WEEI>On Demand>>K&C - David Whitley joins the show, says there is a double standard for Gronk; Mut’s odds for the A-hole tournament; Kirk reaffirms his belief that there is no God 3-17-17

K&C - David Whitley joins the show, says there is a double standard for Gronk; Mut’s odds for the A-hole tournament; Kirk reaffirms his belief that there is no God 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Hour 4. David Whitley from the Orlando Sentinel joins the show to argue for his column criticizing Gronk. Mut shares his odds for the NCAA-hole bracket. Kirk still doesn't believe in God.

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Kurt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Everywhere else but really it's our right here. Commentary it's as easy to LE Rob Gronkowski would be laughing it off that was written by. David Whitley view Orlando sentinel who's kind of influence of sport in the eighteen the outline David I don't. Good so I guess. We're kind of confused by the so I guess your theory is basically that if this were. Go wrong. We would have a big deal with what is he to Elliott did it does seem like it's more complicated than just that that was that. Oh yeah I met at the mean it. There's the obvious different first obviously Elliot has the the domestic abuse accusations against them so committed category. And I that tried to point that out the column that he's. He's currently under investigation by the and I fell by the police cleared him so obviously stupidity is that this colossal. But. It's not so much. Elliott per say is that if it would have been. You know an older NFL player out there I want noted that Democrats Cotter heard Jason Witten or anybody like that. What would the reaction to DN. Compared to what rock. I don't have it was Jason quick I think Durbin none have been the core I quarter of ID reactions helping go to the big deal at all. Yeah well Ed and I mean you may be right I don't I don't know but I and that sort of the might. Might might probable but you know what if it's an NFL player. Gone over end nick on girls. Broke up while yeah all opera I think I think that would consult on their summer action mean to determine horse when. Did you get it up but yeah I I do you think there would have been. Some be some push back it is not down amid could be wrong on that. Yet given the yet to relive and not a straight right I'd bet or believed that people laughed at all. What would and and I'm not sure what you mean and what would happen if we were rock I'm all confused yet. I don't and binary I mean you know what you said Elliott has a history of this and it is a history of domestic violence charge pending against him and it was not consensual. Wedding grunts history is event when they brought sisters are banned any accusations against him and when is it not been consensual. Let's just let me is that's that's the good that's that's that's the whole thing. Well it is consensual enough like Quinn was. Ample well but where they'll follow up could it should be. We had a muted and that I'm not I'm at like rog here it is much I even better couple weeks ago at Daytona. Fire under it and you know I I wouldn't you know there's laughed along and everybody else when he. Riva and on national TV trying to get the girl that mark girl has to say. And a much bigger number 69. And an account that kind of stuff. That's fine but I just wonder is is their alliance he would become so so muted that this crop party tour. He's been up along that he can get away with a pretty much anything. Oh we you can buy it but David in writing about EC and Armenians in against crawl my takeaways that you do when there's a comparison in the middle of your column. We reference Ben Roethlisberger who was accused of sexual assault in 2010. There were no charges but he was suspended and Brian Goodell said at that time you are held to a higher standard as an NFL player. You write this begs the question what standard is wrong kielty will just like Ezekiel Elliot just like Ben Roethlisberger. Those guys have charges or at least allegations in the past. Rob doesn't happen he's a Heidi compared wrong to a guy and Roethlisberger who if you if you read the story. Had a woman against her will in a bathroom with a body guards outside that's a much different standard than any that won't stop this app. It would mean it is is being helped that a different standard that the plight to. You think when you know does that does that just for Roethlisberger helped our standard or just in general. Michael is held to a different standard because there was a there was a charge there where's the charge with strong cows given charges being do this sometimes. Where is the actual charge or criminal charge the recent one that's why it's a different standard. A lot well not well I might might take on that was the could I was thinking that all of the players to be dealt with slightly higher standard than the average guy Bork who opened in Oakland berries they don't want to. While the average alone the average got a bar is not he allegedly having a woman in a bathroom with his bodyguard. Outside that's a lot different than Gruntal and up to a woman and flirting it. Well well. Or. I'll say he's. Holding his Mineta and you're comparing it to Ben Roethlisberger bodyguard keeping the door closed. That's terrible. Know