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Late Night with Christian Arcand - David Price may start season on DL 3-15-2017

Mar 15, 2017|

John Farrell has made it seem that David Price will start the season on the DL. Christian is up late breaking down what this means for the Red Sox rotation.

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These this these late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio tell. When that team winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock but it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get weird here. Heavy on day everybody is now officially wind today the clock struck midnight as of late night Sports Radio WEEI under coach Christian are canned. Live from our breaking studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike which not a lot of scars on her right now. But I know my late night people are still out there. As the problem when these storms like this come during the day nothing no one no one does any tears for you for the late night people. Are really had to go drive after the Rhodes all got plowed it's really said yet forget debate everyone else and their mother had a day off today. And that's all matters. Now doesn't really work out for. For a late night folks but that's okay that's why I'm here I'm here for every night except when I get knocked out by well. Whatever this is still inside of me that ignited some sort of a Croatian eaten a warm at the bottom of that tequila bottle. And now maybe if you threw me Kurt gets would have messed up. They do today you know in Mexico. Eight your mask now. And they bring you. These orange slices with playground that you were mom. And they bring out a pilot creek it's dead in cricket that have been fried insulted. And they are delicious. But I think that may have contributed to it's still going on with Mir right now which is why wasn't he realized that all OPEC NORAD told that a find out. The cricket that is a preference. Now they're they're small they're like little tiny bill look like little tiny Braintree they'll look like to shrink you get like news Rama noodles. It'll woody taste is do you just case Friday it's all basically just fried solve this. They're like little lol in Childress and it doesn't have a weird taste too when he did. Not that I could tell. Just say though is fighting Presley in army in my uses some that. Washed down the boot. And that was my problem at colleges when I got back last week. What if you're going to a foreign country you don't drink at all. You're you're gonna be intro you're gonna have a bay you're gonna have a bad stomach day and I was able to avoid it the entire trip until the very last day. As we had to leave in the morning I decided Arad honesty records and we'll go to the airport and lucky me I'm the only one who didn't get sick. But as Bill Belichick told you. No days off. If I had one shot of tequila breakfast I would have avoided this entire problem. And it's been chasing me around for about 45 days now. No days off people play like a champion each and every day if you're in a foreign country eaten media eaten a local produce. Anyways. So that's what's Conan. Hopefully Wednesday will be who will be a better one for me new and everybody else although legislation everyone's back to school. Or I'd actually now looks like schools canceled again for tomorrow schools cancel the Boston. Why why school off tomorrow. There's a lot of goalies island one. Of it could not believe this would have liked it and tomorrow it really didn't have much. The way the weirdest thing I saw today on TV aside from the wall all the walls no coverage at solo career of whether. That crawled across the bottom with all the schools and you know there's this. Ooh I guess is not a school there's a church in Dover called my precious blood. Or not my precious what most precious blood the church of the most precious blood. And ansari Danny parishioners of the church of the most precious blood who might be listening but it sounds like you worship her Count Dracula doesn't it. And a salad a vampire church salute. He did whistles blown the illusion that is it. Most precious black Pepsi and it like mountain Vernon now aren't something most precious blood only. I thought it was a school at first I had a look at opt. And I got to see with this most precious blood thing is if they're to school messages call most precious blood and I don't know about it I got to know about it right now. But it's a church slate and they do make it out and whatever. But they're nothing nothing going on today or tomorrow most persons one. So sorry to any vampires to maybe listening tonight but I you are beautiful Lamar 6177797937. As your phone number of phone lines are open go ahead and grab on wall opened things up this hour in this broadcast day. With Albert in Connecticut hello Robert. Hey what I think it's up you have markets in the dirt on air news is some light day yeah so. They're commonly called he did contact a pretty serious infections you would be if you're an optical and actually separate you'd make people are counting glove. Just like injure himself. They don't do that hospital anyway you know to put on gloves and in the went although it got it up or down other visitor we have today I see you look yeah effect like welcome here. I don't think I am that I don't think that