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OMF - The Malcolm Butler situation is still developing in New Orleans, 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

HOUR 2 - Glenn and Lou give updates on Malcolm Butler. They talk about how a potential Butler departure affects the perception of the Stephon Gilmore signing. Also, Marshawn Lynch may be coming out of retirement, Richard Sherman to the Saints maybe, the Giants have extended JPP and signed Geno Smith, and Le'Veon Bell can't go to prom.

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Fort Wayne and phony and 48. Yeah that's was stuck it up to edit them and use our thoughts and what this is a instincts are on par fives as the par five on long water has. What was that. NC double a whole political and Lou and Christian voted to CB and cross burning association players on the forty man roster are option non roster players invited to camp are reassigned. Segregation is wrong Chris Sale was better than the numbers little the contact was authoritative. You know who else was authoritative. Hitler. On Sports Radio WEEI yeah. Why can't follow the games waiting. Waiting with bated breath. Somebody I've treated me asking his Christian Fauria suspend. For that curtain and hand computer sciences and no curtains but don't be left this email open in the studio. I was I mean I agree most of the time for is that dope but in this case she was Smart guy. He was just you know he was an invading anybody's property property was there was open for him right now so he's on vacation season got off. Aged children that's it will be the suspected you know gets spent on its way to think it was a little strange stake in the street kids and he's taken wife and I was. Five kids I can and then is a mobile woman yet. But he seemed very excited about and that's my kids that you wouldn't group there's about elements of life what you Lou I don't I don't get away with stuff like that to you. Big about it if you let me think like Al yet to say it like this and guys had a trip it's gonna be he did seem excited that kids have their room and at three of us have our own exactly what the hell's going on down there something's wrong. It is capital so you can do a lot in and tequila flaws that I took a vote goes we go here's delicate. Joseph. Thought you know. Where we're sure being available would would perhaps be able to work trade welcome Butler for German. That chatter level is gonna get it done we're Butler. I'd rather have Richard Sherman did Butler. Both they're moving on from Sherman though because that cap issues. Right now right. That said the money. You you yeah but understand that you're gonna bring in welcome Butler to move forward to you what to pay him that there would be dead money in Seattle and I don't want this year. Yes. Sure it it. Not necessarily because we don't know what the dead money is forward looking at a picture millions yeah. Let's it'll get its aluminum engine make eleven point for the cap numbers thirteen point six this year. These tree if they move him they carry 2.2 and dead. So be fifteen point eight. I. That's intriguing because the dead cap money would have been this past year they would get hit with 24 million. Now next year it's nine point four and then all we need to get rid of yes yes. So I had my choice between the two I'd rather have sure. If you eat you know you played a big gains pager is more experience. And he wanted to something they're virtually the same age raised it to Tony. It's totally the same age you don't pay for that but what it is so between. Nazis Euro yes but. Don't elected chairman was on the patriots have bill was taken of trade him that we statistics show replaced one side he picked good. Operated. Doesn't move stays on the left the entire time refused to go to the right side of the giveaway crap and on his African pro. Well as we do c'mon and that's what we do if they're bigger trade and views on this team and he degrades the world. I think becomes 2829. Wright chairman when he right now there are days that 30 march. I'm Leo between why am I reading your 2017. UB twenty years of it okay. Take your word for. I'm just looking at something apparently different here's Peter in Jamaica Plain what's up Pete. Guys they don't YouTube you can't avoid dilution of all the business and in all the money and so it's open book bottom line is. But Bob was the best intentions or are answered in my acting as if he's gone into it to. You know. Two straight forward like that and in. And Mary Russell Ryan. Antonio browns sit down Malcolm but it was tough to speculate. It's. Everyone concerned with a money but I see him those and a bit defensive player. I'm what you Peter that's always talk about negotiations. And what he is and it's like oh is the end game is losing a player. And what what how'd you make your team better because I've I feel that I feel that Tom Brady's the most important player in his team and number two is Malcolm Butler. I have one more point. I've listened to all the analysts at a particular guys name the pet projects. He gets mixed reviews. And Malcolm Butler places as they predict it. And it's and it's reviews. He the court records aren't the most fun Gilmore