WEEI>On Demand>>Picard and Thornton continue talking Pats offseason and give their thoughts on Pete Abraham's now infamous tweet -- 3-19-17

Picard and Thornton continue talking Pats offseason and give their thoughts on Pete Abraham's now infamous tweet -- 3-19-17

Mar 19, 2017|

The guys talk more about the direction the Patriots are heading in this offseason. They've made a ton of moves, and they aren't done yet! More on Brady, Jimmy G and Butler. They also discuss the Pete Abe tweet and Jerry gives him a piece of his mind!

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And 979837. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. I'm Danny because they'll have the pollen on the parade Jerry Horton as usual idea from nine alone on a Sunday. This just a couple of mix it around Evan yeah I'm you are welcome everybody all the millions are sold at a prominent insulting. To what it does we're not gonna. Sit here in Britain you would not gonna call you a racist city. We're not gonna you know disparaged the Irish is a bunch of drunks Buchanan storm drains you are all welcome here I'll let I do the body gets himself in reality it's eleven. Clock. Yet allows left in any big plans today during. A big week enemies are bad weekend I could still showed won't continues today. Got a plan and I'm on back to sell the yen and albeit not a couple body but we got today. Started early on Friday hit a couple of of them on the social or the the slogan hang on. I'd take her son in a while well then went back to snow later on whipped by the way titled get hassled by the man. Would everybody in there have a good time it was crowded but not any more crowded than it. Ever is on saint patty's the fire Marshal came and decided that everybody had to go outside. And they wouldn't let them back in until they're eighteen they capped it at a particular number and you had to then. You don't know more than that many people could go back can't come right I isolate in the middle of saint Patrick tonight at a boat. Will be 8 o'clock. Now I will guarantee you the density of people in that place. Was no more then some upscale restaurants. On a busy Saturday night. But they had to pick that moment just to break everybody's balls why because the one group in this area around it you can. Basically treat as second class citizens with impunity. Our. Irish people that bad sodas and we stood out there in the cold for about twenty minutes while they went through. These charades and bounced in and out of place out of tonight's Latin somewhere else and I really like it in the end this app is great it's into the real deep. Authentic little pubs so now you got that ran out or you'll never have to wait outside again. Yeah out but you know again to get hassled by the man just. In a little people a little towns that feel like they're more important as the government workers and they are out of everybody's. Control you can't. And elect that guy sold he has the power to do it every once that UTX com. So that was that was Friday night shattered less than had a party today of going home for boiled dinner. I got to interrupt the middle that the data go see and I'm happy to pollute lovely Irish roses musical. She's insist Iraq down and all well but aren't they a medical home Ted. To drinks and and college basketball and your party is is that a public or. Couple places bumps in around it did the big bodies hung spot. It's like the same one every. On the glory will act. Any marring cop is Paul got a statement throw great body I can I tell you my theory and the worst part of saint Patrick in Boston. The politicians breakfast I'm sorry I used to go to this party a block away from Broadway street. And it was always the one guy at the party that insists that. Who would literally shocks people for having a conversation because like what John Kerry's about to read a poem. All my vote laughs I am gonna have at that. You know of a bunch of lake elected officials say they re cycle and a jokes some last year and it would laugh at like they're actually funny. I know everybody loves some politician or another I happen to have hum and a hum. Emotionally attached to sell. It is atrocious I would rather have put on. The sports reporter Tim and then that watch that. One of our veterans as Nick Collins. State reps on Boston and I went to those old Bosnian citizens association then the other night but I'm always good time it's similar to that what you see at the breakfast today. But dom. Yeah I mean Sunday out of go to breakfast I'd usually. Had a couple drinks we breakfast. And I don't all go I practiced. Today. Let's bring it to one. And we're gonna keep the choke point to marathon not a sprint that's right you know 61777979837. Back it calls Eddie is in Melrose it's up attic. They are big guys. On the rock or need to Cleveland's. Let me basically. Making a good you know all. That the other X. Four six years because you either you know Connecticut didn't you given the number one pick. Get him get to ski. You have to be convinced that he liked. What where he's the quarterback change China latitude is. I just worry that it. Another team thinks it's only you know quarter it and you know it's still do that and how you know he looked into hiding out. Porky get away. And I don't know that angle