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The Real K&C – Tomboys, Moonlight & headphone malfunctions 3-6-17

Mar 6, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis rehash the Monday K&C Show featuring Trenni Kusnierek as the crew talks Trump, Hollywood and gender roles

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Back to the friendly confines march the sixth Monday the real okay NC Sandler Chris Curtis. An interesting show today which started with and irritable Kirk minute. And have a headphone Jack which is good that I'm that was like the percent eight election it's fine it's the more entertaining part of the story is dilute the engineer. When something goes wrong in studio technically typically you and I try to put out the fire if not we caller trustee. And your staff who's been here forever really nice perk was complaining that what he has headphone Jack was malfunction Matsui he needed a new headphone Jack I get a one right before the start of the show he plugs and it doesn't. As a when he is an alternate pair of headphones which we have plenty. 300 million dollar whatever operations they these two idiots can't find objects whatever his wife and you have one. I lost I'm now no no no no no no gimme gimme Jack I want we've dumbed phones in the Jack and not one year. Yours and yours use he has to print it right. So Kirk is angry he's yelling back at us fox law because you can't drop it he can't hear anything right and I can't talk back. About anything you can you know we can't there's nothing that we into our room that help the show on the year because. He doesn't at a lower is looking rest so I go to Lou ice and Daewoo frantically I need another project that one is at work. And he says also use these salaries are picked up out of as they might try to tell me as a wanna use them under control so I'm thinking that maybe he'll take the Jack off of the Sony and I don't know resentment and soon it's count. Hands and the Kurt just the most is these work Kirk's. To put. And no are you gonna pay attention and trying to get jackets has come here. Who's come. So it's that. Are located in the control room and it's that reason Lou he's not been used those had thoughts we've been through this we tried effort you know and Lucinda he's just told it was gut. And large storage short on button Kirk's blows a noise canceling headsets had to be placed off for them to work mr. idling Jerry papers. We need a bottle water yours first this one way to start the week that you get two balls in water. Because you can't keep Gerald Clark is trading at Lime -- water for only two I'm really last time I got water and went all the way back because we're having construction are still we've that the largest paint job history of American office. And I didn't give Kirk won in Kirk's back to me all I need one to. So kill two birds with one stone go to it was a third one because I just assumed Freddie didn't care community your page. Mike Bates stars rehearsing Smart water then I get there and trainees like. The water. At a tomboy who would have you know will be able to fend for itself there like he just called athlete your trees condescending teensy stands for Curtis bluntly. Before idea as long enough to know that it's actually he had knowing McCain they say canes defense lieutenant Chris. She wants to join the party and there's a lot of producer bashing in the main studio today so few assists joining us on and ridiculous sincere I don't know she listens to some ship witches appreciated. She realized we were back three days a week she didn't know anything about why we couldn't play. We'll flooding so now she does that concern WS two com W laugh. Ya got yes I'm allowed to play W. And that's understandable was attorney bunny first that we ever battery and on Monday I thought it worked as a fairly well it's interesting show today course she knew there was going to be on a trawl. He's in AD vote for wanna I would say the are Taiwanese Yuriko. After the wire tap week in April for this wiretapping like the tap tap tap pig pigs have. That have been. We handled it at six week divulged in the movie talk afterwards trying to figure remove review I do have mammography wanna hear this. He hated men like you love did you see it and you liked it I do like it. Seriously trying to put towards that Thomas graduated thome was the worst movie ever I think you're gonna see it sort of stop Derrick if it's kind of claim five dollars and 99 cents to. A few calls we get back in a trumpet nine. Right amount of the trump talked today yes 0:8 o'clock I thought we it was good we sort of we were debating whether or to go back into trumpet eight but we use the princess. Training story on tomboy faith sort of angle there and I thought that was good got a lot of calls customer reaction. That's true because training as a weekend show were able to