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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Patriots free agency; Late Night, Low Light 3-15-2017

Mar 15, 2017|

Final hour of the show and nothing is off limits. Another glorious edition of Late Night, Low Light.

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Late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio tell. Would that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stocks but it's getting goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian arcade but we're gonna get weird here. On the. File our ears portrayal WEEI Eric Dan witnesses late night. Eleven are Braden studios. Made a marine on the wheels of steel taking your phone calls it 61777979837. Text messages at 37937. And your tweets and Christian are camp. Texan with some good suggestions of other fat running back to Rome bad it's obvious that we were forgot him. Our Earl Campbell towards the end yeah Ron Dayne go one. Cragg iron at Hayward out to get one. And of course Eddie lacy. Why can't believe the Seahawks went and spent that much money on when they probably could have Luger one for one fraction of that. Recently notional Marino. Knows from Marino is she fat you that last year that he. Others remember when he was crying on the sidelines. And it was like these. Giant tears that were just. Like exploding out of his eyes I've never seen anyone cry like that before. If you go on Google legislate if you haven't seen this before but shot when it happened if you haven't seen as cool note John Marino crank. And just watch the weighted T late. It's like. It's like a faucet in light European sink in now. Really weird. I don't remember Indian effect and a Antowain Smith someone said he was appalled you literally fat. I wouldn't I wouldn't consider him a factor. There's probably some other ones I'll I'll see if I can think of any 6177797937. Big anymore text in the 37937. Let's get back to your phone calls here in the go up to New Hampshire. And doctor sues the case Susie. I didn't paint and I'm doing great Susie area. You keep things that I and thank him about Eric. What Butler Deon unique product he got kicked out of college and he really glad that. And I don't know where that patriot bagging out and dating her yet he was working at Popeye is a believes and I yeah I mean. Why me IIER. I mean now I would be kind of clients aren't that it'd be read and write can't. Play for another eight year Canadian. Go back to pop eyes that was our. I think text or make their car wreck thank Ike are coming from Alabama Bentley. Income batter a pop by air. I'm surprised that. Well the plates whatever positions in his image that would first united in high towers position is not as valuable from a salary cap position either. Pilot Boller got kicked out of school is that they reviewed did you mean that. I don't remember reading this ball got kicked out of school. Kickback college. Eric. I had a flight has seen Logan say act out ambler batter Kleiner. That's right he got more money you really don't like Malcolm Boller very much these whose. Team that I mean he had that one why he's better than Logan right. Now aren't quite a big place last year Malcolm again I disagree with Brad sat right amount and broke up a lot of it as it is they tested him more often because ball as I was always covered. Hey mom of their current. A car like that consumer. I don't think so you can you can be small and play that position act you can do that. Facts he'd eat at lot of run by men by. That happened once or twice not very out and Suzy what part of New Hampshire you from no money. And got down costs down very nice to spend a lot of time up there loved them yeah. And then my pain that equality act I had. I'm Carolina right now a lot about Carolina upon he went he came from Dayton. You got big day. What anybody said anything about Pam why. While we backed in ET dial we've got a backpack when I. To kind of respect that and I grew and then acquisition. Nobody ever talk about that. You know I ate I thought they'd. I thought that would be another reason in more incentive like there isn't enough. For the patriots to Trajan bigger problem is the fact that they have to Kobe percent he seemed. Not like he was ready to take over for Tom Brady anytime soon but certainly seemed like you guys that they didn't you know hate any was very good in that first game that they play that he played in the and yeah I don't know I I I'm kind of with you I think they. To cope Bieber said is is he did get hurt I know it's kind of the bad thumb and I just think they're like drop below a lot better I think they really. There's there's some going on there with him and I think they really want him around. Him. It needs me. It's like anything. If you don't play. A couple of years before your parity. In your locker that are really long down counts stretched out make enough money Yemen are gonna start fan but the thirty Y and authority to there. Yeah you might not have that much time byte for all yeah make money you're absolutely right kind of let out a long time and. And access. You know they'll ballots at 930 felons they got a. It got to go back yeah and are you the point. He's certainly they're saying OK I might he planet Mikey he is now on the radio in New Hampshire is a matter of fact Tuesday. Right that's right he's not and I should know this is you jackass timer Frankie FM one of the other but he does afternoon drive for either Jack or frank yeah them. And I always see I mean and why aren't denying they test pattern holds shaped rock. And eat figure the planning Mike might K so now. In a mighty right that's now mud at night much sun and that ended planet Mikey time slot