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Malcolm Butler's Whereabouts 3-16-17

Mar 16, 2017|

Mut and Rich Keefe discuss Malcolm Butler's updated status after his meeting with the New Orleans Saints. Mut and Keefe call the end of the Vanderbilt /Northwestern March Madness opening round game, and Matthew Fisher-Davis miscue.

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Or fifteen rounds with the Mohammed Ali is a matter of fact he was less. But I said they would go animal straight out and but it was anxious are funny but so when my wife mentioned him yesterday. A standard essential to a civil beckons to the show so I did do that. Okay. Partners you can read my wife takes me about something much on its. They get defective brake artists have to put this news wrap up one liner got that would pundits who won those two teams look at the schedule quick. You look at a text message are you look I'm scheduled. Well obviously I was dragon there on the show which led to me closing my eyes during the Sweeney Myanmar Ian if you and closing this hot route which not a bus he knew about. And so yesterday. OK so did policy brief that are close your eyes closed design is drastically because he had gotten asleep the night before because it's a beautiful voices went to caused by guys there's really takers. You know Sweeny Murti talks and I just can't keep my eyes open. All the rose well. Predecessor as well and Tehran. They care of these guys it'll be Q I didn't know. Like this you know well it's I don't know considered now on the World Series. And guys are capable legs Stosur in World Cup editor yeah. I'm. Yeah and I thought it might just don't know like MMA or something out of the World Cup yet a soccer guy Muslims questions and their guys are capable legs hold what does that. Yeah there there is a on changes to see some of the old trying to lose some deals front that's my favorite football to the ultra also viewed the whole thing resilient the Greek guy and you know America that you took my son and unloved son in law absolutely not but it probably that the world from Wall Street the wearable for Wall Street I didn't like that or Delaware that of hell are we gonna do that he retired receiver you're the one returns X. It's. Monday night. Yeah. You think you're next year's Super Bowl a team that has the game all wrapped up with that call into running plays and kicking a field all gonna call you passive lazy again. And Ali shell on. Think we take everything for his one lie. Too busy but things. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. I only good for Rob Gronkowski up that I would do to. On a movie set that you went accrue but I am right yes so what will life. Would you be viewed on a movie set with attractive females rich probably nail my lines now. Juncture of the be acting circles around them you'd be like a squirrel chase in a car grow grow grow maybe you'd be stared at every beautiful on the movie set and you would guess what he'd be a man for doing on the professional or more hello. You know I'm not gonna go in there and just forget my lines not be a pro. And go in there because that think maybe a day after my playing career and become an actor and and the like a rock I could see into anathema to coach that he gets his client's right. But don't be just chasing skirts all the time when you can't appeared Robert counts today because guess what if the movie doesn't up working out your gold back to catch a touchdown passes from to operate that stroke so good for bronco and good for the NCAA tournament gets under way. And thus begins the next what 244872. Hours of I should bracket. How is different as the bracket of the bracket on the bracket I really don't know cares or your bracket is but we ask each other this time when people can't I care less about your bracket your fantasy team. What an awesome they care less about your fantasy team and here's why that can be yearlong thing yeah you may have bought from accounting every single Monday with via. Easy to mark LaMarr this for them tough feat you don't happen yeah ought you'll never guess I'm gonna lose this week here's why did. I had it not I had Chris Hogan in my line they're okay. And then what else might greens are like three city what was not warming up well that's locked out hold him late I went to Shawn Jackson what happened. Pulled one off. Thirteen points Jackson had to I love you. Same guy next week no it did when what your bill I'd bench Brady why but I wonder are they want it cad Cam Newton talked to him it's important. You make him pick and importantly it. I I'm up nine. But I'd like him or leave it right here at the I he's got here cars on the oh my god. I've played TP Arnett I. You did it. That might actually the worst here's that I have left you don't eat what you think. I don't ever sell out a fair question I've thought about this game yet stopped and I you're asking this in your down app network Ottawa. I was Hitler. The better one as the guy they'll come in tomorrow but so far there's been no Watson it's there's a chance of one right now middle Tennessee's which by the way I mentioned this during the update my gamblers that it's not. It's not upset. It said they favored by point half are not allowed found out they