a pretty much gone that was knew it was gone you know why they would rather be. Would rather lose their country then right consider Paris is in Paris same right there and would rather that lose is substantial AI GM doesn't go to Paris and be considered they are so. Deathly afraid of being labeled racist they would rather just let. You know that open borders and that political and Western Europe as on recently by the way they all have a France is on the list on the list is on the outside. But England England stone dead. England now now don't know good ones and notice as and our chairman as Marc Stein wrote enough and you followed. No no this marks then wrote titled his book was America alone we stand alone at this point. Com portals to surrendered surrendered to. Surely a lot of us right of course as a trio lack everywhere in my don't go to Paris or realignment and I doubt I hosts I've almost done last year. We were looking to going to Paris and the US State Department warned against it that's the polar reached. But it's not that extreme with some like Tomas that he would rather speak out of his rear end and at and an. Under the kind of nonsense he uttered over the weekend rather than be on the other side of this divide. He would rather be. Sound like an 88 which is how we sounded and he's not he's a Smart guy but he would rather solid fool. Then beat on the other side be on my side. Kirk's side your side he would rather be over there you know with the we've we've where everyone is with the money are seated in the end it as politically correct you'd rather be over there. Repeat aids. And the globe and the money and let retired and the rest of these fools then beat on the right side because you don't have rights that you. You might just be considered. Him a friend of racist. What Kirk right you don't care about them breaks at all and I'll read like an opera ten minutes to take a break your spirit you don't you knowing what can we say it is only six all in what I thought you're going to be in charge of the shot on hating god is. Africana sat in men and see boy a city can do minister says absolutely that was anticipated and then the light goes on. He just forgets to point three seconds later and I'm sitting here with Toby. Argue that the attention span of 20. I do I had two things for we know that we didn't get to Tomas he statement. On Saturday I've been hurt but it's excellent we're here that we can back by before do you that speak of Tomas he's advance right. We need to be able to match up today it's the able bracket match up to a right now that's good on the Corky Callahan Twitter account to Japan to the top of the page Greta X. Straight out through this industry Tweety competitor Tapia profiled guys or all the time pump the brakes who is the bigger Boston sports media a hole. Dan Shaughnessy. Tony that's erotic Internet boom okay real heavyweight battle in Iraq almost 700 votes already and I'm shocked by the results Shaughnessy to one margin teach once the sharper results will give those people we can battle okay I'll just all know now. Now can we may object to an hour match under my wing and teach you how this works how does that work when we get back we'll you have the latest results we'll make our protection okay very in this one will be like a princess you know we'll get a wrinkle will want. We will make predictions on this and we will hear from our good friend John Tomas he was. How we doubled down. And and spewed the latest and the defense. Of a competed with them from trying to answer. You know what I regret about that. Nothing not nothing that even this latest part and no I I I believe that sorry. Our eggs are the morning guys like eight I'm I'm with you want my honest opinion that particular defense. I'm not where I you know. I cheered for poppy. I cheered for I watched Bill Russell played basketball like that's not it if that's a sign that's not a defense I agree to a 100%. I'll. Read my 100% my question would be if if you. Root for guys and you still can be racist is that that's the theory right if you root for so if somebody said they love David Price they could still be racist of course that took the if bread the coaching example on. Said he loved David Price yes competed still might think he's racist. What they fanned due to an obviously not friendly don't know whether his daughter is dating a black bears best friends black whatever. Welcome to fan do to prove to you had to Nazi repeat. He's not race and that's the wrong tack to be criticized David Price jumped neck inclusion all your racist is ridiculous of course and two months ago and agrees with us too mossy helping to mossy agrees with PD aides at the college umpire is as the grand wizard right any news on your students out of body bees also defending Pete for his take it right and we have a Millie he is defenses are terrible when John Dunne did I get. Blind side and with that the the idea of the story when he came in on a Wednesday or Thursday night or that we should be gold through. Dimensions of a Red Sox beat write a terrible thing is nobody's defending Pete Abrams Alex yeah. All I'm saying it's my thing with Tomas he has his point that you can be racist and cheer for black athletes I think it's accurate or whatever they're not mutually. What did you and your relationship if you're. You on Twitter may be right to a letter was. To Tomas the orange or you that they're not racist or do you just assume they all are. I I got to see him with there weren't that their diets but preferences that yeah. Yeah that's what across the bar that's what that's the art what he does have a daughter would have he has known dollars just now. In what way would you say. That guy's obviously just a fan. No hate this heart aegis to fans and that's fans don't like players I I I wouldn't call a fan racist on Twitter because of anything a fan says about an athlete that is report preposterous the interact with people which is good people fans like that right they want to interact with a B I breaks but I guess that have to be careful you