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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 15: Sean McAdam

Mar 7, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by longtime baseball writer Sean McAdam to talk about a variety of subjects, including the inside story behind his parting ways with Comcast SportsNet New England. McAdam explains his exit from CSNNE, why he feels it happened and where he views the industry as the veteran scribe decides on his next challenge.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Shopping jobs. And one of the most well respected the longest tenured riders. In all of Boston sports media so that's when news came down in December. That he Comcast are parting ways after seven years it's sent a shot across the bow for everybody in the industry. Why did this happen how did it happen. And really where we're showing and go from here well Sean came on the brat post show for about an hour. For really what I think is a fascinating conversation. The answer all the tough questions. Is the guy who I have respected for a long line time shot McCadam. Ball making his triumphant return to VW guys studios please we found out that he hasn't been to in over two decades. Shot McCadam actually got two decade doc like so long rob is seems that way it's crazy I had no idea that you hadn't been in his listen we we've done over the whole thing it's like as you know it over three times since I've been here well when you left tour. Where we in the means yes there look at yes yes and and it was configured differently but yes it was the engine studio but now there's been nights here's some lava lamps and pinball machine yes and an adult playground or some sort of I earth so this way if you look right through this window and is glad Norway and it's like some things never change their big it is that these bikini brief is that it is we have so much less. Sean McGowan were so I'm happy join this year and and now we're gonna get to a lot of different things I've known Sean for a long time Americans consider him a mentor and and we've yet we had a nice party Kabul and now about a month ago for your right it was just a random parties go ahead. We just that week ever sought death finally I'm done and awhile at a party box that's right fifth fifth fifth but it was good because it was a great time Lewis great. People there was a great turnout of a lot of friends in the industry and I was very moved by the whole thing in the it's at middle locked it was or what he thought it would be I mean I went to listen with the as Mike said it's dead or someone said maybe you sedatives of the ball straight people average like out of what we set a record yes who rural part of history had nothing to do with. Saying goodbye to me it was mortar this is them I said there was the most street people that have ever assembled and Steve Buckley cells in one night. And they should have given out certificates to mark the occasion. Are they actually did spiral I will say this rehab that function just because that you said you know say good bye do you but obviously it's not like you're going to too far away and and you're going to be doing a lot of different things in the great things are ahead Sean last Comcast. Over the last couple months when Saddam a lot of people know about and we wanna get into that a little bit by the first question I wanna ask you saw as it. This must be the first spring training that you have not been in Fort Myers are winner cave in and we talk about not coming young studious decadence where it was last time you've never. When the last break. Inning I missed with 1989. Yeah and anytime you start introducing winner haven into the equation that went that's when you know it'd it's been a while I did. I did whether a couple of spring training in Winter Haven the last two or three year holiday rubber journal writes yes the cat up started on the beat in 1989 for the Providence journal. But did not go to spring training that year. Did win two in 1990. In 91. And the first year I always get this mix up in my head whether the first year in Fort Myers was 92 were 93. But whatever Euro was I was here for that and every spring training sense until this one so. Guys it's it's been an adjustment news flash it's cold and snow just in February and march related to what I which I'd only heard. From you know long distance. Before army experiencing it firsthand and I have to say I'm a little disappointed about it. But it's been. It's been an adjustment you know the I think rob you do this so there's kind of eighty com. An internal clock to your year be a cyclical. Nature to the season. And usually the Super Bowl finishes up. Johnny Miller is already down there waiting. And you know that your leaving you know depending on whether it's at WBZ Euro as this one is or not you know that you're getting ready to go to spring training your. Pick and a shorts and and our short sleeve short shorts from your bureau and put them in the bag and you're off by the tenth twelfth fourteenth of February. And that. You don't need. I always I I have a very clear. Memory every year of walking down the Harmon not the tarmac but the you know. Boarding the plane ya go to Fort Myers in these kind of take a breath and say. Here we go and it feels like you're getting on the roller coaster the merry go round or choose your amusement park ride for the year. And you're gonna be on that ride until you know at least October if not beyond and edit its. Excuse me it's been an adjustment. You know psychologically. When when that's usually you were your time frame in your. A time of year in the of this cycle begins and then it doesn't view trying to field a little bit of out of sorts so. I've been trying to follow everything from afar. Read everything that's being written on the beat what did you did you actually. Is there a sense or a time and throughout the spring training that you says I don't wanna. Look at the stuff I don't wanna pay attention to yeah I I can't say that I haven't felt some of that no you know if it's been and for whatever reason it's been a little harder to watch the games student you know the handful would have been on so far. Because then that's really. Kind of pitching in the face that you're not there and you know it's it's it's a little easier to take my iPad out every morning and and go through. You know all the papers and web sites and keep up to up to date with things. Which I wanna do. But it's it's been harder to sit down and watch games. I've done it but I its sights I feel that a little bit more when I'm watching the games on TV rather than. Reading about well first of all the time I was wondering when he Tommy