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Picard and Thornton discuss the evolving Malcolm Butler situation -- 3-19-17

Mar 19, 2017|

Danny and Jerry get into the Malcolm Butler situation. The guys are wondering if the Saints are actually for real in their pursuit of Butler and just how interested they may be. The guys discuss what Belichick would be willing to move Butler for in return. It's a pretty wild situation.

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Irish rover. Applaud moment. Yeah but the sun. And all right guys we'll. And I. Plug it Molly really let. Blank yeah. He's a gap that they look. Fun of it within minutes of life. Guatemala is kind of the Adelaide drop it Murphy. A local and they're coming to Boston to I got to Agassi you know had it awhile. The other day apparently I was I was three back and forth with the guys on the afternoon show and Andy said. The last style with the dump on Irish food and Irish music and I tweet back to a nominal Paul Dillon had so unlike you who China be careful here as it. I will concede Irish food okay. At least. American Irish holiday not Irish music all the Irish I will I will die fighting for Irish music it's it's as good as anything it's out there. Irish food shore as I told Pete tepid last week. We didn't even get a salad dressing. And me a bit the Italians got Italian and creamy Italian. The Greeks have is the Russians have the as the French at this. Thousand Islands doesn't even have an Olympic team but they've got a salad dressing Irish got nothing. But our music is as good as anything human mind as fresh out of this weekend. Especially this week and Alia. I only play and playing on a panic we hit the one taking your phone call 617. 77979837. I got injured his ID radiologists say. On. And most of that was on patriots I mean this audio we are all on you get the NCAA tournament. You got the Bruins and Celtics. Make in. You know in this stretch run before the playoffs we think the Bruins again and we know the Celtics again and the Red Sox get ready for the regular season so they are still some juicy story lines on all of the Red Sox back but I think it is about a Jersey score lines it noble look. Because it's okay it's. Because what the patriots have done since the newly yet again with that from that Stephon Gilmore a shot at the Dwight trade. Was announced Mike did a day before yeah. And it's just been nonstop patriots say in your legal right. Allen on the stuff is absolutely the ante in its. That the district has been completely just flipped on to say. I I have learned have been conditioned to go into the free agency period with a certain kind of mindset. Which is to just say okay this is Christmas in the Stanley will we don't get on things. You know the kids at the street at Kennedy get into game systems we gonna be getting cloves in savings bonds that's just how would is for the patriots. And they come out at the start free agency hi. With Stephon Gilmore. Like a guy who was. Everybody's list of top ten free agents usually when they come out without one for 100 list now I start at the bottom and work my way up look at the potential patrons just rule out anybody at the top cell. Big low Gilmore away with an offer. The only. Holy cow to meet that is meant Logan Ryan's gone now you're gonna have Gilmore in Butler which is still in play then. That the court he we think. They are moving back eight spots in the draft to get coney Healy who's Chris Wong only six years younger. Com each of Britain cooks. I laughed on bar stool I wrote a realm of blog mocking the rumor that there were gonna trade a first round pick. For a wide receiver who is they don't value wide receivers that much. Big went ahead and did it with a guy who not only has 211100 yard seasons under his belt. Is 23. Years old I say again he's 23. It's unbelievable this has been an embarrassment of riches culminated a thing a great pizza patriots point that I found the other day it was a podcast. Where guys were at at inside the NFL podcast that discussion was the patriots bad for football act. Yeah I thought it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen as lakers cleanup and I'll Jerry you know I had to pull the curtains and get a bottle of terror against a watch it. That's what it's become guy say at right. To break the patriots up at the monopoly that that's that lately Microsoft. Sell. Danny and I can't believe whip on the weekend without the make it more news you don't it's just it's been one right after another after well and my first. Journalism one alone classy UMass Amherst new line I want. That no news is notes sell as we sit here and have no nudes on Malcolm Wallop that Jerry is in fact major news. I mean he visited an all in saint yup. And net. No I think a lot of people. Image of people trying to tell me that Malcolm Bartley is as good as. I look at it and goal I don't think so. I don't think he is. Every thought I guarantee it in fact if the patriots. Whatever and I can right now to make sure if this city are gonna steal information they're given the number eleven overall and if they're not. Then guess what we did the rules state. That he is doppler. At three point 91 million next year which is this deal it pisses him off shore but it's you know the minute the patriots got it wrapped up in in feelings. Is why Nace dot make him when he's gonna get bad decisions pal not gonna get wrapped up in feelings. Well well said yes I was stunned at the reaction when they signed Gilmore that across the board on both stations. Everyone's minds so with oh my god this means butler's gone well why right leg how does that impact Butler situation. You can't get it. We hear the Butler you know was was stunned and upset and I don't use the word upset much it was a typical little kid word boy he'd. Resented that Gilmore got the money that the patriots said that they will not give to him. If that's the case neither anybody and they are all Malcolm what we should be comparing 2017. Malcolm Butler to 2017. Stephon