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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Boston is full of Grand Wizards 3-16-2017

Mar 17, 2017|

Christian discusses the recent comments from Pete Abe and John Tomase about race and the city of Boston. Christian just wants to know why anyone can’t have a conversation that is right down the middle.

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Late night with Christian are can Sports Radio talent. Would that team winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get we're here. However shows late night Sports Radio WEEI air can air eleven are Braden studios mad at the marine on the wheels of steel taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Text messages of 37937. Your tweets at Christian are cans. Get a lot of tweets tonight about this Richard Sherman situation. Mainly for my man Ethan Hunt what are. He's hot after Sherman I just don't think that they have the they have the chance to get term. You get on the phone in and make a phone call if you if you missed it Mike Lombardi said that the Seattle Seahawks would be opened. To treating Richard sure. And I'm sure you know I don't think he just pulled that out of is in on his backside. Lombardi may be a lot of things but I don't think that he just makes stuff up. Any sometimes he omits a lot of things about the ages when he when he added. Tidbit like that I don't think he just comes at an hour. Bite. You know the patriots. I think would have to really goal go the distance to even pursue him at this point. You know you don't have a first round pick to trade. You don't have a second round pick to trade I witnessed how you how you gonna do this they gonna swing this. I know that Seattle needs some help on the O line unit trade morning your tackles I mean I you know there's I start really see others to work. It's interesting to think about but I just don't I don't think it's I don't think it's a realistic possibility. Funny thing about no question. Richard Sherman on the patriots Auld got I would love that. How would absolutely love Richard German on the patriot and I they were to Germans that date. Like getting richer Germans kind of a stupid able to you know what I mean lay out I don't really have a lot of love in my heart for Richard Germans. But I just think he's an interesting guy in eighty speaks his mind and that would be you know an avid Martellus Bennett's gone he could fill that void here on the patriots pull fast. You know and that would be fine I'd be fine with that. He's also a great player. But I mean he's a total date. Number that whole thing what did with the media and all of danger career really Richard Egan and his career as a future. Although we gonna talk to Ed werder from now on okay Richard what are you said. Ribeiro in Thorne went after him in the restaurant during the Super Bowl back in fourteen. Yeah. I do. And I don't think that was a very proud moment Roger Craig explicitly allowed Gerri I do but I thought that was pretty bad omen apologies or becomes if I doubt it. You know Jerry just become a bit richer German fans immediately. And again it's hard not to like Richard Sherman the player it's easy not polite Richard Sherman a guy but eager to Germany guys on likable as he is he's dangerous thing. Now. Imagine him taking the podium after a patriots winner patriots loss for that matter. Insane what was really on his mind. Same way I mean here's a guy who got. In trouble and I use air quotes when I say that is nothing actually happened don't here's a guy who on the sidelines. Was caught on camera ripping into not just the head coach but the offensive coordinator. Over some plays they ran on the goal line in a regular season game. It Pete Carroll centered. Policies like well I like my guys to express themselves. R.s are these present themselves I'm better life than. Well and expressing himself he has been a huge bag. What is offensive player doing talking to the offensive coordinator about anything. And you sit there and say Richard express yourself what do you hope you're feeling. Oh you see your ass at the end of the bench. And if I ever hear or did they get wind of you saying or doing anything like that ever again I'm cut yet. I am intelligent enough capable enough to understand that you are ignorant pompous egotistical. Cream to. Yeah there's none of those adjectives apply to Richard Sherman at all not one of I mean you have to be egocentric narcissistic whatever the hell did you say you have to be at the united in in some ways to be used to viewed. Professional athlete that's why so many of Omar. On the field the you have to be at that way not everybody is a lot of guys are he certainly is and it works for. Is the villainy likes the likes being the bill he backs it up on the with a plan our go to question. You know I listened. If Richard German team the new England's. I doubt him and I would ever share like maneuverable. You know but I would definitely enjoy the Richard Sherman experience in Foxborough I don't I don't see I couldn't. He's great player and he's just such a loose cannon with what he says. They you know we just tried college cup the wall. Which is why I don't think there's any chance that the he's coming here now because of that but because they just don't have that they don't have