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WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast March 10th – Week 1 Free Agency:

Mar 10, 2017|

The break is over! Pete Davidson & Jim Hackett, WEEI’s Fantasy Football guys are back. It’s week 1 of Free Agency, just days after the NFL combine and lots to report on. Jim and Pete cover the new addresses for Free Agents, like Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, DeSean Jackso, Pierre Garcon, Kenny Britt & more. The rumor mill and who’s available at the skill positions like Terrell Pryor. And then the conversation turns to Pete’s initial pre-combine rookie rankings and where some value may be for Rookie Drafts and Dynasty Leagues. Enjoy!

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So this is the fantasy football poll. This football podcast with Jim Hackett and presented by Dre. Clark Chrysler. Dodge Ram. Oh my friend WEEI. Hackett he did some of his football guys who WCI. A pack in heat like to welcome you with a hearty hello I hit ticket you're here on an ally. Loral is the outlook outlook our audience and my good friend Pete Davidson Ed Johnson write about him. Yeah men were back with that. You you can have got ten it is so. But it's good idea it's mostly you know I mean you know and it's got to get gig gig going again this is the right stimulus. It is. I think actually last week in the week but item I was I was really sick and become GAAP and I've been sick guy this year what's up with that. But definitely on a case today and it was it was woods you know. And interest income by but come on in the launch of free agency which is there a whirlwind I mean you know. I think back to a couple of years ago when I think it shows how much people want to not pay attention to politics. Yeah it does does that thirst out that regular diet of poverty agency I can just packaged pay attention to this export yeah ours on this screen. Wal-Mart is now dealing a lot of people but dumb. You know I remember a couple of years ago. When they didn't have a collective bargaining agreement and I forgot like just how crazy can get the first couple days in our own beloved patriots yelling dove and faster than usual for them. With Stephon Gilmore in the made the trade. The pick up Dwayne Allen which is it Justine has a lot of implications but all on the league big names flying around and in the rumor sell. What do people do is we'll get into what has happened and what the impact of Tennessee's perspective is in what is rumored to happen a little bit who's still dangling out there where they might land. And what's gonna disagree you're you come mined spots in terms of the rocks because that is a special. Talent and skill that you provided that a lot of people kind of I don't know I don't act analysts say you know put in time there's an a for the time in that you do. Scott how well listen I mean yeah watching hours and films. You know of games that already taken place laborious some people don't like that before. I actually like its ethnic you know I don't mind it Tom. But back to the free agency thing what wanna you let's go through let's go through your list well the first and a legacy audio yeah I'm just you know let's let's throw. The let's throw the locals a little meet here with you between Allen the renowned trainer I think is is now. I'm not surprised by it because I didn't think I don't think that it was gonna come back from the start is a one year players did a great job it's something the patriots like to do. In Erie is ideally concern for me is you know long term solution that tide and Crocker three back surgeries and renounce what were the most durable player but I like an allotment sensitive. Yeah well to Leo it's good football player I think that. Amuse you I've been saying that on this broadcast for years adopted a flip just because he signed with the pace. It's columns attic he just got a good football player. On similar to ban it in man he eased equal parts receiver. Blocker and be in line can't plea attached to I don't know if he's quite his first house and maybe. I don't think he's as good as Martellus Bennett I think that is. Speaker battered and yes they're really good in general and on but but definitely in the seemed. You know basic Spain. For the pages in terms of why did you guys can be you'd be tighter so if you got if you got Toledo and crock of pulling them week. Okayed the tightest spot com and I'm just gonna throw this out there I think Alan. So I mean was. Right or wrong but I think it's that odd. Twos this rookie free this rookie tight market yeah I think. We're gonna get to the rookies second after this podcasts but I think. The patriots seat the rookie class I think they want piece of it I agree and I think two in Allen is away they don't have to. Draft these rookies just throw him into the fire com. So it would not shock to patriots to a guy like. And I. Well the ethnic model and a dollar million I don't know with the trade him again were high rise that's exactly say from. You know right now we don't know exactly where the teachers are going to be in the draft. But it almost doesn't matter they're going to be tight ends worthy of taking. In the first meet firstly first second late second you know that top. Six tight ends these are good the. While the girls that did all the all the that the three NFL five for sure yet the pre NFL free agents the the first shot from the pundits for the draft advocate from Miami in a lot of those slow mock drafts come into New England that makes sense but. It's got to move lag I don't see them the guy that I first at 32 I just don't. I mean I. Joke to a degree the patriots accuracy he would he would the you know the guy who could take over for Crockett Crockett is forced to beaten. You know it's literally yeah it's back injuries. An indication of things that. You know I. It's Weir's so people are out front and god out. He's done back injuries just to be it's just one more injury for growth. Yeah I expect it to just expect it to be gone by re one related GAAP umps are well I mean you have to think about shut down early as got a long offseason and it's just another year with crock having surgery in its sound to be like the Super Bowl bid a month later later. Yeah bomb but kudos but. Anyways it. In joke who could be a guy who could be your primary tight end in line detached either way but the guy who relief. Intrigues me for the teachers got Mississippi editing it and because he could be that guy please on the field with Croat. In a Aaron Hernandez role he could be Eric Hernandez. About the murdering but block yeah walking walking the streets were afraid the unafraid of an impending arrest for. Without a three hots and a cut yet if you had no but I mean he's air Hernandez. Better who he's faster than there Hernandez. He's run better routes well there's let me Ingram England could easily. Just play wide receiver and hear good things about him in another capacity and who's pretty good it's based blockers or any key it. Are terrified to think that featured office looked like truck ASCII avenue Ingraham and settlement on the other that's just terrifying array. Weaponry but if you add Brandon coupe sedan next. I don't believe in coast of the pitchers I think it higher. The F. It doesn't make sense to me well that's a thing you know let's talk about this a little bit okay. I look corruption yet and I know you hate the rumor mill it drives me crazy as well. I think a rumor mill when it's just the needs of rumors that are clearly coming from marginal sources just to get that you know I. Call click update the clay court yes yet but I'm very sickly but yet we'll just put but he hasn't adjusting threats and throw this out idling wasting time I don't happen but I agree with it. So listen. You know in terms of those three names that have come. To mind with the agents have been political rumor out there cooks. These John Jackson Justin hunter this morning all of a bomb under you already Ares free again. But all of the deep threats in that's usually