and we sort of one of them but I don't you know what you and so they wanted and so who knows like I mean I don't get it. We'll see Eddie I. I'm old enough to remember the dark days of B and patriots and that I wrote. The I wrote wrote a book about it from dark as the dynasty available now at bookstores everywhere. Armed in one of the formulas all of the bad team of the patriots would do this. Is will look to the back up on a great team. And say that I could be the one to help us to kind of draft the DNA of this dynasty unto our own so that's all the patriots ended up with guys like Hugh Millen. And Mark Wilson because they were trying to keep to take a piece of that magic. If I'm Cleveland. I feel better a boat Jimmy grapple low than say roll the dice on to shine ties are into Shawn Watson and and like to introduce. I do agree with that I think yeah requests. It's early what they have. Consulting and good at a good way. It sounds like a little work coming out about what you take about what you take with a thick smoke is that the way to look at it I still think that such decision. And that's so in other words I'm not surprised at yet because they have a lot of security audit that he couldn't flex essential that it's. Yeah see that to me in unit that's why the twelve looked so good just as a starting point and then. And maybe even a future one although frankly even I'm thinking in. And might one next year is probably still gonna be top ten even a tightly and grapple Owen and you know the beat they'll be growing pains there in and is a good as mild Garrett looks or whatever it it I'm not expected to be and are a 500 team. Let I just. Would rather goal with. Eagle rock below then all these quarterbacks that are coming out right now all of what kind applaud. And though even on the this talking about connect to a cleavage Robiskie is yeah I mean he's. He might be the front runner but then you get a dialect but they could get him at twelve funnel. Rob probably probably not no not played at there's there's disagreement there I mean like. May not cool I think is a boat as good as any of them and he's got Kaiser from Notre Dame as his number one. And was benched in the fourth quarter twice this year the team was atrocious. Dating go to Opel. At least not appalled that you wanna go till they can brag about them soul I think it's all over the map and if you just look at recent history. How inexact science has been on quarterbacks alone any you know put. Russell Wilson what is the most successful quarterback guiding his camp the third rounder in Dak press Scott. Is is the gold out of last year and you as a third rounder so. I feel like I'm gonna take rappel because he's still young. He's got. Experience in that fact that he's been in that Patriots offense I think again and again. Not only sold it to a fan base but for myself I'm gonna feel this is my best shot. Ed getting the next great franchise quarterback yes I mean if you're browns fan I don't wanna spend the next two dollars put my. Itself in the shoes of a Cleveland Browns lethal today I I don't that's a holy day. Well on a dinner dessert. Not. If I had to do it just a couple seconds I would say that. I know I need a quarterback. I think I'd be willing to give up whatever it takes to get someone like Iraq looked even if I'm not necessarily sold. On what a tropical could be just the fact that we use our small sample size of him being able to go on the road and what a big game. Against Arizona who at the time. The bottles are a team that you know nobody expected them and the way they and it sees apparently a team that expected to be reached for it in play us. To go to win that game and then to do what you did in the first half against Miami again it's a very small sample size and I'm not saying that sent. Size is tell us the story of grapples NFL career but it's a good enough sample size around on our I also know. What I have if I'm a browns fan which is nothing under Senna. And I'd do anything I could to get back guy who like you shed has been like what Belichick and Brady the last cures. And if you make that deal beginning with the twelfth. You're not coming away from the draft with nothing you you still keep the men are born overall in you'll have been a load of picks and that's sweet spot that the patriots like that that thirty to sixty range. And yet all those guys are going to make your team. So cute couple few album in its. It's too well a lesser extent kind of what did he ages is the only way. Heaven more draft picks that he's ever going to be able to utilize the build its roster so package similar to gathering get the biggest piece of the puzzle they unique. Wait too often we make trade proposals that are ridiculous. We go we have to state what caller okay if you're a cubs. You gotta make that deal whatever. In this case if I put myself in the Brown's shoes. I say I would I would positively do that I would think pats fans would be an unreasonable to say they're the perfect trade partner. Greg is in New Hampshire what's up Greg. And I don't want what's happened at all thanks Greg it's up. Very you know one of the reasons you drive me insane I'd like Hewitt like listening to you buy it. You've acknowledged on the one hand that spell check. Often takes counter intuitive