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Gronk Vs Zeke - It's Not About Racism. 3-16-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Mut breaks down the racism vs reality situation between Gronk and Ezekiel Elliot, and why it's not about the color of their skin it's about their actions. Callers give their opinions and "over-the-top" First javascript:document.getElementById('goToNext').value='true';document.getElementById('doCancel').value='false';document.getElementById('mainForm').submit();Take options are heard.

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Use these modest nine. Yeah. You think you're next year's Super Bowl a team that has the game all wrapped up instead call into running plays and kicking a field all gonna call you passive lazy again. Well I think yeah. Think retake after we take part in the one lying. No I think he has been busy. Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W. Lot of nice Sports Radio WE ER the patriots have been the big topic first couple of hours we'll continue it. Up until 10 o'clock with your phones at 61777979837. Taxed any time 37 at. 9837. Always on Twitter at mutt and UTW we yell get to more of your tweets. In these next couple hours up until 10 o'clock balls keep you updated. On the NCAA turnabout worry once seed is any battle Villanova and mount Saint Mary's third to 29 there at the half. Nobody she picked by many to get back to the final four maybe the national championship so. We'll keep an eye on that one in and I promise to you tonight. If there are buzzer beater opportunities. Hi games one possession games label go to them we did so I say. Mildly successfully. With some mild success. In the Vanderbilt game early as northwestern Vanderbilt had a he was shot three quarter court three to weighted it did not go. We went to the first buzzer beater opportunity in that game a little bit late. But now we got it down. Jason I've made the eye contact we know how we're gonna handled this thing so. In today's late gains these games are at halftime second half right now and the next hour or so get close late. You'll hear them right here on W week united is that is what or about courtesy Westwood One a you'll not miss a freaking beat. The best part of the rackets are many people other brackets themselves. The second best part is the buzzer beaters I don't want to miss them you'd wanna miss then we'll bring them here to you one WEEI locally. Yeah Vermont tonight I keep saying you know he ignored Vermont. They are secondly a local team there are certainly listeners. In Vermont to listen to Red Sox baseball in sports talk your on WEEI. They are playing as we speak. On airplane wealth 3535. With Purdue made it to go on the first doubt that tomorrow. You get you RI against Creighton Ali the afternoon. I'll get back your phone calls here to second I do bring up this story because this'll be. Added to the pile. We have this up pilot stories where writers try to bring race into sports. We had it yesterday repeated Abraham. Last night we John to mossy yesterday Max Kellerman. Last month of lemon tart a body Jones X venture. We haven't again would David Whitley of the Orlando sentinel columnist there. Who wrote the headline if Ezekiel Elliott or Rob Gronkowski. We'd be laughing it off. He says let's play game imagine. Imagine if Ezekiel Elliott's history including countless displays of public intoxication. Videos of him gyrating his pelvis into women getting naked exposed himself to bikini clad babe and GQ photo spread a organizing a party cruise. Where autograph women's bottoms. Brass and who's knows what else. Imagine on top of that Elliot had been on a rooftop bar last weekend watching an early Saint Patrick's Day parade. As he sipped a beer he watched a woman. Teased the crowd below by pointing to Berkeley which cleavage. Swept up in the spirit of the occasion he yanked twice at her top and exposed her breast. Now imagine that have been another NFL superstar. You know all we say wrong wrong wrong. That would be Rob Gronkowski. America's favorite tight end slash party animal. What's the difference being rock and Zeke. Writes David Whitley in Orlando sentinel. Gronkowski is never been accused of criminal Ron dual wrongdoing but that's the big strike against Elliott right now accusations. His ex girlfriend made the but the Columbus, Ohio police didn't press charges due to insufficient evidence. The NFL stop relying on police report on go to adjudicate such cases. Mentions Ben Roethlisberger centric center. Which begs the question he writes what standard is Rob Gronkowski held to. The NFL can amid a happy with a porn star Bibi Jones treated picture of herself and 87 patriots Jersey. A miracle always loved animal house not a reference there. And gronkowski has become our real life brutal like taos ski within zero point zero GPA. Everything is justified is crawled being grown. That's the other key difference he says Nellie. All gronkowski is encounters appear consensual. Even if consent came after the fact. Elliott victim appeared to laugh office first yank but the second time she slap at his hand at. Before flashier cleavage the crowd. Everybody criticizing. Rightly criticizing Elliott says doesn't matter who was upset and football player turned her