it's way off the patriots playbook in terms of their scope so. Wandering accidents seniority have hope in yeah you know developing as well yeah but I'm wondering if this. Might be a sea change with they look to the future with one Jimmy or apple. Who throws a beautiful long ball as we've talked about unions in nice touch on I just wonder you know. If it's it if it's building towards that. A couple of years out should they be in a position to keep pump and that's a whole little rabbit hole that we are down it's. So tired of our I don't know it mean I. I mean to meet you look at Malcolm Mitchell is good young players you know you look at Hoch in east that he's not going to be. He's not going anywhere any time soon you got cattlemen and they've got. Receivers. They could use some youth at the slot I think human element and in the delegate a lot there. Yeah I mean yes but I mean Britney cooks. Isn't youth at the slot I mean as you come tonight right wing but I'm mullet but he's hiding guy's gonna need to be paid and paid soon right. So you know I just don't see how he fits into the patriot paradigm not to mention. And again this has come out so would really like spurning coached by a com. We've seen receivers were good receivers committed struggle with the patriot system Aaliyah as these were guys that the patriots brought it needed to show up you know patrons thought they would work and then once they got them in the room. They were swift and the uptake to run the system right so I don't see them like rolling the dice in a big way with a guy like cokes we really have to pay a lot. I I think the patriots in my opinion are much more likely to use that. Pick capital. On a guy like. At a bankrupt you know you know fits the picture parent patriots like guys who do everything you know who who blocked. Cook's problem now it does a lot of scuttlebutt about how Belichick really likes them when they did the joint practices in this and that tells her into kicking the tires he would they can do it's just I just wanted to let. I'm not saying cooks would be a fun toy have always I'm I'm just I'm just saying that it doesn't. I just don't. I just don't see it making sense for them if they have all these these assets to bring him in it lesser gonna do something radical like. Get rid of adult and there's something new you know it's it's will they be idol if he can he thinks he can eakins. These personal which is a huge you know things you know animals Sloc anybody as we talked about before what amounted to be successful. Easily decided yeah yeah maybe see what it's that the patriots are Smart team and embarrassment of riches that the skill position just is their style yeah I agree. So you're talking about is it's just it's it's out of character for them you know so well is out of character if they do it. True yeah I again and rumors rights and it certainly and it goes circling buzzards over corpse right now yeah I mean to me from the patriots. I'm thinking much more about making sure Tom Brady gets hit as little as possible yet. I'm not worried about him heading higher and weaponry I'm worried about him being. Free of bruises yup the future if you know I mean the pictures or you have more than enough. Weaponry help they just won the Super Bowl out Gradkowski. Rice so you know it's a means. I I'm I'm circling the wagons around pretty making sure that he's in one piece because they've already proven they don't. They don't need. Actually there and at must that it even with the super couple announced that it cryptic occasion closeness and you don't say I do. Thanks anyway so. Out of the pats I think it's it's a good solid move for the past typical. You know low investment level. Probably he's probably one your player too. And and you don't oil Jack oil stays in Indianapolis and he loves. Viable tight end fantasy yeah I think I think. You can see Andrew Luck lean on him that that that now they need to do over reason you had a good deal last year lost you for a rebound I think they're tourists. You know what yeah yeah it's like you have a guy like. Allen around for years can't stay healthy I think eventually just like you know it. Yeah I was just you know we can for two in our pocket asylum or her yet. And you know Doyle did decent jobs and it got swoop yes are now. And it and obviously that it's a team expelled out of three receivers yet mixed since the big passing on the institute for AD right now is who's going to be starting running back they can echo with quart the year of the economy beat qualities. You know big time running backs slide around these guys in the draft. Yeah I know we've got some running backs to get to there are guys hanging out there you know your only Arab blunt wanna bump. And down on another go in that direction but you know they they were very very light last points indoors doesn't seem yeah I know he's gonna be in the frozen tundra. And dom but they went they were very light heading into the year behind gore. And you know I eat data never Goodyear sells you know I think that's of the that they have to address amongst other things offense minus caramel stuff lock was there like not like Jim Clark in 1972. And they need to get Laporte yeah I mean people and collect the unpopular take a minute you hear people have given up on Philip Schiller said he's a bus. You look he did deep threat on a team that can't protect the quarterback you know. So you know that's gonna mean low volume relative to what he would have if they could protect you quarterbacks are I wouldn't write. Doorsteps of the fastest yet com. You know let's see what happens if they can actually protect the quarterback and and you know they finally have some new blood there and media personnel before missiles would have. Much needed indeed it is a weird year for India last year it and I've said this a million times in our conversations you know. On the air in the podcasts in just regular conversations and all starts at the line. Yeah everything and he didn't now in yields in me and a lot was made to look like. As everybody says what are what are the line it all starts at the line and then we get into the offseason everybody let's talk about which teams he skill players. I mean the the the general emphasis on skill players instead of the offensive line it is. It's silly yup just in general there's so many teams that should be addressing a line but all the fans and pundits talk about which receiver a running back. We surprised to see mingled they'll leave the jets. Speaking in line no bagels and operated for a couple of years to say the truth. Amidst a good player yeah it not not not some monsters died. Now granted the jets are much worse when he doesn't play right but I don't receive that mangled is not a dog was a good chat or conduct. The jets are the worst team the football. You know and and by choice faced. It as bad as people think re displayed last year was as bad as people think. But the money is ridiculous. Angle the money doesn't line up with the production the comments of the gestures. You know they're they're cut the players that they don't Brandon Marshall in and we're gonna get a second. They just do the right thing. The thing that people's needs are members of the reason they're now doing the right things because they spent the last two years to the role in the wrong things yeah absolutely you know and I you know a lot of people roll it up on me because I was so rough on Fitzpatrick. You know all you out there listening you know feel for you. August and whose terrible last year awful. Take a tick the six interception game out he was still awful it was terrible leader before now it's just the statistics told the story that he was good pitchers that matters he beat up on a lot of European defense and a now. And he had unbelievably good healthy receivers he had Decker Brandon Marshall both having really good see decorated tree area. Yeah Marshall at one of his better years as well right. Coming up the dog let's talk about him now in India across the street now with the giants. Fizzled a lot