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#DORK 5: NorthEast Comic Con

Mar 14, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk about their trip to NorthEast Comic Con, including interviews with a handful of characters who were in attendance. Plus "This Week in #DORK" and the "Pick of the Podcast."

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If the door. Martinez. Is the sort of market there which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm blond man she. Thanks a terminator another episode of hash tag door my name is rich keep Joey wants Yemen Ryan Davey Davey Howard you agree or you Richard I'm great a player like really really strong because we finally got our own iTunes channel. It happened I told you it was going to I was maybe two or three months premature. But you know good things come to those who wait I've been told. No. Now it's kind of at the crap way to go through life if you ask me but. Either way we are on iTunes may be listening to us there may be a listen to us on the old WE EIA podcasts. If you don't wanna get all of those other podcasts maybe do that's traded with solemn but gorgeous Aznar's we have our own channel. You fire on iTunes. Or Google play and so were also on Google play. Plus he industry that maybe you're just streaming it on WEEI dot com slash dorks those are at least three different ways. To listen to the podcast and we thank you for doing that you can subscribe you can rate. You can. Leave comments are to review perhaps which all helps the podcast. Early signs have been good day you've been ranked in the top. Thirty or forty here the last few days so that's that's a good sign. About that how about us that the key is you don't want. Staying in the Vietnam iTunes rankings as good as a lot of Malarkey but. The key to it is it's like it's like a fat loss thing where anybody can be ranked but you wanna see how can he stay ranked whereas you know anybody can lose the weight but can keep it off. The I think that the things we did get a press you know fresh content. On a weekly basis. That's the key we're gonna have new dorks every week Wednesday looks like a good day. For dorks so keep an eye out on Wednesday to get if you're subscribed if we happen to have one on a random Tuesday or something like that foam. You'll get it in your little. The new licensing so. That's that shall we move on it. This week it hash tag door Ryan looks sort of quick with a little update on hashed egged or madness which continues to rule on it. You can check that out on the Twitter. At dork podcast. I don't know any other way to do it's I apologize to those who are on the Twitter don't wanna take part it's clear. Are really blame you if you don't want like Twitter but that's where you've been putting up the polls outside the biggest upsets so far in round one that. Looks like Ras Al ghoul over Lex Luthor. Which is viewed as you to weeded out so app. Aptly I think it. It Jesse Eisenberg effect that just ruined the character of Lex Luther yes because the greatest villain in the champions have common expressed got upset. By ros level who's good at but Lex Luthor are should've at least then. I don't know some sweet sixteen believe Daly he's he's a serious serious villain. But he gets he gets bounce or continue without ever try to crowned the the best or most popular. DC or marvel character and so while we shall see how it goes what's your what's your prediction right now from what the final. Will be. It's going to be that bad Wolverine is going to be by that might my. Yeah I think you're reading Wolverine. Will probably take it because of how good Logan was it's fresh in everybody's mind. Wolverines get a tough bracket because he's got to get through you know Spider-Man. Iron Man or even star lord people love so it'll be. He'll be used and I think the one of the report to the most of it to a to a final four but we'll be Batman vs Joker. Yeah I think that economy and there's going to be some big. Even elite eight is going to be tough yeah yep you're missing some upsets there you know you're gonna have you know possible. But he said it wolverines Spiderman showdown yeah. Or Batman and Joker showed Europeans or you know the model villains we've we've competed are not strong it's not as strong bracket. Magna don't go to medio vs whoever comes out but. Could afford that we'll have the results here Saddam month thanks for voting in NAFTA this weekend or this past weekend DB Cong Skull Island came out. Ends. Aaron if you mixed reviews that the late last I checked that 78%. On rotten tomorrow's. Which I guess for like a monster type movie it's that's not terrible. No I decided I guess from what I'm reading that I've been reading up on this have been actually really curious about this to that thought it was going to be one of those sleeper movies that kind of you know we had the two big weekend with Logan. But yet commodities coming on the cup coming weeks make and it is not this in there on the up. And it got a great cabinet in that room that's yet it's good throwback to get of those old school monster movies. That don't really need a plot it doesn't really make any sense delicious scope also all of that. So I'd I've I'm excited to be that. Yes yes so again will suit you guys that if you guys out here we did not see this week early enough. Emails between us let us know how long Kong Skull Island was good look at the trailer. Run and look I love a good trailer Wonder Woman look look I love a good trailer right hate. What I hate is good trailers and bad movies. Well what do you think we're gonna get with Wonder Woman. I think this is now your member of the Internet with the blood Richard slugger the wit I'll name two movies in the DC universe that. That. Did this to us one by the name suicide squad. Susan that's why they're very good trailer I'm very strong trailer. Eight if it's I think in 13 minute trailer I think they've packed in. All of the scene of a Jarrett Leno event is lit trailer the Joker movie ya look like a Joker movie that was not for those of you side and go wasn't bad members Superman looked really good in the trailer. Not true no not until the end number they give away too much everybody hated it and then yeah and then they came back at the end and gave us the baton and kind of like warehouse scene they give us some of that right in the world like a maybe it is good because the first trailer there election. Here's like Lex and here's doomsday and here's that you are you doing less. Don't shows all who knew I only remember the last one with the bat out and better yet down was definitely about it actually just looks pretty good. And then it was not. Voted you think this trailer again knowing I mean DC's history of the get to go in at the very looked at at the best Tara. Cautiously optimistic about it but it's gonna show sort of a young. Coming of age wonder what's like Wonder Woman begins scuttle. Yeah and in you know I think this is gonna be a win for DC this movie is just this despite. You know I and I I don't have my expectations that. For this movie at all I'm going into this thinking you know it we live in an age of information which we live and Gilbert go recordings are available to us we read all these things about how this movie is their quote disjointed match. That's a tough side of stuff and yet start kind of hard to walk that back so they've they've done to re shoots and all that subsidy you go into it knowing that now. I read one review that says sit sandwich. That's not real that it thank you have the right they can they did say that. Yet so I. It just it out of the trailer looks fine it looked like it beyond me look good. Yeah I shootout sought she looks great. Shoot she's amazing she's she was really good about maybe Superman. -- though it's if this movie is bad. People still see Justice League but talk about knocking the wind out of its sales. Oh yeah I mean this is part of it this is kind of the last straw you know this yeah Marky you know for. Knew where we aren't society right now I think we're before withdraw but I don't you know we don't get political. Well we will load for a strong female. Superhero right now yeah Amazon yeah zone you need your doctor to get that until captain marvel. Do you think. Yemen right do you think that she is