buffalo. Right he's got mix of your book or connect she's got mixed reviews but it you incurred analysts say he takes place. A motivator you know what PDU wasting time talking about other analyst and what they think of Stephon Gilmore. It's it's what Bill Belichick thinks it's what Bill Belichick thinks that Gilmore can do in their system okay. And I can't and I know it it it may be cliche when you say it in bill we trust. But I would say forget about using that is a little slogan. Look at the guy's history with bringing in players. Into his system or letting players go at a certain time in which we also parents they want they'll bleep is he thinking of. Bill Belichick debate so I mean I include that the player enemy you know if it isn't it take you to. So why don't you think he thinks that why is he. Why is she dealing with this player this way. Eddie he's willing as Lou said last week. He's willing to do something he just doesn't deal and that is open up the purse strings granted he's got a lot more money deal with and play with this year. But he opens up the purse strings for another player at that same position is not willing to give and cheer for the scared. It'll weekend. We can't read Belichick's mind commit he has some of the slaves and I I certainly hope because we keep able to go to looms as a straight Olympic. I'm with you Peter because Joey sentiment that with all the moves that this team has made. This offseason. Whether it's trades whether it's signings whatever it might be too which which ones do you like the most so far right so what. That's why you want a deal so if he's got a point next. If you want to dote them often but all the moves you at that they've made okay. In a vacuum a big step on Gil most of assignment. Because he refuses to act I think an upgrade in will see you know big media boy don't call me Ben can call in because he's got its doubted since he left college. He's the best move they made upgrade of Logan right. In a vacuum now if it means losing Malcolm Butler. Is the deal I hate the most. Unity so it's it's at Butler is here the best out inedible of the bestselling beat going to be bringing coats the 320. No I still shake my head that to be honest with you being backed ital right light but signing Gilmore to me is the best move that they've made. But not if it means losing Malcolm Butler collective. Lee though if you look at all of the moves they've made and they still have 27 million dollars deployment but most people are looking at saying the patriots have loaded up. I mean they are prohibitive favorite now in fake. What does it look recovered well floating up in low debt and it's still more courts. That's the load a payback I dollars a loading up. Bring in Dwayne Allen is not load an outboard signing guys we are here legally at least it loading up. Loading up is trading 32 for coats collect inciting Stephon Gilmore. When you look at it collectively. They've added a lot of pieces to this that they really half. To a team that was already there this in the Super Bowl champion are so. So why is he acting the way he's acting right now Belichick when it comes to a typical all the Butler. I have no idea he. It and being staying with that the process of how we deal with restrict or your job first is on restricted free. We really didn't we don't know. We still don't know which Hickel Beckett take that leap is like the play. Point is that he's as good as we think you might be sit back to saint. Why cervical crazy this is the process. We just signed a free agent that we statements are secondary better. You know Logan trying to attend this guy would give them thirteen. Now we just we felt like we upgrading was available what's the big deal we signed Malcolm a three point nine on my cervical and knots he's not going anywhere. Ignores what's give up eleven debut will match and keep on that you'll find out he really liked the player so. ERC to build just and Beckel let's go crazy over this thing but this is just the process this is how it works he's restricted. Pittsburgh did this years ago with Emanuel Sanders yes and they kept them. So of slowdown but in the meantime it looked really trying to figure out is hearing all these rumors why would he traded in India and he probably won't. I hope that he's on this team. Florio had an interest in peace last night about the whole grapple thing the browns reportedly will make a wrong. And Jimmy drop all the fall back may be Kirk cousins the patriots based on what you believe will listen or they won't. They're standoffish and this comes either from an effort to maximize the trade offer or from a genuine desire to keep dropping all around which we all. Give it countered the same argument food for weeks now. As one high level employee. Of an AFC team recently told PFK. There's a persistent belief within the league circles but the patriots truly want to keep grapple. Or is it that Belichick is keeping that perception out there and keep in the value of grapple up real high. First father time eventually scored a lack Tom Brady over the head with whatever father times weapon of choice is. And then he goes on the the avocado ice cream and everything else the patriots if it comes this year. The patriots