of receiver movement now son Jeffrey signs that the Eagles Brandon Marshall goes the giants renewed vision. These John Jackson leaves the Redskins go to the bus go all I want yet. So I'll move lets its it that's it Marshal a captain is yeah I mean marshall's value I think. If team goes up. A little bit vs jets or maybe it's his floor goes up babies ceiling comes down a little bit not to attack Libya and number one target now. But he is going to feast. Our number two court eaten. You know I don't know backwards obviously can draw. The best quarter most of the time it lest their polling team for everybody stays holed up. And at the giants can choose the matches themselves. But yet Brandon marshall's views he softer covers and he seen. Really at any time in his career. Steve for his rookie year yeah so. You know it's definitely a good thing for Marshall on Eli Manning. Gets opponents. Are flat on the interwebs and in general for last year I don't think you played in yours bat as a lot of people claim the and he gets he gets a bad picks at times no doubt. But you know listen that's what happens when your quarterback is under fire constantly yeah of protection airline was terrible from the stat criminal and he did end up taking some chances that he normally would take. I think if they protective. Manning is a candidate for a huge bounce back candidates on the Marshall Marshall two men and an off year last you to his court martialed liberals for the most part last year were. Maybe he was hurt a lot last year so. You know that's a factor yup you his games he played hurt yet an accord ended quarterbacks that just can get on the ball you know in in you know. Period and category well yeah I mean yes that's definitely factor too although you know Fitzpatrick did pepper targets most of the time but. The targets were turning interceptions and bring in my that's just terrible last year yeah it's terrible it's a good move for Marshall leaving in good move for the jets get rid of yeah. Let's move over to. The Eagles in the same division now Sean you know that's that's a that's a big coup for them. They've been building short term deal yeah I am they they needed that they needed. Outside presence and also picked up Torrey Smith yeah. Who I colonel I'd still like touch with a ten foot pole. Keys I tried I tried or some people outsource its last year but it's such a value it's just not that good. He's deep threat he's very fast athletic player but he does not get in and out of breaks he's not it was routes. He was perfect for Flacco as long touchdown and 100 catches. He's he's horses for courses kind of player but I'm telling you right now and again here's another really popular take. Don't know so that was a guy who's overdraft should have been a first peck but I did have a second grade. And you know I think act orchid easily finally get its act together and plan Smith at some point this year you know looking into it Matthews now show on connected open arsenal excellent car. Listen with the ouster thing out so value this go up he's always been about the health he's going to be Garrett. And the guy who has a sea change years way it's the way it's now has enough weapons to you big time fantasy producer which shocked if he was yeah. He's definitely going to be outline. Value QB list this year I doubt about it and it dynasty leagues he's our guy. It was a pretty solid future but it. For for dynasty valuation sport remember Al shall decide what your deal. So that is an impact on temperature. Well yes awaits might not have Al shortlist is currently just you know what your bit for. But I'd I'd definitely fine without Sharon I am a believer in cars that way it's. So a little less often for the most spot last year incidents the most party look like a rookie slipped a little bits of times but forgot profits profits or it was banged up a lot of the year they're the best offensive lineman was attended suspension Johnson most of the year yet. So I think things get better for the future I would agree and real good. Canada's team to bounce back while the move. And in the NFC east so let's let's go to Washington all right so. They lost the two best receivers a lot of what an absolute dumpster fire unbelievable who it was cousins still. Well. I don't know while they will eventually calm but. I listen I don't know what is going on with Scott McLaughlin. Maybe some of the rumors are true. But you know a couple things for the redskins' first of all you do it this guy was about Rodman yeah it's not like oh this country X. Frederick and his whole career it's always been a thing yeah. And then they allow rumors that I mean Chris Cooley starting those rumors that is some weeks you gonna keep that stuff inside the registry keys you'd better be right sense yeah like yeah. On line to get this is not a guy whoever set on I don't drink anymore. This guy never stopped drinking Ricoh opening clear about that as the got a phone for years it's an amazing. Judge of talent. And it's carried out Smart NFL team right now to the jets had half a clue and they. Don't have a tenth of it won't it won't happen but at the jets were Smart they would give this guy GM money to be the director of player personnel to work under the Jia I just paint GM money he's African Gooden from. But they want but some Smart team will bring this guy and say look. Let's get you out of the public glare which is what you do which you do well we pay you handsomely. In the ops guys. You know under your gonna be our director player personally you can scout who you what when you watched Arenas good information players of the super roster. And it literally pay you like as much energy. Just don't give them. You know the responsibilities that you take that office platelet and do what he does well protect Wimbledon title and his I don't I don't singing needs to be hidden maybe he does maybe he doesn't but. You know. It's it's amazing how. Organizations turn quickly people like this guy and there's no the Redskins have absolutely no justifiable reason to act surprised. You know if this guy showed up a little bit off flipped in yet if I'll. That's one of the problems with a lot of these you know big companies you know we'd like the way this guy does his job even though we screwed that. And that's no way to win. Yeah don't you get you gave the most study personal dislike hopefully this isn't even wrong is driving intoxicated yes you know is he abusing his wife first answer you know is doing something really bad okay figure out something yet that's. You know he's a little bit. Weird or whatever who cares it's jobs to pick players since he's come since that guys over the Redskins. Yeah I was stated given a team on the rise for two years and now they wake up today with a disenfranchised quarterback. No. PR appearance on unprintable those guys or regional debt. But that's behind the other manager Josh docs and Indian Jamison Crocker who's a jag now I pump out there. So you took a team that was on the rise of the emerging quarterback who really took a big step last year. And I got you know to go on and you know a quarterback who's likely in my mind and some. Well they've got. You know group really better because of personnel experts now it's been along time he's not so they just killed their goaltenders couples out there yet and the giants in the Eagles is just discussed got better so. The law and then at Dallas. So in it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Well you know stance either via the only thing about this Snyder's he doesn't New York. He really should be perfectly simple jets beat you with the profited so well there is on the jets and now he's just like told in the all odds. Completely lost its anyway let's let's move on a couple yeah couple couple other receivers don't get too before we kind of flip it to rookies is you know Kenny stills resigned. If a fantasy owners that I Kenny stills is tough got to predict. He can get you know touchdowns in ways beat in and you go silent but into the year he did just. He did feature a little