approach is to. On the handling players as a GM yet when you think when you're thinking through all these problems. Currently use nothing but intuition. Meaning. Just what to do with Brady I mean the guy didn't play four games. Last season he's 39. And you didn't factor that in two year. Analysis of how effective he's going to be going for her to tiger season. Arm. Because he still played. Basically an NFL season you know because he was in three playoff games he played he played fifteen games eight that's. Patriots season the patriots season usually to the divisional round of the AFC championship. You can't project and now five years. And dismissed that fact he'd even play a quarter of the cease and that's that doesn't even make logical. Well I don't see how it's still way I look at Brady missed the first four games and what would have happened if he did play the way I look at it is I'd look at the things he did do. And the rest of the season and I say to myself if he played the first four he would have been the MVP. Yes sure that's because. I'm not saying I'm not saying that that his performance this season would have been wrote up a market declines from. If you played the entire year I'm just saying how can you sit here and tell his wheat grass and diet. When you're not even considering the fact that he he missed four games and that's. Some are able the year before he played that opens the AFC championship game behind. The most porous offensive line may be without ever seen in guy he was he was battered but he still played at a really high level. What were once but. But the thing is owned shared one year when you get to that changes not just one year it's like three years. Look I'd amend it don't whale might guarantee and Greg that he's going to be able to play the least 45 I happen to think that that's his goal. And if I were a betting man I would bet that he's gonna be able to pull it off based on what AIC a home. That that's no guarantee but then at that guarantees don't exist. I think he's the surest bet. Put put it that I. I mean I always talk who's he talking about I would talk. Again we're talking about some schmuck who won one Sobel who shoot rules and kinda had a decent season after missing the first four games last year like that. I write that limited some in which the greatest quarterback of all time and don't tell me. Does the public already is cyclical it don't you talk about the team's all -- if you if you rate Isiah to Omniture. You're agreeing team it's like at some point you have to acknowledge the facts. And the facts are made to exact I didn't want to acknowledge I don't know what you do on the back on solid he was doing dishes while he's talking points. I mean we took out all over and take on the first four games after being played a bit the MVP votes fort Davis. Act people don't use that to not give him the MVP. I don't think will be played those personal game. You look a lot old the next season bought if you know he don't look a lot older the the two seasons from now. Rick is his passer rating was 115. And if the patriots season extended beyond the Super Bowl. If for whatever reason they had like eight post season tournament. I've really Brady's can performance would have continued. And a lot of it is physical a lot of anything to with mental he's got. Such mastery right now of NFL defense is that he's may quit he makes quick decisions and so he doesn't get the kind of hit. That knocked Jimmy grapple a lot of a couple of games. It it's all part of the same package with this guy now again I'm not promising you that. In 2021. He's still gonna be playing at a high level of Hussein and I think he has a better chance at being a good quarterback. That furrow than anybody yells that that's the patriots are going to be able to obtain Mike has in Framingham don't like. Let go I don't Max Kellerman a little Malawi. Sign it sounded like a line drive home from the that is where gotten up and fight last night yeah. The order that created this off topic Welker led by. God talk like that political heir to a lot Cam Newton and our captain he's the next preference although I thought of course they'll want to remember. You know what that's a great point I was we note that the any today the the top story on pro football talk. Is Ben Roethlisberger. Saying he might possibly play next year and that like. This guy is that among the top five quarterbacks of the Brady era. And you know has two Super Bowls and yet right now all he's doing this Hamlet act is the what do Brett Favre. It looked. Mid march a ball whether he's giddy complete next year does anybody have even let's shred of doubt that Brady's gonna play in a leak. Level next year although the Max Kellerman. Trip up at the got Cold War yeah. Yeah. Well well what it called forward that set trapped value chart on the efficacy the public came up with that day. Actually you know what it was Jimmie Johnson back and and the ninety's so it's. It's kind of arbitrary and they might laugh at a but it's it's it's something you can use anyway as a as a metric and take it which is what you will. Deck control are the players and their potential new round of rate that was six round. Our bet that any worse route route that you get. The idea so we'll put positively and some drafts