Jews can't criticize one of his guys exactly but that's that's upon repeated Nicky was criticizing when and his guys the college umpire and he jumped to the race and why are you people and I mean you crazy liberals such why I'm. So prejudice wide you've jumped whose conclusions that everyone has eaten our heart that everyone has you know there's a racist bone in them I don't. Again your gesture I'm not I didn't say every one agency every fan I'm just saying it is possible it is possible you go and and know that it's possible to cheer for black got beat but it prejudice in your omelet that's all I'm saying it's a very simple statement is not possible to not like a pitcher who has four array of course not he racist based as it doesn't like ball and make 31 million thinks Boston. Fans are little unclear of course is that possible it is possible yes I am pretty sure repeated regrets. What he'd said the 22 Brad and experts like that apparently Tomas he doesn't regret at all when he said about. Fans being like slave owners. That even enslaved are well I I I believe that sorry. I didn't really get too worked up because here's the thing is if you if you scroll through Pete game's timeline you'll see that he is willing to. Fire back at fans who say seemingly innocuous things frequently so this is not news may be. Grand wizard part is taken it to another level which now finally everything he posts had this summer pianists like a plot that's on the waterworks. I don't think. I don't I don't think the people who are going after he gave. Untoward or an hour particularly righteous I mean c'mon it's just piling on. And and to be totally frank Blake. Pete and I are not particularly close I don't think he cares serving and also I sort of laughed my hair out ST RO Tomas he's just stick it out for is by idea. Wouldn't say we're buddies would not say where Biden I can I buy it compare like for you not me. But you have to put yourself in my shoes when I walk in that night when Mott unaware that this thing has gone nine. And he reads me comment and it's like reaction I'm like I don't know like I haven't talked to heat. I have no idea of the contacts I have no idea between was deleted I had no idea the miss read something I have no idea as he says and I don't know if I'd buy this buy. Taken at face value for now. Oh I confused you with someone else who's been a pain in whatever so maybe there's an act but no it's like you know you there is there's only one that. Appropriate Earth's that. Take it anymore it's not stopped styles I'm down in the nine minutes prevail in the you advance. The annual budget dive damaged bring it on on what he keeps me going on why Jack Nicklaus and I waited twenty minutes on her the whole thing come in and he saw the tweet directly. What more do you need to know except the tweet. It was innocuous better off without them your racist that's it it's pretty black and white ironically right in this case. AP writer who way. Part of this. He's so happy to defend a player a teeny covers he probably printed out the tweet to Bryant the clubhouse it's a David Price can you autograph these for me that's a bigger public back of course basically he cares about the pen to play with and it's sad and and. I shows he wrote a pick the pieces all I guarantee you. Missed its costs bench as he does he was good beat. Who made lots enemies in the club house and always had that adversarial relationship which is supposed that he's supposed to be. Skeptical cynical even I mean you're supposed to. Go in there and not in the supposed to look at you with disdain because. You were honest about it you're not a fan boy united cheerleader and Pete apparently hasn't got that now. It's in the end and I am just Chauncey was only on the beat for. Three years he couldn't continue because so many guys hated him because he was so good. And you mean this during the last thing he would do was to have his knee jerk defense. Of the players if here in the basement of a an experiment now and he went and did it in the John Henry and owned the glow so I mean it's different now it's all different standard. They're they're a part of the team Pete's part. T if I'm just solvent and I'm in charge of Pete Abrams. My my concern again is this tendency this habit of defending the players your cut nod as the bigger grand issue not just this one. I think I wonder if things like you know grand wizard deep background chicken and beer you wonder how much you know did they help how much rent and right now though the question was it seems like the chicken and beer scandal break. And you wonder I mean it was the which I believe was while whole hour. After the season yes and you wondered did the because know what was going on and they cover and I'm right there's a questions that are asked him was that he creditors defending hasn't literally take a quick call OK it's gonna. Chosen Miller say Joseph war. Yes you know it looked Mardy actually care about racism. There would be so quick to jump canceled false accusations in reality its like Rick it's terrible things for the cause. Who worked very tall circulation but you have been carries just it is murky water nothing to do it out yeah actually territory. Right right and I mean the story secondary it's the the the reluctance to be on the wrong side you'll never see someone like Tomas in a note Tuesday dyed in the wool liberal. He he lives in fear of being on the wrong side issues he will never. Criticize the the the person who cries racism. Person who screamed wolf that you will never knock that would defend PD Abram he'd rather do that in this case a guy who called random person on Twitter rate spread of and that guy. It's you know what's like I haven't heard the case I said it would Torii Hunter said it would price I don't believe a guy in the bleachers and yelling out. The and work I don't believe that happens anymore that price explicitly and where no just Avery no slayer I said racial slurs and any kind of backed away because he knew reaches the view he knew this. There's no follow up asked