the daughter of Zeus can you know she's over a few different back stories. I wonder if if you open up Zeus. It is like the DC universe. That's a whole load bags. Like Kobe and yet and I know that I do believe theories is that villain. Illegal. So I think there we are. OK maybe. Maybe it is and I mean you do doesn't like Greek mythology. You know you better career out of and so I made a career of Patrick. Dog I mean either way I'm gonna Syria comes on June it. And so just fingers crossed the yes on Wonder Woman. How about casting New Zealand casting news. Part of let's say I'm saying your name correctly but is it is Ozzie beats. That's the beats. Like that it ought to. Right now and Alex. Well beyond the actress from Atlanta who was Donald lovers because of the mother of his child like sort of girlfriend and gas. She is your reporting domino in did pull 20. Which is I heard it there was also kept me that was going to be Janelle Monet. Who's that. She did they issued a musical artist but she was just in the movie. Hidden figures. Just this year they music artist he's like 888. Young. Emailed James brown and R&B singer while exactly question actually quite good. Anderson but they what was Ozzie instead it beat these he beats. He's the Ryan Reynolds weird yeah. Is it does about where I'm Ryan Reynolds to weeded out the a picture of what Dominic her name kind of like of securely spelled in dominoes cricket here. That's a cart on Twitter saying he is a nice follow on there. Vince in the year Vince city can't carry intranet physical abuse from Vancouver there's a story while ago that. After the Bruins beat the box in the Stanley Cup final. He was at the same bars the Bruins and he bought all you like offer to buy all the shots and they're like no. Why wouldn't you take shots of bill wilder got to. Well he didn't so interestingly enough he was building all right PD at the time as Ross in my neighborhood. Wage growth where we've been what I wouldn't trust them all it was a nightmare help of god I don't came to blows for the production assistant. That could've been our in with the with great count for movies. Yet aided in ended with him saying like you can't go there and it said that's my house. Any goes whoa you know blah blah and I wound up like sticking to it as might what mighty. My wife that I had not been married a year and I was speaking of finger in this like little to work spaces that the that might epic how I'm going to epic home right thing now. The next summit is over Mike had to like separate. It's good. Like in a wanna be in the movie. But anyway and yet I end as by the way I'm sure. That they probably heard me bit Kevin Bacon and Ryan Reynolds we're in a car. Like twenty yards away from. That's funny. You are a good is it safe to say you were one degrees from Kevin vision. I was too well yet one because right well in between I'll tell us about the making it. Incredibly skinny I don't look at how movie maker Reynolds Reynolds. Real or is like all boys is like rats you just lean. You know what I bet he's on that these little bit the hydrant and you get beat you relate to you under accused wears skinny jeans yeah academic and skinny leg. Well you know if you didn't drink water for three straight days I bet you'd look like that. It's not you have now won the doctors frowned upon but the the no water diet. You get ripped. Now you get pretty dizzy is well. And you have a hard time you know focusing but I'll play a tone. So anyway anyway domino. Great I think it's a great casting call and I Greek nurtured at a movie is well. Davis drones Ryan games thrown season seven will start July 6 team that'll. Icy fire poster than they have become like a weird little teaser you excited. I am excited but at the same time like they're doing all this like around like rabble babble just tell you that it's been delayed a month or two. If they're great a summer throws a bit of a bit rabbit has. Yet automotive events fired I'd get it at all by the way delayed too much political tract stones well they don't admit that don't. The people laurel dislike to relay how amazing it is all was was some hassle with Microsoft paint who's put a couple fire flames and probably device they would like that the dates at Olympic again. It now. Yep so anyway game probes July 16 we also the images for four wracked Iraq and it looks like a movie that you might wanna watch. The with a black light on or something I look nuts. Did you see Jeff Goldblum. Is the deal is yet. I never like that look words like you just have lipstick in the middle of like your bottom lip and then it goes straight down. It's it's like via the get stickler and then put that big political unpopular with the it also beat the underneath eye shadow and not the top on the Olympic equal and alike that. He looks like he's just haven't on that may yet he does not that it'll be good there's a lot of color really pops so. I don't know I would say it is a big choices you have the and they did it well you could forgive what Saddam the dark world. You know dark. Do what's lacking a better word that was that the darkest color wise it was very muted so we're going the other way were going Mike full Crayola 64 color blocks that. Are you afraid it looks too similar to Batman forever and that's seen in the Alley. The or ousted that Amber's Robin would be like that the motorcycle racer when it. I think the effect. That isn't too similar to those that of that. Agree are we are tiptoeing into issue marketer that is it's very original Schumacher. Speaking of marvel movies like store or more marvel properties. Iron fist comes out this week and I'm. I was excited about it and I and I'll still watch it I'll probably watch it quicker than than most. Come that the seventeenth on Netflix. Have you seen the reviews for iron best. Holy smokes is get rid of for a while it had a a zero. The Cerro. He I think. And David's up like fourteen. And everyone's like this is the first swing and a miss by a marble and Netflix who have had. Great great shows with daredevil season one to Jessica Jones Luke cage either one of us loved as much but it was still like good. Apparently iron for Sox. Yeah. Umbrella can edit right now it it's not doing very well we're at fourteen tore up a little bit. 14%. And that is where the BC. Holy minutes with fourteen repeat so. The what does that one bit stupid but to duplicate it. So I I I don't you know I'm two or 3 actually but I am. I'm wondering if this is just we need to get this series done in order to get to the defenders so we might have overlooked that a little bit yeah try to cut some corners here yup. You know. Which I know we're gonna see no organized and. Is it thirteen that oval. It's thirteen episodes again that's a long slog of fits Sox liggett's don't think the Babbitt and he's Superman wasn't good erotic out of long ever sold two and a half hours and a life. And now. Yeah I agree this straight now. So far the only thing that's been reviewed as the first episode. No I don't really yet. Oh. OK here okay. But he can though call these headlines are like disdain and all the show sucks the Mildred what do what do missed by a marvel if it's one episode. And it will work we're okay with a slow burn here. Yes and I think yes I'm I'm cool with that aren't on the bike and a number re interviewed right now in the basically saying like it's not as good news. Daredevil Jessica Jones or locate like Booker. Who doesn't mean it's always a bad. You know it's still probably better than me with a healthy OH US VOA. Don't tell me it was terrible side not heaping pile should step so it's like we got an email recently from somebody. Saying you should you got to check out the no way can they be doing so. What that person's name and I want them to email me directly and tell me why that show is good. See you know rumored that the premise of that show and I've got the care of business spoiler. Yeah you'd these people. It's just the Mets that they they believe that there are angels its based that I have had near death experiences Oakland and that they can heal the sick eight even raise the dead Richard. It's a bit and yet. Interpretive dance come on I swear. To god interpret that dance yes they do it keep Nicole Mike motions or movements. I don't have to learn to get movement not