WEEI>On Demand>>Christian Arcand: If I'm told Isaiah doesn't deserve a max deal because of his height again, I'm going to lose my mind. 03-19-17

Christian Arcand: If I'm told Isaiah doesn't deserve a max deal because of his height again, I'm going to lose my mind. 03-19-17

Mar 19, 2017|

Christian talks about Drew Pomeranz leaving his second spring training start early and how wrong he was about the signing last year. Christian also focuses on the tough lose for the Celtics against the 76ers and what will the Celtics do with Isaiah Thomas when his contract ends.

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Totality of new England sports disgust. We're Christian art can have on Sports Radio WEEI. From the turf the hard wood into the ice. It's all happened here let's do it now. When Christian harkat. On Sports Radio WEEI. We're radio WEEI. I'm heroes very generic can live on our breaking studios. I thought the Mass Turnpike on this sunny Sunday afternoon nice to have you witnessed here today. Then Charleston back there in the wheels of steel taking your phone calls 6177797937. Text messages at 37937. And your tweets as always at Christian art in. Spent a little bit of time in the prior hour. Roaring night. Initial enthusiasm about drew Palmer ranch that whole trade. Starting to look like a massive massive mistake. And the Celtics will spend a lot of time on them here this hour's there's not much going out the patriots. The Rel Revis rumors but I believe that when I see it. Thank that would be a mistake. But the Celtics let's let's focus on them your first second. Because what we're seeing now I think is a preview avoid I don't what a lot of people want but it's certainly what a lot of people Smart pretending like they want. I've heard from a lot of different. People who know the Celtics in who understand basketball and know the game not just you know callers on talk and you know people who follow the Celtics. Who report on the Celtics worked for the Celtics even. Saying things along the lines of well as great as Isiah Thomas is playing this season. It would be a mistake to sign him through a Max contract. And I'm not saying these last two games urge to be all end all. But I think we can all agree. There when this Celtics team this incarnation of the Celtics when he sixteen when he seventeen team doesn't have Isiah Thomas. There in a lot of trouble. They barely beat Brooklyn last night not last night two nights ago. And they blew a thirteen point lead in Philadelphia to a 76ers team that they had no business losing to I don't think even without Isaiah Thomas. Oh what happened is. I think very indicative. Of what this team will look like going forward without him. And this is no knock on Jalen brown or any of the rookies that they had yet to draft in the mark fell falter. You know ball or any of those guys who knows who it's even going to be. But in the fourth quarter this game. This afternoon. It was tied up 89. About five minutes left to go in the game. And from that point nine. If it wasn't a lay up in it wasn't a free throw. Wasn't going it. From that point nine. It was such a struggle for this team to score. That you almost couldn't you almost couldn't bear watching. You are guys on the other side like Dario Sar in Robert Covington. Hitting these dagger three pointers and shot in the lane. And meanwhile the Celtics trying to answer back. Just miss after miss after miss and I am not getting I mean we can go to analysts. Jae Crowder hit a free to copy two free throws to make it 91 to 91 okay five minutes almost exactly left in the game. Bradley missed jump shot Horford missed five footer. Avery Bradley missed 27. Foot three pointer. Amir Johnson makes a lay up OK and that got him that got him a 93. Markets Smart another layup on the next possession. Dan Avery Bradley misses another three. Jae Crowder misses history. Smart mrs. victory. In these are all in a row I'm not omitting anything I mean this is what happened. I was watching you go I must admit they must've made a shot somewhere and I just. Turn away percent. It was five minutes and it. When I hear people say the giving Isiah Thomas a Max contract is a bad idea. Let me just put a tee this way. If you love the chemistry of this Celtics team. And you love the way guys like Jae Crowder in markets Smart and Avery Bradley and Kerry rose here who had a great game by the way Terry Roger is terrific and as it. I wish that he played more actually. Fourteen points ten rebounds he was the was dynamic in this game. But the Maury. You'd talk about the chemistry and how great they are you have to remember something. It all revolves around they say all of the entire office. Just look at how much trouble they had scoring against Brooklyn and against the Philadelphia 76ers. Who mind you are not a bad defensive team. But they couldn't stop him either not that Isaiah Thomas would fix that. But in the fourth