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The Real K&C – A-holes, energy & therapy 3-15-17

Mar 15, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis re-jigger the K&C NCAA-Hole bracket as they try to bring the heat and the LGBTQ sensitivity

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And it's OK CAA. Is he's an energy no energy at all is going on what's happening. Think the tight yup on the NC double able bracket that's who champs on their part at this out does podcasts for your debating and that's the point all that's gonna happen is we're gonna regenerate hoosiers Simon to okay for your podcast because it. Three G it's the can and at 603 tomorrow. Kirk is going to be in a mood is he's not happy with meters energy in his performance he got out was. Tenacity but it's going to be once again director writer and meet new loading fruit why did you put a stick with never told to separate them Gerri this that this was prudent that when we come up with what we bring to the table for tomorrow morning Chicago will be shut down almost mute while product work. I politics podcast great drop Eddie great date but our WEEI bracket in casting couch bracket were immaculate keep the guy Brackett keep the cast got bracket they had a couple of issues still sweet it is somehow we got insert. Cilic the Chattahoochee valley community college while of the jungle original thought as the Adams had a pair she'll analysts is that average artist for the broadcast today I liked that idea I think Jerry likes idea him as the starting at Kirch is set on there with no anathema cross over he wants separated. Yet Kirk Bradford here and every show on the station one day you met rob Bradford coaching a basketball team and you hear speeches that he wants to take on each other I don't know what he was speaking quickly off the cup and that's exactly what he wants. I honestly think that we should have a slot we have four people for two slots. While he hears or issues so rigidly we had any writers bracket with Shaughnessy man is public Charl won hate Jews it's a minute generally pissed off mood. I. At Marquette one woman in me public's been cross stuff that happens iyas notion Tuesday I'm sure a lot of it was crossed off by Jerry today although I think that that's who resist. That's why Charlotte wilder on this mow most Carlos has only been OSHA has actually I think most are now Dana was just notion of the season I parred the should I do my part and no one is gonna vote for 41. Kirk would prefer to have her in I think Charlotte while there should be by have a vote matters we know that no window but I would vote for short while to via. Are Talking Heads slash ESPN bracket was led a hard won the money to think those are beyond those are locked. Are three of forward rob Parker in Kellerman is your brother. Or C a corps ball Tom Brady is just about done. Rob Parker actually has gotten a lot of support he was taken out. I think unanimously by Kirk Carrey but it a lot of our listeners techsters Lou were loading was advocating. And that score board that would've punched him in the face Utley and hallway where is rob Parker he's got to the end so I think you and I were right in our instincts but fortunately got it for a curtain Jerry in this. Hey you know about the bosses that's fine we have enough of them but I would say Eudora Stanton rob Parker Jerry adamantly disagree on the here today. Kirk seemed to agree with there is disagreement. There is a lot of vitriol for rob Parker hopefully problem way to come clean and accept this suspense there are times this year when it. When I spoke with the ball coming and where he would have been the biggest gas in the city that day I am dialogue with the city if he would come on after those comments he made about lumbered you Lance Armstrong. People hate the. Well forget it so but he's so. We've got to get beat us hitting the ones of the four of us from eEye in the for the cast of character pretty good the advocate Peter week Patrick blocks are Shawn seem right Jones who walked. And has walked. Let its art walk the money him thanks to calmer time. Some form of Castiglione never as Korea used together or as one if they're in they have each other. Yes like fun to put together. That's all of a bit of an unfair advantage but we had. Kirk suggested that he had to six in as a team Michael you Soledad today he bought this for putting the six sitcoms can't write the six on this tonight drew the what that means I agree that took it was Kirk's idea I threw it out and see if you wanna get corporate jets. Once it became our idea Kirk then mocked his own it the six and the three seed Olympic Michael Benjamin L right so this is like for the sociopath. But fight okay the six is out right no more six. They're on the Colorado six. Let's safer argued seek a stay never Heather slots we have six when he two spots to fill between. John the mossy and Boland. Somebody else from brand next AKA our sister station he thought the sports on much respect them rich in the morning or media bug cute. And I get Charlotte Lotta is back in pools two of those four have to be. Are the voters in order of whom most belongs in I would go wilder. Who. Bowl and courage the mosque last muscular unlike other people around here my thoughts don't change by the I said on Monday that he was a relevant remains relevant I don't think he should be we raw idled by the text went to great text of all time people love to hate Tomas Chris Markey it. Brought he's got a chance to win at striving factor in his decision