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OMF - Pete Abe is blocking and ESPN has hired Rex Ryan, 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

HOUR 4 - Pete Abraham is starting to block people on Twitter. Rex Ryan has been hired by ESPN. Hanley Ramirez as a designated hitter. Isaiah Thomas is a max contract guy right now.

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On him when he. Fort Wayne and bony and 48. You're bad that's was stuck in a bed in and use our thoughts and what this is an interesting and so on par five the par five law lords hands. What was that. NCAA. Hole with glee and Lou and Christian what is the CB AA. Cross burning association players on the forty man roster are option non roster players invited to camp or reassign. Segregation is wrong Chris Sale was better than the numbers little the contact was authoritative. You know who else was authoritative. Hitler. On Sports Radio WEEI. Get reports that we have made up a new angle here in this old beat Abraham little weekend. Apparently these days is finally figured out. That if you unreasonably. To go out there and call somebody a racist or even Warner's column a grand was. The only way you're gonna absolve those people in your life. Come on to not apologize. And say I'm sorry. I I shouldn't have done that I'm on medication. Adored his sick wife is sick kids this act act a blow I screwed up the which you do is you block. Because if you block commute take him out of your life forever and guess what unlike you run and you and I have quite a few it did toward follows a 1101000. He could block an awful lot of people here and still have a fault block all of them. He just recently Lebanon between Red Sox and fans break up the green for Saint Patrick's Day they're racist. A bonus we got fans can watch their slaves. Our powers boasting he collar greens that a black seems racially motivated. So we're not aware way to anymore at the Nell. And one out white robes in the dry cleaner. And a blog everybody. People he's blocking. I'm getting a lot of people who are notifying us that you are blocked from following pat. And viewing those natsios you would have been blocked Andre did at 1220 recently and last human. Last out they are being blocked Pete Davis sitting there getting ready for Red Sox chances today and he said they don't know. You out no and you can't sing and I don't. Most people out of his whole life and it is the elderly and won't happen hey if you can't accept that you're racist low. Tough blogging blah blah people now. I just ignore commuted to new option you know do you mute him. You unit knew. Really we pull out block LeMieux in new and what's rich. Mute means it is still full huge don't ever hear from them. Of that peak that is gonna start employed that's a badge of honor CD you've been blocked if you get them you never see anything from them so they think they're harassing you you'd evidently access so apparently Peta doesn't understand this part of the social media write the rush to Janet did analysts did you see the gun news out of New York nothing I don't think earth shattering where I think we all expected this but. Many Schmidt of the New York Daily News reported that Rex Ryan sell and signed a multi year deal. To appear on Sunday NFL countdown Protestants perfect example Wal-Mart. He's gonna know shows you'll be entertaining. I think he'll say stuff even though he's only you know months removed from the game and he's perfect makes all the sense in a war he he reds are six. His reputation again because he'll he'll be entertaining enough but he'll also saying stop the people's appear specially executives in TV will set the. Democrats some I didn't know kind of sent it was a when already while they'll they'll they'll they'll for somebody who is it Randy Moss. After him Matt Hasselbeck. Charles Woodson Trent there'll. Eagle five. I wanna. It's wrecks blows up as their host it was and trimming its host physical force in its final race the top six if six people are people out there to get opinions from. Getting comfortable one of those sites it is cut over until. Obviously I would say. So Everett. You right now that's a lot of voices separate bombs bullets and speeding said separate the white guys on the and about what's his slider. Victory. There appeal with the Obi etc. president. Separate the field in this resolve all of holes he from the full blown news. He will be entertained is no question. Get this local public is my kids' floor and we have a lot of these animals from you need to be busier animals enough of Florida hi my. School around him. The sound just wanted to touch base with the Lou Reed would respect and and that he was brought up he was still short straw. And he was best because we had an all star in and Stephen Drew. You've got to play over at third base and that and that market young kid Arnold will troops so that also that it is offensive. Growers. You know until I yet shorts are retreat you. Know you Wright actually he did meet and he was in 221 in use in 234 a lot of it due to switch because the first two months if you remember he did get off to a good start. You know it playing shortstop in the will be the third is when it buried him but he was hit seventh term. You see in six to seven out of the gate when he got hot and then actually when John. He he was hot early. When he got hot. You know you move into the two hole unfortunately will neutral simultaneously will be the third. Took him out of surgery and that kind of been a slump began. But he was hot. And he started the year in the sixth seventh hole he