the chance to make a move for guys like him. I'm put up about Richard Sherman. Let's talk a little bit about this Pete Abraham situation. Now. He gave me is a guy who. I relate to on some levels now before you go crazier let me explain. Our early defeat Abraham in the sense of I'm one of those people on social media and sometimes right here on the very text board that I that I read off of that night. I'll I'll get in the mud you know get out get in the dirt. All wrestle in the mud I'm not I'm not worried about get my clothes dirty. Sometimes the urges stronger than others. Sometimes. A comment or. Insult or something just sets me off and I you know and I just like I can't help but I just get into. Doesn't happen a lot but it happens. Have a routine Abraham seems like all the time and it's been going on for years but did the thing that this thing the other day with a grand wizard if you missed it. There was a have opposed tonight I don't remember it was on CBS I wanna say. Arnie I think was Abrams column may be what but it was about David Price in some replied to it on Twitter saying I think the Red Sox rotation would be better off with out David Price. Pretty hot taker and there. I certainly don't agree with that date. Well whatever someone on Twitter said. And Abraham replied to that Twitter user who is on curtain Callahan this morning that your widely wise. By saying. OK grand wizard. Implying that because. A Red Sox fan. Thought the team would be better off of that David Price. That said Red Sox fan is. Part of it and not even part of with the leader of the Ku klux quite. Little extreme I would say. Right well which a little on the extreme side. It didn't say the Red Sox should. Cleanse themselves of all the African American players they have. He didn't make any sort of reference the David prices ethnicity or race or anything like that Ollie said was. The Red Sox rotation would be better off without David. Which is a tough thing to defend okay. There's a lot of ways you can attack someone who calls with their take like if someone called me right now is that I think the Red Sox to be better off without David Price I would argue with them. Myriad of different points that you could make number one. No they wouldn't. It sounds pretty easy David Price was seventeen games last year. Was he worth 31 million dollars Null or they better off without him. God now of course they're not better off without a stretch last year Greg ten games I think you went seven innings and struck out like ten. Several games in a row now he also ahead. And as streak where he gave up a home run in each start and I think that went on for like ten or eleven starts late. It was up and down it wasn't it wasn't a great year for him. Put it wasn't this abomination that. Would you don't make him a liability here's someone that you don't want on the on the staff by any means. Like howdy how do you get there. Put it someone's got to come with that take. And your going to immediately just throw out okay grand wizard. But what are you what are you doing. Worded where does that come from. This is sort of the problem I was talking about would. With the drug counts he'd Z he'll Elliott decked. Racism exists OK it exists in the country it exists in this region it exists in this city. It exists everywhere. I hate to break it to you folks I know Tony seventeen but the United States of America has not yet solved racism. We're working on it or not there yet. But when you talk about the things that actually need to be discussed when it comes to that that topic. And there are many things. Black people more likely to be pulled over black people more like you know I mean it's just there's there's a lot of ways word racism is still prevalent in society. Put if your beat guy and a high profile one like Peter Abraham. And you're throwing stuff out like that. Over in innocuous comment that had nothing to do with David braces race or ethnicity or anything other than. You know I think the Red Sox would be better off without him. Then you're really I think kind of hurting yourself been hurting what you're trying to say and and whatever. I think Pete Abraham was more interest didn't just sort of put this guy down and actually having a conversation about racism. Are hard to do that on Twitter anyway if you find yourself like you discussion about racism on Twitter you very lost no matter what side you're on. If you're trying to like discuss the new wants of institutionalized. Racist or you know all these these different various things it did people experience and how that. And how that you know aren't. I'll play late you're you're you can't do it on Twitter you really just can't. You can barely do it anyway I mean it's hard it's hard to have those conversations I understand I'm not afraid of them they don't make me uncomfortable. By when years when you're trying to tackle a subject like that. And that cheered that you're jumping off point. The conversation thirty over. And then Johnson mossy with my last night I love Johns the monster. John DiMaggio one of the nicest guys I think it works here. He's been nothing but cool to me since I started here. I enjoy league you know I've done shows with him I've I've spent in rounded Red Sox games in the in the press box or spent time of the I'll jump mossy. Put that whole