quarter. Celtics managed only twenty points. It was their worst quarter of the game. When he talked about this the chemistry with these with these other players with these role players. And how important that is for this team in the nation trade certain guys and I wanna keep all these people together okay. I'm with you to what extent. But I feel like Celtics fans have this belief the you can move on from Isiah Thomas. Keep this great chemistry intact and then just add on these rookies to it and everything will be fine. Everything will not be fine and by the way those rookies I know that their guards or whatever they're not just gonna take over for Isiah Thomas. This roster can't sustain itself the way it's been going and that's why I've been so critical this team since the since the trade deadline. There was no excuse. For Danny Ainge to continue going along with this team in this roster as currently assembled. A roster that has six guys who play the same put in position. There went Thomas goes down. And you had to turn to Smart in Bradley and rosier and you know James Young Gerald Green all these other guy they can't do it. They're never gonna asked to do. If you really believe that Isiah Thomas isn't worked a Max deal because he short. I guess we're not gonna make any headway we're not gonna be able to meet in the middle of I think that's a terrible reason. Not to give a guy Max contract. You know Russell Westbrook not too big you. Allen Iverson wasn't very big as Viet the other Isiah Thomas wasn't very big. Is this Isiah Thomas is great that who knows how Bay's Evan he's had two great years including this one. He's also leading the Eastern Conference in score. He's at an MVP debate. When it's one of the most stacked MVP debates I can remember. Since like early 2000. When you had Iverson and Colby and Steve Nash and all these guys you know I mean that. There and Shaq in the eye of there was a real sort of sense of OK in other a lot of great players in the league who's the best. And I don't think anybody would say Isiah Thomas is the best. I might say the most valuable to them and say is the best they don't play defense. Not a great rebounder. However. In terms of what he brings to this offense in his ability to score in his ability to. Take over in the fourth quarter which is so important. I don't understand why people think the signing him to a Max contract would be so restrictive. Look at this way. Jalen brown this is rookie year. Say they get mark health faults in the draft next year. And they sign Isiah Thomas to a Max contract. Assuming markets Smart and Terry rosier don't go anywhere is I think he can keep probably three or four more of those people before having to turn your roster over. And maybe sign some guy you know maybe downgrade from someone like you Kelly a Winnick. Get Amir Johnson's twelve million dollars off the bush. Tyler Zeller I think he's making like eight million dollars this year. You're gonna have to deuce or shuffling you're gonna have to do some read restructuring might even have to make some trades. But if you are Thomas that Max money Horford at Max money. Jalen brown was the third overall pick in I think this team has big plans for not to mention another lottery pick next year. What possible damage would it do. I have I say here to make those competitive seasons for these rookies. As you know he'll at least get back. Will you beat LeBron in Cleveland probably not. But why make the team worst when you don't have to. I haven't heard anybody give me a good explanation as to why that wouldn't make sense. Is I'm sorry I don't think Jalen brown is a year away from being a star I think these 23 maybe four years away from it. Mark hill faults occurred. In town problem what's the but balls first name. It keeps growing up between Lavar Lamar along mellow all these guys that of the whole ball famous Roman Alonso lines of thank you. Alonso ball. He's going to be he's gonna step in BA superstar right away no of course not it's gonna take 1234 years. It's not gonna cost you very much. You may have to move on for guys like Crowder and guys like a Lenny can probably some of those other guards. And ruin the great chemistry of the Celtics team and you know like that's what happens that's returning over roster is. Why would you just let Isiah Thomas walk when you don't have to we're talking about a Max contract here it doesn't have to be Macs years. You give a guy a four year Max contract why wouldn't you do it. What possible reason would there be to not give Isiah Thomas a four year Max contract that way given Horford can play together for at least three years. Three more years before or for goes on the wherever he goes. And you'll still have these great lottery pick rookies hopefully. Okay and begin their Celtics in NBA careers. In a competitive environment. In a playoff environment. In an environment where they're looking up at the great