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Mar 8, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review "Logan." How does it compare to other X-Men movies and comic book films? Is it the best Wolverine ever put to screen? Plus a look at the 2017 #DORKmadness during "This Week in #DORK." And don't look now, but our new iTunes channel is here! SUBSCRIBE. RATE. REVIEW. Thanks!

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If the door to the market. It's the sort of market there which cheek if the door. Montana passed is that there is many don't mind cash. They turn into another episode of hash tag dork I'm once again your host rich Keith joined by Ryan DD DD how are you there news. Like it's pretty go get that debt now. That's little signs all kind of tried to. And an or just go mrs. doubtfire out. Think it accommodations and create an iron I got to commit more. It's in their altogether so here's the deal for those who have are relatively new. To hash tag dork if there's a new movie that comes out for example. Today's episode on blow gay and we'll still do this we can hash tag dork and that will do a spoiler free. Portion of Logan. Or the movie or the season of the TV show or whatever it is that we're breaking down. And then we'll get to the spoilers and a wrap up a pic of a podcast therefore if you haven't seen the movie yet you could still listen to. You know maybe almost half of the podcast is a sort trying to do so you can let others know that it is still a still it's Rocco just jump right it'd be like oh my god can you believe so and so died relate to very a little bit from there. So. We'll go. Good news Davey hash tag dork madness is back the second year we have done the 64. Field turner meant to crowned. Something in the dork worlds last year we did. Best comic book movie we went from 64. Down to one that. And I'll look at that it is not the Dark Knight defeated the avengers. In the final I think Iron Man guardians of the galaxy were the other. Final four teams but there are some upsets along the way in it was pretty good however the first round was kind of a snow war. You know right we have some just you don't beat downs occur you know. Where's this year I think we're better set for some some good ones in the voting will take place throughout the entire month. On our Twitter. Timeline at the door podcast if you follow along there. I you can vote they'll be up though do two or three or four every day until we crown a winner. And so that the once today let me get your quick thoughts on the one that a post that already today. Good aren't exactly. So again the the 116. That villager severely pretty lopsided but not nearly as lopsided as they were. There in the movies but. We we split up the four regions marvel heroes marble villain villains DC heroes. DC villains. We started today with the marvel heroes the one seed was Iron Man against the warm. And storm storm did not do well no storms that killed last Jack. So I Iowa at all with the obvious pick it hired him. Also this was this was the region I had the hardest time. Seating and keeping it to sixteen but we won over a little bit last week and we tried the figure out. Who the picks are gonna be and but like I left out night crawler I left out cyclops a left out gambit leg it was just really difficult. It's really hard if we didn't and we're doing this based on who would not who would win in a fight but based on popularity written people who they're favored his right. Yeah I wanna see who people like the most site tries so again. That these aren't necessarily my sixteen favored or Davies succeeds favorites is the sixty most popular in my mind. Marvel heroes. And no that would you we can't watch everything and we also can't make like 128 character bracket. That's that's just not gonna work that's gonna take directly. That's insane I do appreciate though I've gotten a lot of tweets already it's an emails about our wish also is an editor how to Janata zones up that's fine sparks debate. I like it the 89 match up the V was. The end is that it's gonna go right down to the wire I put daredevil. As an eight seed and star award as the nine. Which it hit that full. Michael talk about it you know first round matchup that depth from I expected both of those two to go deep yeah that. At least the sweet sixteen for both of them and one of them out. One of one's gonna be out. Also another one of the good questions that I I have we've gotten is. Is this based off of movies is a based on the Comex and so what I've been saying is it's just your favored version of that they're here. Though daredevil. There are some of the greatest count books ever written like the Frank Miller stuff is daredevil there's also the TV show which people like. But also happens to be the Ben Affleck movie that there's a wide range. Of daredevil stuff star award. The comics I don't think people are as familiar with I think just the law of guardians of the galaxy is gonna potentially get star award tomorrow. Yeah I've I've voted I voted that way a bomb only because he ought to get item right now. In I'm a huge Chris Pratt and I think he yeah you are coming you'd parks and wrecked and too so yep. One they'd probably the best character of a joke it require yet he's gonna you know try to right thigh. I think you know that eligible for a little bit you know an upset but that's okay. And that outside iron man's got his work cut out forum. In the in the next round 2001 seed the other one the other the other team out of that throughout the airport today were rock Captain America verses up publisher. And then dead pool vs captain marvel which looks like it's going to be a block out. Yet dead pool rubio literally that's that's the last I what I voted there are like sixty some vote and it was. Like 98%. Yeah no that's no real captain marvel. Well there dead although it seems like he's he's on the low but then many go through our big guys that put a had a ball more Rick rank and exceeding wise as Iron Man Wolverine. Spiderman and Captain America which are all insanely popular. Right so would you I get argued that you know. You tip it. Do you have any are real issues within in the the people are put in or the seedings. Now note none Barack bet I do I do not. There are some. Very heavy dispatches coming up in the other bracket they're on a registered the addictive Everett upset where it's going to be. Also saw another over and says the complaint was he called complain if you want but there are sand. I right now have marble marble on the external one side of the bracket in DC on the other so the only marvel vs DC you're gonna get is in the championship. I do not disagree okay go to somebody says issued an all heroes on one and all villains on the other but this I like better because he'll actually get the final four. Will be the best marvel hero over the best marble villain and vice Versa what I think is better. Good sold. Are not also in the this we get so again follow along at or podcast all month long as we try to figure out who'd be the best or most popular. Marmol slash DC character. Is. We also had last man on earth was back this week as the Kristen Wiig episode did you did you get a chance to Syria not there was great. It was really good it was not the event anyway because almost all Kristen Wiig. But then also ties in the Sunday that happened earlier in the year earlier in the season so it's definitely worth