bit more significantly more listened they went out of their way to get him back they offered him play that your team money. Com. So. To me actions speak Latin absence deals a guy. I think his you know. Probably good solid fourth receiver for your fantasy team up again he's he's going to be in a lineup he's a flex for sure. And the other guy that signed the rams five years 39 million for rob would now. That's a big ticket but what is the guy you've always liked and we talked about a lot when it in my rookie. Who we talk about Robert Woods. Did you just say he signed with the 49ers and the rams are okay literature books are yeah the rams it's our amber you went behind you hear that. But so it was it a money for it was five years 39 million but a guy who has it's. Here are the structure that deal at me dot. A lot of these deals you hear the element but then the practicality of cut to be the classic NFL in the guaranteed contract it is yes fifteen billion there and the like this it is. More than he should have gotten no question. But but but behind a guy that you know united talked about for a few years ago you came out Indies a bit a little bit. I like Robert Woods yet but his NFL performance to date. Not much that doesn't merit that kind of money but you know he's a young players 24 years old so yeah go go young quarterback to with off this saluted. Something to watch but night not and I was still. And the thing with some of these contracts people have to realize calm you and I have to realize that these teams have so much money to capital so much on these teams are. They're just looking for ways to spend this money yet. It did the other part of it with the with the Brodeur saw a deal was just like wow. When he's on the back in and he this year last year didn't you see the contract. Five years 47 and a half million lately you know now while it's and it's it's his he's over thirty but his stick it. I think his 2017. Salaries seventeen millions who've. You know it just shows replace a little bit of funny money this year some of these teams so the 49ers haven't they don't obviously. Don't think he's seventeen billion dollar player. But the front loading deal because what they don't wanna dues to budget deals this year that it interact and definitely their right mind right so they paid arson and a bunch of big money this year. And he's a guy who can help them install the system. Because he's been remember his ship which. Was the Redskins right. That there. They're essentially operating port ship which she has a really big on the system and having guys who knows the system look what they've already done it brought it ought Robson and our son goes all the way action against the risk yet. At Shanahan brought that bought brought altered crops and delta Atlanta first so robs a follow up to Atlanta and its efforts systems so they obviously put on a premium on guys who. They don't have to teach you know Parcells thing you know coach the coaches yup. And you know they don't wanna they would get as many players don't need to be coached for the system as possible so they concentrate on the guys who knew. Anchors on the veteran who can. You know bring young receivers law. So it's it it makes sense for them but the I think. Don't judge the first your money to partially it's that they stagger the contract for Kia. The immediate quarterback community is just picked up Bryant or color you know it's like a deal on Foreman. Corners underrated he's decent. I like I saw a news and not know is not sort of solution by any stretch and I I think. That was a move to cover them mr. cousins that fell through which it looks like it has. But you don't date date paid where contractor started to have two buddies got back money. You can get because it. Yet they wanted on this compact on DeSean Jackson is like you know let's talk about where he ended. She was Winston Winston's a happy guy I'm thinking with Mike back indecent acts and I didn't realize we talked about it's always talked about what can the exile. Of Washington community yes that's a great signing for the Bucs move it's a big sign for them and that that's. That really that that's a good offense anyway. It's growing together and they just and a big and Lewis if. It was an office that needed some pieces for sure now they got one you know offices. And I think if there are definitely hurt some rumblings for some of the numbers people. You know that this can hurt after this disease doctors are crazy amount of targets but you know Hughes getting to maybe toward yet. He's becoming inefficient because teams know where it's going. I think TV coach or he loses three or four target two week I think it doesn't hurt his yards and does touchdowns at all I agree I do to big play guy he's like it is a target on. So to speak. Any game flow can determine happen I agree with you don't think this hurts Evans of justice to be this this this pull this this. Makes teams play more flat beat you til til the field Evans who they were last year. And now after should be army and he should be more efficient player I think and Sheila Jackson. Yeah its can make big plays like you know is does as low as he stays healthy that's the the tough thing for Tampa you know what it is due to the shuttle is escapes the yeah I think they still probably need one more receiver then vote. Yeah let's get to the rumor mills a little bit in this and nibbles. On itself if it just while we're still want I think Jackson's value hold steady at me because uncle. Going to choose I would think so I can see the public I mean is fairly valuable actually play obvious to be giving you hit on the head he's a you know you can count on him to miss three or four games. But he gives you as a fantasy owners to play him right you time it right in matchup trying to get ideas for sure audacity softy but he's he's a smallish player that's going. He's willing to take hits and yet and then his Adidas which react well. But yeah I'd get to credits that's a good football he played real good football Washington he did he competed. I would just touch on Terrelle Pryor a little bit who. He had a break out last year but some he's got a lot of doubles and it just is who he goes because he's a guy who is a very unique skill set. But basically did it without a quarterback all you want a few incidents and a good spot that's a real that you could be something specialized. You know equipment quarterbacks I don't know RG three games rules tough confidence in the they were OK I mean but yeah I do understand is it yes yes yes but I mean I you know. He. The quarterback's hurt him but the volume was ridiculous. Side it wasn't about this situation for right you know he's going to a conventional office for you have to deal probably lower targets. That's I think it I think it probably balances out. My outs Torre is so. What serial Lance and hope hopefully goes to a place where the targets are going to be there and he's got to QB but yet he played Terrelle Pryor probably didn't get enough pop last year. For how well please. Yet and he was using monster statistically played well good good football and it is a monster a real sense of if you watch the on the field is making an impact of the browns for sure you know do one and fifteen but he was it he was he was an impact player fresher. No doubt about that says yes he's definitely guy's gonna drop somewhere it's going to be big deal. But that back to the guys who have some. Right Taylor renegotiating statement yeah bills that's significant I think it's good for Tyrod. Obviously it's good for city Watkins. Peters out their tail I actually have always liked and it seemed with him and it is pretty good player although I'm on neither side I mean he definitely needs. To get better in terms of pocket presence of times. He forces and throws. But he frozen ice ball the resident steep fall on you know athletic meet please his feet and editing what he did last year he did without Watkins for most of the season. And a lot of the other receivers are marginal or hurt so yeah he's got to