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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Rear's movie recommendations; Late Night, Low Light 3-17-2017

Mar 17, 2017|

Final hour and nothing is off the table. Another edition of Late Night, Low Light.

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Sports Radio tell. Would that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stop its kitty goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian archaic but we're gonna get weird here. On the final barriers were traded WEEI Eric came here with your rear admiral in the house as well phone lines open at 6177797. And 937 it's the 1 o'clock hours you can call and talk about anything you want. Me to do that anyway B can really do it in the 1 o'clock hour. Thoughtful Wichita tomorrow night Wichita State I am yeah the shocker she yet did you last see the bosque told them Bob Bob white pasta while possible would prescribe that as I did not. I was markets are the WEEI bracket challenge all OK I don't yet know though that my bracket for them. They they drew no idea what it looks like a day's news through much of darts. Yeah I don't I don't I don't followed either but it was eight. They drew everybody had possible twenty oral because today is related thing we was under when he won a parcel some of the young guys you know you have the Rodney fox that it was a couple of the intern he thought that in a while. Oil anyways they each employee who was there to tell anyone to gamble. In Vegas yeah it's in there while it yuppie in people's it was as yet to be 21 to drink it's I want to do the drinking age eighteen. Yeah it's you have to be 21 to be in a casino and it and it it's always said because it's that's a drink at aged like volatility drink at aged people vehemently if they you know great ages 1918 I don't know. But he aid delivery 21 days to gamble. Interest so you look at each down. Employee. Was able to pick a teammate we just got randomly drug. And you pick a team that was either nine seed Ohio so alone you know and then. If yacht team. If you pick in nineteen high end survived this weekend and it's the sweet sixteen. He get a free trip to Vegas wow so help. I the one guys RD one I think rigs party wanted to for action on he won his first team has done dome the weekends I'd hate it but. It's based in Wichita Owens Tamar site and then place. I don't know they called play the winner of Puebla. Sunday and they won that denied when a trip to Vegas for the sweet 16 am all over the hole all expense paid for like three nights that's awesome yeah so a big it's an all inclusive Vegas strip that's that's our guys thick accent however Vegas that's. Yes yes you've pretty sweet adds that's just fine a I'm pretty sight of Saudi root for the Wichita State shocked yeah. In with the shark in a month Shaka let's go to your phone calls here it's 6177797937. You can sign up this hour with Brian in New Hampshire is that the patriots a O'Bryant. Hey let's go our Campbell Brown nevertheless thanks brother I'm. So all of our column regard no the good part about what Garret blunt I didn't re sign and we got attached. I'm ticked up Birkhead there but that's a budget their arrogant actions are and Jackie and depth chart I'll there's no you know big brute. I know I am surprised that I'm surprised Seattle signed Eddie lacy and out here blind they signed lacy to a one year late five and a half million dollar deal. They can ahead blunt for probably a fraction of that and if it's a one year deal I mean who the hell cares. I am surprised that dated and I think that was a the very puzzling move and you know what if there's no market for Garret blunt great and we'll get an even cheaper that's even possible saw. Yeah I don't know I mean I I I like Goodyear Loney had a great year reason he's a fun guy to have on the team IE I don't know if he's going to be. The solution at that position going forward and you know embedded I can tell there's no urgency to resign him so we'll see we'll see it happens thereby. Yeah I don't know I'm not I'm not too concerned about the running back situation I have a feeling held may be addressed that address. At night thanks to recover on there. Sylvia and a bad guy does a lot of good China food in the Pacific northwest and releasing partly probably. China I got here to see is quality cut Chinese in college he started China through China food you're facing any racing yet. Yeah he's a well he was pulled the plug the well lead pack was he yeah pretty shows in recent China food he's. One of the fattest running backs whose ever bentonite count late refrigerator Perry have she's doing running medically him Jerome Bettis. In. They Earl Campbell towards the end like there weren't there have been a lot of fat running backs Eddie lacy definitely. One of the fattest running backs of all time I'd say Aaron did this Tuesday yeah. And I couldn't think it's a mailer wants to Dennis Dennis was fat he was a big factor. And yeah there's not there haven't been allotted a I've cited in alignment is not usually a big fat football players anyways a big fat African football player at China. Food desire start it's not the healthiest of of their TV gogel EU Google it release the text and it comes of this China whose series and yet. Yeah he likes it makes them so he likes of some China for. I simply don't got past me let's go to our Ryan in New Bedford with a thought Malcolm Boller