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Bring back Revis, 3-15-2017

Mar 16, 2017|

Mut is passionate in his argument to bring back ex Patriot Darrelle Revis. Rich Keefe on the other hand thinks Mut needs to have his head checked.

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It's. Mud at night. It is a stereotype. Of being good natured party guy that brought us this need burn data read black. They are also gold is in the sporting world won't get away with similar behavior as others. And yet they are considered charming when they do it I want someone else does it get considered it possible somehow with my. Quarter of who boast belongs there and I would go wilder who volt range commodity like market. Unlike other people around your might but both chambers are organized and on Monday that he was and remains holed. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. The irrelevant. Studio lot less than an hour from now to hang around for a couple of hours in fact I believe John velocity is. Sleeper pick to win the second annual burden Callahan a whole bracket that we want to think tomorrow. Aqsa mosque he's gonna win that thing we'll talk. John about his it's is seeding and does he have a shot to beat out. Alex rebirth Alex Albert in Rhode Island Kirk then handed others in the a whole bracket they'll launch tomorrow. I'd 6 AM or at some point in the morning with Kirk Callahan here on W eat ya rich keep here tonight the weather a lot better today and a lot or. Well our stuff to pick through yeah of course the next four hours I will promise you it before the end of the hour is out. An embarrassing. Embarrassing display today by a Red Sox beat right on social media as bad as bad as the key again and very much akin to what we are critical of ESPN guys four and in playing the race card literally out of nowhere that's reported a segment a medical medial wanna one media one on one yet with your you're two professors Mott and keep NASA says this this this laughter keep this lecture is going to be called. Don't do that. Not a lot easier now don't you simple. You'll hear that half an hour from now soon be stay tuned. Four that in the program will also have top mossy studio the whole bunch of stuff including. You heard Max Kellerman there another idea that it's. Well Rosie thing as I know I lost the English language I still wanna actually as jet to go back and listen to a because II it was I'd salt live and I was like get a headache. Did they say racist for not. Saying across like Ezekiel Elliot are we not racist even days they are not racist but Molly Arab and Max element there is some racism I don't know what exactly it was all very confusing hobble had that for just after 7 o'clock tonight the news today we try to get to the big stories in the 6 o'clock hour with the patriots made news in the eighth. Bring back not to high tower so the off sees I would say yet completes. But the domination of the offseason continue to lock these team all the time for winning all season. I'll say the patriots have on pit bulls sausage might not mean in this congratulations. It's just more icing on whatever that size the takings at this point when it comes to the patriots and what they've also. Believable because obviously when the Super Bowl and immediately after the the favorites to win the next Super Bowl and if they lost the offseason but then. Of they'll a couple of players go date didn't sign Gilmore. They they didn't make a trade for cooks. Yeah you might be upset if say you know Butler goes somewhere else but they would still be the favorite in the AFC maybe not as convincing as it is with the moves they've made. So far and they're absolutely dominated the offseason they've held open our offense and their defense and there's still more moves we've made in the draft so if they they've put themselves in an unbelievable spot well you look at the addition of Gilmore high tower and you leave this was a good defense last year and I had you cannot say tonight they are better only a true you know patriot. Call with the other better defense and you can't say that because it quarterback they're still a major question with an app would knock about letting Malcolm Butler on right now that isn't really matter because Butler still on the wrong yes with it again until they trade bought and a to the saints or a couple teams the 49ers and in Texas Tech is apparently now want in on this album not your other going to be better than. The 32 pick in the draft Woolsey. They're not better yet. But they made plenty of moves that I'd I'd like I would make the argument they're better at the transactions go as follows. Malcolm Butler for a 32 pick. Darrelle Revis back to free agent or read us. So I have completely bought in rich you watch it much too motivated to roller I idea I watched slow he fat was out of Shea terrible bad the realm Revis. Play for the jets but what Orman he's mad at the end of the year. Wrote words like in barest Amanda and disgraceful the worst formally about Terrelle. You know what what what ranking to because the rich keep eye test result current health care irate every position for every sport you know that who is the fourth quarter backlash or quarterback yes brought across one other months that that meet the mark rank as Johnny is a good up there rankings the Johnnie Mae and they'll play an usher but he didn't. As war the situation now Malcolm but he's going to be gone on assuming he's gone. That bad play you saw the jets. As you play for the Jack let me ask you this photo that's why motivated Revis with Belichick