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OMF - Are the Saints curious as to why the Pats are shopping Butler?3-16-17

Mar 16, 2017|

HOUR 4 - The guys finish the show with some more developing Patriots thoughts including Dont'a Hightower's contract, Malcolm Butler in New Orleans, and Chris Gasper's article about Butler and the Pats. Also, we play some sound of Mut ripping Glenn from last night, which leads to a GLORIOUS line from Glenn (by mistake, of course) and there's been an update regarding the Citgo sign.

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On you read he. Fort Wayne. -- and 48 we can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks hey hey I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything hey hey I want to take this to fire but there are probably people who owned slaves who felt though that was my favorite back guy worked the hardest of all I ask dot net back on this with glue and Lou interest here's one clear the air yes and pure fun and entertaining guests there was a man that dude and man up really that's men and not be nice to lease those people. The dumb jock. They're here tomorrow they're handsome man I would like to boot from her heart you know but I wanted to don't really because I he's got to look at me and you probably pulled into that I can and pull it out I not a DREAM Act. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I vacuum would say yes fourth and final hour of this very program which showed you at the top of the program. About the situation with with Malcolm Glover. He's going along its. Let's Schumer there still no that's not a good thing you know it's weather's fine and I spoke to an off his posted on Thursday musical on Wednesday and is that a player that wants is hoping resolved quickly your player that is just. Once he got in a little quicker. Throughout Vicki one it resolve this thing and find I think you would could give it hits on kind of out of out of its control and that's what New Orleans is gonna throw at them right now. So he's probably you may notice like it was like a money on Thursday only the okay Colby Wednesday well. An early apparent target arm and FitzGerald he can get there early right try to figure it nor is it down to go out party a little bit they wanted me out to dinner. About one and a when a New Orleans. And Joan did that thing with a status thing it does. That doesn't mean okay the deal's gonna get done style like he's a free agent a free agency with hightower was different because he's he's a free agents on restricted now I mean now butler's older differences because. He's restricted he can't just say yes I'm a good. Guess somebody else on your right somebody else's you know holds all the cards so okay we see you you're in our building okay now we're it's confirmed we like you. We like your effort like what you think we like you we know you know football like you understand that you get it. If you like Peyton do you like god Drew Brees do you like our head coach you like cartridge that you like a facility packer fans. The anything the amazing thing to me is with all the activity the patriots have had he early in camp. Oh did what 6567. Million America. With all they have done they still 27 and a half million dollars under the camera there's still eleventh. In cap space. On the eleventh roster bonus number. I mean a. Eleventh yeah it's crazy is it an honest but I must you carry over to the following year. Well burial like 56 carries for this year Cleveland Cleveland was the the biggest carry over team turn over fifty firefighters didn't overpaid which leads us to 42 high tower. So high tower. And obviously a little humble pie for him. Just going out their cup is at zona can get this huge steel looking metals buddies look and Chandler Jones looking at Jamie counts look at that always the linebackers. And is so we get the numbers yesterday the numbers for what Lou four for 43 and a half so that's what you yet we'll nine point 15. Nineteen guarantee worth thinking that it's nineteen guarantee that all I really care ideas here than nineteen million what does what does against a key money as soon. It's not the actual contract is really for years. 3535. And a half and seventeen is guarantee. Three to ten million dollar signing bonus year of 11 point 25 that's guaranteed your 25 point 75 that's guarantee. That's it it's asking Garrity because 2019 is a two million dollar guarantee that they threw one there but that's for injury older related so if he's not injured. If you're done. Yeah Cody has he had roster bonus workout bonus all pro what what other ways he could get you. 1875000. Dollars a year in in game bonuses. So be on the team. It is ethic per game is gonna be active 54 and a half thousand or so so appease her active. He's healthy scratch what's what's an agent insane and teams and argued that of the two million each. Notable bonuses. Based comparable first team all pro franchise a problem. Or not but this team shot with this team I don't know what the what the way they ate a cornerback Malcolm Butler yet you're never going off he's got a location of two. All it is as clear federal aviation maybe puts in defense will be good. OK so who may have a regular shine but it Betty with the defense the way they run it she was its its 9% of the snaps the next game it's like forty. This is what a lot of people who do week we gonna have Sachs is not gonna have