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K&C- Patriots sign CB Stephon Gilmore; Mike Florio joins the show; Top Tarantino movies 3-9-17

Mar 9, 2017|

Hour 4. The guys react to the news that the Patriots signed CB Stephon Gilmore. Mike Florio joins the show. Kirk and Gerry name their favorite Tarantino movies.

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We'll immediately to Malcolm Butler. Are signed a one year tender the first round high tender I think it was they bring someone that essentially made it to take your job this year however. This is direct competition. They would not do that they would not make this move if they haven't already tried. To get Malcolm Butler Butler long term because they value them in that locker room in that organization I know this. But now you're signing another potential corner that they're like that's long that's competitive that's willing that will compete he's been in a Rex Ryan defense for a couple years to man to man locked down will do various things. That's Bill Polian and yes. I think. I was that's not the Paul wasn't Teddy Bruschi Teddy OK first yes those guys. Obviously Hanson obviously it. Obviously it's a lot to pick through here with this Gilmore signing. A site in rap or Treo to go fourteen million a year before you say I'll say I was wrong calls instantly nine million a year I was refute it Rappaport says fourteen. Which is the second highest. Cole won't make the second highest paid corner and Josh Norman in the entire NFL walk me through this is there a way in the world. The patriots are going to pay and paid Butler who I think it's better than Gilmore I think they may disagree. More new Gilmore in a year. That will have to sell or keep them right so my guess it just to guess I don't think they're going to keep both those guys you. Now at the most after quarterback and it was valuable positions it's vital and they know it. And on the Pacific if they ever done Nath an upgrade from Logan Ryan. Does he play the right side and then on the left side flip flop houses for organ find out obviously in less. What is do you have the details of Butler in there he's got the first round tender three point 9000003. Point nine million this season and restrictive free agent the first signs he makes three point nine million which is well below the rocket about plus a big raise Whitman at one point five last year yes if a team signs Butler. It's 21 round picks correct is it tour one. It's 11 of its one for appointment to that it does a player who burst yet but for pretenders and the first round for a traffic yes clinical the first front and your first round pick options now it's not it's complicated I'll definitely Christopher tropics of double checked Telecom and again the question now becomes the pages are you leaving in the first tropic return. May now they've Gilmore they are they saying we're gonna sign him but his what they do Kirk says there will play I hear ocean and how it yet again that. But this is going how many we're gonna. Guess how many years. At ports you mean a police Stephon Gilmore. Former bill. Please. He's made one probable current torched by Chris Hogan last year couple times McCain yeah yeah make fourteen. Year. Obviously it's like almost Brady X as I said earlier it's going to be picked the page circuit during the do something right again that was right about the south game Gilmore is going to be the first or second third highest paid. Pork in the NFL. Imposed can sit there make three point nine million he said he huge raise pets. Strange that's life and death when they supposed to do so we're praying in the dialogue we have to pay when you look at the tickets free agent needs and I understand Belichick you know those things we don't expect if you look at and say boy they had the game lockdown no doubt. Well second ice they cornered football. No but it's such an important position. I think. It is about Hewitt. And did I don't remember them attempting to sign Brian. You know they did know it was really good last year has covers as. Somebody point them out of the best slot cover guy available and he's going to get paid. He's going to get ten million plus per year organ line is. And so maybe they just thought no let's go for let's get the best guy available he's. According to pro football focus the fifth best free agent available at number four analysts as one that hightower. Culture on Jeffers six. AJ blue we AG paid Cuba as the seventh best corner on the market Conan pro football focus. But Gilmore. Wanted to read his description sure my friend and he FF humor me would this be our body SM monsoon. That's and so it could be could be guild wars arguably the only available corner. That a team could expect to thrive as the number one corner. But his 2016. Season calls in the question how confident anybody can be in handing him that rule given how pour his plane was at times. For the season Gilmore notes