react plugged right in a way and he and Gilmore would make this a better defense election why. On earth would he be motivated motivated for once did you see what just happened in New York. He wanted to sign their and his career. Eventually gets released because he was so I think that got cows on him terrible I now on him and that's and everything's on him yet he showed up out of shape right. It really care about the C you can tell because they were going to be competitive ya. A basically punted. For years here in New England he played extremely high level was a numbers keep power rankings he's a top ten quarterback that you're right here and going I think he was fifth. OK a fire remember I gotta go to the show I thought to middle thirty excel yet need to form for you had to let season I keep Mario so here's how I played out my mind. He talks to Belichick. Belichick convinces him that he can still play quarterback is there's a spot medical place safety yes the only spot that they've got. Safeties well I think they say all. Like thinking that sort of the guy who who knows he's a corner and saying all the right things because he wants the job because this is part of the the the process Revis to. Reclaim his. Reputation around the NFL that's all he can't he can't just say they are outside a courtroom today not on the quarterback. He's been short hair he has been probably the iron sheik is the humble I'll wrestle in the ring he often would outside of the jet at the jets former jet for patriot or Darrelle Revis has been he was a book. I he's been humbled by the experience there went through an off the field incident that he was cleared out completely today. Nothing to see here is best friend said that told the judge my boy you heard my voice there are snow said that wasn't you utero the year your buddies -- to it whenever anybody if maybe the fall guy I'm not sure what an honor but rape Reese's fault I took the blame for you felt that he is looking to. Reclaim that title of one of the best of all time can't do that at safety now what is the best of all time. But I would say be going out on a very quote if sour note to said the league is the perfect patriot move. To bring Revis from the jets after a bad year coach up. But an eminent position as the second quarterback next to Gilmore to be not be played a little bit bigger gas plant physical role be more than bouncing Brent Bauer tight but he play. Or beef. Easier once every fifth and Brandon Browner as you got to play any heavier weight matched it and write about to go to safety. I'm looking out of the say they're looking for a physical corner alongside Gilmore in this defense. Revis is the perfect. Guy to take a shot was so bad last year and why would he. Play hard for a team that's not gonna pay him when he wouldn't play Hartford CNET did pay them. Here's what I can he exactly BB getting paid by the jets when the patriots sign him because they still owe him money off that cut right. I don't look for more money he's still basically won eight million dollars this year about gonna have to come down realistically you saw Ali let easy making eight million dollar he wouldn't play. And I finally got nineteen million dollars guaranteed corner corners are much more important ideas and a guy target lest anybody who's gonna. And right around there is getting paid. Collins getting paid more adopting high tower course couldn't. Ten calls better than our coach. Combs. Does more he's more he's more in his skills that is more valuable. In the NFL now that you've just of athletes you'll get a strong athlete NCAA on professional sport athlete to another Grassley later there but you got big play badly well. Jibril peppers and the guy that I would like you that you advocate I think you'd. Hi are probably a better fit in clearly they won the Super Bowl with a man not with Collins he's a better fit. But just traditional middle linebacker or got to count fly around or pay that guy more that's shouldn't be. A big surprise but it would grievances he won a Super Bowl he got paid. He has had one a 89 year track record the books he's on what the hall of fame. I was a terror is a terribly here last year but I don't these are saying hey. Let me let me have another approve a deal to go to new England and totally redeem myself I'd be shocked by that you so bad. It wasn't just as he was chubby wasn't just because you are you didn't put it all the work in the offseason I wouldn't expect he's either shell. Himself now so you're looking at guys like Brandon Flowers or Marcus Williams or sand shields or Gary's spot or or Leon Hall all guys in their late thirties. Lou Rawls or early thirties who were also the same guy. And you have Revis he saw play well Belichick's system who you don't think there's a CU is where you I disagree. Eyes are huge motivation for him and once regarded as one of the best in the game to not go while the way he went out last year. Fat dom. And released by the New York Jets give it lag there is able. That is different than money for draw rigs at this point or time heals all wounds and followed dollars both on land line a second most some loans. I think it five years. Years it's gonna be sort of footnote that Revis was so bad in the you know he won the support the patriots defensive player of the year but the jets at all about made all this money is such a lock down corner. And then somebody new in your group of friends of like that badly was that last year it's not going to be on the at the top of everybody's mind how awful he was. His last season with the jets so. I don't think that's