interceptions that can have forced fumbles. And he'll at least he's had these big you know impact places to bulls everybody remembers. But he's not that I. Chris Gasper realty the piece in the Daryl priest gassed in gas but all right our Chris Gaffney I give them who sketch for rights of it. Ed and he's basically. Saying that. I think. That Malcolm but she get more money I'm reading a tweet by Bob Bryan that we retreated out Malcolm Butler made the biggest point that's history. And has since played we above his pay grade. Damn right they owe him paid the man. I've got to tell you this what they've obvious totally wrong and everybody else is totally wrong that they don't have to pay them. In any event and you're seeing right now the guys that probably got screw little bit is that in tower. He had this opportunity. You earned the opportunity to become an unrestricted free agent to go out there. And and paddle his goods get all 32 teams in the in the week. And he came back with the rest. What nobody global political arena now jets I saw a report yesterday when there will only give him eleven. At first glance is without this deal was ten point. And it was 22 Bonior. And at first glance we thought it was nineteen guaranteed guaranteed dollars in the jets apparently is eleven average annual. And twenty to guarantee as opposed to ten point eight in nineteen. Do you think the jets have to overpay to get some of the plea for the jets season two which is Cleveland. That doesn't sound that much capital payment 111000022. At the jets at the comedic 1415. Again. That's hijack an audit. So it should have done it Donta hightower. Made the biggest play of the Super Bowl this past year and by the way in the the play that Bob Ryan was referring to if doctor height. Doesn't stop bitch mode in the play before that that Malcolm Butler never has the opportunity to do it and yeah. It hightower is getting a slight little ball in play play. From you hate it that's what is it and when you think about. The money that he was reportedly getting get from the jets the jets a privately guy don't be bummed out don't be a sad day he wasn't worth it anyways. So I'd guide that being paid that much money should be won an every down guy. And he should be leading US sacks forced fumbles interceptions. Somehow he should be a game changer on every single down always have the impact place. But he's not he's not overly dominant pass for the heat get after the quarterback on designed blitz when that Dovonte tremendous flat out turned it down. OK I mean he's made those plays even if you go back to that. But the very first game Donte' Howard hightower played it he hit the ball with a strip sack fumble with Chad Jones. Her first her birthday and they played in Serbia yield you're you're gonna get a lot of that the judgment that may be happy that they they they didn't go down that route. Because that's not what you're gonna get he specifically important to this team. Leadership. On me and and he brought that the leadership he brought that championship pedigree. Tickets of the jets. But the reform where they they're going to be drafting a quarterback in the first round how good do you think they're going to be by the ten their back in the mix Sylvia totally out of the league are now it'll be it it's a two year deal most three or so mobile besides he'll resign with the patriots here. Portland it was 775 as it was last year. All three year deal that raised fifteen to send to your seventy. Total of ten million dollar bought it and so everybody feels bad for Malcolm Butler who was not in the position. But being an unrestricted free agent where you can have 32 teams bidding for years offices. And they don't feel in anyway debt for our. Who led the position of the thirty events and I think the position itself. Inside linebacker. You know the importance in today's NFL vs a number one quarter. That's a different. He found out inside linebacker but that valuable honestly. Before the top inside linebackers and games a probable last year so he's got that ability to make it again this year. And then that's what they tell you have you made the probable lashing going do it again but jail money Pro Bowl linebacker ESPN is number two free agent market. But unfortunately plays inside linebacker. Andy who is that one quote doesn't isn't it sax yeah isn't covered. That no more wide receivers and score touchdowns as protest yes I don't you hate it anymore. The dollar. SI mean I think it's. It's basically worry should be act based on one the way the league is going what he provides that it's not. He should be surprised that at first here's a thing I don't mean believe the number that came out of New York. The whole twelve years average annual got to believe that same thing with what not to hike down 43000043. Point five million dollars a four year deal that's not really the real number. Aside it's not it's on a true number he's not guaranteed that ninety million dollars guaranteed now its really seventeen and then the other or the other the other millions. A that are gonna provide you. Got the workforce somehow or another okay Chile's. Little Brooke let's compared to Malcolm blog and whether Malcolm Butler is underpaid or not he is not going on restricted free agent he's a restricted free. The patriots have thrown the first round. Baghdad on a three point 91 million that's your Malcolm bog you down there renewal and you have some good