into a Plato and the NFL holds players to a higher standard than the average bar fly should it matter that gronkowski cavalcade of plate toys were upset. Sure but only to a point. He finishes I'm not sure where the point is. But I wouldn't blame Elliott for imagining that if he were gronkowski. We all be yeah working this off. As another stop on the wrong party to war. That angry black man compared to thought about that accident why dinosaur thought. This is the exact same segment. They had yesterday on first take in fact I will give David Whitley. A little more credit he wrote this on set march 14. So this actually appeared the day before. The first taste that first pick segment. Kellerman. Speaks exactly brought this about with the same crap that elements of last night. It's the same stuff. Well we juxtapose this over here. And that we. Conclude this I'm not saying that are really saying. What David Whitney saying. And what Max Kellerman said is that because Rob Gronkowski is white. He gets away with more this county that's explain to me again what the hell is Kellerman talking about yesterday. Just because there are differences there. Doesn't mean that this also doesn't play into stereotypes. Now we agree Steve today there is a difference here. It's not a double standard in this case what did those calls to mind. A double standard in terms of stereo types there is a stereo type. All of the good natured party guy like from animal house or more recently old schooler movie like that. And it's all in harmless fun. Assists. He bird didn't read it black. Menace seeing. Criminal. Under a kind of undertone of it all which may be it and although I agreed to details don't match. On here but is often applied. And therefore because. Crock sits the first stereotyped and Zito is kind of I wouldn't say being pigeonholed into the second stereotype but it is called to mind. Juxtaposed to drop I think that. At issue is yet doesn't apply in this case given the deep tales what it does call to mind. I still two days after the fact have no clue what Max Kellerman is trying to say there. I do know this there is a difference between. Do you Rob Gronkowski incidents that are mentioned Andy is he he'll Elliott incident that we saw on Saint Patrick's Day. The woman did not ask for what Ezekiel Ellie was doing whether she laughed at it or not even as David Whitney points out. Every grunt thing you have seen. Including the one that keeps getting references Las Vegas incident where he motor boats a female patron. The motor boat is welcomed. With open arms quite frankly and a drink in the right hand of the woman in the video. Rosie you Eliot's getting his hands locked away for this one. And somehow it wrong did this. He would not be kept in the same flak he's what he's out of his mind. It's an NFL player pulling down a short of a woman at a parade looted appear to do it. I don't care where Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady is that you Elliot he would have taken flak for. The same way LB it's taking flak for. It is not a black or white issue. It's a visual issue. I do not believe people are being more critical of Elliot because of his skin color in this case he pulled down this woman shirt. As she slapped it away here's the other part. As far as I can tell Rob Gronkowski ever been a vault in any sort of a domestic incidents off the field. Ezekiel Elliott hands. In Ohio. Female acquaintance of Eliot filed to police reports with the Columbus police accusing Elliott of abusing her for several days in July before not at least when he first birthday. The woman said she was Elliott's girlfriend and live with him LE denied that. But said he had paid for rent and co sign on her vehicle. The same automated similar allegation to Florida police several months before according to police report first came by USA today. Were you told officers who arrived at Elliott's apartment February he would pushed her against the wall injured left shoulder. There are no viable signs of injury and a woman declined to go to hospital. Elliott told police the woman became angry over social media incident. And upset because she was asked to leave his apartment. There were no criminal charges filed I wanna point that out he's not facing criminal charges. The city of Columbus said that they would not pursue. Domestic violence charges. But they did ask for information. And that's why the biggest part of the story the biggest part of stories people are bending over backwards to defend Zeke you Ellie. What what what are we doing here. We are again. Invoking race here because he's black. We're getting on his case report this woman's shirt down. It's in public it's a part everybody was stupid thing to do. If somehow that got does that relate to Rob Gronkowski everything now. Every time someone does something you NFL it somehow comes factor wrong. And how broad is treated. And how. How broad is reprimanded. What Guam does. And it's ridiculous. Animal house reference. You keep getting it while lump all these things together or do the stupid thing work while they're all the same labels saying they know. Ron motor boating a woman who is. Can. Basically asking for it. And smiling in approval as the incidents happening burst a woman slapping Whaley its hand are