gonna be the sole motivation is to. Go out behind though that he's getting paid he's got plenty of money. And even the Super Bowl though if you if they win in fourteen utility that's a little bit of a motivation what all that's gone what team is gonna pay an eight million dollars he's looking for I agree he was I don't last year and it was out of shape our image without the report that's where he want so let's say the money's probably going to be equal across the league at this point right you wanted to quarterback he went out you were drastic maybe you were. The Bengals who resigned Dre Kirkpatrick maybe you work the bears went out and a principal Camara the patriots obviously spent their money the titans what old Riley can be a quarter yes. You spent that Italy is our object or the guys are gone sour end to that. Okay what he would need to Rel Revis. What team is gonna spend premium money for black those usually come legal is a safety Knauss that I you have to look at the teams that is safety and a guy that's willing to or that would not be the patriot to do the the rod Woodson Charles Woodson always alert until he's gonna take less money anyway. You that you need less what would you rather deal. Take less money to change positions or take less money to play at quarterback. For Belichick minority you'd rather play safety it's easier to die and get embarrassed as much as he did playing corner. Andy also he's said he wanted to play in his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers so David absurd things they need safety help in Pittsburgh they can use defensive help out for what's in the playoffs what you did you say time yields all without interest tonight at any given out the phone number of text rating but immediately. And this is that. People people turn on Revis. People around here get a lot to say about the team and Tom Brady turned on Revis obviously horrible attack let's cut a couple of tax opened top last minute. It's a horrible attempt patrolling. I. Expletive Revis he doesn't deserve another ring is my drunk on the air again said. Send him your retirement home like these other you'll regret making these were I. Its parent expect right now. Basically sex that's not eager to get fans have bail on this guy yeah my point is this. Unless you are living in the risky fantasy land who up until yesterday I thought that now the ball was going to be back. The second side Gilmore bought them hold out hope so I'm not I don't under live in reality betrayal and yet where Malcolm Butler said at the saints for the 32 pick. If you're gonna sign a quarterback I don't trust. Cyrus Joseph dummy either I don't trust or grow I don't trust Justin Coleman. Trust the guy whose name you said today that was huge year round jogging today idol company match and the patriots as a topic don't Jonathan Jones you know John Jonas of targets special Ers passing her money will mix and a little bit in the secondary is that ads are remembered him OK I thought wow. So if Jones is kicking ass and out on top job a job the job he's not a projected second quarterback for the steam no he is no could be. Motivated Terrelle I'm always motivated as if you save them. There's no way does a good players don't wanna go out on a a porno disease don't have a choice so don't just lose it. Revis was bad last year because he came in fat like to buy ice advice or maybe I'm wrong about this. I assume this year when he signs all of this team his goals are obviously to clean up the reputation. Get paid which is part of it. If you're gonna get paid about the same amount you and I agree the money the premium moneys gone for quarterback yet I owner 89 dollar donor so don't wanna be on a team that can winning to put in the best position to be successful how much of the teachers and even want him. A very much at all the other other teams would offer more about the number is it will be amenable yet but also his chance to. If the reputation is the top of that list it's ahead of money that is best chance to. Clean up the reputation and a lot of the NFL on a high note whatever that means is here to win I think if his plan to build well if his reputation wants to fund its reputation is so important to him he would have been a fat mass last year. That's part of it you nobody made you usually out of spring training is over weight on her persona that it's it was a bad year for Terrelle. Too bad you're still excellent quarterback when he was when he wanted to thank fifteenth. Also he was great and fourteen and fifteen he took a step backwards and then sixteen is the wheels fell off. The worst in fifty of its first year back with the jets he wasn't as good as he was his it's only a year year. Once and now it's 32 what I have to go by Utley when he was here playing at a bella checked and motivated and we've got one a Super Bowl Oregon why -- more payday short and almost all those things happen but he got the payday he's still gonna get paid by the jets this year so the money edition of an easy matter for him but that's my point to pick and choose where he wants to go this year because guess what he's gonna get paid so we could. In theory sign a one year deal here at but the jets and patriots. And at Radio One more decent contract at thirty. She's. When you're definitely to move to say about that who's the kid who just he's like sixty years old still playing he's on a new contract today parents don't it. It rally is better than read a story still play like you might pay yes but that's better than. Better than jet the rowers I'm talking motivated to have their odds in his