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Kirk and Callahan- Talking David Price with Evan Drellich

Mar 8, 2017|

Evan Drellich, Kirk, and Gerry all agree that Price isn't cut out for Boston.

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What an odd story by ice and his most bizarre weather most bizarre stories I've ever read little strong but man it is a bizarre back and forth sustained growth filled. And David Price this morning's glow at if you haven't seen it and I was seem to have interest in the globe and in I used my five free stories a team that which McCoy or alluded Kirk Cleary history and to me it's not that if you do with a pay cash. Cashing a Kashima and physically I can play casual chat I'm talking about one of my friends are thrilled to hot seat you don't ever have to play yeah I got the other day. Mr. skip pats work. Oh my that's right. You know I heard this thing going on who you discount the new balanced or you go to school did you papers and get one of those I did not want those injuries are important. Position that we talk. Anyway steadily spelled out pleasure Pulitzer Prize winning Nobel Prize winning Academy Award winning mediocrity or when people he would win him. Mark Cody ward winning photographer he's this legendary photographer. But his thing is to do off beat off the wall stories like once every few weeks I actually got to read too and this one was going to work. In the mornings and do people's by the way this is the first period. Going to work in the morning with David Price 6:45 AM. They had for the ballpark stop a Starbucks and by as a couple of boxes of judo. For his clubhouse actual regular guy for mark takes care whose dog Murphy is just against the Murphy a great guy. I think this. This reflects well David Price bringing coffee to the little pick because everyday he does every day this photographers. Every single time. Punt but by the way and when you look closely you hasn't won box in his hand when he goes in the park. Right this year or plays but this guy stand as a second books in the stands cavs had about as you said. Early restarted the showed that about cover yourself and Gordon went through it. Evan what jobs so you might might might take place Ariza. David Price hates hates Boston. Boston prices a hypocrite we can go through different responses guys that might my problem is kind of the same from ahead with you which is that he's making this broad stroke painting of it right right where he says. With the reporters not one time did anybody take the time to get to know me my foundation or anything I do away from the field. I tried to talk this guy so much everybody I believe it's tried to talk this guy at some point. About him about baseball and and it and his life and he stole walls it doesn't make eye contact with us when I'm talking to them in the middle last season. He goes. It takes you get some months to know you should know we've done that Eagles and turns around cyst up like this and what do you think earlier in the interview. About Tom Brady he's always focusing on the present he's not worried about the past right and it isn't. Five minutes later in the interview he's whining about the penalties assessed the ice doesn't feel like the worst fit for boss even never should've come here. And now but now we I. I think a lot to where to eat that or Falcons scoreless I'll miss not seeing what a great year but it is particularly next year has to be great or he's not up to now he's here for six more have already to say this I understand he got a good report but the idea that he's healthy right now I'm not buying. I know they surprised at all he won them missing the season and be fun to return we should. This fall Bobrovsky because he sign a guy. Who we knew going in was sensitive we knew social media was an issue I would prices I don't mention to beat writers who were you. Price's biggest problems the media is way more obsessed with mentions on Twitter. Sure he's social media obsessed it's taken over yeah he should get off to a there's no reason for him to beyond you know you mentioned a rescue yet simply his side but it's also ownership right I think you're not gonna work Jerry to probably would have gone after Lester my understanding anyway is that it was more ownership decision but after 2013 and I mean all these tiny little signings right than have to go on page on my right when an ownership etc. but performs well ownership should have been Smart to realism had the Raikkonen in the market. They should cap news is that Q&A part that jumps on them so here's. Personal tussle sat Satchel Paige and stupid and don't look back Sammy may be gaining so why are you still looking behind on your 018 record the playoffs. Price it's what's going to be said if I say at first we get disabled you have nothing to save me personally that's the only thing you have to say. Stand to be something about you the people don't know surprise me. Priced people of Boston don't know anything about the only thing have to do is pitch good people care what I do with the type of person and it doesn't matter stance it matters to me. Price it doesn't matter these people Boston to go there and earn respect by pitching well period. At joy I think it's gonna turn the page from your boss to go out there dom people don't care what I do off the field. You don't think they care bigger person up no no chance they don't care if they care. I would never went through all that crap that went through last year if they cared period yet to be in my shoes. If if price but you. If they care I would have went through all that crap or went through last year if they care period yet to be in my shoes for a follow up question and be what size you shoes. Because I was stance follow up question. Well I comes in terms of thirteen and how could you elaborate a bit of twelve inches or taller have. I'm a tall. Ego we initially injured David Price the human being to the interview falls apart I think we're done with your shoes are good that your your shoulder decline at that point you're not trying to. Gain information you're being the sympathetic. Figured the guy who Busch starts up by saying you know he's an awful guy brings confident team every day but. Right what crap to price go through last year for forget betterment sight almost too close because two of those guys that you know that's a big price had a disastrous easily enough Yoko one. Did you guys piled on price flush I don't think it was justified during the season. It okay season by his standards about who started off so badly that with the run from after an art and I and it probably did and in fairness to him probably that you should have been a little kinder is a season I felt like it was a kinda thing where we got to get beat Helen David Price last year he wasn't at but largely but I so I mean there was enough of it yeah. I think ideally what we were. Hard America is beating him ups and he can't win in the post who holds the fact so far if you go to his numbers is that beating them up. Mean if you point out this one start last year. He went three