would steered his I'd made the girlfriend was at the house today and she's okay so I don't think that I don't think of goma. Well not only is it that the common that it pretty common it Castro or the year after infection he. So what we hear from them you just got supreme diarrhea. Yeah I mean ads that don't have reacted by react act hash this out all night here have a can mark. The land the youth in our really. I thought I was pretty pretty clear on what's wrong we may have a got to talk about diarrhea on the radio when. It's pretty common book people going to be quarantines for bright as automated clear when I set I wanted to broadcast the show from my bathroom earlier today food and perhaps that's what was going on. Brea. There was there was all of that. It is not a fun a couple of days. Nom. I wanted to get to the to the Red Sox here for second. Well we have a little bit of time this hour. Reds are having interesting little spring. Gone very much under reported because the patriots of stolen all the headlines. The broin bush they've been playing well. Celtics and their short lose their own. Not doing anything at the deadline in in what's followed after that complaint coming in consistently losing some games they should lose. Very quietly the Red Sox here. Down they're doing some things. In particular. We got what looks to be an actual baseball player and Pablo Sandoval. And David Price. Reportedly. According to John Ferrell. Will be starting the year on the disabled list. He didn't say for sure that's gonna happen. It didn't say I'm placing him on the disabled list. But when asked about it. He several hours according. Earned the corporate. He says I think at this point can be hard to see him ready to go at the start of the season. We want it any kind of idea until he gets on the mound the first time in right now I don't know and that's going to be. That's basically guaranteeing. The David Price gonna start here in the DO. Fifteen day DL I hope. I would hate to think there was any more than that. But it price isn't ready ago. All the sudden a guy who pitched today drew bomber ranch. You better be some worry this year. And not just him it's Stephen Wright excuse me Stephen Wright to. Begin after Chris shale. Reports LO. And Eduardo Rodriguez. There's still some question marks in the rotation. In particular and now we did Henry Owens just got sent down the the target I think his. The likelihood of him making any starts this year that are emergence the amount. Double header or someone just got hurt and you need to shoot somebody up or whatever. Any real starts this year I think the odds of that are pretty law. But after sale Porsche solo and Rodriguez. You know you guys rate. Palm branch. The brand Johnson gets sent down he did it I think he did. Yes heated. You know one guy goes and an analyst David Price and I know everybody sort of thinks whatever there's one guy gonna go down at least attempt. Okay. But keep in mind your competition is. Keep in mind with the Toronto Blue Jays the lark. You know that blue jays team they are not there not some they're not some push over. Amid the ALCS the last two seasons. And their rotation. Is I think just as good as yours. There is Sanchez a strategy may have. JR won twenty games last year. Aaron Sanchez you're good or Sanchez was last year. Sanchez was fifteen and two. Is whip was one point 17 and zero grade three. Stroman Estrada I mean you guys. Got some legitimate arms in their rotation. And starting a year without David Price I mean that's I don't know I just feel like that's not really. It peoples that well you know that's right deckers sale lubrication still pretty good against a pretty good. What is not better than Toronto. In fact I'm not even entirely convinced that it's a better rotation and Toronto's with David Burris. And that could be a guy like Estrada and yet a good season but he's older you know he's in his thirties. 33. And you know okay that that makes sense maybe he'll take a step back. But stroman had a down year last year he's probably going to be better. Sanchez and pat were both. I might last year. And you sort of feel like people were blown out play ads as the blue jays rotation what are now that's that's a that's irritation you're gonna add. The deal would all season long. Depending on how healthy they are. But I meanwhile you have drew Palmer it's down at the bottom of your rotation. They have Francisco area aren't. I'd rather have him and impoverished. As for price. I'll say it. Then the worst thing about this whole David Price situation. To me anyway is that. You had it. These two doctors essentially tell price if you were 22 years old and you came to us with the same injury. We would tell you ego get the surgery. You're not. You're 31. To screw it just gets a rat. In your own rubs and spit on it get back out there and go pitch. Hopefully it won't flare back up again. Because you know. When pitchers are in their early thirties that's when injury stop taking their polls. Not a bad feeling about this year for price. It's hard not to. If he starts the year on the DL that means you know his first couple starts when he gets off probably are going to be great. Is gonna have to deal with all that we know that he's already asserted. That interview with the globe whenever really got to talk about that I was on vacation when an interview