bahama stock plummeted. In February march you know there's the Tommy bahama stock is down there are a number of Mexican restaurant and work Telerate donate they were asking about it there aren't there they're teetering on the on the brink without my input. This year but they're discovered that the soldier on willow what. Was there a time so what you says there is usually in this case he might go down February February 10 because of WBZ. Bomb was there a a definitive time where you hit home for you more than you know he says watching the game what was there a time was it. As February went along with it when march start when the game started was there primary relief at all. I mean I guess there's probably some signpost you know one is struck day as much as we goof on it yet though it's like usually. I'm leaving within a day or so of that as a lot of us do when you get down there for the for the beginning of the spring training. So that was one. You know another is is. The you know the first official workout I mean all of that it's it's all kind of predict yes you know is this is a regimented time of year it's. Yeah pitchers and catchers report and then. Position players report and first full squad workout plan you know. In my mind I knew little those dates were and every day at that it every day they're. One of those happened and I wasn't there. You know you feel that you feel some remove in distance and isolation and all of that but look. I don't wanna make it seem like you know not a I'm in a corner in my house you know sucking on my common rocking myself and to some in in the submission. But it's it in a psychologically it's but it went when you do something for 28 years which is how long have covered the team. And all of a sudden you don't. You know and and then there's this kind of the social interaction you know. Where I go to get my haircut you know like oh. They're usually not hear what our premier not spring training there and you know back until got a story out there so. It's it's hard to get away from. I'm wallowing in it I'm not. Hitting myself but I'd I'd be lying to say that would I don't feel differently. This spring and I now for the last almost. Rebecca law and in you know we kid about it to barber summoned or I'm sorry your here's stylist does you know yes this can't be in trying to protect anyone. While anyone with a parent does that. You know flute with live with buzz RAZR that can plug in as it's weird would you go and ask for the cattlemen guys about it though but you know into a minute you're asking that question and and the answer isn't isn't simple a media site it's the answer is what I wanna do in that situation as it. Here's sit down and tell you about the industry in this is a lot of stuff that I wanna get into which which would be awesome but the Barbara the look of the stylus to listen this. But this is part of what I wanna talk do you buy you can talk back and forth about where this whole thing where this whole. Massive industry is going com but before you that I wanted to get a little bit of a timeline in terms. When you get to this point. When you worry you were Comcast for common yours 77 years. Seven years. And before that like we said you were the province journal actually a year apparel this year yes right for. And in between. You know twenty something years. At the journal not all of them covering the Red Sox but most of them from. 89. Until. The end of the 2000 started kind of the playoffs in 2007. I've left the journal went to The Herald for almost exactly one year you would be ball. Pentagon. And then left to go to Comcast when they. Started up the website and went to more of a full time programming that was in November of 2000. You know in so we when Ewing during that time that was 2000 Nile like you said. You go from newspaper newspaper Comcast which you know we went I went to newspapers. And then radio station when you went to Comcast could you sense that things were changing and that's 2000 not a Honda. Our stuff is changed by it you did your job that was sort of when things I would imagine it was a lot different than what you're used to. I'm in a sense. The writing really wasn't all that different I'm you know a good part of my job. Was still covering the team as a beat person as a beat reporter and and writing about that and that might include. Columns in notebooks in game stories and blog posts and and the kind of things that were already. Sort of common place. Even if you worked at a newspaper because it was transitioning to that 24 hour news cycle. It wasn't. While this happened at 10 o'clock in the morning and my first edition is 930 so. I have eleven and a half hours to sit down and take my sweet time direct and that's how was when I started actually arrow I mean the it was. You know you if you found something you've got something early in the day you kind of you held you held it and you hold your breath that no one else was gonna get it. And then you woke up in the morning and called your office for more every work pay was this in the global is with this in The Herald. And then. Because of you know the advent of online journalism whether it be here the EI Europe Comcast or. Newspapers who. Felt the need to compete with those kind of mediums and update their news. At 10 o'clock in the morning 2 o'clock in the afternoon 6 o'clock at night not just for the next day's paper. We were all kind of you know slick Kyra I liked to say we were all all of a sudden AP reporters were there were no deadline dollars in its have 24 hour news and. Probably had those conversations as as as. Early as our back and Herman 20072008. Around that time. Where you actually have a conversation about patient holed it shouldn't hold it shouldn't hold it. And now that's I mean think about that up but you. Don't hold it you don't. You only get affordable he'd only been linked to a story off of Twitter right so. And in this is that this is the development that really has happened over I think in the last couple years but to go back to when you start accomplice or remember. One thing that it was like I was going to be able to do this you're doing the right thing they want you to cover like everything now and then they want you to do TV hits it between the writing right which is which is something that. None of the other newspapers had a job yet we you know we came down and did our paid appearances by that word extracting their pound flesh. I mean the first couple weeks spring training were you know it was not unusual to have. Fourteen and fifteen hour days you know it's it's at the ballpark at 8 o'clock when the clubhouse opened to. And you know and that was all about writing for most of