will have grapple under contract for the balance of 2017. And via the availability of the franchise tag beyond. Second and this guy so lack. From the patriots radio network suggested MP FT life. In the aftermath of a Super Bowl 51 the thinking is the Brady's magic number is three more years with the idea. If you want more Super Bowl he may very well walk away. That happens this year the patriots he'd have grapple around itself sit and I don't know. Victoria we text of the we text that three year window. I think I remember hearing that but. If Brady wins one more game in retire having her Zoe says that. I don't know. Third Jacoby percent may now be the answer there's a feeling that the patriots drafted percent at the very strong urging of his mentor. Bill Parcells and the coach Bill Belichick has decided after a year of working with precept lady will not become a true franchise quarterback. So this isn't about trying to get drop. To make an open ended commitment to continue to be number two while no one knows. Win number one will choose to leave due to age or injury. To pump the patriots keeping grapple or round as insurance against Brady leaving. Because he's walking off with Lombardi number six or be cause despite his best efforts and electric lights he can no longer get it done. So at Indy goes on talk about the patriots will not trade break. Will not deal that is apparently. A no no within the organization that it it just not gonna happen. And he's probably right about. This. I went to several back and forth I was convinced they're gonna trade him. And then you first initial thought as well in of the isn't a first or second round pick that's another reason why I think he's called for. Because as we know me when you have what was it owner 0809. They're dressed for awful that the year you know Janet Jackson and hoping and had. Darius Butler and in between Levy and yeah these quarters the other one's been out of him out so that 10082009. Draft. You did he started to pay the price you know two years Wilhite was whatever ones you to a Prius that man defense to hold the U without a couple of drafts. You know first round pick last year you picked Cyrus shows that the first overall on most teams don't got time you know for the second this year. That's that's part of the whole loading up this year because you may pay the price to three years in a row with them these pacts to figure out get back in the first second round drop. The way I look at it now. Big bloated up so much that the only thing that can derail this team is breeding going down. So the whole Bill Belichick sleeping at night because he knows he has insurance policy behind breeding. This team is so good. That Brady goes down sensible thing. Is that good. It would drop below you respect now. But the topic is so damn good at that he just keeps him and says will deal with this next. She maybe that's why he can go out there and say I want the first pick overall the draft from Oakley. Can take number twelve. Said. He's got nothing to lose this year. Because he's only pain grapple a million dollars he becomes an insurance policy this year I'll deal with it again next year but we're the whole idea of if Brady wins another one. He's gonna Wacom remembers those saying that if he did etc. to get attention in the market traded drop below and bought and you walked with 1112 and 33. Missing. China texts and right now he's probably busy tweeting to repeated. Here's Mike in north Providence I'd like. I guys. Yeah I'm I'm and that the move of moving our fault where had a lot to do with the fact that they that was targeting mania. He a quarterback in this craft and third round. Non I think than oracle on I'd inning when he moved English tree trading out. Rate intriguing down. That's what you do before you gonna bring into politics because they think about it Hugo leads you to YouTube import to guard takes first. That seems that you're trading we're gonna ask for though was when you're trying to treat to get talent and he sent them UBC know. No no no making it more difficult like look at the look at but he look at the saints they wanted the middle the first round draft pick. That's what they want it for cooks yeah right well if they Gilani at all from from Cleveland. In the states might try to but might make it sticky and difficult to go on and try to get collected it well it that called in here to begin work as Belichick that would happen. Then he can only say that those 32 enough. And then the except he's some sand so. This is the mentality that you're gonna go when you gonna bring in the good draft picks and then about a really good rack waiting in the draft and apple all cross country match. He's expecting them to come back and that's the mentality. And and. So it's a UTE yeah that's an area that I just that before we went to you that. You think you think both will be traded. What I think that Butler and garrote Laura. So what do you see to combine this with 1232. And what 33. Nady had it could be it and and he might trade outlook with thirty to 33. But. I mean think about it this every strong quarterback to wrap that debt. Veteran safety that he already locked up you just one guy he had a in his mind he's choosing