slave. Comment. About how slave masters had their favorite and that's you know. Somehow comparable the saying well I do I reform will keep bad so I can't be racist. Yeah we know the you can be racist and still root for but quick. You know I Wear. These conversations just they go nowhere we can't possibly be racist because we root. For the blacks you know I'm route I don't care we had a token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything at that I don't wanna. I want to take this too far but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite act I worked the hardest I'll ask dot net I don't I don't like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's talk let's let's ease off on now. I don't wanna take it too far. Said. But there are people who own slaves who said that was my favorite. Those slaves getting paid down forty million dollar. The play baseball. Inner league. It's just it's it the whole conversation just comes to a grinding halt. Its test. And I sort of got his point is this is did lousy thing about it is I sort of know what he was saying can't you can't just say I'm not racist or for Dave birdies. He's really racist if you still say racist things you can still have anger towards minorities in your heart. And root for David Ortiz to Pedro Martinez from -- bad to Jackie Bradley junior Zander Bogart or whoever. But this is more of a. This to me anyway with David Price. Speaks to I think more of a general. Clash of attitudes that has less to do with the racism and I think more to do with. Just personalities not really lining up. David Price if he was white if he was Hispanic if he was Asian if he was anything. And had sort of this perspective in this personality in in inserted in around. This lack of success in the post season effort for that matter. I think would be getting treated exactly the same way. I honestly don't. I don't think that there is. And in terms of food is Red Sox fan base as a whole. Aside from may be a couple of knuckle heads here and there. I don't think that there is some sort of you know. Underlying. Not quite on the surface. Mentality of Red Sox fans. That well you know David Price he's just not gonna make it your disease to these black. David phrases race in I've talked about David tried to read Sartre view all last year. Not all last year but a lot last year. And in about two to three months worth of her recharge your views last year. David Price is race never came up once. And if it had a problem when those entertain the conversation for very long either because it's just so ridiculous. Racist guy goes to a gaming yell summit price. That's awful like I should be kicked out of the game and never allowed back into. But the idea that it's some sort of reflection on the entire fan base and not only that. But that you can then sort of extended the well you know you can still be racist and root for minority yet so widely that doesn't. That matters about as much as one guy in the crowd yelling something at is at play you know what I mean like that doesn't matter either. And when it comes to. Also why people go to patriots games mostly white people Red Sox game Celtics game Bruins games I mean. You know that's just the demographics of this area. But if there was real you know if there was real racism. In the air in those buildings. You know people would notice it in people would talk about it and it wouldn't just be blown off is something these people would just be insensitive or you're just being you know percent. It would be it would be discussed. There'd be a lot more I think to it than just. You know the average is that aside joke on ESPN. Her tweet by. It would come a lot from here there's a lot of people in this region who are very liberal and who will look for those sorts of things. In the fact that they don't come up over and over again tells me it's not really that bigger problem. Is it. Completely fixed as he completely tears racism you know solve the Boston no it's not solved anywhere certain places or worse than others of course. Put it this was something that was really. A major problem people people around here would make a much bigger deal about it I think. As opposed to just bringing it up for fodder on in on talk shows. And use and it didn't throw jabs in at Boston sports science. That's just my take six point 77797937. Let's go to Stephen employment base David. Or. When you talk about Butler. When dictator here card situation there is pretty reasonable rules well. You know I kind of feel like the patriot Larry. You know that being stubborn currency they would know wanna give in to a restricted create and and paying the money doesn't it or set a precedent you know I mean right. But you know when you look at your Toro pictures. Organ player looking for two years April low level so so that you get the next one coming. You know they're they're not gonna qualify at a certain. My. You know the American ever the next retreat next restricted created equal and being. This David Martin. Of the unique situation room registered patient. You know but there's Carter on this one in particular they're afraid. In law although restrict utensils and yeah well mobile world. Well then they can be afraid that if they want to be that stupid Stephen because even if they do. The patriots just like they are right now are