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Danny Picard and Jerry Thornton: It's Parade Day! ... Danny and Jerry kick things off discussing the state of the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Mar 19, 2017|

Today is Parade Day! It's the morning of the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston so Danny and Jerry kick things off discussing St Patrick's Day, the parade, South Boston and all the shenanigans involved.

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The police can then he has been cleaned up a number balls are heeding the mix in southwest Florida during tons of new England sports topics to jump to. Due to an all wow I'm on Sports Radio talk. Okay Jared fox sports we. Ethic that. Matt off to a flying start already play out David McCarty and where each effort. As the Leslie let's just go. Wall to wall Irish music any common alibi will wield guns there. Happy Saint Patrick's Day yeah same same deal my friend it's great to be here with integrate the BO it until. And got killed at the peach jeopardy until 1 o'clock Red Sox coverage begins at one. Although we are taking your calls up until then 61777979837. As. The parade. Get set to began insulting and I. I just want a review quickly you and I. And Matt are here in a studio in Brighton. Yet two of the most Irish guys in this market. You're from self you have auto race where real error I didn't wreck with here by ourselves. It brightened with nobody else around while buyers and self you fill it up. With find a happy people our people and. EE I didn't send us 21 of them why they couldn't they couldn't somehow had sold that does the. You know with some spasms sponsorship makes an extra money for them make it and it even more fun day for mean you. Yeah I mean I'll like it say about that is I tried. And and not I mean we get any anyplace we wanted to go to a week voted on but I whatever the reason we're not. I have no idea we should redirect reach its Internet I could make it from Britain's next. That you could play it like our crowd goalies I have mostly Schobel just willed his simulated. Which is as somebody in the building that can just run to the pac evil rose and and I was having brother hey. They Jerry I was thinking about brings competent but now like well. Actually I noticed that the freshness and Guinness and harpoon LA. You're kidding me really now. A hundred Canada. I in my AAF. I might break some sort of FCC regulation but it does say that we haven't done already do we have to say anything and before I passed out. But I'm. Image it all last night. Yes I had a good weekend like we we have full celebration all right now because I. A body to get through I'll I'll hopefully be dead by Cho now would be a little difficult for me to get where I wanna get to get back in itself in about what we've done it one. Little before one minute 41 I'll get back by about. You don't want it that's 1130. And I'll. Can get in and out it's sticky got to go sort of around the world that thing that is helping me today that they have shortened the parade route. Because of the fear of possible snell. Yeah. On that whether they shorten the and I visit on the sidewalks that I clears chill in the rails brought a straight all the way down broadly it is they do loop. You know they get Donna pointed to a loop go back down and finish off that Anders square did not gonna do that today. You know those states a million times better than I do but I would probably get your best bet would be to just. Head north go through Canada to circumnavigate the globe images come back up through the social or. Because I know it's it's a nightmare down but we could be down there already I could have my part yeah I courtesy of WE. By the way to a guy who lived this insult the his neighbor used to just at this time of the morning every year used to just make up a sign that said parking ten dollars. And then just when eight people into other people's park and lots and driveways are and they just throw the sign away and go. Go drink well it's even more difficult. To find a pocket spot. Today yes last night and yet people are in the spots array uniter I know it's not happen 'cause they know what's happening today in a known and I can. You know find another spot but also because and bodily no one's drive and anyways today on the but also because. Of this Null. Yeah and you get it brings us into the hole spacing of the ridiculous names that aren't you don't really need to be saving space with this amount is now it's out there right now. I've bent the rules the last couple days I think because of what they'd all what's happening today say this even as they say the spots cell. I yulia all of minute block you again saving a spot I think there are rules to all other roles. The all. At this stage Jerry I think the whole space they've argument is. Overblown to the point where I don't think it has meant using but I don't. It doesn't have much use of I have rules to let you you are and that's why you can't just get up in the morning and yeah outtakes. Audi and drive all of a little snow all and then. But it on the yet the shovel at one. Which means he needs to be shoveled. Okay earned that spot. And and because this has rules were I think it's like 48 dollars and they come around a big picnic all up only and you know you fan that duplicate what a fan. On their way air conditioning it's got everything. I