five picks that masks. Much of the poor play and the fifteen point six yards per reception. He was beaten four represented career high eighteen handing him a big money deal. Will want to be confident that 2016. Was more and and not. More animal. Brad and Emily. Anomalies. Yes so the pictures certainly could see plenty of them they know him as a not some rash hair and I mean the money's a lot. Spell check you season twice a year I can after the Belichick knows who's doing this. And I'm surprised that I mean that's that's for Belichick series serious cash. But they have sixteen million us understood Judy theorists I'm afraid if this Panama did not dwell upon it if they do it would be hope. Com. On the house and I towers don't. You spend money on high tower similar amount of money to they're gonna try. He has to have that spend that they've had spent the past pages spent the first round her a place the first round tender on Butler. Last Tuesday and is worth three point on 91 million over this coming season this means other teams can sign but it would offer sheet. Which the pages and have the option of matching if the patriots chose not to match the other team before security first round pick. The patriots in exchange for as Jaffa port so I'm no team assigned to a first round yet it never happens restricted free agent since 2003. Right. Fourteen years of this and no one has done it's not gonna lose Malcolm Butler he's here. At four million a year. What's his attitude and that's a good question but you know what that's that's pompous yet felt you know his life it's like this argument that what's on gonna say now that. Which is names Macon Atlanta Alan Mencken as much. As he has. Who cares I mean honestly don't know but the take away from this though is Adriatic it would be what does it mean not this year but next year on Lindsay be restricted. They're gonna sign into good bowlers and figure more money than this. Sixteenth seventeenth as the year yes the answer is yes they won't I putted well I don't think the money's going down in the NFL why Greece and get somewhere no we won't be here as Florio points out any minute now we have a thirty million dollar quarterback that will be the next big milestone but corners. And one time probable those guys who. I just. One and one of the pack in and free agent market getting fourteen million a year. It's hard to believe but that's the way it is in the film and all of a similar to a slow decline is nineteenth among all pre and there was no don't. Yes my toes for. It is the way it is in a coma lots of lots of money. Yes and we'll see what happens in the day goes on to anticipate to be done for Bono and sent hightower it will make a trait I've no idea what. They make it big splash wrote the first huge splash in free if they don't sound high towers it and landed roberts' job. To get them. We ought to do a post on somebody else no way a couple of days that he usually does nobody called to you that the price for depicted you're looking did you do look at a different list and incense and I was like 68 on this list and don't you think what's going to be. The inside line America the middle linebacker the yellow dot yes helmet yes I'm done I'm sorry I'm done I'm done I'm done done and guys would limit is set up on this Don I don't you tell Tim Tebow as faith you've done everything that there was not one the equivalent of seven Christians who bubbles are best says he's he's if if if it does Sarah Donnie orphans got a hikers are great great linebacker. I think he's a rates. On this right so wise but if he lets him leave any sensibly often than not negotiable lecture. Probably not that will not out and they just upgrade and defensive backfield right so I know I don't think I think I I didn't try to sign and I don't think they'll miss Chris Long at all well he did anything I think I missed far too often. I don't well. Depends of crock it's hurt aesthetic great the last two months of the season that it was great when crime or not great he was invaluable when crime went down and I think crock usually goes down while we're not great the last two months of the year. Now Marco go go to game council. Come but think about it crock. Is going to be another type and did we agree even on this yet lingle. Willing I'll be used to lead draft pick as you look at chrome can say we hope you last sixteen games you act in the last eater and hopefully be placed and they elect asked and not the first ten right and includes the post season. But don't they need to pass catching tight end. When Allen is not that went Allen has had more than 35 quick catches since his rookie year correct he's not a pass catcher they decided Jack the little. Is the better choice in that offense how bad it if you don't like it played with the and luckily it wasn't planned with. You know Christian how cobra regular and price parity here's yours is better second half of the season. Catches 1324223155. I'm