under no obligation to bend anyone's well. And if they do make an exception right now that's not gonna mean anything for restricted free agent in the future. Marcus cannon got extended this year Rob Gronkowski gotten extension in two years ending his time here I mean. They've they've done this before it's not like they haven't paid people early before they've done before I think about color guide it's worthy of an exceptionally that. Yeah but that it didn't at a lower rate mean maybe not markets and by. He gets. It is allies Laura salute the McLaren admitted. I did just that from the are really just to lose mountain Butler over the Cuban negotiators in the right. Well they haven't lost yet there's you know we'll sit and they have lost and yet they put a deal together with New Orleans than. Maybe that'll be differently if if if they if he'd if they can't if they can't agree to terms Boller a B back. May just be for one year going to be back to four million dollars which is a bargain for player of his stature not as much of a bargain is better for the first three seasons but. A bargain on the last. They bring him back for for that they got a great secondary going to be stacked this year if he comes back. So we'll cross that bridge when we get there injures an April Voyager. As you're. I look at what appealed to him and his general level. The brewers in the market which has not indicative of you know of a way that it this season ago we have reaching the playoffs there's about Bieber and I would obviously awful. I don't region of that got let you know how could you not apologize in any way in order to measure that has privately say you know that's what that's pretty far as in between them. Think you know what let's watch retreated to which is what won't equipment like it as something of you well. Yeah you know he's just going along like everything's fine my parents are all set about and I mean his mentions are urged a mine field you think. Everything that tweets about it says you viewed click on any of these tweets since that happened. Every single one is just people needling him about the grand wizard day and that's what it yeah. Obviously I mean what what would you think was gonna happen. Yet another one and you got some on the growth. Yeah I like is you know obviously you know. I don't you know no doubt some formula and obviously it's been rocked resolute political and to catch the the outlook like a running got off and into the gonna gonna gonna jump out like you know deep astronomy Lazard. You know are sort of are apparently a little bit and when you play teams like the Oilers well I'll let escalating ever you know it up drop in the eighteenth with the capitals. You're waiting softens you know and now your pension your budget question at all costs will be in super aggressive for lack of what you really talented offensive schemes in this images. I think it you know. A day and they got you know part of that. Yeah this is this is ugly it's in the or about a minute thanks for the call manager about a half minutes left Bruins trailing seven the four. But yeah I mean bad night for two arrested defense is brutal. And down we gad yeah and if they if they're able to say come back to make this a game here in the last eight minutes that would be something that. This is a this is a bad night for the Bruins and Edmonton let's go to markets who is in Maine before the break LaMarcus. As a board member of the show thank you Marcus woods up. I do what are called law. I want out I'm a black art then called border rate bought back and Brooklyn New York. And to be honest I don't know carrier motivate you a little bit I moved to California. And to be honest the first come out encountered racism and aren't in California voters that. And then there's this whole notion of epic org about guys don't understand. And we are and aren't suitable for him. I had a don't get the notion and that's really on the it's really hard commuter art treatment under under control. How all the artwork. So I admire I see you've misplayed bus and you're out like Mecca right. Yeah okay we are part of Mecca were you're part of a program. OK so I mean BS of the busing in the seventies that was that was a much different thing Mexico is. Mexico is a lot you know that was I was like busing light really I was in I was around Tyler down the suburbs they're Mexico and you know that that had its issues obviously there was nothing like busing in the seventies and that's a lot I think where the Boston reputation comes from and. Right and so has this industry go are getting out of order certain sensitive part. Being black. Where for example are remote wonder what record you know would represented in the circular throw a total Obama or. Albert woke and then they'll continue to borrow the rent and I have been very narrow the time I'd like Meredith and Marion made the top place. Ordered to pay them pretty ordinary American took micro. The red card in and out Gordon you know I went in that regard but this I think they're more. Racism and our other city Utah mall don't seem to be racist. And it was the notion that we know well Martin Jones or Israel to Garrett the even makes no. Cummins order that this expert welcome in the straw and everybody's got. I walked into a bar in May and about our. And I don't know who would