would favor but. Yeah I'll I'll some of the personal cover the next day so there's only one that lower seed that wins it like. Only got one wrong yes the checked. Her. Hey ya all your final four teams. That's Thursday. Its third set six. All of a final or team you put that Shockey is bracket ever. Pretty good each camp ons ratings and you just took the best teams in Porsche one 41 there's a problem for a target for you I am rooting against northwestern here because it's I didn't realize he north western media contingent is to be born knowing in the Syracuse. Media content because their real quiet as a sports teams or is real bats you don't you're not aware of how many of them there are. Right you at all. Here comes Rachel Nichols and you'll obviously a lot Daryn rebel sell these of people at this game with northwestern gear on first time in 77 years of course you're gonna win and blah blah blah but they are like seven late night games are gonna win that Elaine is there are some element. I'll acknowledge published a shoes they have either kind of I missed your audio telecast the entire for I had like hero of this game you don't beat. I do like I would say if given a death sentence and you had to deal with either the fancy guy or bracket guy. Bracket guy's done through weeks. Record guy in most cases is done you know. Some cases forties right. It's a guy Brackett guy's done by Monday world bracket bracket busted about that as an owing to dictate one loss yeah our brackets plus. Boston added twelve or five to 51 bracket that you're going to be fine you're gonna you're part. But it's also what's happened is bracket guy and fears the guy have slowly become the same guy's credit got a his bracket guide or bracket now everybody is he just thought you hit it is she to fill it out usually the mascot like schools or whatever it is. But I was more more fancy people like that they're used to it would say ten years ago for UC football player. Owners I guess we'll say never again will make its catalog or you're you're a fan it's all editors but owner GMs and owners exactly what's it like for step Brothers I'd go to baseball team that's affairs team and exactly. But they are morally die hard sports. Now it's like every every single person in the world as institutes of fancy guy in bracket guide. Worlds colliding I'd good news about life and fancy this or did you follow. As a team you know on the one and one lead it was just my family that I can look at. Race laugh like I could suffer. As -- as -- -- -- really -- -- -- to -- I could -- at some -- in five -- my oldest -- nine -- -- -- -- with -- football -- a -- cousins and -- an uncle and your -- then -- gambling without really being a bad influence on your -- I -- promote gambling with my -- -- racetracks -- do the right -- -- know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right way -- -- and the right way to -- -- -- starting -- with the legal holes -- ten billion dollars we spent on this but -- -- -- -- which -- -- which -- like the best -- -- go off the -- here in this -- who -- -- -- friendly. Entertainment -- -- we would never ever -- get involved and -- -- firm -- so here's the promise tonight -- the game -- -- the -- courtesy -- -- -- if they -- buzzer -- situations -- -- -- -- minutes -- appeared -- attack -- at -- -- -- coming -- at 715 -- we've -- -- -- -- I was gonna -- -- -- -- 645 that I -- -- until -- -- -- -- coming up next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but I -- the -- -- -- -- people wanna you -- -- money at -- the -- -- are -- secondary background -- but -- -- -- buzzer -- situations for example -- one of these games goal right now get down to a final minute some minutes to go northwestern Vanderbilt. Under a minute ago one possession game we had the capability to go to live so you're gonna be sort of like red zone. I figured out that god I'm not easy answers got and is for the incidentally throughout the Tim Tebow love he's a little too friendly with him that's fine and he does I think more entries Aaliyah those that are usually. Exists if you really are silly and useless does that mean commercial break. Odd doesn't mean can work out there are some of it is a game to game to game well our advertisers but we want we want people to know there are not. The rate TV tire trying to follow these games it there's a but it's the best part about this for weekend. Is the buzzer beaters the no rhyme or what team it is the buzzer beaters of the best parts you'll hear ya. As they happen if they happen out there all blowouts yeah would suck. You won't have any of your Daschle like a win would be in my car driving home apps at 7 o'clock and went to an that's gonna say well five minutes left to play here about northwestern better. If I got out that we I knew it was a close game and that's what people wanted to hear. So we'll keep you updated on that because people signed up the WEEI bracket challenge and a fantasy guy is bracket guy you know and away we go. As for the patriot news tonight there is none. As we can speak to at about 6:17 eastern time it feels like to be. We are gonna get some patriot news as soon as the seeding is or revolves around Malcolm Butler. The bar rules bar stole sports podcast. Pardon might take down one