watching because of her. We will now do the the Davey taboo minute if you want right. Get us up to speed on what's going on with taboo or at least who would try this Lisa spoilers as possible bull why is taboo. Worth watching on FL. Pocket occupied taboo I mean if you if there's a hole and elect cities to be filled with something that mean that they read in the show's called taboo life from my eight. Point of view it because there they love affair between Tom RD in his sister went and aren't really related but you know I've been if that's if that's they gave it drones. In that the Boyd is too much for you you can definitely Sullivan's show that. And but I mean there's and owner chaplain who played Tom hardy's sister was the I was Robb stark white. All right right ravens' front side so there's that parallel there. Who is a good system legitimately I think the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin barely chaplains granddaughter did things which is W dot com. She's pretty it is yes I started at that navigate out there shouldn't say much should say much I I find. That it's an intriguing show and layered that it it. It's not for people who need something right away like right off the start or something that it's a little bit darker. It's dealing with things from history that I personally didn't have any interest in. On the East India Co. and you know their French American boy you know yeah really have an interest and that but up. It takes place her on that times are deep economic period piece kinda thing it's kind of like it Downton Abbey from hell. Remote disputed period that. Source that is part of it they get no spoilers or anything like that by. You know Tom hardy is great I think he played in ten. Better than anybody right now. It's character James Delaney is just the super intense guy yeah regularly he had missed seems to be you know some sort of native American. Mysticism going on them maybe some like North Africa and like east Indies Bluetooth thing going on right now so. Tom I'm in the that and it's not too over the top yup you know as penny dreadful was that a pretty drip all the way to based it was such up. I only got through a couple of episodes I liked it but I does that have a mosques and other things but yet electorate right that's our motto but it sounded a little bit toned down. Ahmet a little bit more political but I thought it was going to be. But some good there's some good distant balance and good violent. You know so so period that kind of thing and again even Tom hardy himself used the term slow burn hooked. At the bit of you bitch about four episodes to get crooked. So it Paula demands of electric they actually Chica. To me right now the best show on TV in the till I get serious competition. Starting next month when the left overs in Fargo both returned. But it'd be legion and as as we're recording this there's been four episodes. Of legion which again ties and agree with this episode talk about Logan. X-Men stuff. And legion is. What what does he shows where I'm not entirely sure know what the hell's going on. But I'm not completely lost now I don't hate that are using it if it's too confusing like screw this. This is the woods yet confusing but you know that there's a lot of layers to it there's eventually got to be some sort of revelation in a horse also show. I don't know we all don't have time to do this but if you can watch it more than once like you literally need to do to you by pick up on a lot of things are going on its. It's a lot like inception in a way because. He is such a A vis a mutant who has so many like mental. Kind of power tallest towers are are. You know through his mine and and there's another new Mets on the that's in their way though Mac in you know. Jump in your memories and things like that so you don't know if it's a pinched dream sequence or there are literally going through and then. Gone through your memory so it's crazy like it's it's nothing I can't compare to anything Alec inception the closest thing but for the TV show or even though. What what they would it would be but I'm fascinated to see work goes so legions could. Beaumont episode two bit and and I had a bit of an epiphany as a sitting there watching episode two I think it that you have its four episode bit right. I saw that they were he jumped in need no stock with a another mutiny beat him he has memories yes. Annika it's like inception re gonna live and it. Doesn't make sense but here's a beard doesn't make sense that since it being told from his perspective that this story is being pulled from his perspective. That like it would be like you know he's been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic although we know that's probably not true yes it is. Would that extent that the beginning of the story result jumbled up and coming from different places and being different people because that's how he thought. Oh yeah I mean I think this is more of those shows where I don't know how many of the people that are on the screen are actually real people. And nobody is that we know I mean if you list and a bit of a good chance that you went on the marvel Wiki. And looked up crew legion is. Right yet noting the generator of the comics you know by now does that would spoil those of you might want no don't don't say who is related to him. I'm not saying literally I'm gonna have to say if you if you went and saw the character of the beauties. You know if you or if you read the Bible. I know where he got its name from yeah you know ghetto I've. You know what's your name we are legion because we are many you know that exe in the Bible yeah. Read your Bible people there was I went to a Catholic college I would I had to read the Bible cover recovered so don't don't lead tape deeply stop immediately the Bible thumper I'm not good. Join this colts are at odds with the episode three. You always seem to a bigger is episode three. Where you'll you'll want to so Jean Smart character. Column. She's Ehrlich the head of what seems to be like another version of like the Xavier school. She's getting coffee in the coffee machine. Tells her elected joke. It's it's fast and really gets its. I had a I watched it twice and us trying to figure out. So it's like it was one of those joke kind of riddle type things and it's like Haley would you like to hear which like your story amidst the storm and recalls that it's like our. Really. I want the voice it's an old male and a British accent type today there would like to hear order storage like sure he's telling this whole long like meandering story in like. This is about what it's good I I still don't know. I really don't like about what the shoulder that showed killing him dammit I. Yes revised. I'll let that tells the tremendous are real thinker. Real kicker if you are registered one episode damaged in team yeah I'm having a big impact soon hear the the story that the confidence on vacation or another but nothing but tiger wants these are all the schools that would probably than. In two right Davies video game minute which it enough but we don't have weir of imaging for yet but we could we maybe maybe some day we will. Yep so at this week at video game minute I think the one game if you're gonna it's your game a week type person need to try to you know. In my motto a video games as much like the one in the podcast as he can't play everything project and certainly by contract