get to your credit for last year. There migrant he's the guy I like and I think they made it as a Smart move by the oath before we got into free agency to at the end of the year. There was a lot of I think it's because of Rex you know and it. Everyone knew Rex is gonna goal and that you know he kind of was older collateral damage but a player like so enacted they can build around him that they do the right stuff so. He's on he's he is signed and in buffalo to stay for lots of. Actually got such for a second curse on going to be fantasy Bible which. By the way its product to pursue your targets in. You know it'll be it'll be ugly production because he's not released suited to play against quarterbacks we can display of mr. bud. I think due to the body shall be there you're sneaky good last year since it was in the year I played really good last year yet he's he's half. He'd he'd be good patriots Belichick would love tough guy yeah yeah really goes out there puts itself on line or it would take to catch. Good football player gets the drop sees some times it's only about guns and fight. It says that a bomb but. The fifth. That's your take yeah I had our estimates around prior to put backs patrol prior for a second yeah Kenny Britt saluted his spot on the nose. I think that. Probably means Pryor can go back to the rules that nothing much percent but. I think that closed in to Cleveland. And Brit because. An interest in player depending. What happens QB situation at the rock below its echo there. Britain can be pretty target field but that's just your Circuit Court called it a little bit of resurgence last year wasn't Brit. Brigadier very similar Pryor's right news number of players team that was always again. Easy not easy not to see but he was doing it yeah I got that would surprise you in in the league mostly I play and he was never available. But you you know a guy it's gone like to he's doing it ever comes free the demise of the. That's a solid third procedure yeah this year. And and closing out the player movement offs Weiler. Cholera while. Not that he ever play. What year deal an idea that is an NBA trade in the NFL yeah that's exactly analyst cap and trade yeah you know the I don't know exactly how they got away with it. I guess the key participate. Across while the people are taking it like the NFL should be able to justice who spiral was re entry well. He really was. And now you know I don't know Cleveland has to do in terms of like holes like how long needles before. Which is four. How that not a week. Like works right. Like can watch it for 45 minutes it is content to fit that adds depth and we thought he'd be good or at least an audience. I thought that film is right I'm not sure how much suspend reality have to go through the ops while our. For the deal not deterred or whatever you have I don't see why anybody should have a problem history. I really don't you know it's locked the browser positions that contract. You know so they had an epic four to I'd probably. Yeah probably that to me it's just it's it's it's about what happens next. You know so in Houston is you Romo was a likely suitor right in Cleveland is grapples still in the mix it's about it's it's an assessment released rules. I know but that's that's kind of what's I think it's gonna act and the well is I don't know I'd like like I. Jerry Jones is sort of the Donald Trump in the NFL before you go before a good line of before you go go there but. One of saying about the Oslo deal from my perspective is to me it's about the next she was that a flaw it's not so much about. What's there what isn't DOS allow arm whenever he was terrible last year I think they did terrible job leading in and getting his had ruined. In and how much is there anyway but homage to cement which she was in the fall next to that. What right sort of saying is. I think Dallas was OK with the idea of letting Romo go until it became 100%. Clear. That was it but it goes about to sign with the other team attacks ya now look to use zone I think you are sort of saying Jerry Jones suit going yeah we want to do what's right for Tony until he realized that Tony's estate taxes and maybe. Go to a team can win a title wins. And now all of a sudden. Jerry doesn't like it is much. Sought. I mean I'd like beat holy off on this but. I mean haven't released yet yeah so it's still early days and it feels like it's like in free agency for three weeks of all the transactions that happened. Right by the Dallas say we ought to do the right thing by toady but notes are they can all suddenly want compensation from the Texans maybe certain he can get to Denver that's another one due to view of those team I think go to Denver horrible for. Why because he'll he will last two weeks by the office of that's 22 and half of Denver I have absolutely no interest Tony Romo and I thought that right now I can't protect him. It's just don't do it don't waste capital for. If it doesn't make sense to me I don't think he lasts Aries yes shall be ability. To hold up to a lot of contact and you know. The Texans can sit there and run they've got great receivers and they've got a good up front line of defense. They don't have to expose rowboat who wins and I think if you perfect spot for. They get tight and there are those that you know you can musical safety net. It Denver the attraction the appeal would be. I think if they felt they could protect them then they're right back in the in the mix of things I think that's but they have to commit at the I. I get a they've got receivers get those guys the law and I don't think. That. Wilson outsiders and here's what sleeper would be funny Cutler went back to Denver. Who understood that would have cut was going to be wearing green. She knows what if that. But if not but he might play yeah that I did you talk about a guy who knows how to play by the craft line Somalia it's a Cutler. But that that. That's Sherwood Beatrice the entire thing right it won't happen. Well let's Cutler go back to a place Cory receivers. Have at some level if you're caught you're definitely advocate jets. Cutler the jets I mean everybody's talking about it like it's a plea I mean if your cheek Cutler. You go jets. I don't care that he would please please don't have to back up some. It is amidst the ultimate feat in cushion you know I don't know I'd be out. But that's could be the jets. To be made it look like they're making every effort to be losing team which has the right thing to do and that's what they're doing. They they have the potential to be winning excellent and I limit it was their guy I mean. As a guy who knows he'll weigh in August Cutler sort of from the job perspective although other jets I'd much work it just. Draft are located at the kids compete yet lose. But. Analysts say CO plays out he went the last thing on the docket if they can shoot some more assailants its position in the rookies of the throat let's talk about let's talk about Clinton. It's uninteresting to the bears that was a guy and I'm might be me along along with Agilent. Mark this week in the massive yet so. That the killed you know. What does not expect it if uncle and weaknesses like I'd get that south aloft for. But. You know it's not as bad as it is a camera merits of the popular James White but. Generally. You know what Jack reminds him of what he'll lumbered not use high traffic you know have to get healthy and it. You know in the sense. You look at tight so. And Alec Wheaton united tackling talent and it's not exciting stuff elected got two or Howard who's an exciting he'll players rookie year. If white can she ought to be the player but he thought it was going to be ever there. He continued doing what he did last year. And escalated can be the players that he was when he was starting games for Tampa. Is that as people think I don't at a good price. If it might not be as bad as people think it added if you plated two QB the U Bible. Well that yes that's a good point he can put the beat you put the points out he doesn't have elongated neck syndrome which