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Kirk and Callahan- Celtics lose after Thomas mishandles the ball 3-6-17

Mar 6, 2017|

Gerry, Kirk, and Trenni react to the Celtics loss against the Suns.

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The scourge. Heard him. Yeah. For a global PR get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in from senior advisor Kellyanne Conway and it's safe happy. Costumes. For the cost of Hughes. But I think Jeff Jeff Sessions that it hit the mop his good friend Kelly and Jim Donald legs and Turkmen ahead I'm looking. Ford you Boston sports tonight that's sport that's ninety minutes in Boston get all the Casey Smith it was continuing mean Mr. Big man with the heat if I know she doesn't mind posting pictures of herself the keys can between I don't I don't even turn one like that he's my little Neanderthal pea brain what's been the Boston sports night we anyway. Who we are in for me. Gerry Callahan I just found out that Obama had my wires tap the great one mark live in the evidence is overwhelming trying to destroy the next Presley the president's in trouble. We're is that it was get to hear from the Fox News okay you're oh geez they're created his certitude that is so role does president trump already know the answer what I want Sports Radio telling you we. Yeah we introduce take on. Like appeasement yet. I really don't know where she paced and nice the new explain further would you want a pair of oh listeners I don't care about listeners as they do check on contest. We have go check here to the new chick and girl in town is going to know about average finished too old so I'm sorry every change I think rivers you know seller myself 16100 the one last Chicago guys yes they Thomas issues. I was at Virginia it was just a commitment that they're dead and sound with the reporter from Chicago. It that would you can't but asked if this was so if he'd ever seen anything like Kerry got it right here. Times have you ever eat up my hair and and man. Well I covered with a third yeah. Yesterday. Well that's caused that is who was who said the we get things better than Larry Bird that was my friend Richard Jean shirt Richard shirt legalized so Maloney tweet about things playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters. Yesterday. Richard that. She Isiah is better then he said there's two birdies that we have accurate. As good as Larry Bird in his or I'll have you offered for one season let let's not make that comparison yeah he defeated well he's been. You saw it and he's having a season he's had that is comparable to learn at his best. While. A good day of play that's the class of what about after last they did was he trying to do that stupid Rhonda thing. You don't dribble the ball well all I'm not my pleasure to have to kill the clock. Essentially what can outlook would be killed Clark. Already gone over overtime but I was trying to kill the clock. But he was trying to kill the clock it was China's I don't think so I'm sure my dad when it because they sometimes ball he plays so fast that he like his. Roddy doesn't catch up with his brain or something like that just a solid plant at the ball. Because he didn't want Clark has its heart the agony of watching it twenty times the mistake the mistake was giving up that he would keep the basket that he's so scared of football. They're playing a defense is pointer yet the let's let's appoint. Goes in and it leads us to deepen its its like him to two point it is stupid and then Gorman and Scalabrine point that out Smart play by Bledsoe. I mean you don't think. Which is named you this is gonna hit that shot right that was the big surprise Isiah educate was. He's the game's tied right so let's say why things should try it doesn't catch the ball. The clock doesn't start right but these companies can assume given that blitzer just scored their its IPO four seconds ago there's going to be pressure from now he must have thought the we're gonna get packed the half court wanted to get back half court. I don't know he thought they did there was simply. And it you why would they press it made it to the clips four seconds left I don't know the shot more difficult is now he's doing is that we thought I don't think so I'm gonna do. Why is he grabbed what has an incredible it was sort of they've also got brain wasn't like I don't you kind of idol Rondo when that he's crazy because of basketball as you know a tie game with four seconds ago the defense is talking back yeah did I did it all over you but they don't I figured it rated it half court shot there's a chance that it goes right I'd buy it for second at his what he's tried to force us thicket in his mind that the number four. That was back in my number four. Exit at four seconds I can I got to preserve the tigers Jersey number was a factor yes it's and so I think that. I don't talk to support sectional gigabyte cap. Still bull I gotta go back and look at it that bad replay get swept up in overtime on look at it looks like. I just watched it again this morning it looked like the defender was not