use her body of Saturday. Like the packet is banking even wrap his. Little piece Neanderthal pea brain. Are on the idea that women can use something like men can't is just it's just amazes me that misting is still happening how would that still happening. We have a look at data without urged later sound. But to have heard there I think that took off for a good two segments. It makes me feel like I have to identify with a boy as though a person who is feminine can't be. Both adventurous. Where's defense. This what you're trying to harm iiroc. Where media which is do you want now I don't know on in that sense I think it worked at it works through a difference because trees are gone over its she's prepared for the topic and it's good to his Jerry in your lives so here's the mayor Jerry Icrc and react to a jury was that the Bruins games this. Big night I got some tweets about Kirk and Callahan financing Gerry Callahan at the game on a Saturday night he said he was hang out with the sir Davis out of closeness there it is some pictures songs load and rumors are willing to do it. And Jerry Kelly everything I got to thinking NC boss and he and Billy bushel on Donald for around their front row seats. Speaking of host of this morning show and women I was perusing John Genesis Twitter timeline of. The week and my reference good morning. Die in two pit bulls lead boat and baby out if that order that's why he does these two witnesses. Ripples just you know as circuit react yeah and he already has the canned responses. And now it's time to flush it turned and you are from my Twitter timeline. Tattoo do you look gets some help. This in the juice he misses it she's conducting easel optional what are. So it was a block to get this debate listen you know we finally as the listen. That is W media to be dog for your for six years and it's the show that is the WEEI. No idea attitude. Anyway I agree it the clutch stretch was was pretty good Gerri some mood light. You lied your ass off the all in pulled Jerry you saw bull packs are ice ball this week about the law and move like I swear on the life apologies my brother in law was and found we watched omelet fried and I accelerated Saturday night. Now word is used in the Ian. Ode to core you show up wearing number I just ask what the the the court was that was expected February core and and is we played from podcast sometimes where rates are like yes. Nixon on the air base in the annals. Better or it while it is Durkin were legal bore trump calls it thirty. X more calls here. Things that are and I really feeling do managers forced. This mad at the beach to drum up a little occurs the sales team. Yeah drama didn't really work. And such a moron in general. Like for him molesting and oh. It's in it's like I know to talk about in my mind I've formulated a thought about how I'm gonna addressed the subject. And they start talking to me in the light comes on and I (%expletive) (%expletive) everything up at the core in (%expletive) it up that's actually what Kirk holds the shell. I know I bet you did have a tremendous whisper. What does it crystallized. Why are you gonna do spots for the Southern Africa European veteran crystallized it. Ready gave a Ian newly caller aren't today but I was pretty good you know haven't hockey on it makes you look like out at all. I. I'm just skylab forward that we should have mainly just. Archery or culture or appropriating these are my actor yeah I am and then I regret. That. We started getting aboard to calls of people loving trainees are definitely did Nader vote to yes. You. You seemed a lot of Bure who Gerri good recommend that if you haven't seen or you could stalker. But and did. All. Night. He's the most beautiful ones stock. Is what I call it off the year and he was like. Why is yeah I'll fat mug on WEEI dot com and there's nothing but Randy. And conflict of knowledge is I've never seen a couple of ideas valid and merit basing that used for low. Enough. Jobs were going crazy with the group machine we also had on the show today at 7 o'clock hour. A Celtics segment fortunately enough for the Celtics lost last time we got to it with Isaiah fumbling the basketball which. Let's say five minutes of consisted of treaty Kirk in Jerry re watching live on air video from the night before which you tweeted out in the six. There's just a good it's just a good defensive play. From US adding it is USA comes and I don't watch it right here Thomas is right yankees just drops it he just drops it bounces up as but it goes right to US so let's. I doubt Larry Burton is prime the end of the he is having a season he's had that is coming through at his dad yeah Kirk yes it re tweet that during the segment so I did there was never a good buying or. Chip or whatever of the actual missed play. It was the way. So that route. Is all happened for real what's it like it's actually. I