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Malcolm Butler's Future 3-17-17

Mar 18, 2017|

Pete breaks down the latest rumors and news on Malcolm Butler

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Think Patrick's day welcome back to our number two beat jeopardy promoted night tonight until about 540 or so then will. Have some NCAA basketball coverage for you obviously on the Westwood One radio Sports Radio WEEI ignited three point seven of them across the WEEI. Sports Radio network and number is 617779. 79376177797. No idea precept that a few dates it's up and we'll talk to guys so. Up or not at the table tonight whatever you like to talk about the surrogates on a patriot news to discuss but certainly one chime in about the Celtics and lobbed a ball in the haven't seen them play stay up late tonight gill coliseum. I usually play in a later on it the last game tonight. There's still Malcolm baba situation Jim EG. All the other stuff going on not to mention the Pete Abraham comets which I will get to. Our Shaughnessy Chiming in on George permanent typical Shaughnessy fashioned couple hours ago we tweets out fan boy judge Berman editor Dan. Unabashed bias embarrassment to US legal system no such thing is do your job with this guy. Because there disagrees with the with the judgment and you know I hadn't given them. Time today for the storm coverage which George Burns said the wide and so upset and outraged it is. Somebody didn't agree with his support of your calls at Georgia affair and voice. You know. Not someone who was logical reason to hold placated and thought about but because their denigrate his period. So the guys in the media. What's going on over the globe honest to Christ honest to god what the hell's going on over there the last thing I saw from the globe was taking down the Boston Globe latter. The reality that an omen. He stuck an outlet most newspapers eventually next couple years I mean really. Especially one owned by the Red Sox. Beat Pete Abraham stoppers. You know. It's it's so ridiculous. Like ominous sound like a video throughout here it's just that actually ridiculous you know it was an apology to that guy. And why are we gonna get an admiral Kirk protocol to assault the editor and was told what operator to program your show America and insists it's it's so typical. Big date they really don't I I really don't believe they understand the audience I really don't think that you know and and Pete Abraham exit this vote that is gonna go away. Everything he has tweeted out as all the previous shows have set everything he has weeded out has come back. To. His call and it got to grin was on Twitter which is so over the top stupid. Just just dumb and embarrassed and I got to believe there's a lot of reporters over there who are embarrassed for him by a knock it promotes it. But I will. It's what 77797037617779. 7937. To get an heir to a lot night when he tonight I'm also contributed to this topic is well. I'm on that subject I am so Arnold what you guys and girls out there. Are you not sick and tired about every last damn topic. Sports or otherwise. Has some kind of a racial element to whip it doesn't matter what is lately. And maybe a just getting just watching too much and looking at social media too much. But why is an idiot you know the clock Ezekiel Elliott and of rocket that would be laughing it off I'm not so sure about that. What what particular Elliott did pull that girl's stoop down to expose a breast is just. Ridiculous if rocket that I would be upset. I can't snicker at those secret that was dumb. Just opened especially him and everybody everybody watching you play he's already got. A checkered past as it is crops ever decides group routed ever done anything. Like that. We have to make about race why can't just be about the individual beat them buckle it knuckled it Charles Barkley took the matter what you are. Why is every sports argument ever he's. Why why so reporter local regional and actually at some point no matter what the subject is all of a sudden becomes. Black vs white white vs Latino looking over and it's it's ridiculous. Idea that's sick of it every. Restoring have to have some kind of racial tone to it. Does not problems right right at all that abandonment and commits to a big political discussion about that kind of like we know the racism that exists. And every community on the entire planet I it's not about that. You know the important issue I mean what talk every time I hear a sports story rates comes into. Over the last several weeks and the last couple months I am sick of it. Dollars. You have people that what Malcolm Butler yes some knuckle heads LP with white that's what I'm tests it. Just idiotic stuff. No matter what the subject oh why didn't he really your racist why all the diet I chew trident. I think it's that kind of silly it's that is going on your Teresa rusty obstacle. To try and and mark and while I check what's the comment on the course quart you know that kind of thing. Though. It's but that's the mean that stupid idiotic heady arguments. Nobody can have an intelligent sports discussion especially ideas and some of these other shows without bringing up race. Pete Abraham talking about a guy who disagrees about they were priced coffee in the grand which match just flat out it's open. Problem. Don't matter all that and then had brought this up to keep earlier and go back to 2015. From Pete Abraham. Tweet that says to some Jeb says funny how some people target only York he's a guy who led the team in RBIs gosh wonder why. On real so again it's that it's a