food probably haven't. Few cocktails and join a little hanging around never hurricane you have to crawfish and Mike today you might want to understood our bread banana bread pudding but the real purpose. Is to see if you can get eighteen. That is going to have to give a first may be a second may be a third may be all of the above to the New England Patriots to get your services. The questions. How much are you going to pay guy. Police say restricted free agent and they you're going to have to give up an awful lot to get. What do you are a bit so that's that's he's got to sell he's got to sell. The new York and the New Orleans Saints that he's worth it so it's it's an interview excited to have your he but he's Bubba got to do the selling. Both got to sell itself to the saints this and I note situation as I know what you guys would have to sacrifice I'll work it. I fight for me like out I'll get it done you wall you won't regret it I mean that's really what that turned Vinci code if not it's not the other way around and do. He wasn't in the wouldn't. They wouldn't have liked human lives and they would regret. It is not overall. Like over whatever my body guard to help guys the needle on BI nobody is we know void that's you're letting one player you've got no pass rushing got no evil line. Your safety position this week you all you've got his offensive play her foot is edit is this a good start. We title for legal. Holy things different things you can do you have that number one corner. Who can cover guy they got big wide receivers and that is now because usually asked to do that here look at the wide receivers out division big life being Julio would Mike Evans and some units and now Benjamin into thinking about that if you're a new launch and thinking about cheese you know it's a it's you know all in good secondary mission past virtual -- get better question. Good Ashcroft reached to disguise the secondary and it is now a good start somewhere. But you're also given a start start with a one point one widget for you not giving you're not giving up just that 32 pit the pit pick it's knowing you're getting a block Morton. There's no way New England is gonna take that that'll be a better be a huge mistake by Belichick. If all he's giving up is number 32 his own one of the agreement was. Welcome Butler for Britney Cox did the league's gonna investigate his scheme to. Idaho Illinois got to come down with the related yes I've ever address my phone doesn't touch it before British earphones and I asked my phone wire tapping the Russian dad Raj that it political priority Russian colleague our understanding and they should investigate if that's the case because that's not what the rules call for. The rules call for if you're going to sign. A first round. Tag guy and you give your first round draft pick that's where eleventh they're also much of the trade cash for second round pick. But there's ways around everything I was near Cleveland you loophole that battles that loophole go bye bye in the offseason right so what's the little poll here why would Bill Belichick do. Question why would he not take if I'm here. And I know that somebody get number eleven the only way I play games we thought when I when I did you get the number two for for Wes Welker. With Miami I had to give more than the number two if I can't hide it given the. And found him legislate analysts at the market aren't important point with twenty guarantee thank you before forty which point guarantee thank you. We 27 half million dollars and that gap which aside Malcolm Butler to that culture. It he's a member of the patriots the death and actually there's is everything is to be and everybody's happens to everybody you're if you're still at seventeen million dollars and that a cap. You're Malcolm Buckley had a wonderful meal last night in New Orleans and today. Mickey Loomis throws out the real numbers that you listen Wilson and Jim three years seven million Hussein himself donor agency they don't. That's what do we minority preference to say no you know back you never know it's a little back so new Wallace has sealed off the tea rights are no longer remembers you must be a patriot like. Yeah that's another deal's off you answer that now and now he's really. It Zealand I mean honestly he's the painted himself into a corner X. Only eight it's in that's why the only that's what I stop playing around stop visiting this team don't don't don't encourage your agent to go out there and work a deal for you. Play out your contract insurance policy Don. If you wanna franchise you go way you make a twenty million dollars okay. I'll be violent act obviously out this security. I got it now I don't worry about it that's that's definitely. The best place for him to the magic. You're gonna be on a great defense. Let me unbelievable defense it then you got Gilmore to one side got according yet John. Yet I Tara got these two big studs got defense and get all these playmakers. Any got to not let go by the way ahead gauger Peterson in the backfield okay and may be James Devlin and you you're just to tell us fools. It's just it's it's his here's my vital I think to think about the ability that this team's gonna. Half here's the here's the dumbest thing he could go. Is actually sign that three point 91. And let New England radium two New Orleans with Al getting security in at all now joining that team because when that way next