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The Real K&C - Instahacks, Mut negotiates & Curtis on the 23s - 3-10-17

Mar 10, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis bring in the weekend with a look-back on the Thursday and Friday K&C shows featuring Mut in the crosshairs.

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We take a dissent on this marks the tenth down from the lofty highs of for the army couple repeat crisper experts and I went into the off throwing the puck. To the real king of C cattle are here Chris Curtis Mike let Nancy the focus of enough without me why not make much the full time third man in like an anti third Mahan today we got a text from can vote 5 o'clock saying much here he's ready to go and I'm thinking oh my god it was. Who got killed about how big the GBG news analyst mark was still the number one Tuesday there was a mutt day Kirk says that during a break this habit of this montage of all of the chapters rap sheet computer kings do not anticipate. Trading in the drop. You're very arc on it no matter what and they're not and you're currently it's gonna go through and virtually. Guy and put the team out there at the end of the month out like you gonna spend Easter candy. Like one point 98 billion dollars this year on Easter candy and a lot that go towards peeps. Which is yes I mean you. I'd rather Sar Deans. Brussels sprouts. Rather not anything that these peep her. Appointment. He's good at shooting but any audio that we chose the plea today it worked to it would today. Sometimes much puts on an act. Act you know the much. Fake outrage is Kirk calls and asked if John yeah on multiple levels not just this radio station he'll have exaggerated emotion first yes was that the case today with his apology BT booed when. Pushed to whether he wants two days a week or notice I have no interest in new two days a week and in my current deal with the street station you'll do you two days a week. It's gonna cost more money I was surprised he took that approach. One called the Scott Morrison WEI I don't really understand is negotiating tactics here he's saying that he all we do Mon two days a week if he gets some financial incentive it's gonna cost more money noble and yes it will be generals say do you know greeted you know it is a week he quit I think it's idle plants open ousted okay well he's field a little church right. But if he doesn't do tunes that we can just continue doing one day week and that means four nights with Joseph and let's go back to much to me I think we have the leverage. He gets more exposure. The more you does Monday Friday the more likely it is in the next couple months weeks however long that they may say OK we're going five days a week yeah. Politics is one shall re Marie takes another shot out of the gas and goes beyond whatever lines are crossed. Andy's band and we're in a bind and if he's arguing two days a week. It's dog. This way he's not gonna get more money. Just do one extra week in my pin I think they should give him. I wanted to get paid whenever they compared with the he's awesome he's a great guy by a husband did all of that. It was. This seemed like earlier this year deal. I trust. It like I I would very like I looked like a great American man I am sure the American entry. Sutley -- games saying that the prices could even be I think I know much better than Putin knows David disagree 'cause I'm here at it but I don't understand how holding out. And not doing what extra show weak yen is a Smart move but it's a very dull long term. Still think I think it's a premature playing the cards. An idea as to cars slow he does he sensed the on the podcast correctly. Kirk's overall frustration casting I mean there are days where like you know today we now everybody yesterday we had nobody for two hours and reverend relic the show was not great though don't you agree with him that point. Absolutely we need one big. Ports we need we need one big ace to fill up the rotation I think we've got Al I'd like three I would run. I I consider us having three right. Trainee Roemer and and meter kick much a millimeter we just can't count and his availability is tough to digest of your eagle fan which means we had a fourth if we had a Shaughnessy it's a week I have to go now. I think we're back to being a business only were that far off but I since Kirk is said that. He's he's lacking a little faith in deal you say he has cards because Kircus feeling frustrated with the current rotation right. OK but his alternative to not doing more shows with us is to give more updates in the sixth inning of a Red Sox royals game. Joseph thanks so much Danny Valencia has sent us home her first home run of the season for the blue jays. Tim was not appealing I think much gets much more happiness. Much more joy while he's frustrated it's a lot more exposure cannot be argued for the sixth now. Is cool to be Camille Little that it was eight this shelves right but it's addictive like secretly mix and you make there's like a critique. He throws headphones that it was that legit he was actually met the clock is a product of dummies okay dummies who both bristling when. Maryland studio audience thirty correctly at eleven. Red Sox baseball while when he spun out. Kicked guards in Italy out but with my there's always some of it is for effect but just the clothes and negotiating during. He doesn't want to do more nights of the rats. Today's lucky number 25 and over the red hot Jackie Bradley junior he would rather be your two mornings a week he thinks inevitably get the money as this I hope he gets that. But I think it's silly to not agree to doing Monday Friday if management approves of it. Because it brings them closer with