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OMF - Irish food is terrible, and Lou does not want Andrew Benintendi batting third, 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

HOUR 3 - St. Patricks Day conversation turns into a deep look at how bad Irish food really is. Lou doesn't want Benintendi batting in the 3-hole.

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Are you ready. Beats or away. Alimony and 48. You're bad that's was stuck it up bad didn't and use our thoughts and what this is a realistic zone around par five there is a par five on warm water as. What was that. NCAA. Hole with gland Lou when Christian what is the CB and cross burning association players on the forty man roster are option non roster players invited to camp are reassigned. Segregation is wrong Chris Sale was better than the numbers and little to contact was authoritative. You know who else was authoritative. Hitler. On Sports Radio WEEI. Hearing we'll get some good response on the line a line to goal. And sponsor. People column with sheets is 617773535. That is the phone number happens and Patrick data on YouTube way. I haven't seen anybody do it yet normally do radio once in Patrick's day and there's always some restaurants. Someone somewhere is bringing in you know corned beef and cabbage and of beef and cabbage which century. Great dish. We have a like during the course of the year of the race yet. You. Is where every year on and on March the seventeenth I mean it's. Look at Jerusalem the Irish and let's look at this one look at soldier who do we only have pizza and Bullock needs on Columbus Day. Now we have you. It's really cool it's a pasta. Italian food is good one to eight year were forced to eat this. Stay and food theaters to I don't know what you are likely and he put out like a little but the Swiss. On Ron little bit faster that's what 5000 islands a thousand political slow I'd. But I have. Did you and cabbage into restaurants and oh god great state and let us is there's an Alley and Boyle I. According I think that good tonight yeah army data has boiled into force. On your body what do you look for tonight what do you think I don't know Irish. Course usually work Italian government. Good state. Sushi not rather have Irish. Really Irish Irish was that open surged over its best Irish Milan noticed as the best average and a goal is Guinness. That's it. As did it does have some get get mrs. Irish on some Irish eyes of most of my response to the supermarket yesterday in the idols in the in the meat section with fiscal. With corned beef brisket but we're doubted that. That it cafeteria. And have done it came back with a salad okay because everything was just wanted it's held to that average saw it. Reeks you know. For the men's room here after LB he's been different 45 minutes. Each nest. But but what would she corned beef brisket. Sitting up here at supermarkets like. Unbelievable meat we got this corned beef for no. Good restaurants going to give you the option was not a machine on the menu. Just in case you're him in the mood for some you know which came through for me what it's no it's not at one game you forced to eat crap. You deal because it's a all right you do it's a tradition usually get what do the other thing is everybody wears green you're green right and now you Paul lo green. At green easily T shirts and Richard Albert and called them but we did she knowingly because all you do is put us a picture nine is that this and I have all the tattoos. LT taxes. On tour you know where that's at. Oh yeah who choose it seemed. To. With a ironies in Ireland we explore if that's. Some important with the cabbage in the coolant leak at every now and I don't think given green if you put money in organ. So we had. Green every single day every single. I saw the they JPP think everybody's report again apparently the players the only one that doesn't realize it and Marshawn Lynch. Apparently is absolutely coming out of retired. And he doesn't look good shoot pictures of him recently and of course he's been party so that's the only time you see him is partying it up. But he's apparently coming backing going to play for the open what do I think he's going to just suck this year. Sock the better off with a lazy OK so now. Well I mean if you're Oakland you want little so you Marshawn Lynch. Weis figured Peterson still out there and I don't understand this. Would we don't you understand he he has not played a lot of games the last couple years and did you hear about beat up the four year old kid I did and I am so that's it that's why the off the field stuff. That's why each he'd rather. Hasn't played a lot has played more than Marshawn Lynch has. Right so I mean he's. Last I checked to be helped the checked out again for cheap price. I want him here in New England about the reports the two rove Revis is willing to play for the right team for the veteran minimum who is. Two