came out that interview just made me cringe. I understand not wanted to change we are based on what town your plan in and all that that's fine. But that's not really the issue people are mad at David praise because of the person they we don't want and it changes a person. And stop in on delivering coffee to the bullpen attendants or whatever else these donor in any any of that stuff. From a personal standpoint you know I don't think anyone really has too much or prom with David Price. Problem is they never Goodyear. And he knows it and he said as much. We could tell that it bothers and you can tell that it's sort of and he he acts like it doesn't but he talks about it all the time. Now he's gonna start the year and the DL. And it's gonna take awhile for him to sort of hit his stride. Probably around may maybe June. And unless he you know really gets back up to the old David Price at which we saw flashes of last year and obviously who watched in the American League east with the rays all those years. Let's get back to that you know pretty quickly. The another ugly season. Shades of buckled. And. Yeah. And in our own you know pay that much money to get shades of Bockwoldt. 6177797937. Your phone number 379837. On text. Take our might in north Providence before the break in my. Hey aggression we had just all of football. I think what they do regards. Susan Gilmore Butler built basically you know he he's on the paper what he thinks are weak players. And he obviously did feel oh yeah much as we like him much you'd done around here. Eat you know he felt you know once Butler didn't take the money that he offered them. They get to figure that somebody else might walk from higher up that's not what rules about not gonna break what he senses the value. And he just made the move on Gilmore we felt was close about. Financial bottom line does my him like that guy he's got to go. I don't know if he has the goal in the big key this year things you miss a million dollars and half ago. Well I think promise yeah it seem to understand I am sure that bill would look at as being in the worst possible thing or not but I I am on paper and it. And that is referred in this from the beginning that he probably got as I am somebody in the draft already that he's seen and replaced them. And you know once again like Gilmore he's like he was apparent technical racetrack right and. He's a good player Emmys night listening he's good insurance of Butler leaves you're not gonna be stuck with Ellis Hobbs and Deltha O'Neal like you were when a Sante Samuel left so EMI I think that's. Certainly if if that's the the direction they think it's going here. Worst case scenario you Gary Gilmore and whoever and best case scenario you got one year of Gilmore and Butler and whoever and then Butler can leave after next year but I mean. You know either way I don't have a problem with the Gilmore signing at all I guess you want Malcolm Boller does. If there is that that this and that. Basically coming up well where were Coke's trade that in the in the third in thirty seconds back yeah you know on the second a secondary trade would rate. New Orleans always remember it as you know with regards to Koch's that's always like times Tom Brady. In he's connected he's had to connect at the time now and I think downside that they. You know when Glock went down last year I felt that they ethical moral order offence and they started to do that and they. Well maybe we should start doing that a lot more and really commit to a could you know what Koch's you'd that's Hogan and Mitchell out there I mean these guys could stretch with the oh yeah and you haven't walked in. And cattlemen and wipe out there and Lewis I mean these guys and push the defense weight back shirt and the next thing you know it's going to be wide open these guys underneath. Yeah now I I agree with that might I think you're you're certainly right into sort of seems like you know Chris Hogan in noncommittal words are ready here doing it and I mean there are ready. Chris Hogan in particular I mean he was a great deep threat this year I think he averaged more yards per catch than any receiver in the week. Branding costs is a great player but wide receiver was not a position in need on this thing. Why buy it. Obviously Belichick felt that and I guess it was especially when it comes the value. You know he's not happy that competent traffic he just sat and he's not have a lot of success. You know him once he gets a good look at a guy in a manner health system why he's able to do that he had are. And I think that he just look at this and looking a lot. He's such a perfect. We could have that you know what quote that they already have employees have the best offense in NFL history this year that's a realistic. In effect you have. There really is. And and then not only like back in the you know had Randy and head west and they had Stallworth. That was really more of a deep strike offered this would be deep strike and short game I mean it will be nothing they couldn't do. With regards the passing game. Yeah it's certainly a thank you for the call might certainly seems that way. Making a trade like that for a wide receiver and a team that dirty had element Floyd Hogan. And end all of. Just known this at first glance when the when the initial discussions about. Trading for branding coach came up a lot of people that no way. Well all of branding coach. They got this guy got that area I'll these guys what a brain and cooks were. They are hot after branding coach. And it looks like they may end up essentially trading your for Malcolm Butler though not directly. 