doctor write me and they Bristol peacekeepers are touched upon it I kind of I don't moody athletic shoe size illustrates again with the that would put what issues are that it. We're gonna get bushy your calls on this and speaking of the Boston Globe Kirk many hand who is on wrestling a day off today. What is a hall of fame lightning round today I'll faint and passing in the Museum of Fine Arts after he did reach out these sports editor of the globe on Peter Abraham a very short but and responsible less we'll get that in your calls Kirk and Callahan. But in Roemer in Sports Radio WE. It's. Fun now carries for this coming of age get a couple birthday wishes he wanted to go to the basketball hall opened his front. And now we're going to the big WWF show Sunday night did. Amherst and obviously over the hotel's pool he's very excited. Hollywood life here at least. Bamboozled we're hot pictures last night via social media nominated tweet at all no pictures couple lay a wreath I was lessons of what you see on there yeah listeners knew that to the it violence and that yet. And I'm happy to report that he is smoking. Light cigarettes not smoke and Osgood has perished as smoke but their. Like in the mirror ultralight what you drink and monetary drink and he's stricken that Cody saarc had them start can. But scotched. Started first around steroids yesterday kitty yeah go nuts and bolts up it's good he can never start is never too soon either. They create do you ever take where is your son ever enter wrestling now astle and thank god I wouldn't I wouldn't be happy if you were the rest. Hate everything about I used to levity so as a wrestling podcast might no holds bar to holding out you realize that it posted a wrestler and hotels are having sound of this. Hubert real ocean skated obviously had your own podcast and you like twelve yes some models do you think I don't understand him I think war is a little early for pro wrestling. A little early. Little literally didn't force a little early for the basketball thing that is more egregious to meet in the wrestler at and T you know I mean it won't what is a four year old gonna get out of that any off in the museum. Nice to meet sport and while half the peach basket albeit big one for him yes daddy what's that about things and think it was missing school and even old enough for school and he's going on the basketball. If it's preschool activities. That well that's for damn right we're out of Springfield that has not been to the new. Renovated hall of fame I say as a father is taking his son to. Multiple racetracks including Sarah toga at ages 34 you've really done that I I have ugly and I actually was able just look at the lovely horse he's either just adding on states and Italy everything out Gerri at ambler does it as an ability to add yet is that the prompt when I was eight years old I went to the Ozzfest my parents. Eight I assets how do you dance Marilyn Manson Ozzie slid not to hold our assets are so yes we got tickets from the BBC and and we and we went 288. Years old eight or nine yen yeah went to the Ozzfest. You. But we things and we did we did we don't warm Marilyn Manson has we're told that's not scary people come true yes it's always apparent that they're the desert there are ocean to Marilyn Manson rights right police not resign everything else. And would you agree that's a little young it was a great little loud music experience and not really spoke to me is an eight year old. Out in the suburbs and that anger as internalize the jag yes. I don't think there's any healthy let it rock child in the pro wrestling. Occur you know is that this. And hearing their own so it's a good wholesome entertainment they don't like. Teach the kids how to hit it other kids over the Edward chairs it is cheesy and it is it'll smashed heads into the. The court no doubt want to not much anymore it's easier about it now as it was not want there's not much when he lied I don't watch it really either but there's not much blood as there used to be nodding swearing anymore you know used to be late ninety's was the attitude Steve Austin chugging don't quite a war that no more Steve Austin -- -- flights now it's it's it's more wholesome entertainment it is it is now Jerry yells. And hopefully they had a good time and hopefully they have agreed to today at Penske all take all the pain. And I think. Tomorrow's Museum of Fine Arts yeah he's always one hour ago that Larry that looked. It's always wanna go to museum museum files are two of the net on Wednesday Heidi retarded booked tickets allotted to legalize older guys and this. Gonna go to the symphony the next week in Boston so I think offense in general are boring even for you did he do anything now all of our team is not a huge elephant although I do enjoy the country musicals and when I was in Nashville -- -- if -- -- and real Republican red meat guy rate Terry Gotti got against the country's yeah that's your country obsession is all about deep down one fit in with you people know Mike and Mike my daughter was in the country and she got me in the witness like we have in common and I didn't I never thought I would like country music and love it and what I would do it yoga I do so mobile my medicine. Surprised that I did you take yoga is not surprising not undertake to and gentle Callahan PH yelled I knew yoga class really big talker on the just slightly and your yoga yoga pants and today Gerri yes it's like they have the pants on Monday a joke and it's Thursday yes he should come over while they're at a church group with you or if they did with my people it is seeking to communities and we'll get drinks apple there was so because I think you're very fit people yes and gays are exceptionally effective yes. Very very very mean. I was considered self absorbed very self absorbed yes you don't even care about like Kirk's kids who cares now not an Acura kids teaching me I'm. I've got the text are gonna handle than their oh are they so that we could wheels in Friday's gonna come back on Friday that it's good because you