adjust better than others what what was the one where. All these guys have failed. That there were high picks top ten picks they'd Jonathan Cooper. Once it was when he twelve off the top of my head. But let Cooper marquis this mingle. I mean it was that bad turned out to be an atrocious traffic going to and everybody thought was stack. Yeah I mean look at the guy we opened the show with talking bodies not compartment when he hit. Right out the eight get drafted now take your pick him about the street. And it. It's all. The giants won a Super Bowl with Victor Cruz yet. Look and I love the draft I'm a draft nerd I always have bitten while I acknowledge that it's a kind of a joke. It is the fact that it's so when exact. And that. You almost don't wanna have a high pick. Because the stakes are much higher if you swing and miss at that which is why the patriots have always dropped out of always come come out of it to that second round they would rather take. 32 round there's been a top ten pick and it drives people crazy. But that's relative that built this dynasty. Yeah I mean when you get two guys like you know Malcolm Mitchell and the fourth round Trey flowers. And the fourth round Pulte made huge plays. And that fourth corner. Of struggle 51. Obviously an additional championship I mean we you get what I got most guys you know when when knocked. Quarterback. Greatest of all time was taken. Very late in the draft when you have got popcorn tobacco now again we don't know what's gonna happen don't get drafted. How much stock yet to actually wanna put into you know some of the house say draft projections. Won't tolerate that I mean we can goal to mock drafts right now first round. I mean again this is you could say this but you really can say is about any sport and I got into it is. Couple weeks ago all about the NBA draft and the top three of four guys that are projected to go alone. When you have one of those picks. We Scott look at those guys a little bit early and others like people we've been talking about lawns a Bollenbach no faults I think maybe longer than some other. Teens in different cities and our fans because the Celtics potentially have that number one pick from Brooklyn what you might get your choice to take one of those guys. What I think we get so worked up will we don't talk about him it's like we put on such a pedestal with untouchable. And there's no way they could fail at the professional level. And her body is actually pretty good chance they could fail throughout. Professional level I mean. Look at the jets at the jets who have been drafted in the top ten world like a generation now. And have rarely improved as a team because. They they get these picks in this guy the next big seeger entered at the B now that Mark Sanchez as an example Vernon Gholston which is one of my favorite stories because. Allegedly the patriots will furiously working a full lines trying to move up to get particles that. And 01 of the beat writers call Belichick it's in the draft is it known on a Saturday called them at 5 o'clock and Friday. He was leaving the office to go to his son's lacrosse practice. Put the roars out there they would try to giggles until the jets move up they get up he's Abbas instead the patriots at that again Jerod Mayo. And team builder came out of Alabama couple years ago as a quarterback I couldn't find a negative word said about a couldn't find a single weakness. He was. I gonna be the replacement for Darrelle Revis he was benched as a rookie it's already cut from the team amounted to nothing so. While I love the draft I acknowledge its its medieval monks arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. It's totally abstract and we don't have a clue. As Tom Brady senior said. They can't measure heart. Which now which is wrong because they did in the grinch who stole Christmas but aside for men. You can't measure heart I'm glad you brought up Revis as we're gonna get into that. And I'll continue to take the patriots phone calls on Danica got a Philip fatigue jacket he's Jerry thought. The phone on the 61777979837. Back after this time out. FM am telling you we. Three to seven. Right exactly patriots phone calls. I was not in Maine with a Scott. They got this is not. Couple reports on where it. From everything we were formed him all that it is email abuse you or play it out there like yours. He said what political socks and you know these are that he's earned the right side. So idol and the next quarterback you don't change. If our country girl. I'm looking for Cleveland's number one match here not this year. You could be you'd have to share or whatever. But. The next June draft quarterback for a little punch someone whom you'd. In portable aren't pretty per 200 years. And that you've got a guy going forward. Yeah I mean what is god did only I would say to that is if there's anyone that's proven you don't need to take a quarterback in the first round and it's patriots. Right right I don't I don't I don't see them taken out a quarterback in the first round. I mean I didn't see a big and I didn't see him take on Doral below in the second. And by the way. The whole rage level in this town when they what they quarterback as the back up their outlook I ended in the second round was. Off the charts. You know