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Danny Picard - Malcolm Butler

Mar 18, 2017|

Danny discusses the situation going on with Malcolm Butler. He talks about the rumored trade to New Orleans. Also where he thinks Butler will play next year.

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Let's not welcome to the show on your home then it would not take you up until 6 o'clock. And taking your phone call 61777979837. 6177797937. Mike G guy from Comcast sports net New England will join me at 4 o'clock. A lot going on NCAA. Tournament. One team in the sweet sixteen you get a couple fights tonight big one cannot take a look at I don't watch every fight I am a fight fan I will watch the gloved and fight I will watch any fight. That a loved in his pod of I expect him to do what he usually does which is win. Okay and not just when that you know hail knocked out. Fourth fifth round I'd gotten to be honest with yet I haven't watched it get Jacobs up much but I've watched a loved it a lot to know that. And I think maybe even pump for pound best fighter in the world right a loved him. If if you wanna see one of the best fighters in the world if you're not in the fight and try to watch as one tonight. On HBO paper view I know I'll be watching it and I'll actually be back to it tomorrow. 9 AM 1 o'clock which Jerry thought I'll be felon and impeach yet but I'll be. Which Gerri tomorrow 9 AM to one but today don't hit til six on taking your phone calls up until then. Again the phone number is 617779. 79837. With so much going on I told the NCAA turn a couple fights and I my focus still. Is. On the picture is not she's I mean every day I wake up and the first thing I'd do is look to see what what the patriots do today. And the last couple days the question is uneventful what have been the patriots done the last couple days because we're talking about Malcolm bot. Right. What haven't they done with Malcolm added trainer. I haven't resigned. Ron I obviously gave the first round. And as a restricted free agent was gonna sign that. But since Malcolm Butler went and visited the New Orleans Saints. Gone crazy on this one I think people have lost there mines on the Malcolm what was situation and Aldridge put 'cause. People don't have any else to talk about. But go where I view this Malcolm Butler restricted freeagent. Did you know Rawlins. Is he unhappy Izzy Izzy not a not at the patriots what's his agent deal and what are the patrons don't go the way that. I am not understanding this Malcolm what was situation from my vantage point is simple I think this is a simple a simple strategy compatriots. You have Malcolm the ice right after the patriots sidestep until I feel the same wedge up about a bit and that's right. The patriots have Malcolm Butler by the balls. And for people trying to tell me that the patriots should trade Malcolm Butler. Because. He's unhappy and he's visited new law Holland's. No you shouldn't Trey don't you should play by the rules. I actually expect the patriots play by the rules which. Which makes a series and and thoughts I I hear on the Malcolm what the situation and confusing to me because pod world book. The patriot player but barrels again the first round tend at a Malcolm that they opera three point 91 million. As a restricted free agent he has the right to golf sign up sheet which basically means he has the right to go out and find a contract. With another team. And vital civic. Ease kicking the tires on a deal with the New Orleans Saints it's just as simple as our right he's on the saints. You know hatred got to make the move. This strange then that excepted to a couple things in this situation which I still believe it's not gonna happen. It's so much of people sit along prostitute it's a long process. The light the processed pop up the difficulty of the process. Which is if you up on instincts. Not only do you have to give Malcolm Butler probably. A borderline ridiculous contract. I know that I necessarily need ridiculous with regards to Malcolm what was talent because you heard me talk about Malcolm in the past you know I love ticket. I'd love I mean if you're patriots fan how can you not opinion not. Do you go back it's all 49 credit. Malcolm Butler has been somebody that today. Eight lockdown. Cornerback in this league like the like physical like to play top he's probably got little chip on the shoulder because nobody drafted them. This can't. You know Malcolm what is. A blue collar Derek dog in this league at any as time itself into a pop up back in the NFL. Oh. But. That doesn't mean you know that does that mean in Orleans saints. I'm gonna give them a contract that he feels he's worked when Malcolm Pollard as agent look around the league contract. Because it's it's not a simple what does this aides say okay this is what Malcolm what was worth on a piece of paper what's on a checked and given the multi year deal it's not that simple again. A long process too difficult process. Because of the shape wanna give that huge contract Malcolm Bartlett if they actually end up agree on something. You know what else says that men. You'll always asked to give up to number eleven overall pick that patriots. That's part of our fake and that that's part of the first round candidate the patriots put on Malcolm outlook. That's part of the deal with model