completely different. You don't need a race to. Talk about either one. And that's the big difference to write the biggest difference is Ezekiel Eliot there's an ongoing investigation into possible possibly criminal behavior. And there is nothing like that for Brock. That part I guess I'd agree with but I just look at the incident itself. Look at the video the two incidents. It has to do with the actual visual of it and the reaction the woman look at the video in a look at they face the woman in the ground video. As she is laughing and welcoming the. The motor boat. They know look at easy to Eliot video. Where the woman. Looks like short any or else. Parts of that video the side having here are short taken down and an allegation that so it. It's OK because they eat at the publicist said that a woman and Nellie went out. After this thing. And that's that is a spin zone right there. I just I am at this point now it is came up appear Abraham. This came up with. Max Kellerman yesterday. I hate the were injecting race into everything when it's much easier than that. You ought to relate everything back to a white player or a black player. Don't go calling out people on Twitter because they don't like a David Price got the call that racist. You're allowed to say easy to Elliott what he did. Is not good at without saying well by the way in crop dated we'd be OK with it. It wouldn't matter who did at that point. God that pisses me off. And the author of this column and it's in the Orlando sentinel. And the headline is it easy Hugh Elliot Rob Gronkowski re laughing it off that's the headline. As graduate big chunk of it. They'll be on Kirk and talent tomorrow at 9 am. I guess so explain the how this works. And why you felt like the that it is it you Elliott was getting criticized for something that of crawled would have been laughed I just I don't buy that. I don't it's it's being lazy try to compare what crawl Kaz side done publicly in the past and what Elliott did they are mighty different. 61777979370. Is your phone number Steve in Miami on the patriots and their quarterbacks I Steve. I don't like to see the good hockey now. You're currently nine Ers. Need to. And Europe. And one. Usually Asia thank you thank you. Well all. You see it is written. And it. Odd that. Again. I'm not say we should add our second and we Atmel. Not in Atlantic. Beckett had few second. Belichick isn't it. Might be. I would. It was sweet. Economy. C. Gilmore dish on. Tax this year. I think you gluten so great yeah it. So I killed him if he. And I am so tired of heavy. You must go all the movies. In the sentinel and actors. And we're talking about it. Yeah he's got a history now doing this and thanks for the call tonight Steve in fact there is a post up on odd WEEI dot com I believe the headline. Is the three most ridiculous. Things Mac element is said in fact obligate the headline right Max Kellerman is three stupidest. Patriot hot takes. Byron and Alex rumor. With Tom Brady's going to be a bomb in short order being one bill bella jackal retire next season number two and then recently number three all we're talking about tonight. The racial double standard between AZ Hugh Elliot and Rob Gronkowski. Forgetting the fact again that the NFL's investigating Elliott for domestic violence. Rock has done nothing in his career. So you can understand the coverage being different David Whitney or Max Kellerman. Boys will be boys does not apply to a guy facing domestic charges. Or charged for domestic violence. Being a party animal. Bull a brutal blow to our ski. Does not apply when your ex live in girlfriend and said he threatened her. I get angry over things on social media and you push against the wall. Rock has keg parties Ron Kaz ID it's against and it's wrong has boat crew all that stuff gold is resonating. Not a sniff sniff of assault that's why it's different David. Now now it's all all it's it's busy why all oh of course. Has nothing do would be background of each guy and the criminal record and each guy or assault charge of each guy. This what does come through now. What offend guys in new skin color instead of looking at I don't know all rap sheets or potential rap sheets. In the case of these two players. Chara lies in Maine he's on WEEI tonight Jeremiah. Even the audience and our thanks. I couldn't do we get more on the other dropped Eliot saying I I don't think she crucified Elliot he's young kid. And I have you read the article about a month Backus fathers got concerned that young kid that sheltered out in his state public. But. Wet. Where it rates become such issues and the last three or yours accelerated it becomes this. Because there's this point of reference which in this case. It. It doesn't apply here you are injecting race into a situation word does not apply look at the odd track records of both guys. Where you with Rob Gronkowski there is nothing not a sniff of quibble salt not a stiff allegations. There is zero zilch nada with Elliott. Yes of these recently last year in Ohio where a girlfriend made a claim to police and charges were pressed at that point but made it claims she was pushed against a wall in an apartment. I was last year. But none out because he is because it's he's getting is getting too much criticism Jeremiah