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Freestyle Friday Hours 3 and 4 - Pats Offseason, Celts without Isaiah and all topics on the table

Mar 18, 2017|

Final 2 hours of Dale and Holley with Keefe on a Freestyle Friday

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Number three dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI this hour of the program brought you by AT&T mobilizing your world. I couldn't help but notice as the intro was playing there in the open for the hour. Yeah it's sort like. The longer your married the more you end up sounding like your spouse and talking like your spouse yeah you knows you and I sound like keep. I Matthew and now. That's probably. For the worse so who's married to keep your me. Well we both end up doing unit and it really opened you'd just you'd just did it but I've done it as well where we sound like yankees. Texture yesterday compared you to be character gene from a about workers me yes. Nazi about Bob's burgers at a movie and I think also on files and yeah no idea never seen. Does suffer along for the first week you. As yelled at me for doing the button. I did some like down here a year ago. So I don't do that anymore but now I Alsace full sentences in that kind of voice. Oh well that I think that there aren't doing it I got the job off yeah. So how does. How does it was named exams Jeanne. Gene from Bob's burgers you'd Eugene from Bob you aren't so hot he's down that it hits and I am now a pull up it's and I. It's probably annoying. As what mine he's as soon codecs are bigger. OK so particular about. Players and I just noticed we all are doing more or stop them. I didn't say that our cloud elbow without a shortstop is now our stuff that's correct. 6177797937. Is telephone number to freestyle Friday so we kind of an all over the place. And it is Saint Patrick's Day I don't know if you noticed here in Boston in saint Patrick there's some sort of a big deal Hong so we didn't start talking about Irish bands. And and that led to a huge fight with Michael and then we started talking about Irish athletes and we were derailed by Ayman Conklin. As so so team as arrogant ARO. So it's we've just sort of been all over the place the patriots stuff we haven't had a lot of today because not much has happened. The the only question here is is. Is Mike Lombardi right that he's been a compact which none of us believe. Malcolm but it's an income Bakken play under the three point 91 million dollar tender or how long now that the writer in New Orleans wrote about this nick. Forget his last name the governor yes as a bit yes and he was talking about how this is very complicated very complicated thing that they're trying to pull together. And so this may not happen right away. And that that's that's what the delay is this isn't a play all all in this and now give you this meant. All right I'll move that hearing you move that there but it's too complicated for that so it's probably not gonna happen. As quickly as well heck it's already not happened as quickly as with like but it is crazy if the saints. All along were under the assumption that there yet Malcolm about back it's going to be odd times for them if they've already traded away Brandon cooks. And now they're got the 32 pick. Is that really what they want or they need this other there's other shoe to drop. How and how. You know is is there any chance that it doesn't go through. And on and on and a lot of is a lot of earthquakes here that's the big question because at some point Malcolm Butler wake up in the with a comic duo. Of course I wanna go back to the patriots. Which I don't believe will happen but. Yet because we don't know who don't use talking with the saints worth the saints are saying it out as four years that nine and a half sound. I say that sounds better than four herb but. What if I was a free agent and on restricted free agent next year. Defeated vigor that wouldn't that make sense play for four million dollars at that every team can bid on you include the patriots if they want. And maybe you get Stephon Gilmore contract from somebody else. Well the only the only the only problem with that is injuries threat you don't have to risk you took yourself out there and you get hurt halfway yeah year we'll buy insurance but what your value going to be right. Or did there's I don't think it's gonna happen but there's a chance if the terrible citizen. What do these sort of he's not as good as he was the last two years. That may be doesn't get you know quite as much Lee's going to be 28 how many years do you do you wanna give a quarterback. That that that's battled. But if he believes in himself if you think she's never really good year next year. And Russia with the with the patriots were it's a great the last two years are doing is you're making the secondary better with the addition of Gilmore. So if you play one more really. Big year and you'll make it four million dollars which he deserves more but it's a whole heck of a lot more than he's made his first couple years in the league. But I think there could be a bigger payday. Depending on what the saints number of benefits numbers a permit is Gilmore stood up well then good for you if you. You were able to get on restricted money as a restricted guy but if it's lower than that access to oil little bit more than what the patriots offer them during the regular season. Then you have this Errol butler's yours you just sum in the think about. So that's been on the table as well today do it the story out of New York now the did this new story line. Is that the jets pulled their offer off the table. To Don time. Contact. Sorry that it fits doesn't it could you tell us work lecture early and I. I I I texted Stacey James while we were doing the show today. And I and I said OK once and for all done time or Donta. Any texted me back and he said Donte'. Bring new ice ice and a man you're killing me is Dante and said he said it has always been Donte'. But we have certainly had others mispronounce his name. He's got a he he he actually included. A link to a video pronunciation guide that the patriots put out. Which says it's Donte'. And I am very proud of fighters league is that a high tower once again get the the woman dance the moment to clear yeah she or dobbs himself he did a whole year bitter views with. Glen little Christian at least we still don't know so that the dollar is holly his coach says Don top so Bill Belichick and adults chapter says Don. So at two guys that you think would now. And everybody else is saying Donte'. Including Stacey James ago with the Stacy text mean accent it's Dante and I think it's problem how to we get here how to get here as well know from hydropower. Know from your eyes are yours has their own eyes I don't know from disease protocol world that. Equality and equality ball well yes yeah dollar and call and so that they the starting line out of court and yet he's got a I'm part of that so the jets reportedly pulled their offer off the table to Donta hightower after the got a look at his physical. The physical and you know results came in anyone. I'm lol yeah. Now we can't we can't offer that kind of money we got to. We got to pull this back here. And and now that's the story line that's how we ended up here and not taking twelve and a half million a year that's what the number reportedly was from the jets. Because they looked at the physical and this is the risk here. Yeah lust that's just sort of aid. Hey this is why we didn't Simon jets fans witnesses we don't you want us to steal somebody away from the patriots summary in their prime a little bit and I splash but. They have all teams should know that you know big splashes in free agency is not necessarily how you turn your team and they really want though. Let's face it if if the if it's true that as a B twelve million a year we don't be guaranteed laws I don't believe but it just twelve million a year. Euro over maybe you're overpaying a middle linebacker. I thought I tower now is still what second or third a marksman a lot of back and it only rookie plea makes more money than him which is makes sense he should make more money than him. But. From what you heard it being that's not a position that that demands that a top money anymore. It's shocking what happened to them though is that I know I know we always make fun of