and I kept trying to explain to people wait that. The Denver did the exact same thing the year before Brock Botswana audio alleged because Manning's old out our eight. Vote. Packers took. Aaron Rodgers in the first round as favre's back up the people of mole of Wisconsin will losing their damn minds. In the next few of the team went four and twelve. To me like all. The the patriots didn't because they feel like a backup quarterback is important that there was value there that they had faith that grappled could develop them. Backup quarterback is an important position it's no less important than have a good spare tire you car. You hope never to use it. What you you have to have one good not a for I mean art but a fresh round pick out of our original pic is is is is stretch what. Arm track I had but at rain out but as gut which win. The Packers that it Favre had missed the snap and light fifteen years and they they did it anyway they have no regrets on that. Again I I still say I want the first round pick this year I don't wanna wait to next but you know what I'll take their efforts this year. And I can't give up first next good they've still got to make up for the spy gate pick I haven't forgotten that one of its soul let let. The the fact is Cleveland needs garage below. The patriots need to make up for the fact that they have had tactics taken away you can't go if you include Dominique Easley as a draft bust which he clearly is at this point. That'll go on three years three straight years right now as a stand without a first round pick. It that's a big ask they you're gonna keep. Bring an end talent without a first round pick over three years so. To me it's it's it's a must. Tony is an average auto attempt on. Where you guys don't with a Tony that call what I call slightly upbeat report calls a coal and what are your clock this thing. It will all cost people their. Record ratings for seven years in aggressive or he got hurt hallway okay since then. Eight more years without missing a lot. And you'll slow it dole wasn't quite 33. Virtually since. Its marketable nineteen years. Nixon like then the larger story. Yeah 888 meetings four games there is gone. Yeah on not tell the story of his future right I do that doesn't it. It and it's unbelievable because of apple plates six squad to answer it or the other guy in the US one hit he gets hurt. Tensions separately from raiding the whole lot of tickets go on to quote it there's a lot of Stanford law that its student to just happen to anybody. United. And and Tony you know I just answer the call into Egypt one we talked about radiant and into his forties. The picker it's. The first move they make Gregory Ron first move they made this offseason was. Traded between now. And that point Alan I've heard people rave about it's now. If I was gonna launch an all these are great blocking tight and what the people who study these like. Who have watched Mike Allen play we can we got what is what's the first thing they say about he's a great block in. Biden button and that it is any thing that used to be doing right now the other patriots. Took may be. Helped Tom Brady along and and keep him goal in more than just next year you'll one more yet call it quits and got the Jimmy did. Protection up front get all blocking up front. Actual line that. You give Brady more time in that pocket. The more years he spends in this league does not not trying to say it has anything to do with missing four games last year he's got to look all this does next year because of it if he plays a full sixty. I'm just telling you that. That won't that they made to bring endpoint Alan I don't think there's any coincidence then that. They make that move first all and by the way he's a great blocking tight end. Yeah I mean you don't want things right now at least you should help Tom Brady out of not a wide receipt at that and it. It's at a guy who gives them an element that. While they have it's not been their strong suit and that's a guy who can play outside that the numbers and in the Super Bowl. You know the reason that they struggled for the first like you know two thirds of the game was because the wind of mixed them up and would you know. Come on down in the middle of yielding coming up the works there with a patriots like to operate eventually they adjusted and said he Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Hogan or whatever. Cooks is it leaked at that. That's an element while they they have it they don't have it to his level so yeah that's there to help radiant and weaken could we dispense with this other myth. That this is them loading up because they know that this is it for operate off loading it means your you'll blow but the salary cap. And that you're gonna have to dump guys in a couple years again if they sign but with the guilt more money which they ran a no obligation to do. They will still be twenty million dollars under the cap. If they haven't moved Jimmy grapple low yet which will bring the message this isn't loading up this is to what they always do this is trying to win next year. And keeping yourself in a position to win the year after that and the year after that they in no way of eight they. Colin fared in ways that they have ample. You know what forces people to think that. Fortunately