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K&C - Jose Fernandez to blame for boating accident; David Whitley thinks Gronk is held to a different standard than other NFL players; Jim Spanarkel makes huge mistake, calls Allie LaForce pretty 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Hour 3. New reports are showing that Jose Fernandez is responsible for the tragic boating accident in September. David Whitley from the Orlando Sentinel doesn’t like how Gronk’s party-boy image is celebrated. The guys discuss Jim Spanarkel’s comments about CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce.

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Skirt. Did you get to rob bludgeoning to drop below you wanna stay with the patriots because I do think the clip this coming to come in the National Football League is very few people could die with the quarterback and even fewer can coach and make me smarter here this Tom Brady era is about us that door is about to close very close fast and hard and hard remember this is this fans whoever controls the money controls to his so called false duality with current committee ahead. Sean Spicer you just quoting shocking. It I don't wanna cherry pick you cherry pick if somebody would go up Sean Hannity you may have certain go ahead OK I don't think only one coach I'll see. Carried out I just don't think much guys very much like. Not to argue with pretty women but until I start over here and we looked like let's version. Lost today and Gerry Callahan. Can NCAA holes he took Kirk and Callahan DNC double a whole tournament first round match yeah John tell moxie they are probably people who owned slaves who felt bell that was my favorite against Charlotte wildly. We're going to remove Charlotte one. I know beatle woman I've put back there and one format to Tomas you've repeated were at my name's Peter Abraham done here at Abrams that's good. Good furniture great go ahead minutes on Sports Radio WEEI. It's going to show a lot of people not enjoy the show it's there toward I think a lot of that is because of my again. So I don't know. Well I think when bill won no. Malcolm where Marcum and you didn't get there we'll get there affiliate there we're tied with our contract a good contract Jerry or bad contracts is Belichick winning the offseason and I says a lot of guys retired I'm Sheila from Tony man's Roddy I want four point from the Bruins mr. Richard. Last night. Was not good Kenyon Murray who would not go back to back though I understand a Monday tractors I would call was the most wind viewpoints yes big big game but we did spend a lot of a marshy plotted his 36 last correct departure of the seized lose it slot and Rashard say that's Saturdays we do spend a lot of time in the northwest of the book game and the game yes we get. Back to that on his fault yes I need an update I seriously need an update this this matchup is what I would call. Fast and to my seat Burris is PDA in the NCAA hole Brack right before we do first round game. With him once second. Can hack Kurdish tweeting a picture of Ken few minutes ago right but if he manifesto yes I retreated must show the comments underneath. The first Stewart ten dresses like the cool creepy high school history teacher the next what was he kind of take rich Eisen ski twin brother's ex con. In Alvin next ones are about how touch and riches on television in the background of Campbell at all to permit the need benefits those like forty in a roasting you guys are closet after rich. Oh well we know we don't have here we. Some news channels haven't yet that stereo which is a paternity TV on Brady's got skeletons more cash anyway. Can didn't win agree incurred as to where agreement that green and tonight you do it I did an Irish half Irish cops had a boy that is an upset man and he is. Analogue picture of you know tighter knuckles green today I could I imagine you must have some ice machines somewhere somewhere I'd. He's it was to a dollar fine and argue why did you like clockwork the way Islamic an Italian slotted it. Looming so hockey mom is holding. No monster attacked him and it has no problem. The pellet grease the ties. And network agree it's you don't have to be yours to Wear green vehicle I forgot. Yes but you can do you and you Meyer show we're both Irish had in history program. Each on moderate Crist Kirsten time. You gotta you must have some Irish new curtains I'm half Irish soil actuary agreed to a suit for Sunday it's the victory in south here at the one and only one green shirt yeah there's a fit ready. You know we're like a funny hat. All of the green at the amount mystery that funded some days the pray yes in the gays are marching season be marching away excellent but the parade is the best portable has been shortened yes it can currently have the bans of the keep it shorter. It slowed our half. I hate parades today maybe you'll actually you it's right outside your door right click a block away awkward at 7 am. Throwing on the streets and its agreement on setter problems that are the it's. Which carry the prayer. At the traders won't that be big weekend. Could you could tip potentially anyway our this year. Were well over 3000 votes 54% jump some Aussie I point 6%. And I was out for me matchup you use shores kennel and yes I feel confident about that people hate to moss and how do you vote Curtis tell them how to