in already did it's not really pressure of our life is not a mile reddish and there's stupid that you should not touch the ball. I. It was like that isn't gonna. More like that momentum choices you buy guns or butter fingers in catcher got it usually kill the clock and there's a lot of delays in the best of times dropped the ball and do you think they can do it again for him to play the game over Larry Bird in his prime that's pretty. Witty we just we. Larry Bird and it's like he's 5 o'clock games you can play under the week at 5 o'clock it's ridiculous to ask. I'm seeing the whole last minute of the game bill over the final thirty say thirty seconds okay. They the ego that's not that easy to blitz against the two. Would you most terrible and now so you don't see that you don't actually see. There was it was bad he had no help that I play if you want an embargo that can do it and you can it be good at it but we have seen the replay. Are here. What could have scored it as it was it's there's a Conway says terrible G. And that terrible replayed a chance to meet that tweet I see where you can't see it into Thomas. But I did crash I don't think it was that the values wait for the ball to just roll a rule now there are no there. Canada and I try and explain a shock I think it's and he just rocked at a loss to give me it was loses lobbed in or was I praised harbor would do that. And a good credit he didn't complain about anything he just walked off the court a body NC ED bulb eat some. A heated argument just walked off the court took his lumps I mean. If you win I know Phoenix is in the great team if you win without too. Two best players Hartford. According curtain and those of the two best players in the taller players it and say of you missing your two best players and you almost went didn't lose sixty games are clippers tonight Goldstein on Wednesday that it occurred in and lock yes oh and 33 losses narrowed it. And they lost when his 34 yeah the struggle right now coaching change here. Phoenix 21% and 42. Do you have any season he's had his car and he is at you or I should check out as I was virtually does not from leaders of Seymour. Wallach rough here he's conceding that this year's is because when Larry Bird no no I think he I think he's a player who say yeah he's having he sees played again. As good as Mary bird in his for a few hundred feet one season let let's not once you know he's saying for one season let's not get crazy I keep saying I say nice I for one season it's as good as Larry Bird seasons this year now I see this. I think what he's saying she is with you and wind it sees. For once it doesn't matter I mean he's saying well you're the guys say he's as good as Larry Bird you'd there is no nuance you singer I forget I Messina is a nice player he's having a very good season he's no where in years could I marry her wallet and. I think I'm gonna say he's a better player right now than. Careful Horford. Yeah or for sure orbit Cali Lewis or does not mean Horford I understand it's the price of doing business you have to give them active would you want Adam I mean it's like. Which is please Michael third Mike Connelly 32 Miller Michael only get 200 million smokers workers at 3232 million a year. OK so tell me watch the plane on the way to get to see him unstoppable. It's it's now it's he gets the ball picked. Yes you know there's no role there's no slow and a bounce a look at the tapes as distance like he's not ready sports there's just good it's just a good defensive play. Newest adding it is used to come and I am watching it right here Thomas is. Right yet he just drops it he just drops it bounces up as but it goes right to you Louis pitcher opposite ends LeBron he's literally mean yeah I delivery drastic he journals and drops that you said to me there. Horford and averaged fourteen and six and a half Elisa that's about whether I writes what used to go wire what does he do very very well what does he do great. I could tell they were Thomas goes in tours great school does pole he shoots and gets to the room. Even owns put a corporate good defense of polar these are good defensive play great but it's not a good one what not a great read what does he do well. What doesn't he do well Horford doesn't. He's got every rebound that Kobe's a dusty bank its okay not a great to post up not great so what does the it was bad but does he I don't know right now a great post up. He's not but he does everything pretty well yes it was better for 32 Miller agrees way overpaid but I would say we showed today they signed him. You know you're overpaying for this and I think people understand that Tuesday image. This is the price of doing business you know when I wouldn't be your second best Breivik. If you best players might broccoli and see if you can went on yeah Isiah Thomas. Joked yes. I would say at the sarcasm all around and so it was sort of trying to figure out. Would you would you say the best player in Celtics it is right now. This or all our players Abe. I would agree everybody's so good defensively health and I'm not anyone's far a much or