threat. That's kind of I think that's a winning attitude like so the big news of the big news out of videogame world this week than Nintendo's which finally dropped. Which there are some issues are hardware issues depicting the ink that pick. Pixels and you know screens and and held not work game in you know people breaking the control big rough for the but I mean it's user error most of the time. Most of department. It is not going to be a major recall or anything. From what I'm here did the games they've released most of them are just okay you know arm and just okay that's switched parties saying it just okay. But the big name to come out of that is balm. I believe. Preferably while the new Zelda game who currently score again 98 on meta critic while which is. Phenomenal yeah. There. And I think IG and gave it apparent that. So they know Tom if you look at there's no way you can look on Google Maps but I am not a Google Maps but on the Google image search you can look at the size of the map. Owner and fired it by a look at it correctly you can beat for a big give you an. Side by side by. It's the biggest map on video game history ever created Nokia Nokia and bit it's fit if I counted correctly. Six or seven Styron within one mess hall. That he norm up here that's not playing for 5060 hours and still seeing things they've never seen. That's awesome which is eight goat island unbelievable. So that's what healthcare business this will help move those switches. And happy because this is one of the best video games data from what I've heard it's one of the best period in the past five years old signal rivaling Grand Theft Auto. You know game like that that still are. Playable yesterday yeah. If you got to get a switch to meet I in my mind 80% of the people who buy Nintendo's which this is the reason why you know the makes this so don't have a switch. Right the donut the big big title to drop this week is ghost creek on wild land. But Tom Clancy camp which is basically. European before he could play soul or you like co op. Minutes for guys right around. South America believers felt that Central America take it out drug cartels in Mexico but it. It looks really cool open world totals and boxed game you can pop in and out so I guess the multiplayer. From what I read is destructive the campaign is that great. Hopefully this is a step up in the Tom Clancy camp from the division. Which is a bit of a let down sounded really cool look really cool in play very well so it is that this step in the right direction for them. All right resumed the day I pick out the minute right on the does he miss. 62 the video game updates courtesy of Brian days. And resilient in the Logan Joey. Not spoilers as promised we start non spoilers for Logan interest the top movie at the box office no surprise like. 88 million or somewhere in there for the opening weekend. 22 part question here Ryan did you quite get it did it live up to the hype. Yes and. So I apps I absolutely love this. And I think well why wait yeah. Speed I was hyped. I went into the theater. With Bridget derail my large popcorn go my number one if you go to ANC here's the number one combo on the rule comma vice absolutely little. Why. Thought I was gonna see a completely different. I mean and you credited gist but I thought like that homes in the speed of the movie was going to be a little bit different. And what I got essentially. Was. Probably the best western movie did unforgiven. Yeah definitely. But it just so happened to have or read it. Right this movie right has yet not like a western movie. Yeah very. Dog it definitely was I think the director even talked about. A influences. Being. On forgive in the Sheen and their courtship right EA of course and then there's another one they said it was like a direct. In full episodes it's it's a Larry is they resign like aren't influenced by it though. Blade in the original X-Men and when it like he's the dollar soccer mullah classic westerns. Yes and that's exactly what this movie was and if you don't. Like western movies and has probably use for you vote socket a mile I do again the great sounding board for the casual. Comic books and as both of our lives yeah comic book movie can't my. So fire right that hurt that Politico I went I went by myself that it typically whenever we was part of of one movie I typically go see it by myself and I don't. One anyone asking me questions or bother me here looks Obama of people myself semi. And I he would at a time where the only people who are seeing it with mere people posting a presence felt. Right and hopefully the people listening to this right we look at each other give each other Olympic analytic thumbs up yeah and BI associate federal law was a good and Selma got unbelievable but you wouldn't like. When not myself saying that. I just think it appreciated like guardian material XP vendors that you really don't mean yeah it is not that it is not it's not that at all. And you know what it's it's a hard R&R. Hard yeah you'll you'll know why while you're watching it and we haven't seen a tonne are what we did our episode on dead pool we went back and look at some of the other watch men. And a handful of others aren't you know while the publishers. Reg those those are the are comic book movies. And a lot more miss than hit in a dead pool how to really turn on its head and this course has none of that the slapstick key fourth wall breaking a dead pull guys now this is a legit are big you know with the violence and the language. Though the whole thing. But I was never like oh my god this this doesn't feel right because once again. Dead pool is a Harvard study rated. Right and I think it is kind of let this bill Wolverine you've been waiting visible around and waiting to seventeen years to be yes you know it's like. You know we watched it is written it's turtles as a kid in your remembered thinking even ate them like wait a minute. Like Leonardo has soared what has become anybody. That would get a hot you know and yeah the stupid now elect. This is from the very first fight scene in Europe is. Brutal all that's on and it is brutal. You know we'll get into a more of that in the spoiler for portion to just do the some of the fight scenes but. Yet it's it's legit our pressure noted what do you think of could we've seen Hugh Jackman now. Portrait Wolverine so many times. How do you think this one stacked up to the others. I. Write this I greatness is this is the one. Where it is not the first time you scared of movie obviously even of the X men's you could say it would volume with the ensemble he carried the movie. But in this one. It it's him almost the entire movie. Just on him and it's action but it's also a motion by its. He he absolutely crushes. Yes I absolutely agree and it's in the movie I'd say a word brutal because it's like. And this isn't a spoiler mediate that big you can pick this up on what you've seen from trailers and efforts to not just brutal from a term in terms of violence but emotionally too it's pretty group. Yeah it's it's happy it's that the heavier. Movie it's weird as you said you don't even calling it a column took movie I mean it is because it's one of the great characters of all time. But just the whole layout of it even even the villains who. You know you see some in the in the trailer but even the villains it's not like oh here comes the puppet mass there or here comes apocalypse like these