only. Not only to normal now horrible now for me. No we're not doing no way irons missile launch and will do episode later on went what do you think it makes sense that how how long do you think it takes people who wanna watch it. To walk. I want to take out there and all. The people who listen to this. Without having to skip over. It like to retreat we are cracked so yes sometime in April we'll have an iron fest. Love a good iron fist and we oh wait never peel away we will not discuss the you know I actually don't wanna do so pot meal and they don't know our own channel. To do podcast audio way how much suck well they'll try get the chills through the accident the government up and ready until June. The fact that the who we're our are unhappily employed by I am not no that's true that's true here in this two point. We have other TV news just quick hitters seer your show taboo has been picked up for a second season. This. Guy baskets picked up for a third season. Ominous Davis right now at I I don't really like it. The first seed in the basket yeah I think it's become like too abstract term as he gets like this lake it's get me. It's almost. You're questioning the whole tiger watching misses like I'm supposed to think this is funny right but this is funny yeah. Here's here's a little something about me ID made it through like half of the second episode of the season. That I like I'll come back to it may be. Late January it's too we I'm all for weird but it's like earth. But my guys you're supposed to like it is people tell you like how good it is and how genius that is our stuff that year watched that you know like I wedeman went. Well that's why it's funny that Louie CK is a big part of it because. The first several seasons of Louise TV show were amazing. And then it just got the point where you know maybe maybe a board with I don't know being funny but it just it got like Saturday and it was just. It just wasn't good the last season of Louis up I was terrible. Yet and it's like though the the last that was little Louie I watched the winner with the Miami and make you almost round. I'll kinda what that was like this is the year yeah. Nom I'm out on on Lewis and Louis CK he'll be hosting SNL on April 8. You know pretty good match is gonna he's he's hysterical or love to stand up I used to love his show mum lesson las have been on the show. Preacher season two has come back June 19. But all the solar until July yes we're good there yup that'll help. And then also the question did you you finish always sunny in Philadelphia. So season twelve came to when and and and at this point Rory C and if you wanna watch and Dennis. Leaves the show leaves. With the you know somebody. Who we got pregnant has the kid and so we at V the end of the season he leaves and is now. Begun speculation in the that the show may return. But the character and actor Dennis will not. Which is. If Powell. Line is horrible I mean he was just start adding when it like it they just starting like the last couple of seasons. Bennett has really gone off the rails yeah he's completely lost his mind so which is which I thought was one of the funniest part. Yes as though is how far we could push the character that is. And you know I I wonder if it's just they'll bring him back eventually. Wanted to go like something else going on yeah but in a show horse. Like no no Dennis on Sonny isn't as drastic as knows Steve Carell on the office but it's still pretty bad yeah it. Not at worst gaffes don't. I hope I overcome that Wilson will soon have a that always in up pilot Michael Lorne Michaels produced pilot it's him and Patton Oswald Arnold the name of the show Lewis. I. Got my attention it yet doesn't mean you can't do both I mean Kaelin Olson was doing the mic. This year I wonder how they're gonna do that it is that just got picked up before like a full season yeah I know yup that. Well going to be interest but maybe it's different shooting schedule I don't know but I. Who knows them and in Charlie days and popping up on a bunch of movies too so I mean me in my view. Maybe they'll take a couple years offer something known. If I figured out. And figured out Brian this week. Or this weekend was pax east it would really dropped the ball. We we did not go to pax east we weren't as we will discuss here coming up to the northeast comic con which was tremendous couple weeks ago and Hanover Massachusetts. Pax east one of the I think three. Packs events they do in the United States. And the pictures and some of the stuff coming out looked awesome that the convention senator your Boston and it was banged out with just video game. People Carr's players and everything else so next year we we need to go to. We do I mean it looked. So fun I mean even just looking at the pictures of the thing with but the cost players and stuff like we got about play we'll get into that a minute yes. Terrible I mean I'm looking at that that these people like beer I didn't notice until recently actually recently like the past year or so. That there are professional caught players. Yet it's bananas it's just people who play dress up but they're gonna there they look. Pretty amazing. An illegal they go around like all these things but they travel Mike went on to it. But it bananas yeah it is people that I don't want it would be guided a in his white. Just there to believe it to open props because it makes props for a living Bo and I think a lot but it. He did a full scale. Like big daddy little sister from bio hazard shock I mean why. It was it was amazing it is pretty good directed by our estimate by. I know we're no nobody's going to be upset with the well it's not true cult people will counter. The products I would do anything jump outs you. From from pax east that you saw. Yeah out what are the big but I am really excited for is outlast two. Am that they are big you know old joke it on that you played at first bout last Nolan thinks so. All of it got so it became where you're in it and you'll love that it became reread it and say asylum amid. Gear at the odds first person in your only source of light is I can't quarter Obama managed vision cam corder I'd be scared. There's no there's no like weapons you just gotta rot. Geez. Reviewed and does he do his escape with a ball point. Yet when you're like a journalist like going into investigate a vegan matters that he and others are conspiracy in the all the stuff going on. But the deeper you can move into the place you know. And at one point he debated games like 30 yeah yeah. Eat your cam corder break. So even though you want the light like you can't really he would it. Well done yet it's pretty pretty right now would you say escape or Steve. I'd say escape economic human beings who live in the United States are. Yeah that's true and that's just the way it's spelled guys as I said escape battles like a really I think a six game which is wrong. But there's attacks and outside. Bank ATM machine that dressed me obsolete a lot of yeah. Yeah. So that's good so I elect Arnold get up on that out of that look good the new mass effect which Andromeda which are eight. You know I played a couple that affect games they're fine. Not crazy about them up and on its gonna drop some drug supplier some iron. It was good come out probably play it. You know not great but that's what about the big show piece of the whole thing. There's a new crash we have decode about the way they're doing the trilogy and elected there excuse yet crashed into cute about that. You know he never really caught on late ya ya your Mario you got your sonic we've got like your curb be theirs. You know earthworm Jim. Told Jim Merrill a crude was Buick PlayStation Mario. Right eggs that's that's my point and he did now you're not you're not in the club. Well look how far lookup our company like naughty dog has come without their first game. Doesn't know debate it yet and now they're making like uncharted and the last about yeah good point that not the so heavy that a lot of debate governor this year and I'm I'm pretty excited about it others do met Troy game coming out for the switch. Who yet met Troy and I know we talked about this but the beat the brunt of the wild reviews were not a fluke that continues to be regarded as they masterpiece now I'm hearing while of the games