what he can't do we can't get to the rim Alia but he could score Larry's appears score and he's in no necessity and not a Packers are coming much better shooter me much good shooter he's a good is gets better every year member Simon you point nine million a year changed and I thought you're crazy grand million a year now it's a great deal. A man of the season valuable guy you could trade him but he's so good defensively. That that I think that elevates him to the best all around player on the team. Second best sites and problems it's probably fair and a lot of convincing about saying so close they're tied for Marcus smarts of us. Mark Smart is a great role player he is a great role player leads the team and all the dirt killer that's yet and charges. Great additives and ease the kind of guy you know opposing teams hate him. Opposing players he played against him. You know just finds awaits him for the elbow in the woods face was let's not yet a us. Yes and white and Scalabrine were convinced that we're gonna call it but I wasn't that's Marcus Smart break. When east flank in the elbow as he does with a purpose correct and what's his name was split so. Who bad ones aren't and and it took in the gut then I mean he was trying to get him off many from an elbow him and I thought it was kind of fortunate that the quality. Played well you on your clippers tonight Goldstein Wednesday. So they're predicting there will be it will have lost five of six we will yes we will well yes let's go to the calls Jason Boston AJ. There were thought god what subject. Are Liberia Isiah. Hey guys they're all every time I used to do you know wish rational person eats eat. I know I'm glad I assume it's a FF arcades YIT I'm and I don't hate him at all I think. He's an elevated this what happens now not just misty but all over the place and the social media is a big reason I don't like over actions when the wind when something happens and your guy he's meeting becomes the best is guys that this the best is the best this the best Isiah Thomas. Is nowhere near the category of Larry Bird and 86 altitude have been a six or seven best player on the team. It parent alert guard rich shortly didn't like the sound. At chick compared to Michael Jordan the greatest player. What do you I react to that. Actually call and even wanna on our top ten player. Yeah yeah up to acquire the enemy is certainly a better position it out by. Top ten is positioned fantastic yes I'm so it's no I don't think you could be a top ten player B 58. I mean he's he's great. But that is such an offensive line we'll look back. And they used the other haven't helped. David Paterson got a plan that was Heidi as you might as sort of it was for a year or two yes I mean I'm Wednesday. Tiny Archibald a BP top download one of BP yes yes as they don't correct it. And he's six feet and opened just sent Sosa Soes and approachable by the way. But don't you don't want to pay it defensively. And if you include defense and we do because that's what we. Make Bradley the best player on the team while we consider in the best isn't so good defensively he's the best but. As a Thomas comes off the court start last night as he finally made it a big spot the most. Did violate that they take Iverson Iverson was. All hog. It did the other night against Cleveland and it took them on the last few men immediate taking bigger Thomas were ten best players leak. No I mean rarely talked and guard I've been talking to the losses they were second entities. Amok amok they we're gonna. You know it all this year but coming out of wedlock and the team has progressed we get a really good players got an idea ominous. Arm is we Oprah heard it straight it'll percentages rate is. Had a really good year I EC seven terrific seasons as a. Lesson did you guys that like you know the guy I would I would trade rally. Way before Isiah Thomas. All I wouldn't know virtually have to you have to give Isiah Thomas Max deal at some point you want that that's going to be like you could third this player you take off the court big spot guy who's been at the playoffs. Monty and 32 million dollars a year. Look like everyone wanted to Max players and Horford Isiah Thomas. NN I'm proud you have to think about the other players are gonna have to got get after the draft a lot of young guys you rather have. I T over her. Turn to lose over who tried and he's going to be at Max free agent Alonso ball. And I drove right here for long play well you on via. The answer is that is no Gordon Hayward I mean I know everyone around callers father. Book if you have a choice if you and the number one pick in and he's loves them a team ball play a couple of times ball's going to be game Poehler right. He's immediate employer. These Tolliver five racism yeah Angel told the audience and that's going to be an interesting qualities does a deal that what's Thomas a deal was his contract. National she's named after a knack of this year obviously it seemed after next season get a flicker out. Six foot eleven at 7797937. Headlines is.

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