it paid your comparing it to put man my idea forward to a two tool on board buying her drink trying to popular is not going out. And turnaround and and cork in her in the chest. I wouldn't say it will go out and yet that's not flirting that's party with a bullet. We win do you think when do you think David when they grow on cross the line. I mean if I mean that may be undeterred lady here. But I buy it by the guy you know what the board seek alternate source first focus on the task I think. Only he just walked that I can't think go and they were dance and they were drinking she had a bottle of booze in her hand as she loved it when grunt to the motor ball put winning your mind. Have you seen have you seen gras crossed the line. Well. It is in their life. If criminal you'll. IR I've had not this event. Is officially grew across the silly and you're David Rob Gronkowski and your premise doesn't make any sense you caught it yourself. Eight year old column. You you don't think Elliott's like gronkowski you know that so we'll be laughing and not yeah I think I think my guess is I don't know which but my guess is all about it once second. My guess is that you have. Some core beliefs that are offended when you see some of the things Acropolis right. Okay OPEC will not. People but for what should he be punished what what we should be dealt Stepan. Thought oh I did speak it well it is key hit. You've done what Elliott did which is tricky have been punished. Will. I I think yeah Lisa Elliott address these sanctions it's our clutch putt published we didn't have viewed your original thing he's being accused of the Saint Patrick's Day amid a parade thing. When he when he Yankee agreement yet the girl's shirt out. If if he had a prior against him or some with vin lake Delhi does he's gonna get five feet behind the rock climb without prior break instead they should fire ball finds out you know they'll probably again. That's like that's that's comparing apples to whatever it's not the same thing dump truck but that's not the same thing. It. Because Elliott has a history of it there's no this is history up without. It would would we and I and I think what we have left at left at all. Like like at Rockwood reached over and. Of course getting history against him no we would not laugh it off we would not. Oh okay well okay within that we have aren't I just happen to disagree that they've given to. You know body work I think we've become. But he has opened videos audio gives the history gets to like there's a history of wrecking the party that's. And eat that he's been just the pillaging. He's not rate him collecting every every moment city. I am just saying that he has crew instructed that this image of the of the applicant out party boy. It's a good natured son and in this country do you think David did the president. Do you think there's a racial component here. I'm not but I yeah I tried to do on my way to avoid. Bringing that up and I think anytime you introduce race into it it's become so polarizing. That did that actual pocket gets walloped people go to the quarters or sleet and mud. So. You know I don't dispute the individual people there to make it broke my. I don't yet. Maybe there's a double and I don't know that in an expected result I don't know. About a double standard I I just questioned you know given the NFL. Suppose that stamp on on hold until I've spent what standard. You know is it is. Is Dave did I did it with the view and the sentinels Jordan and Syria called table Elliott and gronkowski. I think I personally I Mohammed you pay attention gronkowski. You know Jerry in my out with a agree I think you know since I've covered sports for a I don't know anyone who's done more charitable work especially behind the scenes. They brought some type of holding somewhat to a standard I think rock does a pretty good job at that make more Mike Martz said you moron sometimes. Yes but I think we you compared to Ben Roethlisberger. Adieu to call of service and gets an N'sync. It's not. And we'll bring do you think that what. Put it felt certain that letter applied only to Roethlisberger only he would help. Annika I think when it comes sexual assault sexual assault yes I think I think they've NFL pretends that they tribal people the highest standards. We take it when you're when Bibi Jones we tell the picture. Of her grudge Jersey I gotta be honest David I believe it's a big deal. What book an individual they're not but it looked that you get to a whole body of work. And you got a guy who go one of the board. And I mean. He got it on wing AT&T that all of them. Black rocks fall that looks at 9 o'clock what's what's what's what's the single all about it it's a single worst thing the croc is done. If you have a point to what you have to crystallize it take your days here's the thing that offends me David would be the most about what individual thing or would it. I I'd I would suppose. The one videos that that for a struck me as we've gone over the line was when he you know it in the bowl are at or I don't nightclub. After on some awards show. Up there and you know. And it it was short idiot like all of the clintons I don't know the content of that. But he would you walk comparison and it got entourage in the EU turnaround expert you know pork in the moment and then. Are obvious that