is you know it's a death nail for quarterbacks here I said at a tree yesterday Acco you know after watching the animals you know. It's a political Greta I Josh. I'm glad it is running away from the president it's note there's no doubt about that he's against now is eyes and has not right now it's not. He's not tiger but but but you know shrapnel for a feast and I mean he he's so he definitely unique problem. As there are nothing alike is quarterbacks but at the scene in this where. I think you can do okay with them but you better protect the Michael and it's not run around and bite you a lot of time you don't want to put the football team culture trouble. Richard droplets or is there a war but Jimmy you don't want him getting it he smallish guy he played against small college competition and I got used taking. And national level shots while lucky ticker shot in and he talked about yeah I needed it what I don't want it be too much of that one play. This is something this is something that column. Grapple as coach told me directly at the right places like the NFLs going to be real step up in terms of state that's for the and now so probably needs to bill's body up and needs to get ready for it you know but. He stepped in god need to protect you know what you problem goats of team where is gonna have to run around for a couple seasons like bill alignment. He needs to go to a place where they can protect away. So. On to say if you can get unique problems protections weapons I think he's really. Dealing tournaments in his brand fell who I jogged along rightfully so is terrible year can be used to be actual bounce back. When little went a little bonds that would when he agreement out nearly mute them. He focused so you know it is safe safe safe resigning not a great reasoning but yeah I mean you know what they've they've they've already got a couple of receivers who are obviously yeah stunt that appetite for blowing monster. So. I points Tyler boy probably an inside guy but you know you gotta have I got somewhere star. That's now and you know. Against second third quarters economics vice Nagin is. What's your position so did he would have which the ravens yeah. Significantly there it is and it looks like probably a big part of why it happened in tax suspension. He'll be out for four teams. Leo. You know for me I think everybody's going to be Texans probably Qatar Dubai and yet I think you know. What that is the guy who who becomes that the pass catching back obvious that you're thrilled with but Allen lost the fullback Munich and occupants. And juicy Egypt Jews yet on. The thing about what had everybody's just sort of pants in different numbers I I love would have but yet thirty years old the properties you know it's not. And tell me. So well hold fragile in in time need to talk about is we yeah. He's going it's the leaking companies and nick are. You going to keep before we get into the rooks is Eddie lacy. Who you know lacy agencies and Charles is Maria. I directs Burkett who vital to hold much people are on. But I was of the orchid tree before the years ago. What's yours to got a lot Cilic like a guy on the watch list but yen the skills I sub Smart teams here's expert it seem a bunch of money to place a bomb but yeah it's good to see these guys drop. Oh right now it's it's hard figures don't Wear discovers a long after the one last guys talents. The Celtics go to buffalo but it could signing from Bosnia who would. Because Marcellus feature it's oh. He can help you the way he needed to help you on a weekly basis and tickets are good consistent target for tied tyrants who spent some time. You know everybody including me you know talked about him being eccentric equipped athletes are exceptions he has. During easier doing an imminent but what you saw. A battery of and I think they've just said. That's sports palace yet. It'd be itself which I think is the week ago I was having agreed on what you saw is a guy where witness on the Chinese entities on the team can we give you a good soldier you know feature SaaS from the block for a whole game like would target the props blocks you know some games gets its targets that's fine he did what they asked every week to be good job. Actually hurt business probably about 70% year gasses and he did all that he didn't hurt me he was used literally. Limping in camping throughout the year and I've always been a fan of Marty before David and in news. It was nice to see him do Revis thing better be good guys for your history and capitalist and make some money to his critics yeah. Good player all right so before NFL free agency kicked off on Thursday. Was the Columbine last week and does a lot to talk what you put. Pre combat rankings up on rural bond dot com yeah you know ignited some. Sure I'd argue. Looking at the ratings I just pulled out yeah I mean you guys that you walk through those and ask questions we can do that if you. I I got about what fifteen minutes here and we I definitely hit the receivers but you know this year. The the receivers have at least write one bunch and know exactly that we oh well quarterbacks. Yet can weak weak class quarterback I think quarterbacks are weak I just don't think there's just. There's not an interlocutors. You know there's no. Monster in this quarterback. Let's let's start with the music it's it's it's this is the of the tonight and that's that's the cream of the crop this year right in the titans and in all our board yes you you know I'd go to. The Columbine it if you read what I wrote. Yeah expert. Pretty firm not a good start it's going to be a priority at four of them at my first round for a draft switches all the crazy and three of them definitely remain. With Jordan Buck Rogers sort of out there the periphery. You know being fair urged players now OC. What's at stake about this whole tight end thing with the rookies dynasty leagues it is. Hey it's slow roll position where they generally take a couple years to develop you know. Not a repeal the gronkowski easier or rare problem. As you know. So that creates an extinct for guys who won immediate payoff looks possible. So I don't know what that's gonna do their traps and the other thing is if you legally you can play it tight and or keep lately that's not related premium or completely short pitches. You know how you value that position. Maybe a little different I've played some really big guys these. Titans preview what you get double keeps you are one point five pound purely now listen this is great yes on an odd odd odd to be diving into this thing. I think some of these guys. Art are definitely for for a traffic's rookie draft. You may see as many as. Three of them go to the first culture and the realistic is gonna matter and we're winning end up and you know got a guy like oh some guys it will some guys that won't I don't think it matters a whole lot for our. Obviously we always wanted to quarterback. You know stuff like that. But like for editing room out of Mississippi. Who. Is a receiver spots and I mean he you know. And eighties. 234 parents so you know definitely a small tight and are huge receiver. But this guy runs and he has 44. That's an obscene number that's for a guy his size you know he jumped. Which the surge of 36 inches. You know a point five Russia. 