61777979837. Your phone number 379837. And armor on tax some thoughts on the Celtics and on the Bruins when we come back. These these Christian harkat. On Sports Radio WEEI. How immensely your bags out. I dated a girl cousin I love this song. She drove a Subaru Forester around boulder crank in the song about cocaine all the time. Day or night whatever you can hear conflict and blocks away. Now everybody in boulder drove a super force their beaded collar she was always great and that underneath it in its. Just kinds that it was the energy is that the single Owens played it over and over again and her car and obviously I mean of you know. The company you keep at all that the strokes. Wonder which is up to now in jail. 61777979837. Your phone number 37937. At your number on text. Wanted to get the Celtics a little bit but less about the Celtics and more about the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Celtics beat the bulls the other day. Beat the hell out of them oh my god what happened of the bulls. Bulls are just free. Hollinger now. Although it it went today. Not today yesterday. Celtics back to being in the second spot or two and a half back of the cavaliers. And the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this month of march. Irk 29 in the NBA in defensive efficiency. That sounds better I mean they've only played seven games. But the cavaliers. It's it's not just this month. Barely 22 ranked defense in the league this season. In the week. In January. Cavaliers went through in six over any game span and LeBron called out the front office and third target about Barkley next players and whatever and then they'd picked up Andrew Bogut and Darrent Williams in the buyout market to try and solidify everything in and Bogut immediately broken like. And Deron Williams has been whatever. Per man got hurt tore his ACL on December. Kevin Love is it missed four weeks and is gonna miss some more time to knee surgery. The cavaliers right now. Pretty much just have Tristan Thompson inside. And LeBron and that's it. And you can take advantage of them on the interior now now I'm not saying their team he can guard Daryn beat. But there are a team that struggles to defend against a certain type of player in a certain type of offense. And the fact that I couldn't believe the 22 overall defense in the NBA. Isn't this exactly what the Celtics have kind of a waiting for. I know that once the playoffs start LeBron takes it to the moon need you know goes and it. Superman mode and there's nothing you can do about her right right now. They cavaliers team. Not a great team. They have the best player in the NBA. They have another great secondary scorer in carrier ring and they have a couple of guys who can do some other things elsewhere but until Kevin Love comes back. And who knows if he'll be at a 100% when he when he eventually comes base that surgery. I almost feel like this is. A decent opportunity for the Celtics and again takes me back to them doing nothing at the deadline. Everyone keeps saying they're not gonna win the championship this year. Maybe not. Probably now. Considering the fact the Cleveland is. Below average defensively this year. And really struggles. Inside against. Teams with good big east. And also again considering the fact that the wizards and raptors and hawks all improve their front court. It just seems all that Maurer. You know it tough to stomach. That the Celtics didn't do anything. Forget Jimmy Butler forget Paul George forget Carmelo Anthony forget all that crap obviously. That was never gonna end. They weren't gonna be able to do it. Without giving up the Brooklyn picks and I don't think those would have been great ways to live put those pitch. I think everybody probably would end up ended up pissed off after that trade if that tree if a trade like that it happened for Butler Georgia whatever. But I mean meg the PGA talkers and then. And Norway's Noel and these guys who just got moved for nothing you can look at day and age is even now more than ever. I look at the Celtics. And I see them right Kinect game they played against the Denver nugget. Team they should have no problem beating. The Denver nugget the lost by twenty points to the nugget. And you're crushed on the boards again. They're leading rebounder in the game. Marcus mark. They got outrebounded 49 to 33. Points in the paint. Nuggets had 58 Celtics had twenty. We PJ Tucker led them to victory over the Denver Nuggets no probably not. Maryland's Noel may be on his own wouldn't of either. But does that mean you just cold. Slogging along. Didn't humiliated in the paint by the Denver Nuggets like ideally that's it just seems like it didn't have to go this way. This wasn't necessary. You could've mated secondary moved academy a minor movement gotten some help up front. No reason not to do that. You could have done now without mortgaging hardly any part of the future there were traced it down here for second round picks. Gotten their runs go well for Andrew Bogut who got release that relate. And maybe Philly wouldn't it traded in the to get somebody else. It's