in the Super Bowl if I'm Mr. Bush dropped one of the older and a simple but five in its desperate play hard yards blocked he played hurt. He was very important and you just have to assume. Quote won't be there and give Andre a target three types occasion a Cleveland in Brady's first came back. The rest of the year and three touchdowns he was not if I make I think is yours a little overrated when you don't know. We blocked blood people say I'm Anderson people say to announce a great blocker I Anderson watches symbol only understand but a dollar check maybe maybe you know. Bill Polian I don't know who watches to an island block maybe Sam Munson. I don't just take their word for Kevin's stuff feelings book artist Kevin Duffy wrote historian Doug assistant coaches let us. It is trios and she's put five NFL seasons the younger than Butler is 26 that younger and strange. But yet so I don't I think I've only about will be back next year and that independent too high speed corners believed that he. Probably were too before I think if you do area PX if that's where you spend your money I think it makes sense I regularly to a backup quarterback won't play. Point five million pets where you do well run business you do but the in the trade him maybe I'll trade him for the twelfth pick in the draft and with that picked it take OJ Howard. Who's this stud. From Alabama. Exit his talent bill the other adjusts its future saints won't happen on the selector Francona veteran dog would go Callahan yes. He's got a great track we definitely draft genetic but in the third round that's a done deal you know elect. He likes him and he's hurt he could go to the common people other teams they forget human diseases she is simple way right patriots have like written down somewhere don't forget it but. So they're gonna draft at least one tied and and it will be guy catch the ball because women don't doesn't catch the ball. I know we just all me up like thirty catches a pitcher threw balls a game which asserted by the way what that was the second half of year right but this team values tight ends more than any other team so you gotta figure the purity draft and a murder meaning another one or two death what are the cinema and Aaron and this is supposed to put him to ground he's who's oh split lines Beimel gives block. Now. Accorded Justine Anderson BSP and the patriots just jumped in and Stephon Gilmore this morning so why would they just showed interest to gain as opposed the last couple days. Classic patriots moved they stated they stay in the weeks then that you pay just to be found out info from. Blow dryer or other team about Bob illuminating. Official information a load of rioting and jump in and give a guy that most Middle East and it seems very impatiently they always like they saw see saw him all the time. It does seem unusual and goes off to places like a big done this two or three times in history we know that you didn't hear one thing about it from anyone. Obviously he did but it's like they've done it made it would Daley's promise to do with Roosevelt Colvin and sometimes they do go up to the biggest price. And and I still owed tails like deer in the running back Mike gill as Lee. You've always liked him from the bills yeah. And I don't get some answers tuchman so much study shows up and I think I'm a good deal all the credit to pick but he laid out the scenario by everything they are running back and I don't think it's going to be viewed Peterson and do we. Not only to Florida they love Florida. So. He's young he's only 26. And they love looking guys from the bill Steele against the bills that's true and it's plum we've decided. I've decided that Stephon Gilmore can have his number point four. Has its sellers Jones it seems that she's fair and they and since SARS Cyrus she stay. His statement Euro team this year right maybe that's maybe they want take OJ Howard cause of them Alabama maybe belts has given up on Alabama guys could be. Immunity deal breaks they've been told them some sellers Jones was or. Can't meet this 6177797937. Who is chapter four it was drawings next. Michael morial did you like floor will be joining us from pro was he pro football talk us probable talks might for a break down all this free agent stuff and he took a shot and shaft to us both that we get back. I got Florio is that the guys from. Pro football talk Mike Ford joins us six couple minutes of a busy Thursday morning Mike what's going on as a dog eyes which are take away from the Gilmore contract would look really surprised. I was surprised you how the patriots do things we don't know until it's done yesterday the Dwayne Allen trade nobody saw that coming that we saw a deal more coming he'd been linked to the bears. My understanding is he one way too much from the bears in the itching to see what level he took haven't seen any numbers yet. For immortality Rapoport that's what we're saying fourteen million a