are all kind of like. Real world. Villains that like you can like its budget act that world anyway. Also where are you compare how would you compare you know last week when we get our ups on X-Men movies. We talked about. You know first class days of future passed and the first to ever acts or movies sort of in a tier of their own. Is this better than those ones or did it in that same group. I think it's it's it's. It'd in that group it's at the top of that group but I don't see it as one of those movies if that makes it that night I got I don't view it as. It's just so good just pick article. Yeah note this is the only Wolverine movie they ever made it would. It would be fight like it'd it's you know not a perfect movie but that's I think the Dark Knight is a perfect. Mean it definitely had its flaw that I'm not veto the rose colored glasses on and as the greatest comic book movie ever made the right it's one of its top five. Like I needed bike part way stop by. It's vice because if you if you know. You look back at the the dork madness bracket that we had last year and that sort of four comical court books movies word now all our whole year of movies have come out including dead pool and civil war to some other really good ones but. Yeah like you could easily put Logan in the conversation of Dark Knight in guardians an Iron Man. Yes I needed it's if you're paying attention if you really like these types of movies. This have to be in the conversation as greatest comic book will be made after the but I don't I I don't think there's anybody who's seen this movie who would disagree right. Maybe pivotal do it just didn't like the appeal Potts and Michael on Twitter villagers who did not mean. I'm sure and even in a rotten tomatoes which. I get I feel like over the last year or so people of looked around tomatoes. Way more assault like it's a new site because how many times do you see now when you're watching it. Previews for movies aren't like our TV that they actually like referenced the rotten tomatoes score there it's all the time now. All the time because that they'd become part of it. Well I think that's the first place people go to meet the movie good or not let me check Rodman. And I believe last seconds at 93%. Which again those people watching it aren't like you and me who owned lot a lot compo movies and go away and automatically giving it a certain score or automatically gonna like it. I understand Iran sales works out of you don't semi. Emails about it or we'd put our butt but still 90%. Is really impressive you know you look at some of the movies are nominated for Oscars there in that same territory or it'll be worse so. I think rich just rescued a party to. Yes I'll like this a lot better than men do I do you know what still depressing. To release him we some. Role both for a little bit the apple for both were so now. I pick an order going with a split the oh this is also for new listeners as well we the rate everything in infinity stones this was Davies idea existed to working his way possible. To rate something so it's a six stone scale. We don't like it but you are allowed to do half stones it's not ideal but he can so out of six Infiniti stones. Does Logan rank on the hash tag dork scale. On our scale for our people I think misses is that I hundreds and agree it's a success that is. And because and only because. I need this movie to be at six on this scale because they get the other movies that are in the comic book movie camp in the air over seventy. Maybe over eighty at this point yeah. Where your top play like year top percent like this is in there with Spiderman two it's in there with a Dark Knight yeah it's in their way it. The first Iron Man like. Guardian of the galaxy. Rights are has to be it has to be out there ray segment plus. Man I'd I think I gave suicides public before since the clock with the right exact as though. Saudi that you need to be able to extend it further and like I think I gave Dr. strange a five and like this I liked the way more than doctors. Yes I mean it's a it's all the cannot not like yeah we talk about the golden age of you know comic book and movies and we're in the thick of it right now yeah this is this is one of the top by the seat. No end credits scene so I know there was something announced there's an article that there was going to be in and currency and there is not so don't. Sit there and in the deer wait till the end so don't worry about that. There's another part I was gonna add to spoilers because they came on rep for the movie. But it's already been released and it's it's our they've already seen it again since they've throwers in the movie but right. This got released Ryan Reynolds released it. There was a dead pool to teaser but came on right at the beginning. And it was dead ball. He goes into a that we treated this out to add to our podcast but he hears like something going on an Alley he tries to pull Superman and change into a phone book it takes them like an hour and a half to get out of the poll with. Guys dead but not only that he changed in the suit pretty look around. It says Nathan Summers coming soon on the phone Booth. We of course is cable. And about the firefly posters in the Alley. But posters that give it such that you like the teaser. I did I mean it but Jesus what a change in tone from like one minute of it back to the navy until they were good in an elective like. That you know they've made sense though I guess the putter on the front and not at the end yeah I bet speaking of Mike Wallace yeah yeah and because I think that was a wise choice and I think. That was done intentionally you know because at the end of located in the system spoiler free aspect but it would just be incredibly inappropriate. Yet been put that at the end right. Ladies character is too bad because these two characters are the two best things that fox has going form right now but. It's great that you don't Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman to lead at each other back and forth Billick the actual characters it just it be cool but it also wouldn't fit and so. They're not in there obviously get the dead pool teaser here at the beginning anything else non spoiler he wanted to Emporia spoiler. Like you would talk about the spoilers. Are out if you haven't seen it jump off. Art so spoilers spoiler spoiler alert here for for Logan. First thing I'll say is a lot of people thoughts. That it was going to be more based off of old man Logan. Reich has never Hugh Jackman even said. At one point he's like I got like three words for a guy wanna comma conflict very old man Logan and we're like oh snapped and the many in the movie Logan at. But then you're like well. I have fox studios doesn't have the rights to like 80% of the characters in that comic book cynical maybe he'll be loosely based. And the only way they deal a real connection to it is. He's older like he he's older he's not recovering the same way that he used to be. And he is kind of modeled to devote a ago. Like a trip brilliantly it's a bit of a go ahead a journey type movie like that those are proud the only similarities to the that it graphic novel old memo him. And then the other big the other I think the other thing people look from a bedevil marine that here's a bit mini here oh yeah now are that's and a wealth a bomb. Which dealt with him dealing with adamant important and yes that was an electoral Mike cosmic