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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Rear Admiral in studio; Bruins lose bad to the Oilers 3-17-2017

Mar 17, 2017|

Christian is joined in studio by Rear Admiral and they are breaking down the horrific loss the Bruins suffered tonight to the Oilers.

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This these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Happy Friday everybody is played at Sports Radio WEEI am heroes Christian are cam live and our Brayton studios overlooking the Mass Turnpike met the marine on the wheels are still taking your phone calls at 6177797937. And let's welcome our guests. Comes in about once a week. Of these spit and chocolates podcast on iTunes Parcells sports WEEI dot com contributor rear admiral joins me in studio. Admiral I don't again good how we don't time difference and a enough. And then and then so we can do right indeed what's what's they'll what's going on haven't talked in awhile haven't RTC's Mexico since the gallery we how's how's Mexico there was satellite out stand now look how you hit again Buick I don't know us now you into yet it was mechanical engineering Puerto fired up and the other says the airport we flew into okay and it was great I had a great time was an all inclusive joint it was not. Now OK but it's not very expensive guys Christiane. Not all inclusive data doesn't cost him I actually prefer that I actually prefer that did not. Them but not conclusive violates involvement. Different restaurants and try different things and yet people like Philly could eat the same Buffy seventeen times they paid for the right now yeah we didn't do that and all we're all over its small town we had a great time Tom what even up to I think I we did a show once inside them back from Manhattan that's right yes yeah we went over that I and that I was a Toronto followed weekend. I'm confident the premier gold to the sequel to the golden cult hockey movie I liked we got Stifel ball Sean waves got great art comply and we have tried BI it was a little in the did the movie and its sequel answer all the unanswered questions from the first he wasn't Luke Luke was not his math and science as we thought our realised right now. I'm not it was it was a fun sequel is obvious he was bullies or if you don't like. If you wanted to feared coup when you proud he probably not in Julie doomed to but at the same kind of goof he's apparently Yeltsin subtle shot off hockey joke but. It was there are gonna grid. Sequel to a sports comedy before. Win now aren't I said he direct you now know to what he had to know it was all one of the worst Eagles of the Major League Cho. It has its fans really not a good movie is now that's back to the minors drink. I think so yeah I played a dude that's added they're not just an actor like him once I think and it did it did register that. I guess what sequels I mean to bad whose ideas you know they made it made a couple sequels that you it when you're an eight back in the seventies or eighties you might have enjoyed him and you know and it was the astrodome and stuff but yes what sequels add I am I any sequels tough you know air. Or at least its outset. Air buddies you know everybody with a dog out oh well out of the sequel their bodies there is an air but that was the name of the sequel there's multiple sequels looks to air but really. Yet is that they said we gotta all right this Airbus plane all the way to. Oh boy did it ever was in space last Thomas all these series blouse on and you know bud creator Seth etiquette is probably the stadium who made earnestly did it the other candidate but the fact I earnestly football. Earnest went to camp earnest got scared to voters went to jail earnest I use the white I'd love to earn mine. Ernest movies were the best all among us all and funny do you believe that. So he had well out of Toronto exe Charles quite relax and waited until hell hole like it's it was pretty cold up there and actually was critical back you know like you don't call list is actually something new dual rate soy actually just kind of relax and that the united host on Matty offered a spot for the dad got a massage and the real adults can only use the facilities like. Bank double for I was but. It was interesting to see like it because I I was at a school premier down new York and others we have tried it John Williams or IRA if you are a few other there was a few other people there you know people get pitches and sell these in in kind of what you're used to see it. In Canada. Like build the people who were in the movie at that bar afterwards it was actress he's please nobody was bothering him like nobody was taken pitches and it was just. Such a low key thing even Getty Lee I'm out of about rush get a reasonable and to get no he was in the Siena now Agassi's tragic. That right of one of the stock as an actual action idol big east on invited me up port are really and I. You know him from Mike before his famous doll that's it's funny I ice chart the ones would adjourn Bruins. Series like eight years ago and you know he gave it back all good fun and then