Gilmore. You can compare to. 2060 Stephon Gilmore. Rick as I'm sure the bill would have loved who have offered him a top twenty contract to his dynamo but Gilmore played it out hit free agency and gut hey did. It kill it if Obama wants the same he has got to be willing to play it out and get paid. This idea that his agent Derek Simpson. In all this personal injury lawyer is. Wanted him to be treated like it an extra restricted free agent when he's a restricted free agent if true is laughable. It just shows this guy doesn't belong in this business because he has no right to expect that. And I love Butler to we all do nobody doesn't but you said a test. Upon emotion. Bill Belichick doesn't sit there and say. Appointment that time when he made that greed and deception as they've been super ball we've really got. It into your guys like Felger you know those guys like. You know forever in old feelings. Idiotic like up until now I speak truth to power I I will take no prisoners I let my opinions you know it did consequences began to all of a sudden sit there and melted and say. On that they really should take here this guy because he's just so special. It just shows that you're not if you you're ignorant of how that opus dynasty which is too like he said make they make business decisions not emotional. Well look it's about value patriots put value on applying and I don't necessarily think that. The first round restricted free agent tender on Malcolm blah blah. Speech to how the patriots actually feel about his value they might very well feel that he's deserving of the big deal but it ain't the way to look at it is hey. If we could take advantage of the system let's do. And right now the system says that. If Malcolm Bala. Dozens not a big deal with someone else and at that team also get the patriots a first round pick. He plays for just under four million which means you have. Some pretty damn good value there for a great player. And as I wouldn't look at I don't think that the first round tender that. Speaks to how the patriots feel about the dollar's value I think they see the value of this is a. And it's taken full advantage of it at least they're gonna try it and I think every state should true. Rules is rules in a now the counterargument to that would be yellow would have public gets hurt now Laker explosive on to that risk. That's an explosion that is the patriot Hitler did they just vote and if he plays you know this season under that tender let. Those are the rules and we have other examples Jacoby Ellsbury. I'm sure the Red Sox came to him to try to get him extended. He said no he wanted to go free agency. He cashed in Jonathan Papelbon took a series of one year deals and gambled on himself cash and put the ultimatum that is you get guys like Dustin Pedroia. Reports are local to book. An extension to not hit the market and put a risk on the team that's a decision that guys make. Butler has actually there is no question in my mind the rip the patriots would sign it right now to a three or four year deal but they're not gonna pay him. And restricted free agent money they also don't get what they don't have to write don't do that and this is how the if they play emotion if if I were in charge I would go by emotion I would look at Malcolm Butler and I love his story a love where he came from I love what this guy has become. I want him paid but if they went by me. Did BP and Troy Brown twenty million dollars right now because I love Charlie Brown I don't want to see him go. They've built a dynasty by not too when those things but make it Smart decisions managing their cap and that's why even if they side partly to Gilmore money. According to McGill salary cap they'd be something like twenty million dollars under the captain as the best team in football that's how they've managed it. This idea that you make an exception for this one player. Mount. It and. Million and you know what it's not fentanyl and outlook I get that it's not dedicated I'm sure is pissed off. I wouldn't it be an IV especially when your team just goes on gives the big money deal two and a quarterback that hasn't done. Anything for you you know and if you look at what you're absolutely pitched. But at the end of the day he's if if he signs this kind of which I think he will because I get what you don't hold out. Now that the its nose and if you bought the big money deal which seemingly is going to visit a wall and he's not gonna sit out. Is that you mention potential victory outside. Everybody Italy I I think they're not about race I'll let me get tired. Attacked. Essentially got it doesn't make any sense now Butler is gonna play next year admit the way it's for not a team. Is if. That team. Agrees whip up on a monster contract and it gives up a first round pick the patriots and this idea. That the patriots. Should show all. Accept anything less than number eleven overall from a wall and back oddest thing and come up with a trade because you delegates probably which on patent is. Ridiculous to me it's the stupidest thing that I heard the patriot shouldn't do it and because it's so stupid I don't think they will. It's a threatening us and if you if there agreement with all of the saints and Alibaba which again I haven't heard that they did has probably wants ridiculous money. On. If they come to an agreement the rule states the saints have to give the patriots number eleven overall yeah reports that maybe they could back out. You know components re certainly still in a dads don't know what it is there to pick why would nature do that Jerry if they don't have to what they do that. It would only be because. And this is from what I'm here for people outside relative to guard Malcolm would be pace that you can have to stop light plane for novel apple does not vacation. Or did he could be that a Wallin says the eleven is too high a price to pay but if you wanna talk about the 32 and we'll sweeten the deal with something else. We are willing to make a deal with you in the patriots got regular that