year. He's not gonna look like the same play. And then did the tough receivers. Receivers he's got to go against that division you'll be worth as much money next yes it is it is good that if you're gonna sign up three point one. Guess they wouldn't be a Pro Bowl corner doing yes not so sure reasonable exactly. That's not on a good move for he shouldn't corner here and people I know liked like Bob Bryan and others but he's compassion and they feel bad for the kid. He's restricted free agent will you work you read Gasper any feels. I don't know what he feels and I'm still trying to figure them Christian was supposed to read it interpreted force known dead. And I'm gonna fall of the man on the plan. It was not supposed to read I can interpret it or not I'm not big thumbnails from a week ago but god knows. Red no me and that the like the story time there were great afterwards I would have asked about I was waiting in this article they solid isn't wrong message I was curious to see with that message once. There is still methods he gets me is like everybody else it was it was the message in this things everything says drivers miss out here is your window lol yeah Butler deserves a larger. They should sign him I think nobody ever definitively says that they paid this is what they should give him but it patients who this player of the bad message to a lot of that's expected there guys and in. So easily get it wants everybody to live in the perfect world and I get that. But it is under play OK he's underpaid because he went from white college to another he wasn't drafted so we started with nothing. Patriots were able to take advantage of them by taking a right off the street paying enough. Now he's able restricted free agent. And no team is gonna go out there and give New England. All of the stuff in return and then pay him a fortune when he's they've restricted free agent. Timing sucks we got all of that he was a hero in the super brawl he's turned into a probable player he's a nice kid came from pop as we know those. And I know about her. They isolate it doesn't make any difference we can all love and we cannot. I don't digital it is when it happens if we don't know how can Andy's gonna hold the ending to a suit so he's not gonna have the big payday. Okay lake old Jerry Maguire. At the end zone with Roy Firestone or whatever it's like nobody's got a visit from a Eurasian. Four years eleven million dollars. But please repeat at nowadays we vague about it it sucks to be in the position right now that's. That's that's what it is. And with that day you know the rotary I don't want them to trade and dental I don't either I wanted to be on this team. And if it's wrong revisited next year few blocks what I wanna see this team right now he got hightower back. But you know if you don't have Butler and he replaced Butler in in Logan Ryan and defensively with just Gilmore. And who row Cyrus Jones in the slot. Yet many years our resolve that matter but also a yeah. I'm not crazy about whether idol finals a little sign that some guy Morris only for their guy I'll find some good guys they'll find someone that is where somebody. And though just adopt a little break somebody at 120 some million also you're right look over. Somebody else committee go to best case scenario at least we think the best case scenario. Maybe Bill Belichick doesn't we think the best case scenario. Republicans back at three point 91 million places out soft and puts himself in the position next year where he can make some serious money right. Question they have to have. Is he gonna be pissed off coming back now because they gave Gilmore all of that. Are you heard your though we've already heard yardage and out there saying that. He's pissed off now because they apparently lied to on to is that we never paid anybody scored the first it's as though you know we played it in read his luck at all. Deadline is not a bad thing now. That's not bad data line you know he knows what it's cold there right now let me conversations you think his name is agents at this new play this year route. They're illegal to kill more money in just might not be knowing how many times if it had that discussion already in the last week. Numerous. He's not gonna forget that. So we he's gonna show while he's gonna play and that a contract. And he's going to be motivated that angry to have a great year. That's the player I want to but they have these activists all sent out we haven't a million years say if they asked him. Assessed the personality of the individual now they started coming our conclusion was he was your scope and the issue comes in a place Christie's were talking before new year incentive stolen I would teams Null. Is if all of a sudden out of nowhere now abolished at losing playing time. Next year. You know he's out there every single snap bright for two years straight what I don't what the percentages that's a nice easy to figure out whatever right. If all of a sudden knuckleballer for some reasons and Cyrus Jones is starting across. You know Stephon Gilmore about Malcolm mostly 60% of the snaps. There you might have a disgruntled player names if they trampled Accra. The same with same policy with Wes Welker if you remember. Jewel in other and I threw it out over the injury you know there was dwellers to whatever playoffs and we'll get hurt we never saw it. Will ripple to see Welker not play I was ahead on many of the season's