thing that. Causes healing factor not to work anymore yeah yeah. Yes oh yes so I think it was like America those two things like he said I don't think. Well all I would've loved to see an old man Logan without banner family and like all that stuff ID you just can't. In in this day and age where people to each other all the time. He just can't do that yes. What about a possible at that as I was watching a comic I love this movie bomber Eric I would like to seen him in nap like almost like shoppers shop I would love to have seen. That movie but this was still. This is still great and it takes place in 22 when he nine. And it's it's him it's professor acts we're gonna get into all of the the other characters. But the fight scenes were off the charts. Literally. From the beginning. Right away it was just. Brutal well I know you where are ya good GA when the guys ought to try to take it up kept up the car will be 'cause it's like here we go in I'm a news click. Whoa whoa like that there was a there are people next to me like him think they knew what they were getting into yeah number I didn't either like right people sent out to art art elect what does that mean. Yeah you know what that means is that and then in the first five minutes you're like oh. This is how this is going to be you know. Nick did is it because he's not full 100% Wolverine it's gruesome because like he could take a beating pretty. But it's a real slow slow recovery. Yet and then I'm totally right out the like his and we see it a bunch of movies and some it's it's been a little better than others like his claws. Liquid heat. Kills somebody. It's so much better than maybe any other compo character. He'll. Like it's unbelievably so at the scene in which. There they're out late you know where where they've been stashing Charles Xavier or were Taliban says the first karma the Reeve her show up. And it's extra when he three and Logan like that fighting seemed. I eight. I like I had any and I didn't realize those who missed Aaliyah and Alex sat up straight in my seat I think I in my mouth like wide open like not even try I got I guys stop myself so try to get a reaction from anybody. But I was like so. There was intense and but yet I was happy it was very straight to the very strange thing but as those watching that ice that is this the greatest fight C unit we have ever seen. I mean it's it's up there I mean you have I forget will be done after actress' name. Plays next when he three act in the name escapes me right now that this was her first movie. And she's like legit I think they say she's eleven in the movie I think she's legitimately of eleven or twelve. If you didn't like I don't know where they find it a little child stunt double I don't know how much he did a group on her I don't know. But she's like hey Parker Colorado looked like they closet or speed like ticket people on the road and you know. Like it it was like. Yeah like a ping pong ball I mean it was it was awesome. But it's why it's why look at the best Wolverine movie you knew was gonna be rated. Technically would kill people but it would sort of be like off screen area but stab them through a shirt or whatever out like this is pieced two and head shots where you Selig the claws come out of the rain. Do you like the girl is just jump around. And you know she's got the two clause honor on our hands in the 1 o'clock boy. It is the the acrobatics Emma the noises that makes. Person all right god and it. So that that to me and again I'm well aware of one of these people that. Walk out of a movie in a much as the greatest movie ever seen him like that's the greatest performance ever seen. I loved the civil war like airport scene that I loved. You know actually some of the fight scenes and dead pool you know summit and the daredevil TV show. I think this was the best conflict that the civil war once so different because. It's like twelve awesome characters showing off their powers. Like nobody dies nobody it's it's. You know and you know that are going to column where is this is just. This is something out of what you said either a west earned or like the terminator or one of those type of movies. Yeah I mean it's one of those like you know bomb in those Bartlett saloon gunfights that you see like dozens of people die mean that yeah everything just reeks of western. But the other thing that I really do the other fight scene and then they after that. The one with the hotel room where X gators having like one of his dot to what appears Caesars. One of old people call it a spell he. Expel US embassy certainly wasn't a bit of a spell. But like bear like it was almost like the quicksilver scene were like everything's stopped but damn yeah so they're trying to get to a like X 23 and over Laura looked collar work aura and over to try to get to him and NATO want to kind of fight through it yeah. And make it that it was it was subtle elect a guy by the door the first guy he's he's always looked out Amare he kinda look that up yeah you can kind of move. And he's beaten it all out awesome. Those awesome edit their barges and it was based out you know like it was way and then it. You know what it would be kind of slow lake Dow would just sort of set up just how knotts played the next fight scene would be. Absolutely and I think addict. The director did a really good job of knowing when you get enough of a lull. That's not news you could feel the building that the ship was gonna hit it. I still can't believe. I guess that is a great question like how much the young actress really did like her she killed so. Many people in the movie. And was thank you slide it around like cotton guys in the lagging stab him through the knack leaders like this is one unbelievable. Yet as I don't like keep your belly slide underneath it store cricket. Yet she's the picnic mister Giles who do it at a ten agility. The Dow was. That was sick mom now. Obviously a couple of huge deaths in this what did you think of the professor acts death. I thought. It was appropriate. I thought it was well done I think that event that the part of that movie you've couldn't really see them carrying him the rest of the way. Yeah you know maybe I. The dream sequence of firsts. I did too and and there will get to that in a sample pool did in that respect it up. You know. Patrick Stewart very adamant that this was as last metadata can bring him back yeah you know after that I mean. Although he but it is the extent of what he thought he was talking to. Wolverine and he's telling him like I did remember it but now our member and he did that awful thing where you know he killed seven and expand in the X 600 people. Yes so that's I wanted to ask you to is that so he killed. What all the mutants or just. Dead on the radio it's said that he killed seven of the X. Think member you like you it was centered on the radio yeah I because the Westchester incident it its 600 were killed or injured. And seven of the exit the turns the radio off. So let's let's say that's got to be cyclops. Storm. Iceman. Rogue. Colossus. Beasts and I would assume Jean Grey got away or was that the Phoenix about point. Heard she had she had died they beat city pride yet keep credit that's probably knew that's probably killed. Because. Was at the with the Sander. Don't know that cinder rice hit a comment about like how he got rid of all the mutants. As I wasn't sure what that medalist users referring