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Trenni and Tomase - Celtics and Lonzo Ball; Kevin O'Connor calls in 3-18-2017

Mar 18, 2017|

Final hour of the show and the madness hasn’t stopped. Trenni and Tomase change the pace by talking some Celtics. Kevin O’Connor of the Ringer, calls in and discusses NCAA and his recent article on Lonzo Ball’s shooting style.

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He's training and tomorrow using one Sports Radio don't you yeah. He's dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins into all new England sports. So let's. It's trendy until moxie on Sports Radio WEEI. Samir examine the Sunnis CDC final hour of trendy and some Nazi is 207 on a Saturday afternoon day card. We'll follow us at 3 o'clock. We've been talking a lot of football. All little media and media crime but now it's time to get back to sports and one right now that actually is games going on things that matter. The NBA. The NCAA tournament and who better to talk about body SE tournament or tournament here tournament. Her bear internment. All right who's this tournament on us aren't good guys say the way I was of saying Eric it's much of Saturday yeah. Kevin O'Connor who writes for the rain you're used to lower express server at CS and now he's all West Coast cool joins us now. On the phone you are a great article cat and tied to actually highlight your name there carried out very simple things cattle inning I think having as not won't call back. And I can hang out by cabinet would do. Kevin I love your article on Alonso ball it was really interest especially the part I mean there are a lot of interesting things but one his shooting motion which is awkward. On the fact that he always goes laughs he doesn't have a way outweigh that he ranges right but also all the different balls that they use it there's no standard basketball in college basketball how is that possible. Hello Kevin. On unknown. We drop and now and now he's I can make it out now I am married are. Cool I don't know I put my book that I guess they're kind of the idea but ago. He's done well all. You said like they use different ball and for each team in many ways about sponsorship for the Nike sponsored a lot of schools sort of team you Nike ball by the Republican people involved and in part of the story not not focused entirely but part of storybook that will football. That brand of basketball generally have significantly better grip on the ball and and marble ball has shot. Much that would apple holding the LA or the NCAA reportedly use open ball well compared to. Nike balls and obviously with the NBA ever seen you called code and it's good to get a geographic change forever and ever player there have been ball India. Yeah I mean I'm gonna assume that he can adjust to whatever volley he's given if he works within enough I think the bigger issue is that shot which. Yeah you described it perfectly in this is what I thought the first time I saw him he looks like a kid who can't reach the hoop. Who suddenly grew to be six foot six but he still has that. Like cross body shoot from the chest kind of wind up that you would see the young precocious. You know nine year old at the gym hitting three pointers. Is back and work in the NBA and how do you break down his shot. You had that subway at the church look at the first thing anybody knows from watching on the ball if you have got a sidewalk and shot Abraham well. I think it can work in a lot of situations so by that I mean like when he's just you know in the corner or covering opera stringing. I think had no issues cheering the ball and catch the culprit and come off the dribble. And if you're dropped in the top three top four top five you want him to have the ability to create a shot at any time for the topics that were made. That would make them so good you're using of the Baltic threatened Conakry and get your bucket about the ball. He's had issues going to his right. They get a bucket good shot off kind of because I think because there's auto mechanic he has a little bit rate hits the bottom. And becomes a little relief is so hard for him to get an clearly going couldn't lap steel ball. Always. That back jumper. In order to get this shop because of the time particularly since so your NBA defender here that are used in you know while the ball tendencies I think it can become easier to defend him and let you add more move to arsenal to right now he's a great college player but he needs to add more movement are more norm because McGregor vehicle. And every one of the things you pointed out your article ways that Seth Curry at nineteen clearly isn't wasn't the player that he is now at 29 he's added a lot. But what's the biggest difference I know that Alonso Paul's dad likes to say that ball is better than curry but Barry is it a distinct difference between where the two were. At their college level verse verses that any growth possibility that the staff. But look at that and courage that's when he was a freshman he would like really. Score he had to learn how to become more point to our peak he would have to guard that work report or we'll walk moved on football the big dipper. He's like incredible. After I mean it up in Beijing and that this would not track ball like he is or might be a little bit like these past. Two Beers and on board incredible. What in what he knew the is it what made these nasty national AG contribute content all the great pass first point guard. If they can also transform the score