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The Real K&C - Setting the field for the 2017 media a-hole bracket 3-13-17

Mar 13, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis flush out the seeds and regions for the new edition of the 2nd annual K&C ‘Biggest Media A-Hole’ bracket coming up on Kirk & Callahan

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All right back anchoring the storm coverage here I'll anchor the storm coverage it's the march 13 edition of the real can't seek and layered Chris Curtis we got back in the eighth hole bracket last year we had the biggest a hole in Boston media bracket for selection Sunday yesterday. Just relax a little break down each region could give in the west I'm gonna do the Dayton games yet when they Scotland and 68 teams that they were when that happened once in 1973. What's that yes I'm forget I want to absorb sixteen B no wonder if it's four times in a brawl for I don't yes Purdue lost Louisiana Lafayette 1991 and. I wasn't here last year for the it'll bracket gloated. Fill me in as does the full details about started it was a smashing success so this is sort of a dark reminder of my final days oh this is the end this was the end. Any last thoughts anything any better now pathetic speech you just it's just wanna say thanks I read like Curtis. That we expect I hate him go away don't ever talk to me dancers. We're good word on C so my last day was April 1 last year in the final may have been able bracket was April 4 championship round. All of the biggest ass. Turn it ain't no going back through some of the sounds today I was reliving some of the reasons I was on here John was talking to Kirk about having Caroline Kolb and on. It's here that an option. It oh really John it's good looked like oh okay nobody cares ESPN in the fighter Jeff Goodman the hope bracket was our you know every show likes to do some sort of play on the the tournament we're trying to ultimately decide on the greatest athlete Boston sports history she Wear sheets of integrity. Of the witty do you go multiple sheets do you do the different pool I'd love doing that stuff goal X crazy as some different ideas he has funerals when the eggs Benedict are. Lucky charms. Well. As it is a close second but so large well his biggest fuel to edge its current commit. Series. And should see what will was actually pretty well balanced losses to bigger job we about 56000 votes each time for birdies in every day we have a match. Obvious and bright the final four we have charm. Biggest round of 6064. Right it is they'll sort of the same idea to use that road do you think it's good to bring it back to say it's not the wish to again you know why is holed the current crop of a mystic of this this is I think where they got frustrated united it for a spin on going here we DNC doubled the ice right now mental females that was flawed yes or are doing you wanna do that and Jerry was just talking to me he's all anyone it's the biggest drop like Terry's better but I've way to implement more shook things with the escrow account and drops so we have we can place huge drop we will vote with. Him. I. But I drop it occurs it's up in the middle of the spiritual element there so he's with me. Changed his mind like that. He's ready to do in the Georgia in the jab we could do Marcia I say we but yes I've I've thought he they did not like either of our ideas at all now. The worst show in new. Sixty worst show public radio's attorneys told Joseph. Won't jam Amber's the morning she from the board and you get hello Donald you're arrow shows. Do you think think think Michael push buttons if you want to cut it here they were shut down immediately and so we're gonna do this and I think we are. A fresh group if it was the same people prudent of the remembers betrays the Fauria is the whatever else we have involved this year I think to be stale but I like the idea of getting to take away. I that was in the finals Lester that's or relevant he's become that such a short period of time at ten lays out Tina is now. C thank you everybody thank you doing. I'm out could weaken you know we can put all the casting couch members on there I don't think there Kirk is gonna be clear cut number one. Favorite. Last year he's defending champ. Don't know. Yet does he have a contenders he never real I mean is there enough anti Shaughnessy I'm evoking the character class is there enough. Borges there's a lot of reroute them I would say Roemer will be the number one challenger and 119 was America's moral man volume. Yeah that's not a whole it's just. If you nailed it go because people view. Roemer as very many hand light and so yen into it's it's like okay well Lisa Linehan is you know a little bit more established in this Roemer punk. And he's trying to do the same stick I don't agree with that but that's how the view is every. So I think he would be invited