between Gilmore are bought so once bought it didn't take the money that he thought he was working peace Gilmore. And now we've got a lot of the number two but you can use on the first round quarterback in a very strong quarterback raft. Olson and let me as it could it could be having. And then this is why are they gonna trade him to begin with meaning drop below is that this is what bill does that mean. I just think he is a very good team every year that one of the favorites when it's admirable. But he's always drafting kind of to put back ups you know he's drafting for you know drafting a corner. If Barack Obama believes in a couple years he's drafting a linebacker tight apparently you know he's drafting a safety according lead Easter you know so. Drafting a tight end because note futures caucus in certain. Now he's not doing anything as of right now. First pick is a third round. I don't think he gives a both of those guys I think they wanted to I think he's he he gives up one of the two. Because he knows at the end of next year he can franchise ball to the players he can only franchise won and so it puts him any bad. Predicament next year. If Butler can walk away and gets nothing in return. He probably has an inclination right now. The puck was not coming back the end of next season that he even if he gets partly to combat the three point 91 million. For this final year he does not get him back going forward bills constantly thinking ahead like that he's not gonna use the franchise tag is he's already air market now. For grapple he's got to protect himself back quarterback position especially if the insurance policy plays this year and Brady gets hurt. It can't in any while I don't believe you put himself in that position here's billion Manchester belly. Do you think that they've had a particularly good game. I know let's forget exactly how or where he got all the old. Well the defense had a terrible first half sell if you wanna look at the first death they were awful about the second how many points to the defense give up the second. And you know the event and on. That we're hearing. You don't want to get contract with no laps in the yard effort. Last. I can go get this go around. Like in my opinion saying yeah if he is an example order it would have. Abacus but this close it's just been damn good that was that was at Taylor gave your pitch right yes we got away from some gay girl that was his third catch and that was 35 yards or once or. Gabriel that cute cats and so. We always talk about he was on Julio Jones Logan Ryan covers and I think he's on once a while both of them are always trying. Look this and who had two catches it real at three the one we felt down I understand. But I don't I don't blame him I heard people try to you know blame inflict the running backs you know outback fielder tight ends of the sun goes on him. You know soul and hopes when he announces that it would two catches on trash talking we don't think it's them against Gabriel but he's a he's a very good. Director Michael party we may even have this if you can find it on the on. The podcast he did he have another interesting point about New Orleans on what New Orleans is doing right now. And he said the world is incorporating the same defense but Seattle uses right now and I think that's where is tying in this whole. No one's really needs to get Richard Sherman now is that time Sherman is available right now they can they can do something with them. And he was basically saying that offered tacit fit. Into what Seattle is doing right now with a cover three. That everything is done with your front seven in that defense that's where the pressure goes. And he said Sherman fits more into what ones don't so he thinks by no one's going and getting Butler. It's a huge mistake. By New Orleans specially now that they wanna go to this defense. We don't have them pretty hope that's. I actually lower now we talked the other day about a two bottles off the whatever but you know Steve it's been horrible. Correct yes one of the worst Italy and casinos Malcolm butler's either differs so it if you are horrible defense. We would you start. The rebuilding where would you start. Number one corner everybody's gonna throw the football for your put a lot of points up on the board so you've got to stop there are. Me passing me would be an it would be a combination of number one corner an edge rusher. The pressure the quarterback decisions earlier number one corner Dixon pressure the rest of my secondary tour to double team certain area of whatever might be. Well let's start with a no more court dealt the boys were chairman I'd get it I understand. Yeah it's Sherman does make your sense enough so that Malcolm is still bad and now if we're hearing that. That there might be something to this that Seattle may be willing. To give up Sherman right now maybe the second is that. May be the day just believed that their pay and I'm far too much money or they have to open up money for other positions right now maybe that's all part of the the the the equation here. But it's actually when one party breaks down what they're doing defensively. And that they're now going to with a new coordinated and going into a different