racial. You know. The guys are racist for saying that hinting at a race baiting stuff. On T. You can't criticize a player without being racist. That's it that's come down to pre neighborhood that's why you think. At some mossy for defending them which was an airlock and I I don't predict a lot of jobs passed I like John personally I Jordan I've worked them a couple of times and by. To defend him the way you did is embarrassing. Embarrassing. It it makes no sense to me. At all. I'm just tired of every sports story over the last couple weeks have come out. And the some racial undertone to what somewhere along the way if this guy was black that this guy wasn't black it was why it was checkered purple polka dot whatever. I got tired of it. And it's easy can't have a sports discussion and more about race coming into. Thought speaking you know generic what I've seen on TV in the end. Some national shows. That's a much not so much here. But more national more ESPN NFL network you know you especially around this is a failure thing and it's a mother's a matter what it is. It seems that it it's it is you know. Racial overtones Newark. I just don't understand. It's it's it's becoming nauseating it's his confidence back it's it's it's taking the fly and it's taking the enjoyment out of a lot of a lot of issues that are interesting to discuss as long as you don't say it's because this guy's black and his guys whites. You know. Don't listen it's really lets its Wrigley call or somebody says that would really really are just like they were headed. It help the globe the other day 61777. Guys 793 cents a again everything's on the table than a patriots socked broad sell the rhetoric got wanna talk about college hoops. So up for grabs a miracle might why let's add back the volunteers are Harrison of the carpet. On WEEI Ayers and ordered the whole year. I'll do all right I I know doctor ordered urgent. However our clocks I don't wish it slide if I could tell the town to town water or to water but yeah. While those in the Arab yeah. So. I think patriots fans in general just are misunderstanding. The whole situation what's up. And you that you hear people calling parents are no load you know Belichick inoperable. Beat Yeltsin walked Gilmore Gilmore better. You know it was great terribly last year. You watch the twelfth pick in the draft to draft a quarterback to replace them to make any sense knows period yet. People forget because we lived here in New England. That you know if you NFL where James Bond movie the picture of Sargent Bob. The patriots and Bill Belichick are people genius. And this this welcome Butler contracts. Is classic evil genius. Right they low ball them. Because the next time they'll conflict situation tomorrow. There are that fast right. Now they have a reputation which event before you have to reinforce that that you can take a kid friendly deal but we'll vote at someone else. Then they're going to carefully at a place someone else more you're gonna get out of here but it didn't take the deal. Eric also ought to understand that he I mean and the noticed that and Malcolm is a restricted free agent so are gone from 600000 a year to three point 91 million. And if it out to get there you get the feeling even if it off from ten million a year. That he still wasn't Arctic. Well Margot who knows where they can also totally about journalists they announced the addition of watching that. I got up again England's complaining that they note that they offered him. All we all use arrow it's not your but there are a lot of other especially writers I you know I saw Bob rides peace and a lot of other a lot of other people I respect their elect. The skies and everything right easy ultimate patriot he keeps his mouth shut block I do all of what we we buy our language the preamble all the time yes we get it. We absolutely dead and we regret to all that it's a business first and foremost okay this is not I don't understand how people still. Don't remember I guess that'll pick forget lawyer Malloy Al pissed off everybody was around here about outlets like the difference really. Big move by Belichick where you really knew that this was going to be this is all about business when he championships are like you said. It doesn't care so not this should surprise anybody at this point out on the white does. That you only have to go back Richard Seymour recent even Jimmy Collins a little different you know that she's in the will note that might have been a behavioral issues but it's it's a common theme. Belichick is aware of the perception that the picture travel around the league that they're not gonna pay top dollar. There are about surround sweethearts. You you take the deal off earlier uptown. And he understands that that is more valuable in the long term debt under painful one specific play or one particular. Accepted just it's something very a dollar check in and last week what about when Stephon Gilmore side here and gave him the most guaranteed money of any pitcher defensive player ever. You know that was very on dollar check in to do that. Are you understand. What playing overpaying for one person despite you know news Malcolm Butler in this example. It go what it's what saving their money in the long term because now the next player when their contract comes up. They know you take it seemed friend Hillary gone and spell check use spiteful when he doesn't care replace someone else more you have to have a good. But you take that deal in your account. Thanks for call Harrison I appreciate it 61777. And that's seven that 37 just. To me I don't discredit