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Gus Quattlebaum, Red Sox Vice President of Professional Scouting

Mar 11, 2017|

Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford are joined by Gus Quattlebaum, VP of Professional Scouting for the Red Sox. Gus talks about some of the things his job entails and baseball overall.

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So it will bother the senate that before arriving here its isolated. We welcome the Red Sox director throws got a cast on a bomb they state native. To our microphones castrate this deal with. You're responsible for a lot of these guys that that we see at this stage of the game and of course the starter Kyle Kendrick who was very person. It. Or avenue tonight guys that Carlos. Guy we're excited it's hard on this this winter so. Had a good arm tonight. So Dave said this amused at this in the past. Is difficult getting guys to sign here because the rosters. Proceed to be so loaded guy like Kyle Kendrick what made him sign years here estimates. What we have strong relationship with his represented represented about John Barnes and map marks. And we thought that we saw something with our scouts our analytics department where. I O'Connell lost his way. While with Colorado within a time we thought if we could changes that mex get him back to where it was mechanically. That means might have been on tap so that starter that are and so. Automatics mr. ball water right clarity used double a labs that are blocked. He swings and misses it raking it so what you watch him tonight what's the difference between the count Kendrick we saw it right now maybe. To the guy who had problems the last couple years. Why think it. Last couple years. Which connects wise. Barry takes a high fastball inside he leaned heavily tried to go to become more or forcing guys getting more extension with the delivery where we are it would behoove them. Turco more to the two seam sinker slider guys induce ground balls with lesser extent. There's 21 pitch in the swinging strike. Another important ingredient to this whole equation was the fact that you had some cuts and shoulder issues the last couple years and we thought. You know our medical staff has done a great job of keeping both pitchers and position players on the field. We ran this by them as well and they thought they could really help him out with her shoulder programs. So all things are added up. Mass while missing inside Allen Craig is not first base. Raphael devers at third. And you dark we talked a lot about these guys around here now sixth seventh eighth inning spring training guys you're responsible you're basically. The godfather bringing these guys and it's a little bit of a strong statement well. It's a collective effort like this several seek the input from our medical staff. Will seek input from our managers in the minor leagues and see these guys when they compete against them. We seek input from our scouts the analytical department so are we try to put it altogether and if we have. Multiple lights on these players were we try to pursue them while Tony QB some credit him and suits were built into abused myself ski. But throughout the spring training and it is used to do this guy that's an example of it. So skis were really excited Steve where abouts he's a guy that came highly recommended from our scouts and our analytics department. I sketch fight. Allen Craig get out there through it made our past our with a lot of five ground to grab the top ball hit by clarity for the first out I he's been the start I mean. Mean listen start campus strong. He's been very very impressive in. Is always one guy in this year's Steve cells beat last year right Lamar right Lamar is a guy who got a Major League deal after you guys that won my league deal last. No doubt and and Steve is one minute he brings versatility defensively. We think he can eat up left handed pitcher and when called upon. We're also helps the fact that he has options and sort if we after we can send him down to Pawtucket and keep from you getting his regular wraps. On a daily basis here is Jordan procession in the catcher. Behind the plate now their catcher rob being different she's going Pena Tony's son takes a called strike. Frankie grounded doubt it was 643 double play last time after we beat a fly ball with a laugh. This exhausted Maddux on the mile. Right hander was big and strong and this is inside there what he tells about Maddux. We signed Maddux out of University of Florida prize former catcher. And so we love the athleticism when we first some news big strike thrower big arm. I've dealt with some adversity off the field the last few years. Mr. Pena swinging and missing an inside delivery and really bounced back nicely really proud of this kid how he's. I'm thrown some resiliency in. Of we decreased. We found his Mets I. A lot of University of Florida guys. Brian Johnson Mavericks. Him Tivo. It goes the second baseman but gives the right fielder that Brentson makes the catch for you know those episodes ago just doses that he's now an analyst at the brat votes show podcast. But it I went in search of the most interesting person in camp and I found him it justifies. Which is the guy who was traded for Clay Buchholz discussed how an enormous. Say in acquiring. And it point by Josh devices infield Miley infield with University of Florida. And he was a fascinating guy eve I don't know if you if you listen to podcast. To see it I don't okay. It was I tell you what after taco if you listen to what you learned even more than the Red Sox organization rideau. For we will rock you bring it out there that. I've read UFO's. And life on Mars the works you traded for good one and though in the part of his makeup. Is that standard prices struck out. Well I'm swinging left to embarrass the power. It takes a little bit low for a ball over it it's been seriously when it comes through. The guy who was rated for clay buckles tells a little bit about just about the guy who's very clear. Well this is the guy that we like to as an amateur player he learned how to switch