rules pictured should play by the rules I expect them to do. And if they do that and they play by the rules. I don't expect the patriots to make some short crazy trade where they sit back and I'll. Like Sean Payton. Like the saints. Hold out. And play by the rules and and and and wait for them to give us number eleven overall arc ought to trade except. Number 32 overall back. We sent them the branding coach straight all take a second and a third round instead. Why the patriots do. Would be stupid. I participating Malcolm what was unhappy. About Malcolm Butler being unhappy. All right. If these stakes the Richard. And players balls off. Contract season next offseason. Don't think this is certainly a fair process that it it I am is that based on what I just Holler about uncle Bubba. How goody is this a fair process to the kid isn't abroad said this is. What the upstage you don't have the other going patriots in the situation. As we know the patriots. Got a what to do there is gonna try to take advantage. Of every rule in that book and it. They're gonna take advantage of this on which states that three point nine million to not look if you want. You know why. Won't she. Cited a big deal also have to give up a first round. So it's not a simple it's not like Malcolm Barr was unhappy go to saint sides signed a contract. Welcome Republican be as happy as he wants eBay probably should be unhappy. When he goes to the saints. He's like gonna take a discount you'll. Be a ticket discount just gonna stay in England. I want the big contract and the straights are not only gonna have to say I will get home. Also at the say okay it would also give up a first round pick and it's not just work out a trade for number thirty joke given them and the 32 back. It's working out a trade to the given up number eleven overall so did this take up as themselves. Is not what. Work. All this money that we're about to dish out is ridiculous contract and the number eleven over OPEC is. This age it's not didn't try to work out a trade with the patriots. Right instead of given up number eleven overall maybe flip and on the 32 back to you can work out a trade and you can absolutely do. Annika be sound it about a contract bond as you can you can figure that out. He's not for the saints. Would work it out trick he's not for the patriots absolutely not a would give hundred no sense. Make zero sense. Tell you that the patron told me the ticket number eleven what I'm telling you is if you let them let's say the number eleven overall and on the 32 overall. Would you get more run in return. Deal pick the 32. Simple. Easy it's game we don't have that good that's not even arguable. Right number eleven overall to court to trade get more return more picks an extra pick and 32 over you can. The patriots and no way shape of Forbes recently and on. Well I. What liberals stay on the restricted free agent first round and and well except the trade to give it to get back on the 32 overall no imp you. Help Butler UF that shot toward the nobody wants which by the way. I haven't heard of any agreement would Malcolm pot and cents. Also when you do on that agreement you have to give the patriots number eleven overall. To vomit don't know Jack comes back on let's and you know I don't do have a good relationship we do enjoy practicing as Sean Payton like yet front nine but. That's why we're better football team and welcome. This. D.s is a about a businessman I have Malcolm bubble on my team next GM plant at three point 91 mil. Along with Gilmore a long what I calories on along with all these other moves I mean look. And this they wanna sign on to a monster contract and number eleven overall if the patriots you also have the right to match that. If they didn't wanna match ridiculous contract manager at number eleven overall I mean. I don't think I'm gonna sit here and and cry and and about it as much as I would like to see both return. It's live it's a pretty big haul for Malcolm got. It is a pretty good all in return for Malcolm and the saints will wanna do that. If they god then good for him but if the patriots could get. Could you not comforts. To. Get a break her and you can't do is just get away from the process that is. Restricted free agency and the first round and and decide to work out the crazy trade that would essentially be doing the saints of fame. Right now it makes no sense and the patriots should do. Salt. As everybody gets so worked up about the Malcolm what the situation and look at it and I think to myself the patriots still have Malcolm Butler right when they want to. And Britain's the patriots are gonna make some type of reactionary move because Malcolm was unhappy all that the patriots. Are unhappy would now what Malcolm was asking for. And or demand in from them a contract. I just think that's. I think it's not understanding what the patriots are well. I mean patrons about value they put a value on someone and they're gonna stick to get a stick to a it's valued input and output was three point 91 mil on the first round Canada as a restricted free agent like the rest of the play out. I don't expect and like a panic move just because the play is unhappy without. What is unhappiness have that. This don't welcome the output of patriots. For a minute okay. You have to put emotions aside when it comes to make business