and my show now the late night show is and who were from potential to win. During Red Sox season will be on from midnight the author. Like he's on frank frank FM that's right frank FM in New Hampshire to wanna silly at planet Mikey show you hear from two until six is not the planet Mikey show obviously plays songs and stuff like that. But it's still there is still sounds great and you can here and there. Look at ante this format and sure. Longer. On their parole. Get out front that media right because. Hate are off or he's not on W media Aggies on 95 the sports that's another station. I'm liking and the and then they hand I'm sorry to hear anything nice about rock and they'll be devastating news. Why you on here weary Parker not often sport. If you don't quite come yet have the light things to talk about the out that aren't here now and they Susie is stand in Dolly's going gust there. Yeah I love that place. As one of my favorite cars and answers then and owns. I got them out of our river it's right down very very nice I hate Susie thanks for calm act I can thank my comment and I'm prowler. I'm at and T I don't be a stranger. Susie in New Hampshire there ago if there. Was kicked out of his Community Colleges freshman year before 20 okay. OK I think it'd that idea parent. But he indicate that OS Al manner known human you went undrafted out right yes I heeded the inner Erica. Q Brad just I couldn't didn't that didn't click with me which he said it but I wouldn't I wouldn't questions as you see in relation to issues arguments. AMP at some good points there about to go berserk. I think this is much bigger identical Weaver shut them. If it was just you know OK we like to go to reset and we think he'd be a good you know good backer for Tom Brady OK then. Yeah you move on from Jimmy your apple but that's one of the small reasons why should move on from trigger awful. I don't think you go Bieber sets. Tough got to replace at this point. But they clearly think they corral blowers and they also don't think that they can replace him with percent. And seeing is there more privy to what drop below. Doesn't practice every week dollar rest of that Harry Reid he's the wheat we saw we saw. We've seen him in the pre season. Drop alone never really blow anyone away and and in the pre season but in the regular season when it counted. When those games mattered. Before yet. Folded in half by Kiko Alonso. He looked really really good. You are confident. He looks. Smart he made Smart decisions. Great instinct. Great touch. I really enjoyed your anger out on that game and a half. Half that we saw fish. And I can certainly understand why the patriots saw that decided GAAP. We got to keep them we can't let him go. We can't trade him we needed we needed to be here we need Tom Brady to pass the torch to him. Because we've been watching every other team in our division. Tried and failed to get a guy like this year after year but at the jets. Look at the bills. The dolphins found the guy but he's not figured. Now and maybe Jimmy drop all never be as good is Bryant and now maybe. Right now he's certainly. Got that kind of value in the market. And there are a lot of teams out there that would love to have him as their quarterback. Including the patriots. To the point that there either willing to hammer out some sort of agreement with Tom Brady. Or. In this can also be the case. They can just play game of chicken up until the end. Either with Brady or withdraw blow but it sort of seems like if they're not treating garrote Paula. The game of chicken made and shipped over to Brady. You know retire or not okay well this is our guy we can't let him we can't let him go. Where he passed up on trading him. We could've gotten a lot for. So now we have to keep them here. Surely time you see our hands are tied. That conversation. Aspect happen doesn't it. How else can they do this how creative can Bill Belichick really get. None of the other options make a ton of sense. Drop laws now are gonna sign some teen friendly deal. And cited for how long. Until Tom Brady decides to stop playing. You can't even get and a firm date on here you have to set some sort of perimeter and in not trading Jimmy garage below. The patriots either on purpose or inadvertently did that. They draw a line in the sand. They passed up on the opportunity it is load up on traffic and I mean load up on him. Cleveland they're rated. Don't draft picks in Foxboro. To get you meager couple. And they told chapter in no way. Are we trading him for anything. All the tea in China all the draft picks in Cleveland. And now. That's out there. Brady knows it they all know. Some got to happen. 617779790. Three's. Have a major phone number when we come back Tom King Nashua telegraph we talked in the 11 o'clock hour if you miss that we were rerun that for you next don't go anywhere visibly now. And. On Sports Radio young. Back here live as portrayed WEEI dark in here. Earlier in the evening I spoke with one of these senior members of the New England Patriots beat there would be time king of the Nashua telegraph gave his inside and all that's going on or potentially not going on with the team here it is without any further reduce Tom Cain former owner. So with that in mind let's so welcoming our guests. My very good friend from the Nashua telegraph. Old man winter himself Tom King joins. Mean here on late night hello Tom how are you. Well all Christian welcome back to. To the United States thank you that I wasn't sure they'd let me back in but they did. And it plugged it just all get back here did you just make it right I catapulted over it was it was pretty intense. Yeah I'd like. How how are you how as the house Nashua today what what