of their many podcasts is their best podcasters there would you say they're flagship putt putt now it's probably different audits you flagship yeah I would say that and KFC raid Iraq will be that topped it I am a part might take guy yes and they tweeted out today and their count their sources are telling them. That Malcolm bot was getting traded back to the saints the 32 pack. In addition to that what you would not call report a Nazi eared included the updates I'm not saying. According to pardon my take I didn't have full critics of respecting the Davis either one of the you did one of my trending there yet. I hash tag gave credit to opium unity which is good for you respecting the that girls and as you give credit people outsourced so. Might she already had this afternoon as well white yardage weeded out. He outlook. In his mind the compensation. In the trade. Is already done which speaks of you are getting traded back to. This the saints for of the 32 pick overall. They are trying to work out the contract Malcolm Boller is reportedly left New Orleans but the two sides remain committed to getting a deal done so. Here's a dominoes feel to me. Once they get the deal bombed the trade essentially gonna happen in the next hour after that OK knuckleballer is gonna contract offer OK we'll take a 32 pick. Transaction done or take depict the other player. Yeah there's like that or on the go the goal line do you see if football guys analogy I like now industry purple ball straight to football analogies great but this traded happened like a week ago. But he didn't officially captain Greg but if they. They didn't trade cooks to the patriots there but hopefully legal work out another one point that was it's all part of it's all the same thing if they got the RFA tender signed then they would have been traded up. Also been straight I don't know what it straight up or or what but did the deal appears to be. Done what he wanna go bars too little to Mike she RD streets of San but they don't want suggests that the saints aren't gonna just offer. Malcolm Butler deal because it meant to give up the number eleven other guys that aren't they don't work out the parameters and say okay we had the parameters done go sign your tender yet. And that I'd politics not gonna screw the saints on this town are you guys are talking about this at some point. As it evolves that the trade itself both checked treats this restricted free agency thing. Really seriously. Though Wes Welker deal where it could he's taken the west welcome from the dolphins. In a trading a couple of picks to Miami you know to get a better deal in the contract for Wes Welker that assigning him to. That tender so. He Ford ever resent is a stickler to the rules of restricted free agency is kind of ironic he's not going to its right he's not gonna screw the saints they don't present remedy done all ball teams this is one that you know there and agree to it there and they'll fall through it just happens to be. Maybe a week later so Butler is gonna go and I was divorce is been the story this week once high tower got Don. It was going to be what happens now welcome Butler Chris Castro wrote about today in the Boston Globe and headline is a little bit misleading but the theme is there in Chris Gasper Kolb. Patriots sending wrong message in the Malcolm Butler case. Where he writes about it here today 88 goes to all the details of knock on Butler situation. It's been pointed out the sun by vice on the ball was should be grateful for the three point nine million tender offer which is more money than he's made this point it's career. But it doesn't matter for an offer Peja more than you're scheduled to make. If it doesn't pay you for what you believe your work as a quarterback who was second team all pro last season led eighteen interceptions and is good not to be shouting shadowing. Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown. Ops plus threes the patriots gable or the highest tender was now the goodness of their hearts. It was to deter teams from making offers that it was always value it was simply Smart business by the patriots to pay Butler the extra one point 164 billion. The difference between the first round tender and the second round tender to buy leverage any potential first round pick finally Chris writes in his column that in the globe. It the patriot to put the second round tender on Butler he would have had proper sheet by now. There are reports Houston was let's sacrifices second round pick for these Super Bowl hero and echoes back to the headline patriots sending wrong message out completely. Completely disagree. This is not only the right message. This is what I want the patriots to do because the reality is no matter what they do about the Butler no matter how people are offended by this. They still sign every player they want. I've never seen a player say you know what I don't wanna play their new wing lender based in a player all the sudden say I was gonna go they're free agency but boy the way they treated that other guy. I deathly wanna go play they're now. What has been the repercussions. Other than in recent memory are going by business and not by emotion when it comes to signing players. And yet this is an assault. It's where you're