year yet let's see and that's the German money sounds a little bit pretty good thing patriots the agent had been calling the shot. At fourteen million a year. So there's a check you know all the time the initial numbers that come out our. Packed with a certain amount of fluff. It could be a fun a year and a contract that. Spikes to and unreasonable number that jacks up the average we hear guaranteed numbers all the time all that matters is what's guaranteed the moment you sign it. There's injury guarantees that can be avoided by cutting the guy what's guaranteed it's signing. Is what matters most signing bonus is a key part of that average doesn't mean anything. If it is. You know. Deal it is back loaded in anyway so. But what. What impressed me about it was look. The patriots know they scout they competed against this daddy game played against him so the bills that you see the value in keeping him around but the patriots based on. Up to ten games a facing Gilmore over the past five years decided. That. You know what. They do. Value Stephon Gilmore so I think it's fascinating. It raises questions about what they're going to be long term Malcolm Butler to just keep for this one more year as a restricted free agent let him walk away next year it's a lot of money to invest. In your secondary if you're gonna pay market value of Butler after you've paid market value to Stephon Gilmore so I and it also is gonna raise the question is where what was available so. I want to trade for a that's the question to bothers tendered they offer that first round tenders three point nine million wiser team not made first for an tendered deal like twelve or thirteen years. Well that's a lot to give up forgot. You know really a summer when Laveranues Coles jumped from Washington. Want to jump jets since I was James at the jets went to Washington. That was back when it was he could do the first shot ten you do first and third round tender that was on people actually would go after ago the first round tender sought to give up those those first round picks are valued. More and more especially now. In the aftermath of the 2011 labor deal where it's so much cheaper to get that guy in round one you got to pay the big premium that having a top ten pick. Carries with it or at least used to carry with it before 2000 elevenths I think I think teams. Teams value first round picks a lot more and they used you can get relatively cheap labor and you can get a great player for five years and then you tag him and get it for six years. I think it was Sports Illustrated. Had a panel and then like five experts guessing where each free agent and an up and they all thought Donta hightower. Would stay here I don't know where in the came up with that on the came up with that but. What do you think Mike do you expecting high powered to reopen the patriots won and and I think a lot of that came from his own reasoning which makes sense the idea that. Bet. That the patriots had gotten rid of other linebackers like Jamie Collins and get rid of a. Pass rusher Chandler Jones and doctor hightower is basically the cheese that was standing Maloney had a big play answerable 51 and there's even a thought that maybe they would use the franchise tag to keep from around the you know that that that that's this is guilt that that the deet does this give more contractors can be fascinating because if they paid him market value it cuts against everything patriots do. By way of getting guys to take class and and it's a tough message to send when you have a locker roomful of guys and you have carefully crafted this culture over the years. Of getting guys to buy in. Do your job take less money be part of the championship experience and none of those guys get a windfall and you can get a windfall to a guy that has never. Spent a single moment with the franchise after a tough one to sell and that's why I think is this deal. My my initial suspicion is if it's worth fourteen there's some flopped and never but we'll see how it plays out. Obviously we've done a lot of drop below and Brady. We urge you to ash after was being used by the patriots but then you know Peter King your pal Peter King went on. With Dan Patrick said the exact same thing he is guaranteeing Acropolis emea the patriots next season what he's sable that. Well look it's one thing to say I guarantee you that drop below will be on the patriots it's another thing to say they're not expected to trade him when you say not expected to trade. That very well may be yup true at the time but a message. That is being sent by developed checked. Through at a show after. To the rest of the league. That I am not going to enter into any negotiations from position of weakness I'm going to enter into those talks. From a position of strength but to bring you agree don't let me chapters done -- eat eat what is it's unusual for him to go all in like that. I don't know that it was all in not expected