deal was better. Then they know deal that possibly could yet I hope that's not you don't would you do that now I would this is what those cases where I'd rather have that guy going to the final year of his contract and as much as you like to avoid that when you can. This is well situations where I would do I want to see. And then you always have the option of franchise and they're under no obligation to tell him they won't franchise and what I I'm Diane as a pats fan to watch that combination of corners. With Eric Croatia third see if you can develops iris Jones but in the meantime you've got to starting tandem. Of Gilmore of public debt is among the best in the league that they're not Harrison to lead from Denver. But they're not far off that's that's the goal for me and I'll worry about 20182000. You know after 2017. What you got to mention 2018 no because if it is about the 2018 franchise tag and you bring up the franchise tag I've brought it up a couple times the last couple weeks. I mean Malcolm is somebody that it if you because right now it got bigger problem. You have the franchise and move. Up and that means you're also risk contain a backup quarterback 25 plus mil. These are told that I'd just just I just don't hold on I just think that thought even the patriots thinking of that risk. A lawn should be telling them we're not gonna do that which means what you trade problem now and I'm still waiting for the grapple trade more I am not comply. Go to the saints and lead the patriots in some way shape form of estimated estate is about the 2018 franchise tag on spent the franchise tag. I'll put that thing on mount about. And affect output and on the next two years the final years in my twenties which means that it comes out to like at three at 33 million dollar deal and it's like eleven male average annual and it's like hey. This contract. A little as they step on July average annual. I'm on team trade Jimmy. The people who say no you gotta keep on because he's the quarterback of the future I've always just. Put that question I'm okay what does he get paid in 2018. It all comes out to that. If you got a franchise them that's ridiculous if you think you're gonna keep them for cheap money that's ridiculous in a world what might Glendon. Mike Glenn and who had six and a half yards per attempt not completion per attempt. Is making fifteen million a year 145 or whatever it is. You can't sit there and expect Jimmy grapple low and not cash it fit to play for less than twenty million because Mike Weiner is a known. Mediocrity. Yeah what happened he would like. What what is what is that all about tonight there's some yeah I just I feel like I missed an NFL season. I was NFL season I missed when Michael and Mike or not. Or even play. No it's just that's the market or mediocre quarterback and I just this season before that brought us it was an MTV. Etc. I don't know. You know it UN. From the future in Denver. To a lot of favorite to the franchise savior in Houston. Two and now he's a guy that you'd trade for just the help balance your books just so you can take it like it like a tax loss on what that relate like. But by in a failing company just so you can write it off your books you know it. Coming up Hamas lab or sleeping on a pile of money like smiled every night so a multi day with a split it's got to be humiliate is that there are understandable what. Eighteen months. He he went to like a national embarrassment that Cleveland trades would just so they can get to the salary cap floor then and then our I got to cut. And no lie. Is is true. Houston Texans Super Bowl odds increased. They about it at the better of the noticeable when they treated us while a lot and I Arnold that's because me you know somebody was seen may be Romo don't use and at that. And that's why when I mean that tells you something. And he had to take a billion or about Oz violent night in and out. A bum us out loud and neglect grow appear to Wear dark glasses and hat everywhere you just maybe a plastic surgery. We could face off like he he just he's got to beat the most embarrassed man in America right now the most embarrassed. Insanely wealthy man in American salt com. Yellow stickers of football but he's got Jared is so much going on insists that we haven't been paid attention anything else because it's all patriots. It's all patriots and even Paul we don't have any Malcolm bought Newsday. No his nose. And I'm still onerous to get some more thoughts. On the now about the situation and taking your phone calls as well up until 1 o'clock 617. 77979837. Back after this final. Sports radio network. Steve is so. Child scared he's he's not too far from clear it's almost sounds good story. This coming out of a small town in Mississippi and through junior college did in the western Alabama a minute it's it's pretty amazing in that took the first three years you've got in this league that he said. Just tremendous amount of success put into Super Bowls and three years. And being a big part of the team that accomplished a lot so let's say tumble. But when you watch this debuted plays with the with triple a shoulder. We practiced with New England now and those three years on the net three. I've played twice those a lot of additional just practice days we have a chance to look closely at New Hampshire abilities the same way when evaluating coach. Talking about welcome Butler. Matt Matt you know Ellen patriot Malcolm Mac coming within Liz that was carrying I was expecting some tip and a solid day. And I get power chords right yeah look here's a way that this could go down with a 32 pick the and I think it's it's. Possible maybe even likely that the reason we heard. Buckley's name attached to the Brandon cooks Steele was because. They couldn't be he had signed the tender yet. Belichick is super hyper light anal he is the in a recanted ship when it comes to Obey in the rules on the air because he doesn't want to be accused by the plays association of misusing. The the first round and certain so that