vote. Go to the Kirk and Callahan show account on Twitter at Kirkland Callahan and vote right there who's the bigger Boston sports media a whole job to mossy repeated you vote on the website to have him on Twitter that screwed they send your right to work but it's it's our. This is no matter who wins the oldest is not in and any time soon repeated so three minutes ago who he tweeted out the Red Sox lineup very design excellence Pedroia Bradley with a little. Alive shamrock on there for one saint pat it's hard. You guys I don't know what might unravel how rattles my up and lastly our. Rattled off a lot asking in 120 front again and getting what. Hell what are generated around a guy shamrock that your line. Basically nine lineup the less than a minute later. I tweets that Abraham racist hash tag grand wizard of hash tag apologize. Pretoria leading off I don't know that seems like kind of some grand wizard type this opportunity and this is not going to end repeat nor should just finally now I tell I think. Accused of seeking our listeners you feel free between this guy in town these enable. He takes your racist go on making his life miserable at that targeted you don't care apologize of the global global pollen journalism is a fake apologies before subpoenaed enemies alcohol somewhat out as racist on social media Michael called the potential for anything I think they showed you watching what Abraham to go to fake apology dolby fake animals saints face The Beatles to yes do you believe that it habitat reader guess they should be all right guys are I want action arena really upset splint him or fighters for us. But that now I fire able I might but that's an action. Say hey Pete go to Rio fake apologies waste of everybody's you don't think he's you know a good idea is apologetic port but he's not. Mr. Eaton and don't want Israel and right now he's if he's a part of August to another two seconds ago Qaeda bogus races Bradley's batting second. He's gonna get this he should realize he made a mistake and that's that's typically giving a fake apology. I don't openly fake apology should apologize I'm sorry. Anyway this is his life and his Kirk what that would earlier. It's not our listeners it's bar stool nation has turned on him and that's good that's good there in the inevitable and it's pretty easy just started going to be along year out racist Detroit front Brad is that racially motivated and bogus racist. Brad he's in second spot I think the whereas that's. Third on that shamrock offends you had to decorations right and run oh you ride today not you know not starting opening day. Why right. Racist racist and a true port fellow start instead. Something that a lot of pride and I hope that comes through in the right. Another picture by the way Jose Fernandez. We did this last year were to happen everybody of course jumped up and down and so this is terrible. This is tragic it's more tragic because of more tragic under the cried cried more I love the more muted no I do better than you do really good friends I know from all the time. And when it happened I I said you said to this doesn't seem right you know this guy was clearly under the influence. There's no way somebody else is driving this boat he was the big star Kerala drunk or on drugs and what do we learned yesterday he's in fact to blame. For the fatal boating crash investigation concludes yesterday drunk high on cocaine and speeding. Was behind the wheel and to blame when his boat plowed into a jedi got South Beach killing two others please conclude the report released. Thursday effort and has lived. He likely would have been charged with a host of crimes including manslaughter record for the final report by the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. It was a who's going 52 miles an hour 3 in the morning impressed it was dark he was near the shore. He had a jedi the 52 mistrust and announced he was drunk and on Coke that's pregnant wife was home. The way that he played was ethnic. It was flamboyant it was it was colorful. You'd phonies like Leavitt tired cry on the air literally crying and they still crying her. Does that stuff mean when you were sort of an embarrassing when fraud they are today does he point out that his hero was all pull out. And the 22 princes are dead as a result here's an against who the hell out of his estate has support we know it felt that first set of babies she's five months pregnant right. When he was votes or so or not but it 3 in the morning I I've got these other guys required by this I like watching good. What's the degree you're okay with them about it with a fairly soon and yes so his wife and in keeping only gonna lose money as he was stupid what do you think you have do you think vigorous advocacy commission soon it's gonna happen it I make good good well. What should they do not do. Don't have to do it but it's not a good situation and our thanks to write that either she's a victim essentially knocked on balconies lawyer says. That he can prove that there was more than one person at the console is DNA was all over they know. We they believe he was driving but his lawyers and challenge it he might have been standing next one the other guys who was actually no matter I will fight at the go to court that they probably won't settle. Hopefully a McCorkle when they lose the juices that it these two guys families. Have to