ultimate goal of doing this every. Management is not on his side enough for this role they want rainy five days a week they want to be the Red Sox guy. Therefore my throwing it tried to pull out for more money to be two days a week is getting don't know atlas curtain Jerry battle for the Majoli once the wicket the ratings of the other posts and also I have a full show discussion noxious I don't want I don't wanna I don't wanna talk to him and just they're not willing to do that and we'll talk to Joseph. In all speak today. There's no communication going from Jerry in Kirk upwards to the management tree Tuesday's 100. Zilch that's sort of like. The old you know during breaks the relationship with. Adam's mom Soria I don't it's Jerry Roemer on dirty rumor talk constantly during the breaks. I don't seem to really current and there. And everybody. If you thought I said that you know. Jerry with a murderer shall we always said was that he seems to talk with the river more breaks a little older people. Every time I walk in there is a three rather have a pleasant conversation and talk to the client object that's always the case of the real I don't know maybe I'm seeing things but I thought I thought today's show overall was great we had. Not hoax what was the Jimmy deepening and we had a bit of mud which really sort of sustained a report. Adam Chester. Was libelous seven. AM this morning it was a great get by you job critics US axle work growth is all at least talking about in the city we have the guy. That she won on at that point it was a terrific interview where speicher Jerry. Yeah Marcos doesn't. Kirk I don't know sometime in the 6 o'clock hour it's they were before our first break says that if out of show after is on the mid days ago. I'll be fired after that immigrants I think we're gonna have my two minutes again I think we're having money. He's got to channel. Thanks guys and he's gonna show is in the mid issue Chris or I'm not kidding you're gone and then our CO excrement at all. She took a four. The day that he went on the mid it's it was a week ago so up until that point. I've contacted him he's our eye contact the law. He is big moments. Use of the right spot he's got to get mad dog effect I was in charge are Steve Smith night Stephen A Smith someone I want on W he got you know Dennis Kelly at. Great guys they're guys that are glued to the show. That relationship with through communicating producer Michaud. But you don't want to push it you know wanna get to that point is it and they'll say back off. You wanna keep him with the proper distance. And so for whatever reason this couple's story has real the you in his voice has all the chapter. No US what I thought it would take. Adam the morning did you buy answer okay and most of that became a report the reactions balls. The questioning his father from the Florio's the world bothering you Dennis for a long time is a (%expletive) you off with a guy like Florio says you're being used by the patriots. It's amazing how often people can secular sources in the wrong and Gerry you've been a reporter currently has got a call it the favor to mention screen when I get this message out. A likely to have a look more integrity to don't want to be used like I mean. Know what let's say it would might might. Degenerate deceit so I asked for him to come on a week ago. And he was no I don't wanna do this in the and aegis. Was doing a bunch of hits with yes Pia and couldn't get on I actually he came on an additional that day. And then for the sort of free agency occur convention on Wednesday let's pitch after. Tomorrow. Reached out to him again and he's now in light no offense to you I just. I can't do it you know I have to be your iPhone. Only our. I burn the bridge after bridge like what's going it was bizarre you know he would never really said no before it always rescheduled for Tom give me. Understand it is. So. Right but this is the time you're like morial have a good relationship with Oreo. Yes it was a busy time form we autumn on you know these guys will too had been all the power of the show they know the reach it has all the guys roasting guys so they acted. Anyway so it's was communicating via email us that show after. And silicon primed to have between 7157. Point. Right after Kirk's and that gives that. Notice that I'm gonna be fired if this doesn't happen about fifteen minutes later emailed back I can't decide what's in the content it's like click on just praying. Kennedy confirmed that support and knows great despondent bitch and at a get a lot of reaction Ari has he did say a TV this morning at the pit the browns up for the pages for first tropics for grapple they would do it. Then. I'm telling you. Yeah that that the that are not seeing that okay. I'm I'm seeing what I've been told by various people okay so. They're. I do we go this could be at Atlanta right. The awkward defensive nature when Kirk was pressing him on the is his belief first was his report is and I mean he appears to be correct. Right when he's backed up again as we've discussed Chilton a lot of Jimmy. He stuck his chest or even for Saturday saying before first round picks you know is it. Yeah whatever 4:30 this morning were thinking I mean how many tweets we get say where's Joseph after wake up show after Natasha after argued that Iran April got millions of those. So he's now even you know sort of stronger behind that statement and and nobody else has come around Peter King rhapsody. Florio even to a point while marking him says he doesn't expect apple to be treated Jim corneal symbols are reported delivered Wilson I mean the guy things and at the things over to me to get slow down towards the. Do you pick them at the Blackhawks and I saw