kennel while he saw a couple of years ago -- team when a championship yet the leaders sell and you I I am not a career for some viable and I am all and I realized back here and I think at Bayside Revis and trade Butler. That I would all the additions they've had that I would say OK they're better than they were last year that's right I could say it and right now. The next inning and figure out is okay abolished not going to be here. What are we doing the second quarterback's right we signing a guy drafting a guy if we are. Which for the third round. If they act god that's our first well be by the rapid Dietrich Butler won't be. Right Richard Butler did you probably raise their rates and that's cornerback yeah so I am all in on Darrelle Revis based on Rich's reaction and the attacks initially. I'd say many of you are explain why motivated breweries is not a game plus their one year stopgap. And tell Cyrus Jones is ready to go in 2008 team you have to flip it may say why would the Hillary is the Mona I explain why isolate the audience out of the likelihood that we'll get it to the high powered details as well he's back with the patriots 61777979837. Your phone every content that is well. The angry Darrelle Revis textures today 37937. On Twitter. And Keith 21 and it Mott and UT WEP guys in Paris he Red Sox beat writer later on this hour you're Revis and high powerful calls next here on WE. Follow along on Twitter with my tax money WEEI enrich act changed 21 now more money cheats on Sports Radio WEEI. This is drag. A little bit too far knowing this is a little bit too much. You know I feel that you know he he got the suspicion of four games and then you know live -- I mean it was I don't know all the information. I don't know everything about the whole situation but. Some I know he's a competitor. No he wants to win and you know it's just unfortunate was going on right now with the situation. I was throw Revis coming going on deflate gave. Up that inflammatory stick installer shots. Especially edits to grant social media. That's bygones be bygones chance to go back and play for bill. More rain if you don't care that reputation as something as you'll say I reset all that I don't wanna back. I care way less about that but him on the field. Being terrible. And he might be but I I just think that and you you roll you rolled dries couple times and I've said this I believe in the motivated Darrelle Revis theory. On the mini Schmidt wrote about in new York and I I have bought into his idea that the way to salvage the twilight of his career Roger Clemens. Is to come back here and to win you know he's just trying to place all the ball jets fans right but he's really each week he's obsessed with. I heard against odds when he's obsessive Revis meta writes about a oh lord overall and shoot me. You're jets beat writer of all the people accords that your guy because he's a lightning rod Wright these flights white people of the country read about the patriots if Malcolm well we're sign up the next two or three years I would even address this visual cue set would Butler yourself for Stephon Gilmore because I look at. The other quarterbacks that are available these 303130. Year old guys. Revis is played here Belichick is already coached him. I'd say let bygones be bygones but I'd say days of the early reaction I'm in the minority yet. 6177797937. Is your phone number Davidson a car onto rollers hi David. All right but I'd ask your question and sure enough you'll you've got a lot yet been present on the shelves so I think the point do you. Something happened do you become. Back and come up this like not to explain to me why not it's not a good idea yet of David. Yet objected to explain why he needed a reason why he looked up and my age not your. OK guys. Combat he blushed a little yogi you actually yup that you cannot ignore. Its own. Welcome back to the patriots all NG eighteen got a look at it like to think about right now. To repeat it again. And and you can get at combat wings. Now. How. Like is the parent thought great all they have is the pats don't want him back or is not good which one day. Now there's no evidence of that. There's been no I don't know about that and that's all right Belichick is still been complimentary in the post Revis they hear about his play of what he's met the NFL's why don't. I don't necessarily think that's the case I don't think. I don't think that enough incentive is social media and a shot of the patriot they would take back. Now is that an issue Logan Mankins called all the man go to the owner right in the pricing he's not a man of his word and about two months later had a new contract extension. Told not worried about Revis and social media calling it a patriot fans about your championships are what you want out there and there are all adults here no word about her feelings. Republicans though will be welcome back when opened doors yeah. So you guys. Here's where it breaks down just for the record some on the record as saying. He Mike Florio recently reported that he might sit out the year. There it is that the motivated guy beating get the eight million the jets are going to be on the that that the jets are on the hook. There are for sixteen for six delicate. Everything gets a cocky dump that reunites of the air Revis might be inclined to sit out this season if he didn't get at least eight million. Given the jets are on the hook for six million in guarantees. The patriots obviously are gonna pay him that much but he wants to ease the memories of being laughingstock. In Foxboro makes the most sense I