to what the ones early test days. So I eat so what to name. Donald peers successively call our show some respect as the guy who killed all the mute yeah and it had not I didn't kill all these I didn't kill all of them. But it is cured Emerson mimic that yeah a rule yet so a company I don't think he killed the mall I just think he'd made it so that noble would be born. Yet because they also make a point that they say there hasn't banned mutant born in like 2.5 years. Which also throws the time line completely well I shouldn't say really. Kind of a bit taller or he's messed up anyway. Because when like in days of future passed the it bill and wiped out so much but the one thing that you have even against an audience member is that professor X and Wolverine. Should remember like everything. Like everything that we've seen though that those guys public lives the Ehrlich gave probably remember but nobody else does. Anyway it's count with Panama. Like to take you do with a good Latin joke in there for those Peter take Latin at home. Where it says oh it you know the world's most notorious octogenarian. And he's like actually human non vegetarian. Which is the Latin joke did you laugh a lot thinner I derivatives. Act like one of those parents that plus the availability you don't take Latin. Octogenarian is someone in their eighties and not a canary in the summer and in ninety. Nice. That is the good Latin joke. We shall we shall lead but that is to keep the keep the listeners you know honest. Aren't so yeah bit. The the professor acts death was surprising. Odd to say the least. Well I don't not surprised they died in the movie but a surprising at the time that he did that's about that like add I was I was kind of surprised. That. That took place what about. Course wolverines death. Logan says. Who yet out stuff. Out up and beat big aid but yeah. You know and I think. A lot of it is really not a wanna get into the into the literary side of it you know but the writing portion of it you know you gotta figure late. Pay him indicator both knew that they were they were gonna make it back they'll pass. Are gonna make it back to Mexico they were never given the boat yeah. You know to meet I mean that's kind of the literary aspect of it as you know they have this thing that they're tried they're building toward that both of them know that they're not gonna get there. Yeah exactly ya live with some of the talk about you know it snows there were to go do this although they never mention it you like your racquet out and vote. We got some nice to nice thought. Yet. What about. What that but all of our launch took that she took a cross made an ax animated and acts I mean ballot box. Yeah download them some idea. Now is does pretty gun and then just all at the new mutants times Berrian almond and talking on the Darryl fans it is Witasick of that what do you think of they're actually being like X-Men comics in the universe. I mean I think that's kind of a clever idea that they like you know because even in westerns. You know they would do. You know with say like Billy the Kid but someone like that they would make comic books and above stories that he did in kind of like adventures and sell. You know so I think that's again a nod to westerns and things like that word he says you know. The court this year it never happened right our court of it did happen and the others did that recorded it never happen exactly. You know so there's that. The the split between demand and admit that you see the located at the end the little black kid holding a Wolverine actions they status in yeah right. We got that big again mental huge western Iraq saw that happened two and a recent movie. Not an old western but I ain't young guns are not gonna talk about that a lot where there's you know Billy indicate comic books and and also on the Biederman has that this visit easily between with a real person at the top of the first. It also remind me of the graphic novel the boys which generally recommended forming. And that and that's all the more over the top but as far as. Like the superheroes. Their whole like premises so to pick him excel comic books of themselves. Kind of big but other let's go to. Edit to sing. Barely fit it made them to see understood where their respect for Wolverine came from. Yes and people know who year. You know there's like this this thing America they're building towards eaten there in something like that that this place may or may not exist as it was written about comics. Yeah yeah yeah. Now take a look at the character break Hillary talked about Logan now Hugh Jackman it was his best performance out of you know like. Fifteen Wolverine performances this was tremendous he also portrayed X 24. Who I was not aware of him back out that he's ever in the comics rate on the I explain force a movie only. Saying it. As for. Rex Nutting thereby and so I didn't. At first I didn't really like it but then when you're looking at it like well this whole this whole movie is about. How. You can sort of you know spin spin off the DNA you can make other you know mutants and stuff and so why wouldn't you just try to get a to you know. The exact same. Thing as as Wolverine. It's only pop supplement what Libya won't be a tougher opponent for him and himself at a mirror match. Yes and everything are right in this is the English teacher you know coming we've done a Latin teacher aircraft industry while I think that. X 44 is what. Wolverine was intended to be. Yes you know to be yes and eve we went another way. And I think he says to you know Lauren one point like don't beat what they what they BGB you don't go to the weapon or memory out yet and I think that was the low. That was the weapon needed to have any lines needed eighty thing now is d'etat what that they've talked to a much it was a dog yeah. Yeah right tell and even animals side means that any called the pool at one point yup. You know so I think that's what he was intended to be but never. Did. Yeah you know I think that was the purpose of the weapon X program and that's what you saw and that's what he should have been in didn't work out that way. Also use he was solid and not Roy yeah first elect and are off I like this but then it ended up. I think worker now. Well I read some yes. Well a lot of baton back character was supposed supposed to be live Shriver is. Betty early script was that it was Saber tune in not expert before. Yes not a change deport. Yeah I think Arab. I think go to like the better well actually initially I know would've liked it better and alcoholics they were duke that's there's been a great rival would it would Wolverine but even looking back on it now much lateral in mind the choice ago. When next point four. Now big event like you know that the way Charl dies what really made them which sent the yeah. News about the club owner but I think in the early workings of the script that that was valid the play. Charles pretty cool but other school. Charles on the other hand he was great here many new Patrick Stewart was going to be good but he's also playing a guy whose talent just loses marbles and so yes the play. Follow which which makes sense for somebody decking here but everybody's thoughts and has so much Leo it these mind powers. Yeah it's not an end pretty forum and saw that as he did a great job at that at that. Yet I think and I hadn't really thought of that before like what if you know