parent. Am gonna run it down don't. And how does one know what the likelihood that this is opera well the lake had a less than a year that the patriots matched that our government you guys talk about. I think the thank your and I think the odds of that are slim because that would mean. The saints would be putting me for. Offer sheet together that means they'd lose their eleven pick I think if they. If they're working something out with him there working something out in OK we're gonna trade for you and we're gonna trade the 32 pick instead of tendering and offering here. And once we do that Dan wool double sign you to this. Much money in these many years and we're only gonna make a trade if we can agree to this before in the mean I think that's that was that was the point there. If they offer him eleven million dollars on an offer sheet and yet the patriots could match it if they opera eleven million dollars lake if we trade for you were gonna pay you this ball is gonna say now. Is that doesn't make sense to him he can play this year in new England and then go to free agency a year after that inmate probably five or six maybe even seven million dollars more assuming the gap goes up. And the market shifts accordingly so I don't think I make any sense for Boller do. He really wished they that would just sat Emma I told the you know that that's duel with what's within their rights the on the yeah it did really did not get in and around even if it seems like me out. A minute not just the emotional attachment of him you know with a suitable religion play. But to him he's held a player I know he's exactly what do what you want this league guy. You found in your own you developing you know you can have offered a pretty good price men like in all decide you know while adult all admit you know like I don't not at. Every guy can be replaces Belichick shows us every but you know knock him yet you know. Yes and that that position to. You know there was a long stretch where they'd be you know after Tyler audit of Cordero Revis got and a long time where they just try to make it work with guys and it didn't work and evil and they and they did have and that the perfect season sought still for the Afghans society's annual I don't an Asante Samuel left and they replace them Deltha O'Neal and an eight you know and they try to make that work and Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden and all these guys who just came in. They in Allen's still everybody still trusted Belichick Baghdad you know dealt a dollar check we trust back then that you just didn't work until the adult the adult I can't help to help be hope yet was she awful he was so bad. Let's go to Adam on the cape with a thought on some fat running backs and. Not quite work out or all bad but our. Mike Tolbert it is indeed looked at under 8350. Yeah available called very he was was he would any anti Ahmanson's over. The San Diego are. I think to somebody else. Now you're gonna with peppers. Yes OK that's straight can see why it would look like jump to wonder reached via tree trunks down there yeah a little guy be hearing that. Go low senator gravity tough to a tough to bring down good call on Alan out. Did you happen to catch the Rob Gronkowski Ezekiel Elliott debate. Yes and that debate an instant debate good way to put it one of the worst actual debates on your debates are ever heard because Keller in the entire time was saying I don't actually believe all this and actually give an example all bought in and we just bring up something. Completely on relate that we have. Let's go to a little bit who listen mark was also not been as public place he's in a bar oracle looked like a club dimly lit compared to a public paraded everything. And she put her hand behind his head at a certain point weighed it but. You could also argue that people have like once you're in that position you do that because. It gives the appearance of being consensual therefore less humiliating I wouldn't make that argument in this case it doesn't yes I January of that argument can be made. It's also it's not just consensual in this case it appears and not necessarily the case. We Z it's also the issue of it being very public to me. When you have to qualify that many times changes stop lakes and you say okay this isn't. You know like this doesn't make sense when you sit argument I didn't realize it was on those phony ESPN contrived arguments without morons talking like he's. Just stick him in a box or have them do that ultimately he's he's awful natural element. Like he just like you say just aren't used to I'd like he's on the army and his point but there's no I yes well at least Bayless would I make the RGY I can't stand any of that cabbage I. The only watch ESPN one of fox sports ones like those fake it. Contrived arguments shows vision is that a worse. And that guy and I mean like that not a talk about what happened yet rock motor voter girls clubs. Which obviously that would grow little problem I mean relative if she did she would have swat them away immediately she was obviously haven't. Haven't laughed wielded to in grunts rockets in a club woods private property. Ezekiel was someone said that they were she was encouraging issues trying to get him to do you know I mean right now I stopped got out on a motor barge early gaggle of motor belly it was a whole thing he always it's always consensual street he was doing anything. Well I