deleted that does not like it's you don't see that you know that you see. Was it was bad at no help that a player who won and that will Jerry was on you from the start because it's not your fault you were scrambling Kirk stuff. And you'd have Jerry's New York Times story and it kicked Chris I'm busy doing the show you doubt many stories about Muslims celebrated. In a timely fashion for his liking for the worst movies all timeless I don't have that list when new way. And it was interpreted as an intern today right here in New Yorkers spring at the very disease which Austin. Meet the New York Times story was actually from a bright part story. They quoted the New York Times so I'd printed at this morning and didn't. He was probably on his desk somewhere I finally got to printed later on so that was of a Phil by me 100% and then the move into us the finally get to that and V control room computer which freezes about seven to twelve times. Decided to freeze about exact moment so that was a little late getting in their book I have no excuse they finally got to their worst movies put retirement that. We did at the with the with the always 5 o'clock they'll. Yeah and not those Russert tough is because not actually movies people heard of right back to the seventh like you know which I was good. Selig Celtics cycling god that it lost when we get the headlines featured the best of Kate MacKinnon from SNL lot of personal stuff which we expect it. My name's Jeff Jeff Sessions. It's like chocolate. We played a big chunk of their force dumped it right most Philly it was too much but I guess he missed the bit. In islet about how bad it was and it was bad at night I like some segments of SNL but that got Kirk is right it was it was historically unfunny use his race. I did watch it live Saturday Sunday morning I watched it with them about our rights are both curt answer to reach a lawful and I knew we get into it. If not earlier definitely you have lines and I think it was more the quickest with soap and stork we bat. That there was no punchline army like he just kept drawing on yen that was sort of the the point and the point of the idea that chocolates well down the one punch lending had. Was the Kellyanne Connolly no legs right and didn't try and opt for. Some writer decided. This is funny joke let's you'll hold bit Forrest Gump because of the one joke it was it was a solid result. Right that's a habit that happened it started with the outline they wanted to somehow assured and but you're. Dog the hauler we use the the picnic I I don't I defended holly is their right to do I out of I was amusing when Kurt we're talking about dollar producer cal were pissed that the way Saturday Night Live Reynolds outlets accomplished so well enough Sports Radio station you're talking about politics and 85% of the time low last reached the right to be political take a stance you've been on team McCain and since the start. Heard their mind Ziegler cone. Well the shot spicy stuff was was good as they point actually knows the guys pointed out that it was pretty funny and head of that wasn't. It was to her kitten those moves with some blows McCarthy that there are some funny segments to show occasionally. Yet we never even played via truck provinces was awful about have been even worse than the guards then it fell flat little. Violence it was bizarre cook is the host I don't know know his name like Jay and volume was the white dude they're sitting there and there was like pause now and nobody was laughing and. I'm glad your business is doing well I think I get a third down their debt that they delicate three we build up to the right stuff to do with awful it was a pretty bad they've got to be better with men have a drill you know try harder better try harder I agree be in the new wants. Lots they are names that yes. That's her name from Tampa stipulates looking at the rest of the week and we confirmed relic for a Wednesday appeared you book the last week he might be back in present matchup on Wednesday. As the plan that is the plan and we have a feisty. Alex Roemer tomorrow 01 he is unhappy with Richard Deutsche and we pump the brakes a little bit and other comments he made about him on the podcast. It's a little. Look that much now about strip. Oh good and he's ready to fight back these sites is that enough of the the out stream via. So not just to gay stuff hosed I just points he. But he's trying to get a little bit apart firms. That he's he's on its course I guess he said that Alex Roemer rights to get reaction to give the show fodder and doesn't really do anything else that he sort of our pop world and Muppets easily in in house click. And so he wants like I'm in it that's partly true we like that in Roemer said it's his job to get red you know I think indict a lot of the guys but I think he writes a little bit more for the Twitter