so I'm actually at the. I have spirit stick out for me I'm still I just started season four of over watch. You do that a jury. Saw you to read about you'll settler drop out of games it's it's frustrating. Let's get it this what I wanted to get it it would that with a video game minute that we're done pat was pat was good obsessed we missed it we thought it was in you know June. Think that's ethnic that's that's that's a bad job out of law Spezza will make up. Or about it that's. Yes so what proxies informal. Right now. The ranking system has become such that. You need to keep. In order to get into the higher levels. Yes watch what else need to be on a six person key or you actually have to get lucky enough. To be randomly put with people who you want stayed together right I think it's a nice feature. I like that you can do that I did that the other day I I want a few games in a row could be we stayed together as a group by. Which is which is great yeah the problem I have is that some injured Brodie. Well wit. Yes or which happen to be argued for qualifying matches at REIT that's not where a kid on our team to act. Now what there was a connectivity you can activity here like he beat we were winning. That role left yes he hoped wasn't getting a snack. Yet shortly yet. But that now that harms meet that lost three games for a while. That's the only thing I don't like another really preaching team a public that's something that they can't control and when I hate is. You could lose. And have like three gold medals. They had you know lead the team and always categories. And you either go down or affects your ranking or. You can be the worst guy on a winning team like you can just be like skate around a very but he also knew team is awesome and you win it you'll like go way up. But that's crap I get there there needs to be a way to figure out like. I don't know if you wanna wait stats completely but it's that should be a pretty I mean there's five or six different categories that should be looked out more about anyway. And if anyone wants to come forward and explain their bed metric simulate how this is calculated not gonna do now then who knows. Didn't I don't think anybody knows the less. It's like iTunes rankings. You know buddy buddy can be ranked Ricky you stay right to put a fat loss products. Trying to keep it. Now I think I'm getting kind of bad but that's the whole thing. A web metabolism finally stopped working and I said great metabolism. That happens you turn thirty years old stuff despite it like hit a 100000 miles apart but to stop working. It's unbelievable 'cause number I used to eat awful like jest but we go to McDonald's together and again. I'll let me go on record on this podcast and say that like are not great about eating. Yeah I have never seen anyone eat as poorly as you for as long as you get. I'd terrible food choices but it didn't matter I was just I was any of them bitch and it just didn't matter. Yet like. It's like you were looted all the way out spine and. Aaron there's the right greater downgrade there's the right debut video game minute Jolie get into the other topic is your. That's the that's the topic of the day. I'd. I don't know. You see some retreated as there are saying that their play and podcasts bingo there's the guy goes. He goes my friend needed he continued keep tickle somebody and Cassel he's like I won because he said. I'll I'll clean it up oral fix that post and hit it one other big minutes they'll tablet gets pretty good. Now you just staying out six in posts there are just mentioning that we say that the Bechtel towards go to. None that that should in fact that I shouldn't reveal the fact that it's a it's on the that I say just about every single episode because here's here's a little peek behind the curtain I don't fix anything imposed. With. Visit as is all the time. All right so two weeks ago we went to the northeast comma con. Which took place in Hanover Massachusetts. At the Hanover Mall. Inside a hollowed out JC Penney. JC Penney great story if they like to sponsor the podcast. But it was that they're they're closing down there it nevermind. Lot of space though right JC penny they have a lot of it right there in the and one of the malls you go in there you can you can walk around it's pretty it's been a couple hours and JC Penney. And so we went. From. The headliners word besides us they were Adam west's. Burt ward who was the original Robin Mick Foley. In I believe a handful of other late dot com writers and artists. We didn't see or talk to any of them. Not which we have ever heard of before. I'll know yeah all the artists in the writers none. We there was one guy who wanted to CNET forget his name but he was decree elect a puppet Ehrlich creature creator. Ehrlich and and company and stuff an actual charging like five bucks to take pictures looked like it exceed our pixel. And I can do this taxis the torment before my impressions. Thank you. It's though also speaker of impressions. If you leave they I don't pass scattered here but if you leave an iTunes review. Ryan gave you'll read the review in the black panther voice. Or I can read in the sticks these boys but. None of the words that come out of the stack these only sounds like missed. And it's sort of pick your poison but don't black pit there will read your reviews so we knew we concern that next week. What else we got here and knew anything else we need to set the stage for we interviewed a handful of people who were rug dressed up. We we also rated nor bodies smacking you from the Mac new podcast there were their as it was nice to see them. I think that's probably. Probably have so there are caused players walk around edges people you know like you with Halloween kind of dressed up rate that's pretty much the extent. Ours so let's let's get into the first person that we interviewed it was a a lady what's called third. Middle middle aged just fit 4050. TCI yet Q did a push and that. The pushing fifty there will try to figure out we can start and stop this throughout and we'll sort of see. What she was what shoes wearing a watch she was at the events or here's here's the First Lady that we interviewed. And I'm joined by meeting to be a fake name but what windy windy but what he dressed up. That's how I guess. Biggest steam pumped. He populate the public Victorian things which you got like you see the movie return to public was about to. I'll that yeah it's I don't know I think the root of all member tick tock. The whole member of the old tin man who can beat you like wind in my opening at a all the gears and stop that every time that someone says like steam punk I think depict a return naught so okay you're eighties movie referenced by the way. So she was that it really is good but the so this is what she decided dress up as she was hanging out by herself borrow one of the tables have liked to have armed Jeb like it was elegant dress ish right Michael loves. Yeah I NC yes you have like bill would weird being Ponte gobbles and yeah like she burst someone who'd like I don't know if she seemed to have a whole outfit kind of put it that's. Right that's all I'm saying it was Malaysia is like pop thumb like a shirt a weird Appalachia at a tearful good costing the owner. That's how I guess it. I think you're just tell us this your first come on yeah were you were what made you come out rethink what you think Nader come out. I know the emptiness but if you saw this woman you would like it there's no way. That this is the answer ethical play they played it now play what I thought she was in the. And we'll mind my son is coming with his friends and snow and I just decided that I wouldn't. We don't do it. Now that now here's my thoughts you can bet your first son is there which implies one at that this lady has had sex. I'll bet that and to say. Yeah. In two. IPod you residency like Mike Chappell music. Like. I know. At the Rico would you like to read it elect what. Yeah I thought maybe we it's we see that too but also on the leg of it. I don't hold the sun was but the sum was gonna go oh let's say younger. Like that OK you can go and sort of to you know make sure he's okay. But she's not wind him if she's dressed up. Etiquette so that my son was gonna could be just that my son was going to come. Well