and a third and got knocked around and and and lost and is that beating him up it is to him in his world is his mind that speeding them up. What do you. I think he was love at every you know he comes from the small market right toast and say if it's just he does he's not used to somebody not loving him at face value moment than me as a cares. Do Boston. He's my age is my job to go in there and talk and ask every single player and government their charities. If that led baseball writers know. Yeah I get a reevaluation and of course now it's only wanted to ask you did you not that Olerud and will wonders I would ever do that is to get guards they've been up loosen up its -- dollars in charities and will you come in with some real questions don't care charity every guy. Want Ali you call press conference that he issued a press release that you guys between now that's fine but he didn't like Jon Lester with the never quit but they are never going to press them two of his offense. You know what you get a couple questions about the charity. Then you have some baseball questions a little bit of extra acts as if the price that is locker every day. Waiting for us to come over talked about everything that's going on his life. I've had one interview with in the spring technique five different attempts to get. Apparently had a week income all of us it feels hopeless it feels excellent I think it's over anyway and he's a familiar and mental block here he doesn't like it here he's he's very sensitive. He's gonna hear he's gonna more. Rabbit ears and more be more sensitive as time goes on do you think he will get over the so priority be one of those guys who gets past this. This does bugaboo in becomes an effective pitcher in this market. I think he's going to be too predictably even when they made dramatic that the training. And in New York I think after the clinch a playoff that he he's talking about how much he came as a kid I came here for the money it's really always thinking about it right chair I think that his talent it's this isn't Carl Crawford. Crawford's talent his health. They'll clip I prices health and issues it is it is that it probably run proved that at that point right so soul. Wait and see on that but I think he's really good enough pitcher that he can get through the problem is it the talent starts to fall. Then you Bayern are really bad plays defense can't be or four and happy RA guys and be insensitive. Amid continued his six years good person that dated a basis I'm going to continue to treat people the way expect to be treatment respect people from a Twitter. Boss is not going to change I don't care I'm not gonna change to come here and change to please people boss and no chance and stand. We can do something about it we can do something that we. People don't know your bring confidence trees at 6:45 AM technicals just just did. Which you which you set up falls and I don't like the interview because well Poulter and you know about it better I think it would be better and better questions the answers and anyone's door you all don't fire people died. I'm going to catch crap for bringing in Starbucks. Salary this is not hunt and doughnuts and with a catch crap for that 100%. I could coach on 316. And I would get nothing but nick activity usually theories on their sixteen month you can't please everybody so this guy by Starbucks and thanks. Boston fans give now I think you know what that's I think that's market I think he's figured somebody with a Red Sox don't condone such a big sponsor them. Can't I don't I think I think it's I think he's icu with other talking to help us from other people you media until unity Twitter here that's fear of Twitter reaction. People look down on me for going to start. That's what he thinks he thinks everybody goes to docket I think it's a stiff arm because of the base thoughts I don't know John 316 that is as awed with the than. It's his way of saying that he can put the nicest thing out there they're the most well meaning thing out there need to crept in any such program. Aren't you the Internet always ammunition ammunition oh I don't worry about it. And I. I nobody great October at some point that work you harder ones Cuba has happened yet I know what's going to happen that's how close Alabama this week that the subs it is time we did little. Turkeys to feel less pressure because assailant and Marcelo. Seau coming ever so winning side yeah he says I didn't feel any pressure last year I wanted to pitch really well because I was coming to a new team. It wasn't because of the contract. I don't know how much money I made last. I don't worry of a well. Don't believe that statement but is it corrected people onto their reports on that don't shortchange me I mean 217. Right that's true price and say boy isn't as easy as well. Politics may know that every single point I think I wish it ever interviewed contradicting himself. It was was awfully it would ignored me in on the dog's name I forget. Or was that on the air I think it was obvious and up through I forgot you know I'd seen stories about it's it was dog's name again. On my name. Amend I've hardships and I was quick McPherson you know my dog. Your question now are you sorry spoke about some of the racial stuff that happened in Boston not not sorry I think racism is still here and by here. I'm not saying it here Boston. I'm saying in the world today I'm not sorry what do I have to be sorry for yes they have a question and it's you know I think an answer deserves a follow up. Follow do remember the 2018 pitched against Pedro Martinez in the minors she's she's scan c'mon. Said it didn't care about that no no not human being as they got potter a couple of things in the car with them. Which got to pick spots are better off and all our eggs and exact record at this sale this is Dan I don't know just what he does these other things they read it. Now I don't usually either but that's what they're like that's what they're like off to eat and they're not he's not trying to be journalists a typical over the globe goes sustain it says hey let's let's try to make it look better was trying to look nicer you know Henry or whoever we saw standard in world comes across worse here we knew we saw Stan when we were watching. The most he's kid can finish yet and I told us it is it's this could stay in gross felt idea. Since the two bus skis can just participating. In the hole worked out into everything. In own take is that you protection and the existed and Nolan to know where you set aside Dombrowski answer about that that he gave you meet him. And fine and I mean I see it he said is a promising not taken time and particularly when sex for anybody else it's fine and I the other players field. I haven't I have an approach to player and what you feel but I think if it was an issue kind of crop I'm against ourselves kind of defendant he's gonna have that's true when you think that's true he has no problem with kids in the club house are 617779790%. And Evan relic is it long side Kirk and.

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