first game. I was a little more punishment. Game one the ad that was that I remembered as the Julian got probably got hurt that game it below and it was fun because Welker. He went right right it if he did service punishment is like how hot it didn't work because of punishment yes I do I do think it was a punishment. Based on. Once our case it was a deity didn't take the ideal neatly in her salary I don't know what I've played at a good buddy let's go let's it was a it was a Rex Ryan the thing it was a contentious relationship you know he's kind of Smart ass anyways. He's one of those guys got a little variable in them. But that's the only way you see a soapy Malcolm Butler. It's for some reason Eagles are playing 90% of us now after two years straight points sixty yes it's Irish Jones started opposite of Gilmore more. And cynical okay now what you do and. Yeah and that's really the only unlucky doubled down in relief. You know stick it to whom it. Just use that term as far as as they don't they pay you that as little as possible even though it's on paper thin that's what you're supposed to get so we dvd incentives for some 'cause you always get them. To some let's go get her concert that forced the play more reps are forced to be on the field listen we got to throw the ball tonight. We at the thought you if you talk about Malcolm Butler getting screwed a cash and and I think everybody agrees he's in bad position here. Doesn't get screwed more. If he ends up getting traded to new Warren's. He's not getting anywhere close to load on me restricted free agent but bottom. All he's doing is he's getting to compare that security this past year. With with no when he was vacant 500000 bucks a year now to make it four million a year why would you go to an awards. And take. Under well under unrestricted free agent quarterback money Ali particularly at night and that's just not even a lateral move that's I think it's not a lateral loads of that would modem and it'll batting order. And a weaker defense against much better get bigger weapons at wide receiver. You've got to purchase could. And it's you know critics say condolence. The year with the new law as a citizen. In other reports out there on the PG a goes they're not but doing those nets 67 range and a ship watching all of what you come on down which spent two days that's what to do let's talk I think is good for it. Here's the deal. 796 we don't but why why would you go through all of that and offer him a contract he just turned down what the CD's that test. Well if that's the case when it's gonna matches that's not bring about the Butler down to offer in the same contract he just turned down into Weytman so if not all it's gonna go after him. It's going to be 1011 million dollars could be top ten quarter money let's say. It patriots have an opportunity to match it was also the U with 27 half million dollar skill on the ledge of the salary cap even with the Itar citing. Did you match that I think you have him. I I think doing an already knows what New Orleans is willing to pay addictive or he got that figured out specially if you write in this whole thing has been a charade. With the branding coach fields all that the role playing in which I talk more about this and your phone call 617779. 737. Weeks to complete peace with Fort Wayne Loney and 48. On Sports Radio WEEI. Glenn's not in the end. The media able bracket. Odds now plans on hole. He just general relevant this and it was with specific people angry Maggie can I guess you could tell stories stories jet is a former. Producer for big show on filtered that might get a deal bracket but overall though we have bounce. But of AI I don't Glenz sort of has that same. Same edge that dale listened as I'd like that from dale when he when he lasted short way out of the gate on that show what was it Tuesday. During a snowstorm when he made funny Glenn fry get its fat ass back home from Houston is a great line from dale. Let's do that anymore. Explain things on the back for a back nine he's on the final couples. Will be in Florida would shepherd in Dino. Doing the the Florida golf course. Puerto Gulf Coast radio network. Listening to miss at least he was so. Wow instruments and neutered and get some help me like you're zero. Series hero yes you were Christmas. Working at night and doing Red Sox game when it's hot. This pain that's gotta hurt deliberate and it doesn't have a career or your students legitimate from yet they show that it's. Huge success about it and that an additional war was also powdery example when he was when the mid surprise double and then I'll tell valujet is an ocean generally you know another. Guys yet co host it was it was Janet who teed him up like that jet well he had gone sort of animosity Zurich zoo he added now I can't learn the little Butler for a exhaustively as they really probably don't like you were you able to jet also we've laid up Alan Alan Taylor and Jim Angle bracket he seems surprising jets seem surprised that you're not edit the what he told not to when we voted on the short par 317. We're talking like a long par five onslaught saying look this is the best and so on a par five is a glorified on long Lawler cancel. We're gonna be played this one for I thought you were relevant told me you're wrote sudden and in light as we got to get to do in games again. Please mortgages sitting in the basketball game so much to resist taking all the