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Picard and Thornton on the Tom Brady/Jimmy Garoppolo saga -- 3-19-17

Mar 19, 2017|

The boys get into other Pats offseason news, specifically where we're at with the Jimmy G trade rumors. Are the Browns still interested, and if so, how many draft picks would they be willing to part with. The guys debate the future of both QB's with some callers.

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Sox Beason scenes. It's all fair game with a peach jeopardy carry torches fox Sports Radio WEP. 97 categories like Brody. Yeah actually the a violation of guys who. Action movie career like short circuit it way too soon rowdy Roddy Piper should have been. A movie star. His performance and. They live with ethic that it had the great John Carpenter film. It's the immortal line may be the worst catch phrase in the history of of movies and he sold it I am here at tech kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I am all a load of bubbled up. You can't duplicate that kind of magic with a lesser talent I tried in dazed and confused right and a civil alignment year. Yellow or what is said or was alive he said. On hit a drink there and kicks amass or almost out of him. Overall I didn't seek Brody did it so much better in yet. Heap at general feet had any more entries and as I am DB page that that he should of been. Cranking out one more reason John Clyde van Diem and Stephens adult combined. JD says a magical time the unions are you missed it. I'll bring it helped bring me back bring his back Brit bundle on an 82. But you know she got a little to god Allah it's Hugo hello I actually remember. From the eighties and Obama will better wrestle mania maybe it would this CT was I had the early days of Hulk a mania. Like that was my life I'll call him macho man Randy savage the ultimate warrior you know from wrestle mania. The green. There wrestle mania like I've known him wrestle mania what was it four team was that the fleet sent. Obviously now he got I went to I was there stone cold Shawn Michaels Mike Tyson. That was him. It was a bit if you didn't see George the animal Steele. No explanation will suffice I get done him no exclamation no explanation is no I can't recall. Very me. In it's it's it's climbing club with the macho man's story line mostly loved ms. Elizabeth. Yes actually likely it is that savage beast written. And nobody ever made a turn buckle the way he did again go Everest as I did see I I believe and and my my memory of this is you know it's it's cloudy but. Deal gotten I saw Hulk called emerge king holly race. And they had a with a crown and I just remembered as the block well all of the face. Ready to hit people crown II and bank there men. Upon. That was a lot with the golden age eight a look at the past than sports but I and I'm not a content pre wrestler guy I have to go back out of Blake you know. She honesty when at any time to tackle basketball yes legal battle like Larry Bird and Kevin McHale I'd like dealt with wrestling I I tried to be that way with no other sport you know Mikey atoms targetable bill Lee instead of David Price Bob. Not wish that I was actors are on the bright but with the David Price. Or he'd be a much bigger story if the patriots. Line. You know steal the headlines with the way they've put on free agency and all moves that they made and we yet we've been talking about the Butler situation. Yes they had again mentioned high dollar twice the high dollar's gonna retire and yeah I'd be judged from a birthday iPod egos visits Pittsburgh in a toe but he's gone back to knowing. It's just they've done so much and we still waiting on Apollo that it's like you know the patriots to steal and all that lives in a plot oh we can't even get all the patriots headlines. Let myself like David Price like. Don't give them the patrons were still these headlines like what we've talked a wooded V. But what are we going nuts about David Price and how they handle on his elbow or NL wild card can impact would be you'd imagine. Weeks' worth of talking about David prices global wind it's really not gonna be a factor until mid season like. Is shut it down visibly so would you can say about a guy who needs to rest his arm bite ya I'm afraid that's who would you be reduced to. The biggest story out there. Has flown underneath all this is his grappled what they'll do with him yet edit it Graham for about six hours away he said good bye to the city. Ed that you don't believe he was actually hack. No because how do you get the word out there that attacked and not un Hackett. I don't know I don't we we look. I don't world. We like the Russians are listening to the president talked Australian at CIA its use it Alexa that elicited on your conversations Alexa is eye on people on the other day I want to ask. Yeah end. You'll see episode TVs are watching you like. Have mommy daddy chimed in that go out on the Internet and people listing all that stuff so anything's possible by. If you get hacked. I think you immediately take the picture now straw and corrupt people who did so there is his smoke Vieira and it's caused by some fire. And didn't Tom Brady just get on in Seagram. They had like their reveal it's like woods Tom Brady gonna be on next FaceBook it's way I started thinking that what's he gonna be our next to it. Is Graham snapshot what got a bigger revealed that it was just program tender had a. Right there. Then you got to pick his agent Don the same. Same guy who represents. You need an envelope. So the audience to Graham. Going to shine inference program. I just kind of feel it's not but I'm not about by the theoretical