at that moment it flattened them more like as a pastor to have an overall play maker. So along the ball he can't just become an old actor. Right he often is the sort of score so that's where the shot important whether it's from that linger through cornering entered it into the -- it's important for and the of that become fluent in order to recant his first but at some point guard. But at this point considering that his eye you know from Ayers and his dad clearly tied the game in this shooting mechanics that the shooting mechanics he uses he's been doing for a long time. And you say that he always goes to his last two almost never seem go to to his right and be able to go to both sides of the way adjacent Cade Seth Curry's Steve Nash re able to do. It is he almost no he's young but he he almost too old to add that to his repertoire would it seem so natural for him and he add that to his game. Not I think other what misconceptions about the track and general and especially basketball like that you know older players and get better I don't think the players ever are getting better felt for law of the ball. Assuming you have a great work ethic which you record we have and he loved basketball which he reportedly has proven he has the vision. Become the best he can view the prior I would that we wouldn't rule out improving at all it's super skilled it took nineteen years old and I think. I think look at it. You can you believe project and becoming one of the best point guard the NBA see it though but fears. That shot could hold them back I think that kind of be the red flagged for him at the next level more so than anything else because if it if you can't become a great score off the durable. Like Stefan curry is earned uneven so occurred as he used the prime example. Even like an aggregate on this level are unbelievable that if he can't let it won't be able to allow him to. I get a good candidate could immaculate topic fields which are are really. The best in the forgotten about the drop seen in years after it cuts first or could still confide in India but the need to use for a score. So Kevin two questions for you I think like a lot of Celtics fans I am tuning in UCLA games. At 1130 on the pac ten network or whatever or now watching the tournament just to see law and so ball. Just for the possibility that he might end up in Boston. Given what you know about Danny Ainge in the Celtics how likely do you think it is that they go ball or do you think they would be more a mark healthful skies team if they had the number one it. A lot of other people right here earlier than we've seen Illinois all electric I watched the draft generally about its nuclear file picture and what the point to a how good reporting as of that we can't watch the best player in the draft this month that mark helpful so without I think. I think he is the best player straps really for a routine situation I look at MM as a better guys from the republic. I think she could more easily fit excellently comment I think he has higher upside because the ability. To defend his ability to score for each level before he motivational ability to score from altered level technical problem with these tickets are all. He could pull from their captors and also not quite as good of a shooter off the captions along the ball but I think he's much better off the dribble and that's the skill that I think the Celtics are headed in the belly be at what what the Hartford on in the India. Exports quarter scoring. It's gotten can lean on when thinking whoa that is about half court being they're not up and down pretty well in transition it's. Final guy who gets your pocket at the end of a clock and bachelor and all of them are major edge over allowable. All soda follow up on that is is it not a red flag and all that Fultz is not in the tournament that is not in any tournament that is team what that's like well straight games or whatever was. And the year that Washington was not a good team at all should the best player in the country. At least Tran no Mormon college a couple games in his conference. All thanks I think it's seen as a really bad if anything you can go back to his choice to go to auction four point eight that was the mistake adult. White. The tablet in in sports rightful place to be built in the championship followed her all of them on the championship it's often good general manager the coaches are putting the right people around a certain players from mark helpful. He was this sort of situation lack talent and I definitely don't think there's an even playing for further failures this season. Right do you take Fultz over ball if that was the choice for the Celtics but of all that you know top safe 45 players are Jason Tatum and there. The the forward from duke. Young son Josh Jackson also forward back from Kansas of those players those formal stick with those for which do you think is the best fit and fields that they fills the biggest need for the Celtics. And could transform them long term. I mean if there were talking about it like let's say they end up with the third pick her report second full buffet table if it's about. I I still think it's about fine finding that second guy that you can lean on in the game and for me. That's street and take them forward from duke I think of that group of guys besides fault he he's the one who can. Really get your pocket he reminds me a lot of the greater from the pieces that are and they a name other than a little bit more vulnerable we're Carmelo