what would happen. You know it start to deteriorate and what would happen do. His mind in the he starts you know not recognizing people are not knowing what's true and what not you know at age it's it was kind of a cool concept. I think that's one of those things where. So it should really if you look at our younger. Fans like say your leg a guy young like teenager you're watching the early X-Men movies and you sort of see. Professor X and Wolverine in the their relationship there and like how they kind of go back and forth at each other a little bit but then if you're watching this pretty uncomfortable because. There's there's times are like are is he really to losing his mind that does he know who always who's talking with dear Mike. Having to get a medicine and it's just that's the hard watch. A beating even for you know in our thirty sickened it could be a little bit of a heart wants. Yet as it was up the comedic animated movie was just brutal it was as it was known addict in this is somebody who we've all. You know this is like that what you can oftentimes be like the voice of god yeah opt. Literally Alter reality you know and this is the guy we've everything he's bet. As as on audience and as a member of the X-Men and I'm sure that everything he stands true. And I are like oh yeah maybe it was a little bit yup. You know which is hard it's hard to watch now it. Enough flu was you get axed when he three or Laura. Who is DA says it's her first movie she's ever band and I said well we're make him you know predictions for the movie. A said she could kind of make or break it to his child actors there are there more bad than good. And you do you weren't sure and as the moon was going along. Your figure all should not even talk the whole time which she could talk forever so much that I I thought maybe she wouldn't. That she did and it was it was violet she was she was good throughout I had no problem whether. No I didn't and I think if that is power to have one knock on the B it would be not so that she didn't talk initially. But that she talked sooner but it I thought one of the funniest part of the movie was once he liked. Wait you talk and indeed he Cilic punched him in the face and just sort of reports. That there also an observation on our society admit if that. Odd. How much Spanish. That filmmakers think you understand. Oh yeah like they just assume that you could speak like very basic Spanish. Well can I can that right. What she started going really fast I had no idea what you're saying maybe that was the point I don't know yet there are some phrases she said that I didn't know what that I don't know what that means. No I don't think you're supposed to do I think because Logan didn't know what you're saying so. But you know that was serious serious guy knows pleasantly surprised there had no idea actually to expect but she was shoes great. Would humidity here's some I connect upstart know just a minute I gotta get the stuff like check things ought to be in the movie. If you noticed that people who speak English now have subtitles more than people who speak Spanish. Like if you look at like Pitt but big idiot rednecks they have on like like garlic whatever Bravo show. Whatever and they're speaking of southern accent so yeah a title like honey boo boo but often needs subtitles. Was like a bigger picture bow out of the picture kind of cracked us up there I'll I'll like it so those idiots need subtitles because they can't speak. English any liquids. But people who speak Spanish we don't need subtitles for them now that you figured out which is. Just a thought to make it to the. And maybe next troop level of a further breakdown. What did you make of Taliban who while we also saw him in X-Men apocalypse. PSAs play by different actor but they have the beta very similar. Look. Yeah very similar look and a very completely different characters. You know via the Taliban in apocalypse referred to himself in the third person's kind of creepy in in real integration broker yeah. In this Taliban first of all we talked about little bit on the podcast last week. Hugh Jackman is a mountain of command yes and Wolverine is not the speed at it and sort maybe. B speed merchant is like 66 or accept. So maybe that's why they mab and he was good anyway but yeah that could record and it sure yet he's the only person they could find some gangly guy who's taller than. New Jack. Yeah the tech could be part of it but I take it means he's he's a really funny guy yeah. So it interesting to see him in this this bit of a role as someone who burns. From the sun very easily it was nice to see our our type of person represented on the screen that night. Our Irish skin and really yeah you all of that for all of us to do. Thirty plots with the SPF. Don't shout out to Taliban on the out Jennifer do. Yeah out of orbit on a satcher I need to besides extra point for the the main villains. You had Zander rice who's soft father was killed by Wolverine in X-Men apocalypse so that is extra apocalypse was there where. Some carry over things plus of course the the whole. And credits scene which you torture if there was going to be four. For dead pool or for what it was going to be but it was really about column. You know them taking Logan's DNA so they can make a story theory. That's knows about but does that Zander rice was also in charge of the reverse. And Donald pierce would you go those guys. Another good I mean Donald pierce that we saw was not the Donald hears from the comic books thank god. Yeah nine there were done yet now you're ready he was just kind of area. A real threat people. Yes and now we didn't we did not get that so that was good and I like this southern accent like the the actor who's kind of like JV ten Foster. Yeah he really really loves you can't use PKU Ben Foster obvious devious enough enactment movie no no. You know he was kind of but it was nice to see you are to and a yes to us in deeper in the last stand in the last. But I I Ira I rather enjoyed them maybe you know it appears we could use. Not. Anna rice veterans who used a little bit more. William Stryker role yet you know Garcia Ursula. The big bet the big bad as where he went he went down pretty quickly. But yeah oh yeah other revealed a more build up they're gonna but Jesus Christ did Donald Peters died. He'd also like you know he died yup he got there were some there are some depth isn't the pit stop preteen mutant. Just standing in all of them simultaneously using their powers and knew they. All had powers and there were there was leaks who they lined up with the and one of home. When they're going through the files that silicon they're stealing DNA from men like who but I pay you were. Clones basically from and so he had Wolverine the other one was Chris Bradley. Who is referred to was it the ball or maverick a summit for comics the Chris Bradley was else was in X-Men origins Wolverine. Was one of the Hobbits knocked out reactor was like one of those. Afro or buddies while Hobbits. You barrier Tippett yeah he was so he was in that movie puts so. That was one of the kids and and there are about one kid must have been like iceman you like a nice thing going on. But yet spread yet he would guy's breath so there's all kinds are you going on in sub zero Kelly yeah those three. Would you wanna see new mutants movie. And I guess what are one more richter. Become the oldest kid Ariel that the leader