Cleveland cavs and LeBron James and carrier ring Kevin Love and all those guys. And they have sort of a big boss that they have to knock off. Why wouldn't you want that to be the case. I got news worry UN Isiah Thomas walked any year. You're starting over. You're starting over with Al Horford. Marcus mark Jalen bra. I'll tell you what that teams not going to be as good second in the east there's no way. Take a leading scorer in the Eastern Conference adding a line up and expected compete like he did before now. And look at this team when he's got this wasn't like when Carmelo Anthony left the Nixon jerheme when he took over Lin sanity happened. Isiah Thomas let the Celtics usually it's always pretty bad out for these last two games. And you saw. Jae Crowder had a decent game against Brooklyn Al Horford had a pretty good game tonight. But for them to have to struggle that much to be Brooklyn and then blow a lead like this in Philadelphia. Gives me a good enough snapshot of what the future without Isaiah Thomas a look like. And maybe don't wanna sign Isaiah to a seven year Max deal okay. Saddam. Four years five match. If he turns it down he turns it down what are you gonna do. But I just cannot imagine for the life of me. Why anybody. Would think they just letting Thomas walked because he's too short assigned to a Max contract makes any sense whatsoever. I'm enjoying this Celtics team this year. RA can't. I'm enjoying watching Isiah Thomas made a part of this just selfish for me. I don't wanna go back into another rebuild. After start you know caring about this team from scratch all over again. I like that they have here. Is a good enough to win a championship I don't think so. You know what that's the case and every other team other than Golden State San Antonio and Cleveland is quick and pack it in every year. You know when do we become backed out of town. When we become that kind of standings. You know I mean yeah we're we're spoiled in New England I get it. We'd like parades. But I personally enjoy a competitive seasons. I enjoyed playoff series. And I think they'd. Devaluing Isiah Thomas the way I've heard some people do it on this station on the other station on TV at the in on in the bar work ER. I just don't understand at all. I really don't. I don't understand what the what the benefit would be. And I don't understand why people are watching Isaiah this season and not seeing what I'm seeing. Which is a no doubt about it MVP candidate. In any year like this where there's so many MVP candidates. And there are also good Russell Westbrook James Harden. Andy Davis. Into the combo. I mean I can go on and on. LeBron. Doran a united say there's so many. Alter acquire Leonard Eddie they're eight and Isaiah is right there at the top. I just feel like when he's gone we will look back and feel like you know we really took deck effort in a while it was here. He was here in what was supposed to be rebuilt. But instead of a normal rebuild he catapulted you into something much better than you work. In a short period of time into the surprise of just about everybody no one expected Isiah Thomas and trade for that would David trademark is important emulate. No one expected this to be anything. Your member of the year they trader for Thomas they were deal and everybody everybody was coming through here. Jameer Nelson was on that team. Tayshaun Prince was on the Celtics for short period of time. Guys were getting shipped in and out all over the play Rondo got traded here Jeff Green get trade today here Isiah Thomas wasn't meant to be anything. They thought he might be one of those down. Pretty good offensive players media sixth man. Six man off the bench. And it took awhile for Celtics fans to realize that he was more than that initial some fans out there or think that that's probably what he'd be best suited best. Despite the fact he's averaging thirty points a game. And the best fourth quarter performer in the entirely. So if anyone can give me a good reason. Why it makes sense not to offer Isiah Thomas a Max contract for four years. And let Jalen brown in folds or ball or whoever that Al they draft and Smart and rosier in the rest of those guys develop on a team. Whip Thomas with Horford with whoever else or trade some of those guys if you after white alma. You can find other bench players you can find other guards to come in in and do what Kerry rosier markets market on some levels. Give find anybody else to what Isiah Thomas does. And so long as a competitive team can be feel that with him and Al Horford in fill in the blanks around them. I think they. That Jalen Brown's gonna turn into a fine player. I think he will be a I don't know Tobey you know was Paul Pierce type or something like that. But you can't help out like you've seen from on this season. He's a polished Turkey. With a lot to offer an ally and an a great future ahead of but if you lose Isiah Thomas and all the sudden. It becomes what Jay Alan Brownstein. Jalen brown and Al Horford stayed. You want faults and ball and whoever else coming into the league. Joining a team that was competitive for a couple years and now suddenly isn't as much anymore. Why do that if you don't have to that's what I wanna know. For more you can remove don't get no how. But you do is provided a very deep. Good. Forceful in the fourth quarter. Before you know tomorrow man your tunes back. Jae Crowder speaking to reporters after the Celtics lose city Philadelphia 76ers today. 