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The Real K&C - Mut's K&C ratings, Tomase odds & tiny Mormons 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Ken & Curtis recap the Thursday & Friday week-ending K&C shows with Meter and Mut in on the Casting Couch.

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We get w.s could weaken the real can't see here can't layered Chris Curtis could be won our last month. Friday's as the Red Sox season is rapidly approaching would lead to count on going on here 119 days or something along those lines you know more about Friday is right there would well we didn't mutt on off days that's leaf comes the conclusion we're not that important you can hear him. And it Friday so it's an well yesterday. Conversation I had did not sound like that already talked to our program director I did he need to mention again the Red Sox off days I'll be here there was no mention of money Fries my good don't tell him that 08 hour work at white matter matter apparently aware here that actually happened. It's a matter of factly Red Sox off to Asia will be here yes as part of a different conversation. Cease Red Sox were beaten. Your name. Minor league mutt. Is now just coming in on office. And he doesn't seem to be too too bothered by a nuke and that's fine I guess you know management model line to prioritize Red Sox review. Over the most powerful morning shown in the country. So well in. What has stings you got to take care he doesn't care so much about ratings it's more about lucky numbers one of the numbers 31 the eight starter Dave price fourteen in the Jersey number of the legendary Jim Rice. Interacting with Jill Tim Jill thanks so much Danny Valencia views of the things that we paid big bucks here what is an ambulance and other broadcast room back editor here in the her pitchers under Herb Chambers not a pre game show it's funny to me I thought much. Would have been thrilled. I'm still stunned that he's not happy with that Judy we've been on the show getting exposure rotting usually he is this legit or is this a game at Whitley much outrage out. He's. And this is just part of the negotiations law. Where it's all a lot of time here I mean if we do this they have to figure out and with hard defying the people to do you know third inning whip around the down on the farm report brought to you by. They have to find someone to do that so the real should move so you're saying much doing nothing to accelerate that process right. But he cares a lot about our shell as you pointed out the beauty of Reimer trainee even to a lesser extent mutt. They're invested in our show on like mossy and wasn't going to be a conversation in this case smarts not really pushing Marty's he's got a comfy and nights as art much covenant acts here. The the media this morning he said that he read it is our bottle and a bottle as a matter of factly that he's doing office did you get any impression from my vet that was disagreed apartment that was an issue. Well I mean it seems like these who walks that the if you wanted to fight back if he wanted to join us and having been part of the team that wants him in Mondays and Fridays he had an opportunity to do that you've been picked. Now Kirk and Jerry are pushing either they just don't have a conversation with anybody in management here so it must not gonna do it those guys are gonna do it. Nobody thought it was do you eyes so it's pretty much dead organ Motley op. I'm done done done. And I think that on the record just like I was in this room. About the new studios when I was told that everything was gonna work well multiple times I said no chance no chance. What have you heard that this is a bad idea of doing just off the month the baseball season. Is a bad idea I think it's a bad idea. At least I guess they'll be scripted well ahead of time we've got a ploy again. The parts around that's a who's our new Fridays are new low end of the week anchor wanna be in Monday next week will be Monday Friday next okay so we'll get a different. Right so maybe that maybe it's just being government haven't told us. I don't know I mean I liked but on Fridays because but listens to everything you listens to this podcast he listens additionally listens to other shows commenting about the show I know the ratings ticket hit I'm willing to. Get let's get that we were given some inside scoop yesterday we it'll ratings as a power while Jews bottler fearless leader. Yeah. All this was run from January 2 through February 15 we discussed the shell correct do you believe these rates first of all there's some degree of this skepticism from Turkey Jerry that they just probably from lot to be honest. In my we'll tell you that Joe's or violence fixing those numbers aren't that. Here's theories that Joseph is obsessed with having training on every day I think I think I tiger and I think you know as above Joseph is that there are people whose company that would like to have a lovely lady on right every day. But did the odds today for the biggest day hold Boston bracket him. I would have put. Every dime my file has given me