because he's black. I'd say I've seen both videos. And I don't care what your skin color is. Elliott's video looks on consensual. Where gronkowski is motorboat and video looks consensual and it just it. Not that it play funnier but it's it's that black and white consensual verses on consensual. That's how looks to me and I it looks like it's as some won't bore down on tax of 379371. Looks. Like it's sexual assault. The other looks like four. And the three that that is a fair break down a ball. Like I don't remembered that people were going easy on Josh Brown because he was white. They were burying this guy. Because he chases wipe out of hotel room at the global. The offensive end because who's white. Court extra hard and great hard because he's black it was corporate out on a hotel guns. This should be a pretty simple one a to not inject race into I act I can't wait to hear this guy's example of why he even relegated duet. When he joins the show tomorrow. Because the examples he mixed sock in his column. Much like Kellerman yesterday when he tries to bring it up. 61777979837. Your form you guys can explain it to me. You know how how race plays in this tie INS is. Ortiz. Gray areas that it's not a gray area. I don't see any race either way I see one guy would they track record and one guy who has been at. Yes they party boy yes and animal house type character. Kellerman. But zero issues off the field. It's about what's your falls Mike France SA is defending himself. Buries bad Brackett talked yesterday that later on in the hour and your calls until ten right here on Sports Radio WEE. Motorboat he could motorboat. It's always a safe bet wouldn't mind at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Brock was also not been as public complaints he's in a borrower could look like a club dimly lit compared to a public paraded everything. And she put her hand behind his head at a certain point weighed it but. You could also argue that people have like once you're in that position you do that because it gives the appearance of being consensual therefore less humiliating. I wouldn't make that argument in this case it doesn't appear that way to me. But that argument can be made. It's also it's not just consensual in this case it appears and not necessarily the case. We Z it's also the issue of it being very public to me. All Max Talbot continued to do is talk himself in circles. On this crap. Day in and day out what it night Sports Radio WEEI. Reading David what is home again. He says double Ben Roethlisberger. Is accused of sexual assault back in 2010 Georgia authorities. Did not press charges Roger Goodell suspended Roethlisberger. And sent him a letter with this warning. You are held to a higher standard and his NFL player. David Whitley has the balls to right this begs the question what standard is gronkowski held to. So it is he trying to compare Ben Roethlisberger. Basically locking a woman into a bad Thurman Georgia. To Rob Gronkowski party antics what the hell are we talking about. He's already try to prepare wrong too rosy hue Elliott last time I checked. Crockett not exposed any woman's. Brass in public any point. I'm Sherry sign to many privately. Right I'm sure the motor boating incident. Has happened dozens of times. It appears consensual. The slapping of the is that you only hand a way to reach the exact opposite. And then Whitney makes the leap of comparing Ben Roethlisberger to rob what standard. Is Rob Gronkowski held to. I don't know suspend when he commits assault maybe. Or punish him when he. Does have an against league rules so far hasn't happened. He's got being investigated for assault David ICQ Ellie is. The cowboys running back is exposing them a deep breath civil woman. Publicly. That's the difference. Artistic doesn't. Doesn't make any sense to me. I just I have a hard time and it's I'd I'm not Smart enough to get it I guess is the situation. I'm not Smart don't understand why race injected into these situations where. It doesn't appear to be necessary. It's a it's almost too. It's so easy one make it complicated now. I I don't get 61777979837. The phone number honestly did the Whitley peace is terrible. The beyond tomorrow 9 AM with Kirk in Cali and Allison a car Alex drug WE ya. Well there are multiple issues going on right now you know that Peter Abraham story. Of racial. Included in everything. Why why Alex why they'll help you outline. It's. It's easy it's inflammatory. And it's lazy. Okay that's the word lazy yes. Everybody I think you know nobody take. Into consideration about any any. 4 o'clock it's not even in the picture. Only thing I'm upset about quad is the fact that he does let Eddie purchased back you know what I say it but he had admitted get good lighting. What allowed six months. But he gets dragged into this picture because this video of him doing something. Armed there's also other racial issues I mean you know our if you want to be really. Slight ridge racial issue does say that Michael Vick got. Harsher sentence or killing dogs OK but because that would killing dogs. Nobody would let him go great but a lot of people that that it is something that is audit a cultural. And I. Black communities of cash and. Andy did a lot of things like that but you know exciting race I