10599. Was your final score a dreadful fourth quarter. And here's the bad shooting day for a lot of guys. Mark is Smart three for twelve. Jae Crowder three of thirteen from the field he was awful. Kerry rose here yet again gaining at fourteen points ten rebounds not great shooting is only for twelve shooting. But he had a couple of threes. But really it was Al Horford doing most of the work offensively and everyone else trying to teach him a little bit and again. You know this is that this is generally what it's like when I say is here. Except sub or for for Thomas. Yet Isaiah doing most of the work offensively. And other guys stranded agent. When he's gone that becomes a much bigger deal. And while I love a lot of these players and I'll miss them when they're gone. If you think they you know and moving on from Thomas keeping the rest of the team intact in drafting these these players from Brooklyn picks. Is gonna produce a winner sometime in the next decade are right fine but it's gonna be on that latter half. And who knows how much time we all lives you know thinking they were tied in. We're talking about. A it any. Another rebuild the you don't really have to do. People talk about bridge years armor that was that was the main thing that was like and a four letter word bridge year. You talking about the Red Sox I mean Theo Epstein didn't want Haden wanted even even go there. His Red Sox fans are so pennant thirsty and there is no way can't rebuild that bridge years can be a bridge here we gotta be competitive every year. The Celtics can actually have bridge years. That aren't. You know dumpster diving 2006. Let's trying get the number one overall pick. There in such a great position with the Brooklyn picks that they'll have those no matter what. If you're really hesitant it ink Isiah Thomas to a Max contract. You recall tell me why 6177797937. And I don't wanna hear just get these two short. I am tired and am party here and we're smarter we're better fans and. If there's a real reason. I'm worried he's not going to be able to do this for three more years. I'm worried that this is a flash in the pan am worried any you know all of those would be better excuses and he's too short. And those are actually valley. Isiah Thomas didn't start coming on like this in his career and told pretty far into. He was he was the second round pick he was toiling away in Sacramento and Phoenix in these places where he was OK ready term. No one was mistaking him. For an MVP candidate. And now here he is playing like one. And all the sudden that's why that's not good enough. I understand he might that be apart of the big picture. In the big picture of course being using all these Brooklyn takes in in drafting these players and in going forward but also keep in mind. Danny Ainge has made every single draft day. Every single one he hasn't traded any of those picks now to none of the first round picks. In the last three seasons he's made 71 round picks. Some of the worst stashed overseas right now some of them are in Maine at some of the hurricane and ended a bench some of them are playing on a nightly basis. He's made every single one of those picks so in a way the futures now. And unfortunately. In those seven picks. Market Smart is not turned into a superstar. Or even an all star. Very rosier. Pretty good bench player that's Ali ish. Jalen brown. Will see what he becomes even play much that I. Twelve minutes from one of six shooting didn't didn't really contribute much at all. Although I am. In there was about what I've seen from him this year. Any other guys. RJ hunters gone. James Young was DNP. Probably better off in Maine at this point. Any guy yeah Abu Sele who just signed with Maine any etiquette Gigi who's out and wherever values. So. The idea they you know this is. You just gotta wait and trust the process the process is happening where were a couple of years into. They've made some of these picks now. And it. I don't know from willing to say that they haven't worked out the way they wanted to I'm not sure exactly what Danny just plan watched. But I think he was hoping that among those seven draft picks among those 71 round draft pick that he's made over the past three years. That one or two of them at least. Would have shown signs of developing into something more than what we've gotten so far out of and I started pick