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Pete Abraham's twitter fingers, 3-15-2017

Mar 16, 2017|

Jon Tomase joins the program just in time to defend Red Sox beat writer Pete Abraham from a controversy he got himself in earlier in the day. Abraham alleging a fellow tweeter was racist does not go over well with callers and Mut lets Tomase have it for defending him.

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It's. Monday night. There is a stereotype. Of being good natured party guy and resist any further data read it black. They are also gold is in the sporting world won't get away with similar behavior as others. And yet they are considered charming when they do it and let someone else does it get considered it possible somehow with my mind. In order of who boasts belonged to him I would go wilder who. Bowling Green monster last muscular but like other people around to my heart wrenching but. I think on Monday that he remains were. Now here. So much at night on Sports Radio W we. As the voice of Chris. First hours of the morning show is putting together these second annual Kirk Allen a whole bracket. And in the end John vause is in the field won't get to that coming up Johnson mossy studio tonight brought to you by her friends. At Dover on the pump about your appearance at the whole bracket maybe tomorrow I missed on this in my irrelevant in my mind the one is irrelevant or somebody else around very Curtis believes you're a relevant and didn't belong in the eight hole bracket but in the end they can layered convinced him that you would draw a lot of attention growth path for. That's how it feels about you and that you guys who nights a week in Europe the Euro I don't think your relevant on the show Saturdays of training I don't feel relevant. Chris Byrd is Chris Curtis has no use for you apparently he fought to keep you out of the bracket but Iran I heard that day at the end of this could change because. On the producers did their brackets on the the pretty sir podcast and Kirk and Jerry can change it very easily tomorrow but you work in a Kyle liked the bright your bracket with the Shaughnessy. Tony matters and Cheryl wilder. Out and I hope bracket now she's an up and comer she is she's due to the the whole scene yet based on her comments a year you Rick and the shamrock I'm usually good for around. Last round and I that you against Tony that hasn't round out things outline of a loose it's. I had you is that my sleeper pick your odds are high is it their egg A holes like. Many hand. Callahan. Alex Roemer who is a very buzz worthy pick this year in the whole bracket may as Shaughnessy those of the regular I think. I too carry a lot of weight with the Internet crowd yeah I'm a little though since I since I had my last appearance in the morning show which was Election Day when I went in there. And then curled the ball and please Lenny Clarke at this microphone podium let go to luckily my microphone I wasn't sleeping. And and I crawled home. So I don't have a lot of Jews in the morning that that'll that'll oh yes yes you do all right now with your performances on the Red Sox for trading gains Pickett played every single day. Yes you're right in the mix you might not be listening apparently be right there in the mix my friend you vote you're gonna make a run. And I don't see it happening I mean listen nobody believes that night my A caught a whole qualifications more than me. Echo but I don't I don't think I have what it takes against that field that's a tough field Tony matzo ball outs guys. Tony's got the daily they holes where both males were both Italian jails with Tufts University diplomas. I he's got back dale Lee. Forum to remind everyone what an alias abilities. Your column where your chance to do that in radio appearances and final Tony writes quite as much anymore now you -- -- featured columnist the WEEI dot com see you're your illnesses right out their people sits up them to say it's not an immense though like amendment that posit that begins I believe tomorrow 6 AM the whole bracket I think the first match of his dale and Kirk. Run of the gate round one tomorrow is Giuliani held a stereo in jail. ST I like. I've got to start I am I have run into a hold dale from time to time off the yes I've Ike I see that a dual sided deal when dale wants to play dirty could lead there and anybody else on the air doubles party comes across a very good guy but. You can play dirty yes absolutely it's a great first round match Kirk wins but people and bracket on what would it mean to Kurt if you. I'm Kirk cares deeply sinister characters. After he sorority keepsake Roemer is gonna win a naked the the the fit also fixes and but the end and their fans are gonna vote Roemer early and often it feels like in the bracket I had on people to vote mossy oak as the biggest thing oh. Won't get to your thought in you driving you heard me talk about Revis isn't thoughts about that in high talent patriots. But because we us and calls on it because we just talked by now you've heard asking you were here talking about it. On. What do you make of a Red Sox beat writer. Immediately going to the basically attacking a Red Sox and is being racist when you like David Price that's it. That's a bad state of of media in 2017. Right to immediately that I card because. You'll like of players sold beat writer defends the player calls the diagram with your pets in Saint John. Yeah I mean in fairness in China vetoing this but I was not aware of us to like