be certain announce and our son would be on the either my father's partner that one's 25 was 17 I think they will their fans are going to be looking for justice. Their sons would be alive today if his cult that. Drunken. Superstar. Was in cold feet deep web part hours. Wants yesterday symmetry in terms of your precious for an industry to be responsible idiot could kill two people ruined his daughter's life sad but it's hard. May you react to death this kind of the light never happy you're responsible teenagers. And it was a symbol so. Almost restraint for seven years. There was not a unit expertise in responsible teen age also a teenager to me by definition somebody who comes only breaks curfew. Because I just a couple Beers has sex. As sex yes. I would say personally was a teenager secondly poked out as brains and speeding sixers star Bo. What's wrong in killing two channels including himself and actually right that's part of the deal. He knew his wife I'm guessing it was wife's got a baby on her to sign off yes. Are the space we said her goodbye I don't care that's a morally irresponsible because the Marlins reaction by the way. No matter what the report is concluded nothing will ever diminish Jose's everlasting positive finish with Miami. The Miami Marlins team president David Sampson said the statement. Nor can it lessen the love and passion for offers family friends teammates and fans in South Florida and around the world who have. They retired his number. I retires toes if and in this way it is in the street after them and gates Obama charged tomorrow today I all the press purposely just so we're clear. That number is retired now one where you can where. And that street will be called something else this guy killed two people he killed two people he's responsible for the deaths of two people to honor this man we are embarrassed to discount. And we condone the actions of keep the street showed especially. You mean you could say you know he made him stay he was a good guy. They killed twenty years old until two people but but what targeted was act insane like he's part of the Hamlin. And he literally cried on the air he wrote a column about how we called his mother and they cried together. Probably due course and believe that do you think he was actually crying on the air do you think that was an active in. I mean I couldn't get unharmed in the ballpark man like she is mad at the Marlins she loves baseball but for twenty years she's mad at the Marlins because of all the you don't. The bad things that management has done and so my mother and her old age you know wants to go to the ballpark on days that he pitched. I'm sorry this is rare dual use our about it in his is so pathetic is fathers mothers and his family won't use props there all problem against McCartney yes as you put. That's the only thing on TV people feel so bad form. But a tart started the story of September 25 street now called my mother with the awful news Sunday morning had such a hard time getting out the words she thought something terrible happen. You'll. Conversation never happened never you put people need to figure out Lou absolutely not for a second. There was a lot of south the phone and told on the Fernandez was dead 24. Some 241114. That were teenagers. But tarts and irresponsible teenagers so pretty as a teenager right now it was okay what chosen grown ass man but you hear that she was crying to the words suited her so I started crying. For crying. I mean I realize he liked watching the pitching was great pitcher great picture while promise. I don't believe he was crying acting like you edition on retires number. Yes I do executed Jose Fernandez wait a second offer and never should have had one. Seeming roads after twenty in again it's the sort of thing where everybody knew when it happened everybody was sensible view. It was a really good chance not certain really good chance that this man is responsible for these pets right. Don't you take a deep breath and wait no not in 2006. He or seventy what you usually go to Twitter and you get the Twitter applause from being emotional you get to put applause being supportive. And facts be damned you want people to look at look at me look I'll support him on being in this time of tragedy happens at all sorts of these things the story. Is that he when he defective whose mothers sisters mother fell overboard here the dive in the water and savor. Do you believe that the golf course that you. At a I don't know I think oh I think it's part of the tradition and they go duke case it's a retreat to him I guess you Deborah wasserman at the hands of some of the idea of what's irresponsible and criminal with just troop Jose Fernandez had lived. You spend the rest of his life engine leasing charges yeah nuts but hopefully go to jail and five year old daughter had a host the chronically man's law Utecht do you think it public perception of him we were just happy later years and ultimately be different perception hadn't. There was all retired now knowing Jose Fernandez way no so because now because he died he'd be out of action for colleges that are how stupid are you pick up a charged response to that and it could cost him anything right. He got off easy. Ha ha so that's the zone is defensive killing other idiotic as any guy self. None I'll drown all three died from the impact on so fast easily my pilot