the jets but it. Is that your fun you think about the odd scent. The descent into madness that that the jets have had. From that playoff game that play out that they still talk about. Playoff went over the patriots at Gillette Stadium which was. With seven seasons ago but. 866 years six actual years ago yeah. January of 2011 happened. And since that time. Man you know Rex Ryan was his star was high at that point in Revis was on the team and it was you know best defense of liberty of all. Bart Scott was there remarks and shares and LaDainian Tomlinson LT. Bob. There's the first two years of Rex Ryan was the first two years of Mark Sanchez there in the eighth championship it's all your years. If they may end they they may may be that a coach Eddie Burke back wasn't put up numbers may be veteran defense but it was his first two years no. Is that what we did that he'll do about it casting a batter and threw turns out now he doesn't. And yet there they are just a matter and then look at some of the big names they've had in the last couple years now Revis is out again bring a marshals out again there are not a gamble he's he's out so you just lost geno Smith forgot he no longer there. They don't they don't have they don't have a quarterback. What would look at Josh McCown on its way in for a visit where do they have I mean is there anything. Is is there any part of the jet is it they're out one guy their guy Eric Decker if he's healthy now. No. I edit. You know with compared to the patriots great receiver ticket now are not I'm not I'm not crazy about Eric Eckhart talk about it would be a lot better to wait. There. They take so why do you big result in fan that I doubt about like bigger crystal in two years ago Decker was great I like our wide receivers you know that just he's great years ago watchers are. The east yet anyway bill Hoosier guy. Like members deep respect and like my paper. And a three flat. You're USC. Leonard Williams and Williams yeah. Yeah I think he's a monster that up to one guy. And look at the jet failed take him all day long. But and that they really don't have much. How much that you just hit on me. You know they put it got to a fact I got a couple of pieces they lost me I mean mangle able to go and hurt the last couple years so he's gone. There really don't have any identity they are by far the worst team in the AFC east which is saying something to play an individual buffalo yeah yeah. But I think both of them. More of them more players want more interactive announces and digestive. You know it's a terminals. Alastair backed the call to the guys 6177797. ID 37 because it is a freestyle Friday obviously. Cans on the cell phone I can howry. Hey guys great show thanks god. Are directly comment what is so maybe Hydro. Bill that's hurry up and cupcakes and what it will go back to recharge. Stand up and be video content that they have a lot Fredricka. You sure that top ten because of I'd love the album. Ought not to wait so long I can't think of it apparently Josh who drank about and Shem rocket fighter Irish American what are the top. Okay. They got him to the next there he was already analysts who was already in and one of those racked yes somewhere. That should actually adoptive name. Alone gives up boards or don't tell us that. But I believe you pour in can you Patrick I was gonna say is immediately asked the guy his name was really Tom shamrock. Is today in my yeah. The go out name is Kenneth Wayne. Those not Broderick pilgrims are those the proper. Brother of adoptive brother frank yes. To Patrick Wayne compact other object I give you an art they're winning again best very confusing yeah. Not as confusing as imperil first hour we're trying to pin down the bracket those floating around. Yet we still haven't we still haven't figured out. Know what's going on there but I would say that bracket our bracket that's not defined Irish athletes still better than the real bracket. Because. I may be. All by myself on this one yup I think. It's doubly term so overrated. Well. And bottle it and we again Bobo and most if I'm pretty bored. It is it is Muzak for most offices it is it is in the background you know relieved in attention to let our about it each individual game and then. General about it well that's it better I guess that's the fingered if you if you don't want a bad. Are you entertained by or your energy because of the betting aspect that's the only reason it's an a cup. A guy is legal only if you have a nice legal illegal gambling thing if you filled out a bracket again that nobody wants the sure about it but it may get more exciting for you and let's face it this year or yesterday's there were a lot of -- love it here before they're allowed aggregate today they're an Olympic Games not yet now I do love it. A lot of for the purity of the game were you lever for the gambling involved with the combination it's gambling on the game is a huge part of the top basketball boss was my favorite at the end of the year and usually get to see the best players although it's got a recent trend Michael ware where top guys don't even make it to determinant which is really strange they wonder how good they really are basketball player in the land duck. Soon to be the newest member of your Boston Celtics. I'm saying but that's last year Ben Simmons and a paternity make didn't make the playoffs or the maker of the they make the tournament we have. 68 opportunity 68 teams make the term and his team was not one album and then this year. A mark helpful from Mount Washington. Are not only did it make tournament nor should they have. No one wants you well but I mean games editor of the best I just hurt but he played most of the game yet knighted towards him so that's that's their coach but overall I like the tournament. It. You really don't like you out no I don't I I think I I have not sit in and well a little rest and apparently aren't really growls and I don't know. If you don't like it is accurate I wanna be little more specific with the terror I don't think it is what it claims to be. What it claims to be madness. What's not that it certainly is not men book and the there's no madness or lack there are some amendments to two seed loses in the first frontman you know it would and I was arguing with some folks but this oh over the last couple days. What would change the entire argument would be if Gordon Hayward and mean bench on that charged as an awful little bit that have been on lockdown just a little more yeah then finally. NCAA tournament. Could live up to the hype of you never know what's gonna happen Cinderella. Is invited and Cinderella wins counts and as a win Cinderella never went to vote and painting. And Villanova those Cinderella story. It was a year you were born with men and Heidi you're an earlier academic part a year out. There's no better of the order that you know it happens every now and then yeah but Jim Valhalla now on the view before George rumble and a miracle is a terrorist Dixie. So it was good apparently so when I was looking at the champions cents. This entries in champions of the 21 century so UConn yeah and three time to. Up and comer UConn by the way yet. OnStar want to but I am what offers little known school but he Arab called to do they won three times with a vulture. Two. He's doing city Oka I don't happen in basketball history. Eight championships right up there Phil yeah you're really in Orlando and Florida so that's it and you know between those schools. Ten and seventeen years if not more parity I do it you cook you clean parity. That's turned all the charity and the pop ups that can happen again I know I should do you know but the and I you know I think they claim that. He champion is going to be a new crazy team but. A couple of years ago with Florida Gulf Coast on city when a couple of games thing and I think the first couple days that's why. I think today her yesterday and today again yesterday now a lot of great games but normally. The Thursday and Friday to open up the turn meant to me still are two of the best days and. Works out I'll ask a rhetorical question because I only answer anyway I know the answer to hear why is why they have 68 teams. Win no team. I higher seed nine has ever won the term. You can do this with twenty teams and I know the answer because we make money. We have to have more games we got yeah