there and uploaded yet that order. After permission I don't know what course you know everybody will open it up and you don't great and and I might get food you know that the of the video you see it and I suspect that for every one knew we see that. But there's probably a few that you know and so like that we don't seek and it is it a little bit slower than it felt. You know going to be different and you know it is not like he's the first guy whose whose you don't undetermined and helpful for guys. You know in Portland general who. Who have been going on you know corral a mean you know Corning and Ed and name look at it sort of makes crude out of it but you know in this era. Where everything that you do is it on video goes out. Meet the total world that make me more. I mean I've. But I would. Friendly guy and Tampa who has done that you liked last living room take it or get camp but yet you tell me things in the communities to do. That we have between may. McLaughlin like you know choir boy but you know it we did even a different era means it would he never organize you know to recruit will Wear you know icon fired up and and look good attitude attitude. And with it all in all willing good in gawk I think he's I think he's either very Smart guy. And he also. Always and you wonder why why me why me why but do you care what did your kids if a budget it's heading adults on sub crews we thought it was a great idea also. Nothing happened nobody's arrested there were no charge of things so errors. On it is that the standard of ideas on what. Standard I would it would be what we did we clutching and fortunately or the game last year. We know what you brought play yesterday gave me once crews are you thinking while the standard is different now watch the game of course. When I'm watching the game away from the game like a Wednesday afternoon you're thinking about legal played. We go to. Well doesn't image into all this short does it play out for guys like Greg Hardy and and yes it is illegal aliens got charges and Ohio still pending. And a weapon that well well but the peak the only thing. I'm not I I by no mean implement defend yet vetoed it but I I do think that the targets for the but I heard that they were dismissed. And at that point should see it fell again holding people higher standard going in and under and you know RI and local couple I mean obviously if anybody it will circumspect on and so investigations and rugged LB patriot fans. Couldn't get in the history there. You know I I've never apart I guess it is a major difference might electrically core values that moment yeah that the straight in the shuttle. Does the woman and bars and then go to vote them in and and we ought to sort of left along get them if if that's so if that's okay. You know and and that the standards become well at long get a lot of rest and then you know what we carry on increases on the field. I'm okay I think that that's the position Norton I cannot apply he's not insulting women and that's okay. Located on did not helping women. And anything short of that is okay and it then that the or the standard. At that. What Cuba by applying it not I'm not that Dutton on on you and I I did. It if I could see you know and again on May be tortured later but you know if my kids. Yeah video of the felt starts doing what what prompted I just have a hard time and yet now it is that. I did we always we appreciate you coming on now about that drew appreciative Cheryl talked US sometime down the line. I made it review and Orlando sentinel mothers always dad's instincts are never wrong nailed it they've gotten. And indicated it was actual Twitter responses been and yeah I would say we ask I would say if you want more Saturday January. That's. Full of them this year my client did that he that's not his case that's not nice that race. That's the guys that got picked crop. To accurately. What previous thought evolution of stuttering issue that's not easy that's not an older guy it's funny I've bank may either. Not at all ten years Dick replied that's really used very cool but Mike Metheny play that sound one that's yet to see that. An element manifest listen. Yes it is more than that make for starters. Class with class that's right I would anyone that I've raced him were weapons and ace right at the Indy wondering about. Ace she's done enough to destroy the show and I'll that was excellent spot thank you used its ratings on the proposal weird in the middle my old monologues yes. My oppose lifting gloves on. I'll Davies. This minute applause and you're comparing it to Ben Roethlisberger bodyguard hit somebody it's about him for its announces a late so we sell I simply. We kind of summed it up from the beginning but I mean content committing crimes now. And can cost about David standard and he sensed no no felonies and misdemeanors no accusations. And charges. Upon its people tortoise union event was excellence it wasn't axles Bobble goalies tweets right now I like the about what migrated hog wild as on average time for during his interview. Elect me. Is that a fair question like the one never in every interview collectively to exact story was it works its brand it was a room and to music which his group who lose use there was no to whose crew was issued and woods wasn't a good time. And to Zach has the single