maybe maybe not there. It was so extravagant. Under the we'll ninety when my son is coming with his. Friends mostly gone his way. Out at ocean for sure is there she's by herself that's earlier announcing she wants to talk to us. And I just decided that I would. We'll go to Q and what's your favorite type of what's college tour he type thing whether it's. You know summit comic book stuff some of the art stuff that's here are some of the movie that they're showing what's what's your favorite thing got a terrible question but. Again you're probably thinking cap photos. Yet a cyclical thing to do with like us. Yeah like. It's T shirt with wizard on the tour and she's got a tote board would have been better like she's got elect this other sweatshirt with no hood like a horse. Airbrushed and. Yeah they're really nice look in the doubtful horse children and even horse. I don't know I love aren't I'm an artist too so I. Styles and what day. Pattern of the there's a lot of emotion within you know comic books. Pretty good actually there as well there's a lot of emotion and conflicts. Do she's. She's not Iran. The thoughtful answers you get a bit like hey you know this off but he didn't I think it's it's underage. I agree do what's the coolest thing you've seen so parts that are. Cat riding a unicorn. A goalie that's not here you didn't even stimulus. Hello I can believe that we just saw the real. Original bag man that was pretty cool that is going out of west this year per ward is here as well. Bomb was also a JC Penney Posluszny JC Penney what section asserted that the slugs shuffled. I got your Mac your credit for those that Mac gonna came up with a question that sucker. So I asked her what section of the DC peg this clearly had JC Penney elected fairly removed all of the stuff but it looks just like Jason Perry. Which is rated stuff on the table. Excited about it and it's not even like. They took away like furniture that would just make it like an open Rome. No it's you walked in there and you immediately knew that you were in a JC Penney like they have like that even like the jewelry cases were still there and like yeah of human cases were still there. That you're. Acutely aware of where you work just like a big open room. You better video are you a real oppose that and talk about a guy Taiwan that have been them just let people know it eventually revealed the C I think this lady I think is on the in the video views and just the idea that it's literally just the JC Penney with people that showed up in my. Rough stuff. But the thought mom was also a JC Penney this wasn't JC Penney what section of the sort of think this one's. I mean that's I mean I have no idea. About how weird is that we're literally give it to literally at a JC Penney. Okay at a time out a year year showed up. To a comic con that your kid is coming to read not there yet though. You figured all just come to an embed I'm guessing she didn't Keller KQ is going who maybe we similar to that though he was at first surprised you know. You're dressed up as steam punk I guess like this is just something mr. together. And the weirdest thing that you think you were passed is where in JC Penney are you right now that's the weirdest thing meal. That was weird there. That we have one final question for the last question what's your favorite episode Mac can do. Mac and I'm like yeah McEnroe. I don't even know what that is. It. The young guys we tried that we're Mac go again who were doing a great job with guerrilla marketing. Putting their posters on all the tables that frees base they were trying to add listeners I'm sure they did maybe this lady is now one home. But pretty gut. Well Mac didn't like. Mac in one act and act all right so we also had some other people trying to figure what the order we should we should do your looks go where news. A guy. That looked like eight. Full. Number him I've memorabilia. I remember him visibly. Ours are yours sort of got a hipster store is what it looked like from afar so we went up to them are. I am here with the for. It's obvious you're here cost informant. It's a broad. They I didn't. We we find out that he is a either he's a bit of a cause player he this is not new to him. You know he's he's Banda a few of these before and so he is fully embracing the role bus hit stirred the war. So broke it's hipster look hipster or. Clemson looks like that tool belts going on absolutely. We don't have a laid back door and other people she would. So yeah. We're also there's they're doing lessons or got him raffle like right next to us so you can hear that idiot in the background screaming about something and but yet we continue with the two Thor. Are you wrong. You have in a regular store right guys families. Dealing hipster low key around her. I'm working on and hopefully next I have packs have a good program for. They go yeah that these attacks we've missed him attacked and I love how people either actively looking for a mate. The cause plate meat yeah well. He's looking around he's like I need specific Lil low key again hipster thawra hipster low key now you're talking I just heard a tipster Thorpe you might not win a lot of contests but if you hit serve low key with you. They're an hour maybe that maybe added this weekend at that. I'm glad you brought that up because like at that time when you were interviewed him looking at them you can be a minute video to that like I didn't really get a like it was just big guy down with like. Long blond hair a hammer. And like a Beattie. Gonna meet but it didn't really get it yet the beard. Right you had a hipster locate with usually aren't out just makes cents. Yeah. Yeah now I know is. I wanna say lazy but. There's a little tool belt where you have to Mosley and go to Paris. So you do a lot of hipster characters that the play of the first steps or one I'm trying to recruit. Hipster look somewhat. Look at. Let's look at which would it completely made me a mover and hence the low kind. The guy. Hipster look company or just. Sugar food and ode to a whole crew equipment that's like whimsical it's like yeah. What other Acosta was have you used in the past. And I was. Captain Spaulding last weekend in that's one of our favorites house without the corpses doubles rejects. Out of scary though it'd clown that. I could have interviewed the clown know. And I'm terra con but then he and I do. Walter White. From my breaking. And Jenny Heineman the clusters. The basketball like you get it had to be ball but he replica long blond wig on. Yeah or out of people probably didn't even look at the people you name became the guy from a spot that commitment bit but the. The desert in an adult multiply it encounters balding and kept all you gotta be all or does he just haven't really convince and bald cap. You get. We act he might back to security possibly probably should've all the old guys there a minute episode is a go to ball kept got a book that got somebody who. He's still the go to C via a. Which one gets the the most response. Walter way. Ultimately. That the so what brought you ultimately this looked specifically here at the northeast coming. I'm raising money for the leukemia and homicide memories I've got some nice house plea counters that are exclusive. My company called zombie later. So there goes for good cause. Yes you're like I remember like watching you do it like an activist guy a hard time and another guy we give it to do work at a given in the business yeah the army of her liquor really do opinion of the public with a terrible people. All of today hopefully hopefully raise a lot of money that is a very good doesn't think banks are being here in Placer. But doesn't he was there and you're selling calendars. So there are available on for ten dollars and got a couple exclusive. Because countered just you know and enough encounters. Variety of national house players it was a two year calendar. Well I'm in won this one month what's that as a welterweight it is the it is not. Salt and actually a ticket that it is that is Walter weighs what the roller derby team responds. Roll orderly. Very rarely at a get a bit nobody that came from different that a lot happening here this. What's the best cause play. Cost him he'd ever seen so what do you think the answer would be the best cause play costume