what's going on up north. Oh yeah a little you know do little note thing you know and you know will will will get through it and and then keep juvenile attitude in the Marshall when the trouble because by April 1 but I doubt it. Yeah yeah and ever known and since you're so incredibly old I hope that you paid some you know some thought. Young people moved shovel out their driveway k's I mean it. You know you know how it is. The next time you shovel the driveway to be the last Arctic. Anybody that while I drive word hey buddy buddy gotta gotta be a better idea of what. Who are very nice and you Tatum includes those gift cards Hampshire. Oh no yeah quote yeah look. Very good Tom obviously this is a interesting time here for the patriots first of all before we even get into the drama that's going on right now I haven't talked yet. Branding coach Stephanie Gilmore coney unique. This is the least bella check in first three days or four days I guess the free agency that I've ever seen for this team will what are your initial impressions on all the. Wow I've hated it couldn't come up with this idea that most of the look evidently wanted to do what I can understand. Wrote a column about it yesterday. What are these other teams to me why you know why you're helping. The pain that is the best team in the N without getting even better. I don't understand it now granted given a gap between these trade conflict Aqua. But still they come way. What is floor of five. Players who can step lighted and do good things for them. Why you hear another talking to you want to help them do that. I look I don't get it I really don't I need. Carolina according you figure out what got you through that that's supplier of ball a year ago. Just because they they signed Julius Peppers mark yeah. So they'd be really big culprit in fixed or reforming Euro 25 year old. Yeah I mean why. I hope I don't get it. You know. Buffalo upon Gilmore carried to create I am this -- why the tickets went on gave him the money. Blood by everywhere because of these you know the last time they is that that kind of money out of created. It was you know the only sounds much guaranteed yet let it work out well. Oh bullet from these other mood in the world what they think it. You know they've got to agree and I know that one or shortly defense. And I know that you know the Palestinians complain now and maybe maybe eight trade it depicted pages because. Well who plunged and technically couldn't get Butler and trade. Well lately if so that they can it will work rob Bartlett they'll get that kickbacks yeah maybe. You know maybe that's what they're thinking. Good control why. A thousand yard eight stand receiver. I don't understand and you know I just. In other words who just doesn't seem to me like the other teams getting back equal value in steel and the patriots are just getting. You know they're getting any try to play the war and and they you know good for them I mean that's. It gets stronger and. Culture or let's not a time ago I love what they're doing but this isn't what they ever do I mean they never trade a first round pick for a wide receiver they never give. You know of the top of the line cornerback money to a free agent on day one of the proceedings I mean that's some the jets did and I'm not saying these are bad moves understand they're not move the patriots ever make. Now that I have predictable outcry that went on this kind of spree was 2007. On the first round pick. I don't know look at that is as in the to the number 32 pick in the draft and in my mind that that's something that's never really in play. You can you can do all sorts of things that. And it accepting except that the player you know I think they're all good. Dog that that didn't get didn't play it one bit. The digital short siding it caught me off guard that. I I think got to look at exciting and then saying it till two things that they. The you know that that they could use wind if they find them and they keep Butler. They get cute quarterback position facing a lot of quarterbacks. That are very good next year most of that to swap that there's this year. We're Q do. They do well it was really not happy that they're that you know this thing is something might come to a head. And then you know a quarterback that can make this place together Auckland new program blows Iraq. Yeah so goes the ball in play here Butler saying Christian. What advice is welcome but again here. You know you're you're you're not you're not an unrestricted free agent and I can picture you and I argued about it. That you're not a good restricted free agent you're restricted free agent right remarkable catch a fourteen million dollar offer from the patriot to heart. Kill your insecurities not restrict no you're not right so you'd get for a million. Excuse you can get more. Sure. And that's fine and I understand those are the rules and that's the way it all goes but again Butler. Doesn't have any leverage here so it's not like I don't think he's getting bad advice per say and he's just gonna have to do every does. I'm just surprised at the patriots didn't decide okay. Like Rob Gronkowski like Marcus cannon like some other players over the years this is a guy that we would like to make an exception for and maybe do what it takes to keep around a little bit longer even if that means that going a year early. And making sure they'd you know this is a guy that we keep here and patriots uniform for. However long I just I you know I wonder why in exceptions not being made for him. Well they didn't offer of 67 billion the year great the Betsy did just to name the stimulus mayor. Yeah it is a deranged but now. It is number you can believe. Yeah well I mean if you want