stuff that and he does. The median estimate that. Hey hold topping hit it worked my curtain and came up in the morning. And at least we've come up with a surprised actually leagues and he was playing well did you work for you know and admire do you do any work or. Jesse Witten. The intern is that it is written right you were prevented it yet that's probably an apology is an answer house hearings are. It's one Tyler Perry I'm quite proud Mary parish government. It's nothing like Tyler Perry a lovely dresses up to work and yeah that's that's that says relive. That is. Apparent is that is only his illness that he's been told class like it's modeled. Isn't it piece of lies are nice and they've outlined in the divorce judge I don't I don't. Didn't I. Back to them by your ire. Usually Andy I'm Bret you should be hired you but I don't like I have any like challenged like I'm I'm against Callahan talked items that it's working its parent that you would have brought about excitement about getting back I thought okay this edged out throughout the Iraqis got to be out of Iraq. He can't be in the bracket we talk period. His bracket. Why are we talking about that occurred when he and we original combined got mobile Robert join together about camaraderie it's about togetherness. Unity to vote order if you end up Friday when the governor all you have to do was there was blood job I'm doing great I'm not doing it but that's why I'm John that he Gupta here I'm trying to make up. My boss tells me to like bring to try again. We wants of him and bring it all together tonight SC you may actually embarrassed the the brand new winter and I read it bears handle things on a jet project could take heed to it all is optic and add some bits and pol. And and got him. These guys to zone or on the par five as of four or five on longer Lawler dance hall we're gonna be blamed the I thought the crowd so long asked. As an ice long. Paula all of we hear word I feel bad blood analysis muzzled and I got that yeah. What was it again czars of par five or the minister zone or lots of Marshall there's a glorified on long Lawler as Ol had a good play this. Eight they're not very good because in regard to teach me. The error of these halls. I have some money your have your name errors. We re back there's others on the view of securities at the local. Analogue hole it wouldn't. Be DOJ gonna do the editor of power of his last segment. At phenomenal leave early that we're gonna do your occasional bullets can I tell you those and I think generally resistant as well putting up. Lou about 1215 says the one from about that yes judo isn't a twelve well does that affect what you did you have once the door twelve what I want surprises is that. Actually producing now. All producing the show always in one. In a bunch of different ways. And he's been proactive come in and easy to make sure we're staying on the clock old cal state California Bosnia as he tried to get Pete Abraham on came in here and he said let's. But the clock at 1 o'clock hour reset right and big pep talk yesterday. Did you see what pissed off but only two when when you came in here one. He pooh poohed all your idea is Dario likes not choppy on everything suggests we only had that. Who ordered and read this article and that lowered Uggla flies. So here's your religion that's in the united relentless but Claudia thought usually she needs themselves it's possible the I'm talking about the show of hands you know on the planet payment on the backside and whenever I thought are sure of all all along now hawk eye opener right you'll laugh but it does. I had executed exactly what we supposed to do you did you start talking about other things because you can't keep focused and I don't know you're short Travis. Sanctions bats through votes six. Last second and we've this is nothing on what we at least audio difference one I've heard Hubble good for. Are also in the pool I executed will pull wanted to do you do now mean it was Univision and he's now NASA sound bitter cold vacation right. Which is true it was a mannerisms. Your body good news is I. And I tonight and subjects like you usually the guys tried to do the right thing he's working two jobs technical support now right. Completely on board OK he's happier now what they do as he's trying to do you got the job a great idea is he holed out we know these is that we were recruit good we're going I kind of mocked him when he kinda gave me a suggestion by you know as you know national director regular. So I think you know you do what you mean I caught that I did that's enemy yeah. Did he does complete yes lead to heart and body weight that basically. And looked around. It probably my lobster and rightly high and died I thought everybody of the like hand to do with becoming aware. And at that high and Powell's un yesterday lobster stop it like. I thought he'd bought for light and out of lots of food you have and he I've got sick down. Like that Red Bull by the way it should be. That well might as well outages you watch all of you wanted to Idaho Nevada and rebels. I am I've never regrettable I took turns off these two rebels hundreds of Kia that it gets them cap marsh Arabs agrees to your wife really. She's gonna need. Some due to my flight six him. I think he would prove it's okay what we've got we have a fairly. Give your plane is no problem. He's here ditching on the Braves habitable to bring kids together