the day. And then at 6 o'clock we got the early edition sports nuts central at six which we would do life. We would have several hits in that sometimes we woods. We reduce some sports tonight pets that we would take. Or do life then we would have to. Take some hits for the late sports that central at 1038 didn't beat who've given the bid the you know the dynamic of spring training wasn't as if meeting was gonna change. For the most part between 7 o'clock and 1030 but I didn't wanna have the Krueger for another three and half hours. So we wait until it got dark. Tate something that they would use for 1030 but then there are also would do the baseball show. Which could be an hour an hour and a half. Four of 67 nights in a row. And so as I said the you know getting the ball park at 730 in the more. I almost interjected there are like look this is not working at a salt mine are digging ditches or. Or anything like that. But there are long days valid point is that byte why you say is that no one wants to hear but I don't care because they are long days and for you what you say I I could see what you did in terms of are we were all going to contend or you know whatever I can't because I gonna do my five TV and its. Let me ask you this over the last couple years you were there. Did you sense a change at all they did you sense they would is they were devaluing the writing may I don't know if they were not. But today did a change how they were using you did you see any sort of change. Laughter well I mean one thing I was disappointed in or are we going to spring training or in general if indeed yeah I mean one thing I was disappointed in is because of some budget cuts. For the last two seasons. And look I've said this a set it when it happened. I'll say forever. In general. IE look back on my time that Comcast as a and as a as a positive one. There are a lot of talented people there. With whom I remained friends art martone who was the sports editor. At Comcast Portsmouth New England. Is one of my dearest friends we have known and worked known each other and work together for decades. And he remains. Close and valued friend and there are people there on the TV side on the digital side that remained good friends so I you know there's no sour grapes here. But it was disappointing the last couple of years win from a corporate standpoint. They began. You know cutting the travel budget. And not sending me to as many road games and you know that was largely financial. But I also got the sense that. Some of it was philosophical where it's like well you don't really need to be yet every game. And as you well know. The answer is yes you do. Baseball's different bracket I'm of I'm enormous proponent or advocate of not semi people football teams I think there's a separate TV I get the TV aspect of it but. There all the things that we talk about with travel with a baseball there's none of it with football and that highlights more the importance of baseball where. Being around is so important because the access is so much more right. It is to tell them. And to get them and to get a sense of what's going on with the team you need to be there if not every day than most of the day in the again I don't have to tell you this. Nobody does a 162 games it's physically impossible it's literally physically impossible yet and do your dead the next yeah I mean if you do three quarters of them you're engaged you know you're doing well do you get to a 12530. Games that. That that's. That's enough to be around so that. If you're you know you miss the series or have a day off for whatever. Then that's okay but you have to be around to get a sense of what's a you know the data de dynamic with the team and not being able to do about the last couple of years which as I said in was more. I get the sense financial that it was any sort of you change in the approach. But that was difficult. You know and and I was sometimes. Writing columns off. From home after watching road games on TV and which is which is once again people do it now by on burrow even. You know when you started a contest that was on her right right and you know so that was a that was a bit of an adjustment and perhaps. The an ominous sign as it were. You know for the future of mirror and you know their willingness to commit to those kind of resources that I think you need to have to do to drop prop. When did you say you go of the last year it was last year he said I'm back little bit on the travel. Did you get any sense at all that that that the ultimate hammer was coming. And as the season goes along you're doing things. Like you normally would but did you get any sense at all because this is one of my things people ask me about it. I'm like well if you been like one. You were doing then are you gonna go to different direction then how like tell I may be they did I don't know I'd tell him. And may pay we wanted to address this sort tests that. Instead of just saying boom there ego did you get any sense of well. I knew that. I knew that we were covering fewer road games. I think we did 42 were 43 through about half the road scheduled this past year. After having. Done almost every single road game for the first you know. Five seasons and all but maybe. You know twenty or so in 2000 and if you didn't go they would send some media access yup and then not stopped you know by a was taking a break and vacation and sometimes we didn't have anybody there. So. I mean I was told that. You know this is that that there's going to be some. Changes were not going to be. Traveling as much as we have and I knew that they were probably going to cut the trouble budget further still for 2017. Was like I could lobby to change anyone's mind you know these are decisions that were being made at the corporate level. Didn't I think there were some people in the building in Burlington. Who weren't happy about that but. You know at some point you sort of accept that this decisions have been made toward you know you walk away and you know I'd like working there I enjoyed got to enjoy and got more comfortable doing TV and doing that part of it was fine. Whom. But it was also I I think you know in retrospect do you concede the emphasis. Had begun. To. Shift a little bit from. You know news and reporting and analysis to kind of the hot statement now out and weakens the some of the programming changes that are being made it down fast coming up where there. You know they are going to. You know there probably aren't going to be as many reports live from Fenway and certainly not from the road. And it's more studio contained. And it's more. Along the lines of some of the things you see happening at both ESPN and FS