wrong reasons. And that's not a it was mr. business to get over the item you take every dollar you get out if you trade Malcolm Butler and I would absolutely. Bring in general Reeves and she reload the heart and and my god that would be a mosque an absolute must please make that happen. And you know what he is scheduled to put this contract to gather it in movies that noble Lleyton on motivated they need to stumpel. Minimal cost what's big deal shoot the deal the pianist you offer him the minimum yeah. The incentive deal they have an Eddie lacy it's like every two weeks he has to step on a scale when he maximum of 55 grand. It wasn't the current system that was Pablo every two weeks you jump on the scale. We give you 55 grand he got. Should tell me you know I always think about. You'd be together they would earlier room habits and J. D. Drew right to J. D. Drew was a two million dollar player people bitch about his career here Austin. No they would they would have been so Darrelle Revis in New York they're pissed right they went out they gave this guy ton of money and he looked the way he did. If he was making the league minimum when you look at him as saying he helps. It was OK that will back. And I paid a liken them on court about that's going to be in a more cornered guilt walking in the number one wide receiver. I'm asking him the kind of beat the guy they do it's gonna get help over the top. And god forbid if he gets motivated to prove people he's not done now you've cut your right back in Italy corners again. Veteran minimum he's speaking bill's language right there is any consensus veteran minimum could you imagine Revis comes back in here this year. Collection virtually nothing. They got him for twelve and a half of that one year and then let him go. He comes back he's a productive player maybe nobody was couple years ago but as you just described and certainly a great. Number two corner in your in your system. Ski. Rob my body of steel and only the patriots right Dayton it's like smoke show art enhancements everywhere. The jets dealer from year pissed off she gets fat she gets out of weight she balloons to over two bills. You dump or you'd get rid of her you re saturn's turns into the small show again right drop a 150. Now this is stricken working out left and right now this is a small slinky we want thought logic in the price. Absolutely out. And into the jets are you kidding me so I thought I'll get NAFTA are that got this in now you get it. If that's the case beat because the quarters are coming off the board now the ravens did a shining every cornerback they can find right now so the Dick corners are coming off the table right now. If your Bill Belichick and you've got designs and you've had that conversation with Darrelle Revis robbery this is people saying he's willing to play. For further veteran minimum that is very strange I was collecting almost one from New York that was all guarantees so it's not an money's not an issue apparently for him now. If you're bill. Why would you not work out a deal. With New Orleans used those picks to get quarters in a corner ridge draft so that we Darrelle Revis is gone here in a year tune. Now you get these young back up court. And I agree and it that's the master plan that I like it if Revis. Is motivated because you said he feared Bill Belichick what do think Darrell Revis. If you Darrelle Revis and you realize you've come on so I'll play for the league minimum so what does that sound okay hopefully it's a motivated player wants to show that he is still. And in his mind probably still shall easily court hears you have to be enough to be top five or six corner I'd be in that next grope. If you have to oil Revis and you played a minimum. We are the best place you can go you've already done. To basically regain your form to put your name back out there again we are the one place she would do that it already worked once here. Why wouldn't you wanna come back here attitude against it that's what's your motivation. Plus it's less prep working you know what they do here you've got it all figured out right. It makes all sense of a war if you Doral Reeves makes all the sense in the world especially if you've got some product. Because I think the pride went down the river here over the last year and took the money. And he basically gave them nothing showed up overweight. And he gave the jets absolutely nothing bull what do how how does that stick it to the jets even a whole Monica the jets pay him all of that money. The debit check unloads them when he realizes all he cares about right now is money. Doesn't care about playing so long go collect his money collects all his money from somebody else who. Then he comes back the Bill Belichick acting works dirt cheap goes out there and gives them a real productive you what does that tell you. But the New York chat. While there masks while. White House if we get a bunch of people I didn't