got. Grapples presents its own team no one next year is the last year of his deal. Knowing that I mean really would make them. It's it makes sense it's Olympic goal right I compensation retirement mean. Are you a kettle after the third round yet. When you could move on right out of potential blockbuster to a team that it looks like it seemingly loaded up for that type move like Cleveland Browns. Like why would you just. Hold on to grapple I mean I think rob Lowe's presence has forced people in that thing again. I'd issued a one year left on his deal they see all the moves the patriots are making and they see other headlines the patriots in Macon with all these crazy Mowlds picnic and play. If you know we heard the report during the Super Bowl before us a ball that Kraft and Belichick know when Belichick was done and they have a fact that that I can't talk about it. Did people think and dynamic. But it's grappled presence. And modern in my under Apple's presence as we think he's don't get traded because I agree we do Jerry. Yeah the pickers load are not sure of it up for just one year I don't think so I don't think you're acknowledging a window. But knowledge and I think a three to five you would. I believe. Did you join next year. You know people also what it's and all the trademark nineteen and all the Golan for nineteen knowledge and gonna walk away I still have a tough time believing that. They gotta do not condone ninety you know let's say they did it. Brady would be at the MVP and like we talked about earlier he's just too competitive tactic get up and walk away after. He be trying to goad nineteen held back to back years. It's not just for next year. But. I do think they are acknowledge a certain window. And I think this sort of three to five year when I really it's crazy to to believe that you believe they know they're acknowledging a window well let me yet. You have to have made it's it's. It's physiology. It's it's you know that the the sheet. Of what what does the table when you get your in your life insurance. You know that actuarial its actuarial table at some point it all the bell tolls for all of us. I don't think they think and like I am that Brady's gonna play until infinity they have to utility reality that I love and what not a delusional fan boy like like I am. What haven't said that. There were approach is to continue to do it in a responsible way that they're not gonna have to. Pulley like a 49ers. You know where everything just disintegrated re read candidate if their feet their their position themselves to be competitive going forward. While trying to field the best team in football next year. Did I when I I left with a look at the keep Jimmy people because they talk in definite in absolutes of bulk or apple going forward. If they talked in absolutes about Jacoby present we really don't know no idea either these L ideas 60% camp possibly be the answer. It is you don't that it did tonight that you would say the same things about grapple when they draft that we've seen a little bit of both of them. I look at the percent from that game three against Houston and I go did that I look like an NFL quarterback. After a few months and a program give them an aunt of a full offseason. He seems to have the make up B seems to have the maturity they know what he's like in the meeting room watching film when he's worked in the white board and it could be very possible that they sit there and though we really hit it with this guy to. Grapples expendable but for anybody to say this guy can do it and act like kids and you you'd you're just talking out your ass. Yeah and in Al. I think when it comes the patriots and how date that I just held telecheck banks. He thinks he can he probably thinks he can win with anyone right Pallet Jack in reaching this with certain moves you know let's play is Collins is a next man up I can still went. The orchard that way. And if you think that and brand brought one of the conversation and you say what Belichick probably feels he can win a corrupt well if you think back. And racial what you said we really don't know all about grappled haven't seen a moment much if you really Belichick thinks he can win with anyone's equal to grab loan. What's. What's making here. Stop crumbling and appellate checked. And went with any quarterback that he could take in the draft this yeah sure out and yeah if he does anyone and you believe that. And he can when the. And I his belief how do you not trust this team when it comes to evaluate their backup quarterback to track record is pretty solid if you look at the guys that they moved off of in short order that never amounted to squat it'll Boeheim gave a cliff Kingsbury. You know Kevin O'Connell and let the guys that they capped well to me was the worst. Pre season quarterback of every scene the patriots have was Matt Cassel. I had zero faith that he could get the job and I don't know why they kept him. He's 33 years we'll be stolen football and he's probably get a legal forty. I think he's gonna end up having like a Matt Hasselbeck Korea bounce around a little bit by but have this longevity they will write a boat him. A couple of years ago Danny there where three starting quarterbacks in week one of the NFL season although awful were developed