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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 16: Clay Buchholz

Mar 12, 2017|

Rob Bradford catches up with Clay Buchholz to discuss the former Red Sox pitcher's new lot in life with the Phillies, while reflecting on his up and down tenure in Boston. Philadelphia general manager Matt Klentak also joins the podcast to discuss his team's pursuit of Buchholz.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. So December 20 rolls around. And we get the news click buckles has been traded. To the Philadelphia Phillies from the Boston Red Sox and we did all we did you now as we do view articles. We did the podcast. Amid spring training game in we did another podcast with the guy who. Block Colton traders for minor league infielder Josh to bias on this or blown out. And it's quite vocal qualities of training but the one guy that we hadn't talked to was buckled oh. So what do the Clearwater to try to find bock cold and sort of gave his side of how things were going in how the whole thing checked out and wide and clear water also get a chance to talk the Phillies GM the guy. Who actually traded. For Markel Matt went to act and clicked right. Explain a little bit about how this whole thing Schick out in Mosul. How the Red Sox identify the guy they got four uncles went quickly buckles. On your radar in terms of actually try to acquired. So we actually. Toyed with the idea last July you guys will remember he wasn't. For the first half Lester it was thrown great. So we did we look at it as chances. Particularly if we treated Alex in which we did not particularly retreated to here clay into our mixes as a veteran. And to just watch him in and work with him over the final couple once the year to see if if it would be worth picking up the option. That tree never came together that we continue to watch over the second happened and as you guys again well though he made a lot of adjustments. It's inclusive that the stretch and thrown slightly different mix of pitches and work and opens on little McMoran. And it and it worked he was obviously a lot better in the second half so. We are tracked and that to see if Boston would exercise the option did. And we can and often on conversations with these. You know all pulled the trigger and December but. You know we're hopeful and and you know. Cautiously optimistic that some of those adjustments claim made last year made in May hold this year and hopefully this year. I was at the pleasure of actually having along currencies with the guy you traded for buckled justify its. Is it actually you pretty fascinating guy. He wants a black hole actually is an illusion because you know that's their strategy is to make stuff and time to tell makes up his. Times relative. But you know there was that more of element of the biases of minor leaguer. Who's someone who work in progress but there was also that the financial aspect of you guys picked up the tired you buckle contract. Yet and that and and you know it was Dave's Dave's good at what he does which is. The reason he's been he's been as successful as he has for so long but you know he he knew what he was looking for. And obviously both in terms of the type of the player of the type of player he is looking for return but also it. Don't think unload some of the money so. You know once we. Once we got suit you know within the within the red zone room to put that yielded to that pretty quickly but. But it did is pretty good to work with I'm sure you've heard that from others but he's he's pretty straightforward and you know when it's time to make a deal that makes it. Then there was the conversation with the buckled and self and what he thought about the whole deal. Did you expect the trade. What he thought about the trade of what he thought about his time in Boston what was the toughest time for him. As a member of the Red Sox. Is about. Fifteen good minutes. With a guy who a lot of people wrote. A pretty wild roller coaster with for the last ten years card or in Clearwater so there's no better person to touch base with them Clay Buchholz who. We've touched base with many a time but I've never touched base with clay buckles like he's wearing number 21 Phillies uniform. Sitting in philly's club house. Wearing Phillies red. It it is a little bit strange city you in this setting. Yeah you know it at the took Doubleday is used to vote you know. All in all. Like a said 100 times I didn't understand the business side of of baseball and there's a business move in. I think it. It's actually. Allow me to step back and take a deep breath and actually look at look at the situation border is not. You know new club new new fresh start another chapter and what reports are on a pretty pretty excited about know what this team can can do then hopefully much stays ultimately doesn't want to. Where their own home could be the moment it hit home where daylight obviously. You know you you get traded and that's one thing we talked about that. Well when you're like holy crap. I'm wearing a different uniform women different club by the was there a moment where realize this is this is a whole new chapter. I was probably first they don't often hear you know my new faces. Learn a lot of names that you remember all over again and you know fortunately I'm. I'm done been around for long enough to know to know how much people in the club house from just. Planning consumer point with them you know the NATO you know I've known doc called the so there's there's it's not a completely. New seeing that new uniforms all different kind of set a fresh start for me I was able. Take a deep breath and. You know the sense of complacency being in the same place for for an extended period time. You know everybody remembers you for. We're you know for me lately type scenario and that's you know like a sort of overnight on knocking start over here in him. And get off to a good start and have to worry about