age when you snap Chad it sounded definitely like hat on backwards and beards and he was just it was Jim Cornelius does the anthems there yet edit an ideal tornadoes here Eric ones. Tim corn wooden sticks the the famous. National Anthem it is yeah thank you and thank you very much yes everyone knows who he has. Elliott thought it was mostly Daschle beyond that we had headlines the teacher did do you want full time culturally it calls even in Providence. Stephen. Contract and to request on what when you to sort or by Chilean. Good question I have now spent much. Looked up at night and what sites are important are. Leaving you with no. You wouldn't know talent in the in the face that's a quick. Short corner. And then much so I hope you which I thought it was a good coach I was a first from Italy Alitalia to bat in Iowa that's not that. It's not nice analysts and not are you you are you can just you can Jack Oskar acts by can make a joke back that's why they. We had to swear by my Ennis whereby Jerry today. Yet you've got talent this yes Jerry says it a sinking ship dot com it sic chip dot com. That's. What he says the first nine. The unedited on air want. So and of course but when a month asked ticket pick it was on the worst. It's. You a hot take today and my dad at 823 was at the official time so. Traffic on the three's is a staple sure because of WB and it'll. People all around Boston New England they're gonna now at 823. Occurrence Arctic sort of Christmas because Kurz who boost this little 823 hit every day would you think yeah dialog regardless here are terrorists he wasn't hacked he's not getting treated these studies and treated he doesn't wanna be the back up again this year and this was last night his way of sort of giving a middle finger to the team saying. This you're gonna have to do it tomorrow morning if indeed he wasn't hacked this these huge Arctic it's going to be is on the point threes Curtis on the twenty threes and thickness and it's. Hey I would give you props you got a ball take. Unicameral wack pack idea. A furious sports take Kirk I don't think listened. But he jumped on your throat he listened enough that it wasn't ridiculous idea. He would shoot shoot outs that's a win that's like mutt. Paula it was a when he was getting what 60% of vote against them right had ice Stoddard. Not properly spoken English. Any of the above yeah Kirkwood appointed out laughter removed he couldn't grab anything he was listening to the actual content types what I was saying he was looking to see if I could speak English properly correct whose fault I will bring blame I rainbow rainbow pass that addiction. Nobody really cared about it removed on which is used in the control room as a great let's see nation became a bang and test is like with the eighth month of the years currently prefix stupid stuff for us this just basic with support of the year I just said the mother and you can. The quickest out of Kirk yesterday so we mentioned in the podcast. That I Jerry's that I was like closest he always called me clintons and and he says I don't want. I I agree with that assessment. That's needed to be said I don't think there's ever been retirements of his criticize me where men and would then say I disagree I think Curtis did did you. So go from now law and praise on the section ten podcaster. Speaker honest like Fred with the. Producer market the best producer in the market. We have kids sky kennel Laird who's doing the morning for us Pete you might deal and yet Ken's doing a great job for us he's really helped the show. Chris Kurds are outlawed trouble on the beach up to the two producers are really found a groove. Tar from the occurs credit. But they've done they've done a good job I Jimmy Stewart I think porch really and these coaches are most of his podcast you guys he said nice things about me so I think Jimmy. It's very nice I I didn't your letter to report that earlier this morning so kind words yeah. All you offered min and yesterday in the podcast speak it's with producers and he says milk yet should not perfect but. They'll take but he can get those Jerry said this. The inning with faint praise for prom queens that well in school exposed to that spot at Talladega it's which doubled a recap of course. Here on can't see Friday edition show yesterday we had deep social podcast. I guess it was a Thursday we had the breaking football news late in the show with the pacers citing a court that kind of carried last hour passer really two days earlier had big breaking for. Has lot of stuff on Gilmore you see the guys play. He thinks he's got great back peddling abilities acuity he loves it likes I love the player like the player. I think about it Allen at eight Lombardi. Knowledge that as a Robby yeah focuses on the five. Reference him is the player it makes you sound so I love the player or official. Thinking like. We know you don't know Stephon Gilmore is no no no now tickets ten minutes to figure which was gonna get paid are you suggesting. As is not truth is seeing governor maker accusation true again I'm thinking about it. And hey hey bank bonus. A total speed. Yes I would say that. Volume has enjoys fishing in New Bedford. Her picture thank got for pretty football news because we had when one day we trotted out the best all like basketball team though when we get into yesterday there for was not a nauseating celebrity couples Alia that. Actually it two segments to ridiculous calls and talk to you yes after we give back to. Calls we get back gas is segments of odd couple yes like 177 side 9790s. End Kirk's all important question. Can't people change can't context that the essential just do you think people can change Curtis and can Charlie Sheen. Changed