greatest movie clip in our. File in our. That's probably true. Arm and an agreement to music or does not and the rest of life here you get somebody explain to be David's. Thought her defense obstructed views I was hoping to be in control greatly eased sharply yes he's that your actually. He's had utilities especially sensibilities. My understanding of what is believed supposed to do when the guys. Is like dancing in the book do whatever they want as we know but what would you expect what would you encourage if you're church league what would you want to leave would you want good delta do. Because craw up. Laughs like he had like a child when someone says sixteen. Is that's kind of one that's the signature move yes it than say 69 and stuff funny Ariana I don't really don't expect I don't think it being unfunny is not a crime against the bill Lee I would say act up crews are rescue was a risky play. You know what bothers me just says more than anything guards have done was dancing when he was Helio when he was hurt Indianapolis game practice that that's not a crime either. That's someone in the land of should not take offense to. Not race it's all about the gyrations in sponsoring us now let's say it wasn't racy it's the gyrations of Rogge and cows can size comparable to. Ben Roethlisberger amazingly the standard the drop this progress. I'm so confused 617779790%. And based on listening have to react in any thoughts obviously I don't know if we hadn't proved. That they. The prosecution's. It's slower. And thank you funniest thing that is following that his own stuff. Starring as a real issue but you know considering post pattern you'd say it was would go by when we when we. Our eighth game. It all so worked up about when did you stumble across lines I was sort of guy as me or for Jarvis eat the numbers are hard stumbles over lines we market right I don't. Do you not think that's. The birth defect in the way I think Curtis is a birth defect in one big birth defect and yet you have no solid out some. You have no problem making follow him on daily base especially by Thursday Friday right here in the most practicing space for weakness agree. Yes indeed go to the party you go pray go to his house or house for an after breakfast. Vote together to the parade Lebanese IQ what I do 14 of July gun prayed together let's sure we do. Harry apology to walk around the extra two to point how much Robert. Yeah. I'd be a different Steve and one from technical Chris take those who these sorts of callers who are happy with us that we think we Lou cooled them without us. Mark mark through about that Steve Steve on notes brilliant Steve. Post. Steve constituent Ellis. The convinced he instance with the areas as Steve. He puts up. Oddly I sure as compare. To like it is well. I know it. Carly wasn't always talking about what Steve I know what he's talking about. Well he's he's comparing it shouldn't be held at saint into park actually Ahmedabad. What is murderer raped the girl out. True it's stupid that mutt in the business face off over that. I don't know what more you expected was a nice old guy he denied. Bring race into it does not eight cry on to the feeling it is particularly impassioned about this number of as extremely Smart and something they're like many times sometimes just need to cool right. Just you just negative column we got to say motor boat and you know what it probably was watching first take those eighties it's right now no autographs no doubt he didn't make it about race he does call before first he did I think Max Kellerman took this guy's pockets Davids and I thought it was a nice guy too much jumping all over this guy. Is commentaries ridiculous 85 years old now not stop our faith in just sort of alternate. As I stand by according to a friend obnoxious Boston for his good friend his disease to dock adopted. Kids who were black. Fathers are ministers are really job good job and I did end up like Harry Jessica Harry Ron is overall conservative guy and you. It read this guy adopt a couple of board who got two young black if you say yes. And you could deliberately I know I think it's unbelievable. He's a grand wizard. That is believes there is wrong job so wrong Josh is in seat can't can judge what's going on. Eldred on guys this morning to appear so Elliott in the offing. I think you'd be attractive to complete moron I'll cowboys and myself I broke out what's in. And they got and I output and nick on you that while not. I'd be edited it completely ludicrous Larry it yet directly. Not really what. I disagree on I don't got you know why it was that bad if you're wrong Josh honestly I think Rockies worse than Eliot I just thought about it you're wrong rock is worse than Elliott he's worst habit RD. He tore through the years you didn't get the job if you could beat up for that job by. Expects development as an artist who's performing like stocks and I can feel like you know how Kevin which of us feel this morning you know when you see it happen to go to bed yet office NCAA. Breakdown last night to quick question to -- -- doesn't have a motor boating on I would be very confident saying yes it would it does and it looked like you can and that's I don't know it's Leicester east you can get on to galore and find motor boat and video clips. That's been a big fan of actually watching it