they refused to talk about move in the player because you're not allowed to do it if you you can't put it tender and anyone. With anything other than the intention of keeping him. You can trade him later on but you can't be seen is Gil you visited as a as a threat. So my guess is that they wanted to talk about they were would have both sides would have been willing to do a player for player deal. But because Butler hadn't yellow sign that it that on the line which is dotted. They said okay let's do it this way let's have a 32 and it down the road Butler of the bush agrees the played ball. We can just get the 32 back so it's like a place holder in the meantime I've heard that. I I I don't think that happen and here's why. I don't think I happen because. If on the wall ones. On and this is the trade cooks bought low or eventually but to me it's not eventually because. There's that question mark of and you actually come to an agreement. With Malcolm buck. Will there be an agreement on money and years and a contract. And that's a big question show based on what the kid probably wants to be paid. Sold if you can't. Agreed that. If it fits and pick if that's a concert potter do not trading cards until that that's agreed to a not too and show. That's dry. I question. That theory the play told that the area and a handshake you don't wink wink I you would get give us 32 back once she either week or month. With an agreement on pollard's sentence you are you. Agreed to a contract went on that's a big question rock that's paid what they have to leave out there. Well given up Brandon cooks the meat that was the case it's gonna Wallace and you'll give up renting carts until you get a deal don't know about. So that's why I don't think that's what happened what all of. All motivated to move Brandon cooks for reasons that I can't fathom other than maybe they like Jeff I am under a million it wasn't like 750000. Was yes I'll have a roster bonus I'll look it up it's sort of a roster bonus past a certain date is. Yes well I got there was a roster bonus and I think because. I I think they feel like correctly so our offense is it's pretty that we are are built. Even to lose printed cooks and still be a good offense yeah I'd defense is atrocious and it has been war. Years the fact that they won the super global with the defense that they had is such Ed a statistical Ole wire it's it's the kind of thing that it is virtually never happened and in football before. So I think they just said we're not going anywhere until we improve the improve the other side of the ball owns a let's do that. So it makes sense to say let's give up a receiver to get a top ten in the league quarterback. Arm. It's the west. Plausible to me from the patriots point BIQ it's EYE. They would ever trade. A top cornerback for even a top receiver and that's not a knock on cook's. I've said this to you I think before to meet the wide receiver position as the most overvalued overrated position not in football but all of sports. You win Super Bowls with guys like Doug Baldwin. In Julien settlement not with necessarily top tier talent kept Calvin Johnson. Lee is good a career as anybody of his generation. Late two playoff games. One of a mile and a 122 yards receiving and a couple of touchdowns and lost because they just don't have much impact thought I'd started. That the patriots would consider trade even the first round pick for receiver given the receiving corps they are ready have put. It's at in the off season of of opposites and it's the upside down from from stranger things enough that makes sense anymore ma and and. Still made it would lie and again this is my belief that there was not a place hold that agreement and under got belief that I have. I would be shocked if the patriots did it make a trade. Which the saints that did not include number eleven overall because undermined the leaf. The rules state that if ya gonna sign Malcolm Butler has urged her to freeagent the first round tender right now you have to give up. Number eleven overall if you all the saints and again on them I believe that there was no place all the. You know trade that was made before an old sort of pact or agreement went blank are right the branding coach train. I think this is separate and because I think this is separate I think the patriots should play it why. How other book says you should be played if it's not number eleven overall does. I mean we haven't heard the Butler in the states agree on and that's a big deal. Now and it's possible that saints just said. While this kid's pocket way out of our price range and affable well sort of the pressure is maybe because there's also a first round or a hangover is right he's carrying that burden around and that's that's on Malcolm mullah. Next year he won't have that in his doll about well will go well fresh eyes tour and missed the first round as. Yeah yeah again as it. That's that's going to be part of the calculation official and as much as some emotionally attached a knuckleballer used are taught at that eleventh pick and ice that's in cornerbacks and you know Marlon home free from BMO likely it'll marsh on the latter morrow Ohio State you start taught them that that soda territory. I might trade one of my kids to get the eleventh I Jared Angel and they would wrap the page or to make it. Throw what I don't make it actually drop down and you accumulate more picks that's worth it to me deal because they don't double pick. This would be two years in a row without a pick in the top sixty. But that that's tough that that's a big ask well right out and I'll dementieva was round of flowers fourth round. I had rate that you need a lot of votes you know because you'll you'll miss on some but you'll you'll pull Logan Ryan out of there. At some point and so ya if they get eleven and they choose to drop back. That's fine too because you gonna get the value of the eleventh round pick however he had to be about 61777979837617. 77979.

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