decisions. Bill Belichick is gonna send off Malcolm but look at has the play is unhappy. That would be telling me that telecheck always Malcolm Barr is not gonna show up when not gonna before next year. Because he's disrespected by the restricted free agent first round than a three point 91 male I don't. I don't see that why welcome Butler play next year and that he has to. If he doesn't what he's got to take your op and that one. Many think he's gonna get this big big money monster contract. Please. He's only diminish in his own you have peace it's out. He's 2223. Is all. 47. And at the patriots have Malcolm Butler bibles that's and that's what it is that's reality. And you can come up with any type of crazy peer you were honest. I'll Malcolm feels about it and and what the patriots could do the sense of what they should do with Malcolm public and the saints. They should not accept anything less any number eleven. Overall pick number eleven overall if this age can work out a deal Malcolm ball and if that's the case then get a patron Tuesday. We try to keep around at the four now. We got to get the number eleven overall pick out of it and we sonic back and step on Gilmore. And we that I dollar retarded and we trip accordingly so I'm Barnes guide. It's right Brennan clutch. Trek but Dwight Allen three isn't gonna Martellus Bennett. Sure on this a couple of guys enhance engagement but I did what ever else minus minus that big get anything else else petroleum is an obvious one him. You bring back common. Bring back Alan brands aren't you lose longer grind it was Martellus Bennett did. It goes on without going back obviously. Life goes on without Bennett mold in rye OK I Paula back on a high powered chooses to return. To golf again. And I think what helped them all this game I tell wanted to play it would help the patriots out of that day didn't really disrespect him with a franchise that. They and big impact. 'cause when you tag someone who's look at that multiyear deal I don't the player the agent like that. I think because it intact and they said hey this is younger you don't want to go out and see you weren't commensurate come back to a style I taught. Because that I think he sort of left Gillette Stadium for a couple days on good times what are go to Pittsburgh what are go visit with the jets they too were bred they body. And you know BE got his party favors and Matty comes back to July and he's got a new contract and David chance skeptics now they're like don't. I I who cares about that. Mean look I don't like the jets I hate the jets. And and and it's a ridiculous idea that think that is a professional organization throwing a birthday party for free agent and Jamaica cupcakes. But the Weaver as much a hit the jets as much as I really hate this story do we really think that the jets. You know just had cupcakes sit in front and that was it. And did not from anything real like. It's a stupid story eaten too regardless of how stupid that story is Dante high Tolle. Has returned to patriots. And it's a big both. As of right now all. Malcolm what is still a major how we keep our eye on it. They keep a fresh and put it as we usually do every re Denver and the joke at a Ben and Rachel get at the end but. As of right now Malcolm Obama. Is doing a victory. And all the way I see that change. Is if the new wallet is sayings wanna get knots. Want to debt. Knox. When I say get notched. I mean that All Saints wanna give Malcolm bobbled a ridiculous contract and give the patriots the number eleven over OPEC. Eleven overall and I'd sit in appear to patriots you should not settle for anything less and in fact if you do that is just stupid. The rules state. That's what you have to give up number eleven and yup Nobel reject you shouldn't accept anything less it would make no sense to do that no judge one at whatsoever just one. There's one. Because everything else should be helping out the saints let them keep number eleven how you're gonna take. The team's best cornerback I want the best defense to plant off up their hands. You have to give up what the rules state you need to give up. And the patriots shouldn't settle for having let me I think it is mind boggling to me. How much of all these theories and thoughts about them but aren't as he's leaving the. Really have these. It's fear that Malcolm was a 100% gone. Of people thrown percentages are to me on Twitter like others 1% chance this that. To me is like a 90%. Chance that Malcolm ball returned based on the things I just told you don't want me to do. To bring in the shades. But the stock of what you might affect you got to play any kind of plays ball is not just what's gonna happen next year. The pitchers go but the print just tag on its unhappy does article out not exclusively and talk to a to another thing. Take two hours round picks again and then what's gonna happen. He's gonna come back again. And now rich guys like that don't we had three at. 33 million dollar deal. Eleven L average annual. Bubble that dreaded thirty is all they'll say I want to get out. Mop up the street we got a handful would rate it from. At a price that we want it in a strategy that is I deal bloated spot at the bottom Republican and the latest system. Allows us to work. And Hillary got. I actually expect that's the way this thing's gonna play out so I have this major fear that. Now about has gone just because he visited the saint revision of the saints great. Forget about being a long process it's a difficult process and it's typical in a wall and a good day not only have to agree. Two way monster multiyear deal Malcolm ball what they've got to have to decide. Do we also give up number eleven overall and get a patriots I'm sorry you should not accept. Anything less. 6177797983761777979837. Mike Giuliani from Comcast sports net doing all will join me at 4 o'clock I am taken you up phone calls. Up until six Sports Radio WEEI. 61777979837. Taking a phone calls up until. 