did in the automatic gate at two all in Stoudemire negate that three all the pot whatever was it was 67 for the most part. They get comfortable. About driving on the Lambert being the year that you're gonna ease into it. And 67 and ain't like Denny and spent banish doubt that's certainly. While I while I I think so I know a lot of people say get crazy he's really good thing is not. Letzing is not at all. People who who stuck screamed and when wind between two gains aren't at your supper Gault well on our. Yeah. Is that Capitol Hill and Blogosphere that. That led on. You know now there are no word on the left right but that's what I did you thing in my early. You admit your team you Tokyo came behind and the ticket count. Then stick this too much of the strike him lefty stuff that you can you can you know he can get yourself caught up and or pretzel by doughnut and fortunately I understand that if five thought lineup of just opening day saying Bogart a mean Pedroia Bogart's bets Hanley Ramirez. It does create it for race and I got some lefties I got Moreland. Jackie. They're attending. You know any switch hitters probably most likely Pablo in and Leo so like create. First for writing last five lefties with two switch hitters but. And I just I suppose we'll thicket. Or a big deal and that people had to find out every single day they're asking questions so crucial opening day starter which are opening day starter. Unless you've got other pitchers starting pitchers on the staff. That are going to be rankled if they are not the opening day starter. You you have no issue you know what we who'll be this the their rotation is when you get to the post that's all it matters right because. And especially now when you're not gonna start with David Price or you can drop. David Price into the rotation at any time during the season and change your rotation two months from now month from now whenever he joins the so. It's an easy one Purcell was you Cy Young award Warner he deserves it will give until unless course sale. Is gonna (%expletive) and moan and obviously he's not new guy's not new guys gotten to that not. Okay studies that doesn't take the scissors out yet then you know started to cut up uniforms are ready. And you find this whole controversy. And the media keep on that guy's gonna keep on asking that question who's going to be the rose. It's like that's what you said the other problem starting third baseman your meaning he's usually third baseman. Every name that people come all in a B headline everywhere and whenever it is the next day to week whatever might be to headline everywhere. The rotation is set thing Palmer its stock on that a bullpen Palmer is going to be Stoddard didn't look at the other day first outing. You know what a starting pitcher joins. The rotation tooth two weeks three weeks in the camp finally gets an amount and game and he's working fastball curve ball didn't reduce his cutter. Just to pitch mix the hitters are ready for their head of the game especially when you joined late they're ready for a guy coming into school fastballs. Any day around. Using your rotation Kendrick started tripling easier rotation depth because he's the only one that can throw strikes forgot I mean for God's sakes he's gonna get whacked around he's not great. In nobody's worked on banister midweek and improve a SpinRite. A little I don't know what everybody's he's talking about bear starting help him out. Everything is set on this roster but it really can only DH he start to wonder if Sam Travis finds when this roster older and women it. If Hanley can only DH or if Hanley only wants to DH why is she the one talking about a show and right now. A sign that interest and continues to celebrate things so. Good work at first in never Knoll next for you wanna hear. I'm sure a little bit of pain and I'm concerned I'm concerned that he that he now looks at the roster. And says I don't have to play first base and maybe every once in awhile I can play first base for you Marty pointed out. Then how do you work Chris Young in the in the lineup without changing some of your. For me the question they changing your philosophy did you go into the Moreland signing thinking it would be a platoon situation for more he's not gonna play every day. Because in my neck and guess or are we comfortable than playing every single day pales or DA that you got to understand what Hanley has Hanley is getting decision Becker first baseman that's it. Rocco complain there that's it near Travis down Tripoli wait Johnny games do you think under the perfect scenario. That Hanley should be playing at first base if Chelsea how many. 45. Amateurs don't push for five to fifty. In that range the I'm not amateurs I don't think he wants to. I think he's got the perfect situation he waited for it last year. He was a good soldier he played at first he did an adequate more than adequate job over there based on what your expectations work. Now David Ortiz is out. He's the Connecticut and that's my job and that's what I wanna deal and that concerns me because. You brought in a first baseman. In which you you you open yourself up for to have that flexibility. I'm not sure Italy's gonna be flexible about this here's Chris and New Hampshire next up on oil that's what's up Chris. And I fell pot like get us color don't agree between two games out of first there are built our great well. It was sixteen battled the all star break yet three or four. Losses are you see them directly to a terrible management there you can keep on the alt tiebreaker. How healthy power how healthy are they an