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Picard and Thornton - Would the Patriots and their fans welcome Revis back with open arms? -- 3-19-17

Mar 19, 2017|

With Revis getting cut from the Jets and the charges being dropped in his court case, is the door open again for a Revis return to New England? The guys chat about that scenario and if Revis has anything left in the tank.

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I have the Enola hole. Iron Man. We'll beyond. It's. Yeah. I'm good the level playing. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Happy iris print. And everybody else everybody's afraid to restart then a vote. Twenty minutes ago I certainly five minutes leave should feed. Roland Wright than I strayed Jerry. I like the guy called earlier in the senate he's going to have to drive and you think he's gonna have a busy day today if they go beyond a holiday rates today. And I know things. Yeah it would be able and my colleague. Don't happen like let's just. Talk on the young ladies let's. Well I will be put down some plastic sheeting and a car on again might get amnesty act. At all six on 777979837. Happy Saint Patrick's Day weekend he's Jerry Bowen. Object to the cod taking you up until 1 o'clock in and you can hear Red Sox covered Red Sox and twins let's go to eat then and the college upbeat than. They hit pay tribute guys that they sees what's up. They actually I'm look I'm a Cleveland Browns panel fortunately our whole body has just been talking about do you brought local mall or people at mom out on top. I don't want played you have here a little. Belichick is gonna. I know like you got beat and not. They think you got to go I'm not convinced as I mean if I opera you may twelfth and Pitt beat second pick would you take that Jimmy. Twelfth in the 52. Yeah. It's a nice it's nice starting point. I think there would be a couple law future pics and yeah got some than for Mike I don't let a day a date to pick from for next season and some open but. It's not out of the round you know because you can get twelve and the patriots were turned twelve and two. You know there in the fourth. So yeah I think you got the look at that way for the patriots. Okay yeah. But but hey I mean you guys don't have any you know out of her or second round pick this year. Right exactly brought an audible does that get as they did they probably started at the way to predict that the highest as it stands is 72. And last year the highest pick was was I think. Sixtieth. Nobody even yeah I was it was it was sixty sold to go two years in a row without one and that in the top fifty. That that that's tough that's a talent drain. So don't let it showed you. You're bronzed and do you want to rub out. I do actually slumped to a point fourteen leg badly it went when that when he got drafted you you're my record back in the draftees. I'm quite a release I mean. I know he limited New England obviously I get blocked a couple of yeah I mean don't get to lots rob. You have been there for the first couple weeks now without yeah again a week you'll meet people like three touchdowns. He'd eager to know 80 an XEU. Was lights out yeah he was. He tore up so cool so so from a Brown's perspective if instead. Big goal for one of the the top quarterbacks remain in on the board and that's Watson whatever would you rather see that with a twelve or. Know that. Know that there. See that's that's why we think it makes it so much sense is because I think if I may browns fan. And we we hesitate to even put our cells and those shows when the way yellow light is Bristol the way our life is but the put us Italy in the in the approved this the issues of those less fortunate. I think Obama browns fan and I come away with the top pick plus the rappel Opel whatever package I'm ecstatic right now. Absolutely I think it well first droplet kind of I mean not not a completely proven commodity but from what I've been. It better than any penalty got a long time. I mean price. Cleveland yeah you have to for the people and I just feel as any irony in and the cocktail holiday economic projects in Cleveland Browns fan Sony's best thing you bad at. Yet Cleveland dead dad Danny put guard is better than anything Cleveland a sad I'm in center and you've got to you've got a nice eagle browns fan. Want to rob you got a nice release you Dorgan of oracle is at least like that it'll bite the dog to a trickle over a good ball. All I can see over the line may be just as well as man's I'll cut. Your role role iPod roll out of the pocket you're you're good at stepping up and it. In all but I'd vote worry about worry about your your motion your release. But it but he's a mean whip or you gonna compared to chip Johnny men's now. Right if I'm Cleveland and most trades most 99%. Of callers who call up proposing a trade in any sport. The trade is garbage because it's all right we're gonna get Resnick ST OO and Allen Craig. And we're gonna get back in odd names them all star. Available to you and I really am trades that you know I tee it up like and a PlayStation and the Xbox and and get a day it to happen like. Right in reality. So absolutely so I always have to be turned the table and say if I were on the other side do I make that deal and 99% at times they know I wouldn't. If if you turn the table on this and say would Cleveland be willing to give up this. To get this guy and it's not at all and reasonable I I think it's it's. Crazy for the patriots not to Hainan quantities and it's because we mention his name a couple times Gerry Darrelle Revis. I'm not tell you what you think about Darrelle Revis is there's something that you and yell at right I you elaborate does that ought to bring in Revis back is laughable. Yeah there was acknowledged start to think if they could do one of those no risk kind of