6 o'clock as I mentioned my GI from Comcast sports net and went line. Will join me over the phone before he has banned all all but he patriots nose this offseason as usually is. But I will certainly ask on. About the Malcolm but a situation where we currently stand out like it or you think about the Malcolm what was situations help. To me implies 61777979837. Let's go to Josh in the college of Josh. Josh. Josh right there not been. Not in front nine. He'll. Probably having a couple. Couple saint patty's day ranks day you don't make you ain't itself yet. I'm not usually in Medford Oregon. Ever miles comes on has lighted and I would have to Manchester. You do. How is that. Baghdad little saint patty's day body I was at these help Austin citizens association dinner at the convention center and ice time as he usually is. And I saint patty's day we can sell you know if you. You're out there again get a lot almost think you call yeah I'm not knocking us. I had not funny too because you celebrants say package it weakened but this weekend comes. Now along with some things the NCAA tournament spring trying to baseball not into spring trend as yet. I can't remember the last time with all this stuff going on you know the Bruins and the Celtics. Both. You know and a stretch run before the playoffs began. I can't remember eight time in which I would show all caught up in the patriots offseason and. Good for this long since you know the new NFL league yet again because it is like every day this some good news. But right now it's like all eyes are not involved. And net. You know I think. I told me I'd be shocked if he's not a patriot I will I and I guess that's why I'm shocked there's only people they disagree with that they feel differently got to it's almost jumped to conclusions. The minute they signed Gilmore and Asia and even what conclusions when he went to visit and wall ones. As of those things mean at the end of the day he's gone like it's a lock to be gone. I just I don't see it that way I'm sorry. I don't see it that. Soul. I guess that's my confusion in my shocked reaches a new state it's like I. I'm shocked it people I see in this stopped and believing that it's a lock Malcolm volley is not ever got to return of the patriots I'd I'd. I expect to be a patron went for that three point 91 million dollars in XT at an age regularly franchise that that. Dan is in the truck was a debt. They're there and I go yeah. A barrel. No well I thank you found what they initially tried to do reports and haven't locomotive car. Because they can't deal to get that check. You know treat me milk and well straight up the brick talks. And ecological play Milton Mueller. So they're gonna do now is built leave him until you start originally cast to sign that commitment Eritrea and get their prepare. So yeah trying to tell me that is a conspiracy theory that Butler was actually part of that trade at. And then and I don't weighed on at spent ten play got a lot of it out. Return they were talking about it initially. Well I think that was a report I mean I. If that was gonna O'Donnell that would have went down. If the patriots like this and that was reported you know admitted. It was reported soon after the step on you almost on. Joseph always shine to the deal by the patriots. And on that first morning of a free agency or at least word came up that it was going to be official at 4 o'clock that day the first day for energy and it was like two minutes not even have that report it was reports that the patriots and saints who talk about a bubble for cook swap now. What I can't throw respond to ads and Dell isn't the first Roman between the patriots in the saints and I can the first patriots saints rumor. I think overlooked because it was a couple weeks ago and this was from month. I believe newspaper in a wall and reported and it was online Knoll dot com I talked about it on this show on the station. Couple weeks back. And it was durable was this shapes rejected number 32 overall. For coach initially they disdain for checked that. And it. You know my theory was that debt and the patriots went Adam Chester and said tell when I training grappled with is a the saints will hold an outfit number twelve overall from Cleveland data like this thank you same god that twelve from Cleveland. Wait wait till you do that then we'll trade you. Branding coach be a first round pick a whopping 32 will be twelfth. And net. You know that's my theory on on that explains the mig that shot the report which again goes back I don't think droplet that move. I'd patriots got a joke and makes those picks on draft night. Got to be able to convince me that drop all his patriot next. But when it says the cooks mobile swap report