something do something. This team is still the second best team in the Eastern Conference. In the cavaliers are wounded. Number one and even when they get back to full strength. Kevin Love is gonna make him any better on defense. Kevin Love doesn't play defense. They're not a good defensive team. And maybe when the playoffs come around that doesn't matters much. Playoffs come around it's all about the ground. And it. Even then. You know this sale abroad and weeks or hamster. Stubs his toe. In a jams with bomb something. Thrown or shot Iraq. The cavaliers team I mean. They just seem vulnerable to me. Vulnerable enough they. In if it's it's. Digging away at me more and more. With each one of these bad losses and I know that they've been mixing him in with some wins here and there and it hasn't been all bad but that was not a good road trip. It wasn't. You was the Phoenix on their road trip. In humiliating fashion you get smacked around by the clippers. And and you go to Denver. And get outrebounded by sixteen and outscored in the paint by about thirty points. Yet that's nice she beat the bulls in the it is does Jimmy Butler went at five point phonetic and nick. And I was one of the worst performances I've ever seen by any team this year. The bulls look like they were shaving points and making it's a bad that was. Let's see would have been who Minnesota but you know what there's a team than. Pretty big stud in the middle for them to have. Nearly got a guy there Carly at the town's averaged 25 and twelfth. Their own corporate gonna have to drink you bobbled them. Box him out stop him from scoring in the paint. And I just feel like it. Team could really really use some help for him. Because it's not common for a mere Johnson it's not coming for him. Jonas Jerebko. Recover from Kelly O Winnick. And while the cavaliers appear to have and I know that they won big in Cleve against Detroit tonight. Their defense isn't good. They can be beaten on the interior. But tokinio. And the cavaliers even as good as they are they they try to improve that position they knew that. Other teams in the east were were trying to shore up there they knew what their weakness was they knew what their deficiencies were and I went out there and scooped up injure bogeyed broke his leg right away but at least they made they made the effort. They made a gesture. Celtics still have done Jack squat. And it's kind of putting is the putting a damper on the rest of the season. Six on 77797937. Your phone number 37937. On tech's quick break back after the. These these Christian harkat. On Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. At your phone number 37937. And number attacks. Search in your late night Sports Radio W media. Remember back their plan all the songs for you and taking your phone calls. Again it's 61777979837. Case you missed that tonight. And I didn't know about this until I got here. But our racial matter out MSNBC. Tweeted that she was going to revealed Trump's tax return. And it. She did she revealed through pages of his 2005. Tax return which showed that he paid I think like 38 million dollars in taxes. So day. If you did it Rachel great. I I wasn't really I think it was alive but I don't remember when. When. Geraldo Rivera won and Al Capone vault or whatever you don't talk about. It was a big thing effort it would if we did it with like fox or whatever it was it was in the eighties very yeah I was in the eighties. He went into he'd. The first time was as big exclusive. And they were gonna is open up Al Capone vault and go through and there was nothing there in the early adapter cards and waited then you know coupled beer bottles are some there's nothing. Really at all worth. Reporting news on. And that's what everyone keeps tweeted this was like. I got the Dexter third from 20052005. A long time ago. Yeah get the tax returns and then tweet about I'm enact lady got a big scoop on your show. The actual tax returns don't get me through pages from 2005. I. Think tomorrow. I don't ever watch mad our show so I don't know if this is like par for the course for her. If she's usually better than this year whatever I honestly have no idea at all I know is a racial Matta looked a surprisingly a lot like a market share. They look like they can be twinge. I look at Rachel madcow and I see mark to share some time and vice Versa. The haircut defaced the I everything. I mean there are like dead ringers for each other. But I do not watch your program. And I didn't watch it tonight either and you see what people are writing about it. Twitter is not kinder to know I'd I can imagine. Looks a little eternity from the matrix little bit in a little bit of aperture. And the funny thing is she's getting all this all this hate. We still haven't seen the president's tax for her cynical. We thought through pages from 05 we haven't seen parts that we really want to seek. And it's I mean we're going to march 15 now people if he can apple. I understand the issue blew it and had she probably sucks I don't know I don't watch her show. But you know we still we still haven't seen the actual tax returns I feel like that's the story here. Anyway 6177797937. To your phone number 37937. If you're number on tech's full circle back around the patriots next hour hour we run that Tom King interview in case you missed it. Let's see there's one other