should be. Are these people capable of winning in moving on getting votes to mossy is a light. An awful that's a fair point counterpoint. Rich I don't know the we have enough. Audio to support other examples on air rich Indian and Dick. Not really from being a pic of him being wrong and really don't among major sports topics that would be to give examples of never interestingly on being decks that we got moments that stated it's an excuse to play there audio and with Richard be an excuse to plays idiotic take on Isiah Thomas do you. Having a season he's had and his colleagues who they learn at his best or. In saint Patrick Roy's debut as an itself and it has to do with Patrick Roy debut he knows less about rocket ignited a terrorists hate the game of hockey but he doesn't know why will always tweet something like that he had. Little pricks oh rich certainly you're seeing over Freddie like it's its market Freddie had a bigger battle for me. Bastard the whole point of this is is that it's a misconception yeah. Rich is fate. We are nothing if not ombudsman of personalities in this market. Fit complex. We wanna show people the real rich is not what you cure there's a reason why we the only show that was asked to be put on the duck boats probably do display you might get. Michael that's what Matt's. It I'm drew had a dream last into the broad street creature the signature you can try it like to let this that you Google I wanted to eat it or. For year taking Tomas Tomas he might. People like Jonathan must you make me sick to my stomach. And so I have to choose between wilder bull and rich. And keep in mind Jerry is so Dallack Charl out of the unions. You reach your real time he's various cities to each Matt. If it's The Who can win that its bowl and all that bullet has more juice and enrich the richer or for a minute and just being honest I mean people patriots fans don't like well this natural and for the show purposes. I would go I just like the wilder Estrich is that bothers people football coach people I dislike having while the in this bothers them in the world. I know or other like the person I know this stuff bitchy right comes from an honest place. That bothers the DC police it makes one comfortable and I like let's say in theory it's Shaughnessy verses your own. Shot as simple as pouring. So no I'm out with all he could possibly be Shaughnessy Britain. I wanna have some in that role you'll Charl lottery and courage it was Turkic people Shaughnessy. Verses. Shortly finally answer. Yes finally it's so rich is it. Richardson a body which I think there is. I can understand there you know it's nice dance of deals via. Bell brings a real Brenda expects you don't have a lot of sound for while there there isn't you know people go Laker we can sort of tell that story Brooke. I think we're certainly reaching. I think that's the benefit for the show so we'll do Shaughnessy vs shirt. Now so let's say it's certainly show us. What are you actually think it'll. Eighty point pharmacy. And beatable they put their foot on their jugular bullet city. Well what he threw will be it was Shaughnessy wilder. Probably. It was shelter right about bull. Bull would get a big push right but I feel like it's too and yet through sort of I was with its lead it's hard. These. People see parred eight once once you get the third rail rates went to bring that game. Via your your trouble. Lipitor and LaMont Eric Idle the bird to win the whole thing. But the race beaters in the Boston thing that would carry the day early on that mr. in the game the right way which generally white way it all the more I look at it. Joseph Tim reached let a part of the mind that's five Simone. Talking Adam I guess like Italy stream white dudes in my nature's idea you call us racist cards. I actually would like the siege militant again that we can include one more analytical Ari if we have joins in together that we Britain while there into the turn all your novel. While there is desk and it Shaughnessy as Charlotte lottery and jumped the loss. I like. The boss who's gonna win but that's a good idea to hippies go on each outlet Celek to appease here's a light seed Mara are announced. Gelatin can foresee because we know real well. His gentle warm and positive personality. Has come through our radios and gone into our hearts. They would go ahead and with Phillips Dylan Taylor round one like it then you have rich certainly the three seed going up against apple money Jones scripts fine. Perfect okay over to our writers bracket you wanted. Flip to mossy Shaughnessy make Tomas you're the ones siege on through the two seats with some Aussie vs wilder and Shaughnessy vs mass. OK again able to crush this low energy is we we just had six lines I think paraded ago. The thing is it's difficult to be all on this because you can just hear them walking whatever we come up with all of course but again I Cilic was victorious because we with the whole segment today it was you know. On eagle bracket at 8 o'clock today by the end of the they had no answers to a coach and made no progress in this really trying to progress you've made nine in half or bracket was perfect. Yeah we'll take half perfection. The show today and yesterday. The so we get and. We generally like to mock these things and make fun of the incoming snowstorm. Is nothing but I was nothing and Tyrod Alia the weather guys always get these wrongs of the Macedonia. Got this one right fellow sets up its kind of crummy out there it's. Again folks via trillion Tuesday we have Alec three are