guests are set odds for this obviously the favorite for the biggest hassle back to back years. Cynthia white at a terrible right on top. I don't know relevant to ask you maybe you should do the right not all women you're gonna go opt out on the cast. But the number one contender I would say is. Should be rephrase the like most deadly arsenal what Morse at an evil that's the that's the essence of the of the award. But Philly drill Republican again evils Libya and yes there Chris that the colts necklace and Ian Winifred Italy I don't know. Like trading might get some for being in Italy now you do rural. Even think she's astle. I think people understand interest in the spirit of the spirit. I mean because we'll have troubles most aid the most threatening your callers can be pretty duke should lecture face true. Mean it's I'm not listening view kind of self important got Roemer. We just went over it I mean you can go through the list I mean Fauria. Hallway most insufferable bracket would that be better. I mean Simpson I'd like I'd like Kirk's gonna win the whole bracket without any polish. At the spin it someway which puts these other. People who legitimately asking that bug you. From time it's if you rephrase that it would spin them to a better competition I just don't think insufferable as a simmering. Correct the NC. Double A holes that's the right time and NCAA holes have a sonic and I think it's a couple of holes like that Iran. NCAA hall it's an accurate I I think we stick with the terminology he's always sort of build up negative you know they get momentum they start rolling. I think it'll work there was some theory that we separate our round of sixteen for different categories alike we have the top four. Personalities on our station or. The top four able callers like a lot of love route from an old brick from boxed him grow while the techsters one out all of its available. But ultimately if for solid collars that you could put up there it goes. Game frequencies and that's. It's been pretty not to I didn't organic. Yeah I feel like we shouldn't put callers that never have the balls are. Actually appear in or show her infamous because why give them the attention of the American even have a decent it was pollen and beat downs and ready from Quincy is at the top of the list. I cannot stand the guy he's a phony he's a fraud socks no I don't hear. It I wanna just Albert and I agreed that. Now there's a lot of insight ESPN that I feel like we need to tap into in this tournament so that could give Kirk a reference money if we expand the field. To some ESP of people however amino acids for instance is not well known and that he was already shot down show. One of many things I had there were shut down through Maria and I agree with them on that that was to sort of meet spit balling is that he has the biggest able. Sound drop that's happened for real in Boston flight. It's got the record scratches is pretty again at the carrier ring if we could never play in Boston that's it. They would let's see I thought Nokia mobile money two goal lead guitar admiral body Levitt charred. Ago Max Kellerman I think a lot of it when your view him UB insufferable number one key is going to fall off cliffs rise but able definitely. You have and so Max Levitt toward Omani do you wanna do Janelle. Yet the herb our biggest push to be the gold standard racism the gold standard of races via blood. Well actually I say notional almost feel like public would be better there. You do and opted to. They talked about Luke I. Why you don't know what ESPN but he he's as big a name I collect Paul Williams and a whole. He's you know with the patriots who sort of I think people here viewed him as an I don't know if it. A money lead to target Kellerman who who's the fourth. We're should just be national reporters in general some meals that pops up yet naturally you can do Shannon Sharpe. A but up ample 48 years it's black. Do you rob Parker is he a brother or what's it called ball well. Rob Parker. And ESPN fox former. ESPN there's nobody outside of that there's a lot of people that are real personal opinions and steal it you don't wanna make an enemy out of me but I don't think he elects the global it'll. And yeah maybe you should just dude national. Heads the money of the art Keller and brought park. Be decent for. Corner bracket that is an abrupt Parker basically saying the number eighty sheets he's Lance Armstrong helmet probably won't want to be able Lance Armstrong put out a bicycle right. You have deliberate targeting. Make the lists long as he can about the anthems the white black with the receivers all that stuff away and the patriots have money with you know joking when he's. Right yeah Kellerman fall for clip from that area and that's pretty good. So we can do. Four heads we could do casting couch for trainee. Ouch relic. Roemer little oxman is out there and