mean it's and it's a club I don't what you degree of appropriate club is anything is. All kinds of shenanigans going clubs that are it's someone that you know who recorded that David had commissioner recorded. Is he yelling at different he's in a public parade. It was a lot more like a Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson's types that you look like she was about to show or grooves anyway ball and she I guess Terkel was like she'd get no problem that she had no issue that that was what she said I she did seem surprised by it. Went when he did it again you know Barclays Tenet jaded new Justin stumble it was gonna Google rabbit I don't of this Carol new. That is he yellow Elliott was gonna yeah Poehler talked down yes she didn't have that little the little old class political plan yes. So yeah I I don't know that you know again Chichi said he had a process our vision. Probably she didn't mean she's you know she did she finally did the all you'll. You know they didn't like kind of smack him but. You know he's he also has another issue with what did he allegedly smacked a growth and it it's somebody yes some college the charges were brought on the denied it in you know I mean not that well I do well that's what happens when. You know when you pulled a hundred girls. Yes talk on a parade let go cheap yet or not. I got a big and it dragged out you know difference I think guidance may be semantics relate. Zeke you Elliott has actual baggage but that's right well it Jarrett as gronkowski has a reputation as heavy baggage has his baggage is daddy. Yet daddy goes bald highs and fools around curls but that's our baggage exactly athlete that's had 45 year old guys do like what he played football for eleventh. It must sell stocks down sound ought let's we've got original yes that's a young guys dual young people legal and get drunken sleep at each other right now on U member Julian element that story ago. Every guy accused by some girls like. She said that he'd. Story field. It's at the club in the back bank all I night though it was like hello we got one year out yet she she said he Greg he reached up her skirt and rather yet there are goods in and the video come out and he and the vehicle named touching blog by and nothing happened right. Like at that point parent. I remember after that happened. That was baggage for Julian Wright was saying what's with this guy's a he's going in the club doing that they that's an error is the whole argument well maybe she wanted to you know people going back and fort. But that was baggage you know that was right back until I video came out that was actual baggage for him and he didn't coated parades and four girls shirts that you know immediately. You have to be aware of those sorts of things and CO CO things like and I know Ellie it was getting painted. On some Peria obviously everybody was drunk but it. You know it is was it loans. The likelihood that failure is not new one dollar and citizen Owens all bets are off that right and it happens is like solid ones delicate. They have their own like paddle large justice on them but our bodies shall where it was but. Again you know. The other day don't did the girl who won the whole bill of rights for boobs and when he can showman who can pull out and stuff it's like all its funny now I shots on about salt podger elegant tablet in front every courthouse yeah we can do approval when I was a South Padre Island back in like. Christ what was it 909394. I thought the Texas State motto is show us you yeah acts is I don't mean like it was my caddie could go ten feet without guarantee I'll. And it wouldn't you know there was. Everybody obliged that was a big deal 27 years ago now it's like pop on the coarsely. You know see in boobs like no big deal and yeah. If gronkowski was black do you think this would be different stories in the motor boating in the club would be different the on track I was trying to think of like a black athlete gronkowski but there's no athletes Aaron cabinet he's his own thing is he's just like his cool as a white as the guy remedies can these schools he all the grown. Young Carol Moseley caricature but a genuine arc again it's it's not contrived like some people they images contrived whatever but. Crockett that we use is weak rocky you know he's just like this kind of big school fees. Or all all the grown lovable kid and yell at these cool pool B 69 jokes in the age yet he's at a teenage yes Owen. You know we still you know Jason Jason girls but the bottom line is he doesn't get in trouble yes artifact a guy who goes out as much as he does. Right and gets it in parties as much as he does to a never gotten in trouble yeah. Is pretty Demi just did law of averages keeping some would have made a story about six hours on Saturday you got to take like it was you apply and mean it if he was black it might not bad it might odd man ES PM because he still plays for the patriots and the advantage and that's what they do now and that's at that station is all about is. Yelled missions dodges them but you know kind of cable sports is get people I vote is stupidity and I think it's really try and away from that I think people. A scene right throw it and religious faith guides us on the appear him how. You know of data to see it right for like these phony arguments like no wants the listen to a plus did the right ESPN I. Again I stop watch and listen to them when they kind of