right engadget there and take that Donnie but without a problem that's my point they could take at Doral always still in bed. I think this Delhi that that was the that is excuse I don't EP yeah enough Blackhawks game got before. So you got what black out drunk the average dated as Drake. So this idea that somehow he slept eleven and then woke up in a while. Somebody hacked my answer all you guys yelling and his buddies like took his phone would it was a book it put this update now there. There was something to that there was some sort of message or that was ready to go. And dale operate on Ryan timeline or something in the patriots had to deal but pulled it back and it's not I'd still committed to open and you are on the same page. We grapple always they'll get traded its did makes all the sense in the world to trade him keep it only makes sense for one thing. You're gonna have a reliable backup. That's it it's the only for one year you're going to have a reliable backup as opposed to the marvel load of draft picks you can turn him into. And by the way can keep them as a back up a one year there's no way you can keep them for 2018. So if you put those two things on the scales and it solely says trade. Treat them you you've been had draft picks taken away you could make them all up by eight move in this one guy who next year. Will be holding a Microsoft surface tablet on the sidelines feel they. Keep in him makes very little sense move them makes all the sense in the world and. You know I didn't have to look at the patriots. To make sense of this to make a logical argument and the rubble is gonna get traded look at the bronze. Seems to be set themselves up but this specific trade positive I think they both us Lila. And they got a second round pick and they opened up the pressure police and it's well. It's great to got a second round pick out of this and by the way we acquired brought us while from the Houston Texans yeah it was a report that they were trying to package costs while the browns have to require required us while. They try to package him and a fifth round pick to get a third. Picture of them a day after round one saying okay we got. Miles Garrett. We use the twelve at some other picks to get Jimmy eagle rock below. And the lead off the second round with say Joel mix and still on the board they sell that there and base. And they're going to be thrown parades in Cleveland. Come out of that with anybody other than Jimmie grapple low and people generally her talent or he got miles Garrett that's good but what and the rest is aquae. Mark yeah I mean you can get all the pass rush is that you want in the world I'll support of the Houston. I mean I honestly think you need a quarterback in his sleep and positively and and the question that I've raised the last week and a half is. You know as we get closer to the draft and Jerry. It's gonna take Cleveland make involve number one overall and twelve overall for me to believe that. Are apple is not getting treated other need to seek Cleveland make those two picks and then I'll believe art drop what is next year they'll franchise and at the end of the season. Mock. It's gonna take that for me to believe droplets and I think he gets ready so the question our best is if it's go to Cleveland. And I don't. A lot of exuded no way you give up number one overall if you Cleveland and in a vacuum. Yeah a lot your right to a blood. I think if you're browns. You after. Be serious with yourself and asked this question in a rule in front office personnel GM on it yet that's just question. Rob Lowe was available on the draft will retake it and I'm on overall because if we would. And we think he's got type of player will win doing things for a whole offseason to try to acquire. What is stopping us from given up number one overall Trent I don't want to wanted to part of our you probably give up twelve instead of one. The patriots had to have a trigger apple could hold off number one overall. If Cleveland. I mean that dent the perfect world you don't move that pick. What you'll look back in this league. And it did DSL would you think to answer a question where it yet are up close and in available to draft we were taken number one overall. After what he's thinking traded that pick. The patriots yep I'm just I did try to be real with what they could get what I think could be had for them because I do pink. If you make the right operative patriots you can get grapple used to edit. It just makes too much sense to make that move the patriots. And perhaps because it makes much sense for them. There are awesome teams like Cleveland data using that as leverage against the patriots and perhaps that is what's hold this thing. It is that it is saying you need to move him. We are not gonna give you number one overall and I didn't even twelve over and at the perception resulted that you need to move them would you deal. The last couple atom shot it. You know you act like it's the last thing in the world do you want to do right you do as well. Yeah yeah exactly and then Adam when we do mobile you can really yeah I will will give you that that first word because. You do you act like it not a motivated seller you'll hold appease the waterfront property. You know I really used it much someone comes along they want to develop they don't sit there go I she does look and get rid of this any legal why are now Chile's special to Leslie. It's no way we wanna give his son he had now and then about the third time they call with a sweeter offer. You ask for more and they knew began and I love the early report that they look at for a one gulf war for the just the kind of