by the patriots freight. Brady Cassel Brian Moyer. They were valuation process is better than other teams and and it's hard for us on the outside to be able to us to know but they do. And when I was saying patriots can won't anyone I'm speaking for all of the people like I'll put myself and issues that people that want to keep your op along around. Me personally I don't panic or at least golf because I do think Brady has another three. Four years left and on. At an elite level and if he has that left and on the ended in May there's no point in keeping Jimmy Barack floor around especially with next year is the last year of his deal cell I was I was if I grovel for your neighbors. I don't know Oprah well except of 100. He allowed me to Auburn OK but he just not it's just not gonna get better the next Jerry and Ann that that's the harsh reality of this whole conversation. And soul I wanna see bella check. Obviously not come out publicly say it is but internally I want him to be thing and. And talk with Tom and Brady and popular Democrat and say hey. It's never gonna get better than this so let's try to keep this all as long as we possibly can and that's why get back to doctors don't for next year they go on for a window. They they are talking and when. And I think the windows three to five years. I try to guess and it's what armory until they can develop their next Tom Brady in he might be on the roster now. He might be in college right now plate movement without question. The need to get is accumulate as many assets as they can in order to keep this going and the guy who's gonna bring you late model lord of assets. Is next year's backup quarterback so wolf look now because lake is set a U we're willing to give them up now for a lot. Or let him play it out and they should get a pick between the third and fourth drip third and fourth rounds no more moved him. That's already at the franchise. Iraq polo next year to move the trade needle out about 2018 franchise tag. And you know I think it should be don't know Malcom buckle once he plays this season acted three point nine line million dollars. First round 10617779798376177797. 9837 he's Jerry thought Ogden apricot more patrons phone calls at this time out. The sports. Network. I 79837. On day because element to each other. Jerry Norton is here as usual. Happy saint patty's day everybody young Dublin as. The pokes. The pollsters the tops it's so close I'm I'm I'm getting trusted name that tune today AF. Be better platelet champion today Morton has some tough ones yeah yeah this is like what I listened to all of the ad time which is some of them sort of blend together after those those first few differences I'm just sort of a. Saint Patrick's Day weekend Irish music when I'm a humorous and this liked am November. Typically typically not let for a month lead not to saint paddies and kinda an actor. But I mean I can't read I'm not I'm not above it like April fallen on some saw doctors say in the in the car or something like that plate. Yeah for the most part they sort of binge holiday music it's Irish Christmas in you know at home on a month month. And I Marissa Tamil does go back to listen until that to the crack that he you know Katy Perry and to wreck like that and I'm embarrassed that I don't even care about. I'm bill put before we get back to patriots thought I just. I am not gonna feel good about myself of I leave here without talking about them we discussed in the first hour and that's. The the true stories that John took my seat and he gave him and here's the thing that this dynamic and I don't think you and I have talked about it on the at this. Business although we thought all we we did so many open a little. But this idea that Boston is a priest is city. And it's this false narrative this fake news thing that's been held there for ever. In its perpetuated. By guys I personally like John Thomas yeah I don't feel like I should even need to have to say that it would for humor. To declare. That we us as a people everyone in the city. Are are racist. And that if you stayed that. You use examples disable if we're races how about this and forgiveness to then compare us to slave owners. Is reprehensible. Like I get it OK John now your jaw more enlightened than the rest of us you put yourself. Well above us all because you somehow don't have a hatred in your heart that you see that the rest of us do. How do we just proved that. What do we guilty of because we like Larry Bird isn't that really it isn't always pulled back to the fact that in the eighties the Celtics built great teams. With some white players that. Let's. You know the mark of shame on the CD forever she'll meet the city in the world will Larry Bird would not have been beloved. If people wait for the lakers if people wait for the hawks if he played in Croatia. They're not gonna like them we only like them because of his skin color done and somehow. You know we've. A week we get the scarlet letter on us permanently in perpetuity. If we are. A racist city we are the most incompetent white supremacists in the history of the world because all we do. It is elect. You know liberals and people let's celebrate diversity in our colleges talking incessantly about it and by the way we Loeb. A lot of athletes that were not born