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Ep. 55: Kirk has a proposal for Callahan and the Producers

Mar 9, 2017|

Kirk Minihane, host and overlord of the morning show, brings Gerry Callahan and producers Chris and Ken into the studio to hear his show proposal. Kirk is thinking about making some changes to the morning show and wants to hear his crew's opinion.

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I cannot believe this week. Probably can guess crisper experts. One video telling them. Can't layered and Gerry Callahan I have a simple question may be warmer proposal for them I wanted to have me. A discussion. A debate if you will. Well the current state of the showing an idea in mind the three of us talked it out it was a pretty good to Baylor Jerry Kelly shot that down pretty quickly do you care about the current Callahan show. And the casting couch MI Komansky and the future of the show you should listen to enough about five birdies enough homey podcast I've got the entire crew were fronting and Laird. Chris Curtis and Gerry Callahan might be simple question. Not just a question more the thought I'd be wondering here and I'm not brought up yet to anybody. It's simple. I think we're struggling to find a third person in every single day. Some of them sock advocate frustrate us so my question is this now wonder what you guys think of it. Was just make much. Now much sings my idea necessarily endorsing it why not make much of full time third man in in the U are endorsing and and talk simply asking the question he's good job. We like him he gets the show he's comfortable it feels like to show when he's here. With one of us is a way he can fill in can do Christmas so when Monmouth is in the air and stuff matters really shoot a couple of weeks we are around. Yes and he's doing that we all I can answer is is when things are going quite well right now you have to be worse if he was here I'm not sure but I think we. We've done some really good shows with training. Does matures with Alex within a couple of good shows with the heat. I'm anyone else of forgetting. You know call me broadcaster Gerry Callahan yes evidently. I think there has been good shows with Roemer I think it brings a very unique dynamic to the shorts in the ratings in the your spelling out your makes any difference the ratings but it doesn't do regularly knows what days gonna be on the Alec people stimulus are meticulously me injure two there was ever seen anybody including you who so hated which like let me tell where we can use him one of the satellite turning up like that anyone of the three of us are out expulsion coming and I think we've now built our bench if we do it this way. And again I'm not saying necessarily that we should do what I'm saying now. If I'm gonna Jerry's gone in the summer when Imus is sicker gone in the fall books a matter we now have a bench we have tried we have out they can feel free you from. I don't think it's a bad idea but I think you take for degraded the internal. Dated date show stuff. By having somebody new in every day so even when ring present and he's not a factor he's got a argued with Pete one day that we put in an open are you guys can riff on for five or ten minutes in a part of the show. That kills a six kills time but it provides show content when you marts in every day to you missed. I think we battled other shows in the battle management I think on the you know we battled other members of the media I think that part of who we could still do. I mean there's days where like you know today we met anybody yes they we had nobody for two hours in different relic the show was not great. So I just wonder you know we get rid of that we have mutt I agree that maybe no. You lose sort of the unpredictability which always there you have a soul show the very worst where did this come from mud mud at this and are not now actually I'm not at all not at all after bloody night how pretty I was thinking about the other day yet but I did that week shows that might I thought well that's interesting you know and you said the other day you seven if I'm gone and April. You said you need my right. Yes much is stable presence and that's the last word you would just used to describe Alex true portray any true blood my brother I'm I'd much rather have mutt every day in and out. Well he Karuna ballots everyday portray me every day is an hour trying to ending is there's been there's there's a limit and I don't want to figure out more than once a week the reason the numbers are so good you don't attribute that to those guys at all. So why don't letting him do what you think is a more roster that I've always described the genius of the big show Glenn's show in the afternoon that was so concerned mostly dumped a few years ago but it was a great success for fifteen years it was the different voices every day by nature sports talk radio is redundant we talk about the same thing erupt in India to bring a fresh voice some of that redundancy is we have pure fresh choices we if you referred matured fifteen to twenty voices that isn't to say some of the more more on I agree we have we have right now we have irritation of about Marie. We have for you felt that way demeaning it's not that fresh fresher than the same voice there was this week. This week we had. How much I want you might have been drove two hours and brought in next week we'll have Mike and transient Alex we've had so it's not that punishing