saying they don't site big name free agents are they get they get who they want. And I disagree with getting rid of Butler but you completely understands. This or the patriots are coming. Like if if if they also during the season had contract extension talks. And it was close to being agreed upon and then at Butler and his agent back doubt you could say are walled is is a guy we can rely on the you know even if he plays out this tender year how to we know for sure. We're gonna be able to to bring him back again I think that you should bring him back for one more year and just haven't played a year out and in in a contract year by. Doesn't look like it's gonna happen they would rather move on they would rather replace him would Gilmore. And their own pick which they may told that the saints hold on to for a second hold on that just just just take this and that's essentially out of a direct that a rare player for player trade in the NFL you know Butler for Cox that's there that's what they're saying that it will take up. A young. Wide receiver who we're gonna have to work out a new deal and a year or two years anyway. And you can take this guy who we don't think we're gonna build a sign long term. So when that headline comes out wrong message knew what what is the message you think they're sending. With the bulk deal because to me the messages were in new business like we always did when it's time to pay a player where Pam what he's worked Donta hightower unrestricted free agent. Go out test the market go back to give up something beyond coming back here he let the player test the market. High towers probably not throw the money he got especially rich given the money Jamie Collins got putt. He can't sit here and say the patriots underpaid me you're allowed to go and check out these markets the difference here is that there is restricted. The deal it would be worse for them we'd be mocking them more I think. If they vastly overpaid the player. Give it when he was scheduled to be old this year it's three point 91 that's the tag you know that's the procedure I've been to do. Especially given that went outside Stephon Gilmore and I I admit I feel differently about Butler. Because they have Gilmore they have there. Put an air quotes here the number one quarterback so they they've locked they they give himself insurance at that position as to what you want it you'll wanna sign for offering. That's fine. You're not gonna be year that's the right message go earn it this year and and maybe next year also a chance to make that money it's. Above message you know it lashed rarely was there an article that came out saying what yet. If you don't side Donta hightower now it's the wrong message on its different because one has restricted runners on restricted. But they were pretty big inning to do that with a guy that they obviously wanted last year you get to play under deal you know hides are to play out his his fifth season yet and then they signed them and even give him. Through Diego had figure out. If other teams will offer you more which. Turns out they they really wouldn't. So this to a game again I'm pro Butler but still this of those fourth year in the lead. Whether he was drafted or not and we wouldn't have the restricted tag on him but you have to play out at least four years until he gets a chance at a really big. Payday in this is a nice salary bump this year from last year I understand that he's worth more he certainly worth more than 600000. And he's worth more than three point 91 million dollars. But you know what store a lot of guys were on the rookie deals your have to get it you have to wait one more year to finally get. He caps up here at the and the patriots won a Super Bowl without Collins or Jones Jamie Chandler. There winning the offseason without Butler but what you can do and what you should do. Are always the same. So is that it is that to say that so the patriots should that even though it'd have to do this. The patriots. Won the most calculated organizations in the history of sports forget football yeah sports in general. You want that team that as one. Five championships. That is had the longest dynasty since the 49ers when they add that they are basically decade and a half brawn between Montana and Ron Amadon. You want that team. Because the player how to pick in the Super Bowl he's a folk here around here and a great story. You want them now to do what they should instead of what they can. Backed him he would do completely. Diverged what they've always done and I have a bigger problem that if that was the thing now hey we like this player rich we're gonna give more money than we technically have do you that I do while downplaying. Hardball with Malcolm yet not honest I don't race I don't think they have. Have to give him a long term contract for whatever he wants. I I still rather like I said it happened just play out the year that's coming that they can do as well but I'm not gonna sit here say that's what they. That's what they're forced into doing I get the bigger issue I I think would be. Do you wanna give somebody who's not in your organization and forty million dollars guaranteed and do you really think he's better than Malcolm Butler or is the only reason that butler's leaving it. Is because of his contract situation in past negotiations because if that's the case I think that is the wrong message if if you think big billboards actually better that it makes more sense if you don't think butler's decorated player. Than find more more fun. That you want the best players possible may be video offices fans and media members have a valued him higher than they how well you brought up a very. Good point that I wanted to touch on with the phone calls coming up and that is next year. The real lot why was this more about years in youth that it was about Gilmore and Butler 617779. Seven ID 370 is your phone number can Texan as well 379. 