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OMF - The Whiner Line - The Pete Abraham edition, 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

A "Pete Abraham Grand Wizard" edition of the Whiner Line

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It's Turkmen hand it to the make up sad pathetic PC world. Victory to our little disclaimer as much as I hope it's actually offended by the views expressed in the wireline. Just know they're not necessarily the views of WEI. So you call -- order it looks at a lesbian or has known actors nipple to ridiculous would it for you stupid and who's a registered sex offender just know these. Let's go to what looked to mark the Darrell was hosting a wanna three point edmark what's up today. You know I did get out of the show here first thing I figured hey all that was on them really great really cool radio and now we are calling it home. Hired that you got kind of bashing our show on Rhode Island we're buying down. I was twelve yard. I was told she thought mark I was told your show was going to be 79 AM what people want your odds that you guys guarantee that WEEI. Whiner line trust me I know more about Bob it's a battle that you ever know you're absolutely former clown. And you should not be not cutting them like program from not elaborate in Boston dial 6177793535. Or email whiner line at WEEI dot com and what. All that's really it. Let's talk about. Breakdown the BC and zone defense we're island today whiner line go reflection on jobs you you keep asking. Stupid idiotic what type questions about Jack you sound like we did. Plus rated its place everybody else's time down here so you could look like I'm at any witty and masters. The big ego called it that a couple of years ago right what it's a public college or write whatever I think as the market work but not. My problem not we will let you don't finish well yeah art we're pretty popular pick up yes what's what's else in the politics and pitched up to talk about the WDC. Please back. That is if the he idiots. Was on Sunday morning on morals or point 7:9 o'clock I don't locked under is an idea to replace him move go oh really fit with Tito's little presets. He hit it PGA did it again and he just came out with another 300 DeVon Miller with a two out RBIs singles for the Red Sox. Wrote about his progress that the plea yesterday they're the they're the reply. Of course want to keep the comments. And it started the truck country you don't have to show as much progress. But that's Eritrean it's. Oh my god why not write about the jury easy to wait for you pretty easy to like minorities making progress. Is not a great with that against us apologize repeated it's just went out right ultra noisy too white for you through these stories from two articles you blow it you want you know you've got trumping your read on this here with an engine roar that should be okay. Medication you know strawberry anything else. Pelosi we got here. So it is on the leaders it's always this flight to apologize if there are proven very insensitive. Of truth short minded I really do not have made it is just flat. I think they know KKK. And then it is. How Shepard not be able bracket now after that performance last several starters. On their whatever his name is what. Sure you're gonna be your big fat guerrilla. If you've been in the business the 27 years. 27 years old in a Sunday programs at the pinnacle of your career yeah are pretty popular get a adding that review our. Goal we. Election and then let it be listening Sunday morning and go back and forth some nicer influence does little to reduce its and I find it. So in New York can't picture you know wounds that there I thought was it. At the world leaders that would more oil and gas. Yeah. And Mark Martin. I act or how Oakland's own home you just have little rolls this. But as. He sees Red Sox revue with Mike but that's key. Right but it might put nets key part. Would explain he's in the back for good back nine he's in the final couples who is a par five on longhorn as. And mess Unionist NL worst point you actually have to be relevant first credit as well so when you're relevant let us all know and then we'll start playable holes out partners second it's a flirt. How much sports did you got to be relevant for you got a tee off on first what's oh. Don't get paid us back Eddie. Plan can agree wit there are way. And that his is. The white stallions this. Homeless he daughters good and very I got a buzz almost get myself plateaued. At about commuted their complete. Hash tag grand wizard. Well demoralized. Yeah. And I don't think unless more on Twitter and then I'm right Whitney. Was Ryan Whitney an uptick market. He responded rhesus. Turtle boy Libby gets beat it he's gonna steal second. It's. Secure. This is the government should not. It. Funny you know who will. Moved out there about guys you know come up and had to think that's right away than off big the last to get its act and who would get first pitch home runs. I thought they had hoping that is it. My. The market went. And the next year and then that exactly that's why would he owns it. Although it's David duke. I bet bet he'd ever. There are calm everybody you know quite handy man and Carmen about a grand wizard he'd given that kkk a bad name. And that method. They didn't do that in essence this year we're teed aids is on. And the pregame show and then they do tweets and and they they put them on the crawl on the heels and perhaps. I would wanna be effort on our panel David price's first feedback he's right up stock at the hospital apparently. And hey analyst can hope can't fix that problem or any outcome you know pretty good civilian that I thought I'd better to a car lot. So backward and I didn't get help wherever I view they are both cool and what's up everybody that. Again because some guy that was it is that has been dragged. I have kids master closer but live that way. They are doing. Water on the dollar tax on the diet right there's only. And medical certificates. This meant that it neither did room. You're quite cold Lipton and a nice stories go back there wouldn't we have we have a lot you're soaring everybody in the report but we're all everyone in this message. I'm still under hand. Nothing you. Can. Pick playing the way it went in the same way. An act that could be a competent she's born. It comes right. Not much to crack it talent in the morning and went and bring it on and I can and can't more than I think he has. Or way that you can't. Falls back. I. Do think about every instance hitting the home page and he has not conduct tennis. In Evanston IR oh my god you've got a public Alice. Okay. Yeah exact drive right through. And it may have made a hell their personal like your home record a record cold early show tended to want it to flash she's feisty and he did we need calls like that. Yeah yeah. Apparently no fly fishermen. Is I don't know why it would still pick and they don't. Oh. Exactly repeated suggestion on what by David I should have in the rotation and he can beat either the third order list. Depending on the week. All that but three fifths compromise. That's what you're left Memphis. Wow yeah I that I like it. That's gonna do it do it for us deals coming into the you know supporting material don't dale not only yards on us. Who is a green teams into the whole premise so now they're probably having the corned beef and cabbage is this Alonso has died when. Bird didn't present some pictures that as a result of violence chance. Is that. Had a hand in creating more crap I might add an effort all. The results that did it take you down. As the biggest thing all. It has been telling you architect Donald Trump right now in this it is down to here's the difference a deal doesn't want the team. As an Angel some people don't want to let it and would be suicidal the if you if you had won anything yet you wouldn't try series to. I would. I'd George Arabs and Rachel. That had big Stan yeah. He started this company violent chance. And and it put out by two different teachers at old school hockey is they don't do that I'll dogs and let's not it's all outside we have. Old school stuff you just want it there's a couple of service guys down the hall with care and we're talking about char. I'm quite a fight and Andrew Ference went settings that he's afraid he's going killed some. Mean really he's legitimately afraid he's gonna kill somebody's. Probably could from figured you know free. Can't get. I took off the lofty heights and ultimately gonna take lofty you know at least careless. It was pretty it was us it was around it was a present in NHL also predictable and off. I mean you sort of could see it coming in get a school is there. So if that's acceptable looked at the middle of the lineup could be that and stick they pulled the office back heated lockyer yet he got blocked audit is blocking people. Did he buys the luckiest Renault is what should not like everybody luckiest regret it's a lot of fun falls. And advised race. But yeah I just to get worn out with wolf people respond to. As are all kind of the same after awhile and you apologize if you were him and I was the globe would've made him. In fact I'd put it in front page you know the guy that all the racist is coming and I want to this news legal analyst at we've invited him. You know we think you've been wronged. We're at Portland she's watching the iPhone. Probably all of the guys it's freestyle Friday. That it had a violent end. OK okay and the labs are dale I know you too well it sure doesn't fit your efforts out. Hard idly flu which you and I am on those doors you have four you still lots and have a great week and we're back Monday and AMP they're around.

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