add on becomes a fact that would be good that would be one excuse I would have to John foul yes and had that healthy roster. And he's lost 23 pitchers down so the rotation spend and not what we expected but it's their health. I think the expectations. For this team even with the David Price health issue right now are still. Way out hot and he's got to perform or. I think is leases the entire season. Why because I picked it. The key set you fall out of this thing due to injury. Are you to write it depends on where you are if you if you once you feel like you're out of playoff contention before a lot of that mid August he might have a problem. But I I think that it'll be the entire year. And getting swept in a first round be unacceptable. If you're team is in place and healthy. And then I think you might see so many offseason. I announced that Philip he's gonna have the entire year here. The ball there and by. Oh okay so even if they're fairly healthy. And you're talking maybe two with three teams are ahead of them in the division and they're out by 67. Games. In July you do not believe that that they would look at this and we've got to do something here. Yeah I wonder how deep that conversation would go up and I think that that's that's a scenario where people pistol question will be talking about. You know if you're in a bad bad spot in mid July. You know maybe a penny would mean you do see I always feel like we screaming I the only screaming but I was there an episode I always feel like it is a pity. And what's really late but Eagles and trade deadline in new GM says I gave you the pieces. And with three weeks passed it in your return her. It might seem late August might seem late. Just to get rid of and just to see. If whoever it maybe Gary decent Sina to get a look at him as a manager for say a month and a half. You know or the bottom all that intricate I think almost to Bruce Katz the situation reappeared later in the year. But I out of and that I just don't expect them to be in that situation. Barring injuries. I think Ichiro you along as they had to perform at the end of the season in October if it doesn't get the job done that documented issue. Listen it's a different sport I know. Put on the other hand were we questioned in the personnel with a personal good enough from the Bruins. Everybody was all over Sweeney's everybody was all over nearly but the personnel good enough on that team. And what was found out his. Look at the run around twelve and 3COM or not they sucked last night. But that was like an NHL all star game last and nobody play defense took arrest sucked between the players' game and for an idea I hired West Coast of Eric in Canada and Marcia was still in good Connecticut police killed him. OK but they but it does seem personal. Change personnel are advocates and some guys down a cat so its the same personnel and yet it's a different attitude. Slightly different system so I know it's it's different in different sports. But they're playing right now to the point where your expectations have changed dramatically with them I might have a car what's up Mike. I'd I'm late to the conversations I just got my card but I heard you talking about how Hanley wood who is not going to be flexible. And I just don't. Wanna know why you would think that way to. He wants to be the DH I think he wants to get four. At bats per game I think. I guess that but he did move. Moved to left field without any fight any move to sustain that any. Lohan unknowingly. Bulls. Fight I would agree with you what he did is he laid down like a dog playing with field in the quick and told them basically. I donuts. You're embarrassed any stopped working. In left. He quit. Only. Mike I would not be surprised and I know everybody wants to come to the defense of Stanley and did a good job last year and I give all the credit in the world I was wrong about. Could have been more wrong about life here a Katie did everything they asked them to do when he was obtained color. I just think in the long run when you look at this guy his personality is history. If he's got something in his head and he could look at last year and say OK I can do this for one year because next year big poppies god and on the man at at DH. And suddenly they have a different idea they wanna play for forty or fifty games as we said at first base because it gives them some flexibility in the lineup and he doesn't wanna do. It's very easy for him to figure out a way of not doing he's already shown you before beat him wanna play left field didn't know. But I like a salad plate to the conversation but I I I just thought. I don't know that yet you know how he played last year I didn't pay dearly he would output that much about agency just had to play I don't know 304050. Games in an emergency. Our policy and it might be saying all right thanks. Really it's out the last series and a good place for this fan base. Because you use the complete opposite going into last year we had no clue what to expect that was as. I was disgusted with the effort that we saw in 2015 by him disgusted. But he turnaround last year. So you won. No you know what concerns them a little concerned I've concern without David Ortiz pushed him each and every day bingo bingo thing but he does. Early reports in spring when I was there. It was a more seriousness to his work ethic. Do they were pleased Stewart they were happy to see the leaves scorn about its business he said all the right things I'd love here in effect it. It would DH but I substantive work at first because you never know what can happen at light plane