get in here I heard you mentioning and as nosedive and and the Micah wonders talking about. And so that I listen to NASA's the first ever heard the entire segment those I heard exactly what happened and you see them that I was innocent and not spoken to Pete I don't know anything like for all we know. I will say this if you write something nice about David Price and you tweet about it you're to a timeline will fill up with some nastiness of this may have been. In his defense this may have been a cumulative kind of thing where you see it so often every time you write about him that it gets frustrating and may be last out of the wrong guy. John that is not a defense. Going immediately to. Your grand wizard under the head of the device I had given awesome concert I understand but not to defend them or or agree with me or not I'm just saying is a terrible look for somebody that works here at Boston the Red Sox beat. First clients about looked over illegal audio way to defend a players on Twitter offer their performance as a beat writer but when your Ben doing it on in the you're calling the lines of you know like the guy because you'll racists. Like that's the reason that the team is better off without David Price to because. Sure thing grand wizard and you immediately start responding between somebody else about the racism in Boston and about I'll wipe. Racist got to know that's psychotic. It. I mean I will say this heat is much more he likes to mix it up on Twitter. And I will come in here people in concert whatever they want. If you read through my mentions in replies of Seattle really engaged. There when people and people call you terrible thought his commentary yes worse things yet to match in which is I ended up and a friend of Bradford which is a work that way but that is absolute worst. So some of us. Just choose not to act that way he has always been someone who will fire back in a you know you'd you'd take a lot of abuse them there and so I understand. I understand the inclination to Sam and fight back. So he is not afraid of how that's okay X and and again this is I'm putting you an unfair position I'm not asking to speak for Peter Abraham. How is that fighting back someone responds to a general tweet the you were added on visual radio segment may be misunderstood and I don't really know. Again I didn't see energy guys talk about the rest of the guys Twitter feed. I don't know what else was in that there's not that it's always the guy tweets about women's college sports and weather yet so I don't know. Has some black athletes on his Twitter what was the exact week that began idea that irony in the exact I've every guy. So what was the exact week that started. It was a sweet tweet from our sister station sports out. With priced out what will hash tag Red Sox rotation do you start the season at. How about a gambler he is in daily things and Barbara race. And so the response and act at that and it goes to all three like in Europe reply all goes all through people that were at all that tweet yet. Better without him exclamation point from a guy that has. A couple dozen tweets for five followers. Who appears to be college umpire for softball. Better without him. And Pete response is. Sure thing in common grand wizard that that escalated the fact that escalated pretty quickly and that against somebody else jumps in. It is why drag your rate in raison and his speech response because the irrational hate some fans he's quotes from fans. Haven't discouraging in this day and age it's personal. It doesn't make them racist for not liking the player tweeted back in and the hates about his attitude and immaturity at sure thing York clown better than being a racist and and finally. I don't like operates as well as price it's all being a racist though question mark me thinks you doth protest too much telling. Anyway best of walk away the last outing yes yes of this to me is he's been he's been reading this stuff. Over and over and over and over and maybe he just. You guys you know got to be too much. Any ticket out on this guy which clearly wasn't justified based on its unfair and it is ridiculous in 2017. Use social media to label someone you don't knows got a couple followers on Twitter with active respond directly to you. Didn't call you out wasn't personally attacking you. Just said that bright Sox are better off without David Price and that elicits a grand. Wizard and in response that something over that's a sentence but it does not. That's that's that's subtle okay wait. The responding to the better off now that's all over the top as it. Now and say I'm not surprised I'm all day pop what you're just saying you know but for somebody to jump to. Consummate a racism or this or that I'm just saying in general social media and our current age of social media. This is the norms and let let me say this. Whether this and this is not a Pete Abraham thinks if Johnson mossy and responded to Red Sox fan or rob Bradford or Dan Shaughnessy or. Evan drought like Ian Browne god forbid. The nicest guy and that African beat Ian Browne responded with something as ridiculous as if he's not. I'd verse eight he has nation you guys. I'd respond the exact same way and what makes it worse is it is just some random thing and we be mocking Hispanic men happier topic on the show. We mocked the fan for going after the pinnacle and racist for not liking the player. He beat lives here this is not the money Jones is not. And ESPN or who drops in one bomb. And that walks away