mean they they put everything in the spots I. I thought I'd put some and I wanna get rid of anyway yes there the idea but broken school it's a little put out there they'll Holler Lacey gave me the aggravation of going to the into the dump but I'm okay I'm glad that you. Appreciate your are in fact rules not written rules it's it's the law of the jungle novel how to land common sense. Common sense a forty. Eight hours he and it'll say gas Eddie it has all literate you're gonna do you girlfriends I was for the weekend and think when you come back that you space would be say that's. That's extreme that out yet but. The one you're in my life I have lived in a place with on street parking was when I got married lived in north Cambridge you know working class action Cambridge. And it was a miserable winter and I remembered dig it out insane myself I'm mark in this. All know I'm not gonna be the first one to dig out and then go run Aaron and come back and have someone take MySpace. My problem once one of my acted. If someone ever moved my marker in to the space. I'm obligated. To do something today car now have reached that criminal thing but but that's doubtful. Debts the implied threat. And you have to carry out that threat to anyone every did not edited. I never faced that moral conundrum but I don't know do you take up an antenna idea to keep that car. I'd still pit windows I would've had to do something and buy it never came up wide because we are civilized people went on I am. What you gotta be careful because if you do she is spot that might be Altman if you drive by a spotlight is the situation. But yes and I am driving down K street and it out there is a recycled ban on the sidewalk. And it's off. And moved and a spot that it. So why is my car that spot in that person dot. I moved to recycle and what is 020 no I'm sure that you don't want of that spot and you know somebody comes on and like hey. This cop moved my recycled well I did it was already moved. Right but they don't know that. It didn't don't like walking by a dead body and it killed on what side you're part of this guy or not public the murderer left I'm standing here site. I would say it's he has that happened. Not I don't go to the spot. Like I drove by yes because those are tickled and in the area yeah because people have been shaven spots delicate that was one of these things where it. I didn't see any space say it is now. I think the college. Today is the parade I think people got a little greedy when it it's. The emotional it's out there it's not speech in worthy right now it does not sorry but because that operate today. And the pocket situation in general combined with attitude I guess I can understand people get a little greedy with the Spacek is this week. And yeah and admitted there is an etiquette of this yet there there are unwritten rule there. Thought about it but to be honest like on people get so worked up about it knowledge I don't got a lot of juice all these last two sitting. The current has lost years really. I guess it's been a little house with that pin single a lot when when my kids were little. Tom would you say in it its last used for reason well. For instance like I think it probably ban that. Eight years since I've actually stood out there and watched the parade we host bodies. I could get to a place that you want to call. But this up and a spot and it's standard drink and watched operated the same time like. Unless you're living on the route like it is not something that I do like we have the same body we go to every yeah and now when I rolled down and a cot this is how it's on the street. Guess what. I might be locked in by the route to upgrade I'm not gonna stop there and watching this year might be a little bit different because I have some fragile opened up. I shop in in specific area righted and and how did this talented teachers in all this all probably swung by for a little bit but. I I think that. For the last eight to ten years it's men that. A day in which I please go to a house party and I'm not standing out there and either eighth reason. Right wanted to get so we physical you without bail out bush but also it's just. All I had them you just get over the parade. We knew we needed a life you'll watch and use the same thing every yeah I just. I don't watch the power I don't lot of people don't watch the rate data from sell people on race they potty. They have a great time but I don't lot of into the can not stand out there and watch the diaper you're right. Even the last time I went I don't recall. Feel like I needed like. You know is cracked a bone and sucked the marrow drive this thing Michael had seen enough like I wanna hear the gala columns but if I'm doing that all warm inside someone's house. So much the better it all the the basketball games Iran Elena had a beer and watch that while a net so I get it's part of being. In the European in the area the ground ground zero errors on Mandela but I don't necessarily have a ever felt like I need to stay riveted to it because it's. I love the music of a plate. There's only so many politicians with green carnations on their outlook pals walking on the street. Thank you can see after awhile that becomes a little bit repetitive and it's like. You know I've I've been to a a small town parade. On the fourth of July down the caperton which is massive in the Cape Cod baseball league team as they are people of floats and its creative and kids and that's to be dubious. Weighing more entertaining. Then the stuff that you see at the cell Boston parade data mean I wanna hear the pipers. You know see some of the stepped dances and that's Q but then out I think dome with I don't get it get me back inside. I just I know a lot of people that that monitors and the and that they don't happen and these are people you know. Like myself that I'm born and raised in cell and you know they just say they'd they'd had enough. 