signings. Where. The guaranteed money is all coming from the jets you know they bring him into camp if he if he's the Darrelle Revis of last year or the year before. Then they cut with no with no penalty maybe upon signing bonus so whenever. If they can kind of the way they did a pot roast this year you know Terrence tonight we're all excited about and. And the idea fascinates me because it would just be it would drive. Jets fans into mental institutions if rivas worked out in any way shape or form but from a football perspective I can't stop looking at what he did last year. SE that he was a disaster. In on new people suggested maybe it's a motivational thing he just wasn't inherit or high and right because I I see going that way. I didn't see Revis is drag on the route it's gone you're you can say one the end it's all a lie with the patriots. Where is now see you guys going jets sites like you know whatever the jets pages on like fans cited a whenever and find. Video clips that fans who love the jets posted over Revis. Engaging blockers without trying to shed them so they didn't have to make tackles in its late then it's obviously key mailed it in. I have a hard time thinking that he can turn it around and then turned back ends of Vivus of 2014. Trade deal but did if it's a good deal to write the and it's all up to judge know that yet I'm not gonna commit money to lump. You know what I mean I don't want the pats to I would rather see them pursue. Keep that Butler and and so on but I I live this fantasy. Oh Revis coming back and turn them back into 2014. Revis and and knowing that the jets would be they would. They would actually like suicide cults and it would be like they hale Bopp comet like it would all be drinking and the put the poisoned Kool Aid to gather. Can you see it happen and can you see that Revis could return to a semblance of what he was three years adult well. I laughed at the Revis thing first. Okay and you had the whole situation late night in the middle of February. At like 230 and I'm on and in Pittsburgh. Win. Two kids just knocked out called the street is a video of it. And net this past week a judge. Dish ministries of all the judges up and net. I mean before that even happen. I think if you look at that situation logically. Usually at 2:30 in the morning and when someone is outnumbered and they don't wanna stop the fight. I NR and then like I look at that situation on our Revis was walking on the street like he's in the WWE clothes line into it. Like I felt like those two kids did some and maybe had something come until at 2:30 in the morning with outnumbered Revis and it. As I didn't look at reed is always good to bad dude like you yeah you can't take on the team. I just laughed that the situation. Because I'm like oh it's just to assume it's like ad pages you know he had to stop with the ring the body of the ring ceremony right. They didn't invite. We made an invite Revis is mother as Alan was yes she is she competent and he laced and I turned away said some things about the patriots won a cup. Is glad I noticed two Shoney's knocked on the back. And then you have the polish and what you just said it's like. I is his football career on the field took a turn for the worst I didn't see it happen anointed but it obviously did when you lot when you watch a Bolter in the field the jets. I don't think about it. The more I think about it how the patriots function we aren't given the patriots coaching staff credit. But make and things work which certain players like for players in this situation to succeed rat the gist. On them to go out there with individual talent running for and say hey. You know doing your job in that sense. I'd like to think that the papers put does that present a nice job guys in the right situation to succeed. Which makes me think that they could possibly use Revis it'll way. That could help get this all the field Korea back on track which doesn't get as crazy I would have to before the right the. Shall what if it turns out that it was just motivation. He's already don't. Put the story out here that he dropped ten pounds okay well again up at on the jets and I paid him a guaranteed 39 million bucks. I don't wanna hear that now thank you very much like. We talked earlier about root for the story what could be a better story than eight. All of re energized fully motivated Darrelle Revis who may be still as the physical tools if he gets in shape and pays the price. Coming back here and get the job done that would be insane. Bush and I don't think the the comments he made. Keep it like though believes he analysis of the patriots cheat all the time that you hear only ESPN. It was like well you know it's always something and its exact quote was you don't like this that out of the other thing but it always seems like it's something and end they got caught they had to pay the price. I don't think the patriots ever care about what comes out of a guy's mouth honestly I don't think would have. That'll be asked would say they bring a back. Gotta be at the first press governments and eligible saying you know I don't care about the comments whenever I know you make of that what you will end. And totally diffused it. So while I laughed originally at the idea of this and after 48 hours of thinking about it like I I have this vision in my head of him locking guys down on one side to. No Butler and guild moral locking guys down on the other side and. It's hard to shake it's hard to get an and his shadow of. What role Ryan and book look a look at Gil law Revis and what looked. And I say Butler because I still think he's planned a three point 91 million next yet I still think it's happened. Building it's happened. 61777979837. And we will be back to wrap up the show after this final.

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