37 Mott and keep we start patriots here tonight we view. Your calls coming up here on Sports Radio WE. My headline Sports Radio WEP I'd be here until ten Tommy current pop sit next hour talks of football we talked do you instill at 10 o'clock 61777979837. The phone advocate Texan as well. 37937. On Twitter keeps when he won and it what and UT WEEI asked for Malcolm Butler you mentioned the the long term ramifications of keeping knuckleballer re projecting next year. Billowing that would keep them is offering a big contract or the franchise tag at they've already earmarked that two years in the next of sit next year three point nine a year after a op franchise tag or a big deal. If they've already had the thought of putting the franchise tag on Jimmy Rob Lowe. That you wonder authorities step ahead of the saying look Marty in our mental and our mental capacity said we are going there with that franchise picked. Franchise tag we can't use it on the players so. What scheme for a year and then you think okay he's already 27. Gilmore 26 a year younger than about Hillary's yeah if we trade him back for a pick. We get a player's going to be here for forty years. Forget just the one year right. And we can have a contract certainly with that player I think that is a big part of it would talk about Malcolm Butler in the pick and Stephon Gilmore. Yeah it's in your scenario you're saying they're gonna franchise drop or so it is the most crazy thing now I don't want them to the what if they Poppinga franchise welcome Butler next year. That means they get they did go very good quarterback for two years eighteen million dollars that is a great deal of section at the seven million dollars they offered about the bulk divot for that's a wider 122 million dollars remember all the multiple grapple got a problem. Okay. If I thought they could if they thought they could use the franchise tag on Malcolm ball. But it might want to yeah why not. All BetaNews on hightower or out. But it's full of this let's do the math on two years I love math three point 9114. Next year to year you offered him six or seven million dollars tried. I'd knock abolish I don't know we've with a besides the tender and then on top of that it's the franchise tag that that team two years seven million dollars. I'll let's go live to north west side manager bill I had seconds to go to northwestern a one. It's filled food wolf rebounds tips now yeah. The line knocks you down you. Finished it with a big stop. I would go back and the gets close so Oman here's what I didn't have bad job by me first mistake of the night while the delay. We're watching here in studio on TV the radio via little bit faster so what you heard there was Vanderbilt down one. Jacking a three. Clouds mixing it up out of bounds northwestern ball up 6766. Of the second left what you couldn't get on the TB was the live shots of Doug Collins Chris Collins is dad cry very emotional prions are trying Alain. Freaking out in the stand near tears I see Michael will bond and I you dad I see that to human Rachel Nichols and tears like. They're gonna beat Vanderbilt. But then you write 77 years might beat Vanderbilt. So those that's worth crying about some 6766. There's still it's gonna take a million. Edit ten minutes to figure what do you want a lot about what do you think of down one that kid from Vanderbilt shoots from about 35 feet that's our offense exotic or edit. It's is Jack up threes everywhere so now balls out of bounds there look at the replay for an hour. All figured out. Hollywood there's some more free Pollard left and his ass ominous right now we'll go live to their feet. I can't think I'd swing and it your all I don't of the budget that would but. Yeah in the united swing game here don't know I don't care this is where you're really pointed soaring around the point is a big people buzzer beaters not totally out Allen. Five minutes of them deciding how much time's left is the ball goes out about they think other check in the replay they say northwest of all it could be comparable I believe any ball. It is still get the ball and an opportunity to win the game at one point 12 ago Jay Cutler is going to be honesty who it Emmitt Earl Bennett. Who is the three point shooter from any couple years ago. Taken. Should I should know you're going to be at odds of me. So we will go about it buyers with Derek byers count of that's that's key buyers whose patriots running back in their yet defeat the kicked around a little bit so lately change to one point four northwest involving India follow. They'll shoot free throws and I'll give your