one. You know the the Stephen A Smith slash skip Bayless. Influence on the television industry is pervasive and it's what brings in twenty something viewers which is where the money is and where the future is. And you know frankly that's not something that you'll you don't like don't. Are you don't talk radio guy. Right but to me that's kind of a different animal and you know I was hired as a reporter. As a news guy as some in the could provide some context. And analysis. And that wasn't totally devalued but as I said it was clear that it was moving toward. More of the debate style. At at the expense of being there and talking to people and interacting. And then reporting from the ball park and so in that sense. I guess it was not a you know complete out of the blue. Shot. Crossed the right call when they called you I don't know when it was when I was it was it's mid November in November but it was that must've been over its prize and was there a sense and you when they're saying well. All the things he said. Hey you know we're going away from this and we wanna do this. There hey I can you know I'm a Smart guy I can do all of this because this is one of my things what's wrong with the hope of it don't it was their duty try to tell them today up. Garrett you know your beard tried scramble a little bit near you know you've realized. A year kind of fighting for your existence in your job and you know but clearly they had might made their mind up to go another direction as the proverbial saying goes in the business. And you know I have to honor that so. It wasn't as a fight have much the choice at that point in the you into the winter meetings he knew and I doubt they had they gave me ditch date you know they gave me the option do you wanna finish up the calendar year go to the winner meetings. Or herb you know and I don't have to think long and hard about that I wanted to. Continue to do the job. I felt that that was kind of my duty and my responsibility and I also thought it was the right thing to do. And at the time nobody knew I didn't you know beyond. My family. Nobody knew that I was. Leaving. Winter meetings took place in December I did them as you ordinarily would and it was you know it was low whistle being there and knowing like well. I couldn't sell Arianna you I mean as a compliment is that you did your job and he do like you always do win. Doubles at Iowa are both. We've seen other people so. We've seen other people who are in similar situations. And even more secure situations. Just trying to ease their way Al admitted this mail they're showing operated game time doing it. I mean I I'd like to think that I have a sense of professionalism in that it was time to. You know they were still paying me I had a responsibility to do my job. I can't say it was. It was a little bit of a challenge at times. As I said it was too. Whistle was that was the word that comes to mind. You know walking out of that hotel on December 10 or eleventh or whatever and look around and say and while I don't know if I'll do another one of these on and off policy a lot of these people again and yet. I didn't wanna turn it into a circus and and tell people in the industry and executives and scouts and other writers like a C that if you know the I didn't wanna. I didn't want to I didn't wanna turn into some big marble and things for me. And and keep in a bottle yet people I've worked with you know I I was there with the I would try because generic who's a good friend of mine she didn't know. You know a couple bill Messina who you know well. A video augur for there. Bill knows and moos knows everything out idea that while the best fields of his secret right so. And then. You know then about. Maybe two or so weeks. After the winter meetings as a you know Republican or an hour blocks suggests that the heterosexuals. Now gathering column. Saw you we talked a little bit about oh. Where was going inward Comcast decided. Ago and they are clearly clearly mean this isn't like I say that you can do little everything this president right now it doesn't seem like. They're doing a little of anything they're doing all of one thing which is again ot take opinion bigger shows who knows if it is gonna work. Tom the the way they use saw the industry down in one of the things we talked about this before. What the reasons I I was thinking of of talking review was Gerry Callahan and back him down when they're done for Myers. Set off this is so much easier. To. Cover that beat now as so much easier to come over baseball now because I can 1988 Hewitt to go in and see Jim Rice and see this and that. You tell me and you said you start on the beam 99. To 1980. Tell me which is more difficult covering it covering this whole mess narrow or covering what happened far be it for me to disagree with a. The fellow chumps for Ohio and lomb. But yeah I'm with you on this drop by I think it's. And again. Whining not complaining the woe is offs. But I I think there are many more challenges now than there were. Almost thirty years ago when I started. You know there there was. I mean in a certain sense it's it's kind of apples and oranges and it's almost desperate call to compare the two because. In many ways doing the job in 1989 and doing the job in 2017. Is like. Completely different different job right exactly. And we've we've made reference earlier to. You know did the the 24 hour news cycle that we deal would now. I will agree that. In terms of personalities. Discusses and he did that for a long time. You know with with a few exceptions the Red Sox clubhouse has been a pretty good room to work there's always. You know one or two guys that may be are your favorites. But it it it seems like it's less antagonistic now. Maybe it's because there's more of us. And maybe it's because there's some anonymity. I'm not sure how to define that. But I would I would agree that some of the veterans on in the on this Red Sox team in the eighties whether it be Don Baylor Dwight Evans ward Jim Rice. Were strong personalities. Who who could be intimidating. And work were maybe. Less cooperative than the guys are in general now but I think that's. You know that's probably more than made up for our. The number of changes that have happened to them to the medium and some of the of the things you have to deal with the you know the the most obvious of which is that. You know back to 1989 it was all con are right in front of you and everybody was essentially doing the same thing. You had. Early notes you know. A game story update the game story update the notes and that was set and again you dealt with deadlines but you weren't. If if if something happened at 10:30 in the morning you'd have