which are radars out I was able to use my dad points on the table no matter the odds that trainee was gonna come out as the most rated. Highest rated casting couch member and seeded thirteen and a half people which is a big number mean to be honest. We've had done so well here as a shell last couple wants all these numbers are good. Slightly behind her Alex Roemer. And there there's a little bit of a precipitous decline you well. Get to these ethic number who's number and you won't be that I can be annoyed the rest of the games will be great this is part of Friday trying to challenge we return to 6 o'clock on Monday and annoyed pissed all weekend now be open to him against. I wonder what you say Darrow I'm saying I'll see him I was Thomas is doing and on that. Alexander now to number two good Nextel he's gotten out whole league prince are mobilizing for a week don't have a lot of sack for a week in April you lost to a have we are Yeltsin on Monday. Was very significant drama Michael McGee from one to 23 urged him to drop of significant. Not one to the industry I'm. Welcome. You guys that can exist in cycles. It was interesting bit on Darryl was slightly Panama to bring up on the show and yeah patriots beat the angles on Sunday top rated excellent. Ski boats. Well you know he's Kurtz he's our our he's got a book till it is your job that your we gotta get my identity. I guess Mallard splitting I'm flying in for couple Friday maybe he'll be removed Friday. Look like. That yes but handled that well but he took that very well the 1 moment this morning were mutt was a C. Visually help misty was a lock did. But I said hey guys. Sometimes they would sound what we have coming up next that it. It shouldn't but Lou coming up Hewlett-Packard co okay let's put it like you are trying to base in the name. Effort. FAA. And hey NKE. For Nene know with the spellings and yet. It was an odd shows us like the northwestern ending little what I call in the trending it was Ian and illustrates finished you're being fair to critics of the week Kirk beat dale the AL Brackett we had a little bit of the chatter about that Kirkland had smoked it Dale Arnold in the first match up didn't even break a sweat mostly we were back on to today's match up Pete gave the edge on the mossy whose Tomas against eating Abraham that's in the double hole as a good a whole match we got to rekindled that from yesterday right because a lot of course had the chat with the mossy ratio. We can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks you know I. And root I don't care we had that token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything it's I don't wanna. I wanna take this too far but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite act I worked the hardest at all. It's usually the case much started the big Newsweek Kirk initially said we probably should have had the to moss CPA bracket to start the Saul. But it worked today. Still most topical but Davis though giving absolutely. Bombarded on Twitter pirates like Franzen Kirk and tell him or store for him for his congress is not gonna and any time soon repeated he tweeted out the Red Sox lineup very benign influence tweets that Abraham racist. Hash tag grand wizard Detroit front Bradley is that racially motivated kind of bogus racist. Bradley's second spot Pedroia leading off I don't know that seems like kind of some grand wizard type is about to me this is not going to end for people should just finally now you have a relationship with the game from back that in. Used to come on with the DA show at the sports on Brenda it's always struck me as little weird. My name's Peter Abraham up red tuck reporter for the Boston Globe. Kirk mentioned this briefly on the show this is an entirely true story we were Fort Myers either last year or the year before walking to the press box which is always being dressing down there for members of our show and punitive comes up and says hi to Kirk and they start talking about Bruce Springsteen he starts talking about Bruce Springsteen and he says all make you a mixed today. Unitary federal. Bill Clinton come from. Movie with like most bizarre about this is that everybody that covers the team that I've ever spoken to everyone. I am despises and they all have a story about how. A human being Davis. I've heard at all not really mine to tell right here but. Not a good guy from. Everybody to a person has said mr. Munich to me on the nobody listening out there brokers spewed its mass needed this this event very bizarre proclivities and desires. Following up shop everybody in the media know this about it. And yet he makes these comments in jobs and glossy feels compelled to defend his the nose is an. Asked if you write something nice about David Price and you to read about it your to a timeline will fill up with some nastiness of this may have been. In his defense this may have been a cumulative kind of thing while they had glory hole tournament today. As we record this Tomas he's got the lead at ease off on that somewhat sizable but it's not in some of you surprised heated at doing. Better is