nobody higher than a nine has ever won this tournament now and that's why don't we need ten through 68. Well I mean every once run he'll get a team that's an eight or nine or what George Mason was what eleven and emits the final fun or more that's at least a big deal. But what it does is it gives you more. Of the potential winners third to make internment in the sense that. All right it's for the money part there's like 32 conferences or whatever is 34 conferences so if you win your conference or. So there before the now it is it was 64 forever a part of that last team to teach you as an outside those are more than some of that large teams maybe more deserving of making it to determine great deals right it is it's a money thing. The whole thing and the whole the whole thing the money it's it's NCAA isn't sure I had. It's an hour and that in that ad is a larger part of the conversation that they're really bothers me. They they gotta do something you know which is going to go ahead and pay the athletes or. Or give your money that you are making up the athletes that somebody else. And you're here you have. These coaches. Yet happened the other day it was about Alonso mark. So they want this deal until Marten is out now. And besides now on the resign from cal to pursue other opportunities to pursue other opportunities Missouri. The got a seven year contract you know getting it's a huge was a 34 million dollars a year you don't have to sit out here and I like what are not sitting out Europe coach. He probably told the player yes I'll be here today. A mob dead center assigned to me that us and they are upset about command about all this although Florida's and they're all everybody's getting paid except for the athletes. That really does not sound right. And it's fun and mail sent him back editor and can back up your point I imagine tuchman Tina Daren rebel put this out today earlier today I was telling this to keep earlier. Oklahoma State. Bought like insurance for 27 rich boosters. Hoping to collect ten million dollars for each death. No one died. Cost the school 33 million dollars in premiums. Which can't pay the aptly it's now Oklahoma State spends 33 million dollars taken up flyer that your gonna bump off. And I'm thankful I thought the dollars to block out. And you just that you are at you got your diet like it but you can't pay the athlete. I'll let me a bit about that judgment or three million dollar. And they all lived that they agree insurance there or not there go to the doctors every day and I'd been gym in my department frank all of that during their life into the main thing. You are you're reading the scores earlier. Yeah you had right now global Jacksonville State and articles game not surprised yeah but who was the who's got what you said on Michigan or by a point Morgan was down early to have done Mexico's. I don't know. Not sick felt cam was origin and yet on yeah. I was Baylor was down to you about New Mexico State that make you met on win easily or above my time up to this going to be ups and today we got. That it real quick Michael do you want your the with Dexter compared Keaton because now we're already is gone. UCL. Which are larger and a 100. Our law. You know how long. That's gonna you've. Got tomorrow and delegate caller yeah urged Lafayette LA or how your moment. I. It's led 77797937. Right back to the call to you guys it's Dele Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. But the polls. That's maybe a number one seed in the Irish list. Not me the other so obviously we wouldn't we haven't actually declined. The once you have to have this list that. Path but ultimately a. I Texas taking us to task set c'mon guys I expect intellectual laziness from the morning show but not you guys follow the NCAA. Let's give that money to people I was a ski racer and most of the NCAA budget for our sport came from basketball and football revenues don't BS your listeners. The point that was making is that if Oklahoma State can afford to lose 33 million dollars. Taking a flyer on life insurance policies for rich boosters it's hard for them to make an argument. That there shouldn't BA healthier stipend of some kind for college athletes. Even. All right Ed I would say I don't know where the ID one skiers from. And you you tell me I can't I you'd you would know that answer much mr. better than I would in all of us would. What was it that budget for this key team. Compared to the athletic budget overall volume was. What was the point 1% problem what was I yeah I don't know but it was a really small. This isn't the point the fact that the athletes that you know generate that money right. Should be getting paid now that's a yeah that's it that's a tough word for the somebody because yeah listen I was an athlete to say you know I had to go to school I tried just as hard as it. Yet but these these programs. It's a college basketball. The basketball programs that are generating the income is football off opponents the ball into. Even I didn't say like baseball and most baseball program don't generated no Romo a basketball for uploaded since a fact. 6177797937. Is telephone number. As we get back to calls that you guys mats in Boston came out I don't. Hello. Dot. Com I'm. Our art. -- America and went about thirty minutes ago you met Loewen Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Are bringing. It up pretty neat thing Patrick dec. They are my buddy built Jaffe will be part of the telecast in Croat the and it's a double header hockey east. Look this is I will agree with you the center of the College Hockey universe yeah. But we have to also admit that there's a fairly limited fan base overall in the in the overall sports universe. College Hockey more popular here than almost any place else in the country but. But yes BC takes on UMass will be you I'd tease me Notre Dame takes on UMass mall. ECB you're in the other semifinal. 6177. Sutton would teams they say it's freestyle Friday as early. A threat brittle so it's a good mics in New Hampshire Mike you're next on sports radio's dale and Holley with Keith. I guys on the show what's up what's up. I'm I actually I was I don't know the point where it could affect your talking about the college athletes and money. I don't think colleges should pay a bordello and do commercials surety charities and all that typical march charge. Or that the other dirt with well wait a minute you say Jersey signings how about giving proceeds of the jerseys with their names and I banner. My daughter's been on the bit for us signings. How about getting the proceeds. War you know and I'll tell you the problem though both Michael suggestion in yours Mike's is is that you know there's going to be a very tiny pool of athletes we're gonna get a whole bunch of money. And most of the athletes out there are probably not gonna get anything where I think it would be a more fair I think annum by the when I try to make college athletes rich here. But but some sort of a stipend you don't let him work you know let him do this you don't let him do that exactly. There's got to. We we got to meet in the middle somewhere it and I can see how that god has been through it up off the top my head back to see how that could present some problems that you said dale will wait a minute. If I'm playing for little hole. And how many you know top three player on the oval I get I get a bunch of money but the of the six man or this or that guy eleventh guy is is not getting anything how is that fair. I just think it on the NCAA. Is needs a a radical update on everything that it says it represents because these things don't make sense. You know page I mentioned Kwanzaa Martin earlier that nobody even thinks so well it's going to be tough for him or who you leave him behind nobody cares you know bear the matter is going on climate latter he's gone on to the next job. But if a kid. Doesn't like the program birdies and nor. You know something's not going well for me it is a legitimate reason what does he likes to program but the situation. NCAA is gonna make you jump through hoops. Just I just to be able to move to a to another school. And and some of the these pigs rules this the stipulations that the NCAA has in place and when we hear about these every single year you know some kid is it college. And his mom or his dad passes away but he's from a poor family