you've ever seen including this guy. Makes the rounds like he he himself is dress up with several different characters he is gone around to all these different places and seen. The best of the best how he's got a he's got a calendars promoting full of college players. Yeah like McCain. You would think he would say something completely up the wallet somebody would never think someone would cause yeah liquid and a select someone wearing a cap on helmet that actually works. That's not somebody that they've made from scratch you know anything. Right David what is it dragon in the could actually fly around the convention center. In really guards on his arm thing gummery get ready for something like that. Long time it's tough to. I saw a guy exam version breaking bad who has Walter White. Just regular Walter White walking within the briefcase in his and then it's. On here coming its. Walter blame ought to know who I. He does Walter White did not want to be talking about himself don't do what did you ever dumb guy walking through the ball. I Alter white. We all had a teacher who looks like Walter why it got the best the bloodletting that received it's like. So it's it's it's personal moment he does but this guide is done the better than him and he's a human as regular Walter White had a briefcase. Some dad block improve upon what is it looked like a members only jacket white new balance that wrote them you'd. They're girls they're girls Walter White that he thought it it makes it work here. He's he's fine he's out of he's not a part of both ice and now we're in a dollar a hollowed out JC Penney what section do you think this was. Com I would think that this would probably be the cry in the men's apparel apparel business. Debate you very much time together. So it does to his credit. Well I asked them he did he didn't match jobless or any questions he answered everything so you're going to love all the answers the negative. He didn't switch like there was no elect like you gonna be just like milk and where though. So hipster. So answer. Both go to. Let's go to the next guy here I interviewed accede to this guy came up to meet. We were they they have like a bunch of video games going on the video game contests. And so this guy. I guess had his own video game and he Sami with a microphone in the just wanted to promote it solid between you have to ask him anything he just popped up. Or items are leading up to approach him he approached us. Very alike. Like the slow like tap on the shoulder to let people like hey guys what's up just like basically spun you around. Yeah he's like are you doing interviews and in. An interview with a good I would love to intervene and my card mammoths. Let's interviews I have no idea where the skies and he's holding. Is like a tablet of some sort and he's like showing you like a demo of a game when news broke. Yeah I don't think it was working screen cracked Williams that it can't look. Incredibly. Washed. Yes he did it like he like he's leaguer but you missed any but he was like geared jolt coal law up all night kind of guy. Like you look like he'd crawled. That invented a and yet like Armey crawled accuses dirty does that anyway. I want to point at one point in the interview you have like a bunch of business cards any drop them on the ground and then he kept answered the question is so you like talking aviator like autism laid out on the floor try to pick up only. Such have a the microphone like go down the floor them on anyway here here's this guy at first ought to tell me your name end of the game you're working on. I'm anti Serb ethnic and I'm making device like this. So if dance concert that neck and he's been he's making the lights bright the lights fight but he also another game which is more interest they. Or adjustments that we got to get it needs to be making a light bright and we are thirty years past that. Time and tons of ethnic and making delights like this is an action platform as my beat him up on the rails. And it's going to be coming out on steam eventually right now. We're going to be releasing a demo in two weeks which you can find on non FaceBook page ten plus Sosa was FaceBook dot com slash. Tonight's lights. And you can also side. As the fifth met them back over other Billick hold on 12 or just continuing the interview like I'll get those later and we're moving we're just standing there. He's the trying to hammy business cards while he has his hands on like this. I patter some thing that he drops of cities like to fish at the questions that you listen to it you could see if you big bending over. Plus episodes it's FaceBook dot com slash. Tonight's light. And you can also sorry. You can also see you at the trailer that and June's channel. While some redneck and let big thing iTunes at that and tunes which. I think that I think that the idea was to put that our intro that now on that and June's. Check out NASDAQ dork that ambulance. Five the new channel on that and June's. Exam channel on YouTube. That base via the like and tunes. It's only doubling down on a tunes via the like and tunes. Logan good students. When what you to a final but analysts. And information and also an average game and making them a survival of the theaters. I each got a glazed over this. I don't care I don't care about your light bright I don't know about survival of defeat. Survival of the fetus is the game that he's where it sounds like this I got gathered. The first of the way he's talking about it it was like here's the team were working on like the new night bright. However might my. Personal project my passion project survival of the fetus it. It's a horse looks a student at some level the field. And information and also an average game on making. The survival of the theaters it's more controversial line survival of the. Beat us yet. Sure I didn't. Think I'd bet you give attitudes so maybe it's it's a little else but no he used them. Survival of the fetus yes but he has yet to survive nine months in the warmth and you've heard graphic it found its its must deal with Matsui but. You even altitude trailer on the convention center channel and time. It's on the attuned. The keynote and receivers so what's about it if it's gonna have a lot of I'm drunk cut scenes just like this story based game. What were you that we'll have like 200 something to five days to it. They basically each day is a level of its own who's so and there's going to be a lot of obstacles obviously it you know including abortion of course. Holy smokes but. Suck so the game. Is you're you're a fetus immunity to the each day is a level in my one of the obstacles as abortion yet keep a portion. You have to not be aborted. Literally pushed Brett. About abortion as a fetus. Where if you have any type of lake. Grasp on social cues Ehrlich social mores at what point in this game Buick you know what this is a good idea. I don't at what point do you like gap and this is gonna scale. You don't gonna sell is this fetus scared. And he didn't like the light breaks though I pretty good idea yeah. A moneymaker with this Goldenson. An idea. Yet it's it's a loss of every action packed game and you're gonna have to unlock a lot of abilities well while most of growing in size obviously every month you become slightly bigger and bigger and you know that's the plan yeah I've ever nice. So and so yeah I mean none you can check this out as well on the on the face to face the visceral about Venus and I. By the way it goes about green lit recently to become like a month ago come on steam so you have a really excited to do it. To bring this at some points you know. What's your favorite videogame of all time. So I'd move off from the fetus game what do you think this kid's favorite video game as of all time. Are going to be like I had to select super meat lawyers are some things. They became enemies. Crashed into coo of fun. My favorite video game is probably. That's probably. Sotomayor of our world. And now game. It's okay it's safe may admit he's like I can't be all. You know cutting edge you think of him that was a pump up the speed is game and he's also Beagle the safer as well. Go Super Mario world so there's the and that's about nick. Now. Good luck and good luck with your fetus game thank you very much and thank you Veronica. Glued