altogether we're gonna fight it it's been easy for kids but it's 21. What the other one's talent is there a particular vacation you yeah attribute a way of life and the name. Photo delight at a credible to us. Open Catholic league on center after an accident. And you'll be in rehab and so it's a huge welcome back if they you know Martinis and her. I don't bring him more physical. He's going to be good spot and after that. So toddlers to look for. All the same. So we. Enter enter you won earlier. I'm gonna yeah non to grind moment of truth if I'm not on the back nine and it does bring up. One more sign of this remarkable thing we saw the poll Perry did this yesterday he had a bunch of players and what they had to deal with a few parents are too. Tyler Perry Phil Perry pull out of Eritrea. So he did this yesterday and today Kevin Duffy mass live dot com does the same thing he's turning down all of these players over the years. Who have been in the predicament that Malcolm butlers and still looking for a guy who has said that the same type of playing time. And like the playing time that this kid is that. The discord they don't score Chris I was why is once but even him he had played for years now in play for now. Well that's what a distress. Million it was funny at at written up in negated president and first yourself undrafted in 2011. It was his first three seasons for total one point 39 here. A restricted free agent entering. His fourth season you know Harris received a second round tender from the Veronica yeah. He played his fourth NFL season for 2.2 million bucks. So it says in the article was that just reading that you won in December 2014. At the end of that fourth season. Three months before he was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent Harris struck a deal would Denver for 42 million over five years which by the way averages of eight and a half million a year. I'm. So what does a bill wait until December when they did not so why does and don't wait until December. At the end of the regular season Saint Louis and giving good let's go to ordeal but it's only eight million dollars up we are here okay and Chris Harris. Pretty good idea Norma you could say that he may be slightly. Above. The last two years where was back then two years ago folk kicked a look at that rattled or panicked tweets out that this is really. He says the saints are hosting patriots knuckleballer has visit now and there is momentum towards finalizing deal before he leaves. Certainly enjoy what I do you know what I wanna. You you're it's a failure if he leaves town and you don't have to deal with in the other guys Zynga expects. All it's not to make an offer. Other government. They whether he agrees to it that's the story but. Which we've done is going to be an offer it's been a ten million dollar range eleven announcing that. Everybody that's ever gotten that now here's were you might be right Luke does more money out there now. Than there ever has been out NFL and the more I guess what right morning extract so there's the ability. To pay more money than ever before. But you know he breaks this all down and he's going player by player Kevin Duffy does. I don't see it playing there. That really scored big time all of this and I think you've got to go next season if he wants to score big time. That that went at it that's the big play so that's that's the Malcolm Butler crying at the podium talking about his all everything that he overcame in. All the obstacles and how we body was never gonna make it that's. Where you see that you played out. Don played out more money a boy a desperate team or team that needs one quarterback. Early to make the difference. That three go and he played for seven years I can you do one more segment as you can leave if you want the guzzle this Red Bull open an American agency knew me. Thank you Glenn who went Christians or way. 48 Sports Radio W. Guess first thought Pete and I could be could be. If anything bad about mine so well if we re back where is my second. I think. About what somebody else banks. Guys go on vacation rental prices for the last rebels penalized. You too many. It and ready and I've received three of you and you brought a bit I don't OpenId you turn bad again no one. I'll read a poll in your life a day ago I don't know there's very and it all that good let's equity. He took them so little relief earlier when he says it's those shows are we all drink in the Red Bull vodka bottle away that by the way is this a good or bad sign for Malcolm Butler I just looked it up New Orleans only has twelve million dollars. In cap space and their budget players they still wanna resell. OK and so Kelly if you can even do it they do it and sodomized her and do some stuff around to get the other guys analyst all barely give it all through this kid and. I don't know wolf is exactly most successful organization but to bring to keep down here and then finally were cut a deal and so cat on a show go by the way we can't. I think they figure that out before they bring Amanda yeah I mean yeah so to me it's. She's a two quarterback guys played it twenty million dollar cap hit now for the last what three or four seasons figured all of them. I can I cannot bring a one thing before yes closed out gasoline is an integrated audition and I know you don't give a rat's ass about I do I. That's when you don't get rights as well it might be a little bit more