693. Code Easter certain numbers 4632. Pictures there athlete. It's he's a monster and I hate to see him go to teams that use of its tight end right. You gonna get you to stay in the ball he's right in Arlington as a big slot who bounces outside. Like I I I what is different thing to be he's outside vs its side I don't what is different going to be he's in line persisted taxed so you know we'll see how. So for for him I Green Bay comes to mind you guys the second imagining as it's not like teams where. They can get a little funky with him and it was yeah but they have a dedicated sly it and I don't yeah I mean outlook yet obviously because they're routers that decree so. That would be good Atlantic spot. I'd love to see it would seem to see Austin. Or the patriots would be perfect well let's without having it with clean last year right now never happens so well his opportunities and some people. You I would say not on with it in the he's just he's just not very good. You know England ski equipment used to be different speaker as a rookie if he goes to a team. That was to basically utilized him as the receivers it. So. Definitely it was spot depend but he's a monster I mean if if your diaries he gets out of a first round. Trade operate yet it's like. He's a big talent. And the Joker from Miami also big time. I'm not scourge buys forty talent at all first well what's bad for 64 for its. Actually pretty good at these but he was explosive it is jumping subset of three code. To cut cut. 35 and a quarter which arms freaking kidding me apps like entombed in about it that's a goat and its. 64 can chill about building that is a red zone monster pig program to him yet so I the big news. In Jordan Leggett from clips it could have a really great future book odds at Virginia Tech. He's a Levin Paul eleven feet two inches with a crotch law. You couldn't jump up to the top of the dome on the and it's just reflect and a so chimp you got some serious guys in this class. That that the clients deftly outshine. The receive their judgment if you're judging the music group. During the com. By knitting I need any particular people yeah it's pretty rankings on jump on that you either positive negative or just a media scuttlebutt that came out. But I. I gotta be honest the Khobar did not move the needle for me of that guys. On a couple guys who I didn't want as much media should happen to go back and really look at closer lake saint Joe's Chris Dodd would look at. You know those guys definitely are going to be moving up from the comp board. What I need to do now is find out if I can find that on the field. But you know those guys definitely have the size and now they've got the miserables. They've got production the college level I just like the separations off. A lot when you know like I'm on I'll definitely be back under the hood those guys. And I have a lot more film and both players of that that meet the laws. Pollack died Dupree who I always pronounced a lot she Dupree fit fit and not secrets actually you know why. I think he. I think it's 45 to his vertical. It definitely helped him. So he's a guy who could have a future. I think so people will run away a problem for pure art of running backs or hold it is of course X five. Does scare me off him at all our guys as real future. John Ross is a guy to coach and I really really like. Is that he came in dropped to four point 22. Brooke brokers Johnson's record lob it it's funny didn't seem to get him all that much in terms of lovely people are still. You know nicest to speed guy but John Ross great player. You know he could coterie of 44 I sort of the he's great player. That's a program the Washington too it's always thrown the ball well that's them you know good history and he sees his field is really impressive he tracks the ball well he. He catches the ball pretty well he uses body on catches but he's got its work. A big fan of John Ross. We have set our top. 45 receivers stone yet. I can't tell for sure that your borders seem like Corey Davis a lot at western Michigan. There's not a lot of us ought not a lot of things on his film that I don't like. So I don't offer to be getting an accord Davis. But ironically like John Ross the problem is that he sent me. A major knee injury and he's gonna have shoulders are just cancel surgery. Shoulder surgery. And is not an absolute lock to be healthy week one although he projects to be off for week. But I'm on a big fan of John Ross. But not ice the Isaac Bruce potential. That's name for the past that act of receiver. That's a closed with a but the national champs we talked about against the tide and I'm curious. Elect likely yes SA EU go I'm not I am not running away from Mike Williams. And he's not perfect. I think sort of criticisms of him are real terms separation. But good lord he's got serious for good ball skills at you know to eighteenth 63 point five. 3333. Its arms. So this guy's real confidence grow being cooperative group pulled them football. And that's going to be beaten by police produced against consistently. Off competition. So when you're projecting him to go the next level he's at usually gets a lot of guys of leaders and come right so you know as you know you can handle it. Right this is a guy who you know the separation he did get was real and I think you project pretty well the next level so. Excellent and but QB give you some additional Watson any any thoughts about him obviously I RE a lot in college and not sit and fabulous film you know there's things that don't like about him in terms of accuracy. A little bit too mechanical for my liking. His footwork is at times good at times less than good. I've got film to watch the show lots so I'll I'll I would give him. He deserves a complete and thorough vetting yet and I'm not there yet. I don't. The people talking about it at the top draft adults who don't but ups. Maybe well maybe active and I've got hit with a short Kaiser editor David a similar kind of place like the upside. But I think there's still some work to be done it yet same kind of thing with pat holds at a Texas Tech. I like the upside I see what people are seeing in terms of being tough kid really gutsy it makes a really good throws he also makes it scary that zone. As you know he's an advocate I'm halfway through the field. The guy electable so far structure this Carolyn this image of the loser let's let's talk about that he's going to DK throws a good long ball again no that Morris you know out of them big time Barnett. You know les mis. Skis. People are saying here's what six feet tall turns out he's over six to 222 pounds as a so he's you know he's there's enough for him he's got an NFL body. The things that coach and I both noticed is that he locks onto receivers to lose so he's another guy I think who isn't exactly ready. To be in NFL quarterback I don't know if there's that one team ready guys that's class that's. But I do think that's a really nice prospects you know it and now it's of Israelis are sort of like late first round early second round level prospects to meet. Source toxin she writes Alec the last couple years we had Winston married on in the end it got dark there's a lot of markets area business. There's not teams with us not to be. But you know again I've I've got more field these quarterbacks I'm me. A month from now I'd be low one of these guys morals. But. Over to the receivers just for a little bit yeah hour. And I know we got to get those shoes. I still like wants Hillary to Iran a little bit slower than expected. I'm not a fan of Eugene Schmidt Shuster and USC. The right in my life here with one receiver who I don't think it's getting enough love and maybe it's because he's not really a receiver. Its currency and you'll from Ohio State and I'm definitely willing to plot a late first rounder. It occurs I think he's going to be a star but he can't out and talent that's coming out Ohio State the license years and I have a huge biscuit and big time player if they wanna turn into a receiver I think it's at work they'll be some time. But I think he's really one of these guys to. You bring in the system freaking weapons he doesn't have to be running back or receiver can be guide both. Although. Probably the best that produced targeted toward the other yet. Rock acting not enough people are considering how good this team speed on the back. You know we could break formation with and do other things with. You know his team at 196 that's not too small that's Chris Johnson sides let guys like that has made a great career in the NFL and a big impact Neff a few years even you know. I just think if he goes to a team that knows how to coach up. Whatever transition he needs to make I think he will make. It's a younger version of Braxton Miller who in terms of I believe in the player yet but unlike Braxton this