and Harrison says certainly big that's the possibility here I'm just it's got to be something more in my opinion to the story somewhere. Along the way admitted it comes out if indeed he does get traded I'm still hoping that it doesn't. I would like to see him stay here have a great secondary gonna have a real good defense anyway but this would be a spectacular defense if you hung around. For another year and then I'll take you know he's something he's somebody that well and I'll I'll take my chances. At the end if they can't work something out. Maybe during the season or. And I find it hard to believe it would let him walk and get nothing back form so that's the risk you take. That's the risk you take but maybe they haven't a plan you know. Plant W in the works where they plan on keeping them and then some point figured that it on day. They think about it some more and decide to. In my you know something close to what he wants. But this stuff about you know he deserves it and all that I get all that we've said that about all these other players I don't deny it. I am I see horrible like golf and I want to see Ty Law go rape. Not them that wanna see those guys don't suck they Samuel I mean the list is absolutely endless. But you start to look at the results. In the end and what these teams are and what they've done what they've accomplished and it's hard to argue. The way to go about their business you don't have to like it. Ought to I don't I don't like it either at times Bosnia this particular situation kind of bothers me that they can't find a way to keep Malcolm Butler. It Alan I'll be Obama couldn't you know throw a fit if he gets traded or leafs but I want I'll be happy about it I don't dot devastating. But. That's why I think somethings to something else going on here it's something that we don't know about yet that's that's my opinion we're 6177797937. 6177797. Under through seven states of Florida next here on WEEI Steve. A lot of Egypt hello hello my church adult Floridians how are. Alitalia I hit it I cannot wait will come down to look at houses Sunday through Wednesday Donna for Mars we'll have something. Before I leave on Wednesday promised I can not. Wait to get down at a. Now more. Not one that's for sure I promise you that you won't he would. Any all of 1978 it has some plate from. Given that. But while you have not not for a buyers they didn't I tell you that that. I want in my case go and why this is happening with Bob we know that. One thing that Belichick does not put up with is someone who talked about finances especially during the season. When Michael Floyd came aboard and they are paying him what 121 point 202 games. As I am a courtroom mention something about how he debt 600000. During the season that won't though Belichick I think that. Call for. Negotiations. Everything else. You're just thank backpack and who. Stir the pot the wrong way at Belichick we know every everything into orbit she. And even if Britney. At which we know he doesn't agree that actually dubbed it the opposite of I've taken a different ballot. I Hillary wants him lately post it to oppose this point to you and an acute you can for this year but. It note I everything you say yeah I agree it however. Looking at from the other side of it. This guy about the violence played the last few years with a page which has not missed a game and a regular season or order playoffs has been very very good obviously one of the best. Defensive backs in the league. Is it is it done this that and I and that's bush considers a Lawyer Milloy Ty Law sought to said the guys I imagine that Deion Branch. As what you could do it this argument back in those cases to every seem to work out okay on the whole but it's it's sending a bad message the rest of these players some of the other players on the team. That they can bust their chops give it their all. Do everything that's asked of them and then wind when it's time to get paid not in all not break the bank paid for just the dictate what you work and don't get it is actually a bad taste of some of these other players miles right now. It might but I think they're kind of look at it and add these situations that I mean. Yeah everybody talking about lawyer Malloy and Taiwan and you're more the older players said that talk. This is going to be different a lot of slope and most welcome we have what you can. Do what you can't read that table. About. Yet they make dynamic catch them. Always been terrific he's been outside media that it does that he did better than him. What the what he's done dissident groups in front. But the effect did it. Without a doubt. Get. Who is. Intimately basically to I mean. Austria's social and economic data from the floor and he came from nowhere. By NFL rules. If you get report I've won it about as you if you work well without a doubt. We do not grow quarterbacks. Like that on the auto factory. Truthfully I would rather be. Bad side. But there. Joseph Biden. I'm really really do believe the big news. They were I don't have to trade him Horry is going to be upset because you don't sign guild war. Without knowing that something's gonna happen with ball. And I think that exact its own way he was pitching. I guess the big games before the end this season when they picked up Michael Floyd. Add expense allocated is good for the game he right to sell it and immediately got all of those that does not talk. At that there's no doubt in the public and I think. That might have solid Belichick because we now. It out on something. You don't forget. Yeah that's a cause that would cause the left certainly