on entities that he's the oldest one market Smart. I like markets Smart. And likely brings to the team. But I think they were hoping for more from him. He's shown flashes this year being a being in more important player. And I'd like to think that decked in sustaining keep up and it you know as he gets older and and more polished and more developed than. You know more experience under his belt and maybe we'll see more from him. But he's not there yet. They're heroes here. Same kind of deal but to a lesser extent. Anyone add some more rookies to this keep everyone intact when Isiah Thomas ago. It just seems like people think it's got to be one or the other it's got to be all or nothing. Either were a championship team or nothing. That's not really the way it worked. If it was you know and I know they going into this season and I was just as guilty as anybody else going into this NBA season. As its currency. The hello I care about this season. Pleasure cavaliers are worse than what you care about the 2016 when he seventeen NBA season what possible difference does it make you. In the big picture I think I'm still kind of right there. But for the Celtics. Deferred. The purposes of building something to do it move forward with. Developing these young players. And giving them opportunities in in own. Playoff situation. I think it makes a world of difference. Guys develop different instinct. Different abilities. They learned things about themselves that maybe they never knew before Lotta guys they don't barely don't make the sweet sixteen in college and the final four. They don't have an opportunity to know it. Even a fraction of what it's like the plane in the NBA playoffs. Why would you want. Jalen brown. Mark health faults rosier all these guys yup Bocelli jays kick all these guys who people have high hopes for. Why would you want them to join a team. It seemed like it was going in a certain direction. And it just sort of throw in the towel. And set that forget it we'll just start over again with you when you were you when you when you. And maybe we'll turn that into a championship team some day. With all these draft picks that we pattern that we've made you party may depict OK you have all these guys and you don't have it doesn't cost much to keep. You know I think means having the sake of Baidoa Jae Crowder Amir Johnson heard Tyler Zeller. You know Gerald Green or Gerard forward Avery Bradley or any of these guys you can do it. You can do that and not be too damaged I don't think. So long as you hold on a Horford is so long as you hold on Thomas. And keep these rookies that you have on their rookie deals pay him what Japan. In give Isaiah the Max contract. You can do it. Four years however many million dollars you can do it. And then. You won't be starting over with some of these rookies who got a taste of important basketball in the spring and then suddenly don't anymore. You can bring in a mark L fault sir as you know Alonso Boller whoever it is the end attracting this year and you can still got a Traficant 4018 do. And you can draft these players. Bring them along. Input amid a situation where. Just do what it this way. Jalen brown right now. Is playing on a team that has no chance to win the NBA championship right. Do you think this would be better or worse for his development. If they were a team down at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with the sixers in the Brooklyn nets. All the same right they can't win the championship so who cares it matters. I think it matters tremendously. The young players like brown and Smart and rosier. Not. If you don't have to make the team any worse why would you. I'll be honest if the Celtics don't sign Isiah toilets or Max deal. Earth they can't come to an agreement on how many years or whatever that that that would before. I'd be very disappointed. I think that would be a real shame. And I also don't think that Danny would take a decision like that lightly. Is he knows he's seen this team and all the different points you can be. He's seen them as a lottery team he's seen them as a middle of the road Eastern Conference bottom of the you know playoff picture team he's seen them as NBA champions he's seen them as first runner up to the MBA can be seen in the Eastern Conference finals. He's seen at all. He does now work. He knows what you have to be to be competitor. And I also know when we all know. That the big deal firfer Dini in the in the Celtics is pretty clear we wanna put it championship team together. And right now that's not we have. But I see no reason why if were talking about a ten year plan for next. Which we have to we don't wait. We got all these lottery picks in the last three years. You don't expect them all be good right away and by the way bad news they haven't. Jalen brown is LeBron James and Marcus Marty isn't dormant valued stock market Smart was going to be. They're both still