it's changed from what they changed was off the rails to do now is well Twitter is fine city. Also a rock gods name drug on his mind his aides that he's chain. To cement so anyway yeah. What's our resolution here with a mock situation measure what is the meat as a bit of four. In this case five with just a bottle vault juries are by no one of the biggest snakes in history Kirk Jerry flat refuse to sell. I sense that we're gonna be getting much random enough throughout the supper he will not be it too solid to smut. Refuse born contract negotiations I think British going to be it's gonna be sporadic summer. Better chance drop low. Is traded to and then the five of us have a meeting at any point in the next couple weeks I don't see Jerry incurred having any part of his or bottles that yet. Police want via via the mood well. You know I don't disagree was our autos approach entirely to going over the ratings on the days that money is in and just place you on the sign it's. An honor ABC television reports there insult. We're gonna go so I don't watch any TV but yourself here via one of those correlate. The sideshows and if you look at that as a reason that it. I I'm interested to see how that pans out. I mean I'd like to see them a lot of the ratings of the show are gonna be dictated by how good Kirk Jerry world those days. By the topics spinal is breaking in the sports world of the political world eccentric center spot but we might find. The trend were to with how the show those remarks in restraining were we do great all time but even. Big. Great passer and it's the other turns out fasten these kind of things that could convince management like if if our rating Sorrell months and what. We have a a pretty good week chart here last week Lehman next week we were what was in almost every day of those two weeklies that may have they've been great the next quickly I think we'll do very well. And we were number one last weakly as we've been for awhile so and I think. What's a big part of this I think two days a week makes sense for everybody involved. I would say maybe fall it's. After sox' season but I but a big part of this is this summer's to have might not calling the Sox games is to have him brief village right now. I think that that's a big aspect for light during Kirk mentioned this yesterday. Like Kirk brought a pointer was you know on board no doubt worry mr. Iger was good Lester Masterson. On days of summer in markets excellent shows. And everybody Ronnie ray was here let's get good Belinelli because you don't get is a tween and he's trying to minutes on the answering before 10 o'clock. Another great. Good radios. With that are listening to talk to and we too much Kirk problem. Name broached with the bank. And stand but it's it hurts starts we only get your and at 12 o'clock. Good for you got lots of clubs today yeah he is on show in Boston don't want our clock ratings on. Was promoting the big Saturday so if you Jerry still electrical Sundays and he's going to be audience. You guys back on tomorrow. 6 o'clock to its Al physics that what 650 after the game. Texas 77 there was on. Rear admiral Tai Anderson your true. V Starr with respect of Saturdays gave century note today during the show. Doctor Martin missed the hearts of this butch Cassidy and Sundance you know you mean career at city is. He's nation. He's got to Canada is back our school yet it shows yeah I should us and it's the ports reared does not shy away he does not back down sleep among the money Jones does not back down so you ask him any questions on any topic. He's gonna you pieces but the food groups like three food groups it you ought to two with three at the eerie you know I had read the the ours does become. Legendary however. Movies meant. Rear is like the TV guy he just like tweets out randomly what movie is what channel. Scenes 200 feet. He can't it's untouchables on right now on international field channel great flick like you'll villain in it's I guess to good heads up the Renaissance man. Provides a service Hitler dale the latest from Ian Rapoport he tweets the following. I always liked that the producer of a dent Packard which I think is Richard twelve day and it's one of the Mets. And a big finicky NCX show and he lol you mean he did whose producers Paul apps. Well we'll name drop Aaliyah I Brunswick Maine it was Willie Pete Mitchell doughboy anyway he'll go to read out close games which are like. Like a Saturday afternoon not the football season yet. Whatever random good basketball called transport him ESPN two and three so it just sitting there doing nothing put on. So rehearsed providing that service for the mood for some files. Not you. No I'm not it's it's as animal health and reflect grope little mutt though didn't realize Google's search when he was asked what is usually go it's I have a bird's eye view I do go off until about the war and he's in the classics as you know. Would put Israel like books the period well that's got Mr. Big unpredictable got this book Paula that you read. Tender is the night. It. Tender is that true every F. Scott Fitzgerald tender is the ninth and ice are no I swear on my kids that I would agree that page view on because we because why it's a slow vote. Well. SP. Ludacris will be back here Monday. Usher is to the enix next week could Timonen. Who knows I been wheeled choice. All that was a great staple this week that we did an epic to come back and mud is actually negotiating with management right now about is contracts or they refute that. The results on and on Monday. Yeah that's a good weekend it is currently threat. Jesus where that's what's trending now on WE RU WEEI dot com. Could weekend.

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