system they will do what his system they wanna go yes. And it doesn't he claims that Butler just doesn't fit on the other hand. He talks about kill or treating more into what bill O wants to default or whatnot and. That's wondered at what. How would Butler not fit. How how would he know I think he should grateful and a sailor in what type of defense woody secondary. A aid number one corner not fit but the road Revis right to certain guys back in his heyday press corner right. Early I'll when he came here to New England they play a lot of soul member early in the early on the first three or four games to go what the hell he talked about it down in Tampa Bay. All zone Arnold press corps I understand that if you are. Period that's your strength. Then you stats for you should be but Malcolm borrow it we seem that this known as patriots defense and we see in press corner issued a place don't seem to everything. How clouding effect I want and 30 world. How would you vote when the party says it you know she is talking to somebody appear orange talking to somebody. In New Orleans here's Peter and more straight pay. A guide job. Did you see Mike Reid. I entry yet say I did it was bizarre to have because it what do it there could be ought. More light. When he he mentioned he mentioned about. About his marital status writings that would you refer until. I don't know there's one where he talked about this all you. Need eclipsed all the different regions but that he is. They are adults like an old saying when taken out of play it's all about taking on what BU I feel it all the mention it I. And even look at comment that at home like that hit eight dot Butler and indeed act now. And it's just bizarre because it making it won't eat out more or an injury. But looking recently did not want it. It ought appeal. I agree I read that as interest rates it was bizarre. And could use a quote it kind of puts it and that's how everyone considers is when you bring a player. On your team and he starts it off the first arguments that I've kept coming back to something Belichick is repeated often over eighteen years as coach. When you bring a player on your team you get everything that comes with them on and off the field but it later on any article. Is what is involved Gilmore. Who is married with two children. That gave the patriots more comfort investing so big in him when compared to 27 year old Butler who was single. Neighbors of the court again when you bring player any team you get everything that comes with on and off to a CNET Gilmore is more stable because he's married with two kids Butler single a. Just like rock. Archenemy catch five kids exclusively Kelly gets drunk and now I'd. That would make it get irked but Aqua. Risky problems because you'll want to blot on income. You'll reconnect. The field in the guide typically writes. So it conjecture hit pizzas to all of my opinion not based on. We normally am Lombardi carrying out that he got to play in pretty well Asia there. It just the oh that'll. Yeah that you are hearing. Some stuff from the people who are piped it. Court kind of giving you a little bit of of cold and all of this stuff and I found the thing fascinated with Reese's what he later apologized. Two. Butler about the the single thing. But maybe that's part of that that the whole equation here. That may be he is one of those guys single guy does what single guys do right goes out and parties but where's grant been an issue with a think rocket issue with this. Actually straight to you first heard anything about mr. Now it's extremely strong and again it it may be that there are as we said. It's this is the whole block or thing he's been bizarre look so may be there are other factors here they just don't trust deployed. And that's what it comes down to on multiple levels that he's pissed that he's been vastly underpaid timing has been all awful form. And they beat. Now because he's single. I was just been a little bit more time and do you remember when he was saying. That's what you were a ballplayer and he's done talking about that in pirate stories and my family revealed couple Nicky declined again. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they show that bloomer Loney. We're back to more affordably -- Loney at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. For the saints. If they were to call Seattle Seahawks up and say look we wouldn't we wouldn't be interested in obtaining Richard Sherman would you we will be doing I truly believe they still my hero. National Football League the Seahawks would in fact. For the right deal tree wood trim is two years left. At around eleven million a year. She's two years older than now kimono so his two years older than knuckleballer he would come in. And fits their defense. This style they want. Play they wanna emulate the Seattle defense in the war on us so could there be a trade that they make to me that's an option on the senate going to do that but that would be an option. Think he brings that up there now we've got another story here this morn. And that is a very good chance that Marshawn Lynch is going on retire. Now won't be to play for Seattle it'll be because he wants to play now for the Oakland Raiders. And