outweigh everything you just said this is certainly distinct possibility no question about it. The bears like to me is like three or four. Different scenarios here that could be. In place that is certainly a viable one that you just mentioned 6177797. Out of 376177797. Under through seven. By categories you to guys like a promise get right back the ball calls paycheck and you're told 920 right here in Vermont a Sports Radio don't we yes. Yeah. So we know. Dead for not promoting it traded it's gonna have to be something less than that pick now the saints can't trade that pick down a lot of people say well. While they just take your pick and traded down you can't do that you can like work that way and work your way down you have to trade your original take if you haven't. So therefore what for me. The saints are trying to improve their defense by cash and Brandon cooks to get more vexed him. And then they're gonna use those picks to hopefully sixer defense which typically has a work. FL analyst Michael party speaking earlier this week 6177797937. But he has a theory on Barbara yet exactly right and you can understand why the saints want Bob that's that's an easy they were pathetic on defense last year. Obviously didn't allow more than him but. It's it's a decision it's it's it's a strong start. To get top notch quarterback and welcome Butler. It's gonna be really fascinating to see how this all plays out that there isn't some other side story connect all of this 6177797937. 61777. Night seven under through several let's continue with your phone calls here on the Saint Patrick's Day evening. Mike's a New Hampshire next here on W I repeat lol might. Your. I'm all about the pick up out there now. Our then. About PP well let Bridget got. I I think that I'm up now eight. I'm an agent didn't act on. Am a cat on a happy that we don't. The putt on that. I'm almost eight a lot I don't want you all and now. That. He would BA. Is now a law this year. Where we'll all. Read read into what year. Am all but not meant to lock up the year and I'll take a look at where I can. I'm keeping that need to be pages you because you're coming. And they turn around and they may be that are on Gilmore. Op. By years but he could deal a long time. And I think that help with that I think that. He whittled down to Malcolm. I'm pretty much better position on and have occurred. Not a good these and all the but I think that it's getting into like that the way. I don't want the view. Beat Pete. He might. And I'd be paid adult. And it could be a world record. If you updated on what the order. I bet makes that makes all the sense in the world I just you know I just find it hard to believe that they can't come to some kind of record year. Armed and see Arnold built obviously knows that this would be a special secondary if we could Simon just. I can't believe things have gotten that bad and in bed and maybe I should just learn from past history as I said all the names are mentioned before. In L from hereditary of France's lawyer Malloy to a scientist Samuel to Ty Law. And many others and mean in you know you get you get emotionally get a tax of some of these guys because they've their players their asses off and then when they're not re signed. You know you get it it's essential and wanted this one that this something that I mean that Jimmy columns thing something obvious he was going on in the background that we did not. We did not know there's there was had to be a reason why. They got rid of him. Biker technicolor was work ethic or some other behind the scene and that's our tickets go on and maybe it's a simple admit it just to simplify and it is and it's exactly what. Some people have referred to it's as simple. But upon the patriots. Davis is wishful thinking I still keep on let me because he can't the only thing keep on mother played the three point 91 million gonna take your chances. At the end may be yes change of heart may beat he gets a different agent. That's open that's part of us and maybe this all in all maybe they can come to some kind of agreement. You don't whether it be during the season or the end of the end of next season. Whatever it is. I just think again you risk and walking away for nothing next year if they do keep them. Are you willing to take that risk that's part of the you know keeping Butler but the other part of that is how durable he's been. He started and every game currencies in the playoffs last couple years and he has indeed got everything. They've asked to enter there's there's no question about it that I do think they should take care of them but it all to a certain point. I I would not have broken the back form. This year I whatnot I would records which it hasn't always answer. There's a reason to there's you could say the same type of accolades above for Malcolm Butler as we've seen time and time again for so many other players. But very rarely. They'd make big time signings when they don't have to. It dollars and is the part Gilmore thing is you know one for the ages what they did there are guaranteed money. But we shall see six whatsoever it's up to seven night seven under through seven Keds. WEEI repeated cad. I don't really know you're. I. May not cut as so that they want to speak about disagree that England squeezing. I don't think I know the discrete I don't think this resume either I had because they don't have. Right now. I'm I'm just gonna go back to the seven million that they offered. That they are at last year right 727. Million or twenty of forty has twenty. So it seven million in the hole we can make peanut last year. Let's