like did drug that was reported. But it didn't happen and it Richards the trip to put cards up to 32 overall. So why would it be some. Loyalty to a certain connection to a trade might have been handshake agreement behind the scenes. I'd on the road doubles and you Bartlett like that doesn't make sense to me. But this make any sense I know you share all of. That's what people get back in to have it was a long process. That's why they ended up naik in the trade you can now I don't I arsenal that you played out like that. Perhaps. I mean perhaps New Orleans. Wanted to play out like that first the patriots were doing. And it's they'll get dirty you know what idiot 32 overall and an opening credit at a third round pick as well and I sent the fourth to the patriots would coax. And in that's ready to play note written all I don't think that Mel I would Malcolm Butler is related to branding coach in any way shape or form. I really don't I just I believe it and if it was. The deal would of patent for Malcolm what are they worked all that stuff out there with a handshake agreement behind the scene would have been at that point is. All right don't trade coached anyone else yet. The handshake Groupon CDs coming in when the bullets were comfortable stuff then you what are the Butler for cooks want. So I'm not actually taken cooks you can't went on to gonna Malcolm got lectures because it was reported. After the deal was signed at the saints and patriots were talking about a coach of the swap. On the other no longer connecting the two to made those two are not connected to meet this is strictly about. Malcolm outlook the first round tender and at the saint wanna sign into a monster deal and give number eleven overall the patriots then maybe they have something. But from the patriots down and accept an inning last and I don't think it's connected to that a coach Steele not right now chuck in the cop with a chart. Are you dog. You are that was pretty good rule. A statement you made Telecom and I'm not gonna open to comment on high power. I'm not really sure what what what that is that reported bet that if the mayor may not not yet but it. Sometimes I believe that odd scene little reports are saying if there. The situation where they really don't want to sign a player and expanding my calling them to sign a player. And the ambiguity on Arctic to get respect to these situations artist later on health on help. Electrical fault try to break a law I'll back. Zach Jack I ask you you're talking about ital yeah and the jets. I would wanna vote. You know I don't return the patriots. Yeah I heard the end of which you guys talk about. Jack. When you're seeing that the physical problem. I haven't said anything about the jets in a fit. I haven't sat out I don't know we'll listen to be Allison make is the only cat and set about high talent bank is that it's a great return for the patriots a good return for him. He visited the jets they game apparent they body any vision of Pittsburgh and I was at I think ital play began. Patriots allowed it to play the damage the fact that the patriots allowed him to go I'll play the damage that a franchise tag on and haven't you know the draft pick China over his head at. Where he wants a multi year deal I think that I Tolle. And it was a Cyrus back to the high targeted to pry like that there are no bad blood with the patriots patriots had to come back to a style. Again back to the patriots stayed dot this is the best place not only to win but to get. You know a good deal may be we want to get what we thought we get on the open market. To get to come back the patriots red but still this is the best situation. And that's always had a high talent and it's a great return. I'll. I rich to Armenia ESP ended suit jets withdrew their offered by terrorism it says so what to reach a bit weak but. And we trying to you try to tell me that. The patriots decided they got to bring back damaged goods. No no I'm not sell to signatories to the wolves that's my that's where he's coming from but that I. That's not really a topic and mats in the college map. Yeah lessened it plausible scenario that I don't think gear fully. So it went. I mean when we got when they got Cox. You got to take into account that you can't Trace Gallagher writes so it's not compiled and sign it and we can't trade yup so very well possibility could be. That this is the place holder trade and that we would end up getting the first in the third back because shot patent Bill Belichick have a relationship where that back I think an app. Com. I'd I know he's saying and that's what the other Apollo he was saying to what would that be in the best interest of the patriots right now. That's why didn't you like the best interest of the patriots. The patriots of fools and I think of that it was a deal I kind of feel like the patriots know the rules know what that first round and it is. I just. I feel like they would be. Playing themselves up in that situation if that is actually what happened. Right about the GM outplayed the exact same way but. You know I'll Belichick is like he could say especially in a draft like this you know we're so depleted with picks the good value of one and that three. Even put the 32 overall more than he valued the eleventh overall package he really hasn't had bad but he high draft picks will be