since doesn't to a form of it right now among right now. Well categories. This is what to not only that this would nobody ever does when his blow up. You know Remy and I every guy already monitored camps here Adams. Machine bleeping me the most low low low low machine bleak and Leah you don't a machine like the kind of machine no I don't know what that is I think a cover up like a gold cards or something on its date they set up a hodac's. And I can't I cannot see a guy with his Wiener in the middle of something with a pharmacist that does not pleasant to me. So you can watch videos of guys making love with their pharmacy it looks like yeah. How many hits on that as its own answer on that Europe and campaign machine. And the thing. Here click on that turned the volume. The move. Views 3388733000. Guys what's the guy. Yes if Hokies Hokies yes. Neither did when did you know men and clinic and visited equated. That's that's the problem is now takings please exit and it was a pop up that before the video starts. 5 years and central part of the state that are being hurt by one hole they forget alma off before. So did you feel safe. Confidence and that there is a motorboat and animate them ahead right now medical medieval. Make a boobs melons messy. Mexican midget. Milf military side you're sorry John and says. Military milk milking machine looking to. Missionary ill moaning that's from mom and there one small point of view. Monster. Paying monster movies Mormon. Morning motor oil and multiple. Mud. Modification. In the muscular Darrell music my putting. That is a there's a Mormon categories Mormon category and what does that do I here's the first one Mormon amateur rides. Demand member Mormon he rides bishop. You know I don't wanna see tiny Mormon. Mormon gang banged. Their myths myths and I don't see that and get them the ends. And religious Mormon. Amateurs. Sexually frustrated Mormon lesbians that's for you I had and two on the put on match. Mormon girls. Fiction 90330. Mormon things if you look you can. Mormon cougar. Mormon Q eat it. Mormon raw. You know what category I don't ever wanna see ms. Davis in president of Mormon messy. Clicks on Massey well. It took the soccer player and current. Houses well at with a YM CK I don't ever want to see that. Lawsuit says this. Are now go to Irish from saint Patrick's. So when Irish music Irish ones that are part of milking machine. Mark was that. 309 and most god that's exactly I thought it was going to be and she says can I mean look at it I guess I'd. Analysts had Dino in mock Foxborough he said beatle. Yeah us these past these school girls strapped to milking machine. But just seems illegal to market quickly that is constantly attractive in what's going on CB you know. While I think magnetic good point agent extranet. I can occur. The part that you Callahan that you would members at this point is it that kind of knock it out there. Let terrorists. And not wreck the bullet sent certain art. You're still kind of having an act you know be out at Israel and kids grow up and that was rock OK if they get older and make it. You know we we can't get all right. You think kids who watch wrong party and dance in bars I think and motorboat to gonna grow up and Ron Klein Irish as a category. Don't here's what you're. So we have winter. To be you know simple questions are being told Kurtz it is for your world wrestling so obviously he has no standards. Imus Q at what point do Glock and crossed the line. And where would you expect the commission discuss these. Brought in cross the line and an end you know you're out. Next the weighty state run the leak or out you know what what their what their settlement that reporter. Which is point. It can't read that. What I said. I just learned Lyle. We gotta get back to Irish pullen you do and it's gonna talk to you you know about this said the four year old should be available Whitley room and us. Can the chance why. Fitness flasher flat chested flexible Irish can go on the the F self walker with them. Bloggers put worship those wars discussed the freckle. Friend's mom. For. He gets tired friend's mom is when I go to our bureau it's the tunnel but like Irish is obviously guys you have friends Obama. Indian Indian wife Indonesian inflatable. Hit an innocent. Instruction. Interracial tree lights here on the show this interview intro a rainy and Irish Israeli Italians I amateur. Italian mr. position. The time it short time no time on between the tiny bit Tuesday strategies which are the first three of my favorite jacuzzi jail in Jamaica as we're Jewish. George there's some genes so there's only one Irish can she into the category jugs juicy jungle. If it. Kissing soccer's Korean I love these it is holding it's hard on the in the clip. To your question. So many of them locker room lollipop. Lotion. Lube. And the best one I think Agassi in Tibet when you whenever you have. Bilking cable. Major machines machine in military all the things that you go to military and have no less than any of them not. Mission like that funerals collect animals who I really don't overdo or go to her broker he forgot all about it because it. Excellence go to Jim why you're always look at the Jim what's happen. He also has baseball topic now I'd open and we're now in general I their breast don't like it don't you don't. Ships. Scanner. Yeah