people we have 25 over while he's Ali you'll last month. We've narrowed it to the sub sank so to make sure we that a Russian more you know getting Roemer once a week we'll introduce strenuous and weakness it's all relatively good. You know you have five people instead of one its freshness. See here's what Hillary but most Jerry not being handled but every that's that that's a big issues that's a big issue in what way I handle my. Not handled that you just frustrate you get tired of what I get more frustrated with Alex I get more frustrated with tree but give anybody five days weeks you will be tired bush reported seeing two guys five days a week for fifteen years and this is different problems with the right into little dogs. With the gut. For all the guys and that. Mediator who thought it was going to be a regular he's a big factor additionally this is why put your theory is it won the lottery whose name metres out I can't even count meters part of the cast approaching I don't. But what he's never hear lesser resumes for three weeks ago taught everybody else is from small meetings is Ian drew game in three days in New York from. If he doesn't want to do it's not okay he's out my GRU doesn't wanna do it Anglia big factors peg where he doesn't want to do anymore so he's out. Snider looking as opposed to having separate people we think urged and we too were three. For me I'm just saying you're going to sing we should do it. Are saying it's upwards where the conversation I figured region do here is opposed in the office revenue in the office now for mikes in the office we gonna do that it's only 2017. So and I like my magic Mike works for the us having the mutt is probably the best. Guy we have the rotating part fuels like a show much here. Question if we had much in every day and if we were poignant for awarding work to do it forced people or human is we're learning here last. Seven it's you don't sales would say they'd rather have tree let me be very clear about this on a one upset about it I don't give. Three fox which sales thanks I mean I can't fix the problem when I go I understand that along with the new skits hired to my cell clinic. It Marseilles you want sales thinks it's a wireless sales think it's a problem. Christopher he's honest he's a good job with the current sorry for cost could be mine has a twelve re enabled lot of Red Sox he is their jewelry for a dogs blue (%expletive) Jewish. You look at our gears. Bought something else shepherds have gone as. So what we know that mom I've heard rumors he's moving out of state. You're breaking news here and I'm doing here and on the show. I. What does this mean Richard died she couldn't make it a two part received such desperate I don't know so I don't because a lot of our. Talk shows America podcast we've had this conversation frankly broadcast services through this was going to be my podcast and do some Cho writes to us the issue off true. And it's that's true but honest argument ran a did you think we call the soul and Ayers says it was like transitioning yeah it does not quitting your job I don't know spirit and yet the answer getting divorced or somewhat like Marshall. I I would say you know for me I would look at it just slain don't ask a question I would have a dialogue it seems like I'm the only one thanks to make some sense you guys are all down on the idea no precedent about my personal available agree with you so why even addressing them too I felt like he greeted you arts Gerri well let's say now in Dorset the Google docs but I'll disagree with. And we don't ever Jerry's Ozal. I can we try much for a week is that. Or to a candidate for full box I don't feel weird why does she like twice a week Monday and Friday we can now because during Red Sox season again all paved territorial. My other things I guarantee you during Red Sox season this communication. Joseph he's made it clear that I that's more important our show he's going to be always said if we had a further ago we like we'd like for him. They have saved money during this process and a lot of money by not heavily third marriage and pusher pay cut that they lost you know these. You know it's massive sell results Lauderdale Grande on the bike. So whatever their pain and we know what the president Alex which is nothing zero. We know they're not a lot for the third man and so somewhere the chain of the following are also paying much sought to get paid nothing in addition like this is a salary as part of its contractors compete no additional money do our show if he had zero for him remembers a 25 bucks an hour. You're talking about twelve dollars an hour average for those. Cheeses or pick on that's where you'd get some resistance from some being kind of says that saving a fortune. The ratings gonna revenues Ghana we made them a fortune they've made the fortune than give a (%expletive) about that ranked best credit that's money in the bank that's all right with re looking forward to say. We can't afford to. Put money on. Regularly in the morning because you know high enough to hire someone night and pay him nothing no idea person nothing. Well shark can't get nothing different game aren't there are important now. And later when the Red Sox post game. That it was him you know that's true get to pick one tenor Kristol who's who. Would be. Matthew rich bankers today during the break I was Rupert who. Persons particularly lifeless this week said today and besides which I agree and I guess