the Oakland Raiders want Marshawn Lynch to play football. For the Oakland Raiders but as you just pointed out there and he turned to break your demand. The problem with a all of that is if flinched comes back. The Seahawks are going to have to make a decision right away because he instantly accounts for nine million dollars on their vocal when you have to bomb. You do get that they would not do the right way and model does any. No dead money or something and if they they have to assume on their own tapped by even trading a player is that that's obviously the case a lot of times so. I don't think he just got him with. Will be deal is cut that that would train wreck. That would be to question because as you have any value if you try to work got to deal with would Oakland looked look you hear some played last year nobody knows what shape he's in or anything else. And if you're Seattle you don't you don't have a lot of flexibility to do it. So that would be the question Lou if you cut him if you're Seattle and you cost him how much do you have to account for on your books. As we just avenue if you trade. Malcolm feature rich chairman. Stood at two still two million dollar cap hit. Old with this nine million dollar deal I don't I don't know Marshal which is dealers looking up but because he was in the league last year. Original from beyond some of these things were. He's he's taken care of these eggs in shape of life here are yes sure sure. Sure sure that that is exactly what. They don't a year rest his body I don't know maybe your body feels better. Turn it up. Beached in rusting or go AP. That put this thing that Seattle and and the Marty brings this up and then we're now hearing some more stories about Richard Sherman out there. It sounds to me like that's a possibility. That he's not just throwing this out there there's more to this story. About Richard Sherman Seattle's got a clear money on the books to be able to improve their team you know and Sherman is the one guy they're looking at apparently it sounds like some of the players. Feel a little bit differently about all rich richer. Maybe it plays into what is while he might be a guy the you can change here we go again the culture of your team. By. Unloading rich richer. There I just think you know you literally how does one quarter that definitely changed look UT. Is this there's no question about it over the chairman's available for some of these teams from the house. You can get home went up. As you said the defense is so bad. But still you wanna restarted defense restock one. Immediate edge rusher but number one give me a caller to be number one corner reckon rotate coverage to all those different things in the secondary which allows me. Governor one corny chasing your tail February you'll feel confident with anyone wanna want anyone. Especially the wide receivers and their in the African division tonight. Hold on I have to occupy my brand new hobby of fall repeated so to now nothing else. Nothing restrict its out there. Kirk what's happening now the one hour no tweet she doesn't apologize yet has enough that I don't divulge crafting a nice long. Call. We're done when putt went off commute we can't talk about market I think company. And a partial sports is telling is that something is happening is happening right now and it may not happen for awhile here they don't have to do anything. Asked to do something he's got to come back to New England he's gonna shine that right. Yes that's they're doing it's this is an is this situation to where you elect a hightower he leaves Pittsburgh. With no deal. It's off the table jets you leave the building it's off the table. At Malcolm Butler leave in New Orleans. Or being done with the day you know days over nothing happened and it offers you sign an offer sheet nothing does that. That seems to join no I don't outdated Nelson did not know via. There too many moving parts of that and that's okay I towers thing if you sign you're an unrestricted free agent exit into England. You know if you are a lot of the good news that he didn't sign off or she no I don't think that's. I think it eight he has to sign that option but if you're him. Why you sign it if you don't wanna come back to doing. Let's say you wanna go to don't want geologic two days in your clothes all. My buddies they could think they can make a quick trip you know from Mississippi over their ticket to a New Orleans come see me play. You you liked the idea the prospect of playing into Wallace now. So but yeah signed the deal would no wait until new England and New Orleans have worked out a deal. Because the last thing you wanna do. Is unless you really feel good about coming back to New England. It's a sign that three point 91 tender and then bill Belichick's attends a screw you get a penetrate your way right now you're not gonna get a deal. Long term deal we're gonna keep you from three point 91 you don't play for the next year. I would hope so. Unless he's determined to move on from the polar but that was their hope is not the case and if that's the case. Then you take 32 because if you really wanna trade the player goatee and its interest in Houston's only to give you second. And and if your team know