of the the social justice of the idea that. That's what they had taken away from them but that's the body and at this particular poker table you better be prepared to talking one and before. Just to have a conversation with at least because it's poetic justice it it's something that's going to. Slapped the league in the face that we didn't forget we haven't forgiven. And we are going to make up for everything that was taken away pars and then you get more yeah I get what I want I want a RG three type of deal. To move up four picks in the draft in the first round to get RG three Washington gave up obviously than they are number six overall so they moved up four. A third round and now draft. Well first the following year they turned out to be I think the 22. It a first the year after that that turned out to be the number two overall that was to get Robert Griffin the third. A college quarterback that was untested unproven and by the way hasn't exactly worked out grapple with least you can sell to a fan base and say. Let those six quarters that he played earlier this year. Yeah we we had a contestant I you can do that the Jimmer is like all right all along that he was gonna be really really good. You know we were gonna draft him at the patriots had. It makes much sense and so many levels that teams will pay a price to get Iraq blow and you exact that price from them. 61777979837. Wii is she calls will take me Jerry thought on data to come back after this timeout. Sports. Radio One network a seven. Taking your phone calls up until 1 o'clock on game that cost elements the beach yet but. It's just you know Jerry Phillips. Pockets of the patriots. Looking ahead to refuse to let them back at what has happened so far in this new at a penalty here and the patriots steal all the headlines to the point where. Until we I know me personally don't we get some moved. The patriots have made he's made so many I didn't do it three hours yesterday I didn't even mention Birkhead. Sign and and what an eighty means for. When Garrett on as just as a role player a guy will play on special teams can run routes like a wide receiver and by the way. In week seventeen against Baltimore they gave them the ball 27 times in the at a 119 yards rushing. In two touchdowns and caught a couple of passes so well to life think that that Rex Burkhead. Is anything other that a role player who has the best name for like a comic book heroes slate secret identity ever and they've given up fell. Know what I think that's a classic patriots pick up because he's a versatile guy who'll play a role in going there once a while and and and make big plays. With they didn't lose guys Alan Branch and a guy who got suspended. By the team for a week in pre season and then suspended by the league. And then our suspended by the league he'd beat the rap on on a substance abuse violation somehow I don't know how. Gets the coveted. Extension gets a two year deal. And then vitality and it all hinged on that if they were below last hightower. It would have been tough to say this is anything better than you know a solid. C plus B minus. Free agency period the said they keep him the heart of U defense that guy with the green dot. Polish abetted these other parts you've literally upgraded every position I guess with the exception a tight end but going Allen was a nice fallback. This is an eight plus. Offseason so far and I think is good moves ahead. Yeah it's always talking patriots of course Patrick they weekend being Jarrius in Manhattan a couple of cold ones. Just can't just can't dispute are. And six point 7779. Building I think he's a little while they battle under a maverick is on the tape what's up Rick. It's a record erect. A good man what's happening happy saint patty's. Happy to be added depth and I'm not the block and the little regret. And I just want to throw a lot of theory a ball but at. Brady the rock below. Won't yet but it just appear. Brady's done until what 2008. And later this through nineteen. Yeah out with climbing like crazy high numbers that they'll they'll have to do some with them sure. So we're I'll go with the current make it you know it looked like in lock the division for it would I think it's great. You know and now they're destined to go back and simple all. What it out. There's like some sort of inside. Re. Again theory. Radiant light you know like if we go to one or simple ball on the ball. You don't they'll just like sliding into that into the sunset and then at Jimmy they don't. Well do you really think it kind of let it I'm thinking of it this way it could take her win the simple act that means Tom Brady is still playing in an elite level is he not. So do you think pretty National League level coming up another championship has got to look at it did go look at that he'd won a two ways either. Yup agree you ditch your parent he's gonna walk away and they handed out to him that he's the prodigy BJ all look he puts Senegal is you know a lot. I'm still the top like gamma we have a great team. I look at this is an opportunity to win again next year which one do you think which mindset you think Brady would have. Honestly. Yes they went a ball that's coming here you're probably right. But I'm out there it's yeah Perry because you know Jimmy you know they have stumbled dumb and I know the drought coming out and you know they probably Cilic. But at a low I just think that you know to make it all these little I know they wanna go back to the ball like. You know spot but maybe. Did some sort of like you know agreement ladies. Yeah I I just I look at Brady and I look at the people lifestyle ladies now adopted in