stop paying attention RT. But like they tell him network that is gone so far away from their bread and butter is definitely sending. Yes it was like you know you know white white kids white frat boy types who. Bloodiest the only Japanese leave and run all day and ask what's in a million times over and over again. And I know our highlights are people like Italy my eyes a little bit and he'd get a microphone. But it's they've gone to such a left wing direction I mean I don't I don't watch him I don't care politically would have what they do awaits its relevance in me but it's obvious that. You know lately they got British Ellen because they you don't he's has said some foolish things but. They fight him because dated as say agree what would he said other people have said things which you can make the argument they would maybe equally offensive our offensive in the symbol away. I said the air if an example they offended people you know he'd be equally Owen are even more than perhaps showing that but. You know it fits in so that narrative Rachel people don't you know they've been Tokyo but. It's likely BYU they've turned optionally. Of the people who would what nobly watch that their shows and and now again I'm not one on my Nokia data do what they want but it's I don't know what their strategy is long term but you know court that's the. I think they've earned it with they used the thing with the ESPN exit in when I was in college nice or whatever they were funny. Like they tried to be funny eight Olbermann in and Kenny Mayne and all these dialing I don't think enemies funny anymore relayed that timely people thought they were really funny. Patrick out there were there and it was Nolan Nolan no yeah really don't want that Stuart Scott later with our young guys were just funny a guy what's his name nude the the Yankees announcer who on. With the hoses and Palestine Charlie's idea he was aware like these that these guys are really funny and newly delivered the highlights and it. Funny way you wanted to see with dad said he knows just and they've you know they've gone so far away from that. Now when they have a funny guy Eddie Scott impaled on yet he's he's the weight I've felt like everybody else so humorless and there's no. It is like the they purposefully trying to make him not funny and then it dated the primetime show is so serious and even when they try Indy Lights the series you know it's like he can't they can't. And I you know the right they've got away from what made them. The 6 o'clock was sent Eric you know has always been. Did the big show and again you know I don't highlights on biggest as big effect as the used to be these are about Jim Allen was they did not so that not now that's the elite chill. And you know why I'm it's not like I I have a problem with the depth that's the direction they want it all again I don't watch that channel at all. But it. Not just because they're black but Javelle hill likes to mix it up on what she's not sorry utter political views and that's fine it's you know she should be out of the IG should share them as much she wants. But I I think god. Can doubt maybe Connors stat column ESPN's strategy used to be in on sans shirt like yelled at if you could golf you Juliet style and your opinions but. I think that kind of goes against what you know ESPN's the odds of a client all of you used to be I would it is just like today. You know when I elected I don't know why it's there adding that politics like their politics are what they are but that shows not working to its cheesy CIA I you know I guess now largely because they're their liberal leaning maybe I'm maybe Ambien I I don't know I it just seems that. Politics just seem to have taken such a bigger role on ESP or whether by design ought. Bite people get thrown in the situations whereas I don't I don't know wasn't an a big heads of said the as a goal that link and I don't know. And I don't think south. Now it is seems like that if you also twittered and exist in the heyday of unity you know people don't wanna feel like Indian preach still even if they're not necessarily but. It you know if they feel like they're being instantly they don't wanna watch a show like. You know it ends that's the oven tool bowl people Sharon. Their personal political appeal is not just abouts what's but you know if you get a share your opinions and gal I am I encourage people to dual pleasure if you're famous person you on TV and you want to watch shows sometimes. It's not been the best idea flight as people not everybody's out there is emotionally. Quote sucks you know separated himself guy I can disagree with a person died and so what's once he be a lot of people. To signal chief she he feels this way I write watch initial. And you just go to one side or the other but the lord are fighting chance you have is being funny. Even and you get a split people up and have fun you can at least get some sort of OK at least that was a good joke you know even though I think you're. Being mean to trump are being mean to Hillary whatever that was released funny like that's the only common denominator and you get to leak things to say on TV like you can't delete tweeters if you wanna back to back away from them like him some summer is to look like at the Abraham all that I always happen that let's take a call before the break here Brendan is in Boston ever in the. And dinner and it's you know when it comes to Crockett