to worry about it until whenever your first edition was enough might be 810 hours later. Now there's a responsibility to you know to get that information out there are now so you're you're always sort of on call. There's no off button particularly when you're on the road and and you might be the only represented about your outlet. So it's it's it's a more demanding job now I think. Ali yes in general my my take on all of this office which. Like it if like money ball scouting analytic well like like Kennedy Boca and to cause it's okay you work with you work with Robert in armed it's using Jared as an example. All of sort of eight action in this what's your take on that. Guy I mean that that element or that. Heart of the media did not exist in the ladies are early nineties or even for that matter ten or twelve years ago. Where. You know I don't mean to speak for him but I think. It's pretty clear that. Jared is a fan and that's fine. But he's not going into this with the in the degree of objectivity I mean he. He celebrates kind of his. His friendship with David Price and you know they joke about sleep overs and I mean you wouldn't do that in a traditional reporting cents. Stick you know use. You used one metaphor about. Money ball I would say it's kind of you know it's a she mortgage support and if you want traditional coverage that there. If you want to. You know. Whether it be a blogger or somebody who. Is kind of brooding for the team rooting for particular guys are you know being really your reverend that's there. If you want. This statistical analysis. And Saber metrics that there. And I think that only benefits the consumer or the sand or the reader listener viewer however you wanna live look at their there are more options to choose. Why can't contest do or why can't in in I know that you'll run contest but this is what the question I would ask. Why can't we have all of it why does it have to be one or the other. Well my sense is that. Not surprisingly. And I would make an analogy to what you do here. While there is a digital platform and writing platform for you. It's V radio and of things that makes the money yes that's and help support the fact that there is also a digital footprint and an opportunity for you to write. And that's no different at Comcast. Where. Television drives. Drives the box it it's you we know I think most people know even casual. Observers of the media industry know. That it is difficult to monetize the digital and of this business it's it's it's more marketing tool than actually exactly at. I mean it in a more traditional business sentiment column lost leader yet you know OK we're not make a lot of money on the web site. But it's providing something to talk about. On the radio or on TV to amplify on TV it draws people in. You know it is it balances Al. The he would. If provides talking points he would he would draws attention to boot entity. So. You know they have to make decisions based on. What works for them on the television side and what they've seen nationally as we talked about earlier would. Skip Bayless and and Stephen A Smith and all the hot take shows that do so well on ESPN and attract viewers particularly younger ones. Is that's what that's worth the money is and I think. Comcast found that having. News and highlight based. TV shows was losing ground. To. The kind of pot take shows you know for instance sports tonight. Which you know would be the good the show where Gary Tang Wei would be on worked for many him would be on where Michael Felger is on. Consistently. Got better numbers. Than sports at central and one more. Bit of evidence that. People wanna hear the back and forth in the debate and then they do. The more traditional highlights and analysis and report is interesting you know one of things and if you're right I think it's become more of the radio talk show I mean you read our and is a skipper is Bayless example you asked me. How to explain to people like will Huckabee on account does anymore what happened and mighty you know my short answer a guy only got thirty seconds to explain this I tell people and I don't mean this in a bad way. Comcast is in this in a sense try to become the third talked station in Boston you know there's two on the radio. And for awhile you know they did some of that while providing. You know. News and highlights and stuffed within the sports that central venue. And now they've kind of gotten away from not and they are. Look this is a remarkable sports market you you know that anyone listening to the to this knows that. What were were in a golden age in terms of the success of the media has made more money at this sports market than any other market not even close amigo what did it the Comcast it's idea that NASA and thank the radio everything out it is unlike any other market right right you've even even a bigger even you know. Even bigger markets LA New York Chicago. There isn't that appetite for having reporters on. Different media and different media platforms wanna force. And but I think word we're getting at that issue backwards. There's a demand for. And some would say that's not a good thing and somewhat silly it is what it is. But the fact that there are two. Healthy. Very profitable Sports Radio stations in this market. He is is unique I mean it happens in some markets but not many. And there's been a lot of speculation that as successful as these two are maybe you could stand a third. In the radio cents while weather account or not I think Comcast's. Though there obviously battling for different advertising dollars and it's a different medium altogether video TV verses radio. They they take a look back big big step back and say. Booked as people are already. Listening to this a lot on the radio why don't we give it to them in a TV. Form a you know what it's one of things in this DOC you're on the beat writers and and and with a lot of the beat them beat writers including probably just over the last few years weeks we bristle at a lot of this stuff because. This isn't this wasn't how we were raised this hasn't when I was looking at the Sharm academy in trying to emulate human this isn't. That that was the job that I wanted to do in debt and now we sit there and you have the tip Britons in the private persons in the and I'll Andy in all of these younger guys that you brown on the young Bucky got mlb.com. And this they know the job and so the frustration. Because what this has become so popular the frustration is. Is there wrong why are they wrong too much why are they allowed to be so wrong so much. In my explanation to them and actually two players who have pitched about this is. There are. Program director there