is he was the leader of the X force of the new viewed like that yeah that they go to make academic sense. You know so I I mean. What I. After this maybe not I mean part of me wants to do it just let it but Cisco would business and then handed them. You know because it was so good you don't wanna. Yeah I want it carried on and you don't believe that it finished buried on and that the bank you know I'm within. I don't know where and a I don't know I'm probably going to schools next when he three was in the probably make a movie with the terror. I don't release. I don't think so for me on on the candidate a new mutants mobile together calm down the road. What else what else he got here Aaron now Logan anything. Yes well one at one of the cool things that side I think it was a shot of not tell meant Logan if you look it would ease in this scene with the funeral. What he's like dispute a limo driver at that point pissing rain an area like that. The grave he's standing in front of the last name on the grave it's Rogers. You know you think America. I think but I do at some point it'll live Logan don't they see is great don't think he Captain America great yeah. British air because at that point is this a bunch of villains living as a no heroes left ear like a few so. Yeah yeah it is any different it is Roger and me that it was clear it was. Right foreground Odyssey that's a good point that's a little bit yes and there are flat expecting him going to some funerals I believe. Yeah and it'll memo in the book. Reverend Wright in our office in in the movie IQ is he was out on to exist as a driver. And at the budget as a bunch of little stuff that you know you wonder if they're not that this and that yet I two in his home many. Like there's one where he walks and when he walked out of the doctor's office. On after getting caught up by exploded for yeah there's. Sign for Hank and it's on its white book but the letter give likes super blue. Yeah deployed and technical way you know so there's little things like that throughout the movie just littered throughout the movie in some of the stuff they talk about. You know it. It is really well done but subtle but like really well done I'll ask a looted and it is one of those times where people like us really. Appreciate. The links that a director or writer will go to you to just like. If you get it. Like this does for you you know and yeah absolutely and and I died of Bucyrus sappy it's not hear him in the lot but double like that means a lot to audiences like got all hot I agree harbors them. You don't just to have something for us. Yeah you know yeah. Tell you could tell that meant lob them plus you know I think we're learn in this would like the actor to like 88 we can't completely blamed directors for backdrop of movies they feel like. Because Ryan Reynolds wanted dead pool would be good and he was like all about it and you know Hugh Jackman takes the time of pride in Wolverine and miked it shows like the they're not gonna do something and that's. Not no extra origins Wolverine was terrible about long time ago. So for the most part he does he does great stuff and this is a great way to to cap it off when you pyramid you're gonna kill off. One of the the top characters do it do it a meaningful way don't do it like they did it in last stand with the professor Ericsson cyclops and everybody else who died that. You know stupid are there to move on he got the to have good note so please click here haven't been this guy I mean it is no way you should be here right now. So right about what makes no real people if they see it again are thought that a good job. Great start to the year by the way we knew their love is about to console movies in this one eight lost our six out of six rather shoot. Kicked out of six and we get guardian next month or two months may wreck that. And fast and defeat of the furious which has a trailer where we still villainous. Yeah. That's aptly put it. In there is gonna come. It's like big ghetto expendable. Bonds though the lots seven's great. You have it like that that's what it certain acute and action the action movie all right you're Sama. Did it and then we got. Because the. It's. And go podcast time Dave Leo loves Hugo first. You let me go first pick of the podcasts. Right now piracy don't really have an official one. It's on. I know you can lump in my mind because we are both there. The picket the podcast is actually gonna serve as a preview for next week's podcast. At Davy and I were both that northeast comic con. In beautiful Hanover Massachusetts. Took place at the Hanover Mall as they hollowed out JC Penney. It that is all true we were there. On Saturday. Our bodies from the Mac into podcast were there as well. And we had a chance to interview a few people. We're gonna play that audio for you next week here's just here's here's a sneak peek of of some of that. I'm ready to go up and fight it Odom and ask god because he killed my father. Leah. I was therefore their conversation. And that that lady. Insulin Hewitt excited you know excited to be there in beautiful hand over Massachusetts. Hugh is dressed up that's why we we spoke there and she had a lot to say when you satisfaction. I need is satisfaction. He needed satisfaction. Samir who we had yelled. And it was good pick hook up we'll back it grew like that got beat back and do which is great yeah I got to explain to do that no I don't I didn't hate your Promos but it was funny year to beat them so we actually got to have that out over some rum punches. Thought dire dire ruining it for everybody they're based out of there's been rivalry between you and do. Now do what I saw what I saw him stating astronomy. You know and and be free lesson he gave up and guerrilla marketing. He's tough he say they are they did a great job. At comic con just littering there their new low little posters of Mac go back into dot com that were there were promoting a now so the obviously working. The real education also might pick the podcast. By the way I got one a gallon and. We're talking about it dom there that they have a connection here and no one ticket they got the name of it to very strange name I mean I believe it's been good good good Brothers podcast. Is that. The good brother is podcast is the frigid new pot wrestling podcast that help you guys are in at WW BB good Brothers podcast is coming matches. Our mutual from the fridge. Whose father actually works at W media I struck. As an engineer. He is probably. I've known him for over twenty years and it's it's interesting to be. How. In two professional wrestling one person can be. Yeah how he's into concern and he's watching it all like the Japanese pros stuff and even some brutally breakdown in Mexico. Not at all but now you've got to also they gave you guys like professional wrestling and maybe some stuff off the beaten path wrestling. Not this bill Goldberg crap now I actually like real yeah. Check them out that your. Our league check us out on the Twitter at dork podcast also WEEI dot com slash dork. Plus I'm being promised are ever iTunes channel soon when we do we're vote in the hell. Out of that he murdered at all I've heard at all before Donna hey we're gonna hunt you. You get Friday at our audio book putter and twitch all right. All I'll do it for this episode hash tag torque thanks solicited we'll talk to hit next week.

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