'cause it is in it's always been a day applauding in enablement but it's gonna get a little bit more more extreme. Like for instance I don't work here a couple of years ago. And I was driving and that was actually an afternoon show I think on the Sunday parade day. And I was you know drug and I'll first street and and don't take a right on summer and I see the Greyhound just Greyhound buses pull up on first. Outside a Murphy's law and he's just kids would backpacks as. Island out of a Greyhound bus like. I just think I'm I'm medical that's not really what this is about at. Don't have Sanders held its Taurus there I could walk down Broadway for like three blocks today. Any chance I. Not she like. She's on a Null. Which is this a because it's just not the same but it did it it goes back at it. This is a bigger issue that we don't really want to get into but not what's gonna Wear that name is chance it's not saying it and nothing is the same and sell the that that's what I'm using families of Molinari Brothers inhabit this is not and this and this is some breaking news to you or anybody else. I'm just I'm state the obvious right let's lobbyists is that it is the neighborhoods change till the day has changed and some like myself was born and raised here. You know I I'm not really into the parade as much as I was you know 1015 years ago. Again it's so it's it's like what Mardi Gras probably has been a warlords like tourists come in and it's at its destination spot it's not so much. A neighborhood thing. Anymore is that yes we I thought that it's lose in that field. But it lives in that field lives in that neighborhood feel I have a couple of beats about it and one is going to be every single year trust me tomorrow you will wake up. You'll read the global. There will be. One lying about the parade. And the second paragraph. Will be how many people got arrested. Without fail that's there was big parade this many people got arrested now it'll be a million people will line the parade route. Four people get arrested and that's gonna make the news now they don't say what it's for and you know it could be somebody. Will the warrants it could be someone to rival without a driver's license whatever it is it doesn't matter it's. Lots of people. Small number of rest. Why because. All that old Irish open is still move faced you know hunt knows hooligans. Down cause trouble just like Jolie's though everybody puke on the storm drains. That is that'll be careful ever did you know I did these videos when I was at yeah Eiffel rankled the anthropology. And Peter total the video ardor for when I was doing nets at it we should of the south the parade as a trust me we won't get any useful footage. It'll be boring for us why because its families its people be haven themselves. It's people would baby strollers and hold their kid on the shoulders it's not. The idiocy that's always betrayed by this now at the same time there are other parades in this town where women will walk down the middle of the parade route. Topless. And everybody just applauds there there is no. There was no talk of how many arrests there are for disorderly conduct at the pride parade in you know what the price break knocked themselves out how fun. I have friends who march in that good for you and I'm thrilled. What if one person and Sophie went topless. It would be the top story on all of the local newscasts it would be. Look at these idiots they're out of control we've got to put an end to this that'd be people pounded their their. The tables about how out of control it's gotten. So yeah it is it is the quintupled standard I know police officers that will tell you they're told and other ethnic celebrations. Don't arrest anybody. Don't stop anything but insult the there will be a guy today. With his family hold on a red cup. And the police the patrolmen are forced to do this by eight policy it's not them they all we've taken it drinks out of your hands and thrown it away. Dumping it down. Act. Now they wallets it's after it does happen but for the most pod especially if it's. I mean if it's a local com. Efforts couples from cell beans he's somebody known as kind of not as bad darted back to keep locking up straight again I'm not blaming them. Its policy it's it's coming from the city because they've got a rain and this long mock those mile long green you know. Collection of idiots the way they see it. These people have to be rained and and in the kingdom of the one tropea what we're gonna do is we're going to arrest people for behavior. Would be an out of control for an engine on the rights of others not Mike did the wrong business. You know whatever but I was Canada with a red Solo Cup not hurt anybody that I should be left alone. Yeah it if if you start getting disorderly okay Newton now all know finished. It'll nugget get in into a problem because I think that if you do walk up and down