the school can't help go home in and see the family not on on on on you can't do that means just. The NCAA the International Olympic Committee and fifa. Day there might Big Three of of just I hate these organisms other solace I mean. I thought it was great a few years ago when UConn that up and comer won its fourth championship since 1999 but. Where when they whine and Shabazz Napier remember he was on there any discontent interview with Jim Nantz afterwards and I don't antibiotic that others can write dobbs is going to be a -- is out. And now there is no we're hungry to be an eight at times with a hungry Huskies okay. And yeah. Clarkin at the Ocala and so was exaggerating I don't know but the fact that he's thinking about yeah. Any college athlete on on UConn. Where everybody's getting paid. Everybody. But they can't eat at certain times accusing them. That's a little overstated but maybe an update I get it. I would but I acted a little story Maria Pinto. Jerry's dot on the cellphone page Gerri I don't. Let's tally hum has targeted at here's the B interest it and and a cat does its report Q and it happened at the sport and really partners it's not like a petition seeks to practice it today. And become all alternate 66 but no right to it Merck latins or twelve. And so on how to turn a lot harder to occupy that might just be that the first right out. Balls up so there's 211 playing games there's 216 playing games so that's what. That's what turned you off to determine. Shaq and how. It didn't deny it until it equitably. It better generous or why they're doing not legitimize it or that there's so many conference tournament winners and I don't wanna necessarily make the four worst teams. All have to play each other in Dayton the week before and then get waxed my back who had vezina and that's only two of those teams are brilliant determinant of playing in the tournament they've they've recently changed its human race to call the round one round like this and they wanna around their particular exchange that. So to me it makes sense it makes your bracket look a little weird because now you have to wait for the playing game because. Its really its major teams like Kansas State wake was not want a woman so the winner. Moves on and sometimes can do you know what a few games. 6177797937. Is telephone number. I would get keeper Matt this cannot just a little over an hour from now during our final drive. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media cranberries might be a number one seed on the all Irish side now definitely. Not that that's a whole other one up on Irish side. Cranberries via. For once dale the key for so excited he's just he's like a little kid over here unless I'm so excited on the now. All right dale do you know and they. Of the last two years. Well my favorite. On my favorite documents. Is all laugh she let me just think if I can. Figured that out and a glut lemon at the wells are gonna a false report and underrated underrated murals report content on on and on. Now and I've got back without underrated annulled an underrated as is the whole commissioners response. You. This beautiful 400 laps into the gold. A go. And believe it or not guys. There's some people haven't talked about what I'll do well with the play and I'd been there isn't. If you asked about if anyone measured the colts I would look at the they only measure for Graco. You know this I know my older I realize pulled out there aren't cars and a little alert you don't have a. Yeah well but he got this when I have. Richard Berman quote. Of late gate is finally put to rest Richard Harvey Harman up executable on out is an interview on the MM QB was somebody named Caitlin collar. So he was at me he can tailor narratives and honest he's been proven correct this is the start seeking Richard berm well you know. Al-Qaeda. Ready there's a couple of sample questions some good up and some homers to. Where did you watch the Super Bowl. Burn on the patriots sideline where at home with just my wife Elizabeth we thought about having a party to decided not to party. We watch and home it was very depressing. Depressing law. Around midnight New York time but it was a lost cause and we now do something with the progress that we were talking and I went back upstairs and Elizabeth says you know twenty to 21. I don't know what the score was before it happened it was unbelievable. Just unbelievable. And it he said that he was he was happy with happy. We are happy that Tom Brady one yes. For a lot of reasons. Adults which did shots are able to Eliot setting to Europe and polite to settling it on the field was really the most important to me. So this is where this program like but yet it's all all all joking aside. Kalin collar real name I think and I so justice was served on the field but do you think justice was served in the courtroom for Tom Brady. Lottery things. No. I would decide the way I decided in the same way today. I mean I couldn't actually because the Court of Appeals. I had I had Soledad unfortunately take away and I would go the same way I would not change a thing now this is where judge Berman is gonna make a lot of more friends in New England he can't have more than you are in Iowa people like oh great air. Her listeners I'm very comfortable with the proceedings at the courthouse and with by written opinion. I immediately made public the sealed secret proceedings from the NFL arbitration thank you judge. Each side got a full opportunity to make their case publicly both orally and in writing I concluded that the NFL arbitration process was fundamentally flawed. Principally because of lack of notice of the alleged infraction and of a potential four game suspension. Inappropriate comparison of football deflation to use of steroids. Failure to allow Brady's council. To question NFL General Counsel Jeff passed. And refusal to share with console the notes of witness interviews the commissioners arbitration award was not entitled to deference by the court also because get a person's. Can the outcome of the appeal. That if he had an incurable conflict of interest. Or impartiality. Could not possibly be fair. He was reviewing the discipline which he himself had imposed. Under these circumstances. The commissioner's appeal decision must be held to a much higher level of scrutiny by the court to permit ought all of a sudden I know he's on our side against. Had to talk either greater detail since the case you know. No. He is no surprise and development spoken. A man who said he was fun to be a footnote in NFL history. That this is great a long interview check it out. Richard Berman on the MM QB talking about but he said we can finally put to placate the rest because there were some questions going into the game. About Tom Brady first from some some of the haters not Richard Berman. But once he won the Super Bowl nobody's talking about anymore because there is no argument to be had have you heard anything about the plague itself. I actually heard something this week about the plate you'll like this. The the National Hockey League was involved with duplicate this week. Marat said Dennis Wideman case remember Dennis why are or you are right at the rep for an idea linesman from behind us you know that that that linesmen they think will never work again. He's been out since then with concussion symptoms Arkansas senators Barbara the other guys played against the the Bruins cell. He got suspended for twenty games by the national hockey late. I it was reduced. From twenty games to ten games by an arbitrator. League arbitrator James oldham. So the leak filed suit against big players association said Cilic judge arbitrator oldham. Applied his own brand of industrial justice. You've heard this before right by ignoring the findings of commissioner Gary Bettman. So they took the court in New York. The players association beaten Gary Bettman. And they actually cited the deflate gate ruling in the in the proceedings and said as as rolled NFL verses NFL PA. This EBA has to be asked to be considerate and so the plate gate was involved in the NHL this but I've. Here as an assist on the field I still here. If if you've got the if you're go to the patriots haters ball and listen to their conversations still. Number one on their list would be spy gate more than to placate. Would that would that be is that