you always bring up the whole you know if you lack he would be in trouble I kind of look at it the only circumstance and it gets. That kind of negate that whole debate because he. Popular guy in Dallas and Yasser happened to draw guessing who didn't really care about it was probably a big fan of his. And I think that's kind of why drawn to that have to do with rage like it Swiss company can do it every does. I think he's just aren't universally popular diet you never even hear other you can and that he the patriots. He never ever occur apartment garage. So how has this you know charmer people where you know what he does explain what not so he had to do these things and to understand that it's not out of without harmful you know place now that makes sense but I don't think it. It makes you know any difference already staying well yeah. I heard some caller call in the mater earlier in sailing was drawn someone you wanted your daughter. And I think we can all probably sat and Manny we're gonna I'll probably say that I really funny just make sure it was a condom it's. Apparently that's easy music and or you know get pregnant could work out for little ground grandsons and some link them anyways yeah any outcry in the. Side of a question about the page. The team you know we talked voted for the night at a particular that you're taking your cabinet try to duke and saint care. But it seems like you know maybe Belichick had to kind of deal in hand you know be and the cable. Teens said they do this any unique perks of this beyond you Boller. If that's the case then what do you do you think you ought to. You know ego he'll take the better bet on. He was in that case you didn't bring any baggage occasionally play press before you can they would give readers to look. Now. I think there'll seven Ferrari didn't and while here with them remember the whole thing was mother gone of that party or whatever early days I think there's bad feeling still here with him. And if Revis was to get an offer to go in and Tryon and take a look somewhere. Out I'll I discern or feel like bill can bill feels like he probably do better either in free agency here in the draft they're. Whatever plus revisit that whole nine on the charges got dropped with. As a pretty ugly situation down there in Pittsburg over the moon than winters I don't know I mean there's. There's there's a lot of reasons why I think that's just would be kind of pointless endeavor. Yet he I don't think Darrelle Revis would be out error grow right now getting hair grow wood and the amount yeah honestly I mean that's that's that's how Battie was leisure. Either he was he was used to video the little girl who grabbed it to a the other day in the wind took guards and yet lion yes yes Dallas Dallas agreed as and it's attack was last galaxy it's like lacks an attack was when taken for a ride down field not. No no reason to bring him back and especially. Abdullah it'll last Hollywood don't Santa stuff and answer Graham. You know like I in team here and it on a title like that until that number that's up zero Earnest Graham and you attack that. Oh yeah oh that's right to paktia my cousin has puzzle like game eroded great. But yet no way would he come back at plus he's toast and he has he has so toast by all the out of the thing you mentioned. About you know how he sent his mother like I thought about pavlik. People are all the patriots should turn away its equipment. If a formal invitations only committed and it. It's like a plus one only that you know mostly would be a wet and you don't show up if you're not fighting you don't show it some little slate my brother got invited to lead in responded he was Colin. And he couldn't make it. I wouldn't go in his right in his acts like that's crazy. Like I can't go to the goon to premiered say you know that admiral couldn't make it but I mean that's exactly. It's like don't you it's a dunce you know I am I late night talk show host Christian Archie and I demand negotiators. Sequel to growth. It's like now may you don't show up formal event because like one year old does is buys those and not let that he'll get his ring some odd time you write it picking up beaded. Yeah and the whole thing Alex's dad was we had let's take a break 6177797937. As the phone number we got open phone lines it's the 1 o'clock hour whenever undermines quick break we'll be right back after this. Question. Sports Radio WEEI. It. And the teams that. No one. A credible estranged. That is the marine. Plan out your favorite hits from 199696. Sonus. About banner. The good albums in the EP MDP indie fare. A little bit out of my raps phase here after you. Yeah no I I kind of I like gold old school like that he's Slick Rick a local jail see that's when I kind of came of leads him he can't use it right after yet they were the kind of almost. I need you were around when I was listening gauge warrant. Mike Abbott he had been late the West Coast that coach Snoop Dogg and Dre democratic and then LB that I cannot buy cat actually tap tap tap down on biggie and known I known all know I listen a biggie I don't tapped out I would say the boy. Cheesy enough on Cagney and all idea yeah I struck me as a rock Jim Courier. Yeah out wrecked him as an Owen and Julia good stuff I like the old school one of the best. I'm Suzanne every shot. I forget with the name of the Tor was but it was rocked him ghost face brother Ali and the three of them all