Anthony type of player where he is a great ball handler has. Grateful work with the Billy they're creates space for himself scorer. Yeah we definitely not a good defender at this stage not a great passer but his field for the game is really really cared and I think he's the guy who I think would be good for the topic within their current group for a guy. We love the coming out of Foster ball machine moving forward. Are there any other players in the tournament that Celtics fans should be paying attention to justice for that reason that they could be. Topics you know top four top three picks. I think the league ball a lot and very much for the same reason that I think it was a feeling terribly welcome regarding Kentucky you really like a microwave scorer in the sense that he can light it up as Annie. I think. He again like with tea and he has lost. You know he's you know he's not going to let their people effects are very goes a little bit of this size and there could be a little bit of redundancy consultants are have a lot of talent at guard. But the fact is back. How can really shoot the basketball from deep I think that hitting the NBA with the ability to shoot pretty mr. ball from outside. Any Little League athlete I think he can be really really aren't. Sick at pet and what happens let's just say that they'd they'd get the first overall pick which I know they'll probably the best chance this year any year without Brooklyn tech. And they take faults. What happens then you said he's probably the best that side by side with Isiah Thomas who do you think that the Celtics would keep. Both of them around or did back given the option may be too. Straightaway or let Isiah Thomas walks kinda Max contract somewhere else and then maybe sound like a guy like that Gordon Hayward he's been mentioned a lot linked a lot to the Celtics. And can that combination may be put them over the top and start to really piece together the next championship team. Emotional a couple of ala Allah but I think a lot of people talk about because you could make the I mean I think the that kind of common thought is that the public with the number one pick they are in the drivers seat to make a trade for GT caller called tort type won't be true. There would have the most valuable pick of the draft but also true that by having it chipped faults. As you do you have that Little League prospect if you view him as a guy who become a top top three point guard top ten player. Maybe it's not the best fit into trade that player for Butler Georgia which is very good players they're players but they have their flaws and they might package you over the top. But the alternative matters to keep fall into potentially move other guys and it not rebuilt but between the teams here reconfigure what is it that you're building exchanging economize I think that's certainly about a viable path if they do you well all. Or no the prospect that somebody who's truly believe that truly franchise changers. Where so you don't sound too high am on the ball and its effect for the Celtics. I mean I really really like lobbed the ball and I think in any way you imagined it would perhaps even. Garfield and obviously as everybody knows if I'll ever said to be able coached all the balls saint and he invites you about the chart few feet of Smart player I think that they want you contrast the run an offense so it marked sense that we I think the good bet. I just I didn't have. I don't question that we'd the color blocks for construct. But boxer turnover happened quickly every a pervert our professional sports team so far more figure for her ball. If things where it was. All were like well maybe that's the guy to go around and and tweak other pieces but I do think that poll should have yet to footballer and me to the extent seen him for that matter. Should Danny and care about one's a balls that is crazy dad had and has his smooth stated you know on the east. 100% positive that his kid's gonna play for the lakers Sunday should gains care about that stuff and and how do you feel about Lavar it Islam. Yeah well Bob ball online. Our idol. I don't think it's a huge factor all black ink you know where can come with the players were talking eight years so now after there's a certain period after his second contract done and under free agency so maybe years and now it's an issue idol thing. I don't think comet that makes a really big deal as people think it is well I think. I I think what ball he'd be better off kind of like Steve Kerr Soviet. Earlier this week he will be better off are not talking because it's a distraction or it's some sort of pressure while the ball movement where he goes further off in LA or a window for that matter. Wherever he goes it put undue pressure on his kids but for about all I mean. I opened the big. I am a former Celtics question for you people here are starting to relate sir fall in love with Jalen brown. Guy in case I need a reminder and you've food. Draft night. It is it more like is it warranted what do you see in his game is this a is this a kid who can become a big piece of the celtics' future possible. You have that Aaliyah who went out that the Oakland last year turn workers error an article on draft neither do you know. Instead they'll boo Taylor brown but from what you love Jake got a lot Jalen brown and I think we'll learn fear that it took a little bit of time I think. I think Jalen. Kind of had a scheduled somewhat more so than I expected. Maybe that's partially because you play