hit late in his career so we thought there was even mourn his the thing that stood out offs. Paul walked him. How far caught by Greg had a battle the whip but he made it nice catch. The thing that stood out with Josh who seems always on time at the plate from both sides of the plate so we thought that sounds really stood out. He's sneaky athletic while it's sort of stalked him and figure. So watch it drinker. Alex stretched I'm here at Fort Myers four on the Red Sox have a shot WB average Sox radio network. Right hander Brad rocked and or feel better about the body. But tech games out of the bullpen last year. With a two wolf by the array delivers to Raphael devers who takes a called strike. It was one of the top prospects in the system. Warning Red Sox on top. Here at the last December at. They're receiving and route which is spot Josh who's one for two and a body bought top the first face David Washington has it. And steps on the back for the out there we've heard a lot of spot devers is he progressing as you would hope was a twenty year old. Absolutely we know last year was. The huge growth year for Rafael in that he scuffled first half down in Salem but the that you defense continued to improve. So it's a sort of a credit to the make up some work ethic. And then once the second half game better weather. And the offense came Rhodes stood out so we're excited to see what you can do or what. Now brats who struck out looking gain ground that it it was 643 double play. A teacher or call strike now they've jerked the vehicle approached got to get admitted director last year. What are your prime duties. Must now what's the season starts. Once the season starts we we just keep an eye on. The entire league basically in all the farm systems for all the other clubs we keep an eye on our system. Who should get promoted. Just try to think one step ahead of Dave Dombrowski gonna help him prepare for any moves that we need to make sure our roster. Bob a lot of travel. It does for our scouts. On my travel scale back a little but I see our entire farm system. But our scouts are traveling on a daily basis their listen to you guys just to the straw that stirs it corrects you have to travel as much. Primary up points just if that dropped significantly. To watch pitches swinging strike which of course it sure is appreciated at home he gets a little woods. Yep I would I would say though the night games at Fenway can be long nights you guys limits you know that. Twins right yes identical twin daughters and a ten year old daughter all the they've now the twins pottery. Is that due to pitch and a ground ball bounced foul outside third. You know we look at some of the guys are in the game now on one guy we talked about Ryan Lamar last year Redick Goodyear Pataki. In the get a Major League deal he'd lose focus Havoc is a guy who's been around a little bit draft one spot after Salisbury. And you guys need depth at the triple A level it is in the outfield also talk a little bit about what you would do you do lake is another guy who adds depth. Not just up but we print bogus which is case reluctant for a left handed bat. On a play by rents we liked what we saw out of him in 2015. He made some money over Japan last year had a tough year didn't take the culture over there. Ruben Amaro obviously has some history welcome our scouts of like them we thought we could. Take advantage of his experience left handed bat athletic versatile defender. A society. Rock delivers to know what branch takes a little all they have a new Sharks depth to with a veteran point yanish. Over for flyer. Then junior lake skates. He's the kind of guy you sit there for five days triple a Buffalo last year his tools standout. That is jump out there hasn't been the most consistent performers. Pay off catch playing your Davis hit a breaking ball Doughty goes. Whenever you can get those tools and get some right handed power. Him a chance to play in part soccer fan way we're gonna take that. High right you watch him on the back field and usually when they sign Adam Jones that if you really he's a little taller version of same sort of body type is Adam Jones yet. Longer wingspan probably but if there's big power in there and he really does what he can and it picked my Adam Jones and now you're not a sit out routed etc. that's just it took part I think it's just that. Rod Guerrero pop dissect it and walked stole second try to score in the throw it to center field was got that out of the play ball one. Is there anybody else in terms of guys that you brought in a minor league deals you. Who maybe have it exceeded your expectations so far. I think everyone sort of match what we are expecting it's still early it's march 10. I've all right Satterfield and throw goes the right fielder. He treated make the catch that retires the side of it with gas just the ball when after Sam import the Red Sox of the Shaw's WER Red Sox radio network. Or having Red Sox leading the Orioles. Doc can check where Weatherly about speeding up the game of it. Working. In the eighth inning. Over two hours and is in new pitcher Jamie tally at for the reds aren't Maddux had a 1237. Inning. We're having Boston is gentry the that are out the other steps in former ranger Oakland athletic break gentry. Visiting with as president of pro scouting the Red Sox. Passed on a bomb. They skater and over. Summers on the K. That's actual life who would and overdone some. Those Summers on the keeper significantly shorter and if a woman's role. All strike again outstanding player at Davidson right. Not sure it was outstanding but it did played Davidson. It beyond its depth hurts the most noteworthy. It's there. And don't forget Pete used the baseball coach it off. Honestly. Here's the all why they had a body volley weekly you follow the third base now what about JB Callahan details about Jamie. Cheney's former if you school prospects that we've that's. We were able to sign Adams the state of South Carolina who was met. University of South Carolina most of boasted to commit to college they sign and universities. Were locked you. Signed