really anything from. Years in the past or what's gonna happen in the future just go day by day and hits Muppets and that's you know that's that's that's what makes this whole game exciting. All lots of things so we Hedo you went through a lot in Boston a lot of give a lot of bad. And and you trying to make the best of that you try to do we use in an outgrowth of being the live in and struggling and all kinds of different stuff and now you can't get years of sort of you take a step back like take a deep breath and why. I don't have to ride that roller coaster anymore. Right now I mean that's. That's one thing that I've always said about about plan and Finley playing for balls and put my uniform on his. Their own when the teams do it and you're doing good it's the best place ever being. The amount of respect that you Gifford just weren't a Red Sox Jersey and new England's it's. You know it's it's it's a giant leap for a lot of people put. How's fortunate enough to do your own they're firm for a long time and we around the boards are great players got to learn a lot from from a lot of guys inaugural watching play the game. And that's. You know sort of I want to write a book later Mo are our product pure it. Edited it and in the because again we forget. How long we'll forget by you weren't with a Red Sox for a long time and and in that period I think from 2007. Until. Last year mean memorial that that can be like holy crap. That waste a lot of (%expletive) happens then. Really really really good you know. And it's. Easier said than done sometimes. To look at it and and say you know. You know the bad the bad things weren't nearly as bad as sometimes it was made up to be. What what was the world coming to work lowest point for you can buy the worst time. Because he said do you have some highs and yes most of what was the for you the worst. I'm my first. Start coming our camp in 2008 you know. Had. Charles fried the highest point. And a career that you could and you could have come as a rookie. Did some pretty special things got to be a part of World Series in my first year and then. Came in the camp didn't throw well in 2000 in spring training but still maybe team out of Hampton. You know I got an out double A and in the middle a season high and that was I was shell shocked for for me it was. There was only two days ago about either you know suck it up swallow your pride get better or do you console about it and an off color came back from Latin that I make me a better person or player and that's. It's one of the reasons won't won't do it Stoner today as I know that. The bad times. Don't necessarily define you as a as a player person you gotta you gotta learn from woman thought god they're pretty good job of that for most Parton. It's you know it's it's it's tough to stroke away our game you've never struggled ever in your life and that was. That was the shell shocked rather that's the first on our struggles in the big leagues and it's hard it's hard to come back and then found a way to do it and you know. Permanent that prepared because honestly like I can pick other spots you including last year Brees struggled and and and you came out of it. So I guess what you're saying is it that sort of helped you for these other. Bumps in Europe. Absolutely you know. Well got the whale looked at last year was you know Armstrong won I'm still making good pitches sometimes and it still didn't hit there's nothing. There's nothing I knew about except try to get better and watched video talked to people talk to the coaches what the staff help me in the ways of nerves that there are getting paid to help finance. Pass or not sort of soft rock took it. You look at you view on a lot of bodies who went through there Lackey Beckett. It's a bunch of other guys. Do you look at how Boston was now key take a look back and and say either. Noam N nine I missed in Boston's a great place to play like Nick Punto said from seven attend is no better place to play. But that the it fair or unfair challenging. War. Just just a different place and you look back it sort of what they went through enough that you around about how do you see playing in hot now. You know I mean it. I was blessed to get the opportunity to do it a new. I thought I knew going into a hell horror. The game was but you know and it'll it's it's a really humbling humbling game a little harder in Boston rears we I mean if you can blame also up I think you can pretty much anywhere balls in New York you know that. That's where there is magnified. Aren't quite a bit and it's just part that's that's part of the game that's part of the reason why people play the game he's you're gonna struggle and that no one was distraught but when strolls comes home and tell you take and how you learn from it. And let's that's the cool thing about. You can be an all around and be on the group of guys and I'm around now it's I got it got a young a young crew guys here and the clock to help in anyway from my success and pass from failures and pastor talking. Try to reach a little bit about how to how to take Denton and want to look for and what not to look for and go from there like that's that's that's one here and it's controlled it's remote for the shoot. Where you surprised that you last in Boston as long as he did because like Theo use. We go back that you Tyrod 2008 trade rumors have been there is. The clay buckles trade rumors every year for the especially last couple years you have this Seattle situation wait Motley don't know. It's going to be you were him and then that obviously comes last year. You take a look back I were you surprised that you view actually ended up as long as he did there. The FBI actually I really am it's. You know that I think for the most part whenever the trade rumors were coming up it's one. There was a point there appointment sooner than Al struggling and I feel like people browse around for an extended period time it took the staff that