go to any of men in the oval fallen off that wanted to attack. Lou. On the on the food it would be or are for people wanna look that you listed as an Italian to me to be mistreated some food and nail EO out of dugout. Odyssey take my headphones. I'm Larry history can be finished you wanna call us out out they would listen you like Colombia you know when it's on a sandwich. And I really miss him I don't mind blowing itself is. But when they ski ski food which is they can Stephen. I loved pastrami and people like allow oil astronomy can go to hell why would you boil any meat. I don't mean to be ironic or agree salty. Boiling it. Seems our productive so I don't want to do that while they take the corned beef and and grow. And then put some Swiss and get some practice and she's involved she should always be on any persuasion of the mustard and maybe you like 2009 and I put that side of shepard's eyes and as an irishman. Good again I lecture anybody that Sony's tweeted an election does that does that cornyn on it hit me any Irish potato I don't know well all I know is this. Whenever I asked my what what she's in a moot point she's average she notices that. That's that's that's that that's what I got a solo act itself weird when you say. I've heard it's a little infrequently in my life it's never been set and I lied when he won we won today rejected a state oracle seafood Italian. Well he wants and so she wouldn't I want I want Irish. Words that have never been uttered a degree to some quality time slot the Italian American. The easy you know the teacher will listen yeah. We got to teach you a little 58. You negative moment it offended Italian he's quiet right now imagines he's been I think I think he's working on an apology I hit some of these people wanna talk about the equality is that it did. And I don't understand. Ed that you are you upset because you're Irish American vineyards and fruits. OK at the country's beautiful okay screen beautiful wonderful country okay we've talked about Guinness Guinness is great. It's like having a bigger personal of Irish people sicker than a bigger and a and a milk shake all in one you know it's it's great to food blows the food Sox. It really does suck and the fact that you will only bring about one don't you hate to see he's going to need a history lesson in what you're gonna try take a case. October Mikey but did us. It's so called B tree cabinet is actually not an Irish open American Irish. And Irish Americans that was sort pulled back in the day. It caught because the cheapest piece of these secret yet and so they got it saying apparently they were they would celebrate. And every important it is going to be a growing actual want peace a reality. I liked it tell jerky so it can may have sold its American Irish who what is Irish food. I or shortly at Bayern in that stuff. Out of it to any good. According to Catholic news that there you combine that at least losses to a tropical some nice. He's as you know that's as giants that's similar like you know that that or phone call collect. And its outstanding. I think so personally is different ways you can cook. Although we got a breaking news spread Ryan Reid with what's happening here we have as a one minute ago a new tweet from one. Analyst article. Okay how long do you think it will take them before we get reply he said Foreman last time and I think after medical all that was last and after 45 seconds PM dirty little he's he's getting like a hunger reply it's for every two he puts out there right now every single forty minutes 25 seconds later he made a lot of credit as they can steal hobbled suitable or through Palmer. This is where you call me racist. Ted Williams noted racist. What about Hank Aaron you're still resonates to Pete racist. Don't like. But the 25 section forty guys your foot patrols in 2.5 cent unbelievable. Heat age does Jerry and Foxboro and Irish food they Jarrett. So art and Arlen and it's become a big bodied jets discourage. But to adopt another side I don't know what they served here and I love my New York City today. Luncheon and told the doctor talking about. Budweiser is also an absolute terror started. It's the state I'm at the gloves on and so you're alert Ireland which. Are you eat all try to tell you this data between outlook. David got dumped would give it six they have Irish whiskey every day that the best oysters why it. That's that's a lie in. Islet street to the best oysters on the planet I grew to great what are what what does this food that they put Guinness in. A crisis in skews Stearns is still there should. Sizzle. And it is your your you know. But he's he's he's under no excuse on the whole bunch of leftovers start. Up. Oh could be overlooked it I haven't been to Ireland in a while I would say this that if you look at England the last fifteen years. The food has been much much benefit. Fifteen years ago Lou the only thing you could find over the air