producer is never gonna come down and say Sean you were wrong about that ERA. There it is going to be where you're entertaining or didn't do you engaged and that has become the priority would you agree yes. That now I mean. Beat it is and you know and and a a certain amount of that is OK look. I'm I'm not. I IE win. To Comcast would my eyes wide open knowing that TV was a different animal. And that things would be asked of me that hadn't been asked of me in my previous stops. And I and I can't say never. But I say. I seldom was uncomfortable with what they were you know they say well. Talk about the fact that John Ferrell is clearly the dumbest men ever to manage a baseball team you know and I'd say well you know is there away that week in May be not be so hurt you know look. It's fine to sit there and say did you make the right move and lifting the sky in the seventh inning pinch hitting the sky or or calling for bond skier or not. Moving a runner over. That's all fair game. You know there are times when it got personal with on on some people's behalf and and like or not like people. We also ought to be around them yeah you're exactly right and that you know that that takes. Then but the problem is when you say that is that you get Jerry and Kirk's and also you're afraid to face them and you won't tell us what you really think. No that's not yet but there has to be an eighty's the there's got to be a degree of professionalism. And you know and look. Whether be John Farrell or players or front office people they're used to criticism they're not always gonna agree with that. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do it and you can say you know boy I've thought Farrell cost in the game yesterday without saying you know. If there's any justice in the world John Ferraro should be shot at sunrise tomorrow because he's clearly an incompetent boobs you know I mean. Somewhere there's a happy medium and you know and sometimes that. Outline got blurred and when I was uncomfortable with the where they were going I'd say. Ottawa say that you know. It's OK to criticize it's okay to question it took him to second guess that's that's part of the fun. Of sports on radio or TV. Nobody would want to listen to a recitation. Of you know how war. Is derived door or you know some. Deep dive into analytics for a half hour so you have to have some fun with the and you can't be dry and and numbers based. And it's in it's fun and it's part of every fan's experience watching games following team at home sale out. Why did you do that and then. It's okay for you to say well he did this because and I think that's the right decision or yeah I agree I don't understand why that move got made that probably backfired and cost them game. But when it gets personal. And when it gets when it crosses the line and then it gets on come. Do you have. The producers at Comcast I would always get the sense. And you know maybe other places as well but it was always listen to what was said on the radio and that's going to be the heartache that's where we're gonna yell about for me when I was a compliment suffer Comcast. It was page note go to without an have to yell about the Josh Beckett and I was so dumb I handled that so poorly because I was like. Well you're insecure it's kind of get defensive yes not not defend you know like hey he's my friend you can't say that but you truly well. You know like that's a little call hearts sore I viewed it as. Tax and an outlet once again and I'm like your diet. You're you're in this is what nick that you start to get defensive aren't that it's it's over in an ID I learned that and everyone should now but that's how what is and they want the confrontation now Arabic for going in there. And being like. I am gonna I have like five things cued up profound and I'm giving this area. And he just listen listen listen and they get to the end and be like for the breath. Baseball coverage go to CS Hannity dot com and for more four for four hours more of me telling you how awful you are then days ago. I didn't stents that we can talk about the coverage of the team in and going back to which is it harder to cover back in 1989 her now. I get a sense of sort of to the 2011 thing what is the where it took a time yeah. Because of the chick in the beard off and the September. September collapse and then the stuff that happened after and the Huckabee guys to know about this and all of that stuff and then it became everything became no matter I can rip the someone a million different ways. If you wrote a nice thing about someone it was a dollar in there and talk yet but don't don't need to get the sense that that's where it's where I earned. I've that was a huge turning point. And look. It's not fun to get beat on a story you're as competitive purse a reporter as anyone I know it and I'd I mean that. We've we've admiration and sincerity because you better be invested in you better want. It's like you know if you're an athlete you wanna win the game your reporter you wanna get the story that no one L 2000 and I've always had great admiration. For your dog in this to do that and I think that's meet you. The reporter that you are. And we all wanna get stories nobody likes them in the worst you know the worst feeling in the world. And now it's you're used to be. Opening her eyes slowly the paper in the morning now it's Twitter and how it's. Okay guys I'll say this is this is the mutual admiration society but I will say this I remember when I was coming up. Thinking how'd you break stories and you were breaking so many stores I almost went up to you asked you how do you break stories about a complex country you didn't have a written out of here I'm a little Chichi well you know if we talk about. Breaking stories and be competitive and and but this has turned amid this has changed where. And in Comcast is superb example that they. I get the sense like every joke is going there again the sense that they don't care if he breaks a single story. That I I think they would you know it's if it is it's always good to be able to say our guy you know and you think that Chiron up -- not a prioritizes like they did three or four years ago don't it because that's what what are your huge ranks. Right guys I like to think so and it you know. And he gets harder. The more people that are on the beat and you know those abuse you have good aggress you know you talked about some of the younger guys whether it be. You know Tim Britton horror horror. Jen cavity or you know that there's a lot of there's a lot of you know good talented aggressive. Reporters who are out for. A unique angle order of you know I mean that you'd talked about 2011 being the