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K&C- Rob Bradford joins the show to discuss Tomase's comments, gets angry at Ken Laird 3-16-17

Mar 16, 2017|

Bradford discusses Tomase and Pete Abe.During the interview, Bradford is repeatedly interrupted by Joe and Tim and isn't happy about it.

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We're talking about the of these betrayed us. Herb has popped up foul third base side over by the dugout why are getting overrun which true but it's out of play. And I heard Jimmy Johnson mossy talking about what it means you also while rated game basically treaty guide for yet. Body in baseball we always look back at. Betrayed like that being the Dodgers Red Sox deal. You well. That did it Crawford. Thank him Dodgers and it moved to outrage yes they don't. The shredder that your better. The script people shirts. Bottle that missed their chemistry and energy. In the noted usually you thought you could do know why that nerve. And you things like that you say hey listen in Iraq and Iran happens one half of that team joins us right tell me did you hotline rob Bradford at data for march I think hello. Is it the beautiful pace of baseball and if there's mood let's move. But I. I'd defect. The defender or talk about the neighbor and if you would hear from. The cyber ark or. Oh. I'll tell you the first I would orders during the war mentioned. Well. The yesterday broadcast in before I eat anything about this bill out Roemer actually. You don't need to and use a billion total there. And so laws could that slide and so. Date on news in in I don't know. That's out is still looking into it. But he's certainly was on his radar in Vietnam but that was the first I heard about it and then they hurt you tack would be on on the weight. Back from Port Charlotte. And an entire. Burnett went on when I got home. My biggest thing my biggest takeaways. Weblog. Same thing I have a La part compete week which is why you respond these people. What is going on I don't understand I can't get my head around why anybody would respond to anything like that. Oh respondent is one thing the calling it critic David Price. Any racist. Does an excellent price. God come in and that's slanderous. Is selling this stuff at dawn and slipped says visible. Well dumb as one thing slanderous and mean it is to me. As violent charge to make against the guy who we just talked again rub. And not solid races at all he just doesn't like David Price and live. I hope that you hope could you. Our American defend PTA here because how could you it's over the tweets that are I don't know how you could take that leap base and say oh that tight race I have no idea. How that goes from someone Ted W crossed my mind percent. While. Others I mean the boys I think all of us obviously Abram try to get them on sort of you tied in all of your on the beat as well late in animal gets to mosques in second but. While critical what goes through someone's mind when they say it again this sports on tweets on the story whatever. Some guys is that what David Price I don't like David Price at TP Abraham called hologram was of the Klan and call them racists to mean. I'd ask you this you run W yet dot com if a if they beat red such writer on your beat tweet that it's some random fan what would you do. I was there would be doing. Every it as it that much much like the first part you soared to order Kirk at the what do you do it. That's true. And I never do again and if it doesn't learn has learned. Now it's you know I'd be obviously I would if I could tip the bad. Taking that attacked him and I can't I don't know what you want to save some developers you know if we were down that road. It'd tweeted something like that I would say what you're doing and have expert explanation that's what we did do. So would you do Flickr what are you guys and your staff aren't randomly compared Boston sports fans who slave owners have you heard this a cut yet. What we want a player almost pledges to mossy on your show all the muscle happy you right now that mud at night. Tomas your last night. Clearly backed up but I'm happy with the what I. He said he told me that you bloom off the other day who do the show or something you said you would. Odds are just totally said it might make it up. No I do not fair to do this show I I had to do one of my fixed rate broadcast. Nobody wants to go and we know you go to held them there can relax and you did you get through. Here's it. All right now or myself well for the Hart got a minute. Here's a mossy with much last night we can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks you know I. I root I don't care we had a token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything at that I don't wanna. I wanna take this to fire but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite act I worked the hardest I'll ask dot net I don't I don't like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's not let's let's ease off on now. There's one ticket to follow