our yesterday I would pick I don't work out and keep saying we knew. Yes yes no disrespect. Idol of yours. Like I'm in the could do either job curse still glued to work toward a solution that's at ten years of being in the tunnel between the right buttons. My other problem is we've we've done the best we can't we've done a great job the ratings are fantastic we were taken ECB who have ten or fifteen through number one again last week. I'm it would be number one of the book I'm that's a factor but it would be deal could be no more in the book of remodeled everything the long history of finishing top fifteen top and. Do we put somebody from the brand X station we merge. Freddie Jim rich you buddy Jim Mallory talked to Tony and in my card it says complex steel so I mean there. Think that recovered from us us to build something cents for the couch a minute to rejuvenate the casting Q could start bringing in 95 guys. And the year ten minutes pockets that look like it is what they want to. I've I'm not saying don't do it is going out there. And 95 guys on the coach. And two promising like I'm Hillary was right he's on another show and power from one Zola extremely different and away the ball passing the costs relate to what you read actual Google lost the leverage its run intraday. For day one day it's what is yes I'd just for the fun of talk about people while wanna add on. One day does not report. Can say we can do this with mud fall. This will be gives a spark for the summer emerged as we are able to be a look at him look any different there's a decades. Thank you report fired 76. And tech doctor fires are right I mean right I would say lately and not draw look at that was. C plus the price of between what we only want Alex and training. We are not added any real significance would you agree the past few months it took and that's all your fault you hate everybody that's why like much. It so you can use of the communal narrowed it down to the only guy like spilled argue I like I like to. I'd like mutt months of chills ago months blue collar guy to our wonderful how I try and I like noticed McCain votes he did minus Mars might. Favorite guys Kabul the cast to catch people. I think you're right is lukewarm on muffle Imus okay problem we have what mud is cease to likable. But I mean okay yeah cities lacked peck at it replace him likeable to so don't get that important. Yeah we have the fact liked to grainy and Alex. Heath to little unhinged. Like like what's and Al Ali ever. A reservation when martz and we none of us ever like oh Palestinian ago we always it's just going to be on Sundays with Trace some days with streamers some days with a commuter we're sort of like I don't know. Also don't know them in the during the breaks too weird like I try to have some acreage that she was during the breaks as we changed show. Sit at the top priority yeah out of six top regardless my is my idea we week. Go to management whatever we analysts and management mutt on Monday and Friday every week was a week. I'm finally at three middle days are going to be attorney Alex and someone else. Maybe relic maybe whoever meter maybe some. Maybe I don't mean derogatory Portnoy who knows yet but we've three middle days will be occurs job of OK I'm going to tell you that's great point Julian say when you talked about that. He's gonna sit baseball season's a factor in the Red Sox games are important yes absolutely zero adding. Never to the casting coaches. This settled areas that the degree are. It's great that day Bobby awesome at telling you guys couldn't get much money in front you don't have the clout idle in the objection is only gonna what mud does I never listen to read it closely tonight. In and gives a scorcher in the game. That's it to be some question RK can't do that these are the mob Mondays or Fridays a month but we do that two seconds I know ability in his life with his kids and don't want to show toward listened to he's part of a show brighten the Red Sox I understand people should do but don't show and I'm telling you we've had in the past struggles on Monday. I'd like Monday's U monitors are so much in the past say six months. But a lot but there's a lot to recap and let's go to that real and now we're we all watched the game yes and you guys as much fun. Right right. Monday's front okay that's finally get now advocating from awful palace holing out there as a battleground. (%expletive) you're advocating force a camera and she really not I'm just I'm just wondering that's all you leave it we have talked about Jessica a process as a group a few months. I was wondering rat right now. It sounds like these guys are nowhere no IISI is like (%expletive) and Barnicle looks like it's literally like watching shares roll around that point. I know it's gotten stale I agree there's got. It passed the agreement is tale I think the fact that we don't have many fresh voices anymore that it's just rainy and commuter. Just pretty remote that do every week on a consistent basis with much. Don't talk of a start talking goes machine anyway I think that having mother Monday Friday it would be a good so we. Unless weekly look stale to you perhaps who did not that is the only state in turn skaters still want very stale all of those you know there were 42 shows in the market and there were 41 blow us right yes I felt stale and that around the country that book at him in more than two radios so eloquently here you know study it would be a