turning point. I'd say that. You know and and evolution. Over the last ten years has been. Okay everyone's gonna have the game's story ever gonna have the injury update everyone's gonna have. Got make a move roster move tomorrow it's probably going to be this guy. Sent down and probably this guy gets activated this guy gets designated. A certain amount of that is comic cotton dry. The trick now because we can all see everybody's work and so can the consumer the fan. Is to provide something different and unique and and come up with a an angle that may be hasn't been written about and some of those young reporters do that extra burden. Only while you know the of the you're absolutely right. And it was always in and that's one of the things that you know we all tried to do even back ten years ago he always trying to fight on the unique angle. And everything else but here it is. Part of that the option that now it is not only find the unique angle before on the unique headline. War and you have the same thing to present a different way and throw in five gifts and three videos there and embed three tweets are. And and that's another change him and I wanna writers allow other writers is very frustrating being if he baseball writer right now. If this goes back to screw you and it's definitely harder to be a baseball right right now because it's it's like this too much information and this too which try to. Got to distinguish yourself and look I'm sure you've had this experience. You come up with the a kind of a unique angle or even you know a new easy angle that nobody passed. And you know you sit there and labor over. How my gonna attract people to this story with a 140 characters. And you don't wanna be to click speed issue like. YE. Chris Sale of almost didn't wanna call the cost you are by Joseph two is the Huffington Post this this is. How Bernie Sanders can still win election you click on Bernie Sanders cannot. It cannot win the election I mean it's all just yeah. And you you obsess. Over how do. You know I mean how bonds are always important back in the day of traditional newspapers. But by then you already kind of had people who may have already bought the they are to me they're more important story now yeah and that's probably not a good thing not journalism. But as I say you probably have that story Ehrlich. Let's regatta like this nobody has the slight on this angle or get this nugget of information that nobody has. And you labor over how you gonna. Worded on Twitter and you check back an hour later and my ten people have looked that you know like. And then you put some you know then there's a throwaway thing up there and it's reach weeded you know 327. Times. And you know. It distorts the view you know and and you wonder like what is that the people want 'cause I'm not sure. You know because I thought story a it was twenty times more relevant and interesting. And people barely look about it and then there's this throw away thing Miller put up that is didn't click on Mike mapped. Today as as it evolved over toward the Euro and the run and Comcast is they've become more. I'm focused on and we want. You're clicks were and I'm out art's great arm martone is outstanding and I don't think that you would ever be like your your page views aren't where they need to be. But was there more of that wars hey you know what you know this is really working so try to go down this road because it's gonna give more. Yes yes I mean and and look you know you have to. You half to adapt to do and if there's a you know if there isn't over arching. Lesson to be learned here in the media it's it's constantly changing. It's yeah they're the people's patterns are changing its discovered that people's patterns are changing and they want more of this in Los of that. And you have to adapt batter all to become. Irrelevant and they were very much you know cognizant of you know well. Look strata have looked you do this rob. Let's have something fresh at eleven up there by eleven or 1130 because it. You know people in their office or maybe taken the time launched to you know click through and see if there's anything interesting and you know word like this. Travis and a three run homer yesterday is an example I'm sitting in my car listings some AM 8:50 AM signal and I hears him Travis and Omar. Am like. I know that people want topless in photos my fingers are bleeding as I wrote. AA an undershirt less save Travis continues history spring training legend right there. Because in Travis had a wind aided home run which I heard on the radio and inject it clicked on like crazy I always say this is my line lately. You do the things that you don't wanna do to do the things that you do you. I get that you know you know you. You you have to get people's eyeballs on something. And maybe the way to do that. Through the Twitter link isn't how you would do it. Of your own volition but that's the game the past to be played out. Do you think that and win win you go to Wear re gonna go from here. And do you think that you'll do anything different do you think they'd like to have. Have you in this time off has only been a couple months and I'm sure that you got big plans coming up a going to be doing something great. In this time reflecting on anything are you have you have you taken a step back and say. I'm gonna do it this different or just or make any tweak at all or do you have a pretty good grass do you feel like he had already had a pretty good grass. I mean I think it happened I think largely depends on where I end up if if anywhere and you know as you know I gave a little. A little talk that box house to. Of the people who were kind enough to turnout and I said look. There's every possibility that because of money age and because of the the way sports media is now that I've I've worked my last day in sports media and maybe that. Turns out to be true. And if it is nobody owes me a living you know I'm I'm not on. Sit there and rail against the darkness and you know hey I'm ready to retire yet you know where is my job by demand I have a job doing this because I've been doing it for almost thirty years. Know it's guaranteed anything. And if because of the marketplace today and the and there's no. Call or need for what I do then it's do you ever want to do anything about doing anything else about talking about. Going market IBM (WSJ) or something by going on a fishing boat and writing a Booker you know our guys I mean and I've explored a lot of different things in the last couple months and and you know to that degree. It's been beneficial because it it forces you. Two. Thank okay. I may not be able to keep doing that's so. Being that I'm not ready to