him as the school's senior. And the pitch hit semi they can't gentry did have a handle their wrists. And he gets up right away has now they're always holding that left wrist or hand gingerly. And it sounded bad trainer coming out along with Buck Showalter. Try to run I went inside. Has he developed cal land that is has he developed like you thought you money he hasn't and last year I think what really helped separate them from his peers was the development of the slider. And he really talked about especially in the Arizona Fall League. Out in Arizona. And so the combination of big below mid ninety's. Now about slider and then the introduction of a split finger. He's had some success against right handers and left handers. We talk about big below game. And in the last two years you were used to be the amateur. This is an amateur scouting director. Have you seen it more of emphasis on getting high velocity guys particularly the bullpen. Or is it just go out gifted pitchers we we try to find guys who throw strikes work and the count most importantly have deception. And your code Jesus prime example he's not someone who lights the greater down but he always had deception and he's a strike or put hitters on the defensive. So no objection is OK after meeting with a trainer of the manager at the first pitch he's in there for call strike. One guy they were time on the break who. Recognizable a lot of baseball it's Carlos Quinton. These guys signed two time all star I believe in not Major League camped on the back fields here what he tells about them. So Carlos. Joey record takes a strike and I fastball wanna Juan Carlos actually reached out tops and and voiced interest and giving him one more sharp he lost forty pounds. Never felt better and so we decide to work mountain Southern California where things just worked out but we're impressed by the bat late but he was throwing. They have the right his picks taken high fastball missing they have it is second baseman there at six did did your Lopez up from moderate camp. Junior lake school we just discussed is in right field. Just Carlos wanted just to get some wraps and said look coming to basically campus not what I need I need regular bouts and its effect people saw so. We decide given a shot. Stamp program that went to a low. Always let the world's getting hit by pitches and he crowds the plate extremely articulate guys. Well respected in the game. You understand what this boundaries he wants to give us a sharp but he wants to do with the right way so how how is the progress. And here he's gonna get his work in the backfield. As you beast and street track I mean we don't know what exactly is gonna transpire how he's gonna do but. Is he going to be very very patient. That that's my impression and that's how he. Sort of invade the message to odds. When boards and interest in joining the Red Sox organization so we don't really have a set plan right now I tell you why you guys have a lot of former first round picks. Back in it whether it's Miley I saw them Miley signings or. Michael. Matt Dominguez. I'm realistic bunch of other recite bogus Havoc. Here is it. Mark all right 32 is Roddick is third backing up by Everett looks at second half throws the first. And it does get the speedy record for the out you know alternates the character out of Branford Connecticut a lot of minor league all bonds of what I'm pretty highly. Not a ranger prospects yeah. Then you got great UConn product played with Matt Barnes and college where I've come back to keep it got sore back. And so he's someone local guy was willing to. Given a shot. At some vision issues in the past we think we've corrected that we know the powers there. He's gonna give his best shot once he's ready he too could make an appearance here basically camp well you talk of those these issues that something he recognized when he got here. No. First pitch is inside for a ball. This is something he's worked on the last couple years I believe. This is Logan Schafer. Former brave. He's hitting it Kim's spot still Ford outing Red Sox with a runner at second and one out here in the eighth inning Jamie Callahan. Being right here they're from South Carolina delivers. And our line drive right to the second baseman picked by Lopez off the shoe tops no chance for two. But the guys who came up with the Red Sox this Theo Epstein. Regime venture to regime. Now with Dave Dombrowski. Tells a little bit about the differences when thugs Davids guys here in terms of how he approaches with the front office. Well I think the assumption was near throughout the industry that once Steve came in the who's gonna blow everything up but we're gonna really. Change the process and how we want about our business that just hasn't been the case in fact he extended all our scouts. He's added to our analytics department. Here's Robert and Dino taking a strike. So that narrative really never came to play I mean what he's done is we've. Basically felt the same blueprint that we've come with with Theo and spent. It NATO's bounced around since. Because those nightmares back at 2011. And try to win a job as a non roster player. 99579909. 9957. Another sellout here because it would. It's actually. You know why. Check swing roller file to the right. We're talking earlier by a great friend of both of ours guys a Rich Hill and a great story in the great Steve get that counteract it. Unbelievable and I was so lucky and happen to believe we had trouble connecting over the phone and opened up. Walk into the elevator at the winter meetings when he was heading downstairs first press conference which was so emotional pretty special moment bird man that's him while Boozer. Now my hands go through. Strike three called over the outside corner to retire the side. That's one of our thanks so much for joining us hope we do it again during spring training things are happening OK it's not apply vice president of the throws got into seven and a half what do the Red Sox of the Shaw's. WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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