like we sat tugboat Gordon and he invited meets the premier. Down New York City with them but I like it was like 56 years ago. It's I went on an animal we have hangout for the night and you know guerrillas have bag of oats Alpine for a little while ago that it just got hit it awful on the island we don't like. Talk fold keep in touch for a panicky thoughts on email whatever shall. He had said you know that receipt ball will be shall I shall in communities where. I can only take so much him. Like I try watching a show on FX yeah. I can't get through like he saw one going on that she could get out any idea today of plays that same guy uses sheepish guys not just thinking I can only take so much it's very different strokes different and I'm sure in person he's got to thank our three plays they just can't take him I don't know why he's. He really is he's a super nice guy but it but it is getting Lee was in the theater now. A daylight you know I was an advertising pitch Ahmad and I was sad not a rush and a lot of rice fans would be kind of fraudulent following page with the guy just as you know you like Abrams and I don't hate them in in its people like I was surprised though you don't like them because of that in the type of music I do like. You know rush from Beebe and some of those categories I just never pitched ever again informing them was a big rock rock guy either you know. But I get I I respective what they don't know prison unbelievable drama. I respect it musicianship hang out slices one of the best guitars there's not they just not I wanna might you know I mean there's probably 25 the exits the before then you know then transfer but Getty Lee Nolan Mike Nolan even autumn like the Canadians in blood I think I I summing up until they're like use the with a plus eight plus is that and I. And I guess someone told me he's like kind of a Dick to people like I outs of what's I was kind of surprised but some on the buy Sony's. He's known to be prickly toward people so maybe people it distance but there was it was. We're doing nearly that bad voice Villa manager in there yeah the thing I can't do a Getty we are presently a temperature ambient light. The only game going on yeah yeah idea of exactly but people like people just like let you know he if if wasn't point outs that might not even have noticed but. Though some friendly fans gather the on the back Jim bowers in this weird yet fired can call wait. I Alicia cuts are only speak out party I care Howard's daughter and I'll be I wanna where I was like man can coach and follow the guidance on signs of panic if Gillick always bother analytical about I would have been not bothering but I would've tried to take pictures with. Alicia yes she was he's like top to well one point during girl next door shoes I thought that she means she was she is not undock and she's beautiful clothes but got her like places that flocks. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hahn's son Wyatt Russell he was an animal retool yet he steals the movie I think for those feeling he looked just like has filed under the family the thing that John Cabot an eighteen yeah Kirk Russell is and what he looked just like -- puzzles and now with one here in the deity cannot quite get flashbacks from a but he was it was actually really in the morning he plays like that. You know the new and tough guy and in this that the sequel but they were about my game you know I actually bump and apart yet Greg was in ski when I have Yahoo!. Good guide them couple years ago. We just kind of creatively but they know each other. I had no idea was the ebony had a couple Beers with him now as with talking like every book I've kind of just kind of peeled out of there all late this of the bulls who knows so you know but we had some assessed kind of sad. Well because it's still in the middle for almost like it got to the ought to be up at 9 o'clock and I'm on it was a Monday night you know I mean it's like you gotta be up to do. I mean they're not gonna go out and party after a premiere of a movie about hockey goons like it seems like he's got to go out and party I against aidid had slowed up every night out of the movie I help but lead when you do this for a living in Indy and it got into the seven. More times I mean you know I mean I'm fighting it might have been met a couple of cocktails on the might. It was you know nobody was calling balls the wall but a couple fans are the most disappointing if they had one on guy had as I ross' race Ross race a lot of the other guy had a Doug glances sweater on and out of let's say they showed some month. Canadian hospitality studies that to myself in the box. Very nice our favorite is not show any Canadian hospitality tonight was the Edmonton Oilers daughter oh Jesus what was that I mean I. I didn't seem to be getting a game when I got here was three not an. And it like I said to gonna be down three nothing particularly down three month for in Athens and minutes of the game shirt. They did guy give a good pretty spirited comeback that's fizzled on the third I think they just it's a team that was playing their third game in for an idea. Travel