wrong choice of words still lead only to five during Easter bowl week that to me if I'm new and dynamic you know my time and it won't be reorganizing the chair. We're not there yet I don't think we'll continue to be there if we do you know a famous couple segments. But that that can happen when we. Getting the notes that you found in the studio we Donald Hogan that this program goes no holes to on the outlet that rattled children. Don't have much stress that you. Our producer asked that question. That your job. You on the show I leadership we do our best to keep a lot of places like how. Come up there was ever brought Jeter in the Charlotte he was mentioned the first that you found some notes I don't even know which stock and notes don't have them you should there in this. Oh they were in the studio where in the notes. The first page of these notes are open them up and they said that those notes and Tony are banking agencies and I've confirmed that can choose the afternoon producers are also the podcast. And they said. The first page it says Kurt and Kelly and producers to grow some balls. Was I mean it was from a meeting or disagree what was it. But what about talking points at a meeting where they said that as neutral zone and some balls O o'clock o'clock at which lets not breaking news we knew management thought saint Jesus there's all styles to go to break if you like to witness table table talk do you direct halt the problems of those. No it is that we bills that Jessica clock is right we don't you guys you guys we should go public right Loveland has to Martell is that Netflix and Fella what was being number one our hearts. To make an attractive five slot receivers. I managed Chris go to yet one more policy new faces leaderboard then and Andy I'm good I'm. Like man that's not what else what else in the notes. That was it that was I swear to god. Emergency conditions and this is your partnership should make the final cut. Do you reference that second hand in the podcast it was not. It to make a couple of major sin to cut and now I cut five to ten minutes on a day is just garbage it was just. Was not the stuff we did address properly OK I'm ready Chris keep his thoughts and there were a property a distinct comics news the cast a territory you want a cast us I think propelled us the number one I would say pump the brakes until lose out to Jerry and I happen. Elvis and I don't think any of the people we now have in the rotation a relief in knowing at the brakes. Whoever in my Allen's twenty but I like friends and either mud nobody's really in and there's nobody who's that the public shepherd knows YouTube just it would be too much would be Dick move I should everybody on the money money. During the breaks if they went to metres and came back with addresses about a movement don't just sit there don't stock markets are in the room during the drought talked a lot during the breaks he was nervous I don't know which wants to shut the (%expletive) up like I want talked to protect your friends you're nice you're nations and much of the great testament pictured deck you're not Jerry Bremer talked constantly. So it's. Really perks and there. Not talking about what you think about every break I would look at its is Gerry and whether it's congress says veteran Jerry. I talked to ensure. That you only talk to you leaving a lot of breaks. Trying to protect everybody not constantly I would say knock shepherds got that their percentage which you hate. He's won pilot Pete. I know but you hate that nervous energy. But he he also is this guy BB like he comes in in the opposite party he's a great guy suddenly realizing he no Fonda did you have on one yeah. So Monday's surprise us and our proposal who's gonna make this proposal. I'm I'm not talking to the program director true on the on I'm not doing either so you go into a wall over you don't know what it would good if Kenny and Christian doing I don't usually have to deal you're there. Yes Jerry if you guys make a proposal proposal shoot it down that you tell Kirk on the tomorrow Chung played a sound tomorrow. You talked gentlemen don't sing on Chris and I tell us that Derosa balls and talk to you guys they're not put this on the air tomorrow I think it's a pretty good compromise were great escape from every single day but do you think is something the idea of having Mike around to being the base going to be filling guy QB Jay do you think you know it's over summer shortly we saw over the holidays when Crist is a good job opens shows together right what if we do you have mud in a lot it would help. And having wants us into any Alex shows no more because I was look forward to that because my right and those guys yes I sent a Muslim vacation time but it was not gonna raw deal yet a full time gig for awhile and I got. It was raining here his ratings were operate W deserved. Well. Other people of bad ratings and survived her. But I think this will be an on the chance for him like exit every time shows up please let me Dynegy does homework I'd post it as part of it is going to trump we said to me you were kind of man amok for awhile. What you said to me the other day. I need money and he would be gone but that's kind of significant blow when you're here the other day in ahead Alex and shepherd the show was off the rails I enjoyed it. I'd like that bullet. A mature every day electoral week. And Alex and the hate each other but they were little flight to just kind of go