lives and works year and he sees a lot of this stuff and it's time line and I'm sure I guarantee you this was about an accumulation of especially hold on yeah he's a lot of racist comments about David Price on Twitter. I bet if you go through all I'm online channel meaningless anyway listen the guy's got I don't know he's 80200 dollars or something. He is the Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer. I know everybody in here let's say all the writers made them listen the guy works art. The guy works are no one is debating that no one is what I said one thing about his work ethic or job so I'll just say so all I'm saying is. Pete Abraham works hard it is all I'd action ID law does not let you off the hook for calling a random dude on Twitter racist because it like David Price now I mean that and you can't tired tell me. And I'm asking me why he did it and I don't know because I hadn't spoken to manage even know this is a thing until I get in here are tonight's I was driving and I can almost guarantee you that this is an accumulation. He reads this stuff a lot when he writes the story about price or. It's in the comments the comments on a globe story or whatever you get hundreds and hundreds of comments I think he reads through those. I could never do additives are racist comment big ball the ads are leaving multiple basis comment about innocent until this I mean don't deal. Naive beat these could be people yes and eight yes they could be from us and I know it's horrible the debate that'd. Beat they could be from anywhere it doesn't matter where they're from. The fact of the matter is. This is an opinion that a that baseball's vocal subset of people that even if they're just trolls even if they're just trying to get a rise. And so he Jack he's good enough of it and that's spilled oil got over and it in your right I mean he obviously. I think it's pretty clear that he shouldn't any delete you know it he knows it's round as he deleted it. They're gone they're Derreck Robinson bar stool save these so you can check out so I'll see my eye on any given the benefit of the doubt and in stated he you'd miss interpreted it. Warner. Body was responding to something else. But it wasn't simply about this would matter but but I I can't it's not a defense though to keep that inflicted the defense for tweeting that. Cannot be icy a lot of negative comments about David Price it is not the job of Peter Abraham or John the mossy rocks and are negative on saying racially tee time charts you know any ill so that the other two so he should respond to Wear a random dude on Twitter who said better off without him. With your grand whistler or not I'm not saying that all the right track handle that much I'm just trying to give you insight into may be why. You wouldn't that would your saying that when I see the fish that's the stock that you take on Twitter from patriot fans specifically take on Texans paid prepared. You would never gone to the legs. Appalling anyone out as race is normally a personal. What's the I don't know what's up what are called a red dot Twitter race that's did you try to make you look so what did you different approach you're trying to defend David Price what gain by doing. I mean may be what does he gain by doing that David idea that'll prove a little favorite team. And I agree with you but you Ares I at all does like that makes even worse your title the good of the player. And I don't peaked just wrote about David Price a month ago and actually know what's at a month ago you guys talked to David Price at foxwoods. About his. And Rick alluded honest about race it exactly right it's a we talked about this with Pete -- him. Sentinel he feels a connection indeed it is they wrote about it together in an egg needed at that when he heard racist comments have been waiting really follow up on it. Stand growth golden ball on it's I don't know all still in fact what David Price herder didn't hear. At Fenway Park. I don't think it's his job as a beat writer tack to call out a could be a globe writer Red Sox fan. Ran on Twitter for doing it I just don't see a defensive and I don't know I I'm surprised that. Policy depending upon surprise you see another side to this I'm trying to I'm trying to give you via an assignment in some context and them. Some possible explanation for. 61777979837. Your phone every two Texan as well 37937. In on Twitter edgy to mossy and a one and UT. I WEEI. Tom in New Hampshire waited long time Tommy Iran now with mud and the monster we got. Pager anything. What's outside. Our guys stood some argument. I'll just fine. You know they the boxing out and buy a static you know. And it goes without saying that that was a very bad. Time in Boston in terms of racism. And we've gone beyond that I am a 57 year old person that wrote are not sure. And I grew up my father brought me to sell these gains in the mid sixties. And new large payment to all black so based here and we we adored. Don Don Nelson you don't have a check you know again on how to act and antenna talent there are. And do it a token white you know Hanks thank all the crowd went nuts when. Hang in cocaine and Scalabrine reserve a token white you know they have every day when not scored their religious site yet. You know it shallow. And human victory cigar Scalabrine yeah I mean so what I say in your point is Tom that that that recurrent Celtic fans who Freddie collar correct. Oh my and I love Jim and in the mid sixties or impropriety. I am I discrepancy. Shall and