up to two of those games ago I Calgary Edmonton on file but it's still travel. I think that's the result Edmonton came out flying and and the Bruins a flat footed and that's that's why they without sorely Rask was you know the unique part economy is similar to but yeah I was just one of those nights team was flat footed and he. You know he wasn't at his best but it's what game you know Dave they still take four out of six points west in tears when I'll take adult day. Yeah and impressive wins over Calgary and the is the real momentum I think who is who was pushing towards. You know this and then if they can handle business in Toronto I thought we could have been you know hovered on the brink of it 67 game. Will stretch here but yeah united threes that that's a lot of games and is in a short amount of time. They have been handling their business pretty solidly I'd say firms since the auto game and around. Still seven fit I mean they went complain 800 hockey and the cast seats 750 hockey after tonight's loss yeah. Still it's still pretty good it as far as their with the rest of the teams that Ottawa they they lost. The islanders lost in regulation Tampa last in regulation all bears both point out to me what's around the loss of one but I. I think it's better to have Toronto at 78 points and the Bruins still have that tiebreaker is that I haven't played the out is into a temple at 79 points because. You know you hit a shall liberal as it ever get that third spot you've gotta you gotta you know think it made they could potentially drop battle wildcat in which case you know every point matters so. You know OK fine Toronto's within you know pick of the Charles still can't catch them even if Toronto wins two games in hand. They don't lose in the tiebreak so yeah you know on the liberal ones are a Dick kind of firmly ensconced in that third supplied and it only if they just keep playing the what waited they keep plan will be fine. Yeah I mean it's amazing how much closer they are now they're only four points back Montreal. Three points back Ottawa which spilled down they've they've lost a couple of doron out there. I. I don't know I feel like early on in the season. You know we we had our guys that were performed yet Jamar is not martian yet Bergeron Marcia and to a lesser extent he was. He was on pace for like a 2123. Goal season he's area 37 now. How much is this do you attribute to the new style of play and how much is this who's just she was due to break out. And as far as bosh had a particular gap. I think I mean with switch recipient of further extension of what we saw last year out of them I mean it would Padilla 37 goals last year from a mistaken correct these days he's added now he's probably get a pretty forty. He leaves NHL I mean he's he's this he's a bottom I'd stop me now he's with the declaration superstar is in the NHL but if he's not he's damn close to it. He had three more plays that I still leads the league in two point 79 points were 32 goals forum to help us because he's he's been phenomenal and and night like I wrote tea my possible blog that. You know I call and an MVP Kennedy and he has I mean if he's not an than what they've always an MVP candidate there's certainly plenty of them this year. But of the problems without him this year that they'd be lost I'll. I think he was you know he probably would would have the all 3035 under load I think that that the ghosting of the office that Cassidy has broader. It certainly is is at a GM could do was totaled and it's really at. Started in January with him he's in October November and December he had ten goals combined in those three months. And any netted eleven and January. I mean that's just cancel and they spend in how he's hasn't had another month like that but he's already got eight so far and now I guess nine with a one tonight. So you know he could very easily pass that this month and have two months like that towards the end of the season I mean that's you know it's it's really. It's is really noticeable I mean you can't you can't ignore it he's leading everything I think you do effort on the superstar Kanye. How can you now can you not mean apple what he's done this year I mean at an awful last year that it's you know tough thing to you guys did. Two back to back bowl 37 goals seizes on getting looks like he's gonna break forty. I mean eight you know this kid was she was played on the fourth line six years ago when the yet they wanna cup playing with Poland and IEA on a fourth line and you know being a chair burn you know chip it in here and there and is now he's become you know one of the premier players in the in the planet I mean he. He was on the best players in the OT and the Canadian team of World Cup yet yet. And I think that people sort of kind of forget that because the way he's been applicable Rollins but I he's young he's on the best the best hockey players in the planet well well like you have compared with. With Patrice Bergeron and touted as. The saddest teams elect different feeling about in the wee bit of a month and a half ago gone into the playoffs I mean it this gently and have that Specter of a