today loved our start today with three job I thought our first segment which went along 35 minutes yourself. Full Rachel that L I think that was our best sector which it was excellent last night when the news broke her when the tweet came out from Matt ousting she had this tax return. We've got some significant breaking news tonight sir you are fake news Donald Trump's tax return. You knew it was gonna be good morning for Roemer either way it was a bombshell. Beg you had reverted you celebrated Nadia had him you know to get pummeled by Jerry obviously with the latter for the house in Palm Beach to trumpet the old seat because it was a great move by trumpets it was apparent soldiers being to oversee a little low and I thought they were great. All over the topic all over sort of how the night unfolded and you know Jerry ms. was right to gloat so the scope as claims it was wasn't he to scoop. By the time she got to that neck beard guy and it was a definite fast moving along way to start the show. Those are some of the strengths of Reimer he was able to I think. Played the plane had either for the lack of a better word in that segment you also though with Roemer today was a very. Fanatic show with a gay conversion therapist efforts that you were undertaking to get. Said therapist on the line to convert Alex was good idea of the story in therapy area west of there are in how they think they are Koppel pay for the bullet pay for my conversion therapy. It just was sprung on you and early in the morning it's tough to get first of all people maligned affordable business hours and second of all people to agree to come on the radio and put themselves out and in the ball a little like Kirk say I was lying about this card says he's talked to ten different people it'll feel it's easy welcoming environment legitimate. Yeah that every single person said but you call these people and you say an interest and understanding some of your conversion therapy. And they all you filed a rock toys and Billick would reflect Abby on the radio at some questions. Over mimic clam up instantaneously. If it'll be shamed and there's Little League like these. Under belies of these practices in different hero episcopal churches and different places across the country but not like. Advertising. Left the right there's it's it's done under some code of silence. So next week we rollback I have someone ready ago booked on the line I mean crisis to a little use their real name affiliation does. Say reverend Jones I mean I thought reverend Jones with a good back up today yes you. We finally get somebody. There's Casey and work hard work it out here and see you know can I can't see it on the line what's the name of this. Therapist ever in something and now reverend Jones that you need to type it's like and read it. But where is reverend Jones from Chris in Louisiana excellent excellent. Wouldn't speak to reverend Jones from Louisiana and he's an attempt to convert a friend Alex Amer. Reverently on the line. Yes how are you all doing from Louisiana. And good morning DeMarre navigate conversion Turkish doctor from Louisiana. Now I know Michael does it adds ads and extend San Alex hey I'm the one running here reverend. I can tell you should only get some awful similar to Tom Brady to be honest courtesy look who's on the line it's is what's with this is Tom from Brookline I dumped. Guess I don't. What's going on. And. I don't have no idea what pretty well they're just hanging out and into a pretty well you know I've been here for a long time and I just it was just kinda thing to Holland had been here and it's our time. Pretty gets around the well it was they didn't have much patience for my lack of political and he gave conversion therapist. But hopefully we'll be better next. It's so beyond that we had write up re immerse caboose the transgender. Parent and child in headlines. Leading the way today although we had silent ever played. Kirk one of the sound I agree with in this section most interest and part of the story fasten the significant other of the converting parent who is staying with the converting parent and may have to switch their affiliation from heterosexual homosexual. Right and within this it's from a sixty minutes interview in Australia. And there was a one minute I think its upcoming altered the full episodes aired right and so they have like in 92 or 52 teaser. Banned within that there was no actual audio of the husband. So. A short added at some point but he we didn't even put this out from the daughter or of the mother whatever. And of course Vincent it'll patriots stock today all of though. I think Al estimated job hated their if Kirk in Jerry both agreed that losing heights our losing Butler is not a big deal because Belichick's gonna. Be proven right and then. Segment doesn't Gilbert for current and I think yeah I think that's an accurate reflection of most patriots actually. No I agree and we did build a brief segment and the minis meta story regarding. Readers coming back to the patriots these men are from the media are sure news session are Regis really bring. Once Bill Belichick to sign Darrelle Revis and it's not gonna happen using great patriot three year it's fantastic he was a great job to hall of Famer they won a Super Bowl he moved on the didn't like him who has mother into the free and Super Bowl party obviously they're not gonna he's not coming back it's over but. There's just not a lot of Jews will have a tomorrow we just. We're watching the office for state tried to bring race into the