and so what do Fernandez was drugged writing I'm driving. Killed two people mother daughter. And he also died in a guitar to the same right yes I guess we'll try to get it straight mean you have to understand that this is repeated he's like he repeated. This is a hero laboratory if you controllable. Or that's a bowl shoot about. You are a hero if you could play a sport well. And laboratory grown man looks at you like you're better than he has been in the name when you were god in his so I mean use. The ultimate jocks to pursue this hurt him. In the column to the core some sort. And don't apologize though. Well just at all hadn't hadn't slow game and much better for everybody cried out there and cry and cry night for. I'd brutal won't overtake it would take three here you cry better define the look let's go to Eddie remote Melrose and he was going on. Hey guys. More than one on this gigantic what happened but you know people make mistakes too. Killed two people and mistakes a mistake a mistake is you know. If you get some of its low ratings to other host bring them on what's that's a mistake a mistake on a host repellent to write it. It. Would be that's just as fast and I do think the families of those two friends do you think they think it was a mistake. God has the planet that. I'll shut up shop owners that stupid when we got as the plane. But so plan so so what's it for edits his daughter will have a father because her dad did cocaine and drank when the ball 52 miles now because that was God's plan. Obviously because it happened and so let's check I don't know we don't know why I don't know why I love. Why do you think what would how do you make sense solution all the solution criticize him because god has a plan. But I you can criticize them but it doesn't matter I'm just saying that it is key thing. Don't let them no matter what your guy or anybody else it's urgent it's Larry curry but he makes a different. We understand what's it was well so why talk about anything and if it's God's plan why do what I noticed. You could talk about it is that the advocate it you are talking about suck. Artist I understand what Scott's plan has to do with that though you know Jeffrey Dahmer except at Chrysler Fareed. That does make sense to me now. But Jose Fernandez it was he was a you know somebody who killed two people you can whether it's manslaughter whatever. He's responsible for the deaths of two of the human beings. Bottom line. So I can't let a partisan like that that's what it is final in this report determined that he was legally drunk one point 67 and blue that's pretty drunk. High on cocaine. And was driving quote any reckless manner and extremely high rate of speed in the dark of night at 6111 and finish line reports are an area we've known navigational hazards such as rock shanties and channel markers 617779793. Separate repeated. Two minutes ago Red Sox hash tag where green caps and jerseys today goes back in 1990 when Clemens Brothers teapot as he meets green caps. Comments I saw wizard Wear green cap yesterday was grant. Excellent Celtic culture pre appropriation to meet a terrific job this next one right white robes do next once sounds racist next one hash tag rate which. Text mex good question and you go to the garden which road is Len Bias way but it would seem that we know that Len Bias kill two other people. I'm not just totally selfless work when you think. With the worst I'm gonna say Jose for I would say so yes yes by Wilson have been deals they have the patriot place you take that left and Aaron and his road move. It was unbelievable the shirts are great skeptical since what 7779. 7937. More Kirk Callahan and. Those calls to mind. A double standard in terms of stereo types there is a stereo type. All of the good natured party guy like from animal house or more recently old schooler movie like that and it's all in harmless fun. Assists. He bird didn't read black. Menacing and criminal. Under a kind of undertone of at all. Just feels like you know. Well they'll find somebody else but this. She expects comedies is not work out of the auction house Washington skills still you know what skipping this. Those things can't get any traction on fox home zero sports one. I think it's bad divorce I think they should give back to get six million a year authorities are right you see your guy Reimer did the worst of the hottest three takes the Calderon has on the page reasons to WEEI dot com it's good. It's white it's degrading it is yeah. Exams nonchalance. I'm annoyed yes monopoly jealous every single word can't wait until used to not having like hiring the people know by now been very good when I feel that on the show and a hero the third works because our shoulder the ratings and saying yeah I don't I believe I'm part of that. And Allegheny in the apartment but that's element can't keep what they was trying out last week. Have no clue but I mean nobody knows it's random pockets of so worked up about it doesn't mean. But that's pretty much at eleven. Shocked baseball twelve point five. Months going to be on Monday when metered and you're taken urgency Dominique Alex is he's in that that you know anyone can I think we have to go. After sentiment probably take a look at some of the bomb since reports seem to open. A couple of shots excellence and excellence that I the parade. Which break the can't. The impact to what