lot of teams more I don't wanna play them yeah. No question about it 6177797937. That your phone number 37937. Your number on text rear admirals here we're talking Bruins with Leo we're back after this. These these Christian art can plug Sports Radio WE. Breaks my lower the bar Chad. It's. Okay yeah. The second period but we'll start dead yet. It's still committed 47 Gary over they don't go another political theater very. They get exactly what they wanted to do a little bit hairy but they know what they want. What I. Like global fight third drive to pull that popped out of the triangle Donald a little bit and it's just. Get a free up that opportunity for the one driver. One of the highlights from tonight there weren't too many Bruins lose seven to four in Edmonton tough night defensively tough night for two grass were talking about it here with the rear admiral WEEI dot com Bartel sports in the world famous. Chart topping spit in shackles podcast. Affiliated with Parcells sports along with you Ryan Whitney and my good friend Mike are now so. Yeah good to have admiral here's always end though turner detention to the phone lines here. As we get your Bruins calls with the admiral rays and Boston he kicks us off this hour erect. Okay what's going guys on. I just wanted to make the point about what rear was saying yeah you know by now you know mark she started out as a fourth line guys and you know what. But maybe he's still scored twenty goals that your he scored twenty goals every year has suckers political season except for one but I was. They a labor unions strike to spout off seasons so yeah I think he ability Tina you have. But yet you're you have to write these in turn to a modified superstar terms of NHL standards I would say so and driving up with a up there in terms of numbers. Oh points without. Came Crosby picked David yeah you gotta be right. Yep and I mean there's that I don't CIA couldn't in this it's not like it's the first years I get the flu could mean he's coming off agree here and backing her up with another and that's gonna be interesting to see who the three finalists for the hot trophy out of business I mean is literally. Slick finish in the top three I would soon. Guy your guy you would think but I don't know how much of his reputation will be held against them and you know then some people they sat excited should get more play because dale. Theoretically they do a little bit more defensively but. You know what he's told right now believes the NHL in scoring continues to that I don't I can see he's on top three candidate. To be difficult to do so I agree also wanted to say that you're you're right about marching in and an opt out on us to watch him and you got to be happy abroad obviously but. You know burger until would be valid. That that lack of team Canada it was Bergeron marshy in Crosby I mean that's that's unbelievable. So I mean that broke two world class players. And enjoy watching him play a lot two that was obviously the standard bullet cues that reroute me you know is 64 out of six would be glad to do that and they had won four straight got a few often and they play Toronto huge game obviously Monday so. Yes go home rest rest their weary bones lot of miles motive for just three games but. You know three and four nights I thought they don't tonight was an ugly one but you would have a whether it lost its reader tool up. Seven a four losses a lot of saw you move on file it and get ready for the big game of the Ottawa Toronto Monday which should be a beauty now you made the point about it being three games in four nights and that's a good point obviously but that's of the play out so late in guesses of high powered off right here. I mean could this is it. Are you trying to have concerns about this team in the playoffs looking at a game like that no not at all this is just regular season like Arnold the policy or doldrums but. It's just something happens frequently in the NHL all teams units through via via the play three games in for a nice break it's court on the schedule they ought to do it. And again that you know was some pretty extensive travel involved at all at the vehicle and an. Upload a Calgary and this Calgary who admits he's not a lot but it is again post post post game travel. I'm so yelled at probably a little bit vulnerable boy gas than usual that you know if they were doing say three dates three games in four nights. It ended in the conference because they very seldom travel wild west of the Mississippi anymore I mean you know stuff might think 80% of its schedule is. Is you know takes place in the eastern time zone so yeah in other body clocks very get a little askew but not they'll they'll be fine come playoffs menace this team they got a lot of you know a veteran core. You know with guys who won the company in a guy like Pakistan and he's he's been in some battles out west and like I said only area it is they signed him. More for the playoffs anal people of Canada and an audible his regular season fifteen goals a bald I mean I said I think fifteen to twenty expect about it. But you know come playoff time he's gonna be a borrow them at BB