either Albert he could throw him on their. He was the cast and there were some mossy the more you say and the more you yell about it the more you just reinforce the stereotype to Muster is irrelevant. And at osu oh we care cancer but what was the last time. While people still hate because it's like right but they still hate about the future of the current able he's irrelevant while he's not a folly Alicia. Right we've rekindled the yes but I feel like. I put el nuevo for a put some loss at an act. You ought wireless for bill stance able well I think for you should be. Based on the holly. Cilic we've got to get Florie some. And I like it comes to handle that part of this disease hates it so much I. All he hates being considered. So maybe that's the duty I've bracket with Fauria Gail Kirk. And jeer yeah Matt and that's your big four. Remarks. But he also orderly. Moving toward Rory will move. Apparel and other you would vote. Looney cute little statements those guys artists and it and it's an interesting dynamic ripped them. Reevaluate that in which it is the federal lose so wearing on the air over the GRE things still stands the most bizarre things I've ever experienced and again this feigned outrage that's like that stake much. It picked dropping a saying walked on the radio. I used for effect. That's silly is that didn't get that button for me be fired. He went fired I'd eat it. You knows it rolls on here the ship sails allow weapons ship sale items are wrong why the so if it's Jerry Kirk for you dale I think that's a solid on. That's up possibly a second round Fauria minute hand that's right we've got to bow money Leavitt hard Kellerman Parker do we want ago casting. Do we we wanna do training Alex rally I treaty Alex is a good match. I tried he knows he listens to the show that's Torre Alex relic. Albert mr. Ehrlich and Albert is our kind of of the wack pack meant to prepare does not then what's our last force. Shaughnessy we could do sort of a the old department guys EO guardian to a Felix Shaughnessy should be on their masters should be no no no now Felger. Felger nationalist Ian who. Opened Borges belongs no no I mean he's another guy and it's just kinda. Been there done that he hasn't done anything to be a whole way. For workers are able. Mean other names that were thrown out today show wilder wilder and wilder are active people all over that story. And public. With the governing Shaughnessy. Promising man is the direct you to the already felt counterpoint. Italy this mess. The voters doesn't really having. Able to issues you to sort of root for the Bruins despite the with the. But yeah. Yeah. And so that it Shaughnessy men as could you put public and wilder in that scandal weird connection this would do it. You got to put Gerry and there just kind of mix it up to do Jerry is the old guard was Shaughnessy and asked the food we blister with Nokia. That's tough he could throw trainee over there against that Rasheed Wallace. The weekend show. We're missing anybody Boston old guard or Boston print the news. The Herald doesn't have anybody Chad in his stated that mostly by Russia. Horrible company donated a one million occurred at. Yeah I don't know four as old guard aspirin doesn't write anything it's. He's a whole this is to Kirk's point as the part problem with the state of the million out of the wilder America's footballers people. Well for what while there in a Felix he should be in the show recorder with the money tartan element yeah she fruitful approach in there ball money. Leavitt hard. Kellerman bounce rob Parker I guess. What do you think balance Parker is Kellerman is probably deeper. Thinks it's so recently the treaty eight Tom Brady is going to be a bomb in short order a link you win. A mood when people really hit rob Parker. I would keep that the way it is I would mess with the ice they put. Is stuff filling the EI brackets pretty strong. I would keep the bracket the way it is that's good I would keep the casting couch the Wii is let's move trainee anywhere. I would keep the Talking Heads the wait is that we can just say the and the writer is Charlotte's a writer she's not a talking head. Man does is mess is a writer. Weenie. Pony as a proxy. The right it. It's the print. The portrait public does writing more for anybody's been deployed let's look at that is actually while on tomorrow. Public wilder shot as we look at. It's not that. Are some Greek this'll be shut down tomorrow ceremonies now the second annual Kirk and Callahan WEEI able bracket. There's actually the first annual curtain. Correct so we just disregard last year caustic. Whatever we stable wanna corrects what suspect with second annual second annual Kirk Italian WEEI able bracket featuring. Sixteen seats. In four different regions or pots as you will gain an in your four seeds would be. You've got you WEEI personality bracket with top seed curtain and