bombard our food could have been looking. Yeah and to the regular command and they're used to go big moment of great. I haven't been simply let's go to what got walker and at Bart Scott could have never seen America. Right yeah and also I mean you also got a crazy governor up there neckties or piece of work will change it there yet clear what a scumbag that guy is. If you're if you're blood everywhere Kuerten whoever covered by as Paul media. You know whatever. What are corporate and recover their you have a better script where it can treat their workers in the same way then you do competitive. Now you know mark she makes some good points thanks for thanks for checking and they'll be stranger. Act markets in Maine there was some with some insight into the Toppert I've been opining. For the testaments or 6177797937. Your phone number quick break we're back after the death of. Oh on Sports Radio W. I wanted to take this too far but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite back I worked the hardest I'll ask docket I don't I don't like that language this idea that I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist Lanka OK let's let's talk let's. With ease off on that. He's probably as sporting event and it's awesome people pushing each other. And he intervened. I couldn't go to jail and. Six on 77797937. Man the marine put their journeys together nice work. Well the plan and I'm going too far in this tonight they. I don't know. There's a lot of ways that this conversation can just go so far off the rails. Any can be productive it can be entertaining can be you know. One of those conversations he gets people all pissed off colony and espousing their point of view. And I think the DA's ultimately you know if if it's something you care about if it's omni feel strongly about one way or another. Where do you feel like you know racism is in professional sports is something instilled really exists and is prevalent and should be stopped and you know whatever than you gotta have a better example than. Abraham hurried and even Hamas either. If you think that it's you know something it's not worth talking about at all. I think those people Iran to have. And it just seems like everyone's sort of dug their heels in so much that it made I struggle sometimes to find anyone who wants to just discuss it on a in the middle somewhere. In on no one really wants that no one really wants to meet in the middle on this. And I get it through because sometimes people try and meet in the middle that ends up being stupid though. A great example. Ayers Tony thirteen. That LL cool. Called accidental racist. Ever hear that saving and find that. Sony's un believable. I think it's Brad Paisley. Maybe it's somebody at the country singer and a local here. And they did this on or it's basically it's a guy white guy and a black guy trying to meet in the middle on race relations and you know the 21 century. And it is so embarrassed posts it's I mean it's one of the more it was one of the most embarrassing things ever people forgot about that song but I didn't forget. I did not forget that's not. They were down. Skiing in error. My day. More us. This could take needs good fellows fellows first. Cooled LL cool. If you can forget about my gold chains I'll forget about the iron chains. Oh yeah it was. Balancing its goal they're still with some. Wasn't there was certainly a monster in the sound file. Once we came in the previous labor and memo could feel like in new fangled jingle dogs and a busy life. Don't wind downwind and my opinion is not a home loan against your mobile it's just an incumbent on the the saints play their hair when I see them grab. If you don't judge might do rag I won't judge your red flag means. I understand what was going on there. I don't know I decided bring a sign up your probable. Songs like four or five years old. It was embarrassing for everybody I think everybody came out of that looked a little dumber ticket and I didn't with but you know I. We tried we tried to have a conversation wasn't just one guy dig in his heels and on one side that racism doesn't exist as some other guy and the other side calling everybody Klansman. You know played well. That just makes things so much worse just loss of respect for all of I'd never heard that sound or on duty gets worse and you know so it did that was just. It one point he goes if you don't judge my gold chain off forget about the iron change. They wait a minute when we rarely. See it. Your gold chain is the same as slavery like let's kick it. LL cool. More so than even Paisley did. But both of them ended up looking kind of dumped. It's heart like you know I just said it's tough to have these conversations on Twitter it's really hard to have those conversations in a rock rap hybrid countries are. Like that's at a forum for that. At least they tried. They tried did meet in the middle somewhere. Our biggest such a stupid song like that a million times over what these conversations usually are. Always conversations usually go RJ cell insufferable. And I had a you know maybe this isn't. I don't know I can't a incidents. I saw that tweet from Abraham and I just thought Hungary go again. You know this is not gonna and well and it didn't and Hamas seats a mossy I consider to be a thoughtful guy. Who doesn't just say