whole area idea awhile boy. So while I think people are gonna appreciate his game come playoff time have you been you've been keeping tabs on Montreal. A little bit from the file he you know they think got a nice. They're a good stretch there and now of that out they either got killed by Calgary the other night and loss Tuesday added Chicago through and I don't know I was I was sort of thinking oh today and maybe this is this is what we feared you know cloak going to Montreal on that team finally realizing their potential on defense and and everything else but it seems like maybe coming back there is little that. Yes I mean they face they grab a bunch of bodies at the deadline notes I think you know what guys that would basically check in Salina or at least. Until the roster. You know Julie Bennett and I stay at home tour almost like on the Quaid Kevin Miller type it is interest and explode. Kind of is almost you know amnesty. Team in Brooklyn Owens of 2011 in his twenties while the you know the big bad Bruins that he had for a few years you know we have a rough and tumble T. You know he gets an agitator is up front they well got odd thirty edscha. And let's face Gallagher. And there haven't problem scored at home it's like aides available Clyde you know they got it great you know they got a a Norris Talbot. Defenseman in in GA web aware he had charity here he's it Carey Price the aware he had what Thomas in grass Kia. So he's kind of got these like soda collect things that closure lights on his team. But yet it's gonna be adjusting to see if they do squat come playoff time because you know. If they may well they may well of first round match up will Boston if your auto was a game behind. Site yet he played there a point behind rather than they played one fewer games so they can they can LeapFrog Montreal and you know we there was. So weird simply ought to definitely leak rate I did a great I think people are going to be the Yankees know what hates Claude. No one ever hated clone I don't think there are people wanted to fire but I think in Amarillo hated him not like the way we hated pitino and right we need some server was coaches in the family there's guys that we really need to know what hated club. Now he's a nice guy you you know got a lot of integrity you know he's treated people would respect it is not those not an arrogant about him. That's 'cause sometimes and all the dirty little secret about hockey but this. 95% of people and hockey great and is the people to everything for charity and I'll look it's not yet. But there's definitely they can under belly of arrogance around the game a hockey whether it's. You know play as a people associate of plays but. It was always just like yeah how people think they'll a little bit that I but it Fortson is its small segment of the game yeah. You have an arm. It's not not too small Montreal had a unarmed crowds like the whole population it seems like yeah you know especially if you're from Boston up there and they you know that basically did they get a step stool just so little doubt he'll. Now. My favorite part about being a Montreal is just talking because I Spiegel French we. Detonate Chad in just start talking hockey with a cab driver and I I speak enough French to talk weep you know and in camp. But it's great. I'll tell an ounce on driver on the block I'm not gonna argue with that and that is what is yell at each other in French about hockey it's great he can't do that here. And given them crab a vote in he mode being legally won yet. Number apparently was decades goal now you know. What year late in his career mandates and rules he's had a B lately nightly nannies and Karen who's got some party I was kinda that's that's his credit to erupt if flows very mid mid to late ninety's and they yet. As I was in us with he had confidence in Indy and Indy both yes nine point 708 yes and is a free agent now. Kurt with his Peter team you know that's that's a tough golf tough goalie gave up. Yeah Moog was the first Blake in my lifetime as a Bruins Stanley he was the first go there remember with the and it weighs. I do what I I drank and played hockey for very long but I did damaged that you Xena you looked up whoever you're going was absolutely even though it wasn't good. And yeah at a big eyed and Andy Moog poster I read the puck stops your postal Herman Allen. I don't vote goalies on at Alamo was on the I mean I was he was not ticket. I think my. I would Jerry Cheney's at that as Joseph Joseph Joseph Biddle is a might yeah my first goal is all smoke smoke at some Monday August when a couple couple shared admits it. Yeah he was Dolly was very good on several teams but. Delicacy just you know he gave up the bad goals one a one time and play in a playoff game which is beyond. In opportune moment yeah. And long time ago really. It does seem like a long time ago back to back to present a Bruins. Seven goals I mean three games of for an exhibit seven goals. But that's a touchdown yeah that's against Edmonton mall TA well it's yeah I mean that's he was who's gonna light up the seven yeah but you know combination of again it seemed dated. It didn't