final score here. I'm in second but as for now Derek byers what the veterans panel talk. As from outlets Contra you'll see that is being one of the Mota leaders here cost certainly and number 32 will they get that pick verses. What was going to be gone after next year yes a one year Butler vs four years the pick plus drag ready coat back in the next yeah no it's it's true but like you said you could have Butler. For two years. Three years could you franchise and once. You could say you jobless aid earmarked a franchise tag Virginia grind now that's your scenario some miles and oh yes my scenario you'd trade to new problem and sodium Malcolm Butler instead. I'd rather have such a one year Butler and Gilmour playing together that's that's my dream. I Jake we go there these final seconds of action out its passage. Still away from break don't play. Then 6 PM. Pick their food and GA tournament victory. It schooled him. Fans perfectly execute we gave the finals god game. Vanderbilt had three three quarter court heave off the backboard you circle northwest near Adam all night ass through Vanderbilt in your bracket if you did a Highlander got another 48 hours of annoying northwestern fans telling us their teams also the other bad. And Elaine Bennis dancing at these games. I Eddie's in a car talking about Malcolm Butler next appear on Sports Radio WE yeah let's go on any. Expect that commitment. And it need to go to court and it's. Oh. Jim Talent to excellent job of that team this year. But. Now I'm Butler I mean. You know it's seemingly in a in the last couple days is as he leaving at. And that that you know double BT because I think she. He is he admitted they consider at least one of the top hold that quarterbacks in the NFL immediate. Of course like Taylor. Well we're about them but that in general. Is definitely. Not immediately be pretty. Upper bracket or sore right yes yes. So and I don't you know I don't only person that I am not about Gilmore. Yeah Egypt. Belichick and crew the benefit of the doubt any many many times show. People move you don't see. On the circuit to be the best worked out really right now. But but but again I'd I'd say that Al Gil Butler. All brought a pretty pretty nice to the table it's like you want. You know Colin like freelancing like straight to. Who might be talent it by you know that player that does play without football intelligence lower ski concept. Right at that never got that sent Butler so. It obviously caught it. It just doesn't seem like in practical exactly get him out there yet that we put your money spent so yeah I mean they're again. But it. But I bet that I still with Turkey. Yeah I think a lot of people feel that way I think the patriots probably wanted to keep Malcolm Mueller they spent happier trying to resigning the last offer came last year. According to most reports they're not offering deals they gave their best and final and they put. There are. War on Butler six or seven million dollars a year he thought he was worth more. My guess is that 67 million dollars the reason it was lower than other guys get at the top ten position is because that restricted tacked. That they factored that in said look you can't get this much right now let's let's meet the middle or give you more money now. You're gonna take less money overall league it would Rob Gronkowski to other guys there there's their first big contracts. Op ball did not wanna do for better or for worse that's it if you wanted to do that meet in the middle. He would still be here. They don't wanna pay a premium for guy restricted it. He's gonna play for the sick and and they paid a premium forgot it was on restrictive who would we have certainly has not played with the with the patriot Tedy could be great. Is great year for this team the last two years he has been one of the ten. Best corners. In the lead. And I still don't know why so that doesn't want them yet to admit that if if they are yet all are no doubt Freddie definitely wanted them but. Now let out earlier I can't take six or seven million low level trade you. It wants one wanna let him play out the contract and that may be resize maybe give them. A similar contract that you just gave Gilmore now after the game do more of that deal that seems very unlikely again today. Eighty million dollars for two quarter and up payable on our backs up much. So he was on restricted date they had to pay and that month with Butler they did and and at that theory today. Is that they sent the wrong message I I don't think they did I don't think it's a bad message the patriots sent today. Firm for all these years patriot fans have bought into them having a hard line in doing business. That's best for the team but not best for the player and having no emotional attachment to these guys. And now this is the player. Were they sending the wrong message. They just that it Stephon Gilmore shy away from signing here because the message they send a players all. These guys they still want to get all these free eggs every year they want it won't make these moves they still make these moves is holding them back is not as rich said earlier the Celtics in free agency. Or people don't wanna come here or dorm raiders or browns we go ask. I'll let that organization does