to trade we know he he said Gary and GT Gary on the team the other team. I'd look I think that it's a safe. Guess to make and what what what to having and it they gonna fire him if he's wrong about that a meat. I would say that I believe he's going to be on the team I'm not ready to guarantee anything because anything can happen we look. What what would we have said last August 25. I guarantee Sam Bradford is gonna be on the Eagles I think I would said that I think anybody would said that and what happened a week later he was gone so I. Brought below is in that sweet spot where he could be traded the question is to somebody develop the sense of urgency to trade him and the one thing that constantly gets overlooked in all this what does the Rob Lowe wants because we tell if somebody's gonna give up first round pick plus for Barack below. They'd better signed into a new contract on the way through the door because he holds all the cards especially. Once he gets through it's 117 season healthy. And he put you in a Kirk cousins franchise tag corn maze where you gotta pay him 22 million next year a 20% raise on top of that the following year. And 20% on top of that just ease the transition tag in the third year he's got to be on board he's got to sign a contract and you know I think that the other thing too if he does not get traded and stay with the patriots. They're perfectly comfortable having a guy walked the buffalo next year or go to the jets may. Which now buffaloes got Tyrod Taylor under restructured contract but drop located at being the quarterback of the jets and 2018 and Bill Belichick doesn't seem to mind that. Outcome if indeed drop below is definitely going to be too high. I think I think and shift or is going to be wrong here because I think they quarterbacks Teamsters panic overpay for the you know all the deals that. That might I might have gone out out he's gonna get Michael and money when he gets traded but they're gonna trade in first round pick and another pick and Belichick's gonna turn that down for a guy who's not gonna play all next year I find that article quote who's who's gonna trade form up a Cleveland. But top time shift. This is the philosophical question Jameer applies to ask himself. Do I wanna play for the browns. Do I want potentially flame out in Cleveland. Or do I want to. Hang around for another three years behind Tom Brady an outlet to think. The drop was in a position where he can get a straight answer the question of how long Tom Brady's gonna placements are both represented by the same agency. There's got to be away hypothetically pass that information through the drop below so he can make a good decision. About what he's gonna do. But if it's three more years and let's say they would sign into a deal that pays him I don't know 910 million a year. Over the next couple years. How I'd be tempted to call today. I don't tell I did my stats or perhaps it is here he's ever happened here thirty million dollars time of his life he's going to be 262728. And not playing well Howell who would ever let Brady is so great and I know it's hard you know he believes that he's a great these vulnerable. Yeah that that the that that's the risk you take it from rob Lowe's perspective. You better make sure you pick the right destination if you are gonna go and look I said when the 49ers signed. Brian Hoyer or agreed to terms order and how the proper limitation is. That you don't want to do so well that closes darker kind of don't doesn't it also doesn't close it or drop below. If Kyle Shanahan thinks or apple as it got Cameron's offense if she wants a guy who run his office so. Cousins has run his offense where his run his offense he wants a guy who promote his offense but if he thinks oracle can run his offense. Then problem becomes attractive and they definitely have the ammunition to get that deal done if they wanna do it's I would take the 49ers out of the mix either and I between the rounds of the 49ers. I'd feel a lot more comfortable more of the 49ers because it's. How she and as a six year contract with no offset I saw the report somewhere and I wish I could -- who was second credit them but no offset language. Meaning their pain and whether he's there or not without any reduction. If he goes he coaches another team they're all in with this guy. I don't get the sense that the browns are all in with anyone at any time they try to create that impression but there's a lot more stability right now in San Francisco even though the heart beat coaches in fifteen my car. 25 months. They right now I think that's a more stable place and and I based on what Shanahan did the last two years and Matt Ryan. If I'm drop below on at least mildly interest in would that be ironic that Barack lowlands up one play for the team that. Tom Brady would have loved to play for coming out of Michigan. I Houston or Denver win it is Romo play and actually. I think it's Denver. Because