their own ways so the show was all over the map. Which is okay wants a one. You never showed that we training meter was interviewed a guy for thirty minutes we just can't do that now we can export that can't happen in a war you know I love Chris you know that I don't want. That was an awful awful week chose yes he did a bad job and I admitted on the air that he right as a sign of really put too many in and and Alex together for a show an entire four emotional correct right. Releasing these people propelled them to the ratings I would argue that we have with us and it's good radio when they're not with us it's not a great correct that they become fools for you guys write checks and better toward first for the Tomas weakness was not it was much what comes to what Tomas and she's with us now. Cilic showed she's with you guys are not as much as much to me not really don't feel like she's a woman we treat her little differently just goes Jerry's politics you get on Jerry tell me if it might or. Somebody else and so they cried during the Hebert he's been with the news. Stop ever stock option yes we want to. She's a little bit felt weak we don't should on early cushion on my commission on each other but what you know showed anyone like shouldn't anyway because that's a pretty tough on and that nothing new or tougher each other. Nothing compares to you on today. That was tourists and losing anyway what you said about ten way when I was in and that they it was a mistake intention to put the drop measures (%expletive) up I was off that pain we can do it again you know we do it. And we still don't think he's gonna come grown back and ask approach the chants of I mean crawl around in other places but it doesn't it. A and little in the camp abroad to monitoring that area regulates that girls and the balls. It has cities mcdonalds I don't he's ever coming back I don't know I really don't know why but thing was gone. GR he's gone and you just lost some of those guys by the wayside I blame you for well I don't count yardage anyways room. How happy he was never any part of what you want to do it Zachary. For me. Or spot gets you rent I think it's I think it's a legitimate conversation I wanted to happening changed Nigerian here at that you guys might say so that we don't (%expletive) him podcast three times a great idea when he's not guys. We that I. What merger 95 guys a sleepless on a decent exit on day one and you couldn't name 30 rich friend Jim Murdoch did not show on their own show he's. Who would think whom I want fresh I said the fact that it's one shot we're talking ran well every week did you throw a couple weeks those on that were backed measure season. Jim Murray because you like compile a computer constantly felt amassed Hansen's leads to wonder what you did with us advocate the rotation or one every couple weeks. If they allowed it sure they will Padilla a boss want us to be and yell on he works turns them all right I mean but no one else can think of anyone else there although. Kirk has always been big and injured 2 PM and I just say when I'm wrong I apologize in the program director jurors are Bonham his first idea that we fought ultimately was right when it was good today when the when the warriors. Who's a Celtics it's good of Christmas and excel with the chancellor and I don't think I did actually applies them to fight you like to show me an extra for its been six months or do you feel like we're we were seventh and last book but I feel like we're gonna be top five but I saw some of the best basketball talk in the city right and we got a lot of applause a Twitter yes and listeners a lot of applause matters matters Chad and loves. And it mimics many panic at much lower bonus in my contract he's only you know real true love ego check elect I've been asked to be on that amnesty be human moments. Stick apple just. 300 of them which is a great bonus tonight as I'm looking forward tomorrow I think he's flying in the red and I've been mounting on tomorrow I'll look forward to that Sean Salisbury again become a free agents exhume Romo goes to impact our you can talk hosts who was the worst member on the card good who was the worst. And Earl. It's true. He has when Durham during a break and under are said to us what time you guys get up in the morning I want to say it one hour and if we suggests owners. Kevin from Bristol source he was teams that built it. It in their does this for industries and show we'd like them because no one's store in Pasco system and for content yet. And he came in just looked at. Simply guys must be tied to. Spoke Friday and my not a good thank you guys get up early word probably. That comprise it to say yes he should know somebody else before. She sucked dry you also be even close. Like a flu season that they now have from Bristol can't count them there while innocent that we double cheese in the box and do the regular gas yeah that's what he showed Gerri at a time when your coach was Jerry was out there show a bit more dangerous. Mark mark. But I think it's in my forgetting somebody office. I mean we we've now analyst pretty quick and we like about thirty people. Oats and number towards inventory. Personally twelve times. Get more people when Michael Jordan is good I would like to try new people have once thought let's aggregate as of the end I got you here and now I'm fine and try to solve. When she would do it now he lets you will not do it who average dude just for a few