all of them and continue work solo. We'll see what happens I think they would prefer him to play some first base and not just turned mixed mauled at the every gay guy he. He limits what they can do with that roster if he wants to just be the DH I just don't trust him long term interest there agree with east and all the right things that we keep some talk of a shoulder. And the shoulder bothering them. If the shoulder continues to bother him. For the next month two months three months four months that's his way of not playing at first place then I won't get a little bit concerned. But I don't think you can trust him based on the track record there are certain guys you can trust in sports. And other guys did you you just can't trust their. And he's one of those guys and I think he's probably great point and that is. He really looked up to David Ortiz became too you know he Gator assist them when David Ortiz was here. And then he's left and then he came back here so he looks up to David Ortiz how much influence did Ortiz have been pulling him aside. And basically think and you've got to do this you gonna do that jump that was not gonna have that type of them adults and images don't you don't get. You'll find out as well too I think this year is how much influence did David have just in general. David's final year all year long from spring training to those still September to October it was. We to make sure that this guy goes out right now. We need to get David Ortiz that a post season when he shines in this duties last year we need to do for Dave we need to get there so when things were going rough. They rebounded as a team and again you're gonna get the credit the pharaoh. It on night I dead there's a reason why city be back this year because. And down times before the all star break there was another point. Earlier in a year couple different Paul moments were you sensing the things that get away from them. They rebound they went on runs they won eight out of ten they always did. And you say wall the team's response to John that's bottom line that's all that matters whether I'd like in game both question or not that's all it really matter. How much of that was John played for played for the manager how much is that plane for David Ortiz to get him. That post OK just moments ago you just said. That you wanna John you thought John Ferrell was going to be here for the whole season and I personally when I heard you say that's a that's Lou. The radio talk show host being selfish we thinking about it obviously for years. If you have Amir all year long gonna give you more opportunity cannot you don't want Wacom a few times that's when you wanna do I always think you're gonna be and reach people wait a minute. If if you if you're right. It's David Ortiz said and I think we all believe this he was a team leader he had tremendous influence a lot of players. And the dynamics in that clubhouse right. The chemistry of the dynamics the culture of the clubhouse an awful lot to do with that. Suddenly gone. Guys circle on their own ways and you know when that happens when teams start losing. Things happen bad teams that it starts to unravel. If that happens and they fall behind -- stay healthy and you fall behind it eight in a division were teams were you get to. Three teams above you now in the standings were becomes more difficult. As the season progresses on. Are you telling me that the management back and look at and say. You don't want. John McCain get this team together we're really missing David Ortiz this is April we need another voice in there to take all over. Yes and that's near yes. I said if you're 67 games out with two teams in front of him. And is it making a post season yes I don't expect to be there if they're healthy and doing that jar so the one thing even Uga but I but deep down I feel like he's going to be here all yearlong. Okay I'm not sure that's the case I think they would have to play really well. And be a a division. Leaders through most of the season certainly within shouting distance. They would have to be right there on the top of the division they would have to be a team. They were looking at all you'll walk and it it's winning the division is key I'm sorry these wild card spots now. I would guarantee you one game it's useless and you get a really good pitcher on the other end that you can't touch seal. They had the largest the other way because of Dombrowski. And how he's handled this whole thing. You know I mean you're right and if that's the case else that there will be the same as it was last year that if it did this team shouldn't be two games out bishop a six game lead. Oh base that on I I think Dombrowski is a guy though I think we'll stick with them okay what are. John Henry John Henry lashed he was asked questions they were asked question and John Warner even more so okay there were a team loves them well they were asked a question about. Is he good in game manager don't seem to have the answer the delta or percent yes they tell plate collision is not a big deal what they should. He keeps this team together for nine months he's a great trained psychologist. Yeah okay Kiki assistant got so suppose this is all but morons. David Ortiz of the does that keeps things came together and we David Ortiz out of the X suddenly all of that pressure now comes on John where do. Right I mean did a sense that again I just. The union that spot a video of of unity they should be loaded but. Out the team does fail and they are healthy. Date of browsed he sure as hell not gonna blame himself. I think is more pressure on them because we all do have great expectations. Now we don't know about the price thing which red sail into the equation worst case scenario. The 94 when team. Community in his last okay is replaced price a bit of a price hit a price can come back and pitch conceal replaces Brit he combatant did you even half of seems. The token and 67. That's what the expectations. So suppose your battling it out with a 88. 