race for the Indy Indian food which was great over there and and Chinese food now and you don't as much federal. Alex Italian. And a Japanese. When you play dealers this inflated. Asia Tokyo's in the you don't know that whoever after meeting Steve's anyway. I'm never. Getting fat east it needs to you it's just thick liquid. You know I like Latin vote to a local boy. They. Are doing what was what was that federal employee I don't know what that is a different price it was noted there here's John and bill record high job. You guys doing today and you say I'm good thank you first thing that it's hard to be a horned beasts lest we say it. It could get a student leaders there are some good meal and as it did last call Saturday you gotta you gotta polygamy analyzes key issue. You know it's funny I. I remember war games where I work for it to bush what many here is what I commit to my stores say to me. Where you're from what I saw from Nash were at work right now should go on on what at all by aspect Acronis at Walt Irish. She says she may well Alter our restraint you too much you know I'll. I don't claim out of my plenty of Irish people don't drink should you do it the other way. Good point. And I don't want to characterize all Irish and fellow fox just but he did. And he's urged. So we can go to hold on to more Peta Aybar flies Ted Williams was frozen like Walt Disney Walt Disney was a racist Ted Williams equals racist. It. Old white guy and this is unbelievable. It's no big it would though I'm no lines keep up with some holes. We can never got the first game the guys anyway for the violent Pete wants Kimbrel. To have so many slaves all I mean it's a good stuff. Get it all this is my new night new hobby is is that I I can hardly wait for the next two while. Ted Williams the original grand wizard. We go to loan bobs in winds like Bob. He's speak up into the microphone Iran Barbara quarterly conference. It out. Much better much better yes thanks so sweet talk and acumen. It IQ socks your dog's nose tackle recess this gentle checksum that it you know outlets Joseph insurance you'll definitely spread our Joseph. I had you know and it's nights. At the clock the good zones and well until I had a driver's. I just wanna have been look at these guys talk about Irish loaded and stuff and Ed I'm Irish Sutton of bolts fly quite simply a lot quality. Beef and cabbage by. You know I mean I wouldn't lower I'd go to Ireland a lot of business in the last time one the last time goes over there ever receive these Irish guys. After this big conference and wanted to set so you got me a question about Ireland Jody being. Anything else you wanna know what I look at the public guy you have this fellow Irish America that was that we and I said yeah. I wanna know your mother there is radical about mother's lap. Our ejection from all over here wouldn't during the during the seven. Because I gotta tell you that if they decide elaborate because nobody likes Irish to Betty in the direction and speed you know. Of course the a portrait gallery in my in my wife's maiden name is solid she gets seventeen uncles. It isn't just a million you know whatever and the first time I met a mall for sentiment mean that people want appears that all the Bud Light. I get my asking him. Fun flight with a how's this for can gaining one son of bitch Bud Light might ask spotlight we'll have fun like you want to give us. What you would get its act that that's basically what I got the odds are there have you logged Activision Soyuz stricken Patrick mud. A trick in this mud with them and it's fun I enjoyed it do and he hung up I elect and it's now when it first it was just pulls the Bud Light dark souls that takes a while to have grown indoors just the whole thing. You know also and I I get a phony good when I go at them we don't Italian. And so we don't you got to boil it just that you. Don't. I could tell us that during that other than us at Patrick Kennedy yet everywhere you go today every restaurant is going to have the same dish out. There right everybody's gonna have corned beef. Beef and cabbage who really hasn't had any other way and that's why they haven't. It's really tricky to project who tried to blitz on equal would be for you rather to get it out you know what. I'd rather have ten get a since the sport and food divot so just patty's day have corn beef and cabbage is such don't want anybody Hendrick had this been more often. This is really good. Did do that. That evidently team. You never happen you have at one time a year today because they force treated. I is an on our diet we know. And on we moved last Saturday and quandary for I don't know I guess I have no idea I would cat which probably. I would think this is no tasting camp tried as an east well. But that might smells. But there's no there's no real taste in our baseball. Segment it's. Did manage girl like. I we're all breaking news baseball. Said when asked them