accurate. That. Yeah I mean also a Mark Brunell I don't think is many players were upset with that as there were rose by a tear gas so I don't think anybody looks at Tom Brady now Tuesday. And says now he's a product. You know eleven and 115118. On the PSI a very select few. That are like probably don't even believe themselves. I would think rate yet I agree it is the more is the guys from the rams in the Steelers and teams like that that thought that there were some cheating. And now it's just gonna get to the point where we talked to a guy when we were at radio row. Wreck before the Super Bowl as a guy from Dallas right behind us what we'll loans or show called remember there it was. Dennison Kalish unattended effect did this in college I go to college at Edison college now so. One of their one of those who was in college on it was that instead of husband Dennis. I'm. I don't think they're cheaters to succumb. I'm just sick of them and I think that's what's gonna happen more that's gonna start competing with the spy gate to placate stuff can't really say. They win because they cheat. I mean you really never citizen that but if you wanted to go on that road says the only reason they won is because despite game analyst of our. When I got ten years. Between the spy gate infraction and in the present. Ten years. It can't really talk about that anymore canyon a decade I would hope not decades since I game. And with the placate that was just so stupid I think everybody agreed that was stupid but at the patriots go back to the Super Bowl this year. And Brady's still going and let's say they don't win and in 2018. But they went and in 2019. You are gonna get to the Dennis and polish off point I'm at where. Outside of knowing that you are sick up on because they go there and downwind it. Everybody sick mom now. In there you go there to make some fans. Math credits that you said you'd done it usually gets about that I've got to act now on the way they won I think yes yet you're competent. Yeah I think he thought the commissioners are kind of wanted to comment on anything that caught those papers he did at odds. And your father can off solve it active but I. I think a lot of and I don't know where do we where do we count professionally other professional athletes do they count. Mean outside of football where you have. LeBron James tweeting about. Tom Brady's comeback in Dwyane Wade and yet you that you guys from all over you know Kevin Durant. Yeah say about Brady's best is unbelievable did you see this apparent record and also again greatest of all time yeah. So does that count as new fans or where those guys. Are they just don't make out respecting Brady I'll think their patriots fans when they think they're just Sharia I get but LeBron hate I'm on the greatest I got to respect the greatest the second. Ireland cannot patriots and I think they got some I think the patriots picked up some uneasy with with that game. And now that could that. It got it all of the comeback they ate the patriots they still hate him as president today estate they don't like that but I'm saying it's impossible allowed the com. To love the combo they come by daylight that the that the drama in the game that was fun that was cute. You know let's turn a lot of falcons fan it was fun to see it was great all up stuff but they hate it Brady just as much that. Michael we're watching. Reports at least TV's are the patriots bad for the NFL I mean they're still clobbering this team. Face helping the patriot. It's asking if the patriots are bad for the NFL has not clobbering the patriots it's it's really speaking to that thing we just talked about. It is it good to have a team. Has kind of positioned. At that at the top of the league or near the top of the league for. Nearly twenty years. OK I'm game that now yeah right I capacity doesn't year mark. It takes a job in January 2000 here we are in march of 2017. And some of the same conversations over and over and gave the patriots yet that look at them as contenders. At what you do get an opportunity to win a Bruins coaching clinic plus skate on the ice right over here at the warrior ice arena. Go to your local Boston area AT&T store to get the cold words to enter brought to you by the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins AT&T. A Specter calls in key for madness coming up at 545 Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final are Jalen Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. Now we are somewhat frauds I mean them where major frauds a lot of the time but somewhat frauds in this regard and I would Michael against keep on this thing. The NCAA basketball tournament is a bit overrated for me as well. I say that and yet I've got Rhode Island Creighton on this monitor over here I got to. Jacksonville State and Louisville over here it's like you know OK you know as is all I'm not yeah why not we're not sitting here watching them now. Over bid work on notice that gets in the background it's an if you were home yeah. It to be in the background died in all one other thing not for me. You wouldn't be but I'm not that it's not the majority of people but I love that as a fiscal years ago. They opened it up and his her before. Yeah CBS news here's your game that's and you'd want your game and I'd beat twenty points they would finally switched games but he like I was and they would. Try to regional I'm more competitive at lets me get you Conner BC says back amendment to turn and in those are the Fuzzy dog days that are act out. But now it's there's four games on a once in the you can want even you have all the channels you can bounce around so. Army of I was working arena at Saint Patrick's Day is a B into drunk by now but I do watch and already watching all these games and that's the whole format is is great I don't think it's overrated when it's when it's single elimination like this and it's just a few weeks of college possible every game is so important these teams and you do see. Some crazy moments and all other big upsets were mentioning before in the eighties. Video a Princeton in the ninety's there UCLA wants like that but even the last few years there's been some fifteens. That B twos and in some of these other games. That are that are great finishes site I don't. It's overrated it was a great finish to the championship last year incredible great execution and a with with Villanova winning it but. More often than not is just a bunch of blowouts. But a bunch of expected results in some moments kind of thrown in there. But that's hard today and yesterday while he again yesterday I admit it was not. You know one close game after the other fourteen favorite spot when there's four games on it once. Even if you have to duds aren't switch over to the good one. And watch the or wash the good finish or sometimes you can line it up you you watch for comic closing minutes in a row saga that's I still think it's a a great. Weaken sports couple weeks. We've we've turned into that just because sports Ronald. Yeah games Ronald that they sports is yes you know more than a boost a World Cup soccer we watched because I thought yeah at all I think it's on that helps. It it's not like we've all become World Cup fans and it's better than watching infomercials Aladdin as a whole vasectomy aspect to that as soon as if you are part or that the zero hour. I find another reason to sit around my couch lot of guys watching my bank of frozen. It's that masters week when you do it affected they're exactly ex UA for the World Cup what did him. How is it a doozy about you know of the idea if you talk to get a mastectomy don't imminent announcement here the healing process you I forever aren't going to go out. On the DL or high. Like a week it's got a week fifteen day. It got to be that long. Well for a sixty day is when it's only authority distinctions immediately out of the divot that the disabled list altered its levels while I have a says please this that you get a now than he can sit there for at least the first and political person weekend what they tell me they. Isn't bad. Like Wednesday because of the tournaments area Thursday I think you'd be back to work on Monday announced over callers now I don't want voted out of constant ought I don't know I don't know what was that like for an hour now. Now. Share it with us. Educators we don't need you know