they say that ball as you're all clogged up a first and played and paid that guy. It's not easy given up a second round pick if you if you Houston and it's what where are they in the picked up 2324. Are now or eighteen. I would give up a second. Have been awful in Washington this away don't checked I hope not. That's an awful deal I think 32 was an off are you personally I do too that it in my opinion there's no way. And I've seen obviously Parcells got 32. For. Butler if that is the deal. That you're gonna get you the 32 pick in the first round back for Butler that's not a good deal. So bad deal. And you could tell me all you want but the coach Steele was incorporated in in that all imminent let's matchup the two players which player would you rather have. Which rather Brendan cooks or would you rather have no problem. I want I want Butler vocational my third and so to me or has slightly more of that you'll see guys that they've coached us right course so if my god. So why would you take less. In return. In that deal you'll Gordon makes no sense the only. That that 51 round offer rights or whatever might ate half million to nine in that range so if you want. Brittany coach you know we paid this year if you want to play you know we play next year. You don't have that would Butler. You know three point nine this year and you don't know what it is next year if you can't work out at the. Of the league's claims did you get leaf that team's first round pick which is number eleven. OK and you kept that. If a player signs elsewhere and that's your compensation. That if you're doing and why would you hold out for the value of a number eleven. Now might not be the number eleven. New Orleans they should parents have taken the number eleven look at how many players we need we gotta get a an impact player at number eleven will give you thirty to 4375. Or thirty to 43 and a second round or third round for next season that all adds up to the value of a thirteen. If that's the deal. And I get it I understand it but it Bill Belichick only gets. Number 32 was is being reported for knocking down how could deal and even if he spent all that money and even going to think Gilmore is a better player. There's got tremendous value on the market that would take out the. Yeah well let me give you some good news bad news for your jacket pocket. Ship reported apparently the giants' injuries appear you all have agreed to a four year deal of good news that's good news yes with the bad guys who lost another finger giants expected to sign former jets quarterback geno Smith. Yeah. A bill that senator. Giants expect as well signing former jets quarterback he boasts a didn't know NGOs were at the rate of martial can be teammates again changed in that they want your lunch is here before and they want to. Geno Smith why I from the hole at the house back it up. Who was back at Eli Manning and how much did he shock. To replace him with geno what is it who was to that Brian is seen. Oh yes much better than Gina Smith yet I don't even know honestly I don't even know. Gotta be bad geno Smith know the giants about the side quarterback geno Smith. A booklet you Jordan ran ran it. Brutalities and me to shift the Smith and Brandon Marshall teammates again I'm sure grand marshals stop site. Just absolutely ecstatic. Geno Smith of the giants. If you see it on his if you see any of the stuff we're Tony Romo. The talk about and we know that that Belichick apparently the patriots. According to the Butler people lied to a woman said to we'd never pay ten million dollars for quarter or whatever. It's asked to meet like there's a real problem now with Tony Romo on the Dell's job was to totally lied to. He came up that day from that little teary speech governor George knowing he was done they were gonna release of their gonna relational. That certainly Jerry Jones started hearing that other teams had interest in Rommel and said screw them. How long we some horrible I only got right back in the and he's now trying to deal Campbell here's the only problem. Person they don't. And I can do that you would not confuse the citizen I think it's a game of a chicken right now a little weight and how. Only play the role Christian. You know we go to break pronouncement in America and we look back I think there will know that lady on bell as its emissions in the past off the field yeah this is it now it's coming back to bite him in the ass trying to be good guide to get try to be a good guy. Oh man. EI let's get you back to more important wing rebellion forty game right now what's what's really. Well. Anything else. YouTube video games. And as a joke there somewhere. Is on the line there at Iowa this JPP. He's got his fingers all over this thing apparently found this little bit and apparently there's a dispute here locally got. Use our own people or people pockets that are saying nothing that typical New York media inside nothing out of this one. Doug Hendrickson. Who's an agent. That congrats to. Family first. Who is. What's his name. Johnson as player of the earth. Just Johnson. Regrets in signing with back with a New York Giants retrieved the quarterback to back up if I'm. And geno. And you know. Launch witness is always I