let it grow. These are neck east side this year and we're gonna make that's 48. Then so heat. You can yet one million that would end of the year when he was thirty years ago. And if he's not at all you know at what forty million when he entered that when the contract and that there ought. So. After this 28 million dollar and a sign or at least thirty want. Why don't get it comes out it had its it comes it's about the guaranteed money outside it's so much really what the yearly salary is that some what but it's about the guaranteed money. You're. At a quite a wealth of forty epidemic in. All 28 had an apple an apple back up. And go to another ball. Why did he has so why am really you know seven million dollars this year at least the sport. And doing it again. This year. I already knew that Beckett out and play with fire so basically and which has left. They're not to laugh at the restricted free agent. You working mullah gul on the back. And now he's as well you know I think I can make ten million dollar. I don't think I don't think the patriots were wrong at all I think they offered some very fair to. But few understand why you might be a tad upset when he's he's done so much this organization and that step until inaudible it's a five year 65 million dollar B deal and and around forty million guaranteed money. You could understand why he would be a little upset. I can understand that he and you'll understand that the patriot invested three years in this guy they taught him everything. He's lived in a great system. He has he's a very well within these cards are. He can be a superhero here that ever at the cost of what made five or six million dollars over the total amount of this his playing time are. In in what what so all. And it being great legislation. I think that they miscalculated a year ago that's when I personally I like that. There are kin and now you're you might be right where it's also died that decide to still wondering what kind of advice Malcolm's getting from his agent or Derek Simpson moms are wondering. You know does that come into play here at all or. Maybe they have some insights group that they believe the page to absolutely no way going to sign this guy resigning and they're going a bigger trade amend. They're just waiting of Morton's this in on the wall of steel to come to fruition certainly certainly a possibility. And I hope it's not the case is I I I don't want to leave by I. You know that's why am I'm an orchid repeating myself but that means to something else going on in my opinion around that we just don't know about. Because. I'd pick this guy it's it's not a lot of Malcolm bond was out there and he's come oh he's come so far. So quickly here and the reason the fake. You know it's always if they got her I don't think this at all that if he did end up staying here for the three point 91 million. I don't think he's got assault on our tries harder to play that stuff is that does him no good. To watch the big pay day but this is about the guaranteed money they can off from 910 million dollars a year for four years are right forty million what's the guaranteed money. You know because all these players look at the guaranteed money they don't know 11 play that done. While playing the could be out. It's what 777 I'd 70376177797937. Back to report ago top that some liberal next to repeat it Tom. APL I know you're not bad that it I wanna. Obviously we're pretty irate. Yes no and ego. 2010 let me go 2012 and let myself go and now I've ever been welcomed back and it's been awesome. Yet they have backed out local government in its three point nine million dollar secret remained only. What would you have done it Beckett EE. Right about well while a look it's apples and we're talking and I asked him the machine you know welcomed by the easily exit. Frequent ice cream one million dollars to twenty years old by make the picnic site. Keep the money and late at work at everyday. I can get money and then you relate notably Iran. Keep that money and wait actually need any update at every needs. Yeah I don't let you live in the real world common professional athletes and entertainers don't notice that different that's a whole different ball in my area you recovered from and look. May be may be things cool down here. Could be the opposite they might heed up when he's out of here tomorrow for awhile ago what things maybe pull up a little bit cooler heads prevail maybe gets a different age and gets more people to advise and better. I know champagne is already talking about a family's in Mississippi your real close to the superdome no New Orleans and I'll be able visit them and in other recruiting him heavily I understand Sean Payton and the saints organization what they're doing Brett. Might well my hope is that cooler heads will prevail here regularly able to work. Out some kind of deal here but that's looking more more like that's not going to be the case for well we'll see. Our rights up thanks appreciate it's what 777 died. 79376177797. At a recent impeach shepherd in Vermont. Until 920 tonight Campbell headed off to Westwood one's coverage of NCAA March Madness some great games are coming up tonight. I want to tobacco get back to your phone calls is lots on the table talk about the patriots won the Boston Celtics in there as well logs old ball. And I his dad and what do you think Danny it's still the generic rock closeup there's so much going on Red Sox kind of regrets that the race it's just. It's just not an exciting camp or can tell you separate David Wright's comments rarely. And and media people are making asses