come out to escape Edmonton. Was raring to go and Rask didn't really answer the bell. Two good Souza goes a combination of brass was a little bit better they might have you know mate made more of a game of it. Without the other and cam camps album and he made some. He made a couple of big series and Debra was kind of too ugly 53 union it was that was couple big series Pena could easily made a five foreign. No talking about a different ball in different game here. It's only be made a couple big stops believing and on a seven point game at that liberal as it get down there and buy again. L it's the 793. Tool you know they lost in all I mean bigger toned update. The skaters didn't show up the goaltender didn't show up in just. File it don't even you know proud that they don't impart a shouted yeah. It was there was a rough one tonight in Edmonton a chance to sweep the West Coast part of their of their road trip they do finish out the road trip on Monday got a nice break between now and then. And in the take on the Toronto Maple Leafs while we have a second year. You guys. We we've sort of taken snapshots of the guys since he since he was tired since he took over for clos big Cassidy right now I mean where you sort out with them. And I think he's been told a tremendous job again he's you know sees that the team what's all the 416. Games I mean you can't argue with the results at all. That they looked like a different team I think everybody every player in the team got a clean slate you know nobody had a dog house history that dog house would Cassidy. And I think that was reflected in the the way they want everyone went out played I was just like confidence you know guys who you know. Earlier media vote they'd make a mistake and they found themselves stapled to the bench you know like I call on bill for example. You know if he screwed upload you don't clone would give his ice time Lleyton you know Cass he's given a little bit morally should we see woody can do always you know I mean he he hopefully will stick. I don't think I don't think he's gonna go back the miners after the season he's had but. You know David crazy guy who. I mean he plays played a nickel for awhile we don't we can do wonderful vote for whatever reason he just you know wasn't playing that great. He seems have died down a little bit of motivation for gas he'd be in this show yeah you know it's just a lot of guys who who will have gotten going since they took over and obviously guys who you know it would. Born in finding a way you know like my you know my shot Bergeron there. You know kind of goal no matter what but this deathly bit of upon a roster that that is certainly been goes by is. Rival yeah and I just sort of thing late march and you mentioned you imposter not crossing our it was good local this year exactly you know yeah marsh and yet I'm gonna credit. Brad marsh ended. Cassidy you know I mean like I just feel like that's that's over that's overdoing it a little bit right played Marcia and had a great season under clothing right here martians develop into the player that he is today under coach Julien and his coaching I mean it's. It just sort of blow that off my god he couldn't be himself and score goals until call left the stupid because. Yes I did never great start of the year by getting great when he sixteen. And you knew that he was dude is at least break out a little bit it's been much more than anything to anybody anticipated by. You know yeah I I've I've heard people say that managers I can't believe that that's. In a gonna give Bruce Cassidy credit for Brad marshy audio Greta Colin Miller and some of these other guy okay great pasta knocking marsh and that. That's Claudette still on the glowed regime yet it was that would Dolan that before in my says more of in a waited for guys are in guys. That you know not be in the dog house anymore guys who had a you know a spotty history with floor right. Elwood that gets removed it's like you know it's all the worlds of those guys it's duke confidence it's. It's O clean slate and it's it's the guys who probably had history with load would do one better not the guys who you'll find in the cloud via explorer for exactly at the exact assistant a perfect example here a couple other guys what do you Stafford. I think he's been a great pick up at yeah I mean I don't I can really impressive and I know he did a good good you know. Great game tonight but I've since he's been here he's been a great pick up good bytes I I think it's fine I had claimed advocates evil idea just could you'd be cheap you'd be a nice aggravating. Agitating for some day a day you mentioned that but I had its funny someone on God's will might put a fall so they should vote gets Stafford with a capital backboard and I don't like art you know. Money reasons designs and you know any Dolly could Steve in the NHL is is a big deal these days with the salary cap. Haven't said that staff it's been great he's a guy he can go up and down either saddle up Cassie could put him you know he could stop a game on the top. You while off preached at the top line you will but he could you know stout on preach he's