I think it didn't sell out to our whole CN. Based in Boston this data operations. We I personally and it's been about ornaments you know and personality on top and now. Why and I think Tom that that is most fans I can't say ball as John said there is say there is a small. And sometimes the vocal minority of fans who want to make it about race if you believe the money Jones or Israel Gutierrez in many ESPN. It's a lot more than is and they like making a sport out of playing out Austin as a racist city. In this case. A fan said he didn't like David Price the Red Sox essentially are better off without him and instead of either not responding. Or. Ignoring it altogether. The guy can't just not like the player has his performance and attitude. It's sure thing grand wizard. That is insane to me just that's the problem as a quick note I just. Did some. Preliminary search Gartner is the air and timeline on Twitter in his comments on the globe and I don't see anything other than your socks no racist comments. Yeah because I look I I eight I would be lying if I said he spent the afternoon. And eight I should have to go through and pick out what. What Adrian Johnson John's point what spark. And then getting into a separate racism convert or even worse is criticizing the players received a contract Val thinks he's god doth protest too much. Could Lochte. Like. And I go back to one thing Tom sent shirt away this is biscuits and a mosquito you know so I'll just say this idea of that. We can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks you know I'm. I don't care we had a token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything and it's I don't wanna. I wanna take this to fire but there are probably people who owned slaves who felt though that was my favorite act I worked about hardest all topic I don't I don't like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's not let's. Let's ease off on Matalin and but I I won't speak for armed and but I'm not putting that on time just in general we know all the time what the play how can I be races on dot dot got poppy was on favorite not the point the point is and we you and I battle on this issue for months. When ESPN attacks Boston blindly with very little evidence that they are racist because they root for Gordon Hayward. Are because Jae Crowder was was this the about the idea that they were my take a spot on the roster today and lob Obama racism. And a label over our entire group of people and act like again group piece things together. At our water is wecht. The Cleveland Browns suck and Boston's racists like is just a thing. That's what I take offense to let's say Tom was basically saying he went way back in the archives to do with Jim Nance every else he brought up. But it's all okay we're not racist it's. And at some point. There is enough. Is enough time has gone by where entire region doesn't dessert to be labeled eight a certain thing. When as many athletes writers whenever most of the same thing race it still exists. But I would make the case recently it exists war here and other places yeah I'm not art digital evidence I'm not arguing on saying is that this. Common defense the first defenses name your favorite black player therefore I am not racist sentiments not. That's not a great defenseman. Paul continued talk about this Johnson mossy in the house he's going to be the winner. The whole bracket and are they related charge and make an charts tonight tonight's. I'm jarred recently Abraham you automatically log in his races that made 6177797937. Phone number will continue with your phone calls on this and Revis we'll get it to first take another ridiculous Max Kellerman performance today. It's Monday night with a mossy Sports Radio WEE. More now which marked and John Tomas on Sports Radio WEEI. I'll just say this idea that we can't possibly be racist because you root for the blacks you know I'm. I don't can't we have a joke it lights that don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything it's that I don't wanna. I wanted to take this too far but there are probably people who owned slaves who felt though that was my favorite back guy worked the hardest. Johnson lost in the house I think vets who are I don't wanna take business empire. Boston sports fans are like slave owners I didn't really needed. They came out it came out I stand you know I I stand by inference. It's nice to come I'm not sure I understand the principle but yet the idea that like the first defense when the whole racist thing comes up a lot of times news like I am not racist I mean. Might I loved that. And I think any trade. When this Celtics traded to an engineer and paint the of that trade comes at it like stop you know what people are doing that because guys like Pete Abraham by Jones are labeling. People randomly is racist like that to me AD the idea I just throw that around. Right like some guy putters out like David Price you're grand wizard. And your ballot with random people on social media about what their racist or not we never met those people personally ever had a conversation with them that you feel okay. As someone was much prestige and beat. The exit 80000 Twitter followers beat writer for the Red Sox holds a very prestigious job here in town right man among the I'll beat writers it's it's patriots Red Sox whatever he's the number one guy at the globe that's a big deal. So the UR Allen social media calling out random people it's not. You know I egg on a crime to ran ads on Twitter yelling