this is that your mama I confess I'm a racist all blue good dude. Well. I'll let down branch at Macquarie are excellent football player therefore I am a racist crap that you. It would hand and took my credit. Perhaps shut me out though. I kept it. I'm the kind that likes to call slaves right. Exactly so I think you've got to get a contract to. However I don't know what a terrible thing terrible slaves to mossy. Up late. A video games getting the you know at the slur used to hate when they slept in the slaves did that play video games yes that they are able out of the new league overall it's John John plot fields jobs and out there come on. It and where react world that we get back to what is that 7797. At 937 we get back we will update at the odds to hear. We had a half hour left to vote. That today's contest John Thomas Huber speeded close it is gets its first I'd like I do yes which was a blow this one is tight. He can still vote got on Twitter. Kirk and Callahan much of some real time but he's not suited you when you're some of this is I do indeed go redo that we get back. It's Kirk and Callahan NCAA. Holes turner and John tell moxie the questions that they are gonna be asked here it wasn't going to be conversely the more use today and the more you yell about it the more you just reinforce the stereotype there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite back I worked and hired a solved and ease off the accelerator just a little bit whenever we talk about the Boston sport's mount Rushmore it's always bird over Russell we can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks the more you say you're not races the more you sound like you race. All right Doug Monty make me sick to my stomach. Right open up to be. He gave anything else sultan mosque. Ali votes we have so far. Over 4500 votes 53% for Tomas repeated coming up over the 47% to a battle. It is not true that. We shouldn't wait on this when his tour. Now. It's sort of these soldiers I'm Leo I thought it was a good move to do it. Slaves going to be outlook makes a run analyst when I was giving it those of any given until Monday saying that's right voting is open until Monday morning at six or so what are what are you what are the fellas through Monday at 6 o'clock who's who's battling now. To consult you want chair ego when you're not here hope I don't think so I don't know it's it's up to those guys and have a live element played Monday about that. Right now yeah here this is the judge David bush years is thought jays are not carried no. You know. That's Monday's hall of fame carriers went Gosling marries Candice went anyway and car Friday's -- and on the issues on the zone horrible thing and so he's going to be nervous excitement to concentrate and we you go in the room with a when he gets his first set to -- them -- zone voted matching tattoos having a natural right it's true you should they statue or do you work up to neck and neck would you think to be begin a paragon of face tattoo that Mike Tyson you know not really easily for the the next ten to first -- -- and at least five if you get the maybe 67 let's just so much Spezza tabs so is he always does is get the ratings but he does the hardest work there must be points for that you're trying to do shows up just terrible the show which it's great ratings. What works is outside lies about not knowingly. We mean. Cute even trendy apart two years at Fenway and not on you geology at she's number one big time ratings to watch you watch a minute with -- on NASA and she watched that segment from today or points to point I don't put a lot of ladies around America watch that. You have a favorite in the whole bracket eyes correct I think that's I guess I'll do this quickly can you get to know about target sixty really there Roemer second choice three to one. Now as NPD Abraham five to one. Sean C sixty grams are outpace. And now I thought recent Shaughnessy 621 Albert 821 to mossy tend to want to re sincere. I did but money Leavitt to article twelve to want to glossy tend to walk him yeah that's my pick as a good odds of my guy Albert round 821. Said are you listening to the fact yes to a charge these series seem. As recently bias while recent C bodies with what might not exercise so what does that mean recently. Recent C by a whole talents and release and see like who well we're putting it you don't you know what I mean I don't. Say it again there is a wreath at recess he's biased we get on a graphic pictures. In what I know what you mean impede Abraham designs its okay its recent example what are my odds. Jerry I don't have you is it likely I have you at. Fifteen to one is yesterday's. Mr. Fauria 25. There's going to be for the broadcast guys 31 Red Sox team trainee 75 to one actually John and Tim 1991 turning 75 or put some money on the subject bugged by Mozart's. I'll take Albert around a 211 bit of a couple of twenty bucks. And normally we understood if you can be rigged now this is a direct people follow whatever you tell level for this thing to lost ten to one it's great value I I predicted to mossy off the air and we day when he's out. What's Europeans the ones out unless something changes over the weekend and you don't want three is out of hostile nation is involved it's true. It is might make his move he might knock off Tomas I