sentiment already. For from a so the Citgo sign in in ten more square. It's been a big huge deal by people. Who were trying to deceive the Citgo sign that's certainly are we floated a trial with its own the wait is this an average donation saves us. Think they're trying to make it got a game in historical landmark whenever. It's to me it is a marketing sign. That is more hitting a Venezuelan. Wheeled company right now the original sign wasn't sick now. It was city service if you bring back the old or real till I throw retro and ordered up there at your. Clinging onto it for history's sake that's one thing but to allow company. You sit there and market and advertise without paying the full freight of market. So I haven't seen the entire deal here but let's hope that the city of Boston. Is not contributing anything. To help keep this time he goes decide you want to see he's needed hour and when everything around me out of prisons are as. General Annan. About her son and it's good to get the green monster at the ritzy New Mexico it's an ever since it's an African but it had I talk. The fact that. The red sun it's built to have Johnson instead we should you should pay the pale of sickle connected. Health care they have not sure they have enough money they receive a lot of and its oil business I don't know what what's what's not Venezuela known somewhere around there and veteran traders said this yesterday was when that was happening I think he's I think from quoting you incorrectly. I'm sorry I think the assumption that you aperture and I've I've I've nodes I have no emotional test longs has got out of his body of the originals on. That's the originals and that's the new sign but to sit on countless and it joking about the power completely and Angela. Giant cause I'd rather be there and I'll be there. But I don't really care why why wouldn't we have the original sign that was there then we go back because we like electricity. You're someplace that's that's I mean there's someplace else so arsenal and it does appear that people boycott Red Sox game. The Clemson game I go there all I can bring signs in thinks they've difficult say Pacific most people would be racist bull that it wouldn't be racist if it did generated somehow into a sorry only I was trying to find true TV in the program to fight yet can't find it inside we would chip -- we can't find in high definition Irsay had a problem at best we don't. Idea and it's you know what's so troops and he reminded me that with the mayor reminded that at that remote that I can just say it. Yeah have you I don't get as they don't term I still haven't used it so I forgot that I could say well it's gotten based at Hollywood and hope that you can do it yet you don't just talk and used to yet it's it's you know having some of those things. So let's is that that you and I haven't yes go home just talk dirty to I'm gonna pass through it comes out process are so dale you don't want out of Europe to four squinting as you're watching Steve good to know. Hi Def TVs. In east TVs would would give you high Def pictures posted here. Yeah that's that's rich. The script says it Z nine not any debate to guys he might not evidently he need to look at this isn't just some dismay he hasn't pitched about it this much should it isn't letting us express that but that is if it doesn't know any different from TV and kind of built again what I did and it it is in the building I have seen the engineers have been with like measuring tapes and fall semester there and it's really the nature. Are you. You wanna for a 65 of those over 65 what are you wanna 55 public spending put a twenty yard wins I think you're stuck there I don't care. I think they lost the TV don't have big pile of mica painted palettes and wallpaper some old stuff and all the also the the use to get the left over so that they used to redo the entire floor yeah okay it's all piled up in our little bullpen area. Opportunity that TV is piled underneath so yeah somewhere getting. This question so what does it cost when you wanna upgrade from standard death to hide and I ask that question was they were losing I well what I heard was our cable provider. It's expensive. But it switched to another cable from yeah it's not expensive and I can't believe it's a do you believe it's an expensive. Like when you're gonna have to cut I gotta be here and I don't remember the last time I didn't have I got to my house I couldn't tell you what the price hit REIT is sure they're. Well now. Now please this is embarrassing that we don't have to plot out all the CBS stations didn't suspect who thinks that initiated I had no idea. Probably a lot of things we're gonna newbies sees hats and socks all and probably do the rental rates are down Notre Dame prince. You want to analysts this two and on June that's full season yet seen the officer I didn't I was. Can you give me the score column. Author of side. Look at this you can see everything you know shoot the score and all are also been a great day and gave thanks dale appreciate it above flood mouse when he done on dale Polley and you agree do you get that on purpose by the immigrants and I think yeah does it shores and doors to women to impose a thriller wasn't closed again. Wouldn't stories we can play halo it's you know me Bosnia like stories and eat eggs that my. I was very proud of red and AMP there.

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