within a baseball's it was sort of learning the Carolina he these guys are all excited wouldn't that wouldn't that. Well the president as he weekend the most probable. Loan next detoured when we're loan and 41. Host. Hate nobody. Even talking to you on Sports Radio W we. If. So it's created them replies that room. Kkk taking it gave me strikeouts 301 right after Luke this is unbelievable. Modern players what's. What's that supposed to mean. Williams has eight letters in the eighth letter in the alphabet is H as in Hitler hash tag racist. It it's just a they called on the split when they're here they call you the slender sportswriter if someone with Oprah all might count this is on leave. He he just apologized. Buddy that's all I'll. Say again man at a dad daddy okay long season for took the wrong medic. Asia and my wife slit my medication out it took urged instead I'd Lachey crowd I don't like Amir Johnson. Who what does that make me. Looking at some of this. Somebody sending stuff on this Irish food or whatever and I did and people are very defensive in this and don't you don't understand the Irish came over this country. They had no money so they added you know due for a debt. So it's okay let's say you do food cheap because you're forced to because of your economic situation. But eventually you know you get out and get him. Job and things open up for you and suddenly you're doing fairly well and you're comfortable you're still just real battle. Actually this crap I don't apply. This sounds. The sounds awful boiled. Eaten. With power and and cabbage. Boy we don't. You can't screw up they can you can't it's that. Old really good Steward I I doubt it's water I've never had it before but you can absolutely drop you drawers and put it deuce on bacon and eat it. They say it's bacon they even have seasonal dishes these plastic things that you could put in a microwave and a great incomes on speak. And how what happens when apparently it's it's all about science. Mom. Solar soup. With scallops what does that Irish coddled or. With cider of this I've sounds what's bomb rack or she's her. Number. It's an Iraq. Well oiled and something delicious then boiled. Everything went. I've and they have black and white putting in general digitally. I'd baseball segment all adults go all. Right I actually knew actually spent some time last night watching the Red Sox game and you can be proud that we are well I gotta tell you this right I gotta tell you decided to redevelop should be treated on yards and a low percent. All of Zenyatta doesn't look Saturdays with the baseball screwed up screwed up we made a mistake you screwed up instead of blaming somebody else legit don't some other guy would do is ironic that Pete was covering that post game and once I run a Catholic. They don't. All against his head and said I'm screwed up I am an idiot. But what he can from Vanderbilt should have on the dancing to allocate state bank instead of everybody in citadel. For a few terrible now. So they can still looked a little shaky but you and I talked about this many kids do you Zippo nothing zero of those guys zero. So all I'm a I'd I'd love a dent into that to me I don't I law. And you're right he has put on weight and it's good way. Okay now like a dead weight that I used to put on it's it's actually a good way it's epic it's good weight he looks big he looks longer. And the sir yes OK because in his as we get into John Farrell. This Karol likes the righty lefty combination he never wants to give the pitcher the advantage is is it. Is it fair because not always looked at number three in the lineup. Is your best hitter is it fair to take a kid who was still technically a rookie. And Sid the kid a batch of third. Go out there and there's a lot of pressure because if you're white appreciating correctly. The guys above you are getting on base and that's why you bet your best theatre thirty. It is it fair for benefit. I don't like to Amanda I don't I don't like it at all of the B honestly I didn't cemetery. The pressure totally. First week first two weeks first three weeks in mid in July in June and July and August whatever you wanna call. If he's hit third for you go however problems. Date but out of the gate you getting this guy third I would be in second. And I just I don't like it John Farrell when I was down a sits on that I agreed with Cain it was a moment first time there was a moment to us locked eyes. And for a moment that you speak he say anything I'd insane thing in yet we understood each other. A kick it really was just feel chemistry it was special because he sets up that I've been saying now for a long time. That when young kids come up the middle of the year. And they dominate double layer they dominate AAA and become the big leagues they carried that confidence with them. And and it just translates the big league level we've seen it with. Mostly everybody that is and been somewhat successful