think Josh Johnson there to you'd you'd Rebecca Eli. The report that you'll dismiss concerns that DPP four you'd deal he's three now need sign nothing in his typical New York media. Jumping the gun. They develop them now he's brought in what would you be surprised to be confirmed in a canal later is that Sutton. Small little thing held up that's typical though. I think who looked original wasn't shy after that originally came out with us and author of Rappaport. General so he originally came up with that. And JPP is Nelson has nothing to them. That's bizarre the moment of it and ESP broke and they have the it the story nobody broke him the story so we're not to believe bloodiest yet I'm not terribly. But you. You can't believe that lady on belt pace at some issues you suspended last year two games because of his do you why marijuana possession there aren't moved. So we study seventeen year old fan Oden Wisconsin. Huge Libya Belfort so we went on she asked him to go to the prom. He says that he would go. Right the first I look at it located Cisco would Cisco look like they're mostly beyond I'll try to do it right I mean is he trying to. Skim on this drug and Alicia. And aside Johnson. She writes for the Milwaukee journal sentinel. A school officials in Wisconsin simply won't allow him to attend the prom criminal. They said he policy which prohibits guests from the dance if they've been involved in drug alcohol or violent criminal incidents. Or they're over nineteen. Seoul apparently he's not allowed. To golf the problem to stroke because he has been involved. With drug issues alcohol issues so the school system is not allowing Libyan go to go to the puck well and. So it's onshore I'm I'm. This eight yeah yeah a good Tehran and Martino was the girl just seventeen years old account. Do you think this is a Smart thing to do now we've seen this happen win. A disabled kids challenged kids we've seen this it's a nice gesture Tebow does this all the time. This one a little bit different and if you're a school. And you have a policy. Then that you're not gonna allow people who. I have had drug issues in the past when I mean legal drug issues in the past. Why would this why would these parents be still pushing. You to to have this girl Ava Tarantino. Have Libyan bell as the front of. She said if I get 500 re tweet will you go he said up that the 600. And yet over 2000 so we sell a deal's a deal Seaway your prompt another school systems sullen and this is creep her dads unhappy them. Melissa script with a seventeen year old girl wants a grown man football player and a cat because she is a faint. To show up better problem. It does this make any sense at all to you. It's not a very little else that he that he was gonna still go and Danny's gonna bring his mom and girlfriend. To help her with her make up. It's a that was four years ago and it's a great putt. Haven't and that's nice gesture disclosed is now sorry you have been involved even suspected to get into the NFL. For marijuana position in the UY you know a lot of our games. And you can't dance with you would date as. Seth started this is a look there is a little decree it is an out of for a little bit creepy well because he's black. He needed Davis Love and that was that PA's up but he beat anybody and I didn't really the only thing is with Tivo yet we will Tebow it's never been involved always thought that this is not related. Drugs or anything Google. I just think this is strange and I I do like the stories that are great when you do you're dealing with a you know challenge youth here. And somebody who's disabled or whatever and you know Tim Tebow decides I'm going to I think that's relished or in this case. It seems to be a little bit creepy especially when the school was already said that. That Levy and Dell's got some issues which we can't allow you to do this and they're trying to fight it to me it's oh that's. A Libyan shows up in that I don't read everybody. Who yeah. In the in the bathroom in the men's bathroom stall their rocket higher Libya bells stuff. All. It'll play points in muscling him like. Eric Owens like I look back it's shut that artist very well I. All sports bureau for restrict everything they aren't easy to you know but just a curriculum for. Thought oh new seats in jail or blogs and why why would you Heatley yeah bell because he makes her bodyguard in the NFL. Our rules don't slide over religion out we can society like they do every other tomorrow sold out eat every day Albert role is why you. They can't that in every average everyday citizen which she hits. Our energy and it went right flew on his stomach out Mario I was. A couple of hours I will show. It's good to see which does state went is. But it was a pre IR. You care. So. Thug is Farley athletes get stomped and real world can I guess that's you live for but I am aren't. It should be a critical of the property Kennedy she huge fan and I wouldn't say it's PD creepy than its its charm poultry. So little a little aligned we get the grand wizard. We don't want like coming off Julius 61 step at least and that's another seven died 140. 3535. Or 6177793535. Back to phone calls you get 16.

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