Shaughnessy refuse Dino refused to media interviews and aggression refused. But rockers U. It's true so's his main memo minority on yet. Right right. Curtis first choice first name emails was Henri Arafat and producer of our shows and charter boat people the first meeting we had an ocean we're gonna try mr. and I wanna do this. The purpose of Levin reed Alaska I'm sure he is that your news for a wonderful guy. But when the crisis. You wanna tell you what happens meaning quickly tomorrow live on the show. You after the recent. Because of what was her what we're gonna propose is the GO after despite protests and threats of tomorrow it won't get a player you want you can be right now I don't these guys for humanitarian stuff and corporate. Recorded as great idea I. Kirk just those little balls to implement its fun. Skip the recordings. Of what. The meeting with the ball hell don't have that at all I was at that. I'm running on a loop for forty minutes of Alaska never ever bring this and we wanna go to the interests or her how he talks to them. And went on around boy if they did he treat you guys. Do you guess action. Those meetings when something goes wrong treats should it really when us up on it wants. What do you. A fund don't respect him. Like you'll be honest about radio knew well he works art again do you think when he's talking to a radio you'd think I was diagnosed more than reaction listen I think or equal. That's about the and his he has you have more job security because we like Q. It's what does it additional money he's the CD he doesn't have a management health ago the governor rob management doesn't do we does it he's got. Who's not going anywhere I have more respect the united front door spectrum for should not have more effect you can beat him up to twice the size democratic giving her respect for. Yes I do yeah it is. It shouldn't I shouldn't say those he says that he's a good program director and better. So that's that's correct that's where getting talks about bill I thought these guys for a few minutes you talk about me we might Regis your name hello. I can give us a little later by Jerry switches acres force. A couple of show questions here before I some sort of sixteen has been told spent about 25 you know your ownership. Personal wealth Aaliyah when artsy guys (%expletive) internal matter what you're talk the whole time. Like to defer to your mind it all depends on the full time. It has to be thinking like I always leave it's not the right idea to be having conversations. As I said what was the best we got months ago Jerry. Guinier. And Jerry tell bears come around them like he denied that he wouldn't even have a problem with much fun telling now I don't think you would now and he wants to do it and amateur I want. All us it was I look at it I thought about it we're struggling right now not show itself but strode to blow people every single day at least want to pursue weak we do we showed just to a so why not have my MO would not be. You know and equal in mean whenever with a two TB the third guy much. What's wrong with just to look there are days when you guys prefer just abuse to a yes you're supposed to some who don't wanna have on. What eagle mutt ever gets in the way that would be shown much to knock anyway panel thing I think I don't try to penetrate he gets in the way sometimes. Other on what is so sensitive he's gonna listen to sneeze can not speak for all you really have sent you guys the three so pissed standing up and down the middle like god are we sure either way some relief violent yes. I am fearful of doing this and then a week or two into it for whatever reason things get stagnant you guys are. Something what does he's not willing to take a stand to get an argument I don't know you guys have the ability to have the best of my twice or once a week right and then you don't have. Any downside of a muddy is it but over pressured much by news. Shut up for twenty. Jerry and I can go what's good chemistry and good soaks it wears off you see mutt mutt doesn't take it well when you guessed right no he's not take it but that's funny to me that's good I know I don't care about this like mental health group will destroy him. I think so that would be made my job what is your sawed me in that regard I could be your Christmas to be your goal I don't know what his job easier and that's why I'm saying that. I think we should do two days a week first epic that's a good compromise. I do I should it's an amateur was here I do so would echo Ken's point of view that there have been times in the past for jurors got tired of my end. I agree that's been saying right now maybe it's different right now like I said a couple of days ago we were on the phone he said when you Gandhi prime may be unable British economy not being. He says I need much in that we can at how well that is really elbow long way away from 545 months ago your husband my right to his credit. My listens mutt mutt is essentially a not just the third host there's a third producer. Let's go straight exhibition all the time and noticing that you guys he's hardcore. They show likely. But who you know. Sort of group of people we have an dramas involvement that we don't that would that would hurt there's no doubt about that about that. We missed two maybe twice which is about telling I don't think we're gonna him twice a week. I don't what's more important I felt I saw this Lucy but that's okay. I thought we were lucky to get once