very young and have a lot of a lot of room to grow and I think can be. Much better than they are right now. But why not let them do that. In a competitive environment. Especially when you can afford to especially when there's no real reason not to. If it's it decision between letting Isiah walk after next season. Are trading guys like rosier and Bradley and even Smart. Declares from roster space here to balance out the roster a little bit or whatever it is you really get our planning on doing. I just haven't I haven't got one good reason. Why that makes sense. And I'm series one more person tells me is do they say Thomas is pollen government allusion. But a blow my stack. Thank you portray a WEEI. Our camp with him. Only a few minutes left so I wanna call and you'll quickly it's 617779. 7937. Texas 37937. Wanna read a couple of those right now. Texas district he couldn't be more wrong about this Celtics team Madonna Texan didn't elaborate saying you know what now you're wrong. Last word. Dexter says is you're on point star player value in the NBA is at a minimum. Yet keep the stars like Isaiah and build around him too few guys can get out there shot if I'm Danny and taking Josh Jackson from Kansas and rolling with IT. I agree would happen it. You do have to keep guys like Isaiah and build around him. But I think it star player value in the NBA is not necessarily at a minimum. There's a lot of great players in the in the air and all across the league. And I mean just like a look in the Eastern Conference right to say it's watered down and I'd maybe agree with you a little bit but I think there's a ton of talent. In the east and western count. Just look at all the MVP candidates. You know look at coming here tomorrow. John Wall he's not even he's not even in the in the conversation and he's really good. John Wallace MVP candidate then he's not great I mean I don't I don't consider to be one. I would consider one. In John Wall is nasty. But I mean just look around west super James Harden whose second in the league in scoring in leading the league in assists. Still. Anthony Davis. LeBron James. Is at a DeMar DeRozan to markets cousins. Why lettered. Curry. Guys that you know into the combo guys that people were begging the Celtics trade Ford Jimmy Butler and Paul George and all these guys I mean they're there. We is loaded with great players are now feeling. Quite the thing I think what this may be with detector was getting at. The thing of batteries you're not gonna cry those guys away from some other team. And they tried. And it wasn't really happening form this season even with. Potentially the number one overall pick. You're not Brian those guys away. There may be a lot of great players but the teams who have those great players are just let him go with that very few exceptions. The markets cousins being one of them is he was just such a raging able to they had to do something. Mean you guys get technical fouls every. Every other quarter team like. So yes there there's one example there but other than that you know Portland they're not letting go Damien lowered. San Antonio is not given up coli Leonard. James Harden that go anywhere Russell west sports not going anywhere Anthony Davis isn't going anywhere. These players are all where they are and they're staying there. And dollar contracts are up and in the probably just gonna go to whichever team is the best that threatens in the NBA now and the Celtics are gonna be that team any time soon and also. They're not exactly at a high priority free agent destination. You got a guy like Thomas you got want a guy that conversation on your roster right now. You take him for granted like well we can't win a championship this year and probably not next year so screw it just Lamar really. Really. I don't know I don't know where they came from. I don't know who started that line I think but I hated I think it's dead rock. Texas says Isiah is like Brady people seem to wanna believe Brady was lucky instead a good until we shut them up and 07. Really even slowing and it's and so three people here realize Isiah is bringing it now later on when he convinces them. I had decent comparison although I don't think anyone here in New England thought that. Eighty outside and knowing when people thought that about Brady but you know in 2004 news pretty good no for. Seemed like Brady was Jim Heath anyone who is still thought he was a system quarterback channel four was probably jets fan but that. Or just not grounded in reality. Like most jets fans I should that. Texas says is. I agree totally Isiah must be given a Max contract decides let's split the defense better than anyone I've ever seen. What Isiah Thomas does on offense doesn't need to be you know and repeated by me anybody's ever watched. Any gaming news this year or even last year knows what he brings you on office. And how good he is and how Grady is it creating his own shot