but you know if you root for. Athlete like at the slick ruthlessly. Yeah alive I would not have used that analogy I obliged if he's entitled to that Britain everywhere I. What he wanted say I'll say the same thing outfit that I said about. You're his boss who think it's stupid they are the saviors boss revenue Rogers boss. Right exactly and I'll say well what we've there. So it's a shame on you know what you make their conversation wherever you sure yes OK this. But what I don't understand beat so he certainly open to go that way I don't agree with using that analogy. Agree with a lot of things though Krewell a lot of that I have no control where and when you talk about what it said on talk radio people would go. They that maybe you know aren't comfortable that's. I usually stupid for a Smart first mark I'd say that that's that's unusually stupid thing to say he's basically saying. They were racist and is that you do about it because if if I happen alike you know whoever Isiah Thomas. I'm racist if I don't like Isiah Thomas and ready to go out there are obviously we're all races. No. Sir all our law did you try to get out of them. Cologne that's never comes all us. And part of the reason this thing no it's too early in the morning the components the bullets per wallet out we all he is why didn't you would be more tomorrow. We've we tried them on before he said many times I mean woody in the do OK so you didn't commit. I mean you mean you're. Awesome what do you mean would you bother your boss and ask you Hezbollah what do you think of the comic. He set the Boston fans are like slave owners okay your boss I'm asking you said. I said he said even the lessons on what would you say his answer right numbers and you ask me what you would do. All we. Games boss you've got to Nazis boss a nasty what do you think we hear a guy who works for you says Boston fans like slave owners and just ask your question. I just answered your question what's the answer that I would not have used that analogy in the next thing that I went view it the way they did. I. Made that clip. A it's. Only going to go and call them out and get to describe himself was. I can't believe you and ask him and I'll call eight. I would ask in impeded and Tomas in any of these just knee jerk liberals. What. How can you criticized David Price in their lives. I and gorillas and pain and there is no way to Chris has been apprised. Because he's a god I mean that's the way it looks at the music is one of us right sports gods so you cannot criticize the man but what if you want to. Offer reasonable rational criticism of David Price how could you do it where it. We're John Tomas E&P it would not call you racist how do you do. While I don't think there are I don't know if you want to Monty would go to view life. A lot of fires in the central part of the state that are being hurt by when load Tim Tim Tim polls let rob talk to that your gut. Q let me answer he's had an okay. I don't think 01 with Chauncey. Let him answer come off. I'd rub. It. In which to move keep Betancourt called strike. I. On the Turkey tomorrow and to get a lot that got him dead stop and Kyra. Oh. He's done guide. I would question but. Only one plans to. But it it's been what people needed agreed it would. So off for. Four I think maybe five separate fires just on the way over here this morning on one pitch. Six. Let it slip and talk. More. I. To blind. And Republican skirt. Laws as well after young laughter and you know that. Home. I think he'll announce that what's on tap today. It is true though he had ultimately it does seem to me like no matter what you say we've said you it's about he tried. Not gonna get these guys like you gonna say that to a pitch no matter what you say to them no matter what pinnacle pitch. It. I don't football would you agree this spring training game it's not to believe that's who won new third inning is probably not the most important topic of conversation and you you broke the cook strait on the air. You know everybody everybody involved rob you know everybody do you tell us exactly. Why. Kirk is not allowed to do game one why he's not allowed to do what you do for others like every night. They've they've. My question there are if you really want to do it didn't really really really want to do. Yes hole it's yeah does that does that Redmond you guys you don't act. He really did yeah what are I want to give the shot when a winner. Only you know change the forum. Fool you though little ones Joseph Joe's. I. Dan Pettit and noble said you can't you can't do it got a petition. Recruitment we arrested her let's go Red Sox Red Sox don't care they're finally beefed we talked to somebody very tight end as well they should write us. What's your take on campus. I I'd. I have no idea I thought the Red Sox if you're save the red Clark had no probe whether and that surprised me. Really think the Red Sox wouldn't want. Us. To follow out. Yeah I'd beliefs and relate to the movies yeah seeing Jason mustered little. Yeah I did I'd