more limited goal for the Celtics he's. You know they have a clearly definable part in the spotlight. But throwing everything at them like some rookies on bad teams are getting something that helped a little more ahead in the actually on the other and they've got up and really accelerated development and peace he developed. I think. And support call one of the felt better more versatile defenders think when your rookie at over here and you can say what are you can rely on him I think. And fourth quarters due to make right place in the current rotation a report that remark about autism nevermind that recent shots and be effective development really really impressed. I cabinet kind of how the West Coast buddy missing out here oh here you are still inherent though I thought you are well. Sorry that you're silliness math we just lose. Could it really people expect what how do Simmons is the boss. So good earlier. He must and he and and he must Wear you out with the Celtics stuff. Now why the public diplomacy out of anybody or out of it and so that the Bill Simmons prevents. Is our Kevin thanks so much you appreciate it. Sir Kevin O'Connor the ringer. Had a chance both John and I did tweet out the article he wrote them on a ball is great I tell you Kevin is. The best young NBA writer in the country and convinced it's great stuff last serious story about that Benson and shoots at the wrong hands so he knows how to break down the shooting flaws. NBA draft. Yes it's it's not it's just it's really eye opening to watch immune he takes up little things about one's own ball. That the eightieth you're not a super trained eye that you you've otherwise might even if you are fairly trainer you might not otherwise pick up any really breaks it down with numbers in char I mean he's just sort of the both. I don't I think I like my Atlantic have a right is he goes the sort of the new school. Analytics numbers but he mixes that in with the old school just passed in the eye test is I think a lot of young writers get caught up in more of the analytics as opposed to just looking at somebody in evaluating what they're both of. And the analytics who uses that are understandable and it's things slice. One's a ball has only taken today I think 7% of his shots have been two point jumpers and so. You're like OK this guy has no intermediate game and all right either scores of the Ray Emery takes a 29 footer. Our rights we will continue to talk about Celtics Kenny in Hartford hang on the line we also for some offices and the best name in internment in terms of me. Analyst. James spent Markel. Yeah look controversy engines for Markel talk about that a little bit later as well and I are turning to Nazis coming up next. With training until mossy Sports Radio telling you we. OK so first I was ever going to have to see math. Playing the air guitar amp eardrums to that time and he said I'm so excited the remakes of my favorite show is coming out as he got gonna play the theme signed. I have no idea with this yet I actually medal in the only remake I know that's coming up this week his Power Rangers as a power just Power Rangers that's insane my favorite shows the child that sounds like there. That would end zone nights later but no that was don't have that reduced the intro. As I say she unity cricket so that and pump the movie there. OLA Allyson movie yeah yeah what they did was. Power Rangers was fully children and they figured those children are all adults now to remake the movies for the adults and limited satellite TV screen in deterred. And I'm gonna kinda like everything. So you know one of the carriages names as trainee. And a pink ranger you know aren't our the other. It's easier I think about it there are no solved and I was not. Matt and I were saying today when that Larry and I and Nancy Johnson on a Craig marry him. Regulate married. And they are on her psych all these random old movie references like our young that this is ran like now I'm old maps on nine. I didn't watch our please I think teens at her now. As a team. That's you managed you can. A year she rock remember yes you can't be weird CNET has just beaming as she had a study man. Totally into agreeing that that definitely able lines on the beat Turkey Allen had eight is the support hi Tyler yes you I an apple on you can't buy C men and I was. Entered just now what's the loop marriages name Billy. Billy using dirty one why they have about regular games. In their regular people they were just five teams that it's. And lawsuits. I will say had seen the trailer for that movie during the run up to the Oscars trustees mainly as possible and so and then posts are so like John Winnick. Power Rangers trailer and I saw Logan power industry. And don't take this the runway and Lou it's freaking awful things unity it's terrible. It was Darren. Cranes and I'd like Elizabeth Banks that highlight Elizabeth Banks like frank and yes on my buddies from Ireland and her paychecks as good now. There Melanie and her Elizabeth Banks play tourney no she's playing with the applause that she's the most. One person who's playing me. You march not in. I'll great late they've left out the umpire injured sort of aids the recasting was different from. Lately. The character not to sell the urine or you're an original cities with colors yeah. IC so. Yeah that's wild that's not a racist although it wasn't but that was early ninety's. That. The young. I am. Yeah I got it I got it but now I guess I'm not exactly black ranger was an African