either. He seemed more value and and you could trade at about Abbott thirty to turn it into three into third round that you don't mean lets keep. Why and and and all Napoli knew if they if they got number eleven overall lexicon that they got eleven overall from the wall ones cannot make him pick it train. What I mean because it's eleven overall is that a 32 overall knowledge people first round picks. When it comes to trade the pick eleven has more value than 32. As much as maybe the patriots value guys later in the draft then and later in certain rounds fun yet they do. But don't tell me that when it comes to trading picks number eleven overall is doesn't have more trade value and on the 32 putts. Any top fifteen pick in a busy guy that a team wants. You can get you can get an eleven knock it and a 32. So all. Wit that sadly the place told the trade that the pit that is some sort of like. Handshake agreement that I this is the deal or eventually got a cent but what do you like. I don't I don't I just don't see I don't see it that way. We just sit there for like that if that's of people don't hold firm to Lotto that would make much sense to me if on the patriots I according. I can't find anywhere been looking you know can we continue to look I can't find anywhere that if there's ever been done before well as somebody is like trays to pick and now I table traded a player later for the pick back. C. Seat that's. I mean that's a conspiracy theory and and you know I love a good conspiracy theory is that just gave you might. And the last couple weeks have given him Adam shaft that garrote along conspiracy theory that actually I feel that's more related to the granite coached ray that a potential Malcolm the movies. I love a good conspiracy theory put it back to me is like the ultimate. Like dirty behind the scenes handshake agreement like I. Let it did that that's that's just too complicated. Let's talk about it and stabbed I've never seen that before you have to define it's too complicated and when it comes down to earth. What you got it right now. And all of a threat to give up Malcolm. Would put aside that. The idea that Malcolm. Could be a patriot plane for four million. Next year. How would patrons not want that. That's a great deal to steal it's not credible but guess what a great deal pictured it would not want. It's it's it was happening by. The patriots would be I think. It's. Did you get it but why pot weighs about why would you trade him off to another team. As you get brand courts. What ever told you get brand cooks well Malcolm what. Looks like the patriots did that I Null and all you sane in the place all the deal by handshake on the scenes. I'm I'm just an outline I think it's too complicated I'm not by and it that would that's what happened. On because of on the patriots. If I'm trying to brand cooks. Dad I think it was a way to get on the without giving up and I think they actually found what. And I think when you heard reports that the titans. Were up friend was at eighteen over all the saints reject it. I think the saints beat that report and that's my theory this change or get knocked it. Makes that Haifa clutch. And maybe the saints won it you know a team like the patriots to think that they worse than they would have to go out and get sound and a little bit. More valuable than 32 overall. But I I am that theory. Maude I will. Malcolm Butler has something to do it pepper and a coach straight. I know always reported. I'd I just I don't see dad to be the case that's a little too complicated for me and as it stands just in general forget about cuts. If you got Malcolm got a play for your team. A four million dollars next year you wouldn't want that like what what's the rush to get up they did run out of town and he's unhappy about it. That's no reason to move 'cause guys aren't happy he's got to be got what it is what god is he wants the contract XT. And give up on it sorry it's not gonna happen. I don't understand why you wouldn't even be wanted to trade Malcolm what at all in the first place. Is what makes sense to me. And maybe it's as simple as that. If you can have Malcolm played Buick three point 91 million next yet why would yet and if someone wants to get knots to steal. And me I'd Velasco says that in new knowledge that the place all the deals what he calls acknowledged. I just I don't think. I don't think it happened. I don't think that's reality I don't think that's the way the radical straight went down. I actually think it's more like Malcolm what was stage. Indulge. To a place like new loans 61777979837. More of phone calls after this time out. It's an Irish music they've got a skull and that is that again. Got a dollar and it's permanent until 6 o'clock. Take your phone call 61777979837. Mike GI from Comcast sports that he will join me over the phone at 4 o'clock. Let's go to Eriksson eriksson's in several top Ericsson. I I think they don't like I'm Bill Belichick wanted it Butler out is the. He can't write I'm Rob Lowe in Butler Burnett yet it bothered. Create it at all on the op while. Only act at one player now at. I think that artery Hawaii probably not want to trade him right now Madden. Well that's. That's the reason lags a caller and that's the reason why I have sat here since the deal was shining and said not used to train grovel. When you