played in trouble like stand. Played one after another advance stayed out for all three sets and it was awesome. Always a good it was one of the best shows her version. Brotherly does that majorities concerts on your own yeah have a couple times goes face to all those Wu tang beat someone a full band. All's all rocked him B slate the air BB son and late president. Ensemble Allman got a ticket. Brother early new Elmo yeah I'm I was liberal form it's forget and its parent. Laura on the subject to recommendations admiral yeah I think form. I did watch documentary the other night called ice god eons. Not to be confused with the last gladiators which is documentary a few years ago is about hockey fight is in it really focused on now a local. Local guy Chris now island I am is exhibit the post game struggles not that was the one. It can add serious tone militant kind of like well this could do you know up almost a cautionary tale eyes guy uses little watt B I thought it was it trying to. Really looked up the enforcer accountable it was a tribute I guess it was almost like tribute to them but it was also like. Kind of cell gate 95% of concussions in hockey. I don't happen during a fight they happen from hockey plays. It really made of the case that you know and voices I needed the and obviously literal got rid of it in. In a sense you know took a whale of a big part of hockey in the up you know at that you would Gretzky. And Brad Holland you know the moment when those guys it's and I would have been the player was a vote and forces you know it really him is on the point. But I that's for rental you can catch that they knew I really enjoyed it I finally caught me just by the seat. Casey Affleck movie that won best pitcher overrated underrated perpetrated what best actress slot. I would say the ball. What I thought I mean I don't it's overrated. I and we just discuss its not a big secret people say it's I sat bowyer noncallable be odd the president woodshed and that's the thing a lot of people tell me that right I NA wasn't here he exactly that is gonna turn people lawful maybe. I'm in the right frame of mind to watch some data simply they don't wanna watch it depressing movie I I hate old people sic is any kind of waiting for some depressed and capital will be. I thought it was actually pretty funny to be honestly. I guess it made it's a mass hole and meet. You know like other people in other parts of the country might not get aspects of the you'll but I really laughed at some of it I almost like a buddy comedy between. Casey Affleck and in the nephew when it like just the bit that they had back what I am I I enjoyed it it was pretty good is obviously some you know settlements to applaud. I don't know why I had. It didn't put him like a bubble a bad mood some movies that gas at yet. They state we for a couple of days that I thought and actually at a I don't know all I guess of office in the right way to put replied. It was good it was definitely worth the watchable like a bull light was another bout won best picture. I watched eventually won does that eventually won best picture. I haven't seen Lyle Lance I can't say compare those two but. Our little white lies double I don't like it was the eighth and I didn't see it but it says that homosexuality was a big theme in yet so although it's about. Gay black part meanwhile boy and then teenager that as an adult racial and it's three phases of his light aircraft played by three different actors are as I call that. Broke Black Mountain nice. Nice. It's you know it it's good adult but I did watch in seeds don't. But I'll (%expletive) the it's a lot I don't know it was a best pitcher of winner I enjoyed it was it was pretty good boldly but you know party not for everybody but. You know that's a remote guest speaker. So. And see La La land I haven't seen yet no I really slack on now my Oscar best picture nominees this year and AML high water it was great that was probably. The book with a one movie I was nominated that I did see dad you'll I'll watch at 56 times its exit before it's kind of like the town. Meets No Country for Old Men with a dash of the big short drop on top of. There at 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. In armor on tax Davis in Connecticut a day. Dave. He's done it I swear to god. All right David put channel these. And they've done here in. What's up Dave called back to it and acted on. Dave's guy here man is a great skit they're teaching job them back in the day so simple but just so good. News. In a marriage and I do get it better be in the market and that adds who's a diesel varies vote. Try I mean you can drive you want to Dave was in candidate that you want to talk about the or is intimidated and don't let them I'm not in any knees and then all of them Barack. In the old walls. But add a lot of veterans and that is. This char AC DC in jail now he did a little time because they need it's a light. Make an example out of because he sold the African bong right online has some stupid it was some really sea island Garrett literally when he was told him I was now has plagued. There's an entire day stupid ass regulations and they decide like all let's make an example out of him he's had so much fun. Yeah he's out of jail he's you know he's doing Tommy John things online parent. Tommy John things used. Pretty good Sharpton. About this guy over here they see don't do impressions and a black well. Six