a week or socks how much are we I don't I don't either confirm yet. Right but the other thing is is that this summer when you're in Gerri have multiple weeks at a time one of you will be off. Having the cast a coach as you said. Two hapless people. For temporary filling posts will be good because of the re already have a dramas play up. During what would normally be a down time so even if my worst here we'd still be a gonna bring in Roemer gonna bring trainees whatever I think that still has existing that's technical legal. Yeah I mean idol see any reason to not due to it is a weak first full week commit to full time that's. Okay I'm not saying again I'm missing again I'm not saying I'm just throwing out there but we could talk about it seems like you know nobody else wants to do with him guide right now be inclined to agree by the suggestion no I would agree with. I'm closer to saying yes to this that would have been three or four months ago. Only because I feel like right now we have. It's Jerry Tucker these different forces or native Detroit twenty to thirty different voices migrated voices that resources from popular and Albert on that's. Half what Stearns a couple of times we do understand usual. Different you know budget funded differently in it was sort of a different thing in the meat on these guys for being stupid needed mind it's much I don't bother me after. So it's different right now we every really small rotation rotation right now a centuries now extra meaning in my right through people. Seriously if we got shot SE or somebody like that and they were good. That's a big law that does something different yes I agree one person changes the dynamic penalty trucks can be that guy not original higher draw that I wasn't the truck was not lifeless but nervous and maybe that'll change well he's gonna do this stuff we want. Correct I agree that in baseball season he'll be OK for now here for mark now we do or baseball like that. We beat the price for five sec widgets as I was during the day for like 23 and talk and recapping the game right before we know to walk back. I believe it looks through cycles summer with you guys but until we talked a lot is prob is the atmosphere here was here and they were good it was a different animals he is doing. Don't go to a lot of mourning after gains reduced or expand the ball right price my initial complaints. Plates and we're number one Philip rotten a pretty good waiter as I do feel like did competition with bridge decks. I miss that a little out of our timing is the ultimate for rob us yesterday New York's. She's gone now but still they're a little bit repair but and we can't more than my management now. And you guys are self motivated in your little need to drive everyday is it still did we make the best decisions can't. Shows the sounds good but. Now we've reached number one it almost feels like it's a moot point in saint team you both know no one month full time. Yes Renaldo today M and. Right after domino to Jerious and kind of hard you know an instant. I as a group I think we have Monday showed that the number 12 I don't think I don't like I maybe I'm just after the eagle I don't think people are saying trainees on Alex and I didn't listen ammunition and listened to me because Alex's. But he gets more people don't tune out when there which an. I will say that when. Your report that sales went straight remember there are times while tree has been great picnic basket where she has gotten in the way a little bit she talks will be at this week we had segments we'd we did with her we couldn't go yells the female. Tokyo keynote talk at some of them if we couldn't answer. She's it would spark for a segment and it's. I don't know I I think your mental health is very important to show. You mean you're a delicate person. So if I knew people a week is actually making you feel more uncomfortable topic it's not comfortable it's just if it bought you don't. Doesn't it doesn't bother me I'm saying is I'm just looking at a vs the emerged from the positives negatives I'm I'm just I'm saying forget whether we do where I was just looking as an experiment. Should we add much to the show full time record and ask the question or trainee could have asked about out of looking amok because I think it's a show best. Jerry Bible like him he would want to do it is an exception to some extent that's all we should exercise more than anything else look at the. It'll pull on your list of pros and cons might be annoyed. Or what makes you happier of five days a week or different people every day. It depends on the people. But it actually good but you know that we did the show me when hide it well we did shows that people like kind of like shots offers a nice guy maximize Skype when they. Forces on these shows yet people I don't know I delight in their wrong yes and we do that is correct right if it's if it's trendy right like counselor like it's fine. Why like meter like that's fine and to which is better. Current cast out or moderate. I think right now it's in the car category I would say did the does Jerry solutions about solution yes what does it sucked that would impair that like you know he's good on the show on the mutt. With whom it was great watcher might ignite is that great he's better with the Oscars just embraces all this. Fighting that's the best solution I don't think that's going to happen. Drawings can lead to another back should I don't think they're gonna Jolie's