luck. Good luck with your feet and gave good luck with your fetus game thank you very much. Tickle me it's okay you're gonna want cards there's the fetus I. We also had. Let's see who is the public the cute who. We're what we're isn't here he came up to us number. Don't you know very I want I want you to play a little bit into the have a little bit of a back story here is that it was. Fascinating to me. Well no I think I start out by asking a -- why he came in so I think both start with the first so basically I'm walking around the convention senator -- is it like a twenty dollar. Microphone Emma recorder like the bare bones like what you would seal summary in a really simulate a locker room. Now I am now conversely this young man started talking to meet first because he thought like we were together and I was like filming new yeah. I had I'm not kidding I had 15100 dollars a camera equipment we. Like my hand. And this guy was fascinated. We're York twenty dollar condenser microphone right. Like accurate word we get to match what the viking late February interviewing the viking lady. He was just like been around you'd like tried it yet meanwhile I have a KM quarter and a gamble. Well it's like walking around and have a all the camera strapped me he's equity. Is twenty dollar a little condenser Mike. Unbelievable you'll literally your camera looks like something from the from like the Jetsons I'm like holy crap and I'm fascinated by your your new camera. And he's he's excited about like crap. My bigger votes so he comes up to us and at that point all the while we just wanna get audio here so if this this kid seems interest thing Solis interview room. I'm here with Jensen is that correct yes Jensen and you approached right -- years on my coast on the podcast and use that you're fascinated with this device yes I am. But what fascinates you about the vice what is it recorder and a microphone. So you know I honestly thought at this point was I thought he was playing a character like no joke I thought he was a character from a show I was unfamiliar with The Who didn't know what technology was. Yet but I'm not kidding he was so earnest and just so Oprah has been in Mike. Needed to know where you got that there. I thought his message around their bodies like I thought is being kind of funny cells like are greatly you're interested in this like why. And I again he's wearing a shirt which cost about. And I I thought news from like again obscure authors with the away some show I'd never seen before but it does not to exceed what what fascinates you about the vice what is it recorder and a microphone has the microphone just easy to Gerri of how long quarry and in just. There are no complications. So I was pretty I mean it's like you're almost gonna sell to may have heard about it. No it's pretty news scoops some of the lead you just fascinated London. I got lucky almost we got a picture. Of the microphone so people can see like how it's made it work it doesn't Joba like hell on remarkable it is. And he did he immediately followed a sampler is birdies a very nice kid Tom and he was very used very excited about the microphones. No it's pretty news scoop to brighten up the com content on here at does slug conventions on the cost plays. Ended so it's really awesome size Islam on a comfortable forty dressed as well I'm I'm just as this is the logo my TV show hero and yet. So at this. While like okay. This guy is actually being genuine but he he's he says he's like part of the cause players and he's he's got a he's got a TVs. So apparently it's educational show we interview people on particular topic campaign and they connected to a comic bookish. Very cool where where can people see that blog on the website is WW. WD finding hero dot com Merkel who are there through. I am tired ideas on the senate did not it's good choices about their super villain. How cool it was that's like compared to match jobs who is mourning and clearly game but be prepared superior do you think about it is an Atlanta. Waiting for somebody. Hit it in the flea that's very. I mean this definitely the place that Villa. This is their super villain is. To face the the good answers well not yet if this now maybe thirty audiences and what's your favour count the movie. I have to say Dark Knight. So big that bounce and like I. They're great answers these like laughing about it and I was nervous I don't know I don't know but yet Dark Knight Iron Man two days goes on these are great you know none Novak it's no avail and yet did he did and yes. Dark Knight probably my favorite content with that regards the go through it in there as well the great answers you know looking towards the secular. Oh yeah there's just things that they. There's that he is who he pre portray himself debate. He sees it the real. He was. A org and there's the Mike joins us easy to Gerri of how long quarry and in just the on the complications. Could. Let's get the best part about last two which he did like the whole like head like I adopted the sky. Like bend back laughs yeah oh yeah yeah I love it all I remember you pick all your stomach to pick up. Up you know like a cartoon character illiquid but. Also you've been like what we thought he was bucket with a. If you look at it better he wasn't always like good guys is kids that we've ever met an entire lives. That they give Jenson positive you're listening yeah immediately follow us on Twitter to an assessor knows also very kind of him at torque podcast. Of than the last one day via an award of Woburn runner or close to an hour already. This is this was the lady this was the lady who. I wanted to take a picture with the she was having a costume malfunction it's not like that ballot Janet Jackson but she's having an issue with the the day in the it took like twenty minutes for us the funds get a quick picture whether. And then here I Helder spear for what Philly twenty minutes and then we circled back Ehrlich you know let's let's interview her. She at first wouldn't tell us who she was she's that she's just is like a viking goddess. And that ultimately she. I I take up though the microphone I try to explain or look what a podcast is and what we're doing so here's the interview with the with the bike only. What brought you out the come confident. I have an eighteen year old daughter it sincerely wanted to come up again that no sign of the eighteen year old daughter. No we every time we saw that as we saw her walking around read it lapsed they get to JC Penney where it incidences but it's not very big right every time. We walked around she was alone. Not want I mean Nicole time shoes would like other weird those but she was never once with anyone who you would consider an eighteen year old girl at any point. That would make you wanna dress up. I am like yeah. I'm using my imagination. And yeah. I think it's a lot of fun to Kenseth. But I agree and I feel out of place so she did. There's so many layers here I try to do the best I could interviewing her but there's there's this there's a side to her probably. Out imagine as somebody who's probably in her sixties right. She's probably in her sixties she likes to use your imagination and dress up. Only you can use your imagination as well. But here we are not dressing up but when you go on the describe to the listener into the thought is gonna podcast we can't see you describe describe what you're out that is it's it's very detailed ten. Well. I'm just as a Norse goddess and and I'm dressed as Scotty or Scotty. Did you catch a difference there at all. No there there is no different on the pronunciation our way of course and dressed as Scotty or Scottie. Scottie. I'm dressed as Scotty was god be with. OK it's fine. The goddess who in turn. And she is a huntress. Signed carrying a long boat industry yeah. And I have my. Tin man on. And a winter. Cape Wind in the wake. And. I am basically ready to go hunting in the mountains because that's where her home is and but it is also. Ready to go up. And tighten its Oden and as god because he killed my father it holy smokes and I wanted me. Somewhere group. Yeah so we again what's. Yes so I I actually had a after listening to this woman by the way this interview went on for. Ten minutes. Yeah I shorted foot for your buck. Yes yeah it went on for