they have the secret weapon although it's not a secret you've got a hall of fame quarterback who knows how to speak the language who knows how to make the connection. And we'll make the case to Tony Romo as to why he should play for the Broncos. I can't gauge whether or not the Texans are truly interest it. But they could ahead Peyton Manning 2012. Yeah that people inducing a crazy when I say that's the the Texans were interest in Manning he was an interest in them now. I got that wrong and it's and it's a pretty tough to finally screwed up many was it Houston Texans they were detested him he that was the only team that wasn't interested in him that he had interest in. And I wonder how much of that residual. Regret is floating around involving Mayer's mind if he feels like Tony Romo is the way to rectify the other question too is this. To the extent that there is some sort of an informal list of teams that Tony Romo will play four. Does Jerry Jones to see is he sensitive enough about the in state Texans that he doesn't wanna hand Emma. A guy that can help them win a super ball they they only play each other once every four years in the regular season but they are geographic rivals. And and I can't help but wonder whether and I Jerry Jones has asked Tony Romo to not go. Houston aren't likely appreciate your couple minutes on the am busy dale catch up with you soon sure CS Mike Florio pro football talk to you said what chapters and 500 years or does he have the number of them don't and those numbers declines caused an insane for a portrait and also shutters off it plugged in with the patriots as you I would say that the guarantees something you've gotta think if he's tons. Others. Jones a promo from going Texans he's a free agent. He talks Tom's friends call says. Don't play for the AFC team and right that is AFC team that's on the you know it's unlikely that so I I like stuff like Florio needs he's always going comes on but the idea that you metropolis Islamic three year nine million years or so many that's the caller that's when we have heard from our analysts are quite bad but it's it's it's not mean you're you're giving up then. Does two things that are up 3035 and almost 45 is starting to pay wants to play and he wants to get picture. Those are the most important auditioned to grow and also the speech to grapple and I don't things happen. Thompson play two more years. And I mean in any doors 800000 this year 25 million next enabled cents an average of twelve right the most signing a contract you'd think if you repeat dormant and that's quarterbacks in the league right. To that or market value price is going to be insane McCain is here Belichick hearing brought here and we're all you guys but it that would be unprecedented you can find a case where that. But this as a this is also an unpleasant situation. She'll drafted the heir apparent calmness and the guy Aaron Rodgers last evening maybe forty year old is the best quarterback in league this is unprecedented. But here's the simple solution as you ideologically it was forty you trade him to Cleveland you know you get the first in the third. And he gets a big deal he gets it appears that Brock a smaller deal with that's changed again Mike Glenn and contract right and he moves on with his life. And you have to Kobe percentage of backup Tom Brady of the twelfth pick in the draft. The other stories go to our old friend might charities to between you've seen it. Partners pissed about the money since last spring no real negotiation since post Super Bowl. In season offers essentially the same this postseason according Girardi sources abolished pissed off right now. I'm for the pisses him off even more and you said at the brakes or steal that you can predict right now I don't water predicted. I asked Florio. He's at first. A first round pick is legitimate I understand what it's about about what went back in the draft today. He's put it back in there innately first trumpet is available to take a shore now I understand the money's a lot more yet to pay more. But you getting it for trading it for tropic of say 26 pick. You get a guarantee Pro Bowl level corner the next five or six years so you think Butler will get traded today that's. Says the brick. Yes sure why. What an adult polite. White said publicly traded when the next week keeps you people saying you treat and warlords out of the Brandon Cox yes. Sounds like fun show him to make that I think I was more payable and cooks and you. I sort of measure of money to solutions. Yes yes there really good left corner is but this feels like a good bye to two Ryan and sign Gilbert this contract to me. No I just I don't think they have a problem with an unhappy welcome one that neither wise but but at the end this year department walk. Right undated rather just at this point they might maybe just let Logan Ryan walked buffalo girls let's Stephon Gilmore walk a true. That's true Donta hightower Mike Walker somewhere tray right that your effective probably will. But I was gonna get fifteen million in southern werder report he'd he wants thirteen of fourteen million a year and again. It is targeted him I don't think you. Someone will is gonna get accidentally write six once existed two hours ago Tuesday that point 6177797937. Something will happen in the couple minutes were gone have been abused we get back. Think it's both. Field. Don't use nothing more convictions and you know. So I reservoir dogs though it's glorious best correctly it is all it. Good one great stuff caddie is a close exciting. 