any of those things. I try not to think about those that slightest. Hesitancy. At the big. Ideas I have to deal. I give it a bing search yet vasectomy recovery time as they buried their dean but most men can return to work after two or three days. And resume normal physical activity within a week. Are people on Canada day after only got I mean that kind of I. I there's. Still on the sidelines for a look you know you know and I think if you bing or Google question they also have a one other people ask him. Well how effective is they've vasectomy how effective is there a permanent vasectomy is that it's supposed to be that it ignored it ahead of course. How do you perform of the sect. I think that's what they are a little short on cash I mean I'm gonna do it at home was doing yet homemade -- are drawing you to read and I was shortly. I'm not gonna search them you and 6177797937. Its telephone number Mike is Donna -- pay Mike I don't. Ran it back close it didn't look like. A randomized to. Desire is our great and so. Okay Chris and I just wondered where you sit on the they eat speak Irish groups to Borland net lips. Back in the late sixties early so nobody can. You don't call her except they were from England. I did like I belong who doesn't like act long. That there that it it the band at the origin is in lieu tonne England at the slowing and amassed. You have editors and I don't I. Well I felt out think well thought right well that totally redeem yourself there might. Called for yourself that earned it deserved it. You know that is that the bad call. Don't form on the barrel levels as soon it is not. The bag girl's honor him. Odd darn England that sort of miss the whole Irish band thing does and them. 617770793. Sevens telephone number Chris in Connecticut Chris Knight on. All right I will lose. Rory Gallagher you do it to him. Art rock and roll. The LDB. Hello some Irish rock and roll Oka and that's a thing ya so to me aren't. I. I think your record. That's their backs. Yeah while it is of resell Friday's. But we got us there is somewhat of limitations. But you know basically she picked an irishman. Our wish people are dead Ayatollah Ali elected and I'm OK again is does it say on the Wikipedia page the Elvis of Irish Republican role with ala. I did it was noted that are you and at 3 o'clock hour or 2 o'clock hour eastern I don't know about that when it awaits you did. Route 5515. Yeah we get older or tricky that there are some really kicked in. Jerry Norton at this point who knows he says it's sweeter I like to I thirty was in the bar he had had a huge huge get answers and that was to parity there was some sort of been you know lord Tennyson's you know who sites Rory Gallagher as an inspiration who Elvis. The edge. I and I'll come back you to add you know one of our current leaders had earlier come up. It's I'll not always be honest via HIV. Aids. It would David it would actually be so do she if it was just add brush its VS when it's the edge that it just put takes it over the top. Wednesday. It is and it takes it over the edge. While that like cabinet of the scanner today on the other side of the glass and what was your plan earlier it's super rich jokes you're sick of all Harley Harley about the rankings are too low end users to answer. Two of the greatest jokes ever really good don't know about that when Adam go to out of the album and are nice it mostly outerwear and I was a look at the area where he had tonight I I knew Adams in Providence AM I don't. Are we doing guys that are trying to help is Davis from ball at all yeah edge. Out loud and under great love them as word comes on the clock or drink yet so get to Ireland actually college. At least give it up. On some than I've noticed on 31 I want sport so bored I noticed that while he. Ten years old as in the Michael Hart NBA players get he'd become a more immediate need. And college players don't or not we distribute that will open my mind up to a book. I would propose something like this if I were in a position to do something like this is why don't week. Encourage kids to stay in school by paying them a salary. Commensurate with your education their school for so they could at least spend a few years seeing what it's like collision. That's that way more than I wanna pay them now so. So quickly it okay so explain this to me so for example you've got let's say Alonso ball is a business major at UCLA. You're trying to what are you trying to pay him. Say they would ever be average business degree brings an in this country so yeah 89 grade and year. I am that that's a that's a workable livable salary. I guess for a nineteen year old kid it sure is the get a lot of guys but then there are not money where that is chump change to pay them. Don't open up your mate you know you got an interesting idea there I don't know how we will work it out but you're not. You're not paying them with the idea that they stay in school because lobbed a ball and that's this example I came up with. Are you give 90000 the State's 99000. Dollars. So he can stay and come back for soft or you're get another 90000 dollars or you can go to the NBA where he's gonna have an endorsement deal that. One billion dad is that. How does it triples that's pistols too small not just every 125 times 25 times his rookie salary. So the money is not the motivation to stay the money is probably doing the right thing or are you go the other way you say. This is not capitalism and all but if you wanted to. Remain in amateur organization which really isn't a total idiot except it's a pro organization pretending to be an amateur organization when it's convenient. So you could put a cap on coaches salaries. They wouldn't but no we do see. Invariably when we bring this topic up and my idea by the way it was not the kind of money the caller was talking I was talking about. Given about 34500. Dollar a month spite then. So that they could you know what get pizza with their dates and stuff but but what ever we bring this up what ever happens week we get an antsy and a bunch from on the text on. Guy isn't go pre college tuition enough moralis have to pay now. That's almost but most of us and not bring billions of dollars through an institution he that's the thing and and they really are making literally billions of dollars. Off the backs of these college athletes. At and I do understand that for instance the other great college basketball players are all one and guns. Then the narrowing its money for a free year but so many of them are 34 year five year athletes. And and I am talking about at. I just. I I I used to be one of those pity they got a college education that's enough they don't deserve anymore. And the more money to you see the NCAA is taking out of this thing and the more onerous they are treating obese kids they'd. They just kick the crap out of them at every level meant hope some money to the. Kids it is agreed added added tires warm and NCAA and the hypocrisy in your thoughts off the chart author and you know really is sickening. It's. It's amaze Wallach like I said the three worst organizations on planet earth yup NCAA. International Olympic Committee and fifa. They're all one big band that I'd David's in Beverly hey David how you don't. Great how you guys to do some steak that you. Jim Morrison was already set I heard yes but the bottom. Michael I about freestyle question point 30 why did Ty Law not make all saying it's theory. Prejudiced against patriots I think he had a better Korea Bancorp wanna learn a lot of the people that got in this year. That's a good question I don't think there's I don't expect that that's not a biased against patriots or maybe a bias against secondary people if you look at the hall of fame don't have as many. Corners and safeties in the hall as you might imagine. And there weren't that whole thing was strange this year I mean the high profile cases we've we've talked about yeah and we should've. The fact that that Terrell Owens didn't make the cut down crazy. I was on top ten is is staggering. To me. I'm Ty law's first time. Not being being nominated since first time. You know we got into that he made that first cut. So that bodes well form. I thought it didn't make the final fifteen or ten added to attend united I got that I got it made our first up which held that yet all woods didn't make it to a final pit which