competition like they once again this group or anywhere. Because you before the he gave. Hamas Cole thing went down said that some Aussie has seriously use your own. Think mark and long odds on 1011 or. Shaughnessy 621 Albert 821 Tomas he tend to want that recent. Idea but money Levitt hardball well toward democracy and one double suburban talk and I'll drawbacks I approach appreciate it while Turkey we found a special. Kirk with soap this electors who wanted to hear more about the burba get real it's all local market. And through it. I always urged quick aside we have a new podcast possibility. Big news are shall go for a rookie season at night calm down myself three days earlier Sundays and Saturdays do you write a percent. Please Saturday skate Jerry's podcasts. Tunnel. Vision Callahan tunnel vision lasted one that was. It was great great leader wanna as a great article the great great all the latest had been Alex Roemer was gonna be shoe horned in with Jerry. So was going to be political time obamacare 101 with Alex and hear how players such a board and imports it was special to. Management has been fascinated fasten your vote giving Jerry Roemer together a podcast. They've been tried ever they can't commitments were that's been scrapped with what actually I think is a great idea who revealed her to release and eat those murky. The point being it requires some degree of engineering help. Management style or a lot of moving parts and moving parts of the two words that get Perkins Terry batteries skittish about the U ability for us to pull this off. Written in different equipment I guess we put an end different location we're going to be taping this shall podcasts so management is on board. I guess things are being ordered are being done at least they were before the port hubs which meant that it. Medical medieval. Make a boobs melons messy. Mexican midget Milf military side you're sorry John it's a military milk milking machine continued well. Missionaries hill moaning that's from mom and everyone mom point of view. Monster. Thank monster movies Mormon. Morning mobile Ellen multiple. My did. Modification. In the muscular Darrell music my putting before he got to the tiny form go to do a lot of sexually frustrated mormons I'm taught yesterday although Mormon team rides bishop. You know what I don't wanna see tiny Mormon. Mormon gang banged. I. A bizarre days ago that was great the dog but got to work. So yeah I don't know there are on board before today's show but kudos but the weather skeptical it would get done this what I think. As people in the right places behind this league it will get done so look for something new I. My challenge is going to be Tuesdays after show with everybody involved in new podcast which gives unique Greek insulate and scenes look all we would. If this works I think it'll be great great somehow we got off on the type of PA USO we were you asked me what are surprised about them via the I think this shows the power from Aussie because. It really is at the it is to educate for. He's just that he's 4746%. To Tomas is that you prepared to 4%. Were well over 5000 so you know by the time we get to Monday probably around 89101000 votes so. Tomas is a dark porcelain or. C head and four but it. Monday Kirk's loaded we're gonna have Shaughnessy I hate Jews it's against Mazur Roddy just suck it. Already I think that's also a good one. My money is on menace I love the player they like the player like the player while the player I have a dream about had a dream last into the brood street creature my hunch is we're gonna have the eat colossal quarterfinal matchup. Johnson mossy Tony met as a rock I think that's an idea who. You may open up a moment. That's gonna really test your evil that's interesting Mazda's sort of evolved into a it will figure. Until probably two. Thanks in large part to the show the but also you know he. He's just half clock makes these comments. Every single day. Across the street about claiming he watches games claiming he knows anything about the Bruins likened what I think you Google I wanted to making these bold takes about you know but Belichick the more out of you does something so there is a lot of hatred for Tony I would still take to mossy easily I think him Tomas might be mad as. By a bigger margin big league many. Really heated now sir I disagree I think Matt's is on so much around these parts he's more well known he's more. Prominent people's minds I I think to must he win but I think the speed going to be 5149. Pitch no no no now. Type that this could be our biggest battle respectfully disagree look at I will respectfully disagree where we find someone let people vote. Today also we had people talk. I thought it would contribute with what I felt was solid the piece of literature Crist in a struggling let's be honest he's not really reading of The Great Gatsby or whether that's got the curable sheets he's popping out there. Still working through by F. Scott Fitzgerald book which I am reading I did not ivory credits on that podcast is no way you read a book I swear off my game every now I don't have a