at each other in in into a vast nowhere. This Red Sox beat writer randomly picking not a guy who say like David Price it's a sure thing grand wizard. So I think that speaks to what's happened here recently with Boston fans from ESPN mostly but I guess in this case for. It'll labeling an entire region racists and I are left to defend yourself what you said there. Yell at. A very large large large majority of people are just watching the games and that the race is not an issue. As you watch the games here in these things and medial reading them in this case any races seem. There's a defense mechanism there at the people feel like I have to say why I like black players and it doesn't come across great putt. When you hear it over again Joseph what do you do all I guess I'm racist. I Abraham call me a grand wizard we also. There crest. Here are well again I mean you know if that situation. Rose I'd probably wouldn't retreated back any there's no way they see that that's the irony here because you have I think. As puppets can is anybody in this business you know going back to what happened at Darrell the patriots. You'll take an absolute. Beating from patriot fans and it still show a lot you don't duck getting yelled at you write every couple of like days. Including stealing ideas from the show if I did that it is again thanks very much to show that you did Leo you do you TV appearance as you shall picky you do all that stuff and I've never in chances IC the text that we get on the show. It plenty of chances to do randomly respond to techsters through Texas station which by the way. Other posts at this station dude do. By the way which is insane. Sonata whittling away too much where you never I never done that so for you to pick up of the water here for guy. Was called a random Twitter user racist that's the iron I'm not picking up water for you are telling you are and I'm telling you that I don't know all the facts of what I actually need to know. So what what can get help me out here. What would you need to know other than that comics and you know I talked to Pete Abraham and to say what happened here. You know an ideal dad. Or misinterpret it more I have no idea what eats it. It's horrible story that's on than I would not have handled that this month that's money. I would bats we did that and because personally I don't kid or Red Sox fans think it. That's just me and he does apparently Marvin zinni's Boston Margaret you're on WEEI. Not your studio bit but. Yes I am DC area did have a lot. Pulled out. There at. The end Powell the first that is that is the violence around these parts not right let's go that long. C'mon mark how did no excuse you can't look at it at all well you know he. What that something read too much where it will just start the key right there Kabul on. It wouldn't that I can achieve what the street that you can lucky to perpetuate that. Want to acute stroke. Or while I'm an acute King Kong didn't go in it if it doesn't mean often. Instead you'll always translate well will go out there because. Is that because. You were in the plus that percent a number of reasons. That's putted it they had no you. I didn't hear that music that apple. I like the black eyed look I will move that could put in what way hustle and I won't let it. I don't want me to play because he's a bomb. Can't get in here. See that language is at that time. That language is sign the back that's normal. Heart. And bring up race and all this and came in your bank doesn't talk about to grow Revis you will at some favorite black quarterback by the way that will be a lot. I guess that's the other question I want ask Pete and we guess we should try to reach out to object. At some point between him and see beacon. Come all of us. I doubt he will have been deleted the tweets but it's it's worth the effort. Like what what does race have to do with a guy not be good you can't just think he's not good like Red Sox fans are sold lame. That Leo apple if a white player is bad that players actually bad if you see a black players that. It's because of his skin color yeah that's terrible and that's and that's clearly not the case with David Price people are not ripping David Price. For anything other than underperform who had a worse David Price after he or year one and year one it a year to. David Price or John Lackey. John Mac nodded and gloves and John Lackey breaking news Caucasian. Right hand and able. Write it stick out a list gets a nice legit a hole behind the scenes gotten multiple issues were people. Including he had people at the station he grant had issues with the not black. So what what's the what's the defense there is that all of it it's just one random guy yeah I'm not arguing that to begin I mean I don't know you're asking me to respond to hold the idea that a year. You write. And I asked you to respond to that I'm eyed at although gas that it's a rhetorical question. I drew is in Newburgh portrait Iran WE via. Bed migration a lot of action. I just I don't understand must see where where you coming for a year essentially saying that you agree look. Pete Abrahams I didn't say that all to help you know. Are without using that exact words you're saying I'd I'd need to talk to key facts. The fact of the tweets like that's that's all week I exam along listening closely at what are what are we think that's lead is wrong and I would not have done that. Beyond that I don't know what led to I don't know if he miss read it I don't know if there was something else