and you've got Christian Fauria not a violent person. You've got Dale Arnold he's a whiny bitch and you get your account be ready for asks that's that's a fascinating Breck fasten I have a secret and that's a fascinating bracket. On how to we seed the hands once illegal. Jerry's too. Jerry Obey the Tutsis. Dale Fauria who's who's the four days the three seed then. Bills before CB takes on his radio the radio in the nice guy persona dropped the Mike says Kennedy Kirk V Gail. First round match will be Gerri before the first round match like that. OK that's one region that we go to the Talking Heads category. We get money Jones. I 99 on an. We get in Levitt start work on and lost again Max Kellerman Tom Brady is just about done. We've got robbed market column black well what he's not really like the god why outweigh whose topsy. Scoble money Jones. For recent the recent being anxious parole I feel like led it's hard. As deeper ties Sheila should be one like stupid argue. I'll defer to outlets fine and I'm not scholar and Leavitt towards the one seed. The money to meet to Parker three Parker three element four element so you went artillery round one. Money Jones the rob Parker also round one. Yeah we've got the casting. I love casting couch on casting couch crying treading on that yeah. We re earn eight to twelve inches is going to come we've got to relic that complex. We got out from. Passes in the year dreamers the ones. You think. I sit with the favored an outward I think he's the favorite behind many end of the when missile that there is a narrative away. Real rural one I think Alberts to Albert to. I would say trees the last years which relics surreal feeling keys it's been so you guys. Remember train in the first metabolic. Yes you'd have Albert drove a track record black pack oh. OK and then the print media bracket finish out. I would think Shaughnessy by just veteran presence will be number one seed but I hate Jews it's right. Mess to emitted generally pissed off mood. Public three. Charlotte louder for. There's one woman in the wool snowflake. Creeps in as the number foresee like Selena Charlotte a lot of V show on scene in round one import publicly Tony at this of that group sixty. Guess threw a couple days couple segments of favorites obviously Kirk let guitar shot a scene. And Alex Roemer who's the top overall sees carpet and who's the second overall seed Shaughnessy separate I'd like to have it be where we can have many hand take on man policy also limiting him bracket takes on the print bracket. Print bracket and once side in the yen brightly. I'm saying. To me as a two seat. Rugs and whatever that active public about that that record please the in the finals pots though in the sector alone next. Casting couch v.s tighten it. All right so it will be written so we done tilts it corrected tomorrow. On the Tuesday snow edition broke out of the south at 606 this entire thing will change and Malia is podcast will disappear as Hillary kept today's show. I don't know the there were any one shining moment examples of the stood by choked. You know I thought I had a lot of had to agree answer about how BCA athletics can improve yes she and I had a pretty solid today but people are still talking about about grow up blow in the automobile pakistanis trying to workers not so said the browns making a move here it's not properly bring in a quarterback reducing its over now. No I would say it's over let's say it's less likely keys to sleaze quarterback what do by Belichick isn't talking a trade because he said to Don you have a clean slate go out parents ship sale items are wrong why go out and move around and shut up that. You know it might Celtics can retire again just wedged it in again for the second show no new ideas and mystic of that old ideas. US news release that articulated quite low since the story in my life and I. It's good radio right don't put that little rushed to and from the other room and it was liquors like by the way into law. Quick aside yes 'cause I was rolling in sound from the belly Arnold Jerry Horton best athlete. Bracket from last year now as he'd actually had sixty Oprah could. Six or our systems and oh in well over twelve soon wicca has great anyways sort of rolling and some of them like Michael Curtis at this. I. For all my diet outlined. So that was related my drop idea but that and but anyway we got through. And tomorrow training has already confirmed she's got a snowshoes ready and it should be here tomorrow morning cool. And we will have during Kirk alongside him will be keeping you warm in the sponsor or can't steal she feels going toe to toe with three. Treasury emerge any imminent relic against the Albert yeah okay. C markers. Looking forward to a issues at all ticker this moves twenty miles to the west and you and everyone you know our dead.

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