I'm trying to force would become gay yet it's probably totaled explore just as explore. What he's sorry for my as well and transition we've gotten from all her transition together he and mother and daughter after this reverend Jones yeah. We should've seen this one common that. As soon as Ezekiel elegant tomorrow lobbyist and move that you know ESPN has a department of race hustling they do and as they go in the idea when some like is that so let's find the race component and everything. And they did here. If prompted the same thing you've been pulled a woman's shirt and exposed breasts of the world. We all just laughed it off. As the contention and Rangel. Race. So yes just one and we don't want to this yesterday and re wrote about it. One small difference via. What. Is regularly to do woman was against her wishes against her with Rob Gronkowski did on the dance floor and what he does regularly. Is not and there are no accusations against Crocker target Al correct non. Correct in its enrollees reports no girlfriends that are put on the policy failure that after this program you sort of he put the allegations aside just deal in the moment. Croc show me some more grunt does to what he does when he does some two woman in it's against her will that she's. What once that happens then than any initiative to her office and you are correct. Says David Whitley of followers us Orlando sentinel Orlando sentinel board George Diaz is newspaper outbreak. Which is known that is so when it does he do Elliott were Rob Gronkowski would be laughing it off it says I to a size headline got them excited. Much of this call mrs. quite as hot vacation perot's going to be now I don't think he's patrol now but it's on its audits that this would make any sense he's never really point. But he gets into it basically talks about if imagine telling its history includes countless displays of public intoxication. Videos of him gory gyrating his pelvis into women getting naked exposed himself to bikini clad babe in GQ photo spread. Organizing a party cruise real autograph woman's Bob's breasts and who knows what you know would say rock rock rock Tuesday. So basically says that we we hold ground to a different than Nellie gets a brace which was kind of surprise to me as a mystic who didn't know that was left to Mexico element in with chips in the all I care Haram that's due in rose's wife UConn product. Mary where African American and that video circuits in a club they wouldn't just be oh it's LeBron being LeBron. So that makes Rollins was dancing and did the motor boat in the girl was. A hole in a bottle boos obviously enjoying the moment and the Wheeling letting him do it. I'm laughing right. The blue LeBron he's in big trouble nobody much bigger story she's right in the bronze merited beat LeBron is never done stuff like that so proud that we're just dealing with with you know race or reality yes regulatory. Limit marital status Friday history of doing things like Crockett he didn't get the same reaction nothing. Charles Barkley did. The big reaction. So it. Like people think it was a line how to go to get much bigger reaction because it's different duty black and if Larry perjury QB at picks the moment you that you said that LeBron doesn't have a history of party article Barca have an additional 201520 years of being CC stuff like this and prolific of a party like. Big party you guys who would be comparable to book who's the black crock I don't know whoever was mr. Floyd Mayweather these different. Uses an idea that coaching where for the photo Beckham. I owed about committed a these parties that these clubs. I guess yeah Angus young people would be I don't offer actual be different had no idea of Alaska's black or later I don't get it. I look at the source red sky at 9 o'clock is supposed to be a future. That was your your call our show we could bottle. And of the month sure. I would say have monuments. Elected a what's cannot which is what's well what he bowl a cable when he says something like out but when Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault 2010. Georgia authorities didn't press charges but Goodell suspended Roethlisberger cinema letter you are held to a higher standard as an NFL player this guy writes this begs the question. What standard is gronkowski held to so now we're comparing Ben Roethlisberger who assaulted a woman in a bathroom. Two or Mary did wrong and worker is Elliott was and assault charge looming on him. To Rob Gronkowski and makes no sense because crossing party guy right take a couple white party guys are now being tied together croc has not this stuff or three months. Wracked our sister you know. Does he know what Roethlisberger was accused of and I believe what Roethlisberger did it did a profit power I mean she was reluctant to testify for obvious reasons but. I would say we're Roethlisberger did in that men's room while his bodyguard was yeah guarding the door yet. Who's a little worse from what prompted that it's an automotive and a woman and a little bit hard to figure pictured Bibi Jones and tweeting out that really big deal. We love big bad expensive rent. It big bands of for a he's got six what's that same speech where he said the but the tourniquet and railroaded right now that we have such a bizarre speech six what 7779. 