is ridiculous and sent. So I think yet if this your first time being nominated for hall of fame or for I mean after all fame and you get into that room and I cases made for you make it to the final ten. I think he's gonna get his time come next year the year after I really believe that. On for who was who was trying to figure out reasons why TO didn't edit and one of the things he said was you know. Bad teammate and never won a Super Bowl again we argue about that down our rates that is. As a that if a guy Ty Law. Won multiple supermodels but I'll have pretty good team as far as we know was a good right here right there ran right with a loved them and yet so he's out and edit your confused by the video game numbers the receivers are putting out what about one of the few guys that can actually press that's how actually stop them so it doesn't matter how you can have. Both of them Al I'd I don't understand Arnold the rationale is an and they reward two guys who were great. For three seasons yes and Kurt Warner and Terrell Davis they both get and which at least to be obsolete tour consists of about that because they're very similar I think. Yeah what well I've I've I would give Warner the edge over Davis because at least he got two teams to the Super Bowl. He played it. A more important position. Yeah so it went longer but he also you. Was only as good like his many years Davis. Hit a gap there where he was just okay the giants you know you know a thousand I asked Sullivan right. Our Brian to New Hampshire hey Brian I don't. Yes hello I was in a previous caller's point about eight NCAA players. And it seemed like they should be something more like amateur programmer putrid market that would work better. So he repeat the a player we get paid more because talents to paying college and that he would if she defeated. Back graduate. But when you get treated for the value that you're different bulk water. Out you know on baker award because that felt trapped and such around Providence. Where they thought longer probably more about people at that but failed to pay that they're a little bit in the meantime still a repeat of the year. The back indicating your Internet regrets at all whether it. Yet and then the only problem I have with your when your plan Brian it sounds very well thought out as I'm not just are not just talking about NCAA football and basketball players. In on talking about you know NCAA division one volleyball players and then in. Track athletes and and then they're not gonna bring any money into the system they're just not right. I mean trust me I'd had a daughter who played College Hockey in the only people who were there watching her play where the parents yeah so I I know what it's like. I just think that that they do you lose these athletes I like the idea of an insurance policy by the way I like the idea that that you ensure. They getting shorting case of the you know if you get hurt playing for university obviously they're paying your medical bills yet we understand that yeah. But the idea that you know division one football player. You know has some sort of up on an insurance policy to protect him you know if he does go down I don't mind the NCAA pay import odds on the cell phone hey Todd I don't. I don't know what's what's. It's what bothers me Mina bit violent. Specific industry for 23 years and I've never made that kind of eat in 90000 dollars a year that people talk about maybe wanted to. Play any college out. What's okay let's start stop right there that is so let's pause right there and then you knowledge of continuing industry UN. Your shop okay good. Okay event. So I am and I'd been you know struggling to get back on the paychecks for for quite a while trying to get they're working their way up to. And I are talking about giving back. Thank which I panic isn't an idiot pretty high paying job on making your 90000 though there's really not a whole lot of people that much you know get that. Kind of salary is correct that somebody who has not given college even earned a degree and. Sort of wanted to get them because they're playing again not got them into the school to begin. Our Todd it's a fair point you're right average American makes about 32000 dollars a year so. Now you know 50000 90000 that's a lot of money but I made them just running by this when you're shot. Let's say how many give an example this is this is real life here 2010. In 2010. Of the NCAA. And CBS agreed to a fourteen year. Point eight billion dollar deal. For the rights of the NCAA tournament and before they were halfway through that deal. They signed an. Eight year eight point eight billion dollar extension. So I can give you that happened in your industry and you were struggling and you're very important to the process. And they and wanna give you any money. I think you be upset about it you correct. I think what you're doing what your. And that's true yeah. I I I get that right how how good these guys added you know it. Nineteen years old not at that that Derek and up maybe gonna get into the street and a upset them America let it might. Apple and just talk about those two event. What it is out of the north as it happens it is of course a separate samples in order that was after I I agree with you look at the bottom line is this will be got to figure and by the way I hated the idea that the caller had about paying. Athletes that kind of money yes but even if even if you say. I have a real problem with athletes these guys making money in the beginning this scholarship from the schools. If you're you know down that path OK I don't agree with that put I can understand what you feel that way. Here's a better question. Are you. Are you comfortable with where the money's going right. That's that's a group that's the fame the billions of dollars if it wasn't for how much money they're making of the kids didn't play. It would make anything they have zero dollars supple there they're making money off of them. And it's not being sure I'm not. I'm I'm with the element in with the previous caller I you don't need to pay the athletes that much you are you're paying for their school. That's great some music for four years some news of the one that is of less than one point whatever your view pay for that that's a part of it. But on top of that how these guys get in trouble if they try to do. Signed an autograph they cancel an autograph they cancel oppose are their selling in the bookstore jerseys with their numbers on them which is its them. But they don't make a cent often that that that needs to be fixed I don't know the perfect scenario is. It's definitely more money going back to the players there's no doubt I did you think about everybody who is who is getting paid. Off of college athletes if you just really glad that if you go to the middle. Of that pond and say OK at the middle of the NCAA. And and CBS or TNT everybody involved and they're getting their money. Then there're there're certain commentators. Were getting paid now just off of look at fidelity out of it the coaches. Lot of coaches are the highest paid state employees across the car on everybody including Derek Kellogg who just got booted from new map things. You know all the brackets colleges to didn't pay Joseph Joseph and you have a job. And he picks the guy he's really good at his job he's amazing a pick and those teams nobody else Kabila. Now I know nobody could pick the team 6177797937. As telephone we get keeper Matt has come about twenty minutes from now. Palin Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. But it breaks level of the two of Atlanta Portland one. Single bit brilliant person to wideners. Little of the motion but since he pitches to militants keep this includes the it makes. It's staying. Cool. What made clear to me in the soup and we'll keep you. Superfluous. Sweden. And then eight to its. That made me it's hit me in the they're gonna sue me in it where he stands alone. Children need a Super Bowl titles. Lipton then you want is what we should know we. As soon witness and take in the field and the patriots. In super. I got coaxed by its. Us and it's Bob's. With tropic appease in the background. Wait they used rocket apiece to troll. Boston fans last night and Edmonton on the it's a kick in the crap out of the Boston Bruins in late in the third period they start playing chipping up the