things just the same to be outrageous. And I know people disagree and a lot of people are still pissed off at him over the spy gate thing but I Don not I mean that was along time ago on these. Sponsored great work sense then but. Page. Listen slave owners probably had their favorite lake was less. How is that relevant. And his point was decent and just a terrible way to make it. They can say air item. Rooted for Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz and then still go out and harass somebody deferred aired color of their skin I mean that's you know certainly it. I think they can happen right to throw of slavery violence on people other favorite slaves like come on. I root for jango. I don't think there was room for winner DiCaprio on them or. Bless your real label. Might even have a Boston room for a. Anyways that's that's that's all a pretty much have to say about that 6177797937. Your phone number. About a minute left looks like the Bruins are going to taken out here tonight in Edmonton. We'll discuss that with rear admiral when he gets here. Com. In the meantime I've a couple of Celtics thoughts as a matter of fact they're not at all race related they have nothing to do with racism Merck the race of the players or anything else. Just some good old fashioned basketball talk we'll do that next don't go anywhere as late on Sports Radio WEB. Sports you're talking with Christian art can make college Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Beck hears late nights were trading at WE higher in here with you. Going strong till 2 in the morning be joined in about ten minutes by rear admiral Marshall sports WEEI dot com. Get his take on this Bruins game which is now gone final Bruins lose to the Oilers by a final score of seven to four. A putrid. Defensive effort from the Bruins should end to arrest tonight. And we'll get into that with the general when he gets here. And at twelve midnight in the meantime Celtics are off tonight but I did have a thought. On that what's going on with them. Too little pieces of news one and Kershaw on yet we Sele. As signed with the red claws. I thought it was going to be the other guy. Thought it was going to be GGQ. But it turns out that Yahoo! Sally is gonna be the one who gets the call I don't think he's gonna make it to the big team at any point this season they're hoping a plane main. But overall good sign I liked it I like that things are moving along with and the other thing. Isiah Thomas bone bruise in his right knee he's gonna miss tomorrow night against Brooklyn and he's gonna miss Sunday's game against the 76ers. Is this drastic no I don't think so. But I do wanna see this team play without Isaiah. Not because I think that they're going to be better that it's gonna be one of those situations where you take the best player out all the sun. The team realizes they're team and they spread the scoring and they get all these assists and they totally changed our hosts file and it works great form they should be able to beat the Brooklyn nets with the main red claws. Starting and it is in the starting five. Did I may read clock should be able to beat the Brooklyn nets so wit without Isaiah Thomas tomorrow night should be went. That Philadelphia game. And I know sixers earn anything special. They've lost wide. Six out of their last seven sun probably worse than that I think. They seem like a team that was kind of scrappy one point but then they you know kind of just. Through all the winds traded Garland so well for nothing. And it. Are now sort of just floating in the floated in the ether. I wanna see other Celtics play without Isaiah Thomas against a team like that. It seemed that even though they traded a while even knowing bead is is. Injured and they treated Ilyasova deriving they got rid everybody. They at all these power for as Karen everyone. So maybe that's not a great example wait. I just I wanna see is Celtics without Isaiah Thomas what that looks like. And how they can operate because I got news for you folks. We're trending towards a future without Isaiah Thomas. Maybe not immediately. By it I'm not thinking there's any hope for a long term. Snapshot of the Celtics that has Isiah Thomas and and I think they're kind of sucks honestly I've been listening all dated people talk about well. In it's too bad they eased shortened in the playoffs short guys are good and just all the stuff and I you know. I feel like number one people were really downplaying what Isiah Thomas has done this year and how he's been doing it first the walked. And I don't know if that's sort of doses. It could be a combination I think. It could be people you know maybe not watching the game very closely. It could be people watching the games but also not really watching the rest of the league in knowing how these other MVP's candidates are playing. But whatever it is you know Isiah Thomas is then he's answered the bell this year. He's turned himself into a legitimate superstar. To be an MVP candidate this year. Is not just the united attic you that you can't just blow that off like it's no big deal. The NBA so stacked with talent right now. More so than. I'm trying to think of another time. I everybody's heard of remembers the ninety's and parts of the eighties and nano people my age in particular. Well go on and on about