like ten minutes actually. Curtis David they've actually typed in Google Scotty lake at the OT TY yeah and that's what I thought keep that. Turned that it. Scott the SK ADIA. I'm dressed as Scotty Moore's got beat. Which it is believed that now I'd just give our city a prima referenced the name Scandinavia comes from her. Oh. Man. So it did actually pretty significant goddess but the back like she wanted to give us a history lesson on Norse mythology. Like we were just not. Just not interested at all against Tommy who you are you out in London next creep. But then it's weird though let me we that we interviewed a steam punk and Scotty. Ed Jensen the hipster Thor and the fetus guy. Well there are those our trip to northeast gobbled. Who called the tenth cut payment or something her. I needed satisfaction. I if you know what to say following now would you wanna we feel about four. So okay. It depends you mean the real far public store like four wracked Iraq you know. That's his last name I can't think of a last name. Of the significant new. And our pregnant I could Douglas and went about you mentioned you go hunting what what types of things would you hunt. She would bring down to here. She had help with weight rule Syria. I'm also representing in a more realistic way when the video games and night. That you don't believe that Chile's video games. Or rights Zoller and get ready for those that are of you heard thus it was him colts might. It. Yeah yeah so she's she's an announcement. Yeah and so she in that it's. Carnation have a pretty big intranet just yet. Not a talent and she would actually a little bit. I played with her white wolf. Conduct an end to. There is. There's some interesting things you can do that dad can't perhaps I would recommend. You hit where did you get the chain mail. So she's well she's clearly is huge chain mail thing underneath her like her inner Katie. It's a normal that she could be in the civil war. But I don't believe by the way I don't think chain mail. What they Norse thank. I doubted it yeah I doubt it but she simply to a lot of research. Yes. It. It's where did you get the chain mail yeah. Well look. Did you can't tell you I can tell you did pop off the record it's a very interesting and it's all riveted to. Com. Why would you not tell they were sure at the chain mail to secure mr. But I got to be honest to. I'm not the youngest person here why wouldn't say that I mean I'm sure there's a couple of little kids walking around now I mean it. It is aluminum home because they didn't wanna carry 25 pounds understandable. Iron steel Romney. Though this will not work in real battle. There's life. Why did you did you drive wearing matters if you change here I had some others I mean it's. It was just fun getting it over my head yeah. Hey you yeah and now has not been getting the black also my face. It was we've been out there. I'll let that outpost. The date of course already made up. What about and any other customs do you do you break out. Well. One of the reasons they have this I think 8 soldiers I am I breaking reenact there yet. What they viking reactor. You said civil war before note civil war reactors doesn't think that the bank who is biking re enactments. That's just it's just heard field just like yelling. It could be your screaming into one of those like horns. It's mostly about. So it wasn't big unknown creature except to go to the flights and via. The five inch heels. Are those comfortable. Yeah I actually yeah there's some way to get so bad he. The last question for what's your favorite episode of Mac and do. Go back. Go back to our bodies that backing do we ask them what we asked the steam punk lady so we asked the viking lady. Clinton last question for what's your favorite episode of Mac and do. Totally blank look. Mac and give its OK you did a time thank you and you're talking to someone his age and a dinner. Mother if you were maybe ten years old and. The other thing they do you do a very wide ranging audience do you look much younger than they're letting on our network of make them cover the make him like guard I don't know death. Yeah I have kind of put on more light and a little bit of blue. Look kind of Boston. Assortment thank you very much. I mean I don't wanna say Ryan you know I'm unhappily married but. I think I could maybe take her out of the day. If you look at rich Hewlett resistant strains there. That I on the other hand by the way welcome. Doubt when I was very dissident talking to people at epic on as it yeah I could not get rid of this lady sat and us. Isner of the reasons I just ate just. I'm dressed as Scotty Moore's got beat. Certainly a global yeah I was confused it was a very weird pronunciation first. Society or Scott yet built into their regular credit now. I'm ready to go up and fight him. It Oden and ask god because he killed my father. But not for not gonna method for though you know it oh yeah Oak Hill and. I'm dressed and so it's going to be Willis got me. A I need to set a section. McEnroe Mike I'm a Mac and do it I didn't even know what that is. So a tremendous. Thanks for of brawler who it we were able to interview Jensen hipster store fetus guy. Scotty or Scotty and the steam punk lady all of all very nice people we really appreciate them. For joining us on the on the podcast. Did you also took video of all of us. I did so much we can jump included a ticket the pod U whole whole armed. Hold on master of the pot. It. Because the. I was ready at one job man. Get one job I I assumed it was the pick of the pod but I wasn't sure and I need to I'd I was just playing some great audio I needed to switch a couple of bugs I'm back or backhoe. We're back now. This is what we're not like in the top ten and active and that's why we're like we're stuck in the dredges up like thirty or thirty. Yeah. You're you're not wrong yet but I like so my pick it apart as we give it a bit selfish one I started it. So what I did today actually started a YouTube channel. Or myself. I'm I'm an amateur pretty arbitrary and not because of them that since the days where. I would steal my father's camp quarter and bring it to school and Richard I would filmmakers film each other tormenting art art dorm mates yes and and high school I you know we were two very elite boarding school that is very proud about this conjure. Yet from their very proud of the two of us yes notable Holmes yes. So I would I started this this little YouTube channel director RR comic con video on that I will tweet a link to. Ahmanson the podcast goes out there on the you can watch it and hopefully subscribe to comment not that good stuff problem I'm planning on putting all budget stuff on there so. What are the lifestyle I blogs are out to news or on boxing or anything like that's so nice and yet -- so check that stuff. The EC has sagged organs growing an hour we're gonna YouTube present soon. So are multimedia and things are looking up so yeah that's gonna be the the pick of the podcasts are also that. I mentioned of the graphic novel the fate out a couple of weeks ago I finished that it's it's great. So out I'm leaving for Georgia. Reading during that. Bring that would view and of course once again thanks are for listening at least three different ways I know to listen in on iTunes never own channel also please. Subscribe rate in review it helps the podcasts and help other people fire on the podcast and most importantly of all. The people here WEEI could say you know what. We can support a non sports podcast so as long as we have some interest in it we can keep going. As long as possible and horror on Google play as well also people are asking about that we are on Google play. And WEEI dot com slash to work out a place that'll all be out to us once they get. Uploaded so law and the l.'s front are where were we find you on Twitter. I you probably are Bundy on Twitter which I'll be very active over the next couple days ago. Nice and then of course isn't a lot of time in airports the. Did he go. At dark podcasts as well as what emails store podcast at gmail.com. So that'll do it for this week in hash tag dork thanks for tournament. Mac can light up and ready to go up and fight here. Now with Oden and as god because he killed my father.

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