sharp pullback the well middle Brooks in all more key standards these guys. You started happening diddley one year Jackie Bradley took a few years to kind of get back into. But with bad attendee. And even admitted you know starting the year in gaining confidence is a lot harder to do when it's the big league level. Seoul with bed attendees are I would still buried at seven rate. And I would create some balance as I do believe in and balances that great line up just for the time being. And once he gains confidence and gets on a groove gets general and a pop up about mop to maybe two or three depending on what you think I would do that again. Al Arabia being far too protective present that I really believe it it's going to be a hell of a mentally player. But. To me it. You're right it's it's so different when you start the season in that third spot everybody is expecting you now. To be able to produce runs you're coming into a situation with a weather's cold. Weather is in climate. It's you've coming from Florida as opposed to coming up in them in the regular season with the weather reach. No I'm not saying I'll give you two it's their utmost to prove my point Zander Bogart's bulky back. Then a Bogart's came up in thirteen. Joined the team. Gotten a post season won a World Series we repressed yet all the hype he was and number one prospect this kid's different this Cade can handle it this kid is special. That kid in his first full year. In his first 121. Games hit to 24. And we forgot that. But Bogart's first he went nuts in September which is a great thing to see because he carried it over to an outstanding 2015. But the first 121 games. 24. Any just he struggled and he figured out September. So key special he'd look different he looked composed. Picked up unnerved. Especially the post season you before it just didn't work out that the next year McKee best. He comes boy you love Steve mister this it's this it's this it's now in VP candidate that's a special he has. He looks like he's outstanding Kiki it sort of judge who puts lead ups by the gate in like that. Seem reasons why won't like to put that its Indian three hole it put it in the leadoff spot. So people apparently don't remember either that sixty game zinni was at 230. And what a jar until he bumped into the seventh and eighth pole for about a week to ten days three catches breath again. And when he came back he started the paired up. So it took Sander a 121. Games. To be true 24 before you gain that confidence that we're talking about back. Any became the great hitter it took multi short last Hartnell question but to put him in the lead off all 8234. For you first for the first sixty games. You had to put him back in the 78 Paul. Why don't you start there. Litter would play himself up what you gained confidence just that that's what I would do pennant and he and his whole right left right left crap. The most dangerous. Lineup in baseball other than yours has been Toronto the last two years OK but he's done. Leading off Donaldson Sackett ink and our CEO Tulowitzki. Russell Martin's two years ago it was called bell on top of that. Do you see those guys rushing to get Caremark to hold a split the right he's always rushing to get Saunders and a three oldest of the right. Dangerous line. Is it dangerous line he likes this you got good hitters he gets good hitters he gets caught up but it was seen with pitching you know he gets caught up there in even more so. Wu with an attendee right now because what is the biggest question we all have about the Red Sox. How are they going to react with no David Ortiz in the heart of the order. Okay and now what you going to do is you're going to put pressure on you don't care. Hitting in the heart of new York and it's to me that. It's a chance grand wizard. Racist. Place a black men on what. It did not term. I think I didn't think of that turn I don't think that I see you've got better. Recovery and I think it goes it last year but it's any indices are posted by August September at these can be a start lifting. But it could mean he's ready sit in April. And I think by June July August when we picked picked up July August. It probably could be a real does habitable commitment to all know how that works is a much better book about this let's kick it hit lefties. I wanted to give every opportunity to book every opportunity to have him in against lefties I don't wanna see amplitude of middle he's going to. But I'll probably doesn't want seem I wanna see in it left the police got a he's got a guy that. Hits. Lefties for a while. And that's what he's going he's got to play so we urge you we don't that's so let them about the group of students accused or would you equipment that's what he's gonna do but. We still don't know that part of it but the comparisons to couch war bird Michael comport what good. Are both great college hitters there were drafted fourth fifth sixth overall. They played half a season in the minors. When they were drafted became back in that first full year at all got that big leagues in the all contribute in the post season. But there was a little bit of with affordable it was you know he would 230. 