out of themselves. That's really been the story really has been a whole bunch of drama so far. Nobody hurt concern Red Sox and they useless exhibition tournament. WBZ neighbor and help brought to play really well that's on the table to despite the clock or last night. Give it to them a little bit as well some thoughts on the on the beast. And no where they are and and possibilities you generally get into the crunch time right now. With the brewers 617779737. PH a miracle night when he Jason Russell decided the glass radio sports rated and we. It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. What this player in the next thing that happens is. Player's agent and the saints talk about the parameters of a long term contract the likes of which. And he's now willing to give them over at this point and once they agree on those parameters and saves for the patriots and they talk about trade compensation. For what they're not going to get any formal offer sheets of big that the patriots have just let him go and they'll get the eleventh pick in the draft agency's first thing. This is going to give up that high ahead but the problem. Go to another hopefully down there in late in the first round to just gotten. More. Later on our patent. The process as well now almost certainly on full. The coming days. I doubt that like the police said yesterday that America at a roundtable discussion is this all sorts of theories going the only thing that the spotless stuff is gonna come down the Jimmy G trade rumors with the exception of John Clayton oh this week. Who says he's he thinks that grapples ought to hear Cleveland. You know. Which should not be a shock to me at all 61777979376. Point 77797. A decrease ever teach him for much tonight. You know until a night's one that we did he do we return it over to Westwood one's. It's totally basketball coverage start your W Riyadh but until then to back those recalls that you can there's Dre in a cart next here at W Andrea. OK okay how are you. I don't want black is back me up right. This century. A huge benefits I don't want it and Butler god I think I think given that it that are doing the right thing I'd like how long does the career full ball fly a lot. I'll ask it 33 years or about little little little more than 33 point one years whatever the jets their choice I. All I get it like I did what is that he you know Derek Simpson is a much sir. Derek Simpson is the right agent for him but don't like it I pick I know we come from because I continued. And OPEC are you argued that. Get to the renewed a two month go get the money guide electorate I'm sure that's what every agent tells the client go get the money shall we the money. It's 177797937. Bet the car Dexter RWE RP bad. Yeah. I have a quick question that it probably you respect RT. Like in Orlando at. Here the possibility. To be publicly and so they can get emotional kick but I know he would be back next year the culprit at the British. That is I'm the next afterward you know the economic. There's a button or dead. You know they may have a deal in place right now and say it's the most explosive thought up 35 million. Forty million whatever this thing they guarantee MI on the with a gonna guarantee and 25 mil. They they take a risk if they don't do that now because next series and not restricted free agent and anybody can snatch them up. That is true right now I'm not there's any other teams in the nick but you look at correctly can. Definitely a shutdown corner like Butler pushes them over the edge makes some a contender yeah I went through that. And that would you like great people like all deduct eight. Do you approach a guy that I tell you the Super Bowl next you're not but you know to look. Didn't play our. OPEC you went back to the pitcher still you know acutely date. Or maybe maybe shot but may be Shawntae in the saints believe that he's worth that first round pick because they need to start somewhere on defense and that he's better than any quarterback that's gonna come out the draft and he's already been proven. Well you stay here. Trying to get you out there and taken the chance huge open market. Well and that's what and that's the patriots they have a bricks too we are they decide to keep him obviously I hope they do up well to take the rest that I'm that the party date the risk is he walks away next year for nothing and you get nothing for him as opposed to making the deal right now. But of course and on Green Bay what did you say that to the guy second person WS. While I go I would say dapper Green Bay what's there for Atlanta I would say for awhile once in the bunch of other teams out there too but those three are really. Awful awful path past the present so yeah you can. Can make that you can you can make that case. That's the call bad 6177797. ID 3761777. Night 7937. To reach some Boston of that here at W Riyadh hello. The panic caused pain I don't know how would you couldn't cut the crap. People always do this when they don't agree with the decision at a a guy makes. They ought to know told expand and its money almost count as Michael. PBS request that the Austin. Austin Harry. I think. The clothes aren't crazy for a long time if you but I mean if you have some south Austin property right now that include the beach. Don't let money could make it pretty good money. Of course not. Technically it's what exactly supply demand. And beach front property played at a higher level in the biggest game to complaint is no bigger game than McCain so he can do. So unfortunately people don't want him to be here and I and I agree that the