American I poll. YOY yeah and the melting pot. Okay our rights advocate attorney Stan and I just it's exciting thing is similar into the power enter a school. It maybe have the pickets. Not anymore not anymore we are 1000 it's called dropped off the minute we start talking about it right now I am Dinah I am now I want nothing to do it this. The way did say it was Eddie feels like these Celtics need a big man I'm curious based on my Kevin O'Connor sat in our conversation and a cabinet Kyra the ringer ran a great piece on Alonso ball I treated it too mossy treated eight you can see it read it. Make yourself seem and sound smarter and just get smarter. By reading his piece about lob the ball you know it's it is Kirk. Kirk doesn't like you know it's awesome. What would you who would you like to see him go after how would you like to see things like what in your mind and you your big Celtics back. In your mind. What plan of attack would you advise Danny Ainge to take to get to where they wanna be which is competitive in any. Did you know San Antonio's and sack ads apartment just getting your old infinitely competitively that's. What do you what do you want. And to do so that they are in that their financing and that. Universe with those players right now let's be honest even if they get it to the wind Derek they're not Cleveland added Washington and I didn't meet her yet but. The hope is that you take the number one pick three years in earlier three straight top three picks Imus guys that might actually happen. Or five years built by museum in London little insane yet. So that would be that would be the hope but in this in the short term since you asked me to tell anyone I would do well means. Here's a Johnson must he do. Scoring. No I don't care about positions I don't care if it's another miniature point guard. Like Isiah Thomas you'd need someone who can score because we see it every post season. As they get swallowed up. The Celtics have nowhere to turn their offense by status like at him saying that half court game fourth quarter scoring. Patsy so I want someone. That's why would lean towards mark helpful because if you watch highlights of him and ball balls a tremendous passer which is great and in a lot of ways I'd like balls game better. But you just concede that Fultz is the more complete guy and definitely a more complete score and that's when and a small guy he's a big point Arizona 656 cent yet. Yeah I mean volleys to vol six sick so I mean YouTube league potential big point guards. Give me the guy who can shoot and can create his own shot. How does the I'll be honest man. For a guy like blondes are applauding no it hasn't bothered him in in college but that act on key. Shots the way that he shoots the fact that so much of Kevin's article. Focuses on the fact that he is predictable he goes one way he has he's predictable it a shot selection he's predictable where he shoots from the that's in the in the NBA with these smartly these buried not at college coaches aren't Smart that you obviously have the best in the basked. Guys playing in the NBA is opposed to sort of a watered down NCAA yet. Parents stop them. Maybe maybe he involves his game maybe he gets their but I think it to me that's the riskier. Yet and and the idea is just to be clear it's not that he can't go right he's right handed I mean he can drive the vaults of the right but when he shoots off the dribble he's always moving right the last. And it's because he's a right handed shooter but the ball starts on the left side of his body and then comes around comes across his body in any shoots. So that's the part of his game that's predictable mats what is that affects. Cabinet mean when you do watch. And what you are you pointed out that he had a statistic in his article as well that only 7% of his shots come from there like basically two point jumpers so. Between the three point line in the rim. He takes a lot of shots at the rim he takes a lot of three pointers he takes almost nothing in between there is no intermediate game at all which again makes his game predictable right app and you look at Steve Nash she brought September at a Steve Nash. Steve Nash is a great three point shooter he was a great ball handlers are great passer. He was also deadly from 1618. Feet you've seen taken these crazy follow a's over guys. So he wasn't a one dimensional score that's kind of football is right now. Waltzes is a more rounded score let's go back to Kenny in Hartford he called back people compacts and LAP people are. Ted during the off thanks for problem back what's on your mind regarding the Celtics. It is north Rae let's. It. So the thing again and that let them show. About the biggest he double AA college basketball auction battle book. I understand the whole love the ball and the other guard that those gentlemen we'll talk about even though that mean this took action in QU of I do agreed I don't deftly Unita critters scorer. But I also believe that arm complete years old but I'm so little bit of an old school might it kind of guy. I think we need a big man down low backcourt could rebound. LeBron getting older he's been undertaking these next season. So that'll stop some of the great scoring won't be Cleveland. Of course in the play out. And I think we need to stop inside scored more especially for lacking perimeter shooting we need. You know summoned to a company worker to close the middle. And you know get out. You know cathartic announced that. Are the leading area. I mean I think