business know people they're flocking in to play here in New England that's the benefit you have is your Bill Belichick. Under 6177797937. Asia affordable to back your phone calls on this. As you start patriots here tonight and keep you updated. On the NCAA tournament northwestern holds on to win a and Vanderbilt so get a lot of crap for lose in this game. I'll mention does that as well what the big stories out of that game a pleasure calls money at night Sports Radio W media. More with Mike magnets GM which he. Fox Sports Radio WEEI us. I'm lucky Sports Radio WEEI this music never as bad. Tournament time or not but. Sort of got glossed over there are a last couple of minutes of Vanderbilt at northwestern the big story so far today if you're looking for not just the brackets are. What's the headline going to be from the early session games the headline is Vanderbilt player. Pulls moronic move. We talked him or tell Vanderbilt and a northwestern. Vanity got that layup inside to go up at that point 6665. So northwestern has no timeouts they're down a point. Under fifteen seconds ago they inbound the ball they're coming up court. And Matthew Fisher Davis Cup all of Vanderbilt number five the wrong kind of go up a point now. Up appoint a point intentionally fouls. Northwestern they goal line they hit the two free throws go 6766. Couple leaves later. And they've lost the game so this'll be the big story to marks I understand fouling in some cases. I have no idea up one. Why you would foul in a double bonus situation foot eighteenth at the line for a chance to tie. Or go ahead when they have no timeouts so Matthew Fisher Davis is the big story so far this term do you think he thought they were up three and then fouled and that way they can only get two or what I don't know how to lead people up erupt theory. Or anybody else out there right now if they were right now that too will fight on less than half hour Sony's press conferences or yeah. He was there right near the dandy bench we thought here it is coaching file. Someone said now I because I'll keep it in heard that reaches out and fouls ER IA EU fouled them like he. Just thought we guess amnesty in alignment stop the clock. If they were up a point. So I have factory gates it is not Chris Webber called a timeout. In the finals against North Carolina heard timeout from the bench cherry easier if somebody out of his Steve Fisher who was but they were screaming time out time out time out military Watson and I don't know what the couple ago it was a habit thing but that energy over the lakers couldn't Jimmy can't because of that. Not so this is the big story so far the date is the games themselves have been good not great. Really no upsets Middle Tennessee State yes there are twelve seed but they are also on the favorite in Vegas it's already stories Matthew Fisher Davis with the portly bonehead play the percentage also the reaction of northwestern winning this that you. Has banned. Of Knoxville you see that today the locker room today celebrating like it was the Super Bowl it's. Unbelievable first of all. He you've got Doug Collins crying you have look like a lane might have been crime OJ as they advanced cheerleaders crying people are in tears. You are the eight seed you just beat that nine seed. Well let fifteen losses coming into this game. So your freaking out like you just want the whole thing. Where they within the favorite to win the ski. I hate violent I don't know that may not know but it point four I'm sure that they aren't as an 89 game. So if you all of you know freak out be an excited are it may be candy making the term they have been determined and you know seventy years remember. But they're ready for anabolic effect that if you beat that can sag enacts a signal not even then you're in the sweet sixteen wacko but analysts huh. And they and they. Danny brought upon themselves intentional foul couple points thirteen seconds ago or that their up while I was gonna score another down one. And on guard Jackson three from six feet behind the line for like five or six seconds of that appeared to be having watched entire one Vanderbilt game all year again this game today it appears to be most of their offense the way you Jack threes late in the shot clock from Tony where they are. Point six threes so advance southwestern U bracken Michael will bomb went backwards hats and Alain dance and around Doug Collins is Rachel Nichols they rule there Revell live on for the next at least a couple of days Mike's installer on the patriots and their free agent moves so far Mike what he got. And guys I don't good. So at the Apollo parent would yesterday I got killed by him all. Desert you thought they the same thing that Malcolm's restricted. It payment on restrict it a lot of so twelve months and now located in the big contract it will get at all now. Well because if you were a money market. Because they put the war they added in the contract that aspect of it right we might that's that's a part of it he's a he's under contract for this year three point one million dollars to there. There obligation to them is already is sentenced on their trying to find a middle ground between a you wanna get paid this much money you scheduled to get paid this let's meet the