was there for. My whole career at like a thing I think they know how we're talking do whenever I'm Gooden and if you're gonna training under combat on the you're gonna get you're not gonna get what you what you need to get back from that and that's southern us what took you took awhile with his. Ups and downs were a pretty dramatic and but like a sudden it. There's always a point I'm here in every season that Margo Iran and that's you know felt like that was the case last year's second half of the season. Made a couple of adjustments and none. You know made it made it work didn't didn't end up where we wanted to be but you know still managed to live well still want the American League east and you know it's and let somebody several. They pick up your option do you feel like either did you feel like. Thank you penetrated or do you feel like I'm the pig in my options I'm going to be part of this rotation. Like arbitrary and like I mean Paula it was there was a long time coming. I knew the days when they sign up for sale like on it and how strong the odd man out not just the scenario that that popped up and and you thought you might be in that field. I mean I thought that that that was gonna happen and ago somewhere involving inaugurated and you know that that wasn't the case but. You know come to a place like like this place it's. She's been really good the past than. Lot of people think that listings rebuilding books. From become and looking from now on perspective there's there's a lot of good talent here and been on. Teams that aren't as talented as this team that we do and we did pretty good you know so that's that's that's what I'm looking. What now has. Opportunity to to prove a lot of people wrong and that's what. The veteran people in in this clubhouse it's obvious we're trying to instill in them and everybody by listening right now. This is so so when the sale deals made. You remain in good read this seven starters you say how many Trent what was that time period like between when you're actually traded you. I don't really think a whole lot about it there was. You know and this was what it was. As I mean that's that's the business side of baseball and her team. Like them also Red Sox they're they're gonna try to put the best people filled every day to win and that's that's what they did you know I was I was odd man out and stalking of the guys out there today like god. I understand the whole scenario and then why when down Howard down and long appreciate everything that an organization that for me that maybe they gave me shots play in the big leagues and you know sometimes a make most of us on Congo didn't even. Just the best thing a couple scenarios that I am I'm still here. That's a good spot man it's it's like you know listen I know that we can't talk about contracts and free agency in future but. To me this is this is a good spot for you and is on you feel good and you thought you said you fix some stuff over last year in. National League Philadelphia Phillies. Right in the middle rotation. To goods could situation for your career. Yeah absolutely you know let's. This game this game that's what you said earlier it's it's a humbling humbling game and I'm fortunate to be revealed to be a part of any team regardless of where I'm mad it's. Didn't politically Jersey every day go out there and do battle with it would new teammates it's. I think I think everybody has a has pretty much same perspective on on playing baseball and and didn't do we do for a living and you know the west of departed us. It's good to see these guys these guys so I mean listen there's another sort of milestone. Let's look across the field and see the bust of the Sonics yes yeah you know. There's there's a lot of our guys are there those wells around for a long time they bring anyone here that you played thing and it devalued how these troops to Clearwater. Miles I mean god I got I got these two only guys that. That I was really close with and that's you know. It's been a long time since its. I haven't been the same clubhouse is known him coaching staff you know it's the and its its policy is. It's it's a different different view from another Southfield. That not many people get took you to win so I'm fortunate. Plus question thanks for taking up this much time the we view one of things when they Chris Sale comes and recess all the time and you nobody knows both playing Boston more than you know. So what advice would you give a guy like that and I get it you know at least he's his own guy or whoever you re Chris whoever is a guy a new guy coming in the Boston. What advice would you give because Iowa said you don't know how a guy is going to handle boss until you face adversity. Mean you face adversity came out from face adversity Marcelo is a guy who did that. What advice would you give to anybody who is coming to Boston to. First. I mean obviously. The guys that we're talking modern guys that are established and they know there's doom but on the flip side of you don't. You'll you'll know you don't know how it fills. To be a situation to a situation arises and this. Beat the you're your own player and coach yourself and know that the hard times are gonna come and tell you come out the hard times and I think and by others pretty mentally stable enough to to do they gotta do they get great ballclub and great guys and I. And it's a lot easier whenever the team. Is a family like like that team is over there and that's when you can pick each other up from from bad times and have a good times and everybody comes together that's that's what makes this game so great is that everybody can come together on a little simple simple plug basis and it's. It's it's it's pretty experience. Well by some marches Pizarro today here right now are going to be armistice seats been through this uniform but that is to catch a weaponry Klan good luck this offers a look like him.

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