think PA of tomorrow he's already tweeting trying to tunnel when this actually Q you these problem I think he did have a tough weekend in. I do indeed you are coming beauty when you got through Monday Peters might like to be done exceeded the Sunday notes. Just in notes call it does little time on on the web's great for a sentence and there say that try to explain himself may be. He overdid when he called the guy that our friend Rudy Kramer's. He's been quiet here last hour Celek or some lessons or reassign one of theirs. Probably fifty comments are so in their all every single one of them is you know the racist. That's never debt else now stick him forever. Right that your actual national problem but in the is his bosses have no problem usually do that you Google problem or not that love for him help. Did you say there was a balcony cabin crew obscured as retreated somebody called movie McKenzie on Twitter who say as to digital music. Al category as an inch thick folder of somebody who had missed a few years ago keep mine whose hair is. We'll setback he's got to be bent over. So as a look at me yes it does. Uncle the wants an oath as a category and go to m.s he says there may remarked that's a wildcat or. Is everything on there as Miramar on I look up it's a sad day in Miramar. Florida Gulf Coast of city went. She's out. Age Ehrlich would uncle the you know they do professor deal professor and you know his last start we don't. The reality was to pretend it starts to question I don't know. I don't know that people chime and and text are 617 says he's taken the money at twelve to one. We might be numerous times for minus twelve to one idea I put an elaborate card but the national guys higher than he let go. Annan and see Obama insists McKinney of work he puts it now wrong with. And work care about the show Pratt who won boon. For eight point five I agree he's out. The attorneys have said academic or 99 I think the real live wires Robert 81 that's remind you should Hamas heat and looks like that's good life. One asks if I shouldn't enemy to you I feel like your wac. To win. You re Burgundy at the finals and you'll get more votes and be close I don't want people start like you haven't changed it should shoot. That you. Before you go to wrestling could go to church. Change aways yet become the most spiritual. Like you maybe zones that read known. Books it's that much about Ximian nice huge religious pocket of a long letters and figured this happens to me the chance half a dozen times a year mr. Wilson of Iceland letters and it it can be praying for me. Hope they change my ways sizes and quantities on Twitter was in on an excellent people want to. Council and to them I say you're fools when you die you're you're forgotten or worm food that's for sure you sit there and SOA strategy they'll have heard right and unselfish of him Democrat Sunday tellem if there's wind taken church tell us walked out of both have masks outside. About when you're with your daughter. I'd say to her when I say you all the time. Which is hoping believe I'm jealous of people I don't agree that's for myself. My grandchildren you could take down those I don't believe in god had discussions with which you this I don't believe about she doubts what if she comes home one day and says she has neither of what can be buried his short Aussie Aussie good for your own mind. Would you Weis. She's very religious person should brace on these children educates CC class. Proof. It's nice and it's raising children in the church is healthy it's good yes sorry itself. Well not. Not as much anymore frowned upon more Jerry but there are focusing on you know the such guys but some of the world in the history man didn't happen here you know leaders happening Prater has to shorten it happens more in the secular world. Right that that happens with teachers that opens with. And yes I were me and you know our program our area a single parent they would be going to church they would. And biologists hope to them soon you will be. Yes and on the Wii every other week every other week we won't know if your so they'll go to church every other weekend but go dad number two. A tax attorney but it provides you know white. Framework. In the moral framework is my wife when I was a kid I used to think I didn't want to you know do in an awful things that they probably late in the neighbors count on fire Nolan Michael L. What's astute and help or help. If I would like Q primary that he ever did no murder was certainly over repatriate would have lit my neighbor's cat but he did Y night. You probably do it and I have no belief in religion I've ever believe that god for a second in my life you probably did some very sick I'll be clear because people get upset mis wise it was marked my point. If you believe in god fools. Jerry idol and what do I I'd be careful what he had done the blood thing at launch of Israel on a chair and what I tell you what notes I would and then all of saw Saul Saul and also see your friends you Iowa high school who were ordained not went to church. Him all these selfless is her pulling out all I want for scheduling and charge you weren't sure what got us all arrow. Yes but he's randomly goes from Sunday by yourself. Is it. You get differently all. I don't know its Sunday night masks a you can picture right. I would I