middle and look heated want to it's not about blaming him. Mike but I also don't want the patriots to pay a guy on restricted money. When I have to hitting get to this point five Super Bowl by doing that. So much all of you also use Iraq as an example what across to a three years. Early not one yeah they got aground in the middle. I I was two years early for what he had to do that got the extension got more money beating get premium money the first time rounded the second time but that first time of the Contra. I was two contracts eagle from rock now I'm not that you your I did this the other night it's my fault. I'm not trying to blame either party here. But it knuckleballer wanted to be year he would be here Malcolm Butler play here for four million dollars in Google get paid actually on the franchise tag or by some team paying and his aura about a money. He wants to get paid now Mike the patriots. Our good. Good for them for not paying a premium for guy governor contract for three point 91 million dollars. But next it would. In the same thing you can get. A tax tax tax next year used to use the tag and so I would know. So what. That's Bible they would do. It. It up in a best case scenario like an adult like Tommy current yelled you on Twitter predict how we yell at him when he comes on your behalf and looted at all caps. It's exclamation points a year from now have you told the plan was the next two years. They're gonna have the ball on that the our fate tag in the franchise tag within two years and fourteen million. Sign me up I'd rather than use that tag on Butler McGraw apple but if there so Adam and I'll make this trade right now. That they must know they're not gonna use the tag on Butler a year from now and I. While I would I would do that via that I'd that's that's what else does you have you have cooks up Butler. And you have. Gilmore for the next two years. That's the best T. Yeah others Andre second pick the best time is Butler Coke's annual yeah that's I would say and okay Butler doesn't wanna sign the sense that they offer room. He still has the play this year for just under four million dollars when you could've forced him to play out leaves a hole out. He's gonna find in all those silly you would've played interviews are unhappy you think you would have been terrible football player it out to take an enemy. Maybe he's pissed off and you still motivated and epic contract unless they really thought while. He's gonna be so mad that he won't resign here on the offer a lot of money after next year or if you decide to franchise him. You could keep them here let's see what hate you're not taking our team friendly deal. So we're gonna trade you away but I go and I go back to what happened during the year which was the Marbury after trading JD Collins in the previous offs in Chandler Jones. That they were worried about certain guys in their contract years and other influence influencing the locker room now as reported by multiple media people saw this is pure speculation rich but did they think. Malcolm might followed that category of he's gonna be unhappy with the deal I I don't know a guy trying to make a case for like you said why you wouldn't tag him now. And they have money next year the franchise Ellis they also thought. He was gonna drag its feet of the franchise tender wait forever to sign it and then. Ski boats DA's and and just play a gold the point or OK I can do all these things. Without losing money off by content I mean they must have. The sense that I threw I would hope again they read the tea leaves pretty well the past should I hate just blindly give them credit for but. We did the high tower thing is perfectly okay go find a deal OK here's the deal you take it like that. That that I was able other details today this a two year deal is a four year deal now that guarantees in the first two years that's it. And it's like seventeen and guarantee nothing. Nothing they got him break bargain when JD Collins Scott. Obscene money you guaranteed. So. I get that it's not. As LJ with sand Saturday mornings here are. But they didn't get here by being fair I just it's a weird change of tune by a lot of page your fans that they love that hard line and then with this player. I just paid when everyone. Yeah I could not as I was with you Darrelle Revis. Patent it and yeah they didn't I guess what that worked out to raise my hand on get up that you know you want him back I want motivated this pick up a motivated minimum to roller I hear today that Paula wants them Holly's on the motivated minimum driver's always studies smartest guy that you do it is always on X zero cents excellence and all the guys are motivated what we're talking about coming up here when you volley yes it was a really breaking with Somali gamespot. We're going to build a note nothing close right now there's one game under way Xavier Meryl haggard at the start of that. We're not gonna go to get a taste he hesitates ICM Washburn is on a sideline for a FL games and Valencia Evelyn but that our football basketball handsome Fella double threat. Face for TV I it's risky follow along on Twitter within a key point one and listen tomorrow too for oh wait Ford freestyle Friday.

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