in there that got deleted I have no idea that's on sand. It's irrelevant. You know if it doesn't. Clearly it was wrong that's why it's tweak it didn't. Have been taken down and I made that exact point word for word. Right to also does that I don't dark and deep and I don't. I can do both of those away what I got I just help me out here what would you need to hear from Pete Abraham. That you would say okay. Calling out a random fan on social media for being racist okay. Now OK with that there isn't literally nothing other than finding out this guy's been tweeting racist things that David Price or two did Abraham direct messages. That is the only thing we go okay. He has acknowledges god being racist. I understand what responded display that would be it he keeps saying and all the facts what would you need to know may be misread it maybe there was something that I read. That he's a journalist Anna was. Lot of funny to write for the Boston Globe on the Red Sox I'm not saying it ran out of Hawaii island teenager these you just answered it. Maybe miss you miss read it you can't miss read it they're better off without him and take that is they're up guys being sets. Yeah I haven't idiot I can't read that John. You leave them out last night maybe you. This after. Did he like during the Red Sox game that it is bored to tears by 33 tie. Bradford and never about guys were double zero and that is the offense was so bored by watching spring training baseball he lost his mind other than that. There's no. Ax to air. Jockeys and all the troops drove and hang up on you can be your your pitching my thoughts now you keep saying and. All the details what would you need to know. To make this okay you've got to help me with this keeps ask why this what OK what were you doing why did you do that that that agreement question any given answer I can't. Theorize it's not my had run an acceptable answer might beat but maybe he has won. Maybe maybe he miss read it out keeps and that I don't know maybe there was something else maybe there was some other tweet that got deleted that's only thing I can thank. Maybe not even buyback guys by somebody else. And you're hitting you know you get in a Twitter thing and there's all those different ones you can reply to may be was replying to one that was deleted I don't. So why would he then why would he then they're responding to a separate person right this guy did this is ridiculous that we have to explain this again. Well one guy tweets deputy Abraham any say sure thing grand wizard. That's separate Ike comes in and says why you're dragging race into this because the irrational hate Pete writes because some fans. Have as discouraging in this day and age it's personal so okay. That what we can go on is the guy who said the first week that sparked all this was the response of better without him. And so Pete Abraham is taking his job as the Red Sox beat writer to read that as this guy random dude on Twitter. Will they college umpiring. Background avatar as making a rational and being racist and making a personal by saying you better off without him. See you're taking out your opinions on Red Sox fans on one. Ran down. Kissing on Twitter saw colleges. On Twitter and you kick your feelings out on Red Sox fans like call this one guy race at that Rihanna sang. I think Red Sox fans are racist by you and I mean. I I wouldn't necessarily argue this in court. Waited exco and right now I'm just I'm just telling you maybe there was something else on sure thing your clown better than being a racist. Is that him is he the one thing. Who's saying someone's it doesn't make any racist this is from odd Cody Ford doesn't make them a racist for not like in the player the hate is about his attitude his immaturity. One it later so Pete is into the conversation. This is over the course of I like seven it's their their back and forth. One minute after it's rendered him it doesn't make them racist for not liking a player they hate is about his attitude and his immaturity. He's response is. Sure thing period. And not even L and no wrong for. Hey maybe it's not this band and Sutton a sure thing and obviously turns personal your rate clown and and the response. Better than being a racist. Which again alluding to a separate fan. Being racist analysts and I'd you know this is this is not how I choose their candidate once I I know that's and it ends with this I don't like pom rants as well as price it's all about being for a it's all about being racist though question mark to Pete. Pizza answer me thinks you doth protest too much telling period anyway common best of walk. The real mean that it says say. It's a master class in passive aggressiveness right there. Me thinks you doth protest too much telling anyway best of walk. And you're right about eight he's in a hard worker any he works he's. I see him at Fenway. You to albeit a hard worker. This is not I can't imagine this is really what the global wants is anyone on their staffs that we Red Sox beat writer. Calling out random fans is races console you know and I would be not the best I would and we gonna go to break averages say I would take the globe itself is pretty it's out our general and on that. I would take the globe out of the equation and just say what is any point of responding to any. And I don't I've never understood that matches your I would agree with you a 1000% quick break that back to your phone smut and to mossy Sports Radio to be we.

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