Americas in the pay somebody 25 dollars an hour to game the puck in pregame and post game and whatever. But by far away of all the people that we haven't is the most. Feels like the most part of showed us by way more work behind the scenes for Ken and I. Obviously connected with you want I'm sure and and comes in and it feels like to show so we're gonna have anyone to beat him I said reader tutors or we can go from there. Gambit W say that but it's not gonna happen. And I can give us two days pluggable real content about a talked about earlier show either of them will be bush trying to find people and so it's not it's on the net positive. Get this segment too but we're still looking at people and apply what you've got a final say on who withdrew the third rows would be. There are showing d.s using the phone wrong. It is sorties tassel a third purple Martin my adding a third person full time you wanted to host a Monday Friday right we have full suite of we have say on if they wanna have somebody full -- you can have saved for 300 credits and I evidently not mean I think we gonna have gotten you know I think gigs in your biggest Joey stuck my off days from. Which took a wanna do he's you have off it's confusing me I want. My Mondays and threat and endemic though it was a disaster Lester because we had a working those off days he was exhausted he writes wasn't paying close attention because it was working seven days a week. They're sensitive to the Red Sox network the rest such network I think likes not loves arcane and if they love the arcade and Sox network who is who is that you say that who's that Dana and Jessica Simpson I don't care what you think I don't you deal but. Date it still day. Joseph fill it deep. Members of management part of that was approved the decision. If people truck which federal Korea. Can be delighted to announce it we go to now let's say we want my money isn't Fries and say okay who put the Sox network that would say our Christian market. Pick and put it won't they're really finally deal W options. That's like mud makes our morning show better we think a couple of days a week yes there's the there's a net gain for us is a bigger than McCain and of you know. Much to the Red Sox pre post control really not listened to the Red Sox post game a pregame show or the in game updates because much thought to any. I agree with you but they disagree date. They impacts the ratings of the game idol ratings but the revenue and sales and that's that's what that's subtle and nobody cares about normal radio sales. I am I'm I mean I don't wanna you know and is doing or should we call him out by name at their Charlie critical busts behind the scenes so I would say why is he making any decisions at all coastal arts. This is just what asset. Precaution the shots a meaningful if you go to pet do an on going your business. No YouTube I'm I'm really good in my job I have knowing if he's gonna not do would you agree this is what we're up against I guess and that's really is a good that's seems to be be inaccurate. Portrayal situation I guess I don't know you're probably right makes no sense but it's. You're not lying I mean the other thing is. With mutt Monday and Friday you get him to have organized schedule we can do the nights or weeks what works for him even better can she prefer the Monday for his so I would assume it's gonna be on board with the zone if you talk yeah. I know I have and I am I guess is we'll talk about tomorrow my guess is he'll wanna do apart and opened it's I mean it's not gonna happen which is just saw that lead to more frustration and more. You know scrambling for guys on Mondays and Fridays which they don't again. I've jury said the sultan I agree I do believe it people want us to fail. I am not saying as paranoid I think management that particular week they want us to do that anything beginning control should palace were doing I think they won best bet. Discreet area which wasn't true but I think they wanna stuff. They're happy both stir up with the ratings because sparks to revenue but it would be sourcing a world stated. Coming lord Otis Nixon Jake and they're dying to get us understand what issues do well they don't get it we talk all the stuff they talk about remarkable stuff they don't get wiped out the big do you understand what they cannot understand it's frustrating. You know we're now would that. Well the war 95 is only used to be the war with the bid hopes management is as real as ever that I would say. I'll see you guys capital for any reason but especially seeing that. Existing management here's what I'll quit before the Jews are behind. Me and I both Peter McGuire. I never produces test social life. If you're at the apartment and had your radio guy who you know doesn't think it's good the radio that's what relation to pass a path that's a mud as it tries to sort of the few guys and that's the proposal go to get a usually the pitch right now yes. Here's one if I want now was all part of them showed more. Yes. I'm recorded and the Obama and I would do I go to go. All right thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcasts. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week he's great podcast totally free do if it was you go to I two's. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and reiterating leave review that she can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point hockey.

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