between. You know come quads substituting his tomatoes and dehydrated algae. And. You know magical pajamas with ceramic whining bed that helps you sleep better and and all this stuff and I think he is soul. Hyper fixated. On standing in great health. And to win things that nobody else has ever done and he's willing to pay that price he hasn't lost that edge. On the contrary to ease more motivated than he's ever been I think the NFL did him a favor. I don't think he was gonna get complacent but I think he's just as hungry as he was when he first showed up in 2000. So Danny at I think it all comes down to him looking to do things that nobody else has ever done. Check one you'll fourth Super Bowl MVPs check to. The only quarterback with five titles. I think part of that equation is the no quarterback is of openly to 45 button. I think that's his goal now what do you reach and an odd it's another thing but I think he says that to say. OK you know we've warrant more likely to lose 44. No quarterback is several started a game at 45 that's what I'm gonna for. And I think he'd be a fool to bet against them based on everything that we've seen out of him I don't know Tom Brady personally. But I feel like I do. Yeah I don't have it because. And just because I have a lot of conversations like the newest pictures often. He's the police in my had a look of don't have a player like you you talked about the things that he does. And to take care of his body because we've heard it I mean we hear him every week on carton Callahan and talk about the stop and we have armed. You feel like you know Brady to apply when you understand his competitiveness and understand it is competitiveness. It's like. Think this guy just get up and lock it away if they win they win it because she's planet an elite level I just think. It's a very solid to drop I'd I don't think it's a theory it's true so why we keep thrown out. I think it's a lifestyle for him. And you don't tell me that he strike she was a guy that's thinking about retirement. Late Heath he'll wait to get out there and play L four rounds of golf all week aware of no I cycle back to the story that Rodney Harrison told mobile when he first came here. And you know Harrison is a total workout junkie so he shows up at the stadium and Brady's already they as an aerial local money and egos the next day there's no im gonna let him get there before me so I shall the next day. And Brady says which is sleep then. So Blake the next day I get there like. You'll 6:45 in the morning whatever time he said M Brady goes. Well I you just you really you're really just got a male and a video would have just kept breaking his balls and Harrison Joseph eight couldn't compete with that. That was Brady back in 2003. I don't think he's let up on that and I know I think now it's become a lifestyle form. You'll Kirk talks about it like it's. It only gets a cult than it sounds creepy and I get where he's coming from but I think we'll Brady he firmly believes that what he's doing that he's on to something. Do I knew you know breakthroughs in. Medical and health science in he's gonna keep on to win this and I think he wants to prove everybody that he's right. And when it comes to Belichick's mindset and all this you know we talked earlier about the Malcolm got a situation and the first point I made here we jumped on you know after we talked about the whole. Saint Patrick's Day parade stuff. I I told that Bill Belichick he's not gonna make decisions based on feelings. Because that leads to bad business decisions and we know that his knowledge Bill Belichick is about. Like trying to be about at least. Debts whip with all the when it comes the Brady I don't think Brady is. Is different because when I really think it's because. You hit Bill Belichick talked about all over any time we get to it you know it's AFC championship or playoff game on the simple. Do these one on one sit downs repellent check like whatever it. Whether it's CBS a fox. All of the one on one sit down you know they they shady. You know what they did got a background their analog around some way to address it and awkwardly close to each other. I know what's going on him but. Have a one Allen and Belichick is open when he talks about pretty by saying you know what keeps Belichick has Brady keeps me on my toes. And no one objected telecheck. As many great players that he's been around offensively defensively. He's never had someone like that that upon week. Belichick says yeah I'll say this team. Has never done this and brittle economy and say well no they did you know in 2012 and week eight the third quarter they actually did it in Belgium that what. And ensure that what how Belichick described Brady. And that's why I think to myself well this is different so Belichick isn't just moving on from Brady the way some people think he might based on the late eighteen. Who do you think gives you the best chance to win the Super Bowl in 2019. Grapple Brady. My money's on Brady and I like your bigger blow is every reason to feel good podium but I don't feel like. If some twelve they don't move on from Brady like this year. But that's it now they're gonna wonder in the wilderness for fruit for the next twenty years looking for the next Brady. And I don't think they really about worried right now about 20/20 three. Rough right now let's focus on going forward for this of foreseeable future who's gonna give us the best chance. And it's radio that he's the quarterback in football devil mine Jimmy grapple. 61777979837. We see ya patriots phone calls we will take all activists eyeball.

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