retire. What else can I do and more to the point what else do what I want to do both because I've made clear and I've made clear to anybody that I spoken to. But it's my preference to keep doing this. Op part of it is the comfort familiarity because it's you know dating back even before I was on the beat. I put good use of two mighty political science degree. From Providence College in 1981 and have worked almost exclusively in the sports media. Since the fall of 1981. To grow profits yeah I I. I don't see myself as you could feel like the UBV Indy Schilling's Yang bride by a ratio we certainly would have differing political views ideologically and otherwise. But it's it's it's all I've done since 1981 I worked in radio. For four years. After getting out of school. In 1985 I went to work for the journal did some other things. And including excuse me. Including a media column for a couple of years to its high school sports that's him there you go now you're talking no thank you. You know backed up on the patriots covered the Bruins again a little bit of everything but I have earned a paycheck from sports media since 1981. And you know so. It's it. Analysts say it's all I've known by the you know strictly professional sensitive it's you know and if it's a little it's both. Scary and a little bit invigorating. To con a look over that cliff and say well what if what a fight can't. What a fight don't do this. What else what I wanna do and yeah I've I've thought about some book ideas. I've thought about you know I I think most people who know me know that I am both. Interested in both politics. And in music those Serbian oh. I'm the dude as as you know rob. What we do is what a lot of is what 98%. Of the population. Does as the as a hobby yet else bomb. You know if if you're fan. Following the Red Sox for the patriots are Celtics or Bruins or whatever sport it is whatever team that's you herb. You know that's your fun you get home you do a nine to five job bird maybe you don't do a nine to five job whatever you do professionally sports is your outlook while because we do sports is our job. They can't also. Necessarily be our outlet we need to find other things and I've always been a huge music fan and very interested in politics so I thought about things there. But the problem is is dating back is is going back to us a while ago. That while those are huge interest and passions for me. I don't have an experience in the field likened you know I do I did orbited in turn are Rolling Stone about a dollar and and you know I could go to somebody and say you know. You know have a degree in political science from thirty governors ago. And in all right so follow politics closely so you should hire me. OK let's stop and listen that's how the kids to about a college you know with wells I do you get the and I can write I've hut take about the Red Sox right immigrants like him and anyone. So let me read about the red strikes are ordered your run of the people of the you know at the backyard cookout or the cocktail party that says. You don't. My son knows all the statistics. It's you know it's like. Well let me just say so break and we'll start him tomorrow he can run and he can jump he does at all and a last question is even when you look at doing this job. And what is that thing that you like best about Easton view would be your preference to stay in. This industry and keep doing this job and what is the thing that it says I really really miss that and and when I start doing again this is well I'm really gonna like for me honestly. For me it's I can be having a terrible today. But if I write a story that I'll like I mean if you can't do this on the radio or TV. There is something about writing a good story breaking a story or something that changes everything is a sense of accomplishment where you can't get doing I mean this August I. I totally agree their there's nothing. That beats you know we've talked about the competitive aspect here. But there's nothing. It's it's invigorating its intoxicating. You're working on a story that you know you have by yourself. And whether it's ego or not you know you're you're sending in filing and you know that in the stage. And a half hour people are gonna have to follow up what you did yes you know I mean that that look. That my son own ego to sickle and selfish but. You know it's it's a it's a sort of immediate professional gratification. You know. Ot I found this out before anybody else did. And now. You know it's kind of confirmed that I know it's accurate I know what's true and now everyone else is gonna say is gonna have to go around. And and work. Behind view. To react to what you did part of it's that. But I don't know that I can isolated to. To just one thing I law I'd like the game you know a buck always you know. Teases me about. Oh you guys think you're guardians of the game and never felt that at all I I enjoy the game I've watched baseball since nineteen you know my if my eight. Speaking of blocked my first Red Sox game was the day after Tony C was beamed and it was one of the the signature comeback wins of those impossible dream season. You know cliche went with my dad defend latest is fox gonna start a podcast and. I know I don't know I don't know I don't wanna robbed him and his of his side of the street bomb. But I enjoy the game and if I never work another day in sports media I'll continue to follow the game. But there are other aspects you know I I'd like to trouble. Again it's it's it's. It's habit forming and it's what I've never I've never been that person you know stuck on 128 at. You know five to when he in the afternoon. Driving home with the the afternoon commute rush hour. So I'd like the unpredictability of the day not knowing you know OK I'm going to the ball park at 3 o'clock but who knows what's gonna happen that's reality show there right I like I enjoy traveling due to certain cities and you know and and doing that I liked the camaraderie. On the beat. You know that there's not much I don't like about it. But I'd agree with you. The the real drug is you know getting that story first. Right. And and you know you feel like OK I did a good job today yeah. Well you do a good job today Shaka I appreciate you coming man Dexter avenue and I enjoyed it will be the best podcast will be much better than it doesn't really mean it needed I thought about doing that about it. Is they basically you're telling me how power I'm terrible at my job so thank you for always good to have that reality it's it's it's I'm I'm falling somewhere in the middle of the plate for a time but thanks so much on thanks rob me on growing drug.

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