35 at bats against lefties though. Now whatever I'm sure that will be a problem Michael could afford last year for the Mets had won all four against lefties and some AAA because he couldn't touch him. You know and then Betty attendee at 200 against lefties to a very minimal impacts so. Which if you wanna go on the path could afford that we're still where we still don't know if you can touch left I want to get every opportunity to book. But to slap an end at three all. Now. Aren't so putting not April pay Paul putting it. In the book April the seventh when angry Lou goes off because you know what's going to happen. They're gonna they're gonna put an industry hall which I think I agree which it was dangerous and you are right then they're going to beat beat. Then intend Arabs are they when they have left handed pitching out here because they've got to get crush on him. So you're never going to give them enough at bats against lefties actually prove whether he can yet left hander. Here's the head exploding moment. Opening day and attendees him flirt. Seventh inning it's tie game lefty comes in and pinch hits Christiane. Ranger Ben attendee at 30 hitter that's had explosion moment. These three hall later what he'd. Would veto. And we'll think we'll show plays on the cards. Until things happen. A wanna see who can play against lefties want to get comfortable and confident I don't think April 3 is the time to do what let him get into it you try to. If you look at look at Zander look at smokey two years ago. Don't do it again don't get there eventually meet at 30 waiter eventually spur on April talent gets Chris John and that the link. Maybe it's for more. So he puts him. Well in that if Haley can throw in Italy first picking DH and mortenson. Guys I saw the quotes from him yesterday about the about the shoulder and not going to the World Baseball Classic and the whole works he's gonna ride to shall rout. I don't think he wants to play first. I think he wants to be the DH every single thing and I did you go to your own shall. I did it I guess I don't find I can hit I think he's gonna ride this one. Well if he does this are nice they're talking a hole and I personally I'd look at the roster and say you'll pay leisure every day DH and that's yet. You know it is is sigfosin Travis make this team is that a Josh Rutledge. It was as if Moreland we're what are we gonna do there is a power vision power because Chris Duncan play first so if you don't want mall a place lefties or is gonna face lefties what is it will what are we doing there so that's. But I guy right now at their arm yeah Hanley probably. DH a lot more than maybe we thought two Russian girl because you enjoy the baseballs are meant to say that. Fun. Actually I'd support that phone closer I wanted to hold it and what is he. Yeah they don't vote for now I'll break these are called you wanted a brick. As a break those at Vogel look I get called a student pop up. Fort Wayne Loney and forty days. Sports Radio. I was into the phone calls me once that they won't even go. They're using it you don't. Amp. Good that I wanted to reiterate something that Louis just saying I point well taken about the time that both of Moochie bats in the center Bogart's spent hunched and figuring things out and play. Also what people don't call it none other than Dustin Pedroia himself had difficultly. Adjustment at the end of may he he was barely hitting 200 and a lot of April he was hitting like 170 something and -- eventually he was able to come around and figure it out of these players are good enough you know sometime during that that perceived and only to turn. He ball figured out. I mean. I think eventually. They'll that it had the easy to three hole hitter. It's just yet and there's a lot of running third. I think that's. The part that the people sometimes on patient enough and in when you get this ball when you're talking about maybe just a couple of months and who knows maybe comes out of the gate. Any it's 37 in the first two or three weeks. And now you put him in that three hall. But yet to me I would look at accidentally got beside the real maybe when got that hot out of the gate to give him. Three at bats once in awhile all four at bats in the game for the most part instead of that five. Each and every night. You're eager to hit eagle on a ten game hit streak of one to five and it would be 200 we do one. How Ronald acute angle and -- in an accident that means a lot is the other thing Jim is he eager when you're dealing with young players you're always dealing with that confidence fool to they haven't. Or don't they have so suppose she fails and the first three or four weeks and they've got to make animal. Because