to jump on these guys had great years and paying top dollar. You know they offered welcome Butler you know. Good money in any to have another chance very quickly in two or three years to make really big money and I think your patriots that's what you do. You know either I really do and I think Dick water early offensive lineman. Plenty of time. Because the bunnies and is in use which you write the body doesn't get out of out of hand the money would cornerback. Can get out of here you're seeing it got to be careful how true that church near another talking about. You know we or give big money into about calorie count why does grant they have a lot of wrong but I mean it Dick dale what Fox's Alvin and the point where traditionally don't have that. And you get these. You start giving players big money yearly big money heroes. Then that's how the teams get themselves boxed in he's seen it over and over again in the NFL yeah yeah certainly that. You know and it's like I you know. I'm sorry I will deploy in the bottom thing the way they should play it. And if five I think that the phrase thought of and so now what happens when I tell our. You know little the only ones like our then in the shape opera Butler kept the dollar bill. I'm actually. You know. I think as a tender you'd extend Butler. Well as a tender or as an extension to that'll pick if the saints offer a put an offer sheet together they gonna have to lose the eleventh pick in the draft I don't think there's any chance they do it. But if they say okay make you trade in if you trade him over here then we'll given this money at ten million a year. That we're gonna patriots drafted signed into an extension right now and they've been so reluctant to do that this whole time. Light to let it at all it's often meant to secure the money at it let the world is much. You know I mean that. It is the patriots are in control here. So. It won't. Give him a contract. That the patent saying you know we can live where. And it matches and that's fine. Is it safe to work hard. You know and it the same thing that they wanna get you know it it can inflate the number 32 from Butler first round. On the war I don't. I didn't old. I penetrated Boller for coach basically just it took through deals that do it. You write that I don't like that deal you know I think you walk on the patriot I want Malcolm what laden actually meets and you know and I want a month that you don't care about the year after the you have to let your I want next year because of what my schedule yeah. And I want two good quarterbacks. Chair and having an a four million dollars a year is still a huge bargain for a guy like him. Exactly that's well what apply them but they may not be able to if you oil flatly deal. In other NAFTA than I have to disrupt and if on the patriots. What I do is let that you. You know or by telephone book we're gonna magic or you're given that I have yeah I don't think the thirty that the number 32. They they played by the system. Let this has to work for you here. You know I mean. Yet they've committed to it this far so I mean you you might as well. Yeah yeah. All the way down. Wouldn't make sense not to at this point Tom King joining me here on late night. King before I let you go the gym bigger a couple of things kind of got me tied up in knots here Adam chapter basically putting his professional. Reputation on the line to say that there's no way to drop blows gonna get treated series going to be at patriot next year. Will be a free agent at the end of that season Tom Brady's obviously coming back. What's gonna happen you're the only thing that makes any sense to me logically or financially. Is that someone somewhere knows. That this is gonna be it for Brady at the end of next season the rains will be handed over to Jimmy grapple otherwise why the hell wouldn't trade him. Well. I know I had a good question. And why it in my I don't. Undergo the same route though Butler way Jack I want to give up the good football player. Yeah I really darn. Good football player he holds a clip boards. Actually debuted at quarterback. Normal. Especially if you're the quarterback. Doesn't it by guys forty years all that and looked at it and went skewed float in the air. It true that a slick I'm sure you know you did and diving in Mexico was right now I was more graceful. I was more graceful radiant heat didn't ultimately needed. You can't follow them around this now that I got from my rival club track those spokeswoman. Oh. But whoever it outright guy after after you after Tokyo but I mean I don't wanna do you look at quarterback. You know I know I know everything there Obama to but I don't want. It's not do you have do Tom it's day if you don't you're gonna lose and next year in free agency was your franchise amendment paying 23 million dollars to be the backup which makes even less sense I mean eight. Yeah do something. English language doesn't make sense. You don't want anyone would go this route before I know they are probably while they never have to go down again. And and we you know council and I hadn't again but it in this case bailout clutter they don't do. I don't want to give up. There are 12100 creatively or try to figure out I don't know what they can figure out but I bet they're gonna try to figure something out but I'll tell you why. Shelter couldn't. Do at the moment. You know. They are not moving him. I think he's staying at. Yeah I think he is that you're gone and it is all and I know that they like them done it's it's clear that they like him. Buy it unless they plan on and giving him a contract unless they plan on extending him unless they plan on making it worth it for him to stay here beyond next year. Tom Brady had