kid is in a guy who had multiple Red Shirts yeah idiotic piece. You know easily younger so. Big believer careers and lives state Joseph makes it is a guy ideally it's not even talk about poll African. I mean. What he did it's just horrific news com it would sat me would be if puck popped up and it felt but I don't think it's gonna happen. You know people ought to just decide what you can do. We have these kinds of players. You know whether you wanted shall excellent team that's a GU. The thing I can't tell you is that you don't want him because she's not good he is cute you know he's really good. He's a first round caliber running back he's arguably. The most talented running back in this class. And you know if you could pass him up for moral reasons hey. All the respect in the world Syria but don't think you're not past couple leisure town. Because our delegates who did two backs and not Oklahoma in the draft and the tub at the going has sent a big parents do. Picks and very different players but they're both felt backs. And hero it could be. He's another guy oral once you're egos my hate for to be turned into a Mike Tolbert. Some teams could sub teammate Sasha the united united but I think he can via a full time running back really gatlin. I think he's a multi skilled players your freedoms need to did he block. Very good football player but just. But we needed at the top running backs of I'd like Alvin caught the least bit worried about a scum by numbers they don't matter to me at all and then on top still justice higher caucus I was going and and I don't know if I'd love letter fortnight. But I do think if he goes to a team that was to use him the right way you'll be just fine. We demeanor that. Quality is a big high volume power back yet. You know. You know I I don't think he's a great fit. You know for a team like the saints but the pats. I don't know if you make sense for the past just because the pass I think according use him basically like bullets. And I think disguised more than blunt. You. But I I don't think he fits the patriots because I don't think he's a guy who plays he doesn't play passing situations page with the unions and to fill that role and it's not going to be blown. Over third on the right but I I just before it doesn't make sense to patriot he's and an every down back that they would be using your role as a role player so I just don't see it. But if it seemed does wanna sit there say we're going to be power running team won big back we give the ball to 25 times a game he's that kind of back. I just don't most of the NFL does seem to be going that way enough and did Dallas sort of got their got. Yeah. So you know. If they're a team like the readers. Took him he took great behind that line and let generators or two ago. To a power running scheme I don't know Carolina would be great place. For four minutes ago I don't know if they'll do better Knots Landing spot I think matters for. I'd just we got a guy what does he put him by the front office now. He's not a meat in this kind of mixing help you know yet he needs a little bit of you know. He's he's a build up speed and a guy you need him a little bit of runway. And the door reporting back we have we talked about is speaking of my favorite one. And that's Christian cap. And who I was I'd laugh again he's getting away on get a lot of attention of their from the quote unquote experts united talking about this. It's weird here so people talking about like this just happened to Michael the rest. Running backs are you know their receivers now. You're either talking about this like literally since 2001 yeah assisting five incident yet and McCaffrey is that guy who fits the new paradigm. He can be early down router for union early down routers but he's. His skill set for passing downs it's just a fees. And he's a really good interior wrap. So. I don't know ultimately what kind of volume to handle he certainly not a guy wanna run 25 times a week like four. I mean you know characters to a 22 pounds. But any rate of four for the forty. Jumped 375101. Broad requests. And insert 6573. Killed you and this guy's got a decent hands heroes unbelievably good rhapsody look issues raised by an NFL receiver you know. Select the same thing we said with Tyler Lockett last year. You know work two years ago yet. Holds true I mean wouldn't we read your dad is a guy who knows how to run and look at the plot lines and yet so. I just I'm a big believer McCaffery he stays healthy it is huge impact I think that the idea that he is. You know decoded wisdom seems to be at the top four players are cook Davis. Fortunate. You can't present and Mike Williams for mean McCaffrey's in that top for a discussion. Based on landing spot he'd. I know a lot of times you're critical what the heck is he talking about but. I could see myself taking him as the top player he's a guy have a Green Day and a new green bank is not a lot of Yad and it did no running game last year. There are a lot of police were discouraging because yeah. He's getting everything. He's a little bit small to be a high volume broader apart from that. I just huge fan interest you know huge excellent. I'd go repo what's upcoming road Obama's your week look like in the gas knicks weren't. We're gonna start putting up some scouting reports John Ross is going to be coming up next couple days after that McCaffrey of the next good Obama to point out. Yet and probably the guy after McCafferty and do OJ Howard it but you know we're gonna do that the other. I'm really putting it on assignment the film in the rankings this year really get as many. Guys nailed down correctly as possible sort dimes signature for Napster's music can be good so I don't take too much time away from that to right. Long for scouting reports. But we will do about ten to fifteen of them and we're just gonna try to put some we're gonna try to isolate guys where we sort of feel like. There ATP in the rookie drafts. Is wrong and you'll feel like they're getting enough love we wanna sort of shine a light and guys where we think. Were higher than the consensus. All right very. Michael. Hopefully wood to about 1015 those. Sounds good so will be back at you repeat next Friday and go to looking forcing some of those initial scout reports we appreciate you tune in and 78 are back we are you know post Columbine we are into free agency and you know like the Madras thirty going to get a draft going right now self. Polished out back again. Capitalist pigs to draft and it's an auto analyst Scott finished weeks holidays yet yes it's it's it's a dynasty league that everything's auction. Didn't you get a accident at auction dollars next year based on how well it's. It's a really interest X we that he setup and Scott's of these great commissioner results imaginative yeah forward thinking. So yes it's I'm really glad I've I feel very fortunate to be invited him a joint itself on. Look avoiding an into the Scott fishbowl if you have a good following orders slowly learns some of the nuances. Of how you league's premier. I easily adjusting follow some adjusting you know weeks and in patterns as is peaking catch Pete at at Radovan I'm an act radavan hacksaw. They guru Von dot com Katz the Scott reports that are forthcoming mystery come by rankings up. Either a little outdated obvious because the com my. Passed us however the British citizen yet they haven't changed that much and basically a settlement you know I had state Jones and god it is honorable mentions yep. And they've moved up into the toughest golf. And if if any what is and I definitely recommend following Scott fish is rooted follow especially if you're into dynasty. On future pitched in May be getting into some of these amazing weeks of heroes. You'll fall in acts shot with Tutsis fish. Have students at Scott finished two for that's it yeah all right Pete. I will say adios for now we'll talk next Friday on the podcast this is Dublin a column Tennessee football podcast the first one of 2017. Day yup.

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