5 o'clock five I tried to. It's tough but what. I was I don't know if I was sent to list my. Tarantino movies and that's how I can do. I I did so. On the go amendment ruled an amicable dig cant pick pulp fiction number one. Okay as to why that's why my number 113 a movie would then be. A reservoir dogs one. Though it's too pulp fiction sort of a pulpit should do this affliction to. I would goad jango. Bastards killed. I go I go jangled one. Reservoir dogs to pulp fiction free English fastest four. And I am still I love you don't feel like I pick your battles over and heat over its its goods not great. It's a great one movie I think it was one group is not great and I think I'm Maria what time on the putting faithfully. I shouldn't item of evil and love it was grown on me it's on all the time Tarantino movies you can see the more than once as dialogue is so fast and which rivers in order to five so. What are you. Yes jingle change to me is easily we're gonna pulpit and play three you lick resort expendable but yes. You actually is a medley is is no women arisen windows two months shall that is what those who says Coleman and pulp fiction is loaded when it must my favorite all time scenes. As mr. pink mr. pixie. Which wants a different name than what I've committed what do I have to be missed the catch era. Your guess yes and I love revenge and there's never jangled changed the greatest revenge movie it's a pretty good revenge I used to think it like watching roots and stuff. What a good idea would be to have an uprising all the slave owners just get killed and tortured what did kill Hitler Gore's press yet but this kind of cartoon she spoke to right. I'd like I think this was twelve his slaves should have ended without getting torched. If I historically accurate it's so what illegal movements historically accurate probably now I think Bob. That I would have liked obviously better and went back humans yes and I believe I'm even if I feel he's dead he'll. Is he always suffer. Public and if you wipe sufferers I would swipe of worship ads in his wife didn't suffer I would agree with you there can be no culture Tarantino directed holders of slaves Solomon would have. Actually come back on that if his family got back in this part of the flown a plane anywhere if you import gasoline hatchery and Epson burn them alive. Kraft patsy got rid of bird railway were there until this true. Which are the skinny. It's got to be reservoir dogs won multiple stations to Jacki Brownstein of the month. She slowed progression over the slow for me we'll do sludge Gerri wrote to Robert Forster the great charitable. With the slope that's that's a good movie. Kill bill is awesome. If you're revenge guys you have to like you all forget things about. It's a list but I'd a told a revenge and you know the chicks in the lead is something Thurman was canned it which is pretty kickass. Pretty and she's the worst marvel which. True right now is also under and that's movie that if something happens. I think Stew of Mike Florio the big guys or metric for the play more trauma some what happened while we went to break and I don't see anything nothing. Won't Kenny Britt showing the grounds that qualifier. And no one else what else that's the last thing Els Chris. It's Stephon Gilmore was mad at the bills to make him a better offers disappointment so that is Joseph Anderson and that it for years 32 point five million but he sat. The brown city. OK there he goes we go for those he knew every once. Reported we'll see that the forum's theme and a 1000000 create tomorrow morning we Stephon Gilmore the pages done for the day. Not I'm assists I don't actually US a takeaway it's awesome last some gonna happen. Once again right again Callahan said yes and he said don't know. Our series it's a deal in particular port or media on the hero more conservative off here your support stuff is going down I got traded talker what. Stewart made big guys who do their show is a special enough about me with her and him podcast Gerry Callahan Chris person can marry the guys Christian Abu. Well keep your feet all the NFL stuff as well the guys in the afternoon. We'll see you tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with my. But that's it changes as stated we say.

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