know it's gonna. It's culture some culture but anyway maybe has not hear him as soon. Last night didn't tweet and all of that day. That killed in this a couple of pictures and pictures son had a mask her some credit to the steroids for the first time what it. That every tweet that was when you're so involved and maybe really got involved in the show and maybe really enjoying it so much the story once the action couldn't couldn't look at his phone I'm thinking of changing. Simons who do you wanna try to play the role Krugman has obviously mark said he would do it needs this kind of space though knowing that 7 o'clock AM diary keeping keeping keeping on time and we're gonna settle finally she's got 57 to go to 705. I think those guys have figured this out what went on. The whole bracket it's. 15100 votes already okay Shaughnessy is running away with real I would've predicted and as I had and as a a lower odds that Shaughnessy five to one vs Shaughnessy 621 in my odds for the same old bracket them 65. To 35 with what I outstanding go to Turkey Callahan on Twitter and vote. Tony mess we needed outside can't fight it. Is between I wanna vote on every tweet guys to be pinned at the top ten profile of the guys embarrassments look at here. Heard some Chauncey smoking. Maths 65 to thirty that is surprised or did they. People below the eighth hole after Tony is is Italy and enact the Austrians as they think that John is CD doubted you true at all medal for mass trial that it changes that now it's it's worse 6634. Mr. pulled runaway train. And I had an. That will mean so only the third matchup right current advanced easily. And then to mossy and a good 153 matches she did though and he was like campaigning over the weekend. And then that Chauncey sounds like he's going to narco mass but we'll see that's going to be upper twenties early yes we will determine the winner next tomorrow. At 6 AM to Google one more matchup and a one match of a day it's a field of sixteen. Haven't done anything for I think in the two and then one who who Wilford says that any of the final are right out our our intern who soon to be a producer. Who should produce a lot higher educated Kyle. From UMass is broken it down analyze that he used months. On jet he broke down completely we tweet that out again if you wanna read. Everything there is to know about the NCAA holes. I maker announced an aide Kirk the favored at two to one. Out she okay with it being the second choice. The whole bracket by IC did you correctly in the out I do I think Albert in Rhode Island knows the real dark horse in this race I really do. Any way out is such an Annie Hall so years and nobody likes a know it literally nobody likes and I don't come Healy and as a notorious as you or Kirk I worked day and I am comfortable saying that more people like mead and Albert and lightning I think so in 2011. More people more people more appealing brand appeal means that even if I am a brand ambassador yes I grant writes I heard that about yeah yes and a press release Alex's Alex's the Grayson down the obvious yes of the field when you say yankees he did a lot of people who made him the man of the year. He'd be coach pat White House and on the underling and it gets punished here here right handers are way. And you would be Grayson now. Fine with me I'm with me many more people listen they showed no I just hate you by your name and your voice on many friendly love you al-Qaeda that only going to be Lavar. Yeah. The challenge Barkley debit. Here's some days not even really sane thing attic Regis and he just piles on typing it the sound of my clearly in your mind it's homophobia right that he too because of who you are right exactly did you know they hit my voice which they Dugard I was in back in junior -- voice I'll give the people you have a better platform and Alex does and it didn't Albert is Albert Jackson to this title. Alan. He is only allowed on the air when Albert calls in when these guys let them on the air and it's for small chunks of time you can only get so much hate for somebody who is a caller you are. You're underestimating out of hatred that you have created among the dead date Kirk in Cali and listen we're open market why I think I feel like it's gonna about a million times done and Florida. No it was myopic it's not my house source Google against in this trending tonight news and while smoker attorneys not me although she was campaigning pretty hard this week and to agree with mossy. Everybody's racist or whatever you say and getting to the other media on me geez I I when she's out of that rate and being on the wrong side of that great divide you that I that you just completely slam colleagues just to slam them I'm not bored. And I now. That's that's what we're gonna ask about general on the expansion office that is crazy idea. Other thing we got going the next that we haven't done this year either it is king's things Larry King is who compiled another list of who's brilliant. Pearls of wisdom. I'm gonna give you one. This could be my favorite poem and you do it anyway. I love colorful socks. That has profound kind of bronze stuff from my love coal stock was a hash tag my two cents. I hate when too much butter makes popcorn solid. I'd like to eat popcorn chicken isn't perfect calls the early stuff. Larry King now I'm you reluctant nation OJ on the Russian channel I don't need this week I don't wanna waste that everyone is on Russia today tonight and their shows on your precious chance yes now yes really yes I don't know these. Again we get to compile this some time because Larry king and Peter King that both kind of right on the same day in the ball right in the same way Newton it's hard to tell the king Brothers apart sometimes finish things I think I'll repeated today what a great column I'll we'll have more of king's things we will have Colin cap critics. I'll probably like Al sought out and got my can't get a job because the NFL is. East we'll talk about a Kirk Italian Sports Radio W.

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