gronkowski pictures from years ago or something moral character. While it carries she's getting Mitch. What what does that was LeBron James Stephen. She certainly does Terkel it's this. At some definite energy he's doing whatever action with a girl in the club well see I tell Orkut cited and make it more real metres and tomorrow he's beat football guy. Geno basketball some first day of the tournament in the pool. Be breaking down the brackets decisions on the drive to work tomorrow again a couple regions that are unsettled you know you watcher you what your expert. We've got the voice of DC basketball. Let's join the voice of the Eagles want their record this here really bad but I think obesity you know. If you talk about the need Torre camp days you can add by go back to the beat teams that we beat Toronto Troy bell Craig Smith you name so. One thing that's disappointed meet. This week has been public Torre basically told you. Which team is going file for and how they (%expletive) up. In the seeding these teams we have yet to hear some people tomorrow we're gonna drive to work below their brackets blind. Prevail we will here of this gold this radio gold from Pablo Torre. There is flat earth things still going on in that committee. So Ken Pomeroy was kind of like the Galileo bigger bite is very low standard that guy gets ignored just staggering to be PI all these advanced. Get it downgraded in favor of stuff like. Strength of schedule without adjusting for home in a row. Curtis tried so desperately to get that sound bite waged an on Tuesday Xia. And it's amazing because there was nobody listening Tuesday the snowed relatively speaking. I drove all the or more people on the road when I drive home I drove home from the man and Friday after the marathon. When nobody is on the road literally you're told us that shelter in place. There are more people roads that did in the real baker told but he sheltered places as today if you don't have to be out stated Al home and dale setting very articulate seriously. You can make light bat like god I'm listening yesterday bill opens the show while Israelis go way. A bunker and stay off the roads like who talks like that he is a Gillette defined everybody's talked yesterday it was the first thing you said to them. Meteorologist. But it ought Jesus Christ what a bust of a storm this oral wider Rio school you were mocking it in some way shape or form remarking yesterday. And yet. On the radio we have the latest act like. To listen to mayor mirror wall Washington or Wonder Bread and new rules trying get a contract that. Speaking of which dale took on a a significant role in the program. Kirk lost people to colony can give contributions as the white deals enable do you think Dale Arnold tees and a hole and deserves to be our bracket. So we had several at one point we had a full bag the lines there you took a picture of depleted down on the count I didn't think it bothered billion more than my hockey tweets. Yeah. Well I don't know pump the brakes there the least Bruins fans don't climb all over me here are favorites like the far all the book followed. Odd that also (%expletive) yeah school. I think. I was sixth of that that was removed the item you really. Praising people one guy got upset with Curtis that he what he's not. You hung up on a manually de LUK. A leg up when I thought I was great billiard story of drop off but he got Mets and I dropped the nordic group two from the line. I'm sure that translated well to the air though the examples that we actually got on the year. We're not that people what they got a little bit more. Not me when I'm on the radio news protectionist walls and I. This is Jim Brady right we're doing a much as much three captains Tuesday show training. But it's those who she didn't hear of our time I'm assuming people heard it. Well no luck girl and so we highlights for us as we completed here is that your. Find any of those. Big theme of Tuesday she'll escort taking Eric the wrestling event in Amber's yeah. It's a bit until ball and one thing in its board did little Freddie mentioned brought up unprovoked Albert from Rhode Island so there might be something where she just sort of ruby. Is Lucy going on a day with him in new York and she was she's got like three guys on the side I saw some of the Tom Boyle last night on Comcast. Rural. Axle. Wanted to series gives time to be running all month. Would you care walls and Gary tank way ala Jerry shower habits is probably the most comfortable jumping up before the shower was a big topic. Says you have any like. Looks like an ankle. Putting it off the dogs doesn't currently probably just. It's what it sent to woods when it's showtime shows up tomorrow we have the NCAA tournament and our bracket so her view dale. Yet he wants to lead off and Kurt and dale yeah. OK with you like okay. We have some built momentum yet we do a deal moment. That's correct. On Liu guilin no older than old Jerry he Fauria BO Friday who by the way is now committed to Kirk of Bobby podcasts yet Kirk went in or meth. A real potential there today. So you know we'll do after that works will do the two votes in the first few days before the recount and then will keep going from there but no I like Alec Gil verses. Kirk the wrist tape for dale while there. Still say Kirk's the favorite. And Reamer you know is the I would say the dark horse. Retreat to new brackets of which drew him they are split blow hard bracket if it was should be. Or. Let your front.

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