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Chuck Meriwether, MLB Umpiring Supervisor on Red Sox Radio

Mar 11, 2017|

Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford are joined in the booth by Chuck Meriwether, former MLB Umpire and current Umpiring Supervisor about his time in the game, speeding up the pace of play, and his on-field interactions with players and managers

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Joseph Kelly takes over the Red Sox that they afford nothing about it run in the last of the park as we go to that definitely welcome. While much to any Major League umpire chuck meriwether and power to get to supervisor. Turkey get that duty here jetBlue with the twins at southwest Florida so. We'll appreciate it's always good to see you missed the deal directly bases that. It's always doing to bring traded so it's good to be here. That's always great to see you know I know you're from Nash are you very proud of your. Hometown kid in bookie bet to fill up I am in by the haven't had the pleasure really beaten him. People at home always SV. As you do with us it will blow he wouldn't in the big leagues who are retired so. I've got to try to run him down and just introduce myself I'd love to meet you call strike to. Santander and struck out his first time off it but he Santander. You are not standing up finally have a bad knees with sort of short bit but you got a nice position now you. If so then by Columbia Stanton I don't know for everybody would you with that but. Inside wanna wind up players that tell you that later and it appeared they were able to tie up a but the so chuck there's been a lot of lot of rules. If conversation over the offseason did you take if you can on. So these new rules will likely Kuo with the commissioner of Major League Baseball to try to do is just try to speed the game well but they. Everybody's perspective the players the coaches the managers are the broadcasters. Everybody's. Would like to try to see if they speed up and will be it to. You know even the fans. That come out and watch the game with after Seoul home I think we all get so. Three and half our games and then nine innings just too much about the facts outlined. Santander force Corel center Kendrick who pitched well. How Willie intentional situation worked a man accused pulled up four fingers are more at the the last I heard that's the way it's apples to happen. Just gotta give the signal to the hole played on firm and then of course the home we've Oprah would have to Colts have a major the balls did and everything like that but. For months then that's the way it's gonna happen. Here's a 12. And it's inside obviously is not gonna play that much time but. Yeah it's just that this is dipped with bill still you know it's 01 of the fix it did not implementing yet but they talk they are part of the strike zone and and as a former umpire how difficult would it be go from one strikes onto another did it change over the course of your career. Well you know people used to talk about though the American League umpires called how strike in the National League umps are so cool lol. But I think that that came from because of the day. The American League umpires what the outs that protective so of course is sitting up a little bit higher in the but it's semi get the game it was mandatory. To everybody worked in that detectors so you know you would down a little bit more so. So Santana strikes out at a good curve from Cali one down where. And very taveras is singled twice once the lap one dissenter. The pitch counts is in but if rob was that. Saint is it different Crawford are part it changes strike zone if they legislate. The change well you know. As the that's the human race we don't like change. But it's something that we have to do is. You know and also refused to go before are retired these aren't told about Colin asteroid and so it was something that you would have to get used to. When I first got to the big leagues watching ball all over the mom gonna be a top line of Guerrero charging tries affair and it votes it. So how to make two or three for three an infield hit. We have disease system of course now that the umpires agreed at home in the these are guys that greeted there or. You know I have to prove that. Cold. Vehicle went way up agreed to issue please and everything they're denied him. And look at their plays and do it here evaluations Olbermann here in the you wage so you you. Half those who Cruz as your own responsibility of serve in the third you know different deeper level. Comes to balls from time to time he has so many rooms. You teach them about that has to report crumbs in the big leagues that it's our responsibility agreed to pleased. That eloped with one and I don't want bodies offered to take that low. And others think it's him in the conversation. He pitched clock. The potential it's clock. You think that back where I saw it in the air it's doubtful I loved it and I've seen in the mildly I thought it was great. Couldn't tell. I'm what's your take well again going back would do just that in the model lead. You see it work real well. You don't CO gassed up and down the boss you know did you put one foot back Ian in that in their rated ago. I think it would be a great idea. And I think if you if you look at it it didn't take it all now knows that is not a long time. To all pitched amity GO patella. He swings in doubles a follow. Well. We talked about some of the possible changes. With that in the how about limiting the number pitching changes during the course of happened here make you relief pitcher. You know that felt like so that you wanted to and it is not like this that's. An outlet that little bar extremely you know sometimes I'll just squash and you can you can you know can identify with the with the bat but because the games have been scabs that was stop. When you get the senate dating him and your wheels a turning. It. And that's something that's that's pretty. Extreme I got your visits or another. That that you wonder. 