weighing. I aide later negating funeral. Cast he wants a double double locked on to ships use among a fourth line will do that yeah. Penalty kill Powell play I mean literally anywhere and a lot of you'd see him. On on any line anytime in those guys are great coaches love of this kind of like you know Swiss army navy can throw in the lineup anytime anywhere you want. And not to mention he's offensively calorie counts on levees broken thirty goals once in his career twenty Eagles a bunch of times he's a guy that put the puck on the net. I think you know providing get the playoffs he's another guy. Boy ticket would be a key contributor. Married 61777979837. That your phone number rear admirals in the house here talking Bruins we'll take a little trip around the NHL when we come back to your phone calls. And 617779. 79837. Quick break we're back after this your only now. Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics get more publicity you've got good Christian I can. What Sports Radio WEEI. 61777979837. Your phone number here it's late night. Gang's all here. Our number one start what everyone we're getting to the close to the 1 o'clock hour that you're really kicked the door open and really get no ID that's when things just did you know. And I don't think saying they things get weird is likely sharing but things do get weird in the 1 o'clock hour. They really I'm not exaggerating things do get weird in the 1 o'clock hour. But we're not quite there yet so let's keep it on topic and start things off your with Evan in the car with what are you got haven't undermine. Evidence they and both you guys thank you. I'm I just want to kind of looked forward a little bit and I know recurrence at some good guys playing college are now and I'm. Like what what you think about calling them out into on the roster right now would be expected back and incur. Well they'd have to sign sign impressed I mean an odd in the minor leagues yet but I am what is named Kirk Lou Lou. Won't be Jesus Cody eighty covers the B does a lot of write ups. He's the he had come out and said that she Jacob. What's hot Collison the yes it was barter Collison NIC on JFK yet relied because they just put his name. The kidded PO he asked Denton he's gone Ferrari currently our current reported that he was gonna be turned pro shall his B you got knocked out of playoffs. He did kind of backtrack a little bit he softened his stance but if you read between the lines and JFK from. I JFK format lies in unit AZ would be jedi the advised him Bruins shyly. There at wrath and yet does it does sound like market decide that he he is gonna be joined them. And I know everybody is hoping that I Mac avoid does. Some people seem to be divided on whether he's able to jump right in with the parent club right quality diesel seizing it Providence. Only to find outside and of Rome thrown to the walls so I would say pretty much a definite that. JFK will be joined the Bruins you know what's the use seasons and and enact a voice will be joined the Bruins organization. Whether will be Providence so is gonna get a shot. I would say I I don't see why a lot of headlines gonna be JFK get shut. Lowell problem silence what are you Dickerson. And the mind. Guys I suicide come and I see that it's old Mac avoid not JF gain an idea. So hopefully he gets help from high blood that was pretty enthusiasm of a brother Teddy got drives of the games hopefully not yes we would we would hope not added anything else. Our ball and New York. Was that. New York and inert and yeah. We got on him. I'm that ought to CIA but I'm from the exactly where he is on the shot on the chatters. As to whether he's gonna go pro not a mark light boards and I know. I'm not completely up within the prospects I would strongly suggest currently getting currently DT that's actually it's LU edu duty -- key. He's an excellent followed what do you know wait what about the prospects that I don't want it's not my strong point shall. I don't mall looks O one of those guys who may go pro this you know assumes his team gives them. But yet JFK is sounds like he's in and possibly back a voice yeah. They guy I called six on 777979837. Your phone number 379837. Number on text we got this a little bit earlier but down just you know on your geared. NHL aficionado you do you keep your eye and all the other teams is well you mentioned some of the things are going on tonight but as the playoff picture starts to. Become a little more clear not just in the Atlantic but over in the metropolitan what are some of your impressions on the way things this year. You know right now this month I'm sorry I don't do impressions I think the fact that. I was certain that flat you know movie data from. Daddy you know one airplane. When. You know you Sharia plane please tell me I had seen airtight yet Bob audits he would. I don't cool fondly young's thoughts analog my team movies but it is one of the funniest movies ever made and that's Rickles says there and no that's it's an Africa. Frank dreaded phone and take yeah right I Leslie Nielsen yet Michael's retirement and got gas and his impressions good and so I don't go to our