they're leading to many men on base is just not producing in the number three hall. You now moving down. I don't like doing that suddenly you wonder how is this can't go to react now maybe they know the player inside and out and they know whether he can handle and not. I just think you're better off starting with the less command on the player. And moving them up as Louis says as he produced a people forced to do with smokey yeah Jim you know in June. App three didn't do well further up in the lineup definitely not. You know they'll kick you out all right yeah I I would I would go with that too but I just wanted to point cut it to bring to mind doctrines rough start and never the end of may even though he was hitting 200. Well he had it in two falcons it was the September before that he struggled and then he came out struggled in April and may indeed it was as cocky and is confident. As any play you'll oversee. And I remember we had a lot we have him on the radio late that April and he was basically tell us the stick it up are asked that he's even going to be fine. I I don't know Benedetti I don't know what he's like what is our personalities like the area and. Sometimes we don't systemic process so the kid. Number one prospect rough failed devers down their care and when you watch him he's in nineteen year old kid got to watch the body Loeb. And on over some baby fat they got to be careful with the big hit in on it looks looks happy borderline sloppy at times. But he moves Pablo slob what. Different the Apollo is more like a pair. You know this kid just looks like he's it's ready to the body can go either way but at that right but he moves well. When he swings you can see it you can hear it it looks different it's a nice simple approach. But he was overmatched hearing care you could see in his eyes he was nervous he was in law. And it's at bats didn't translate to seed but BP looks like he used just overmatched. He is going to be a big league player he is gonna be a very good player and a and a very good third baseman here or somewhere else for many many years. So so that's the whole case of well he's a big league play the break them up. Biden sees right now he's not ready now it's ridiculous to record a struggle early on double he might. You know 2019 might be his year AT and think about get a taste at the end of the year. But if it's a process sometimes this is a different one this is just. You're in the big leagues you proved he can play gonna be a great player but you don't have the push him into it. The set up a struggle the first two or three weeks to the players questioning himself. Let him work his way into it and eventually he'll be. I also think the process is different when you're talking about a franchise. That is rebuilding verses eighteen right now. That is looking to win this year changes everything in in a marketplace by the way were you scrutinized with every at bat. A Josh is in New Hampshire what's up Josh. I thought. You. But I'd just circling back to the oh Irish couldn't know be really liking actually look corn beef and cabbage. They'll you have read and read it often during the course of the year. Yeah actually our panel of stock up on it just its first sale I don't think that it stops when we stocked up. Get like you know I'm respectable at throughout the year it's reasoned. Yeah. And it is important to be treated and now look look one night and then now all the left over the next morning to come up and turn it dash. It's it's that's the Stew right collect cash for food. Given what. Pretty much has it died via what it was whether it. You know. Potato out pitcher out there public radio and an accurate and ash and get in this. And I think I think the greatest part of it is actually you know I happened what went through and Irish women's waters displaced. Though lock her. If tackles and so you so what do you do when you go like to a Mexican rest and how do you tone it down. You know. That's that's. Like I went from so that's like fruit fruit and if TV commercial jet for. You can buy this blockage of like food. That'll last like 25 years now yes Tim Thomas this is a commercial yes there's that it's it's like yeah it's an advertisement TV now. Where they're selling food. That hey if you're in the shelter in European and you know this is the end of life as we know it you're in the shelter you can eat for the next 25 years and charge. Like thousands of dollars to buy this vote. I think the greatest part of it is actually you know. I happened what went through. Just happened like crappy foods saw it perfect for me. How many Italian jittery and a act like this bland. That's another. Hour to go at 6177797937. Don't forget. We got the 140. A 6177793535. Into the feeling this was going to be pretty good. 6177793530. Fallible get some visas and sees as well and maybe more patriots coming into the final.

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