look at Pete Abraham I have no idea. Why Peter Abraham and accused. His Twitter follower of being eighty you know telling you know. Jake being a grand grand wizard Alex yeah. Because it it's easy it's easy to. You'd pick and appointed the guy I would not he's saying that they've prices but you know maybe not meant to played Boston because you know he can't win any games. But that has nothing to do with the race and I don't know why Peter Abraham brought it up. It's also it's also out and say you blow up a lot of good words and and lazy is a great when Alex and thank your call tonight. It's also pandering right and it's trying to is trying to make yourself face sympathetic figure. Every mr. David Whitley it reads like look at me I am I'm progressive. IC coloring this when no one else does wolf doesn't it doesn't have to be fair. It's simple. One guy was consensual one guy wasn't one was very public one was one wasn't. One guy's got a history of at least being charged with assault and being investigated one guy doesn't. What does black or white have to do with it. Who who weird what do you what do you try to prove Wright issue proved that your. All forward thinker. The you're defending. The black culture. I I don't know I cannot wait to this he would David Whitley says tomorrow. And explains how he saw race in this thing. Zack and cars Acura WE yeah. Eight. Expert. So I thought. You know I got are. You. And 88. Well. Well I think that hot. People are shocked. That put everything old yeah. That people people are out. Period that it. Why were still talking about it because. Controversial issue because. You know Americans. And there. Are out. And in. And read that problem and I think that. Dispatcher at the I think that done. You got you got two sides to make it people ought to be everything racial issue. They've got a political issue in general you're here you're on our our left or whatever else I wanna be on. And they're still kind of looking back to respect. But in this case that I hear you but in this case where at where's the evidence that we are viewing. Elliott differently because of race. That's what my question we're. So it's what I saw an ironic at high island EQ that are heard about it when it immediately. And I thought blurred out girls aren't yet I hear it in mind you but my best friend in L major cabinet. I got ornament that spread out a black man and on the spot father and daughter I'm I'm kinda caught between two things. I mean that it did that the the the the Eliot video Zach is is is Ezekiel LE reaching over Tug the pulled out on the tank top woman said. To expose aggressive public yeah. I watched that and from what I saw it honestly it would be it could I would never do. You know you didn't get it might connection. That's per count and that that much like I'm. But at the end time trial at all and I'll what I try to act like a huge problem doctor is that people were he to do. Yet it like everything black light. I so what's the what's the other side Zach I EC you're saying you would do what's the other side. My question is is it. Is there eagle or that he got yours so it wouldn't be equity. You know Acker trial docket being forced to buy out on it appeared act but Exelixis. It hurt kind of pull away Robert pop idol ear ache there a word out I don't know whether you're. Are not she's not a czar is that yes she's not so you look shall we are looking at him like he has ten heads like what the at what the F are you doing. It hurt you know it not only got the first months and yeah. And any. Back. Where a lot more actually hurt yeah. Well there. Overreact and that or we're up against the break here thank you for your call it the react the reaction is what the F for you doing. And slapping his hand away. But take a step back from the incident for a second. This to me is less about the incident. And more about the reaction to. I don't think the action by Elliott is some sort of big suspended bowl kick him I had the league event. No no one has said that if they wanna reprimanded or fired him fine that's that's fine. The problem we get to Zack and and thank you for your call. Is that we are now saying if a white player did that you'd be okay and I'm calling bull crap on that. If Johnny and Denzel did that. It would probably get more coverage on TMC. Johnny Mandela's A white player who has been partying hard core for about two years. If he'd hold down the shirt. Of a a black or white girl and a Mardi Gras parade. We be saying the same exact stuff we say about busy you Elliott you dummy why did you do this. It would not be different coverage. If it was crop we cannot we not be sharing wrong wrong wrong you're the woman had that reaction she did. So it's not about this being some suspend the bull arrest double assault. I wouldn't go that far. But Ted to have that the audacity to say. If this were drawn to be cheering crawled it was a white player beat bit and I I don't believe that. You are fun trying to find a way to let the behavior. Of Zeke you Alley off the hook. By saying his black skin. Is what's leading to the reaction and I would argue again no it wouldn't know it's not. If the action itself Johnny men's L org wrong or Zeke you Elliott or whomever. 