there's a clearly need inside for them because they do you get killed on the boards but. In today's NBA that the big man is just kind of going extinct I mean they've looked at the the Sacramento trade you now have one team that has maybe the two best big men in the league. And last I checked I don't think they're gonna make the playoffs and so. The way the NBA's bill now the way the Celtics are built now. Your big guys aren't even necessarily needed under the hoop there at their guys who shoot and the league has moved away from that it's a perimeter league now it's a three point shooting well it. Which begs the question that would send Kenny thanks for the call I appreciate. When you know waited Jason Tait a lot of do appear bass that because it appears. I don't think his three point shooting is greeted outside shooting but he is averaging sixteen point nine points and seven point three rebounds a game for duke. I 68. These. Small forward. So the guy who should be able to go inside and outside. Yeah I made out BC's game needs work from the outside at outside test is the need that they're looking. I think he's a low thirties three point shooter so you have to projected him that is going to be better and that. I don't think it via the Celtics you're necessarily interested. Fultz makes more sense because he's a better three point shooter right now. If Tatum can't add that to his game then that would be huge drive back in my mind is the celtics' offense. It's everybody on the floor shoots threes. Play devil's advocate ballots ever but he Imus this Florida's one thing wouldn't you want someone who brings a different dimensions and I'm saying their style their offensive style unit Amir Johnson now as a three point shooter you eat you know bill all their big meg Kelly Atlantic is a three point shooters and so. And I Al Horford is a three point shooters and that's crowds it that's just yet take Crimea good on the list virtually everyone other than markets are markets Smart takes a lot of threes. He doesn't make very many of them by. That's how their offense is built it's there it's an outside inside bleak. Okay fine so far. Fine in my devil's advocate didn't go anywhere. Irina did Wal-Mart break and when we come back we're gonna touch and sorry that I heard Jerry say on Friday morning I can't wait in your attorney has to say about those in you made him way to the end of the show that as an arts didn't show although last neon about it on Thursday. Jim spent our goal which I just think his name forward to keep spanner poll. Made comments about sideline reporter LE a force that console outraged well outside the Paulson safe. John. You're locked into training because generic and John Tomas talking. Perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. It's what west Virginia's dad. He's been cast and finally negated. I agree with now. Offensive rebounds like learn not to argue with pretty women like that the people of my house I don't get in trouble for women in my house. Eight offensive rebounds out it is really a problem when you think about it this gift sort of. Jim spent our goal. Apparently this had the interwebs the Twitter verse all of and a half. Their IDs on a bundle. But my Jun said that the deep scar duke stars kinda wish he had that one back. Susan Roland Miller back Richard that is say gyms but Arco agrees that only pretty woman because then that. Life is easier not because there right and at CBS sports leader Reid do sensitivity training. Sarah said James but archaeology of daughters to you want them to be great because they're prettier because there are smarts. Manning's is this the floor on this on is this taking out ID OK so here's here's the issue. I don't love it because it is she Alley is pretty alleys of former but this Ohio or miss Florida teen foreigners something and she was. Yes across the former teen USA miss teen USA she won at all. So she's clearly I'd add a beautiful young woman but she's also very good editor jobs she's risen. The ranks as CBS sports is sideline reporter. I hate him and he's in a bundle about it on ninth inning down on some sort of crusade a guy do wish that these. I hate these types of comments because again it reduces her ride you like it or not it does reduce her what she looks. But what what bothered me if this was an isolated incident. I I morale like c'mon people this brushed aside by in so this is bigger West Virginia but now game during the Villanova. Would replace Saint Mary's announcing meraz and Arizona during the Villanova game. One of the Villanova assistant coaches. His wife just had their second child animal talking about this is again gyms but our eldest neagle are you look in my apartment my out loud alone you bleeping kidding me. Stark makes a comment old NCAA tournament happened at the right time because now whenever it had been a coach's name is doesn't have to goal home and listen to the kid crying stamp nights his wife can handle it. Like that's to me like to what goes in one day says to me you're kind of a sexist jerk. Like you Def OK let me go to play a lot a Levy logged in that could be pretty and have babies Lockett back. I don't wanna come a sexist jerk that's probably take you to spark he he is very patriarch. Like there is a okay women you guys are pretty analyst Jeter pretty 'cause I want my home life to be dad. And boys. That got lucky idiot not be home with his newborn child and help his wife because odds is better she can just hang out at home and handle it that's why when