presence but airplane it's. A lot of that type of fuel but it's it's against Al one of the funniest movies ever made in the haven't seen it. You go watch it like ace does it's it's a funny my impressions about the metropolitan. Still open via while Washington is kind of hold that top seed most of the year but Columbus you know they with a game right now Pittsburgh breathing down your neck. I think watched him will still and uploaded in its gonna be interesting to see who they play. It's not so much who who comes out I am pressed him at the ball it's who comes out. Eight for the white guy because he'll he'll look at him abated there of a point back at Tyrod Toronto right now. But if the day after what they did they shall bend bishop the traded their goalie Dan Campbell and goalie traded Brian Boyle you know one of the pit top senators. He traded out outselling fulfilled bullets of Phil Philadelphia based he would dump his salary. In this film all on the cusp get in the playoffs in the day at Stephens in coastal. That's union the intimacy of the capital's. Everybody Raleigh and you went out you got you know Shaq Greg in everyone's fully loaded the Viet and then what if they had tried to have debate. An Al Wadi match up come on come on back when Steven Stamkos obeyed but serious drama. Oh would need a lot of things to line up for that but. EA everyone's kind of favorite note that the match apologists you know buy into the fact that you know they have their teams have on average about ten more points the Atlantic by. It's a coin flip man I would be so it wouldn't surprise me who who comes out of the Montreal via the fifth seed in the metropolitan. With a 2.0. Maybe outside of laughter. Let's see what you out beat one cause but the waiting two up it's you annihilated you have to say they are metropolitan team they'd be they'd be behind the range. While she's young right now that in fifth the idea right now and that is but you know because. Don't know if he gets beat up on other teams that are intra division not the other so it's you know it's kind of skewed when you do that but. I'll say like I said nobody will surprise me I just hope I just love eight when one matchup you know autopsy Burris. You know the last team to get the playoffs and us. There every edit is a potential part upset and we haven't seen one for awhile we haven't you're right but if there is a team he could get upset this year booties into big. Again or Tampa Bay is it put us snag a last black leather they play. You know what whether it's Washington whether Columbus gets a topsy floated a top seed is it if they dried tip of the bigger audience full. Again especially you know oust him particularly used vehicles come back. They Washington strikes you is day. Team they could fall apart like I mean any anything's possible playoff series we know of it. Washington's not shown much week in not having never really shown me any reason right I ate a president's drug anybody can means nothing brain. And yet they have a history of playoff failures and incher that's gonna end you know if say they do play well what they play at first routes data go down. One game to nothing now you know first give their home now all of a sudden they're so good at home they out but just play a lot yet. All of a sudden all this baggage from you know the last forty years although it then. Is out there now every playoff collapse passing it mentions if they lose another game out of our impression gets more more. On top on. I think what's good for them is. Break hoping is probably the most under appreciated superstar goalie Carey. Because he plays a Washington it's a lot of big hockey market. You know they they've never won a Stanley Cup I believe they've been to one the back and vs Detroit in the late nineties. And they just yell until you have that history then Nolan trillion Lafayette they've allowed the fewest goals in the NHL. Yeah 156 headed nation as the fewest in the league I mean haven't satellite I will be shocked have been on the Eastern Conference finals is because. You know all of this stack they have you know. Deep deep offensively that they got a really solid 66 guys on defense and again hoping and he's. He's a superstar he's great he doesn't get rattled the playoffs I mean. The wrote the reason they've lost in the playoffs last few years was not his fault or he's going around that his job. He'll do it again this year they just got to. And I get to at least garner and again be tough to beat but. I'm all of those guys root against them I would love to see you ovitz in golfers daily copies you know he's got a caught now don't they what he's gotten a one conference finally fake and and now what ten years he's played well spent I'd love to see one of the greatest stage will be great for the games you know that this generation's greatest school score. Yeah I think you you're absolutely right never restarted Pittsburgh jumped. Why not 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. In armor on tech's final hour coming up that. Fashion must start soda don't publish my friends I've heard.

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