here love them. David Ortiz isn't just admired as a baseball player he is bull look he's been embraced by this city. Somehow if you save that though. Tomorrow if he turns it around and says on all that's like yeah. Guardian out of that game to a slave own argument. Because it's. It is that. Effort that people make is say I'm so enlightened that I'm gonna just to rid. There's an expression for it's written Doug still had that delirium which means take any argument and reduce your opponent to Hitler. And it's the same thing that Pete Abraham did only was reject add planning to hit college guy eight grand wizard. Of the clan again people that links to other people. That existed for one reason it was the hate and kill their neighbors because they don't like the color it is scanned. Because a guy said I don't like gay David Price. I invented to chicken out by waiting days and then. Try to send me back off that claim with a tweet at like midnight on Friday at Saint Patrick's Day. Is despicable there's a lot of people that don't like David Price. Okay there's a lot of people yes that doesn't mean racist. And so what I used. I guess I don't pattern and this. I had not let them it on the Internet David Price does come off is. And unlikable guy. I mean he continues to talk about all understand you know people care about like the copy conversation. Have you read that and didn't cringe at one point then that I kind of feel like he's got he's got a Red Sox. I read that idol will. You know as the the pitcher David Price. The Boston Red Sox for you to continue to come out and say well I understand. People don't care about me as a person make a key ally. Ally pitcher Roger Wicker a tight match social talk about angle bitch. Right it is he. That meant it that's all that and debate. Well why don't you just burn across right now and let you know take off well look I can't even hear you talk exactly. Dave price in that article came off as a guy who was too sensitive. To pick his insecure this exceed year. What we embrace the guys at some point when the Red Sox had wanted to be a lifetime thing that. We are to toughen and firemen like guys come here and they melts. Well. That was just proven by callers by by clutch guys like Pedro light David Ortiz. Curt Schilling. The Red Sox team that broke through that once the once of one championships that we will. What forever in this town and head the racial make up all the cover of a college pro shore. Door to door guys from Japan that would guys from the Dominican pure American blacks that. Yelled at him we've got to died from a rule book on this team that that we. Well why because they come here they worked their ass off. The they conduct themselves right that's what we what we like and it's not a boat. There's not a die in this town who hates David Price because. Of the color of the skin that would like otherwise but doesn't. Because he's black and other people don't like them for a lot of different reasons and some. Media are racists like you can't just say that everybody who has issue with David Price is racist unless you're just. Restating fool who has nothing but contempt for your audience. I just real quick as it is it on lap of one of soliloquy here to general rise a little bit which is exactly what to my seat NP David Newhan. In general. Life around here sucks. Right boss who live from Boston is result of slog. Between. You know the weather that's terrible the traffic that that's atrocious politicians that are corrupt. Young people get up way earlier than they should. To go get a parking spot at the train get a BM and by the T have to walk. Up the tracks to a job that they hate what bosses that are terrible to them. End. At the end of the day they just want to do the right things you know what I mean they they just one goal home pay their taxes little by the rules don't have paid their high. And to call them racist. Is apple the abominable. To save their. You'll have some how enlightened in ways that the relatively very hard working town wit we closed a full employment around here because people of Boston were their ass off. College students stay here instead of go to the SEC to some party school and banged super hot coed to tailgate parties in the sun. And it they don't deserve to be called racist it if if that is what racism is that you can fire that polluted people and pretend that it's just a nerve dark. Then what you've done is taken away the harshness of what racism is supposed to beat. In this Danny and I'll finish with us this would be the best time in the world to be an actual racist. Because you can just hide in plain sight. Because everyone's taking guys who don't like a baseball pitcher and accused it will be in a race if you're an actor race it's it's like. It's like being a bank robber when everyone's the end you know oh the European accused of robbing banks no one's gonna catch you. So pick your spots felons there are individual races so they're no one denies that but to save their whole region of people. Is that is is loath them. Great Gerri great end of rant they go 617779. 79837. Lobby we have one more all at the way taking your phone calls did Jerry Kill and Andre and Todd Allen and Petit shepherd back after this panel.

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