Broadway. Today what you'll find out is that. A little disorderly and I did not have an idea and it is necessarily from people out from sell the other ones cause of the trouble and that as the biggest issue and that's what I want when I say don't lose in that neighborhood feel you know that's why. People. Lack respect. Now inconsiderate. Just don't care because these isn't actually their neighborhood. Just common and for the day. Causing chaos create a circus like and that's. Israel I have I look at that ahead a bit Erica Lee had heard a lot of that Jerry it is Ali it is changing an hour it's a body and it. I'll be taught in today like I usually do on parade day bundle into upon all you know I'll I'll be I'll be out. At L street happened which again is on the parade route you know you go to a certain spot I'll blow. Like I told your body down on. And it's not on the route blocked by the route might stop see somebody in all maybe you have a drag but a notched an up and I'm not going out just watch in the parade in that spot. Yeah I did did you bet you live on the router to have kids. You know that's not me yet sell. I'm about this but I think for the most pot. When it comes to. The day don't get me wrong I don't I celebrated if you shut up and talking like yell celebrate do. It's just this celebration committee has a different feel and I think you'll get a lot of people also born and raised Selby we'll tell you the same thing. Okay and sell so there is. Outsiders coming in and there shall I mean. And is 88 pages of chaos I mean I am a social guy so I'd by definition and an outsider winning I go there I do. Never remember. Anybody collar and outside the lines I just remembered the whole Lotta Lotta families of college kids who would ever but it. I I I totally respect that people in their own neighborhood. Don't cost problems because you've got to live they are you've got neighbors we'll see you misbehavior it's like when. That 2004 Red Sox you know when when people that. Born out into the street sick and moral whatever almighty god Boston neurotic control might but he had a great take on that he does you know all that those rod. All out of town college kids is no Bostonians would've walked away formal full beer to go loaded wreck his own city. You know so it's all these kids some like Illinois it's up. All this shut up you're nineteen years old. You know you've just walked out you dorm you idiot you'll like you know date each at a temple police cars would have. I'm so I I get that I just want people who are going to the parade digital that they can. Come here to the show today. The guard in Thornton and they they are welcome. There's nobody here that's gonna come a bunch of idiots straight there's no one that's gonna say that there are that there rhesus. AP Dave does not gonna sit here and compare you to to a grand wizard of the clan about at. Tom it's unbelievable. It's as if it's held pretty well. I've got power that's. Oh. A guy on Twitter doesn't like a particular athlete therefore he must be compared to the people that clinched other people lynched them. On a regular at organization that was dedicated towards killing other people. Pete Abraham ace right like it's it's all there Arnold I am I guess. He can't right. Someone I don't I don't know if they're aware that the and he liked he took the high road. Which is he waited for days and then apologize for the guy like after midnight. Like Friday night he said he he actually claimed that he missed to look this guy for someone who's been Twitter trolling. And that's why he went Adams so hard it took him four days to say it. And then he said what. Is going on. If it's out of control now that this does is oh it's got completely appear we have got a pretty nice gig. You cut the Red Sox. The York newspapers owned by the guy who owns the Red Sox who like you are at an ecosystem. With you don't predators you are top of the food chain you get right out your career. What you've got to come after a guy that haven't had debts he did say that he's not a fan of David Price. What kind of insanity is that he's doing it. Every tweet it out anything and I tweet a lot. The where I said. Almighty but I really I really cross the line this is terrible I'm gonna have to take this act because they just attacked again I think compared to a Klansman. An album moron like this guy's a professional journalist. Well yeah we get we get to get into that because you know we've we've got a guy a guy on this Asian giant Massey who's. Colonists that we are all bunch of races are city. All of this window everybody out there are races in if you say that you're not. Just means that you more races. Again what what what do we do it yet. And I'll. We we should be. Somewhere right now and sell Pia that. And not a not only added if they aren't in yet and notice that they are played in spirits who. Good spirits and I if fridge we had the bridges. Is loaded enhance cell might have that. Take a stop. On our break room night I heard a commercial I heard it's empty. The other Allred. The solid people got an area and it went all five got to find that it's empty because it was never anything. I always taking your phone calls. Till 1 o'clock 61777979837. Odd and it got Phil and the teach Japanese Jerry Horton. Back at its timeout the more you say you're not races the more you sound like you races.

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