completely agree. We if anyone out there. Saying you should not pay him 68 million dollars guaranteed that number yeah same basic theories that say this would this would take Revis taking a yeah. Iron sheik humble discount at CE does I had been humbled super motivated that he would sit out the season not let. This point yeah I'll sit up there but I thought it all about a guy who's motivated the play of it proved the doubters wrong let's talk to fill in Rhode Island I feel. Later guys what's up have kind of I'd take on this side and I'd like this year. The pact signed readers and science the player that moment that's not possible justice ticket who Woody Johnson for his. Participation in deflate K. Make him pay the bill. Well they're gonna if Bayside to sums ordeal I think at this right before that the jets still all of X amount of dollars so they could he knows he's getting paid this year. So patriots pay him less than market guy and I'm sure what is market value is no Logan Ryan is a at this point is her much better player he got nine and happening dollars a can pick through these other second and third tier quarterbacks what they got paid. So I'll eat fund worth eight and definitely I think. That's probably not but it beside him that's part part bill's point is right. The jets are paying is contract yeah they don't guaranteed money that it's got a kick. Writes in the nuts and woody Johnson and the jets hey we're gonna sign him he's going to be motivated gonna play better of the plate for you for two years it'll by the way. You're still paying yeah I love that we take it at that particular that worse or what is it the jets. But I would per in the jets against the jets now offered that it now reading is mocking their cupcakes. Think about your funny Mike in north Providence on the Donta hightower signing up like. I might well it I want it to high terrible let me just make a quick quite yet if you talk of the quarterbacks. In I. You know I I'm bigger engine on a barrier that well it is coming in war on top of that and no public India in the thirty to pick back Butler to. So you know you have a number one quarterback complacent Gilmore EG don't want wanna consider rolled a nickel back into the number two that's fine. They have debt you know means Irish children could actually be good next year job. And Joan called on all hi Alex you finish like it but if we're gonna if you guys want a mock me. For saying motivated Revis might be good what possibly could we see you Jones might he had a quarterback. Police arrogantly and lately I'm humbled and I anyways and nails are not certain that retard illness they forgot about what you just said. Richard yet Waleed as will boxer to hit the bank and it. You have a returning all their safety at least old veteran safety that they are relying on so basically capped a spot open here to go in draft. This is going to be a very good quarterback draft do you want those first runners to pick and that had to bring in a very good quarterback to slot that spot. You know because you have the safety help over the Koppel that's you at the number one about Gilmore you have rose already there he went suitable back and the field. So the thing is that. If you have a very talented quarterback in this crap that Belichick or I got this could be that the process from day one. When he made this decision. Is that he's gonna look at this guy. Mike is it is a it's a very fair point I thank you for being patiently on the phones for awhile the I'm going on the basis right now they don't know for tropic. Right to right now they don't may be built and most likely is that the trade Butler for a first round pick that is very very likely with the Rockwell. Gold. Like I wanna go on Mike from Mike and tell me for a month. The kicker Rob Lowe he just said he might get a tray so we flippant is the academic hazard to I can't either but I can't assume anything. With tropical anymore I John Clayton is being wishy washy today's age rival bottler and talk Clayton the I have no insight. Other than. Jimmy drop all I want untreated it does seem like it's likely at this point Malcolm Butler maybe so maybe you got 11 round pick pack that's not enemy bullets duel well X are you getting a guy 32 maybe you can plug in and start immediately for us. These are a lot of rookies in awed at the quarterback is every quarter was gonna district down there and yet when you add new ones we are guys who played great that's for sure a quarterback bad year to then the move to say right so I mean maybe they can get their stars there Mike's ideas not nuts but I'm basing a fact they don't have any first drop expert on the docket pick until the third round base in the current draft configuration. Then on the pick and buster but so the good news with that is if they don't have a first round pick. That they have knuckleballer. They have one of the best quarterback duels in the NFL you have for a year. That's I'm hoping for you think yeah. The the hot enough and I've not betting on it but that's I would like to see 6177797937. Is a phone number I make the case for Darrelle Revis tonight as that next post welcome Butler quarterback the patriots resigning Donta hightower today winning the offseason. It continues for the patriots get back in all things patriots well the course next couple hours we come back. Got to bring you'll session media one L one. A lecture tonight is don't do that if folks is in on a Red Sox beat writer today and social media. My goodness we'll talk about that next portrayed UWB yeah.

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