I heard that he said this as like. This has just kind of a you know what's an act goes so far as grand wizard I am coming out of it like meeting him hack any time soon but I can't this just goes back to. And talked about on the show it talks about on Kirk Allen had in the morning I talked about on CS and is it's just. The use of language in the way that we talked differently about women in and just perpetuates stereotypes to I'd get angry at someone says and Brady now. At this age and happy summons of his contract. At any of his authority airline group. Eight year. But that aside. What I don't lie and when I've gotten away from Mike I have friends in the business who whenever anyone tells them they look hot on TV they like they're out there their legs are great they're like thanks to an act extra slots. Sponsor banks out where that the next time like. If you like it he think I'm pretty that such an asset to me like. I've got away from responding to those things because to me perpetuates the stereotype of you're on TV you should be and TV because you look a certain way not because of what you're saying like. I have words I have fox I have a brain mean I don't disagree without my brains that's out. But that's what makes me valuable not that I'm you shouldn't agreed to because I'm pretty some degree because I'm right. I hear that. And I know this is hard is always hard to talk about because it's like a guy doesn't want Stepan right you don't want to you don't wanna say something that here's my gut reaction to this and two but I do think little bit of an overreaction I think sometimes now we've turned into this Twitter mob where it's like anything you say. And it will be held against yet. That's all I was gonna say yes I mean he's he's clearly not the most progressive thinker is not the fit is duke education. Fine but they do I gotta do it because he was Smart to do because of basketball when I call stayed in Spain the my thing is exactly Regis said this rush to judge every line and says they angry mob mentality. You're a Neanderthal. And we are gonna add just harp on this until there is nothing left to view. And listen I've criticized. People at the station for the way we react to the money Jones my thing has always been like. Well the money just to say whatever he wants it's not gonna offend me and Jim's right narco if you must be an idiot. On a broadcast. Fine actually think he salvaged it a little bit with the all although women in my house like okay you're acting in out. It's not just overtly modeling the girl now on on the broadcast even though he got. I'm sure he respects Sally you know I'm sure like there's not chronic appreciating that she's a pretty. Neat. But he's probably old enough to be her father grand. The sixth and team so it's not like I didn't look at it and think why Iggy I didn't think it was demeaning I just thought that again it's eight perpetuating a stereotype fifth I get to meet. If you just said this I I would have been to the fact that he also during the Villanova game just stupid comment about an assistant coach skirting his responsibilities. As a new father of his right. It. Off man and a white go home and change some diapers and make me a sandwich Friday. I will say that it does show how times have changed that I think a lot of people say under the age of fifty. Hear that comment real cringed like well like he same Mac. Right and ten years ago fifteen years ago certainly twenty years ago you wouldn't even bat an eyelash that. It's sort of like the Brad must burger thing when what's her name I guess as to mr. Annan. And I cabinet again account gorgeous she is I got to. You as creepy as he sat there like I'm checking around and open up a popular bar later. That's the mark equal Carrie Fisher beautiful creature eat eat. Right like I can't I. I consider myself a feminist but I saw that as like a little bit of an overreaction to also when you say beautiful creature. Can't beautiful creature I mean her inside and her outside that as necessary reflective he stuck in a better. Her home. Hope he ever if our outer beauty but it's him it's and I love this person as a whole like again it's. Yeah I get over yourself people this would be my ultimate thing get over yourself everybody get over yourself stop reading Pete aides mentions stock beat caring about would gyms and articles says in a broadcast. All of us adults not hearing about that unless yes but it hits over again it is overtly sexist overtly racist. I think those comments deserve to be called out and called into question like if he would've said something. I am adamantly constantly and I truly affected can get some -- I think you have to take like each generation into like my dad says that's sometimes it in 63 but he still is 63 and a ninth. That's. Cool anymore you know like it's let's just let's except to say that don't even find anyone in public is the last thing else and that's the fact that we even care about this and having this discussion. Is proof is changing hats and that is proof for progress and this progressive show now going to sign. Bridge turn you over to someone who. We'll just probably scratch your sports it's the entire time getting the card is up next Arab river they stuck in my Tea Party at 4 o'clock. Double thumbs up to my colleague my Cherie who is broken eight hunt of stories this week on the patriots he's debit da bang up job he's gonna talk with any depart at four. He is up next under the UV.

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