that something has to give they can't it can't just all go like this forever in everything work out. Knowledge is it care and you know it didn't feel since I was ski gondola. You know and but Britain is not going anywhere. I British guy and he's he's playing in Spain. The thing is is. They're different slot is no we don't wanna do because we need the insurance policies. That's their personal. The second thought is okay how you know we don't know what pop situations that are being able to block the whole bit. You know. It you know break it to get hurt and it could they could look like Jesus here. So we we just don't know I think didn't they would love to work out of schedule I don't look to do that. Would I need to do this job Turkey if he negotiated want I don't think so. I hear you articulate player go to create of course you know what what actually you know. I guess curse without Iowa I just wanna get to the point where I'm first and then. If somebody gives you cupcakes like go to sleep now bill. And that was I was pretty Special. Olympics I don't know. Have you have you tested the waters have been at the telegraph for about a hundred years immunity if you tried you threatened to take your talents elsewhere what. Wouldn't it be our production and yeah I gotta go today got a horror around go Siegel Concord Monitor go to the union leader you know see what sort of pastries they have available and you know bring it back to the telegraph and they listen I got cupcakes up there what you wanted them. I don't try you know we figured you know you can you know get somewhere it you know I I don't know what it really died down. I don't know what he's gonna do. You know the jets obviously the best offer I'm surprised. You know. I gotta give kudos for the Pittsburgh steel. Why. Because if people would do it why you're supposed to do we didn't and good. You're the deal. Or leave it. Any last easy enough right now time he said they said he if you leave Pittsburgh then the deal's off the table not if you leave this meeting the deal's off the table that's what they should read. They blew it leaves the meeting detects new elements they as what they offered me they should is that you can't leave this world without signing on his otherwise atop the table and they didn't acorn. You're right you're right it's certainly Pittsburgh but I'd be delighted if they will probably figure it's the closest anyone's come they actually do all you have to do the I mean even nanny yeah that's the crowd apparently it got Robbie Harris and mr. And that's the way had to do these things. Yep you have to. Because he cardinal players. What they get into 45 days in a major players this Scotland European block jump yup. So the other admitted in the trees don't want to call up that can. Obviously our time we got to let you go to Europe against the break thanks so much for spending some time tonight and out talking against generic. Our Christian right seeking a Tom King there of the Nashua telegraph joining me here on late night quick break we'll get back to your phone calls at 6177797937. Text messages at 37937. It's late night with art in here on Sports Radio W media. It's easy. On Sports Radio got. Okay. I'd as bad as I'm here. We will that in late night low life where you are just amenities especially once every once in awhile orally advised low life involves a hero among us and that is the case and I. I'll get today and a few minutes but a couple calls a wanted to get to before we do that some people waiting patiently during that day interview and we'll start things off here with. That is the big guy down Rhode Island pat how are. Excellent I do what I am doing good bad how are the bagels. They don't great small and sweet you're right on spring break so good at it through. What's up idea a lot of target. Clearly grated thoughts on Brady promptly retired ethnic seated in the wave don't wave of that they've been acting so far. He's on character was it done. And we know Gisele walked under and once we learn about you know is what was health issues and stuff like that and one favorite figures he's never gonna play anywhere else that'll be trading in the options building these companies building there's brand around New England around the you know being a lifelong patriot. So I think it's just entirely likely that they're stacking up right now called the that there's room and let them walk out champion you know. Yeah you know like that I hadn't even thought about his mother that's a great point united and I don't know if that affects him and that way if that's something that. Made it but I know that if it was my mother that was my family you know some along those lines it would certainly be something that would come up that would be a factor and it would probably go towards announced. Retirement and and in them becoming a full time whatever afterwards and. Yeah be enabled spend you know from the time that he has with a spare little while he's got it now absolutely that they Q what what what he's accomplished he knows they can just go in and I also think they that led the pack them really mortgaged their future much even though they've been very uncharacteristic for what they thought. Yeah they hardly at all and they've gotten younger I mean it trades and draft picture but they didn't trade him for you know. Junior say now in an old guys a traitor for these young guys in their twenties I mean haven't yet the oldest guy they've made a move for so far things like Dwayne Allen 27. It's into yet and they had never put themselves in a position where they can't go back to their normal habits in the next few years you know. So but thanks birthday have a great night. Now you got that thanks for making