damage sat Seawright arts and yelled there's only one franchise tag don't have the use it but if you don't clean and he's not. You gotta use on Jimmy. I mean what would be is the best business decision. In my opinion the best business decision on that point would be to pay the Stein cornerback. You know stud cornerback. The 1516 mail whenever it's going to be next year under the franchise tag but to pay a backup quarterback who might not even CE. The light of day on that field may have what 25 mil next you're going to be a packed up what that would be a wise investment what are. The plan Britney. Big problem then. It. Rubble on the pedestal. I just don't get it and this this I don't know why he's so it gives up pretty good. We've seen in the how quarters from rubble six. If I could pull up the timeline. On Twitter. Door in the second quarter of that dolphins game this year where Barack what was lighten up the dolphins. That I might like to the timeline was showing Shane. I wanted to slammed my head into the wall repeatedly. Arrested again it was like are they should trade richt you people who the NFL. Am I supposed to do pig like Cuba's. Give us a logical football thoughts UN people whose job it is to do that on to it during the second corner. A big week two game against the Miami Dolphins sand. Not trade Brady. They should trade Brady. Get rid of them Jimmy she's the next guy. Can't guarantee me that's. The next guy on paper but urges some guarantee that people would throw out about for apple I just want to understand. I typically he's honest right now and are we talking about the franchise tag next year it's a great problem to have I get it. But if you're gonna use that franchise tag on someone I'm sorry you cannot convince me the person she used on is a backup quarterback Justin cage the other guy. Attacked. Sorry. You wouldn't need the franchise tag on booklet so. I call it kind of made my point the point I've had since we don't want signing which is like are right now it's all about the franchise tag into does IT. You open that up the ball well simple you gotta trigger problem now because the college tried to do keep graves blocked the only way to trigger up on XT is to tag them first. Don't even get that point trade on now. Radar up now people. That's logical to me. And that's why I keep giant. When's it gonna happen. What is we're upload dreaded on the board Eddie and I did what is even huge. Because you can't convince me that it's a good idea to keep our dogs. Page on the fact is that I just gave you. Did did public did get moved and he did go to the saints. Help the franchise tag number up on actually avoid trade him it's just like. I'd. Oh what you can't know what did you don't move. It can't hurt. When you don't. To Pam point five Billick you I don't even gonna think about risk. Of flat out even risk and that the thought of the patriots they can. A bridge and that is insane to me it's always and it's time funny. Amid all logical thing is the patron to sit back and get weak Malcolm Butler. A three point 91 mil next season. And we get a king's ransom from the Cleveland Browns for Jimmy or apple like that to me is the most logical thought the patriots could currently have right now and for that you know. I met pesetas the last segment and I Dave I told him. Dave matters about a glass. During the break I said don't say listen I. This is my point with the dots that. There was some type of agreement with the saints and patriots that would eventually land block blood in a wall and because of the coach Steele. We got a call last segment point out that. Well you had your contract for both at a trade. Like OK I I know I have acknowledged that. Do you think honestly. That in all of saints. Would trade credit coach the patriots. Right. With. The thought that may plead guilty in agreement with Malcolm Butler on a contract. No 808. And credit cards and patriots NN. And doing pig while may we will get the outlook but does guarantee that at that point but agreed to a contract. These aren't. What you gonna trade to the patriots and say it may be. No we don't is because it was part of the deal we will get them. I'll tell you don't have batch float out there is a big maybe question mark are you don't. To me that's another reason why does not permit the biggest reason why there was no place. All the trade job back door grit and Sheikh agreement no I'm sorry a wasn't just cup final it's not realistic to me that the saints would do that. If they do that they would they would have waited to make the move until book actually was under the contract and entrant. That's a they would do if not your risk of blood not agreed to any contract. Instead you gave up branding yeah I mean I'm dead that's not that's not it to make. They probably just about. As part of the deal. And patriots probably should know. And then the saints wanted to move clips and that was the best the only. Thought I mean did did the thought that you would trigger a player like Brandon cooks. And have like a question mark as to whether or not you'll eventually get another player return doesn't make any sense to. Just does. 617779793761777979837. Taken more of phone calls until 6 o'clock like G audit from Comcast sports net new Wang went. Well join me at this time out.

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