would go to Gerri aside lightly in my line yes I don't I don't I think he went I went. All the time on myself I don't believe. Any viewer to church is church that it just like you through the crimes he. Now but he court leave that that there is a moral. Quite busy at their for fear. Yeah okay let us a year that's great that's awesome wizard Archie Bunker says god wants you afraid of him on directly experienced advocate for the week analysts can handle the again at the top front of the I don't podcast about while Moore park yes had you done anything. Six months see this here and really nobody really isn't very incendiary is really that's ripping me for not doing the podcast. I think I'm thinking I people should not merited you don't I think that's your religion that you podcast leverage its was really think he gave mansion be ought to marry him no. I do yours because religious beliefs relatives and sensor that's religion gets you fantasy might as your duty turning its head I I'm not averages reserved for a one man and one woman why I'd just like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's who putts where I would urge you do that before away. Who before you call which were kind of extremist I'm not the point out that way is what Barack Obama believes his you know we get cherries river example bombing Hillary. So where did you get that leaked the missionary woman from where. From my own heart somewhere. Where's the police with a police on swears it was the justices have kind of been a tradition where's the Genesis three hours' advance of that for a from what we're literature what book. The Bible but. Of course just to you throughout the Metheny manifesto. From that people who don't leave this to adults okay. The Bible it's every religion not just christianity yes and owns humble and religion which religion since none of them believe in gay marriage and Tyson Michael pointed religion. But that's what I don't think atheists believe that averaged one man lighting more Catholics believe that an atheist absolutely well I. Or psychologically is still the two amazingly also became chic and hip which is what. While you're its carrier again I'd vote for ten years ago California like if you cry I don't care who I slept with men okay. I have and the loved them face to face we have. Natalie view suite at. Special complicated and Hewitt church once it was awesome really yes father whatever it was it was terrorism black men two right. Oh he was black at times now widened as a man now is now. All the news Jewish. It casts a game is not a gay black Jewish man in a Catholic Church yes you go well the first similar to a sweet man love yes all of the sweetest ever. At all times. Twelve times with one guy in both the second fight song he top that. I've never had six of them occupied we'll be right back. Thanks David McCracken David but can be adequately it would Anderson came on and on demand it. There will be will be shortly is if my at UT program. As it was every hour and tried to. That was that was the whole thing was not think at all but that that's not a single thing with us was bound to try to say it dice it. Was. It you comparing it to him. Passionate about the that was of his compared to drop was robbed and you know it wasn't. Yes he has. The battle goes on that does that but then we Tomas in Britain rates 6 o'clock one analytical for the weekend what's the mother America. Shaughnessy vs man who. January 1 when the odds in one month. Tony masculine and as his five to one shank is six and who has it was that that that's a whole point action that is that is the jobs that's a good. Kirk is taken now Harry did tattoos and Eunice Reagan who. Introduced in the Storm Chasers chasing the dragon weakened opponent and and it. Fun little father son fun have a good time they heard Jerry Aussie guys Tuesday. Monday mutt and meter and we share prices average ratings and moderator Jerry Mundy missed so what shot I'm gonna predicts 702 for the first text to Jerry's and you say I can't acting believe these two guys beyond age checks is mentions right now fear a check my excitement Monday implicated by people if she found between tonight's I didn't need to check out the public informed about a lot going on this weekend a question and will be making funny you. I don't know that although I have to give you credit is the only one in the whole crew. With green two of them Imus. A between Al Iraq a because a lot of us think this is event on Sunday. And Roche of Islam through. Do that from the wrestling match shall. He got a tweet tweet and then they cut their hanssen's old blood everywhere in its own Harry both Richard Harris emblem yes you make an assignment one of those kids in the crowd I so I hope so but Monday. We can't wait to see you as the moment the basketball and that the bad lie on the policy that is going to be one or so much looked out at the media guys that next Glenn encryption movement now. After you guys well then my will be back tonight 2 o'clock we're talking at six to be back on Monday with neither injury count sailor. It's certainly true. She's a smear that's what's trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com. Could weaken. Who lives. To marrying. Yeah I. So smooth smooth. And sing fast goodnight to explode.

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