those bales let's go to write in in a cushion that hey Ian. There on in what's going on in a cushion it tonight is what I wanna know. Pretty much nothing and I got to finish on on my body should at least very nice not ago doesn't matter no did you judgment free zone here on late in reference. I you can sit where you can sit by the fire with whoever you want. I. There. That area. My thing is I addiction after lying and they're trying to bump up the brakes on Brady if I oak. Or they do believe that our apple is what guy and I think they keep loot the end of this year. And then is now you'll have at that point because we have a decent draft coming up no Merrill beat teams though have already been. Obedient little clarity need moves. That are interested in grapple. And so there'll just basically be less interest in him I think we did Panama. Reasonable contract for like say two years. Yet you talk about next start you are the next off season. I mean I do listen unless there is some major major strides hit by a lot of guys in the league right now at that position I still think Rob Lowe barring another in a big injury. Is gonna still be considered pretty valuable you might be right they. I understand I understand will be considered valuable but not as is argued that peak right now saying if we had maxed out here and we asked them. Will be impressed but if we can tell him. Take me take this two year contract that whatever seven million a year maybe. And Brady down after that Mateen is yours I think we did you prepare patents. Through your seven million you'd think he'd be good be good with the alternative option being he goes to free agency to make. Starting quarterback money could stay here for two years fourteenth. Which you do that. Maybe take over the patriot that bill well if Bill Belichick is going to be in my judgment. There right now in and that's that's finite I think they'd Jimmy drop below. If you asked to meet they have wanted. Quarterback the patriots. The room this whole winning Super Bowl things pretty cool. I've done twice now on an avid joining me. But you know be nice to go out there and Peta got. But if it's a choice between staying here for two years fourteen million. Are going out on the free agent market as probably the crown jewel of those. Freeagent classic quarterbacks I don't know wells is up next year but yet his value might take a slight hit but nodded not a huge one. Not a big enough one he'd start looking at two years seven per year from the patriots as a good idea. No way. All right that's it phone calls have been flushed let's get to it is time for tonight's late night low light and. Time for the movie night. Lowe's night what was. I don't know Sports Radio telling you we. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That's right. You know that music means ladies and gentlemen. It means tonight their late night low light we have a hero among us. And by among us I mean in the country among us not a local hero. Story comes to us from Lexington county South Carolina. Wary substitute teacher's aide. High school. Was so hammered in class that she puke on the floor. And had to be taken to the Lexington medical center. Lexington county sheriff's department incident report claims that teacher identified as Judith Elizabeth and Richards RT. A mouthful. Aged fifty to. Was unable to stand. When he school administrator right. According to the report. Richards Kurt he had a box of wine in her bag that was all the beans. And student said. She was consuming the wind during class. Sheriff's deputy arrived a short time later the report says Richard skirts he was then placed in a we'll check the enroll in real that the opener since a us. Until EMS arrived the transporter to the hospital Richards curtsy was arrested following the incident less and Lexington to released a statement on the incident. And the statement reads as follows. On Friday march 10 when he seventeen it was reported. The administration of Brooklyn case school they substitute teacher is behaving erratically and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The substitute is not an employee of the district who works for Kelly Services Kelly contracts with the district provides substitute teachers. The administration responded immediately removing the sub from the classroom and sending her. The school resource officer the district has been advised that law enforcement is filed criminal charges. Refuse Terri T found in possession of an open container of alcohol charged with disorderly conduct. And released to the care paramedics. Who triggered the hospital sheriff's department says it will not be releasing any more information. Regarding this incident that's okay sheriff's department. I think we've got enough here technically in I think we can at all using the principles of detection. Figure out what happened here. What are performance. It's one thing to show up hammered. One thing yak all over the floor. But she was taken belts off for a box of wine during the class so substitute yeah ha ha. Deal with a capital 52 years old she had about ad that's enough minutes it is. She brought it as you probably brought the wind think union now. I haven't gotten a while I don't know what kids like these days hopefully I won't need you oh in the game. She gets like ten minutes in the phones come out everybody's tweeting texting few particular. Advised that boxed got opened immediately. And that is or late night low light in our hero among us and that is my time at the marine great job DO. Callers techsters Twitter followers thanks to Tom King on back tomorrow at 10 PM. I'll talk to you then had a great night everybody later.

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