61777979837. His phone number would be right back your phone calls top of the hour 9 o'clock. Mike brands NASA. Tries to explain away. His ridiculously. Pathetic. NCAA breakdown yesterday. Any goes to an old favorite excuse. We'll get to that top of the hour at nine in its lot at night here on Sports Radio WE. Yeah join the conversation with the marks 6177797. Except maybe it's light at night on Sports Radio W we. Yeah right. On Twitter at Mott and UT WEEI Hector Longo I think is safe. Was a writer covered the patriots for awhile. Tweet today does that refresh our memories how hard to be NFL come down on Josh Brown. You're at the aptly write in terrorists are embarrassing that the NFL that we Josh Brown. I the fan base the media was Lockhart in the NFL ones but it's been an NFL problem for a while. Both players are black or white Ray Rice Josh Brown great party. Inconsistent across the board so they have not under penalized or ignored it. I'm black players and white players when it's come through domestic violence. Odd robs that you hear much say motor boat all day that's one of the up positive for you was it listen you get the demoted both sound bite. I Jerod I lived in Boston. Saint Louis Yuma Arizona and San Diego. There's racism in every city and Boston is an even the worst he's in close of the worst. As a somebody's a lot different places. Odd mix is also an interview wrap up with Tommy Kern. Tom got a little bit frisky. There at the end of the year in here's some of that next hour. Our current stake in the patriot offseason right here on WEEI. Adamant truck joins the program at a good evening. But once somebody. Eliot. I bleed more any bank regional won this race car is that if you. Where are they should actually pocketed about what more or should go to all the cheek are. Our. Is early yet. 808. As opposite track you are talking about what the cute. And AT. A local where their flat out their lack let our. Let. Our new eight hour contract. These huge knot. The two point in the public right only eight it's gonna eat this you rate your cute. He can't own a boat you're hot. Not cute like a superhero. Like well. Are now. Well how about cultural may not act as I only have a four year old sons are not had that many of these conversations but I mean. And that would fall into the category of put the U. You don't have to act the way you see let's call them or for lack of better word in this case were heroes act Rodney Harrison was a guy who did everything right the football field. Made a mistake laid his career ordered HG 82000 got suspended for. At almost everything else and Rodney Harrison's career you away from football it's with charities or fairways around these parts are in San Diego. Was excellent and I would love Mikey to model after that but he made a mistake so I think it's a chance to indication either what these guys say. This is why you don't do that and had that conversation with your son or daughter right. Very well I do it they should absolutely. Automatically want to. Accordingly in our public IE. And you're at your patients about the rate. UK arm and. I this case yes I mean David David Whitley and others that I'd I'd they'd bring up out of nowhere at a migrant. And as for our hot away and were up against here with the way that that players act in public markets. It's a different time in 2017. I not letting Eliot off the hook. Crawl queue pick or player. But this a different Erin now and maybe players should be used to it. Maybe they've grown up in it in it in in essence but. When I said this with with cute couple weeks ago they had. These video at 2000 college there's no way I'd be sitting here right now no shot. There'd be so many embarrassing videos of be drinking and party doing stupid stuff. That is just no way I I'd have a hard time. Enjoying college right now if you knew he wanted to be in the media or you want it to be a politician. Or something that was good ol' ball you be in the public guy can you really even enjoy college now. Everything's on videotape everything's on the Internet. And like he can't. To meet that rate it feels. Constrict like he can't became instead byline once. Without fear about being the video that haunt you re going to resonate for big job and someone Google's your work. Name. Where does an image search or something like that right so. Being examples. Of grunt today in a bar. Having a 101. Situation another woman. He's balls there Rio know that some. Somebody's videotaping him and putting on the Internet. That that's it's a little bit different. But again that's eighty tick a coach a bowl moment of Parcells he's a teachable moment. For your kids don't do that. Our top of the hour I feel like we're to have a live look in to some college basketball his final hour of the show. I'm looking at some not potential upsets in the making right now including Vermont. Down by only a basket to Purdue midway through the second half and eleven seed Xavier up big on Maryland. And as promised they get close will go to the library here live look ins courtesy Westwood won it on WE yeah at that we'll start the next hour. With Mike France SA doubling down today he just college basketball. Not his fault he screwed up yesterday. This kid's fault. We'll get to a next US Sports Radio WB yeah.

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