and going to the basket and making free throws and everything else. Everything that Rajon Rondo wasn't. That's all that's all out there that's all in the books that's in the standings that's in the statistics you can see all that I don't know appetite that. But when people talk about you know. Well he doesn't play enough defense. Okay. So that's a reason zoos watermark. That's a reason to move on from Isiah Thomas videos of the date they don't put him out there in defense of situations in the fourth quarter. The only does do in the fourth quarter. You should read up funny that he does it better than anyone. Let's go to well Paul and west field here at ball. It doesn't look like that you accuse and attack had been doing. While it's been awhile my friend and I event. We didn't and Christians who were Ricky and talk us and and we actually a lot of people laments the does that seems like. Well they don't let facts get in the way our one key player that we can go that route and let go that it happened and it. Christian out you didn't want I agent Q quarterly this year when they're desperate in Cleveland we can really turns and really get some really good form. Why would Cleveland be desperate quarter of the way through the season more so than they are right now. Well because at that point to realize their culture nothing they have no good quarterback and guy he's gonna work out isn't. All they had that they've had that belief and understanding every year for the past twenty years. I remember that its Internet yellow and why would you like gold they're getting knocked around and give them well no protection I don't get any of this I would keep him. At least the envoy here. Well yeah looks that way if they don't trade him and it seems like that's what's gonna happen I I don't understand is why thanks for the call I'll I'll I'll leave you with this. Since you brought it up. If Jimmy you're upload doesn't get traded between now and the beginning of next season. I've said this before and I'll I'll repeat it I think it's got to be Tom Brady's last year. In New England. It's the only thing that makes sense. There is no. Possible way. That they would pass up on trading drop below to keep them here is a back up next season. And then let him walk after that it also doesn't make any sense that they were franchise him at the end of next season and paying 22 million dollars. The hold the clipboard even for one season Belichick would never do that. No I think it is if drop below if it if chapter report and his report they staked his whole professional reputation. Is to be believed and I think it is. Drop below. Will back up Brady this year. And a year after that he's your starter because Brady either retired. Or ordered. I don't think he's getting traded but you know I'd sites they in my someone must've had a conversation with primary. Some agreement must've been weather in writing or any handshake or whatever. There had to have been some sort of conversation. 'cause otherwise why wouldn't telecheck trade Jimmy drop below there's no holds explanation. There's none. Unless they knew for sure. Day they can sign drop below after this and keep them here and make is think about it you can't sign a got a contract when Tom bradys were in the play at least 45. He's then when's drop lever gonna do it and why would he do it why would want to why only wanna sign here in the Brady's backup. You know it's on winning championships I would imagine their one myself. But why would you do that. When you go out and start somewhere. When you have teams salivating over getting you on their roster. Now there's got to be there's got to be something we we don't know. Some conversation had to have been had to have taken place. Because for Bill Belichick to pass up on an opportunity to make. Those kind of bones in the draft. First overall pick may be a top ten pick multiple picks second round pick her all of these things for your backup quarterback. If you thought Tom Brady was going to be around more than one or two seasons. Why would you hold onto. The only reason you would hold on to want. Is it you know this is it. Otherwise when his Bill Belichick ever passed up the trade opportunity like that before and why would you do it for a guy who's only gonna be a backup for one more year. It doesn't make any sense at all. So that's my theory that's my hot date the offseason. If drop blood doesn't get traded. Brady is gone after next season that's an ugly 6177797937. Was the phone number we got one phone call that a tough one. I'm back tomorrow night at ten Ben Charleston great job. Also wanna say rest in peace to Chuck Berry rest in peace to Jimmy Breslin. And down most importantly didn't mean rest in peace to my best friend Jonathan Toledo. I'm back tomorrow night at ten now we'll talk to you then have a great rest unite everybody later. Oh wait.

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