patient should you know it would be quite honest my point is. You can't build a quiet guy. Or sell on each proper especially when the market talk. And that it's never going to be higher than it is because we can add to close at 31 and wouldn't have happened at that it starts to drop and then move to be accountable and you take this. Doubt that at any time exactly are to get hurt at the Michigan ballot that. All valid all all of outplayed us and I don't about pop up once and they're saying he's just hang around. It take the money out say upon the patriots there's no need for them to break the back but I certainly understand. Why Malcolm Butler is frustrated I I I completely get it bouncing upon the patriots. I would still take the risk keep them here and that he's done everything these days reasonably healthy. He's gonna get his money next year may not be what Stephon Gilmore got but I particularly pretty close. Right and then again my finger flick could acknowledged that you're the mumbling. If you were to leave. He wasn't that good anyway and we do this because he'll leave. Ideal agree I totally agree with Edmonton that last week I I hope that's not going to be the case so far haven't heard any of that stuff but you're right though there's always there's always you know we want to. Apple tie locked up with. I don't want to continue to complain at the thing right you know because it's a bit about a system player. Now Butler. You know when the system failed because both corners got pinched and put him in the game he did the job a lot of when he bought the system no he that England in the biggest game you can play in and when guys were failing to beat almost an exact route and then didn't just that's what makes what he admitted a lot of when he bought system the system wasn't working and changing the. What area inherited a great point to recant that thing I like he's going to about a term the system it's about just put a meat. It's just about to own your job and playing to position correctly tablets running around looking for the ball what she's great active public quarterbacks have we seen. You know besides Revis and and brought. How they receive the quarterbacks are Smart. The receivers that you get sick running out of space you know ball's going to be up in the air allowed hot quarterback candidate XQ I don't know it. Why did you allow you to look at a lot of people questioned in the contact with the outlook the receipt book allows you to be physical act of political technical political. Can go flat which could slap on the quality you're looking back. If you leeway and it's better and unfortunately we don't teach the world wide hips in the worried about being aligned with the got a look at back at the quarterback but nobody I mean I am looking at the receiver and being reliable despite the nobody teach him a look back. Maybe maybe you're teaching people to ignore you but it doesn't look that way because a lot of guys don't look a lot of really good corner. To not do. To be all you do know about Malcolm Bubba how really gritty as you look back at the regular season game to win. Against the Steelers and you okay. Malcolm I mean that's on abroad have 110 yards. And you know what bell was on a ball game that you look at the numbers at PNC the game itself now to Muster the berg don't. He played really good game I got yet one pick in the an interception in the end zone as well. But just because it ally Tony Brown had all judges not mean Malcolm played a bad game he played a really good game. It's just that an awesome support to close by Atlanta in an unbelievable some unbelievable catches by a great receiver. Absolutely you know that different you know trying to mobilize people to impact. And welcome to what the mistake to look that it hadn't even in the ideal right that it's cat capital that's right Lambert will allow capitalism except win the guy you don't wanna leave connect ice is right to be cap. You know do that with workers to demand more money that would do that player to demean Immelman would never do to the businesses. And from earning the money they deserved. And it's it is insane to me they were all capitalists when we're supporting the big businesses seem to make all the money but now the guys that are the commodity the actual you know. Actual engine that makes it go and it just kind of makes me think that people don't really believe in the ideals disputed is believed in the team could while these teams the patriots. And it took them to vilify this guy and the flu we do we did Asante Samuel Ty Law it's been Richard Seymour an old guy that left. We need to really look at what the value to the apparently built thought he was valuable. You know I don't look at how are right now he does that happen a little pressure on him to make. The decision given the big money collect Malcolm X makes the pressure by holding out or by demanding a trade or by facilitating some room. You also. That's the only pressure can only wish he has yet to act without that these economic capitalist you have to exercise. Yep our picks up to reap appreciated her up against it's it's once out about a common and we're back on the side of the break it you're treading a pitcher all the incidentally scores as well. In the tournament as to what 777979%. And by the a couple of open lines Jack and others are seeing guys like a promise I'll pick your calls. Peach Everton from what to about 920 tonight and it's Westwood One coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament right here a Sports Radio WEEI.

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