21 has bounced wide of third rap by rampant throws the second out not the first step they took the double play 543 to retire the side. After four and a half which were on the Red Sox have a shot WEEI Red Sox radio network. Mora are at sacks bottom of the fairly visiting with a apart supervise it chuck meriwether former big league umpire Turkey drawings about what it's like in the replay center in New York. Right I was just saying to you guys if you don't have a chance when you dare to go but. Because when the play happens on the field. The the umpires. The technician. Everybody. Goals to it right away that if the manager don't challenge it. But it's about this a rule it's about. Six or seven stations. And he'd jump our heads to games being played now if if you have a replay Ian Walsh. The on pars coming comic gather but the technicians still washed up the stations because something may happen there but. Excuse me would do trio if you can stop but. I'd be fun to say I'm sure is a lot of fact that. Exactly not exactly but certainly a lot of action sure and he. Parker and it is swings in this is well that's what is saying one of the frustrating things last year to me what's it seem like the replay take a lot longer you have. John from being a top staff Padilla and now wait wait wait wait wait to Mike Weir would be a lot longer right right. Marcos takes a breaking ball strike three car body goes looking. As then number of visits by catchers are read fielders been discussed. We're pretty close I'm not sure if has been discussed but I that that takes up a lot of time takes up a lot of time. Here's Chris Young now single to center rounded out by three. Remember we agreed to notre to a two under him. New years ago overtime lottery that you won the first set with walk up music with fifty seconds well I have a long way since that via. It to a to Joseph. So for musical four are retired they were trying to speed up the game and they would tell us to you know its own decadent ready to go with sole. About a little bit and that's OK here we go let's go. He didn't rule flooded that it fails to live in what he came up pieces took apologize. Piece of my agent told me. Don't come up to my woke up you you're kidding me better as an epic that's that fast that Ottawa. Apology and a few you do which tree to about the fact that I thought I asked for a. It's a basic necessities like that we don't think about. But do erratic this guy who's had an RBI single a stolen base and a grounder to third. And the pitches swinging strike we've. They're really lost a great umpires with retirement from last year this year it's ridge runners that's one that yes Jim Joyce always so enthusiastic and love what he were the key is you do right away all extra idea that that was. His local course too wealthy rise Bob Davidson Davis and Austin good ones at them. Adam. Emery. At holt were. People royalist and called. It good and very good lines mercenary member over well all the backstop. Those super excited to capitals like remember years ago with Boris brings it Colby. Until we Major League job with it's excite closer first game. Well it. Just like some of the Tripoli on pars you see you this that week. Give them into the system work in spring training days have been what region we got our school vacations that's how they feel leaders. Looked my first game before I had a full time contract with 1986. Seattle. Dick Williams believe was the plan victory in the political. So that was my first game. I'm sure he was very happy with America who's very strike three swinging by yeah yeah I mean Erica has been attending grounded out three to one and in a line drive to left field call strike that Bennett and the lack courage Irish making all the ups and downs losing suits the Suns run it. Guerrero this thrive strike going out is the anti cancer twice and ride and major apart since 1983. And hill long long long career long Corey is the he's inspiration you inspiration. I don't know where I wanted to. Was the most viewed argument you're getting into the manager. Hope that we'll know you know people. People think that think that's the way it is every night and it's not like that you know we could be one argument a year we've got a night and that's what you've got a steal television. But people would always ask me because I was before Billy Martin and Earl Weaver and those guys. But people talk about who put bella. And I would say you know I'm not a doctor but if who comes out to argue with Ganassi of brain publicly is that about the sense of what he would I hope I don't wake. From your strike three swinging a bat that he at least strikes out the site check great to see you it is always great seeing you and now look at the gets it together and we'll keep bats and immediately definitely going to be Annika thank you so much chuck meriwether Red Sox don't want it to you straight. Orderly process of the shot WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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