I'd form. That proves you. Tomorrow. Well and sausage and so I think the reason they won't let Kirk in the game because you think you sock line. You. So it's about he does again next time a Florida Tim Tim can say this crowd of 3600 here to monsters can say about 3200 slave owners is that just what's gonna happen yes I think boot price watch golf on a project. All right well let's see what's today anyway raffle. Two days ago hot tub and then. Game. Game tell us what came I don't care what doctor would game. Well it brought a game against Pittsburgh I know you're very very tightly called game 605. No I am not I had I've read two straight days I get a date das monster. It's called the game today. Lucy purge giving Joseph the team that that eighteen was together wow. It's. Excellent 6051850. Yes. We'll talk you ought to. So erotic. Rob Bradford editor in chief at WBI dot com and now he's going to be happy with his good friend hurt me that that's it. Not simply takes you right at 10 o'clock do the right attend I think he's an open he's had with him with Ken Leonard either. Two to follow the Chandler just as we stole so yeah. Mark Hedlund as ever. Seamus men and tells them to do that's like yeah it was final play that Tim other prisoners there it was my idea of it's a good idea of my senior left so so hard because look at probably get pissed if you're depends to reform. I he really doesn't think he should do game like that that's that's that's his territory that's his world right party taking his radio or from Malaysia Britain of today it's much harder than it looks on through potatoes of your notes today. And be frustration in prescription or did you just talk. Rights which is what you should do you think of what you think Kirk have done an expert in English this spring some argue that Kirk and Sonja could not trying to help them just play and plays and every place will leverage to play. Winning that in this ballpark. The first time there too to follow Paula started right there. You don't think Kirk do I I feel like I could do the suits are filed office problem. While. To keep the pace which to me it's already is it's a red mist it's a rhythmic I can tell it's real well that records are out there a difference. The you don't mind me a couple of supply in this part state speeds up on. Speeds upland seems to feeds upon personal spring training game that's a product that's that's a matter where you get every pitcher that's the most sellable point secondly core I can just tell you look at the game right you want to pitchers you grumble like just say crumbled shall. Closed for two outs cardinal over it's immoral and now tool easier than apart and an outlook that. So which are standing you're not doing their red tops great road France. You and I can do is wanted to test broadcasts in the 20. Punishment might try to do it I do it and what do you do no evil listen again. I was asked a dominating it's now game Mike in the past I've. I've passed appointment has broadcast big morning shows you to do this stuff. We will do one game Carlson in the hands that it isn't the sort of scheme this year it is coming really in this it is again. It is rage when it was on CO COR kick it. The most that disaster. Veteran that's right granted that I don't know prelude to an. I don't know he's split second I understand and guys like rob and ever Joseph and we'll Fleming's terrific. About. There are more than happy to him. QB and the right people. Know how to paint and I don't let bumps all worked out. You know it's too late and nobody in this building wants us to do the regular season. I would think that would be people whose big building the one you and me into the game twos because they think we're going to be really bad and nobody know Beno. The get there get a mask that's the province will be really really good at an immortal do right. Will be my proposals to flip the because Tim and Joseph can do the show in the morning Smith our manager and I can do the game and what about April 1. That's a pre season game. Practice they're and Apple's. Sure I love. And they can do our show would be. Pulled pools to be good when he that sure Tim and Joseph regret that I think other its other country. RT there. Yeah Tim and George sort of freewheeling for four hours with him right that's only one dolls that's like a July night talking about living. The weakness as they have respect to question should crush. And vote on site action network which it can't work for that series Las Vegas. I was study HI I've always thought would be reached in the work but James Koch thanks I don't know what poll showed up like that we've got to go because I think I don't wanna cut into the mid that we can no longer recommendation yes and I was gonna give my full review of the Springsteen books and apple has right to quote we get back we have a minute or two we have metres and seek tidbits -- -- -- -- meters for this president did they take over about 10 o'clock direct.

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