fresh copy of them one of my baseball heroes. And really heroes of light Mike the scene I know I'm not the chemistry could occur is that the Fini manifested machines. The classic American scoring leader boring writer boring opera who was born I think Hillary. Ever read might it does he does and it can read map was boring image so yes you know that really can. You know it's -- that baseball and look what look at she's Sony would tell me you want parity tips from Mike. Is. I hate to get better imagine you actually. Yes. Now we'll say it's a Jose Fernandez and Negron talkie into an 8 o'clock hour those are two pretty it's oppose. Great segment I think just the Leavitt hard hypocrisy of the absolute stooge was exposed again by these guys reset benefit time. Pretty much on the show today but there is Syria Bob nightingale stories of the details don't matter you know these people were just falling over themselves to try and say something nicer than the other person to develop with Fernandez. Because she was so strong. And and he was a symbol so. Some sort and don't apologize. And. In the writing you said that you know it should matter how we dive so anyway they expose the people who were you know can advising him when he. Died and we're sort of quiet with their Lipitor street responses yesterday. Now Lee and I yesterday on the show meter it was but usable skeptical mud boy meet C. I was a little personally meet. Accused medium volume low energy show with elves that I heard your polls show podcast to probably going to be low energy is pregnant and who isn't low energy it's 603 AM. And asked are you. I respond restaurants and elect a torture the old comfortable shoe. Don't meter all the time he'll be in Monday with mud and Jerry's going to be interesting combo because we seem like meter tree before it was a disaster over the holidays. The cactus spores on a 105 day in our turn up at the thing. I think meter will be good with Jerry and delicate diabetes show oracle excellence. What time six sisters who know that 606 or those funeral and for specs. Yes but I'd add that Ottawa the highlight of the Thursday show was a little heated talk Thursday aunts and tournament mocking we also had of course a some Nazis Boston yesterday rob Bradford and I'm not sure based on what I'm hearing that robs rule thrilled with. With me for you aren't on my drops it she could get a sense that here yesterday but I was entertain what you thought. All like god. It was it was not quite at the deal level of losing control my bells but that was out standings. How could you do Woodward. John mossy impeded would not call you racist how do you do. While I don't think there are. I don't know if joint Mathieu would go to view legs. A lot of fires in the central part of the state that are being hurt by when load Tim Tim Tim holes let rob talk that your guys. You mean after they had it at the correct I don't think only one coach I'll see. Let him answer c'mon. Glad rub. Which to move keep it simple call strike. On the Turkey tomorrow and to get a lot you can't stop and Kyra. He's got guide our. Our what were questioned but. Only one applies to. It. In the people. Off for it. Four I think maybe five separate fires just on the way over here this morning on one pitch. It sucks. A couple of let him slim to mark. We're. Going. To buying oil. Under Republican skirts. Laws that it was just Kirk's idea animals. For once we're gonna give her credit Kirk an idea we never do that here. The last time we fully planned it right efforts that are you done then given the appointment of new girl want much. Blow the whistle I just picture him in Florida. Wrestle establishment uses so that is a sure the second your article on the text occur line and left to right which makes. Not hurt you app of the worst somebody takes it. All happy at six month in him was very significantly wrong guy go from one to 23 urged the drop of the significant. 23. A little. And you guys that can't. Cycles he's. He's a little current I want the number one of the numbers 31 the eight starter Dave price fourteen in the Jersey number of the legendary Jim Rice. An overhaul month they've been silenced in the last two days its future your approach him and you know sweetness steer atlas doubled its. I was awed that. But was so angry at David Whitley ethic that was that part is he bouts. For the interview so we wanted to do something remotely memorable in the My Cousin Vinny drops afterwards I was over the top Clinton's. And if you want more crowded into January. That's not. Force them this year my client did that he that's not business that's not nice that's not race. That's not the guys that got the car. Effective accurately. Co convenience dole ought to have a legitimate staggering issue it's not easy. I big weekend plans for cards you get some ugly to leave Patrick separated him Leo right. And so dispute Wacom with a gay vets go before him. And on that note. Agreed to a good week and it is currently threat and teases her that's what's trending now on WE RU WEEI dot com. Could weaken.

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