applause and from out boy that boy that Voyager where is reimbursed up the approach that he needs to grow and get some name recognition but it's the belt they're little oxman is out there. Michael did you think most. Complex politics so I mean we have placed second. He never intend. Yeah each and probably can train it's the right. Two hours do I talk to meet a few listens to four hours a day or if he doesn't listen live it was in the podcast because he text. Preparing for my eight summit would Chris Carlin. Saudi habit I'm back it was more than trying to I won't listen anyway had I I'd be sleeping we also did a little bit of them Belichick at Columbine today dot dot com. That was more of a refund at old Belichick. Stodgy Belichick vs new belt the may are classical and yet outlets true if nothing else at the net last which would play here. Yeah I thought that she didn't get the but it. But the dude but at the it's good stuff. Lot of debate actually go to Vista what we're going to be Thursday speaking of our football separate because it's a free agency launch is Thursday you're correcting your assessment that usually the night before his lot of news the century it'll leak players that sort of have agreed in principle that not supposed to right right. On some a big day for football guy but we're not quite sure who our football guy is right now. Yeah I picked to take a week off from the heat man you're committed a pointless it was doses of the agreement that pause mode but the other company. All old names that popped up. Of possibly not a ban at times that of or from Rhode Island is predicament in third passes in the year well you know news media is really divorce mean he was lying about second time he was honest the first time which is obviously mostly the case with him he's been recently he's overcome boxed him though I don't die. For the procedure that you had such an easy opportunity. He had to do with airline for three (%expletive) minutes. And say OK I'll meet you whatever like. Knowing the states that we were really gonna set up a film crew and get to sit down and you know dual thing is a radio bit for complement the commune and really Thursday's. And drill for Wednesday or gets the big thing for drought is I think it can really only go two ways he comes and it's good obviously would like to recreate the insanity in Fort Myers. But if he's good lively debates. You know. I think you'll be fine this week it just on the merits of east Middle East quit his job to heralded there's new stuff that start can't gash show. So that's inherently built in my Porter thought that it becomes then and it's boa. Yeah the odds of him getting a sec another call back or basically slim and all the big test will be how he doesn't baseball stuff right wanted to to baseball April baseball. People I tickets you know if he comes in shows some energy we have some spot we have some places available. He could be part of the rotation. Just let you sit our kidded preached out but he's out now so maybe next week and yeah he's in Mexico believe ultimately to. Art fair enough. Any else that we business we got a couple more tweets over the weekend people are upset we've been scaled back to three days a week definitely are warming to win the hearts and minds and souls that a lot of Bob positive reaction was weakened from via podcast that we had eight reviews on iTunes world. We are a five star podcast at pass. OK okay okay okay okay. If for a gag density data on it works on hateful. Yet we've been doing up. Tarantino music as Al throws Kipling podcast I guess for lack of copyrights com. We played the air showed you a fan of that were rotating in music in them. I would just listen to what we closed the show with in terms of what we're gonna play but I do like the Tarantino sort of I liked the keeping it guessing aspect. Kirk said last week he was getting a little tired of the same closing song so the mix it up that's good. Kirk is collecting its dale. Will be of cataract react tomorrow to Jerry's a meeting right now with this form to view big Jerry performance Terry thought could this hand in his own review because currently. Did quite Thai soldiers. Paper looked over shoulder. I'll like you were part of that five questions and it was a thoroughly. Fascinating facet of lobby of flyable that we are right we're looking to finish your Dresser ER are about tomorrow or Wednesday yet we'll be back Wednesday. Tomorrow is supposed to be today Jerry just guessed that as yet that hasn't happened. Roemer is in naval opulent on the airs in recent developments in terms of Jerry Roemer do podcast at some regular nature so we'll see Jerry I would like talk with Kelly and tomorrow with Roemer. Yet we have the sole Super Tuesday that's going to be a bit too gay guys you know we're. Another doubt. Sealant.

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