him Paul Pierce Vince Carter Tracy McGrady level Alain ninety's basketball in the early two thousands I get it. And I'm right there with yet I remember those years very fondly so. Early two thousands more so I think that was there is a real explosion a talent right there. In the 98992000. Draft when those start to come in and they started you know these players started. Make it their march. The 1996 NBA draft is one of the best of all time. I was Iverson and Steve Nash. Kobe Bryant Marbury in swan I mean I was Jermaine O'Neal right now visited crazy good draft. And errors are real sort of at the end of the ninety's beginning in 2000 just major explosion of talent in the league. Everyone took notice of and I think that's happening here again. But the difference is they. Around that time it was the end of the Jordan there. There wasn't necessarily that person handoff to. Like LeBron was still a few years away. You know there is Jerry Stackhouse is in the Vince Carter's and some of these guys that were kind of anointed they were gonna be the next. The next player but it didn't really work out form. But now. You have here. Superstar you have your LeBron. You also have. Guys do you consider his peers she didn't really consider anybody to be Jordan's peer. Pretty much his entire career news. You know. Dominique will tell you there wasn't really anyone that you looked dead in sight yet he's on he's on Jordan's level Jordan was on the level all zone and some could argue that LeBron is due but it's hard to do that when you are Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double. It's hard to do that when you have James Harden third in the league in scoring leading the league in assists. It's hard to do that when you know the borders are doing what they're doing and you know Anthony Davis is doing he's doing and all these guys I mean there's just so many guys. And Isiah Thomas is right that next. And to act play just because he's leading the way that doesn't matter lead in the eastern convert to score yes it does matter. It does matter is that means consistency. Isiah Thomas hasn't been. You know hurting the team with the scoring and that's happened before. Look at New York the New York Knicks had a great scorer Carmelo Anthony he wrote that to. In a lot of ways. That was a team when Anthony got hurt Lindsay do you remember that I mean it that was the that was a real thing. And that's why an interest in seeing with the Celtics look like without Isaiah Thomas and I think that's gonna opens in people's eyes. Even against the team like Brooklyn who sucks worse than almost any team has ever sucked before okay. Brooklyn nets have twelve wins they're pathetic. Watch us all the way without Isaiah. Watch other play the 76ers that Isaiah and I say and I know how it's gonna go. But I under sail watch it because that's gonna be what word what we all experience here. In the mark hill faults or the you know what to get ball mellow ball. Lamar Lamar now Lamar is a dead Lavar as the Lavar is the damn lies salons on law. And his little Brothers the one Mallory. The Jeter shot like ninety threes and a game in high school. Before to be enacted seamer. Afghan. The only other person ever touched the ball guy inbounds it. You know everybody's fight they inbound the ball in the snow and also reduce the budget. Inbound the ball a guy takes it over half court puts up a sub like a half court shot unlike every possession. God that would suck. We got blown out their high school tournament so. I think he missed like twenty threes and making. Anyway. If that's the future they geared sort of looking towards. Keep the pick. Deal Isaiah and let's go to the future okay. I can see that be in the way to go I think it in Thomas is great as he is this year who knows what that shelf life going to be like. He's not super young he's not you know he's 28 years old. 128 year old guy that that size be you know be good for. 345 more years. Are you comfortable giving him a Max contract I am. I absolutely am I give Isiah Thomas Max contract right now. And field nothing about it you know I'd feel absolutely fine. He was you can't win a championship would just him and or free yea or you probably can't but if you have those two guys locked out. Jalen brown becoming whatever he becomes only saw him before the other day with the market Smart. She would see if that's anything. We got those two guys locked in and then these rookies. I just hours or feel like that's kind of the same thing in our bringing in Paul George and are bringing Jimmy Butler. The locking up Isaiah and having all of these guys we don't have to really commit financially to offered three or four years. Which would be the length of a Max contract for Isaiah in the NL or for want to do that. Just I don't I don't see why that's something that. You know it's freaked people out. OK give Isaiah Max contract he's too small. He's leading the Eastern Conference in scoring he's averaging six assists. If that guy doesn't get a Max contract who gets a Max contract. 6177797937. The phone number 37937. Your number on tax. Quick break when we return a rear admiral here and we'll talk with him about this Bruins game and about whatever else happens to be on his mind that's coming up next here on late night.

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