8889. Wins and you're battling it out in the division not good Toronto or Baltimore nobody else and you're healthy knock it. Why do you keep it back in that state. You're looking at it saying its onset right back to default Kohl's government. We return to these days with Fort Wayne removing and 48 this year on Sports Radio WEEI. Pretty sure. When his dad got to have it. Everything is beautiful for you got at all. Ever think that Tim we have mentioned today we should because it is saint Patrick's dilution that's for the Celtics who was supposed to always much in the salvage. They are playing in Brooklyn tonight and I know. We got into the shifted it about Al Horford. A no Isiah Thomas for tonight's game. And force Sunday's game in Philadelphia. They're hoping he'll be back from the wizards game what does that Monday or Tuesday. They're hoping he's gonna be back get ready for that. So is this precautionary as he did a little hit the ticket on the day. Because this is something odd I know I hear this for some reason. Maybe it's because of Isiah thomas' attitude because he's taken his game to a totally different. I don't believe I was a believer that Isiah Thomas could be one of you are three superstars on the on a championship contending team I'm convinced based on what I saw this season he's one of those guys he's an at and under the terms. A Max contract and the way it works in the NBA with all the money they have he's a Max contract guy in my opinion did not believe he was that guy before but he is well. But suddenly because he looks at risk. Any citizens often it's. You know a stupid thing. Was his fault he never should talk about. The coaches and you know substitution changing things up late in the game we didn't inherent a whole different feel out there and Isiah Thomas the people now. Question talking about may be you trust this guy away and Nazis. Why I think the biggest question whether these days. What are we expecting his team to really compete. So. So. And in your not in the draft faults traders say. I am not I'll tell you why because. For false it could be. A long time I love the player one of seen of him when I have seen I haven't seen an awful lot of seen them play a few games but. What I've seen Obama I love the player lovable kid though unfortunately deal man drives me crazy out on natural ready to go there. And and you know the other kid what's his name Josh Jackson he's got some some issues their idea. A little bit careful with. As well. We know what you got from Isiah Thomas to be scored thirty points night in night out on this lake. Is not an easy thing to do he is not the same player he was a year ago he is done different things if you watch his game he is totally different in how we handles the ball. Always he's undersized he's so. I eighty does it play an awful lot of defense out there. With the assets you laugh you can and our other people are not sure. That you're ever gonna get folds to give you thirty points a game nobody got to got to give you thirty. Question is Danny Ainge what's his what's his vision because a lot of people and but he one of them that says you know if you really. Feel like your future is with Isaiah Horford and player acts. Then maybe you had done a little extra I don't know they beat the deadline the fact you didn't do anything. Get somebody like nothing you know leaving you are so many cities thought too far but maybe go too far you feel like this is it right now. And any other part of its newest Jill brown. With the way he has played a lot of people I think rightfully so look at the students you know what has a chance you actually could be special and if he is. You're the third overall pick Jim Brown last year you take Marco Fultz this year one and you build the future with these two young kids maybe take a step back. In you know winds aren't regular season to be at the two seed New York eagle you know 52 to three win team may be a 45 win team 43 win team per year. In a movie for you look it's it has who have we've got we've been searching for. You know we've got Fultz that point you've got Jim Brown the three. You know all parts still in the mix in on now less than two years from now 83 years from now. You've got a better version of this team. With the young superstar. I'd I'd I don't wanna wait to the long process I really don't. That's a long process when you're dealing with nineteen year old kids. And execute it that's coming out next year to six and kid that everybody's raving about right now it plays harder. Let their guard on. It Morgan with a Q where a camera precise tool kit went to high school kids that's what we're talking about. Yeah for Jack to three years Donnelly here's what I know. I did not believe that Isiah Thomas because of this hockey. I did not believe that he could take his game to this level. Last year to me he was more of a it's perfect six player coming off the bench energy lift. Change the tempo give it twelve quick points go back on the bench. He is now that plane and the waiting game is being played right now. They don't exploit you they don't take you down on the block they don't don't back you down nobody does that anymore so the weight again was