on 777979837. Days that here's who we have an open phone line. I a lot of bomb a sequel to a sports movie that was good okay rocky two. Okay but we're talking about sports comedies I'll. UK's Iraqi T you're right I mean that dead rocky single series and they get to the Tommy gun one was great little secret rock right into used. Not that great I love rocky I love the rocky movies rocky tool I think Margaret three year of our first full Iraqi tool probably holds up the least I think I don't I don't know it's just kind of it's not allowed to what was all the robot. That was our 54. For ya via that that that was weird and and T just ended thirty like Derek I guess sexting going out the robot. Remember yes some strange dude that was a weird situation there for thirty ended the government that. The past half I don't know demeans. On on chuck wept not the real rocky Gypsy got thirty there you know. You know it it's not a secret you know that Stallone. Borrowed heavily from chuck what's your life you know dance chart web had you not familiar. He fought on and I'll be on broad wide world of sports of some random Saturday he was at tomato can that actually went the distance up. Or maybe feeding mode does he Pete put out he down based GM held a fight no one thought that he was going to and that was sort of the Genesis for the idea Iraqi. But what I didn't realize was how many other aspects of what his wife. That rocky Donny Robinson the first one. But it's of sequels like like the fact you know he fought rest slob like I was in rocky three. Keith you know we fought how are that was that was like five is a web unified Andre did you and it caught on a giant that was and it was a couple of like exits like all my god they added realize is that what they did it beat out mills post almost like lifted it. Now he's not allowed to see what he can mop let's go home and caramelized and how to get well what was he you know I had I mean it's gotta be and millions of all as I mean he he basically took his. His life story in turn that it's one of the greatest franchise in American film is there yeah so Jerry got a nice chunk of change Ford but. It's it's an interest in guard documentaries of thirty for thirty to its but the real rocket lead is called that February oh watch it. In the ninth round the Whitner scored a knock down although Ollie claim that whether tripped him. By stepping on is what went there went to his corner and said there was manager Al start the car go one of the bank were millionaires. What there's manager replied you better turn around he's getting now being looked pissed. In the remaining rounds Alley what the weather's as is the amount an enclave on call length. They've happened and it just and that this wasn't wasn't working out so our day. Take a break six on 7779. 7937. Asian phone number when we come back we'll have the late night low light for you year. As we take you under Friday here on late and now. It's time for number. The night. No mother. I don't know. Sports we know. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That's right. I know what time it is time of the late night low lead before we get to it there is one to actually sound parcel that ensued tweet went in when he created that Eddie Murphy. Teasing me come into America's sequel Xena and I missed that while. Look at night just native Eddie Murphy who at collegial too from a threat to America I didn't realize that happen. I mean I hope that's not eat I hope that's not something they're seriously consider now that's not even something yeah and it that a conversation that's. I mean you're talking about a guy who hasn't made a funny movie and 25 years maybe I mean John Landis gone gone god while the music legend and Hollywood that he hasn't made a group good movies on time. The idea that there would somehow recreate the magic from thirty years ago was pretty conceivable yep it probabilities grants or something. Yeah actually I I I national broadcaster it would Jon Lee Anderson Joseph dive team directed gremlins at. I think jobless there was only three. White speak roles coming to America. NC. Louie Anderson. And McDowell yeah that one column from. This is real big take back downing Eddie Murphy playing the Jewish guy in the driver's job but he wasn't technically a white guy right right. Her base all all but three roles and speaker rules animal we were either African African. Black law at ought African Garrick yeah from Africa I guess so. Yeah I can't think any other which I'll palladium on the train. Go after him honey he's a prince. Very do is too loud and he would go early and I really about the laws that move should decide it is a it is if it's unfair it's what our favorite ever VS the only place you go read stupid that that but but don't the poll math on Thomas is either you Nazi. It's the actual late night low light. Involves as peace in news it came out today for you Boston people who just love this sort of thing the Citgo sign god. Will be staying atop its Holman ten more square after cigar reached a deal with. A new landlord yesterday Wednesday should say ending a standoff that it threatened ensued pulled down the fate of the sign was in question. The building their host it was sold to be you. Via New York based development company in the least for the sign was expiring in February the two sides tried this. Yet new terms to keep it on beacon street. Where it's been since the sixties Marty