star oh yeah. Just looking around the legal little bit looking around the NFL. Some of the other moves that are getting maiden. Other teams that are that are doing things just looking at the at the news of the day. Eddie lacy. Signing a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. And that I see this story that. The the headline on ESPN. Lazy lying through forty. Like this guy. And hey this is like a Pablo Sandoval situation it's funny with when athletes are fat like fish it becomes such a bigger story. How dare you. There UB fat. You know I think it's so unfair. I don't care of the problems in the most at a dirty sock and maybe sucked as he was back probably day. There's been some fat guys who have been just fine David Wells CC sabathia mostly pitchers Al allow but you know. I'm pretty good fact guys. Not a lot of great that running back. You know there's only been a couple of those. Nature on means back in San Diego in the ninety's remember him. Well in this horrible nature means he was fat burning there. LenDale White was a fat running back. And I feel like I'm missing an obvious one here. Anyway anyway she's a fat running back right now. But. I think. It looked like he was gonna bounce back this year. Until he busted up his ankle in week six had surgery injured reserve. Took a deep chart cattle what he'd probably could've made on the open market this year he did seem like he was a little bit back contract if you're playing daily fantasy whatever. Lacey up until he got her was did. Decent pick. But now who's. Now the CI expect tomorrow. Least he's listed at 235. Pounds as of last season. But he's rehabbing from his ankle injury right now. And the Seahawks are saying they want him in the through forties. So he's elicited through 35. Okay that was the last that was what he weighed last time name. They knew he was on the field. And now the Seahawks are Sam RA any can you just can you get it added through forty some please. Could we can we get back in the year. You're not alignment. Through forty had big. You know that that's what they wanted to get down through so imagine what he's that would be awesome just missed it. He likes animals Alpine IRA in the Pope but just explodes. It rip off. When your big night big mound a flat blobs out. It's the fact I analytical C. I'm proud guys timeout. Now lazy parents split again. I don't know I mean. The CR Surrey after pretty good running their. Thomas Rawls a good running back in CJ precise isn't great but he had a really good gaming if the patriots last year. And he's more of a third down back and Rawls did get hurt a lot last season but. And I bring in big Eddie lacy of the president go for a guy like Jamaal Charles. Then again all these guys get hurled at them and I mean they're either super fatter they used injury prone or something that. The running back Marcus not a good one. Makes me think the patriots might just stick with what your -- Now a pro at the pan am very much a doubt he's get many offers. Although you know. From the Packers. A one year five and a half million dollar deal for Eddie lacy. Or two million Philly airport. I mean. It seems obvious to me give it to what your political one year deal. Spent five and a half million on any lazy instead particulate air blowing. Doesn't make any sense to me at all. Go to your phone 61777979837. Franken he's bought the reverend. Personal liar I'm are different area. I was nation all of problem on the road and work nights are her interracial giddy here thank you end here for human effort. Excellent repair and AIL one prominent stretched back years are now back to the topic. And then I'm on hang out all the other important particularly in men are all right charts don't root and then about a game right now. I mean again civilians in. Couldn't hurt I. I think you can help out on the last a little bit recruit they argue that land on the lap there you know they have an origin. Luckiest out the other right now all next. There really was I mean I was an awful they had they had two really bad lies about three if you count the clippers but it. I don't I think that was just the normal lost to a good West Coast team but that loss to Phoenix on that and turn over at the end of the game and at three point oh my god. Op that was that was horrific. And then began to embarrass lake and Denver area that I didn't like that was a bad road trip overall I'd say that was a bad larger than that the even with a win over Golden State. Thanks for call for me is that the African descent. By the way the warriors were losing by double digits to the 76ers tonight and they just took the lead back Golden State I guess they've had enough of this you know. They have been playing well either lately that spurs caught up to a spurs and the warriors are right now tied for the best record in only. Depending on how this game and Golden State loses and LB is second best team west. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. Edge in armor on text. Quick break it you trending now and then next hour we'll rerun the Tom King interview. In case you missed it we talked patriots. And free agency with him and also get to some other thoughts here more on the Celtics Red Sox the Bruins note as well. And I your phone calls again at 61777979837. Final hour early night coming up next.

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