boss. You know Ed up at the Rogers says center in Edmonton they used to troll. So where'd where'd that dropped to Murphy's. Where they rank in terms of and yet to be in the Irish that you're being bracket. American Irish americanize. Americanized so yeah. It would tuchman poked and cranberries and they put him as he Daryl realized Xia abdomen Michael's YouTube. To help you Google's YouTube and it is at this point. Dollars a you know we'll. I don't believe I don't believe it if you don't believe it. To dole like. After a pizzeria possibly. Saint Patrick's Day what per public announcement and that's. That's would be a blast implant for awhile. I'm sure you ask a yeah Michael. Patrick. You saw the unionize you like music I hope you don't like you can rest and restaurants and at a concert but I go to a concert that was thousand. Duo you and for a stand in the back I was I was I was with my wife so it was not a Bible Belt on those not NASA well which were first inning back as we wouldn't concussion and it's been your game right and I. That the parents at least that nine. Here they don't really want anyway back close to you. All of the MySpace. Tool for the people who get there were in the front they get their pretty early. Yeah and it's kind of hang out yeah dad as a as if it was kind of how big how big is this guy Clinton and that the the girls were one of your board Padilla when it ultimately that's right good Allen Woody Allen. And I forgot all about. We put out. We're the not so good about it he's away wrapper for TV it's really how I have not heard of booty out very early teenage girls. Who hit. Hard to him. And edited out and I was good about not there up by lake Houston blows it and then. Whether it whether someone in the next night says whoever said Hutu sucks is that to me time and that now he may be keynote fan but I don't know it and bills that would keep. I think I agree about it tolerated and I am OK maybe that's reason or another I averaged nearly it's rated R&R and like I did the double that's it. Let's get a few more calls in before we get keeper Matt do we have to. I little half. Have to do anything here that lottery are among ourselves like you took the calls. It didn't admit the endocrine ultra that's also their that I had an up and hallways acquiring low noise around I was considered a Polaroid. Oh. And I see you so what can we do is make this thing happens aren't that it gives us a big day. The date is gonna happen to us today it's a seven on Monday 1 PM to get here not Monday. Now it's not about me it's about you that you may have dug in trying to make it about me. Right but I lobbied their joint facilities as you document when I see this on. March 25 paper you know this Saturday and it keeps pay are being repaired. That. We've. And because it's overblown outside yeah I think he along with that and not yet been a boom and head of its its doors Colombia or for our morals are you all part to our rules that like nailed had to go in the studio and do it now is going to be a Brighton. Yeah it's a matter he's somewhat local ticket you can have a cracker it would era. Brett that particular way of a beast opens so when the yen ethically you know 138 by the time and opens June 1 we shoot around. It's probably not enough to offer what battery. Troopers whip is Rory gives you time to shape this is not eager to do. He's got to shape your strategy and say what a week and he broke the troopers on June. There are ideal time at the Thursday to Penang BX yeah accurate ago. Thursday June 3 Google workers Euro or you've been so broken that. Value models but he said that the show is that after. After that mr. oh yeah is light Elaine and rate of 615630. Troopers that and I can't be somewhere right now. I. Yes or. Threats are the play 705 game you can get that aren't the -- six there six there and it should be the X thirty somewhere in the streets of Brighton important breast. I don't know western half right there that extra that Rogers park and bright and good courts outdoors lights out there I don't know Robert Thomas and have I think that's what it is a good crowd on our tail. Play by play. Idea yes are the Bruins are in April and may be in the in the Eastern Conference finals by then let them play by play guy. I'll be here you'll be an older guy you're really happy with the brewers haven't splattered it did not. Take you back to actor back I think if years ago. Yeah now wait wait to worsen when I said. Are now that's hours odd I'll decide. What do other sidelines of Aaron yeah. Mike Gorman could be scout you and the abbey we got them a bit when we decode the coach yeah. Day. Today. Our act as you are high and away you absolutely are in the building that who has yet coach was saying idle because he looked great hugs everyone does acted Zeum coach Ditka coached so I've been a lot of attention got to play by play guy. I'll bet we have a color. We got we got everything going and you tell them like you scaled Ito. Could yeah. Take that on TV dot com and and he then got to happen but nice things. It's not a network team and we will be critical ally okay what's the score going to be. And eleven yet make it take it yep wants to realistically eleven to 4114. I think and Amanda yeah and my heart my callers are yeah they're out my Jackson you don't wanna be Afghan thing done I don't know racist that's right. That's. A lot of faith receive either of these guys playing at a relatively intimate I mean it'd be tightly. And he got. Up. Well all right you get a seven. It got dark through the and it only got to meet our code breaker a basket that we got a real figured out. I'm looking forward to give a total leave the room can can do anything we have no Atlantic before and I would be the worst may be happy it's terrible. But we will have cameras there WEEI dot com will be there repeated trainer. You try offering yeah I idea if you are elbowing him in the head yeah it's gonna is gonna get hurt we FaceBook live. We've I've read of it a lot. It got three guys do the politically from you do you hook it up there at the microphones. That you guys that there outlawing it but he doesn't play a cloud inside. OK okay if there's an injury as you check it would mean there are gonna Retief I just spoke with bad is back is really bargaining on Saturday at the dollar's rally at the sidelines now gasping for breath that it will be able to speak at all at this point other awards other parents. Both are in terrible shape paktia. Stuff like that. Back yet that I got here dale there. It. I think general planned out except nobody has asked laurel. Hillary and yours and racers somewhere is in the audio problem there it's probably in his rap come on up probably what he called the date out would be. This whole thing in the work well if if he called the data. Operas or maybe. May be one game. About theory of the reason I think any of us and I think they're already doing what I'm gonna take right. I've come on this series intake of bowling the brackets apology I'll meet all I wanted to resume format. First ten games and Brighton. They're legal Waltham or neighbors. So that's pretty good brightens my home and we got to go to milk program okay 2322 rights bill and myself and you know Islam are going to be. It instead of skeleton to got a better idea. You'll be wall. All of you hold the kid Asher Churchill you need to build off that side I'm on science. And everything else under which one of you guys gonna get CPR certified. Did the acted wonder about whether we needed like an ambulance with Ian and it already a young man there are necessary automatic Parker at the city. Got knocked down significantly and it got two old guys plan to ask you don't know there are only going. Old guy who won all guy one young guys and younger. So right now it now ban is the sentimental favorite because. He's he's older she'll probably the underdog here. It and he's probably. Sentimental thing you know. And you don't hear this I'm definitely the more popular one embossed that's that your. I think so. As Lawrence. Clock. Isn't commentary on the man's music now yeah it's. I feel legal Royce on the list or Polaroid three government. So. Well we'll find out what's coming up in keeper madness as it's coming up just a couple of minutes Elena holly with key Sports Radio W media.

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