Walsh and her being brought the parties together their bargaining session they produced the deal. And neither should go and or an out of town real estate company will take the blame for the fall of the chairs landmark reading from the Boston Globe. Peace on our race here the details of the police are really available but the president of related deal. Said in the statement that the sign will now remain in place for decades. To come. Do you care about the seacoast I. I could not kill us it's I know it's an iconic landmark in the city but at the end of the day it's a giant advertisement for Venezuelan gas cup. Who here is like. If they can put something I'll stale and nothing there is the city's gonna go on as it was it's not like it's a local company. Like I seem to be balance rate blow it you know something we all love and affection for converse and yeah it's it's it's again it's it's a Venezuelan gas company talk. A pretty iconic spot. I happen to see a Red Sox games I calculus and those if it goes it doesn't change a city one bit delightful continue to go on my action on you wanted to know it's gone. Yeah and that's sort of the other thing. It's like in the sixties the Citgo sign was a big deal. Is there weren't a lot of big giant clobbering signs like that. In Boston or really anywhere I mean hey you know his legged did you have digital video I Dion as well light up sign you know outside elegant Vegas and Atlantic City beat NCA. You know not not in place like that Boston was the only sign like it's candlelight. Italics being a hall in Quincy Market. Played in the seventies Quincy Market was a big deal because food courts weren't thing yet right yeah us don't go down there and you have all these different food and it's like wow loses. This is so unusual is nothing like this there's a full court and every mall in American now and no one goes to Quincy Market anymore it's just sort of late in those so. This or did strikes me like that played this is a big deal in the sixties and it's nice day. You know people care about it but you know we get the mayor getting these two people gathered and keep that thing going and yeah a great white why he made it. Not like you thinks it going to take gives you someone Fuzzy like Boston company Abbas that the illness acknowledged. And again Venezuelan. At Heath fossil fuel gas company on gasoline and how they put out whatever. Ya wanna call it gas oil fuel I don't. I mean it's it's has nothing to do a Boston other than the fact it's knee on that that we've seen over sixty years shirt if it gul who he has and also I mean there's all in 93 in. Even on the piped through these digital billboards now with plate you know it's a break here on the on the side of the GBH goalie misses big digital yeah I think it shows different pictures and stuff. Like you are you wanna do that put the Citgo sign there for the stalls or six fine but I mean. And you know the fact that they defend big sort of stopped everything needed to make sure that. No one touched the Citgo sign makes me think like what or you really pandering to right and it was they pay exactly exactly involve all the money I wish they paid as a much intentional some of the other iconic like things have gone by the wayside you don't want to avoid it and I advised. Neighborhood yeah restaurants stuff that have disappeared you know there's Boston changed so much that those that type of things you read rather they keep you know. Yeah all buys it you know all the they go to a but lies of less than three dollars and like of those disappearance HBO's nevermind not aghast as a parent advisement so yeah way to. And as for LA you know Red Sox game I remember seeing the cinco senator Red Sox games. Before the the seats went up there and then monster it's really to see things it just meant guy I of this Citgo sign on Wal-Mart near Fenway and that's basically. You know big deal you know we don't know Eli. Yeah it's. It's for people driving in my guy I don't know if they still have a month there'd be a member of the if you lived here you'd be home now signs via when you come up we come in the end is there a drive their bye bye I felt jewel on there yet yet I don't know if those signs reversal up anymore but I remember LA that's site that was like a big deal people always talk to there these new developments bacon yeah eighties when people talk about like there this whole big thing. And that side was like. A sign but you know. It didn't light up it wasn't behind the during the marathon in the red side you know what I mean but it's like. It's a sign guys it's a sign yet hokey is it's is an idea of a creative way to let's not as bad Q it's not you know it's at some point in April got to spend money it upkeep. You know heavy up keep going on and everything I've. It's like you said it's it's it's free Abbot time means it don't even pay. For the advertisers it's Abbott's eyes I don't know for a for a foreign fuel companies like like again no sentimental attachment to the thing. Yeah I'm with you be glad we agree beat it Citgo. Rear admiral great denigrate Evian all of pleasure my friend I'm off tomorrow night I'll be back until Sunday tomorrow there's NCAA that's the bodies and so on back Sunday at 4 o'clock outside the it and many great job bag their college text your Twitter followers thanks again the rear admiral I'm out here every night everybody.

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