793 cents or we're gonna have much room blood my Karrie today and as well. She's offering an issue. Right decision maker David Whitley you wrote the story totally wrong. At 9 o'clock we come back which replaced Archos one here this yes it's about time we deliver on this tees this guy's in big big trouble we did I think I wouldn't be surprised the field is. Off the broadcast and he deserves this. Horrible horrible actual play that's now we get. I think what 7779797. Plus guys people would leave at 9 o'clock. Prophecy. Well. More determined yesterday. Out of the force of your name right. Correct yes I believe was miss teen USA 2005 is that correct that the Earth's surface is childish and programs that even notice so potentially. Three at the sound of foreigners have a report would that was was it burn injured sparkle on the game yes outscoring Denver just retire. Just an SEC football season is there's never grow up. It's what west Virginia's game that. You can cast of finally negated. I agree with our heroes of relief. Offensive rebounds like learn not to argue with pretty women like at the people of my house I don't get in trouble for women in my house. Eight offensive rebounds out it is really a problem when you think about it from the state of Florida. It's Pittsburgh philosophy. That but now there has asked that. After nine moment back and forth is of course turn into each quarter explosion. People are alternatives for narco have to apologize well I guess we're back on Saturday. Yeah I do Saturday records us apologized Saturday. What mob would that's about he has enough that he wants peavy to activate the Padraig now David is in this Casey doing wrong calling out a random guy Twitter. Ankle on a racist is different and Jim Clark who did he gave up hallway you'll be genuinely does I don't know and the gloves apology would be and that is actually knocked. Of course he wants a little we want to spend oracle not to I don't think all struggled and drawing people manager sparkle today they got a forced carries no course I don't. And then forces of beauty queen. She pays to be objective I mean you know I mean she's a reporter to fantastic but geez you're selling OG that he's not wrong the first person it is a mention here and it's awful announcing story. Who responded on Twitter Jim sparkle. But money acting Jones went really NC whoever is doing color in buffalo. You're gonna wish he had that one back mr. Bloch may say it's advantages. L Flacco but money Jones going after gyms and arc that throwaway line shoes to keep Ken's words just put articles I've learned not to argue with women. Why can't just be a reporter hash tag March Madness over and over again on Twitter people. Finding a way to get angry with that throwaway line on this and these are people that nothing I mean why is that the force there. She's right because she's great yes I hate to break too and that's kind of tried to really good job wise and position ponders then that's what really heart and what's it like she got put in the position Jimmie did a great job nobody would only lose but who knows it's sideline reporting site play by play. In monkey could do without a force. Were some. Amount of pounds and she probably wouldn't have that probably would or should probably be like today. Vice CEO yeah forces around a couple of accurate picture of these great trial lawyer brain surgeon assertion that the game should the Villanova game last right. Ouster wasn't home and Holmes. It was perfect burn in hell of a force yes they are in buffalo a portion of the whole story about a coach Vernon Alley of married you know. Burned on pushed again you know of course Americans. It's weird I read that the bio and a note I was there for. The seventeen years or vertically to a college basketball games and both cheaper and this year at the masters too and it you know since sixteenth hole or something these guys never go away now so he retired from SEC football. It would just let's just the football itself up a whole big there was talk that long celebration of his career to expect basketball amounts to an oops that's what I hire when I was about just hope he was dot. I know I knew we wasn't but and it does seem month. She's its fortunes and our local teams article. Around the room here disease survive this yes he survives. Open loses house has them. Mean he's had a great looking woman is great looking to take down just a rockaway duke fully do that Washington gambit player expenses as enormous a edited and after whose works Jose from in his engine sparkle. Miami people to foreigners killed. Two threes because so. It's for me it's arguably. Pretty wet food that's gonna hurt the type what if we had. A friend training and the highest rated. Cohost up in the morning show significant for I think she would have a problem with this action actually argue ejection arguing this about against the debate yes I agree with that lap dog next week she's in we're gonna remind us to do the story she will really take offense under pressure on my years in third place right now and Jessica if rankings behind out Roemer and try any citizen of this that there is correct like I'm pretty sure if they run all the numbers he's fourth he's behind and Mallory as well. If his eagle Eliot Robert house to be laughing it off David with the mob wants of this dialogue with Hillary does a big test for -- David Whitley is next.

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