being played right now. He can for a ride and other kids can't if you're 5758. I think you know what you've already got with this guy right now and yes you're giving something up at the defense and that means you have to have a really good. Defensive guard playing alongside you because you may have to switch in transition. In defending you may have to do specially when you got height despair disparity. I just think he's too good a player. He is that good a player right now. But the question I would have is if you trade a player like Isaiah. What's the return. At his pager with you with any is obviously a let figured you know if you keep faults and trade Isaiah which have hurt. What's to return prices and OPEC's. What has an X but nobody in my wrongly view. Thank you do you say you know he had faults and you had Jim Brown you could trade Isiah for want players player acts that for a player. Yet willing to trade him in this offseason he's only make it much five million bucks or whatever. You're not gonna get you know the player you're looking for I just don't see that too. And it is a team like like that Chicago. You know Isaiah and Amir Johnson. Although we salaries up on you don't Munich that money to match that Jimmy Butler in Jimmy Butler president. But Chicago's of that rather move forward and make Isiah franchise player and give him a match the other Jimmy Butler. I think you get picks right there in your back into. Yeah but Richard but even if you get rid of Isaiah and you're bringing in Jimmy Butler. You're taking away thirty points. And granted he's not your prototypical. Point guard I get that spices in game whenever and that might be a stretch. But it means somebody else's got to handle the ball so if you tell me that you're gonna go out and trap more helpful. Who I guess I admit what I've seen it looks like he's going to be terrific upside. He's a point guard what he's more album. Russell Westbrook type of play that's what he's more of a score as opposed to baldness or distributor you say it's about and don't Albert wedeman. But you bringing him. You need to play him an awful lot to our minutes to learn the game and you face many minutes I think it stems. The other night we Jalen brown to try and watch my cat in his face yup I was pissed off and he was just stop because they can't screwed up. It's OK when you have all of these other veteran players around him in you're still dealing with a limited minutes when you're asked cannot point to. To beat that guy mark helpful just coming out of one year of college and a bad team played for and now. Suddenly asking him to run the offense how many minutes do you feel comfortable putting him out there because you're right what are you able brush up 45. You dropped out of 45 or fewer wins it next season. I get a bunch of minutes go play in any particular lumps and you gotta take two steps back to take four steps forward I mean that's the verdict that's the that's the question the do you move forward saying the next three years before for an opportunity get a special player who could be. You know you trade away the number one pick faults. Have Isiah. To get that player to go with Isaiah and Horford. And to spend two to three years chasing it knowing that the dally not sure it's good enough that a three years NIC noted mark. Meanwhile faults is Russell what we do have it in some other town. Which you do have to make a decision on Isiah Thomas in this offseason. Because you have to decide. All we going to pay him next year or are we going to deal him and get true die as there is an outstanding player it is not against him. I just and it's more to do with the big picture. For this team. You know it's just it seems to me that if Danny loves this kid faults. And because he's number one overall he feels that he's not a play that show me 45. He's played that would show in your to your threes superstar OK so that you take faults you keep faults. You keep Jalen brown if you want you trade one of the other guards away you make the decision to skip on that Johnson saying with Isaiah. While much sure that's necessarily true I think I'm not sure that's necessarily true. It you have neither one of them is a great. Ball distribute or I I I get that that is say that an issue but I'm not sure he can play. If if you can't play both of them together and either way you at least had assets going forward. As you could fine tune it but not one of those people that was extremely skeptical. Of Isiah Thomas becoming this type of player. Clint he's answered every single and I. I don't get pissed off pointing at the the wrist of whatever. When everybody's telling you how great you are and you're creating your branding Iran social media never birdies and creating their brain. You're gonna do crap like that OK everybody does I'm sorry it's part of the game I'm. Everybody does it. So I don't have an issue was that. As a little issue but the fact that he sets himself with a coach but certainly it seemed to be cleaned out. Very very quickly he probably is really pissed off but he's vastly underpaid right now and that late I'd get all of that. I never thought he could develop in this type of player this is too good you don't find thirty point scores. I'm I'm in love with this player and I never ever thought I would say that because I was one of those that was most skeptical that he could even be a starter. In the NBA that he was a I didn't but it act I think he's the guy don't fall I was at the one align the grand wasn't well on wait for the supplement next.

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